Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1939 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1939
Page 10
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== T -^^^~~™*" ELVADINE WEIR, KOSSUTH GIRL, REDHEADENTRY Seeks Title to Iowa Quuen in a State Fair Contest. *„ i Th °, A *™ DCC !ias bcen unable to locate JHw weir. Will she con.c forward and Introduce hersolf?] Des Moines, Aug. 7—Algona redheads will be represented by Elva. dine Weir in the statewide con\,^° ? hoose the most beautiful •rBadheaded girl in Iowa at the «late fair the last week in August -according to the first official entry -nst announced by fair offlclnl.. ^Jwgtee is only one £ already K08SUTH COtTNTY ADVANGB. ALQWA. tOWA Jnae Adele Orermrer Weds— June Adele. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer, and Dale M. 'Can-, Oskaloosa, were married Monday at one o'clock in a single ring ceremony performed by the Rev, F. Earl Burgess. The wedding took place at the MOVIES by THC. OHITlCAt JfOTES— I have been intending to comment, on a trend that is .becoming almost a menace in not one per cent but almost 100 per cent of re'S d inVon?of '^liSKS^tlr 1 '^^ m ° Vle5 ' rhave otten place was banked by baskets""of' ed about curre »t tendencies, which white and salmon pink gladioli and, seem to attack the movies like a potted ferns. The bride wore a-j'1'lague of locusts, ruining innnv an lloor-lRiiffl i whfto r.,. n .«.._. j ' . • ' *"""»s "IMJI.V an roses. The maltron of honor, Mrs I C J. FaHej-, Oskaloosa, wore pink | long einploy- .Kohlhfta* A Allies, mdsf. . . C. A. Mbmyef A Sons, mdse.. •Algeria Laundry, mdse. iFosetr Fttrnlturfe Store, mdse. Cresco-Unlon filet, Co., signs- SI. W. Bell Tel. Co., Service " iNnt, Mut. Ins. ASBOC.', Ins. C. u. Pollnrd, expense __ ,Tra Kohl, expense A. R. Hansen. mdse. _ ' .11" iWroy's Serv. Station, gas ..'. .Frankl's Serv. Station. giUt .Harris Bros. Station, gas lElbert Garage, mdse. --••• on co., gns i.nz.iin Oil c°.» fffts ._ .'J of State; sales""t7ix~"r~ «.*?' fund on meter* ..„, ^..j. j.W \Mr». Oeo. Wllsbnf refund on 11,90, meters ..»..*..*»..«.....« 7.65' Albert * Gt*n*o*w, fefund on J8.00 ,W. A. LorMwTre1r{in3"o~n'~met« 3S.71i era __ _ 13.61 'Airs. Clark r^k""refiimT~ on 9.30. meters ; __ ^ S>.00;Len Taylor, refund on meters 3.34; ,Rnfns Shatkelford, refund on 3.54 f, meters . .^....^..".^.^ . 2.6f .Xtae Jones, -refund on meters. 2.3S ,Cllff Bjustrom, Refund oh 6.34 , meters ...,_,...^ .. 1.06j,H. O. Meken, refund" tm"met- 508,fit;!, ers [Allan uHinson, refund on 15.001 meter* ^ v...j..*-i4.i'.,.iii. J. B. Erpeidins,, refund on 9.00, inetef* '-^.^-^.*..ui „*„' 2.00 J. B. Johnston Sr., refund on bjr competent actors, what we 1 £°!L? U &'I', WATER FUND , C. TJ, Pollnrtl, salary Harry <Bftrtpn, salary- Frank Ostrum, salaiy Earl Bowmnn, salary" " Laura Mitchell, salary " 35.00 42.50 Oskaloosa . wedding was played by Mary Foster. Mrs. ! Personal affront? Utle> Of h, which at the fair August 27-30, the six most -beautiful girls will win motion pictures screen teets, and , _ was served to 30 guests who attended the ceremony. Other out-of-town guests the true import of he words start les^hls seemingly fogged brain, Now, .this may be ideal comedy 6000 o7.SO 27.SO .Chas. Klnmp; refm«l"on"met^ ers . .Bert Peck, refimd"'oi"m'eter«i .Clara E,- Lewis, exec., refund on meters _. .Mrs. Harry I,e\vl.«, refiind~"on ., .salary " «,TB iTreas., of State, sales tax '(55(5 •Iowa Mach. & Sup. Co., mdse! 1369.62 iKennery & Parsons,. mdse. ?.G5 jNOrton-Mach. Works, sup. 43.66 «kelly OH Co.,- gas .1. siwi George Holtzbauer, repairs " 6 52 iBotsford Lumber Co., mdse?"" 63S . GENERAL FUIN1D " lArthur Moulds, salary 62 50 Cecil McOlnnls, salary """ re 00 (Tim O'Brien, salary __ " ~ 66 00 '£• £ Pr ?nt'ee. rent 10.42 .N. W, Bell Tel. Co., service 9 06 rtvm. C: Dau Oarage, mdse. 17.66 Uernert, refund, on meteors Mrs. Pat Dooley, refund on . meters .C. A. Momyer, refund"o"n""meters . , ____ _ A. E. Grooters, refiiitfl on met- -. | inwiura "..».*£»*.»...».,...Ak^j..* 7.00..qarrie Duraiit, refund on' met* 2.00'. eM *. " : U • t *i ' * '' • E: M; Rio'hftr3's"oh,t refund ""on . 7.50-. meters *„.« ........... ,. John CroWelL refund on wet- 6.00— ers, i....vJj.. ........u !.Fraink cook, .refund on meters 4X9 Harry Winkle, meter refund. Floyd SaurtderB,'motet- VefUnd. 7.00 C. C. Sclmrlook, - meter refund lAmrtin ©ohnstetter, meter re« fi.OO fund ... u ... u -, • 5.00 Berthrt Godfrey, meter refund. ' L. J. MalHeg, meter refund l.w-jri-s. John Cougiilln, nitter re.-| fund 2.00 Brown's Dairy Store, meter ri*- 2.00. fund i ._. Bora Blerstcdt, 'refund on met- 1.00 J ers , - .. l . itrs. Frank Tlctz, meter "re- 12.601 fund •• , __ Dr. L,. cT 2.M , 2.0* ,.2.00 2.00 "-2.00 14.60 7.00 2.00 15.00 B.09 . 2.00 8.00 i« MfS, . \fUhd r •B^.VflleUf're-.' .A'i"i' : "4 i «-»-'-a ,^, y'.aawrite'ftMfer- 1^ •r, . * .*mantoK**!Oiito"~ • rso a ' «yoiwroec, meter,refunii"" Sam Bajrlor, MftWf rt^S •-• BHa^LlVSf *tiy?*fr» *•?«*" 1.44 1.80 1.72 Thos .Cnrri,. Johr, r, ,•,!.«"---> • A, he b v r ! d S i8 a Braduate of the after pic ure is like handhie a Algona high school. She later atr stick of dynamite to everv vo.fn/ toniiaii ffcrt r*MnM« AM £,.ui _^_ _-« •' _, . J *»«»«n«: tu every younsf- tended the Frances school . , , . • Wlth addltl °n^l tests land the State University of Iowa " at the Hollywood studios. The contest is open to any red- ftsrij-sa^sss.- Tll/.° r : va !:? Photograph and lock the fair the winners From She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorortty. The bridegroom, a graduate of the Oskaloosa high school a ster on the street. .» Th ! ng8 1H <e this, overworked situations, overworked phrases.ov- «ir^ « plots ^ get my s° at - They seem inexcusable in kaloosa. The bride had for some In finals. Susan Hayward, to parti- Hollywood's 25(years been a teacher at Oskaloosa" ' newest red-headed movie star will appear at the fair in person in connection with the finals and will Ch JS* JUdge ln electing redhead queen. The girls wil make a guest ap- C « in «ie grandstand the of August 27, and will a i s o Edging Recital at St. Benedict— 'Mary Ann Arndorfer, St. Benedict, w.ill present her 22 piano pupils in a recital next Monday even- Ing at the St. Benedict school hall. There will be no admission charge. Pupils from all parts of the county will take part: Jean Marie and Ruth Mary Goete; Marilyn sinnnnt,,,' ~r— ""— "- c " ""^* «««• Weber. Jeannlne Studer. Dolores * °' t T s S^° r , the Dennis Pr ««s Mawdsley, Jane Keith', Cheryl souMiw««t n«,, n ^ ^, ,.„, checked. I don't.believe I have seen « Picture in a month which has not employed this delayed mental registering. But I don't know what w« • are going, to do about it. May- oe it doesn't annoy you like it does me. I-wish they'd-stop ,lt. iWray's Station, gas '., .* ' ' a).'« —S, 011 .. 00 -' SSL3 "-""-'- »'» _ Mlro-Flex co., mdse. 29.99 Prentice Oroc., mdw> """ 147 Jesse Lnshbrook, salary """ 7000 E lott Skllllng, labor .I..;— i<43 /Wlllard Oregson, labor 016 jGeo. Ounder, laibor . ""— 2 4'26 iChas. Hoffman, labor 24 26 Kos. Co. Imp. Co., -nidse. 641 f". S. Norton & Son, mdse."""" 35.83 C. A, Heard, mdse. . " 15W Frank Caughey, signs " 6.25 (Norton. Mach. Works, mdse"" 3.86 iKohlhnas & Spllles, mdse. " 1215 (Paul Clark, repairs " 13 00 iGreenberg Auto Sup. • "cbT ers ... ; 'Frank Ostrum, refund'Vn "meters iW. A. Rlcliard9on,""refun"d""on . meters 1 J. W. Scholtesr"refTmd""o"n"me"t- ers ..'._ Kennedy & Parsons7"refund "oil George Shmldlck, refund on meters ....' Airs. Sam Reapef,r"r~e~fu~n~d~""on meters .Walter Johnsoir,"""refund""""on meters .Elizabeth Funk, re'fun'd""on "meters Carrie Haase"refund" on""meters .. Irene Gilmore" refund" olT"met- era .Wm. J. Weiss, refund"on""meters •Viva Peterson, refund~"o"n"m"et- ers Kulu. Shacketford; 2.00 , fund IB. H. Winkle, meter refund 12.001H D. .clapsaddle. meter refund Airs. A, Vanderllnden, meter refund ..„.„.. !.*>.*• Qottlleb Qronbach, - meter" refund A. W, Behfe"ndsi""metef"feflm"d . meter refundj.^ I Clara Walker, meter refund... ... . O..W. Sample,'meter refund.. . B.flo F 3 ^ I'affi ^ Johnson,"meter r -re- 1.00 9.00 2.00; refund . At. J. pool, meter refund"""" 1.00 Minnie Medln, meter refund . 7m M.?f a ^rl 61 ' lneter refund "J2*:* aw Jreno Gilmore.'meter retuna" 7.50 Milton, Norton, meter -efund.. ».0» ,Wm. J. -Wett/ Seter efun^ • ' VIw» !>««>»»« ^._»__ _..Vri-- Home Is Begun. been new 29. Iowa's "Queen j . , r , ^ and flnal eliminations ^ eu '' er ' Lamina Jandl, .Dorothy the Red Heads" will , be g , ven *< mo iou pcture screen test in front 30. Wednesday ADULT GLASSES TO CONTINOE WEEKS Humboldt win contin- er it was would be An official office at soon to situation with~Mis"sT La t tin* tllat edSeptem'berl govera ment , . Mathes. Margie Lickteig, Rose Marie Rlnersdofr, Evelyn Becker, Dorothy Hoover, Carolyn Diaimond, Theresa Lickteig, Irene Goetz, Virginia McWhorter, Florence Olson, Vera Foi'burger, Mary Janice Mc- Whohter, Marcella Weber and Gladys Goetz. Miss Arndorfer and her sister Betty Jane will give a vocal duet, O Tell Us, Merry Birds, In additio* to the recital numbers. Helping Hand Society Meets— The Presbyterian Helping Hand society met at the clmrch Thursday, 35 women attending, and Mrs. T.eRoy McWhorter led the devotionals. Eleanor Pfelffer and Glendora Burlbank sang two duets, after which Miss Burbank gave a reading and a piano solo. A cov- ;red-dis'h luncheon was served ater in the afternoon, hostesses C ° rner Wil " i, ., v, " iiams and Nebraska streets H R nW*v * ^tove. the contract', and Kraetsch & Kraetsch, of Des Moines, were the architects n.65 1.19 20.19 a?!s4 53.33 JO.OO 20.00 S.OO 45.30 4.40 SO.S5 42.35 CITY BILLS pointed pro-tern. of Mayor ap- TVio f ti , *" v i-trin. Sv^S u w^iSSSSS-: & Sr& !• • I ^ ™^- ^^w ^^^•^^ a • App. Ord No. 505 was oasspfl • Sid RosensteiT •ere reje. wag passed. sometime this T _ that there arp «till Kossuth residents who do not have naturalisation papers, tlfus the reason for lengthening the sche! dule. "White-Face" Team t0 Meet Brownies •The "Ethiopian Clowns," a traveling colored baseball team, 1938 semi-pro national colored champions, will play the A'lgona Brownies under the lights at the ball park in a special game Friday night. The Brownies last year won the state championship, and lost In a district tourney in Nebraska Both teams want to win this game, the Brownies figuring it will be a distinct come-back to beat the national champions. The Clowne fea- K UI ,'f,, a Pe!>1>v same and "shadow ball. They reverse the usual procedure, and "white" their faces. Girl is Hurt in Fall Off Running Board Trrington, AUK. 7—Mrs. Alvin Weaver is helping care for her sister, Naomi Sprong, of Lu Verne who was seriously injured a few days ago, when she fell from a car. As reported here, she had attended a dance and was riding a few blocks home on the running board She was thrown off when the brakes were applied. The Weavers are employed at the E R. Mawdsley farm. being Mrs. Banker, Mrs. James McGee, and Mrs. Lewis McWhorter, Joint C. 15. Skating Party— Some 50 members of the Algona and Burt Christian Endeavor societies took part in a skating party at the Titonka rink Thursday evening. Chaperones were the Rev. C. W. Pfeiffer, Algona Presbyterian pastor, and the Rev. J. M. Doms, Burt pastor. The Rev. Thobum Speieher, pastor of the Burt Methodist church, was a guest. Tlie Algona group was represented by 30 young people. Tarty for Little Girl- Betty Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Rielbhof-f, Burt, reached her fourth birthday anniversary Fiday, and in the evening a group of some 20 relatives and friends came to help her celebrate. Game* and Chinker-Chek were played and after the social hours, ice cream and cake were served.'Betty Ann was the recipient of many gifts. c rr p ,c F.TJXD <-•. U. Pollard, salai-v * Ray Barton, salary •Harold Roth, salary"~ — Joe Kelly, salary Ira Kohl, salary ~ --—-£p?/L C T r !, son ' a&lSf y 'l£"i a J° h "son, labor = 50.00 50,00 5.94 14.44 93.36 HOSPITALS GENERAL. I—Mrs. J. J. Dunn, Algona August 1—Bc-ssie Carpenter, o West Bend, surgical. August 2— Mrs. Allen Darby of ni U i S?n n -?' to ! lsillcc tomy; Mrs. Donald White, Algona, boy. August 3—Dale and Gene Ruling Britt, tonsil-adenoidectomies. August 4—Barbara Wolfe, Lu- Verne, tonsil-adenoidectomy; A G Valentine, Burt, surgical. August 5—Alvina Hasse, Burt appendectomy. August 6—Mrs. Ruth Sparks of Armstrong, surgical. August 7—Waybe Boettcher, of Burt, tonsil-adeuoidectomy, KOSSUTH August 3—Mrs. E. J. Zender, Algona, boy; Ruth Ann Butts, Algona, surgical. August 4—Myrtle Am a , Titonka, surgical; Thomas White, Algona tonsillectomy. August 6—Mrs. Raney Putz, of Burt, medical. August 7 Ernest Jones, Algona, medical. WANTED—GENERAL TRUCKING or corn shelling, experienced in both. Reasonable rates. — Chas. (Buck) Runchey, plume 1P11, Al- goaa. W. F. M. S. Will Elect— The Methodist W. P. M. S will meet Thursday at the church, and hostesses will be Mesdames N. A. Smith, Homer Anderson, Grace .Blanchard, R. 0. Bjustrom, Charlotte Parsons, and Carrie Haas. Mrs. N. A. Smith will lead devotions, and Mrs. P. L. Thorpe will have charge of the lesson. There will be election of officers. Ten Oirls at Okobojls— Algona girls who are spending this week at the George Elbert cottage at the Okobojis are Dorothea Bjustrom, Betty Kohlhaas, Catherine Stewart, Betty Scanlan, Dorothy Dailey, Mary Ellen Halpin, Mary Jane Neville, Mary Lee Nugent, and Bonnie Lee Bonar. Mrs. Gene Neville and Mrs. Thomas Halpin are chaperones. Skating Party is Sponsored— The "Luhosh<i" Campflre girls are sponsoring a skating party this Afternoon and evening at the Taylor Roller Drome at the north edge of town. The evening's party opens at 8 o'clock. Mildred Rick is the girls' leader; Mary Cruikshank, assistant. Tickets are on sale by members of the Campfire group. Showers for Bride-Elect— Mrs. John PotU entertained at a miscellaneous shower last evening (Monday) honoring Mary Frances Dunlap, who is to be married Saturday to Francis Stebritz, Algona. Mrs. Homer Clark was assistant hostess. Another shower was given for Miss Dunlap Sunday at the St. Benedict school hall. Dinner Honors a Ylsltor Mrs. L. G. Baker entertained at 7 o'clock dinner Jn the Algona hotel's Blue Room last evening in honor of her guest, Mrs. Helen Bauman, Minneapolis. Twelve women were guests. Mrs. Bauman came Thursday evening for three weeks with Mrs. Baker. Surprise for Mrs. Stewart- Mrs. George Stewart Sr. was taken by surprise Friday afternoon, when a few friends arrived to help her celebrate a birthday anniversary which falls on this week Thursday. Mrs. Stewart was presented wjth a gift. Teacher, Mayor Married J— It Is reported Mayor Leightoa tfisbach and Kay Carlson, teacher here for the last two'years, were married Sunday at, the Jwsne. of the bride's parents at Madrid. '. 212.75 —II" SQI.'GI freight 523 81 "e. __. 3.94 1.17 .44 — - 137.04 (Dutch Super Service, repairs" iKossuth Oil Co., gas (Wilson Road Mach. .Co., mcfs'ei Jv. & H. Op. Oil Co., gas _ . Chets Repair Shop, gas (Harris Brothers, gas Johnson DOC Oil StatloiiT'saa"" Algona Up. Des Moines, print K3eo. Dettman, care of'dump- Mrs. A. M. Colllnson. salary" Dr. F. E. Sawyer, rent ... '~ iBotaford Lumber Co., mdse SE5WBIH FUND C. U. Pollard, salary 12.50 /Vern Sccflm, . labor "" 4 40 iRynes Helmers,' labor " SBWBR OUTLET "FUND Wlllard Gregson, teaun work Elliott Skllllng, team work iVern Scobba, labor "" 20.25 •Ryner • Helmers, laibor 22.50 Dick Helmers, labor - . 22.50 Chas. Hoffman,- labor 31 <M iChas. Harvey, labor _"" 44.2S German ^Lyons, labor 46.20 John Helmers, labor " " 4620 Oliver Bakken, labor" " 34.65 (Geo. Qunder, labor 14 25 Charles Runchey, labor 15.00 (F. S, Norton &. Son, mdse. I 71.S1 FIHE3 MAjIN'TE.X'AINiCE Harry Barton, salary 22.50 (Kosguth OH Co., gas s.02 Amer. La France - IFoanme , Corp., mdse. 4092 tAlgona Fire Co., fTfes"~I"I" 12&00 Helen Frankl, salary ^ 2500 (Meredith Richardson, saTarv 2250 Curtis Ward, salary _ ' "" go.'oo ^r • -,,, B '» h °P- salary II!~II" 30.00 N. W. Biell Tel. Co., service . 3.4-' Kohlhaas & Spllles, mdse. "" 56 (Kennedy & Parsons, mdse. 8404 A. H. Borchardt, mdse. "" 337 Treas. of "State, sales tax Alsonai Laundry, laundry .3 Al'phonae- Lenslng, refund deposit __ 13 ]5 Sue Morlan Slmonsen. "refiuid • deposit ; ._ ' iW. A. Stephensorret"aX~ret r umT deposit '"mefer?-"!^!!!"*!!!^ 11 O " iH. B. White,~~refuiid on ~m5t- W. J. Slg"^TeT~refiind'^>n"'imet- ers r am , B , a ,yror;" refund" oir'nTeters kouis .Wagner, refund on meters ^ Ella Laird, refund~orf~meter5~~ ,Eva Slfert, refund on meters" A. V. Larson, refund on met^ erg iWm. DehnertT"reFund"oir"mel:- 1.901Mrs. Nels"Larson""refund" 2.411 iJB. J. Hough, meter refund II •« .98.80 on 20.00 Mrs. John Schmidt, meter refund ' S 1 ? w et , er *? n> weter retitnS" M ».^t. N * to ^wn, meter re" 6,001 fund 1.00 T.60 .73 1.00 LEIGHTON Bringing New York and Chicago to Algona 1 Chrischilles Store mar- During the past week three persons connected with this store have been looking over the Chica he Unfted stS 1 ^ C ° VerS 6Very f ^°n^ tne United States) bring new ideas and new n trends right to your very doorstep Mrs Hardgrove and Mr. Chrischilles have spent the week SSSthe most beautiful and impressive line of Fall 23 Twin- h the. n a post Gossard Company, spending three entor i f iDg SCh ° 01 ^nd pVod P u C t?on%p a rt! ment of this great concern. She is fully prepared ro give you foundation garment news, PIlS? HAND and she has selected for Fall 1939 the new g' best suited to show off the prevailing SyZf t« AI ° f keepin £ clos e to the w «^^~ « *».-£ oTKMS NeTS SZSj^+r ?$'ZK&£S£Z£3J t »$: ready coming through. Dress lin^s will goon bJ"- and we invite von tn inspect • wnH world's styles brought to you Jiere in Z E N D E R' S N E W F A t L A1ti ®** er shipment of NEW FALL clothln| gJreg TOU plentjr to chooge from. See the new drape In single and double breasted models, wit h zipper and pleated; pant. The new Fall shades of blue, green and .brown are very outstanding and priced to give you bigger T n 'I 8 eTer b «' ore ' Only nation- features*™ 11 ma * e|18 can ? iye y°« «'ese Clothcraft . Michael Stern Kupponheimer 19' 50 to • Correct in style • Fine in fabric • Smart in pattern Attractive in color Tops" in quality Excellent value c tt New Fall HATS • Stetson • X.aSa1Ie New wider brfms »nd rouffh»r « D . «*es in nil -the new shades $ e e men. $5.00 Styled SHIRTS collar will SHOES and dark brown smoke finish, . 1,65 2,00 2,95 5,00 an « hand woven <><>«<* ZENDER Values Hnnw»«~. «_ -v. .-- " " -^Wl •i t * »»'

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