Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1939 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1939
Page 8
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Ifitf ORIAL PAGE Ctttttltf Atomtrf by either of them. The paper's drctt *** »"-•"-. * ue imyvr 9 ClrCUr lation *as then so small that the Twin City *"»»fc »UG * n iu vJl^ icago papers dominated this northtrn — — v»*_« uvri bUVl U The venture was hardly short of TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION "an - •*" poslotflce Kossuth county or tov n»i K- • n ossu •*»_ nelrtoorwr putofflce named in No •-Advance alone to all other ixwtVttieeB~year |2 60* 4-Advance and Upper Des Molnes both to same Caress at aU po.toff.ces not «c.ptrt - - IZI^H""""- - " -- ____ The Spoils System as Seen at Close Hand hazard Few the d know It took succes devote draft, be tblt chapte Friei Ingharn see fru Journa •general founda erected -n sta '* liquor control act provides that) employes shall not be discharged "without «use deemed by the commission in its dl- cretion as sufficient." |f ,: KVident at a deliberately poHtical. that the wording facts^b The idea was o ffnd wh . . " * ""LCH. iue 1Qea was t 0 rum wn pose before the public as requiring legitimate h"Wzln -Ur'4'hamber 0 ac5o e "" '°™ inl °»«*™"\%te"™ peurd v ' '^provision whatever for notice to "decapi- "«- •tees." ing. No opportunity /or No hear- us In the extreme. who have been contemporaneous with elopment of the Des Moines papers hat tremendous effort and real genius to lay the foundation for distinguished It took years of day in and day out, single-purposed labor under forced ome day the outlines of the story may and it ought to be told as a striking in American journalistic history, s of the many years rejoice that Mr and Mr. Cowles have been spared to Ion exceed wildest hopes. The Star- may be the achievement of smother n, but it rests on the .wide aad secure >n -which their hard'labor and genius o many years ago. HODGEPODGE Ifebttor-A stow <rf -.riots n. Timely Topics club woman in search of ut lorwa for a program paper might she wants in the current Geographic ^hlch carries an Illuminating arti- ated by pictures in color and other- e pictures could be cut out, pasted •ard, and passed around while the "Gnu That Itooneville banker who is quittiue bus! *s bee se he has too much Idle money ("die cheap government money) sent his atement to the Adel News for legal the other day and wrote that it BtSTLE-BUMPLVO is to be the new dance according to the smart dancing Instructors In the East. However, out here In the corn-fed country, it Is to be doubted whether the dance will be a success. Imagine a Uttle fellow buS- tle-bumplug with a corn fed! Why, he'd be bounced Into the next county if the'gal got enthusiastic! **** MAN IS A DUMB animal—any woman will admit that. Particularly so in the summm- in the matter df dress. There are six thicknesses of shirtrcollar material to which are added three of neoktle—for a total of nine strips of cloth around the neck. The shirts are broadcloth—hottest material. There should be a free-the-Adam s-apple week for men. ONE AIGONA MATRONtas told a new re'<•""• exercise by a fellow worker. This ex- went .1" S ^°!?l t0 . redUCe the tummy. She | try- newspaper Is this Russia? spect. And the newspaper reports said merely that he "dpfanifotln_-'> ... ... J i«ai That's the com- It certainly is, ln this re . er reports said mer the decapitations- were "for cause." ,« strait «„ .Tpo ting the u —. - --„ .. w t crj/vi L could not go behind that for to do so would have been to , cr of which is Droopr "no-u-c. » x» «rned on,y witJ fact, ' *"*'»«>»' ^" b "! J" le "J.° lnfer that th * "de- in no naive store wholesale may be, struction in a gene John L himself a sa said of Koth l " other us all to cutting off" the publication — human race in th* war does not lie in the ---...-. „„, lu , Ta , uoeg not jj j ^ ,. fn* ,rr of Ufe - horribie as t^t i in the destruction of property Men s , ca ,n b e replaced. It lies iu the de- of liberty, and,that cannot be rebuilt ration, or even many generations. as? ^ ™"° ssssfss o»; p.'Ticte^ai' *"•'" b - a """• "- ---- to give it a girdles are too hot. She did— would be much better. She con- was so stiffened up she couldn't for hours the next morning. *** f h» r-i, V rBARS a so this would have I the Chautauqua season in Algona, and ad ug citizens would be out selling tick- ; - for the mammoth Performances. After It I r,^rr^ru:r^'s:d r::,,'™*.-» ^T Mop " ™'°' «. MUM by ,he ,i 0 TJ £? ™ ir^rr^- "-'•'»- Purpose his sole „.» „„„ laluur ltl bad" not congress but in popular opinion ted^States News says: "House of Looks from newspaper 6 reports SO. Tn fan*- TW« T» .. new Jl DON'T CHEAT? say s . local .„„_. 'adj. "excei>t wh<> u i thjnij - The Un was that he was a democrat. ,±± 6d ' _ and . , that he '«™«» from «wspaper. He coul d only cause." "Age, I auppose ., as if it w to have li it begins ithe count and no gr This is speculate on the - -.^ ,, M^TM^Cl 1 CfpUJ IS st cont i f ^ Ct Mr ' Roosev eH seems •at control of congress at last: and to look as if he had lost control of y also. Seven years of Hoosevelt, sat recovery yet! <"=»e«i.. ""' a °gs- And how about water' '»" too, unknown in benighted "patronage," •Party): not a or ow. Opinions of Editors SHEAEEE sa , OVB is a« She opines-the modern gal husband criticism instead *' \ ep ' and m *"y times smokes pap's ets and drinks his liquor. Getting , . such Twenty Billion F i« pj _„. the traffic-just "decapitation"" for "cause •• s?cw a :, B ?r r iitics ' -° mauei - ^ ; " e uiuciai claim and record. Don't overblame the commission: it is do - it diriLI lmoc?a S tic eXPeCted t0 d ° Und aS •law for the loopholes ^eftTor "Jhia 31 * 1116 "^ thing. " • islators framed •back *** j People Like Gillette. •YOU •,«, n Go bach of th. law and bl.». , 1." (in this instance democratic Mho " aWlnfi wh « « -an, Oo° and blame public indiffer- Inorality - But ffiaybe yiu had ' eet d °™ to conviction tliem, but them even had more would be Tib o'» J sums. It ,s meanE or „„,„,.„ me , nl , fol . th the tax that in th Deal this die-hards, trace of s a brazen c are cutting spending. son or c for Franklin D. Roosevelt, ° nly w reason for changing " disadvantage. the Ro- The K-bov s tlie ConscleHccless to be paTd in' 1940 shameful ' h ™ —•*.-_»-"-*! LUXdll£j llj --. aroused to force reform. This is merely an infinitesimal contribution to that • 1.-remains only to add for the benefit of •people who read things into editorials that are not there that this is in no way a criticism of 01 piotest against the appointment of Mr •Brundage to succeed Mr. Sherman. Under the,,.- - cironmsifaiin^c, *v,« _„,-_., _ j fleers. Albert Commissio than $6.00 1935, 193G, not been c highest \vs public a ca New ari oa H es> conservatives, and reactionaries-men without a •oial consciousness-men who have n 1 ' - hUm >, an r 'S»>t8, and who nation's throat by reducing - °< Sunday ,„„„„„„. „ , J - C. C. swim mee't. the the^Hand That Feeds 'cm! Trade study of the auto- IHSI?r^»'S 1935 1936, and 1937. The^tu'rtT f^il^ 1 ?. 34 -' and impleted. ;es in close lime, , IBM baltl * «"* " ">»- radical uni the pu Traer ffi-S!piJ rC ' w ' tj [ the other £y of the ^'f 1 ^ , a study for 1938 has Pays some of the gives to the ack , attack, not the appointment e nsan case. Unless Mr. Brandage resgns o^- d?e " will some day himself be the innocent victim of the same system. that is under Urundy pa In the instant h 1 - 1 *"; Marshall " P a ? 8a 3 0 ? 9er0h: . « ai ' di "' o W30; Chickasaw, $930. , 1 ' 181 « As the Star Becomes the Star-Journal "Soa Aside The news that the Minneapolis Journal h as been absorbed by the Minneapolis Star, Cowles •Paper since 1935. is of great interest in Ko" UU, where Harvey Ingham was born and Perhaps - 11 more than 40 years and the remarkable M , ££,£*!!»* «*e Middle. -nne Heraldeglsto, J, , that tie American Teie"£an ha -nS 16 C °-> Paying ,7* ffes ?J, eTery te e " " OPte - Howev « ^t s a a Iot the drakes and Induce them to • where. As far as.I have been able to *_. , termine, we have received no comptnt . from the female ducks'." ^^P'amts **** A YOUNGSTER GETS a n ew tov „„„ t . .small-nelghborhooders gather at their lot line •to gave intently at the try-out. Their eyes are greedy, interested, and ' ' AN «OU> PEIN?EE?vlslt e d the local shops for a hand-out last week. He was also an «?* nan, oW furniture dealer, old barte druggist, old shoemaker, old baker. fc up the nlckles and dimes *** A DOG POISO^EB Is loose again la Algona. Wonder what a dog-poisoner thinks? Such a Person must be an atheist. No serson who believes In a hereafter could use poison to kill. Sucb a. |puj »ust be very inean and email and snea^y^ign-t even a sparrow's (all no te<ji in the big |^» , __ D> . ° v WE'RE TO In This Big August USED CAR Theres no use kidding anybody, and we're not trvM to. We have 45 used cars on hand We could whol2 them, we had the chance to last week, but rather take a los , that way< we y ^ ^ ^ ^ ers the advantage of a DRASTIC !>RICE CUT! can check these prices and «* W^ttHirf busmessJNearly all carry the R, & G. label See th e Fairest Offer You Ever We are pricing these cars at their actual worth, but we must move them fast So come in, look them over, take them out and try them. They Fords 1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor heater and radio, 13,000 miles worth $625 1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor withheater, 24,000 miles,, _____ worth $685 1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor Beater, good tires, 22,000 mi. worth $590 1938 Ford Deluxe Coupe 1938 Ford "85" Tudor Heater, 17,000 miles, like new 1937 Ford Deluxe Tudor 22,000 miles, good ^ .... worth 1937Ford"85"Tudor 21,000 miles, good tires _._.__ worth 1937Ford"8S"Tudor has heater aud good tires, ..._ worth$428 1936 Ford "85" Tudor good tires and motor -------- worth$385 1936 Ford "85" Tudor good tires and Us —-— -^M ^] Are Worth To You! ————— . Other Makes 1937 Chevrolet Master Coach , dean as new, 17,000;miles, ..worth $4761 1937 Chevrolet Pickup g °° d tiw8 — r --.—....... worth $375 1937 Plymouth Pickup fair tires ________ worfch$365 1936 Chevrolet Coach almost new tires .._______..._ wor th $365 1936 Chevrolet Coach dean as new ____;___ __ worth $385 | 1935 Chevrolet Coach , good tires and motor worth $285 I *• • : 'Al 1935 Chevrolet Matter Coupe very good _ worth $335 1935 Plymouth Coach Very ^ ood ——.-_. worth gooa tires and motor Rememb er; Plymouth Coach n- condition —_________„ wor th $195 1935 Chevrolet Master Coach fair condition W0 rth $165 ^^-^_l ^^^ " " - ~ T w • ^r -4* TMT wmt f ^^ * * **•» Kent Motor Co. •lf!f(}ir/*tifti ^I^H^^BK ^^ • ^^^^^ ^^^ "none 434 ^8^_SR jfCDntii* *»^T .- ^-^H^BTIP, ***(ffHUj*

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