Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1939
Page 7
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COUNTY ADVANGfD. AIQONA. TOWA PAGE SBVE1* «>„ Me™, is'va- tvhjle al Oslsaloosa with her par| 8 on, city «-• . , . ell t B) Mr. and Mrs. Sears. Mr. Ing- llon , this weeR, aim « j fttt , s managei . O j thc )ocn , Gl , (l . at bowe. "ham store. , last ' Barney, rn, . of tf»nibbldl M 'haB ,ew days -at his Albert. Hagg's- Mrs B. . Bancroft, ' la' 1>r. A. L. and the Myrlc f of the summer with his motJi- ' cine A C " Baker ' He w en./" 168 colle se this fall for year ° f veterinal> y Jordon Trio, Sfeaters, to ; ,., Come to Fair August 20 Mr. ami Mrs. S. N, Howard and j Mr. and Mrs. Orvillc Howard, 01- wcck -en<l guests of Mr. and Mrs. iv , . . . s>. N. Howard are parents of O. M.,' who nnoralos Hie local Howard' hardware store, and Orville is a! brother. The latter is In the dry' cleaning business. I Herman ,.M«rtej Grlggs farrilly are spending n few days at 'the W. C. Dewel cottage at Clear Lake- Doctor Ilist still owns the lot next south of the Dewel lot i i nr .,,i r , _, i WheriS a cottage was wrecked In a L '„ V J'°- v "'» Fo ''t Dodge, was: tornado eight years ag.o i a week-end guest of PhylH,, Good,: "Bob" Wmv, Wesley Schuh.ja^^claT^^TkrTS! Richard Sjogren, and Itoy Bran- ' knew each other when Miss Good! dow got home Wednesday from a I managed a dress shop at Fort' 2,000-mile auto torn- to the Ulaclc Hodge. The latter is now cm-' Hills and In northern Minnesota. ; 1'loynrt in the dress department' of ! Thoy- traveled in (ho Sdniltz car 1 'he local S. & L. store. and were gone about a week. ! \t_ „„,, M , T7 , _ . • „ , -. ,., ;" r - nn " Mr s- Howard Espeland, Jir». h» J. Kt'llley, Janesville, witl1 their daughter Beverly rc- .W.is.,- son Patrick, -and daughter turned Friday from two weeks Peiicr's 7orandRapW,Mlo^ &3ay for * month Barbara spent Friday with Ann 1 relatives at Randall and Wwel went c Tuesaa brother Dr Pechner. . Mrs. Reilley formerly,''-"Sic Grove. Mr. Esneland's moth-! worked at the Elite Hat shop. Shft! fil> . Mrs. P. H. Espeland, Randall,' spent last week at her brother camc with them for a visit oE in-! Herman Plathe's, near St. Joe. j definite length. Mr. Espeland. Is '1-ojo Smith, Denver, is here -for 1 ^ (!UU nian "« el ' of the Graham; a visit with her former schoolmate. I 'j . ,. . Mrs. Arthur Moulds. On leaving Mr - » n <' Mrs. E .J. Zender are *« Mansion.' Algona shc lvi11 vlslt relatives In ! Parents of a 7-lb. son, born Thurs-' to av tt .. Hntlfll •„„„„,„ Mt _ 0mllU is day at thc Kossuth hospital, the : M)sa o aoi ) | , ee lc Tuesday iui^» , F nranc u secretary of the Oregon ! f 'rst child. Mrs. Zender is the' • Mutual Fire Insurance company. former Gail Potter, and her hus- bam J «8_a8BOcIftted with his father ivlerson returned SUrtr The Rev. D. 11. Martin got home at the Zender clothing store. The i tn Rocklord, lU.* after Monday morning from Chicago, new baby raised F. C. Zender to her mother Mrs, O, J.! where he attended a ministers' in-1 the degree of grandfather for the ner • . , '. istitute at a. teolog,ical seminary, first time. MARKETS Tkrtil Day Stunt for the Fair ItOGS Best light butch., 180-220 ...$8.00 Med. hvy M 220-240 $5.85 Mett, hvy.,' 240-270 —$6.50 Med. hvy., 270-300 _.. .'$6,00 Med. hvy., 300-330- ..._^_._..'$4.00 Beat light butch., 330-360 —1$4.40 Butchers, 360-400 __..$4.20 Packing sdws, 270-300 ...$4.60. Packing sows, 330-360 ..^....^$4.40 I Packing sows, 360-400 . $4.001 Packing sows, 400-450 _ $3.70.1 Packing sows, 450-500 $3.40 CATTLE C'anners and cutters ---^$2.50-4.00 Stock steers —$6.00-7.00. Fat yearlings —-$7.00-8.00 Fat -steers' $7.00-8.00 Fat cows — ; $4.00-5.00 Veal calves -—•-- $6.00-7.50 Bulls — ._ $5.00-6.00 GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn 32c No. 2 white com 42c No. 3 white oats -21c No. 2 rye • _-—_... Sic New No. 2 yellow soy 'beans 53c No. 2 white .oats . . 21V4c EGGS Hehnerys and extras 17c No. 1 . . 13c No. 2 . _10c I Cash cream— i.. '-No. 1 -..— 22c j ' No. 2 -—_ 21c Sweet _ 23c POULTRY i Hens, under 4 Ibs -6c town. last week. He and Mrs. Martin will | Wave, Wednesday or Thursday • the rest of the month at lake>. ... northern Minnesota. ! Lloyd Muckey, and Mrs. Hackman Jr., Knoxville, j Leghorn hens —' : 6c ; University .=. Cocks, under 4% Ibs. 5c( unlvelsuv COLLEGE PARTY EN TOUR STOPS OVERNIGHT HERE Union Twp., Aug. 7—A group of collegians, post graduates of the Mt. Park, - Churchill on Hudson's Bay, Prince Albert park, Wayne Wright Buffalo park, Banff and Louise lakes, thence returning to the United Stales. A stop was i made at Havre, Mont., and the tour 1 then proceeded through the Dakotas, including • the Black Hills and the bad lands. From Chamoer- lain, S.'D., the party caime to Al- «ona, with a brief stop at the Oko- of Illinois, pitched born to Ml> . and Mrs. ss tlie la tier's daughter Maty anr Fraser, and nieces, Carmllla ifa.vlne Fraser, Burt. The par.- n a week or Ct\A \Af1 <•• f W illtcf CtCC ' 1 Cocks, over 4% Ibs.' I~~~6c I camp at the Ambrose A. Call state • -•--• park Thursday evening creating quite a spectacle.. They were en spent. Wednesday at the Dr. P. E. •TO 1 ,. . ft Sunday gUest] ".' : - .. •"•""* l }" K UU ""| wailey cottage. Clear Lake. Doc- J'r. «ntl .urs. 11. E. Menzel are at tj«Min'a Mrs. Ander- whtto f^-l^'vi, G A, i' St ?> hil f M ', R ' tor Walle >" cnce Practiced here. Present .at Fairmont, Minn. Mrs. A S? Kehter-ta-law: . Vw i ?';,,%? £ £ Udra , ?! nto "', s Mrs - Edw - »• Sheehan and Rosanno Menzel is the former Vesta Weav-: ed's daughtei ?J'Jr^> .the daughter,of Mr. and Mrs. Wai- _ Brown spent all last week at the er. Doctor Menzel is .working in ji«_j u-n^wov Hackbartn < lace Benton. Wealev caff> rifprninvo -„„,,.,„ „„,. : ..... , ,. . _•••_-_•.... , r-ifrs Harvey-HaCkDafthllace'Benton. Wesley cafe o'feralors. 'same cottaee L Louis Hee.t'1'ands at, Mr, -White operates the White sro-'' Ar , ,' Be y^" __ «_i.i^«.j w«- nAiMr f\n n nn io* n * A »i..,.t i .ii r« find .Mrs* T. L i Jean Infi ' iAJUin »- fSunday. Mr. Heetland [{produce and .cream, sta- ShJpler, Portland'.town- taken home'•-Saturday the Kossuth .hospital, eery on east State steet. Larson and \£*! "r 1 ?? ^X E , ldon Harrls ' Elm-; Mrs. L. L. Lease.'We'sley,'„.•„,•«, w hurst, 111., with two sons, are ex-, Cedar Rapids Friday night for a 1 ' ?,% e l,?rS S?!.. th S -?; eek f ° 1 ' a «y is!t "." Sunday night with Mrs. the Inibora'tory of a canning fac j tory there where at this time "corn on the cob" is being'frozen. Most-i cornels shipped to . New .,' where it is sold out of'seas-i on at lOc an einv -Earlier in 'thei visit with Eldon' Mae Harris, and •s mother, Mrsl^ on's p^Vems Mr and" M ' f e ^°» »^t'»'^nzel was, work-, 1 other relatives' Frank Gerstne,' The Larsons "*? at » le - factol '- v whe '» ' loa « were;' !=«„!,„„,, i 't , " elbtn f'- ine liaisons )eln ,j f,. OZG1 , Doctor MPUZPI is - .. . had an ap'pendicftis op- here. .The Harrises have been on i brought homVTheir da~ughte7S- had an 11 P ,ja4our to 'California. Eldon te " ' ' ' ' id Jfrs. Antone Johitson e -.week-end at Boone.,wHli 'Mrs August -Johnson. a farmer, is .a brother o-f .Andrews, of'Claire,-left y.i evening, after : a iew £' Mary MoEvoy,;. daughter- ict Court Clerk Mrs. Kath- vEyoy. ... .... .::.•...-... > id. Mrs. J. E, Wilsori, Ti- rere Thursday evening vls- Che former's ..parents'/ 1 Mr. S. D. Wilson. J. -Berlins irant. . ... ^.,;; : ~ .. i and Mrs.- C. ' u:< Pollard; hlldren, and Mr. ,and Mrs. 'Igars had a cottage at the s Sunday. They had. fair fishing. •... ; , ':...,, Breegman, the produce tely boiiRht the 'DdnneU ;lpt the Swift plant-and'Is-.'hay- Doctor Menzel is. teaches j with, who had spent"TweeV with at^Pwmn^uKS^ FnW-'Si music, in the Elmhurst schools. her grandparents .. , at -i nimpfa-uuiveislty. Enid, Okla. I ' *."«»uiMit.uih.. , The. Weavers - spent Sunday-with' Jttr. antl Mrs. Antone Anderson ,• 3fr. and Mrs. W. D. Howie,'. Em-, the Menzels. . r j 3fi< and 3frs. Geo. St. John got' Thursday 'from Loveland,; L,-where they visited "Mr. St.! sister, Mrs. W. • R. Jones,' St.' John, two days returned to Lake Wa'bedo, Minn,.' metsburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Russell yesterday for two more months at ] Cook, Algona, left -Wednesday for their summer cottage there. They a week's tour to Duluth. They"'took had come home for' two weeks'the Took trailer with theml Mr. 1 while their daughter, .Mrs. Harold | and Mrs. Howie left their daugh- E, Gust, Mobile, Ala., was hero on tor Beverly at Minneapolis for a'-,, a visit. ...... Mrs. Harold Johnson got home 1 ickson ' s - The Howies .and Brick Moiiday from visits with relatives visit tlirsepteitvber at Oscar Er-, £? ^epS Johiv W^dswoT h ickson's. The. HowtoB.and Brick- t .. thfce , nUe V s c ' abiH . on the Pa lK sons are former neighbors here.. .| ^ m the roa( , to Egtes parl£i | Geese, live :_6c | Hens, 4 to 5 _. . 8c I Ducks, live,' 4% Ibs. • 6c l,Ducks, live, under 4% Ibs. 5c (Hens, over 5 libs. lOc Springs, 5'and over _„' 14c .Springs, 4 and 5 . 12c Springs .under 4 9c Leghorn Springs __.__9c TWENTY Years After The commissary bus proceeded in advance. Besides the tents It carried tent floors, cooking apparatus, also a nurse to oversee 'preparation of meals,- etc. The nurse and commissary men had everything in readiness at each stop by the time the bus arrived which carried the students. It was a real sight to see the camp lit up and the tents pitched. The party left here for Sterling, 111., expecting to be soon at the end of the tour. . j-oute' home from a tour in Canada. The party consisted of 16 men, eight women, and two busses, a commissary bus which carried the tents, lighting equipment, etc., the other in which to ride. The party was taking a nature course in ecology, which.has to dp with the activities of .wild life. hey were in charge af Dr. E. V. I CAMPAIGN IN CLASSIFIED!—We ihulford, Champaign, 111. The tour was. of six weeks duration, four \veeks of which were spent in Canada. private garage rallt there. and store- hgham and E. E.'Douglas t Des Moines Thursday.; on nt Des Moines and other points.! Mr. find Mrs Archie Gibbs and 30 miles from Loveland. Mr. and She accnipanied her mother, Mrs. i Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Johnson, of, Mrs. St. John called on Solon Dav- Blanche Prazee, Sutherland, and , Iowa City,, were week-end guests enport and his (laughter Exine at brother Wilford, Kansas City. Mr. jof the Henry Douglas family, and Greeloy, Cojo.''Mrs.-Davenport, de-' ; (( „ • Johnson is employed at Klassle's, Mr. and Mrs. Fernley Runchey, of "ceased, was the former Allie Wads- t-JBRES a . colored . clown, all garage. I Plymouth, Ind., were also there, worth. The St. Johns, who were - x whited up' to play. The clowns Mr and Mrs William Dehnert I Mrs> Gibbs is Heni ' v ' s stetev, Stan- a-.vay almost two .weeks, "traveled meet the Brownies here -Friday of'the Europeon hotel, entertained ley : h , e . r so "; rM T, ernle S' a 1°" ° f Mr< ! >y cnl '', T^ b ™ 0rc lea «^ f °''i "_ _ _ ^ ' mv /I A.!**!" \Arill *r» Yvi WiitirtnAV Hani* ii Altia ITIDI tan f 'lift vow 11 a \\JVn at dinner Sundav Landlord and a:id Mrs - William Runchey, near home'visited Cheyenne, Wyp. Mrs. Martin Vln'aas and Mr. and ^f, 0 " a ' lB .. a . salesman for the Mrs. J..H. Graham, Burt, also Mr.' Salisbury^laboratories at Charles and Mrs. Walter Klamp, Mrs. R., ut5 'L. Padgett, and the latter's'sons, U>ona Stewart- and Mr. and Mrs. Algona. Alfred Peterson, Buffalo Center, 3Irs. Walter Fnwer. who has' wfe Sunday evening .callers , on been visiting her sons, Walter, of MIBB Stewart's^parents,^M,.^and. Rochester, N. Y., and Scott, Hat NEW BOOKS AT i- 'field, Pa., is expected S "the 'Gr"aham""and~ -Cum- time this week to visit stores respectively, r. ;J two or .three'months before turning to Phoenix, Ari/.., for G. W.Stlllmaii's -mother, ! wlntei r tery, locale the Catalina Islands). Tested One-Act plays (for am- ate.urs). My Sister Eileen, Ruth MsKen- ney. . -." The Bridegroom Cometh, Waldo Frank. My Day in Court, Arthur Train. Full Harvest, Dora Aydelotfe. The Middle Window/Elizabeth Goudge* .•-...•...-._ land. . \vj 3 dom's Gate, Margaret Ayor i,. returned" tee weeks at the Okobbjis ire. She is a teacher"' or Kenefick and -Postmaster w, here, with the former's Thelma, Eagle 'Grove,, at- the Strickland - Paychek t Des Moines last night. ' : 1 and Bolva Bateman,-.Web- Illy, are guests this' week at Sterling's. The girls, daugh- George ^ By Eleanor Fraser. own there. - She "fecenUy^sufiered "But .westward., look, -the an attack of the flu and had. to is ^"8ht. . . -I Barnes. , • . have a substitute for a week. Mr.' Thi s is the introductory quote Unc i e Caleb's Niece, Lida Lai- Peterson is employed in a Chevro- that leads you overland in covered rjniore. Mrs. John Cleghorn, of: let ^arage there. '.wagons to Oregon Territory in the j Found Africa, Van Ness Allen. Tenn., and daughter! ^ ^ ^ Nom ^ FHed : ave - I^O's via the_pages of ^Archie, Tryst . Elswyth .n, ane . ALGONA WORLD war veterans were organizing a Legion post to be named after Carl Hagg, killed in action in Prance. All who were in the service' at any time between April 6, 1917, and November 11, 1918/ were . eligible for membership. Sixteen veteans attended, the first meeting, and others were, urged, to sign up for the charter, .application for which was .to be made June 28. A. R. Moulds and" C. F. McCormick were temporary committee in charge of the membership drive, and Clare Laird was temporary chairman. * * * * S. J. RAMSEY had bought the Harry Liebenstein Interest in what Is now the Sorensen grocery. Mr Llebensfeiu was to move to Milwaukee, where he had bought another store. • * * * * * * * * SIX- OHLLtoREN in the Matt Fa ber family,.-St. Joe, had died in a fire, which destroyed the farn home.' Mr. and Mrs. Patoer and the hired man, who awoke just in time to escape with a baby, were unable to save the rest of the children. ' A memorial" service was to be held at the farm. * *'« » MACHINERY • for repairing the paving on State street had arrived, and the asphalt was expected to be as good as ever when a 'new layer was laid. - The .party also visited Reading, can supply advertisers with, complete campaigns on any. line of merchandise or service. Ask about this unusual Pub. Co. service. — Advance 20U «BJ ALWAYi) (_UUL- ff^. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8 AND » GEO. O'BRIEN —in—"TIMBER STAMPEDE" OTTO KIIUGER ^-in— "WOMAN IS THE JUDGED THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY, AUGUST 10-12 SUNDAY, AUGUST 13—4 DAYS Double Feature. Western Jamboree! Judy, visitors at the Gilbert farm, -spent Friday at Gilbert Benschoter's; Whittemore, Mrs. Claire Anderson and Mrs. Geo. Benschoter -were also there. The Cleghorns left Wednesday for home, Naomi and Thclina Kenefick, of Mr. and Mrs. Norman. *rlefl- are- E , nVl . s nnV , li ,, The Land is Bright." 1' : T h e Seventh Hour, Grace Living- spending this week and will spend ,,,.,.,,,,....,,,.-.„ r ..i,, ona library.'ofon Hill •-" . ^ £• ».„,.» vmrnnlr' ITlt t Vl TV.T 1' C •. - ~,- i i . 1 i«_.^.' »JV«» •••• . ._.._ part of next week".with Mrs. -\ Fried's sisters, Mrs. B. M. Ehrle, to be skimmed; yon Doctor-i Here's-Your Hat, Joseph ' poetic presenta-, A . jerger, M. D. Sioux City, and. with the womeu's (!ou or what i3 otherwise merely" 'Three Rousing Cheers, Elizabeth - ' -. -'-•--'-• - •--- ... -._,, . _ , . lv ». WB ,,..»!. -~- —»— _,.,,___ _ r . i. All CO *VUV»O*tlfcj \_/*l^Vil Of parents at Pelican LaKe, - Minn., „., f ,. UP i-(-.".,., r r adventure story Jordan (autobiography).' also with Mr. Fried's-parents, Mr. based oh history. | .The Tree of Liberty, and Mrs. Peter Fried, Fried,-N. P. j Tne au thor was born at Port p age . Elizabeth ___________ ----- . ^_ _____ ,._ _____ __ __.. Eagle Grove, were Sunday guests The town of Fried was named at-j Lu(lloWi wash., and grew up In a - ' - Patriot, Pearl S. Buck. t Mr. and Mrs. L", W. j ire nieces of Mrs..Sterling. - ud Mrs. C. H. Wllllatos and id Mrs. Robert Williams were estoy evening dinner guests' R, Bandy's, Britt. Mrs. Bandy, he senior Mrs. Willifuns are 8, ."•.:.'.". 'i E. f. Dickinson and her laughter, Jean Whitney, > Friday for the latte.r's home canaba, Mich. Mrs. Dickinson ipeml a month there "with her to. iml Fnnk got home Sunday from Chicago, where she 1 the Camp's Ihstructural P'_of Corsetry last week, She toarge of the corsetry depart- .at Kresensky's." fills Sawyer spent ; from--last Tuesday till Monday with '"it ,,Sister Emmanuel, Pubu- and the latter came here with yesterday for a short vjsit at E. Sawyer home, 8 *• H. Hutzellg spent-Sunday at Paii'iuout with the Thepdore mans. Mr. Weinman works j> oil company, and Mr. Hut[18 manager of the" Interna- P* Harvester store here. PS. Jolm Kenefick and her new ; ihomas Peter were released P the Kossuth hospital Satur- j lector ana Mrs.' Keneliok rmf ve " lree sons. They will 1 Thomas Peter "Tomniy", frothy and Buth Hendron re- »w buu4ay from visits with "»B at Mankato, Watertow-n, waseca, all m Minnesota* >s employed at W. V. But- 8 . Dorothy, at Beattys, 'd'ul^ S ^! n ,L Phl) ' li P?'> Ul1 , i ., e ar, . . at their brother Dr. John N. Kene- 1 etr t u e local Mr. Fried's grand- c j earmg on t h e Olympic Peninsula : Juliet, Inc., Louise Platt Hauck, ick'B. Naomi is employed in the father. Mr. Fried is manager ot nea r Puget Sound.. He knows the, pjfth Column and the First 49 Kenefick drug store at Eagle t i le s. & L. store here. • j descendants >of the pioneers Grove, and Thelma is physical edu- ( tamg ^^ returned to W01 . k figure in the book. cational director In a Catholic [iris 1 school at Clayton, Mo. Eighteen persons from Algona attended a Botsford picnic at Waseca, Minn., Sunday: the M. Pools, the Edwad Hansens, the W. C. McDougals, the Ralph Donovans, the Thomas Daileys. Fifty-six towns in Minnesota, Iowa and in South Dakota were represented. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Swanson, You have a feeling that you look . on and in the Black Hills. He W vei ; that lUdes me^trom .an alien wltli compassionate Interest; Neb., and his sister, Mrs. E. p.. -Swayze, Huron, S. D. Mr. Scarlet met the rest of the party at Sioux . .v^» •»"«* i>««a« ^i -*• — •• <- tn 11 with' the daughter Rosalie,, are *alls. spending, this week at Chicago, Mr. and-Mrs. Harold E. Gust'and guests at Mr. Swanson's sister Mrs. j ea n Simmons, Mobile, Ala., left words of Nancy Ann, the heroine (if there is only one) „ "When one says. 'you,' then everything •: is easily understood." ," '• • - , You will find yourself identified now with youngster- l.'aytd, now ager of the local A. & P. store. •' Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Venteicher, here, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Knecht, Whitte-more, spent Sunday at Osage with Mr. and Mrs. A. B. M>V ww**o** ..--— ----- A I IU1 C ICLM****»*O tv ' V""*"* ». — .— — — - ---Venteicher, parents, and L. A. | M . gg Sim]1 j 0ns jjves at Mobile , Venteicher, brother of Cyril and asthma. Mrs. Knecht. A. B. Is retired, and , t » ( Mng M at4CIear Shtor , U ^ a r9 » an - au a a*i'- and Frances-regained *»'*''the- with Mrs. Win. F. Brown, Jean's mother, sister of Mrs. Gust, The Gusts and Miss Simmons 'were to choking on alkali dust as you drive an ox team, -or watching the "purr p'« streamers" at a, sudden storm stop at Chicago for three or four | that ro iis and crashes .down, days with-Mr. Gust's relatives be-1 Or you'll be riding with the scout foi-e returning to their home at MOT . Cage Ford through an Indian am- Stores, Ernest Hemingway. The Main Street, Hilda Morris. . Patricia, Grace Livingston Hill. WicWord Point, John P. Marquand. NOTICE OF PROHATI; OF win No. 4534. ." In District Court, State of Iowa, - Kossuth county, ss. March term 1939. . '. .- iu All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby'notified,-That an Instrument of-•writing' .purporting 6 be the last Will and Testament ot Charles L. Dittmer, deceased, dated February 6,1935, having been tiliis day filed, opened and read, Saturday, the 2nd day of September, 1939, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House .In Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and-at 10 o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are. hereby notified e,nd required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why aald instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased.' ! • Dated ; at Algona, Iowa, August 7, 1939. (Seal) KATHARINE McEVOY, ."- ' . . Clerk of the District Court, HUTCHISON & HUTCHISON, 47-48 Attorneys, \i. A.-is in Birum-Olsou employ tbe.re. »r, and -Mrs. E. N. Taylor, with their grandson, Richard Webster, j went to Cedar Falls Saturday to | * bush, the while things get tangled up with "time that is tilting sharp- 50-year to "attend "the V fun"' old Alexander McBride, headmas- 'Omer, "ter" who'grew younger as he cross, ,, '-'--,,'that "youth can only Taylors were to visit their son William at Earlville before returning. Mrs, Margaret-31<!3tol>oi>, -daughters Kathleen and Dorothy son Robert, and"the latters's wife, ay of Minneapolis, spent last wee-. tion. Lighter manages the Miller Lumber. Co., and Dwaine is in Modern Dry Cleaners employ. A recent card from Margaret Du- thought they had him Though you can rea,d much faster by covering a waole line at a glance, you cannot savor the souqd of e'ach-word, nor can you enjoy • ' A SHERIFF WHO SINGS ASHERIDC& ...and wfier* in loofct! MMI mm lnlh> Paper TUESDAY ASD WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8 AND » Continuous from 1 O'clock . LEON EREOL —in— "RING MADNESS" "NICK OF TIME" —- NEWS rant postmarked New York City re- the imagery o f such a hook, or ap- ui «nu»ooi^..». -i , - • „., .ported that she and her sister Car-1 precja ^ e . the pattern of color ajid -1th Mi-si. Nellie McMahou, ana j' gaw Qne of the international ng ht and shadow, unless you read '•»*„_ •**•«...rv n »^4- "WnMohnn. niece oi ... . __ fn u^ xTrtrt«no-hi- Sonata^' * j._i_i—«!-.» Mrs. Margaret McMahon, a ie « Mrs.*Nellie McMahon, remained foi a longer visit, the others leaving Sunday. Jftv and-Mrs. Carroll Johnson are taking a vacation. this week oj.g onanlKtie 1 tial't OI H Wll'l stakingly. •B V;ftVi i/ """ """ tl*0 f»vjwjft- w •(• "7 Co. out of St§ux-f!Uy. ^'WdMrg TI, j-x«- r -;*" from r *»a.d Y^ncsnt'Pftiu^ ttS^'sftss ttlM.. 01 * "*««* Mr- W ^^ , MP to the Black^ Mr Johnson, who has the D-X eei- vlce BtoKww. is »ot related to last week Tuesday: This is a Brit- (- M ; sinns' style will do-U)btle»s ish movie starring the famous pi- ' b eco me more polished. with. , con- anist Paderewski. A picture on y nued writing, but he already has tlie card gave an etching of Brook-' the g j ft Jor "drppping ft-spark In lyn bridge and the New York sky- your imagination" ano; "you can Hue, and was purchased in the art on j y let j t burn." t theatres, of the] " Miss Ann4s, " librariajn, report* hooks at the library, as SPECIAL PURCHASE vice 8 L^wreace. her rousht This T t? d d of cities, the lounge. %nd pictures or pieces of sculpture are always on view.. 0. Scott Moore's mother, Mrs- Clara Moore, his "toter, •4H» \ovs: Wine ot Oood Hope, D%yl<| Wind, San.d, a4d Stare, Antojn? de Saint JBxupery (authar-of ' Mwre-'and'his^ niece, Darlen| FligM) . . . . Braash, aJl of Kewanee, in., aie, ^^gj.^ ^ MJ4-Pajgage, Charley inking an^^tendef visit *«».Jje, A> ^ Mary R; 500 SHEETS .THURS.DAY AND FRIDAY, AUGUST 10 AND 11- Thursday, bargain mat, 16c plus New March of Time "METROPOLIS" A personally conducted trip in the city of New York See one of the 19,0'00 cops go into action every 47 seconds. See places tourists never will see. un - Release ' Pathe „ News fe.t-.j-,-. , AUGUST 18 AND 14 Showing here-^first! 49c

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