Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 8, 1939 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1939
Page 6
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.•s Ads FOIl SALE — USED ELECTRIC stove. Very cheap.—Mrs. P. F. . Krietbe, Burl. 12p47-18 FOR SALE—'BAPTIST STAND AT fairgrounds. — Phone 657-W or see Mrs. W, A. White. 12p47 ALGONA SAID TO HAVE 389 TAXJGLERKS' , Centerville Aug.' 7—Algona . has an estimated 389 "unofficial tax collectors" who Indirectly are helping local, state and national governments harvest annual reven- ,ues, the National Consumer's Tax Commission claims. These ,unofficial, and generally unwilling, "tax collectors" are the proprietors and employes in the 110 local retail stores. "There are 7,497 official tax- levying and spending governmental agencies in Iowa," according to Mrs. Melville Mucklestonu, ADVANCE. ALOONA. IOWA Karl King arid Band td Appear at the KdSsuth Fair _ .. " , ' v. ' * - • "*V \4 FOR MINT—30 ACRES TIMBER pasture, with water. — E. M. GroBS, Bart, la. 12p47 WANTED — GENERAL OFFICE. , r ,, , ,„ ., , , •work by experienced girl. — In-1 ° . Mls ; Me Y ille _ Mucklestonu, quire at Advance. I0p47 pres dellt of the »a tlo '<-wide women's organization, under the name given above, "but every clerk behind a store counter is a tax- collector, too. "In every sale, these clerks col- FOR SALE—120 ACRES, known as j ect fractions of hidden taxes that the M. L. McEnroe farm, at $125 '\ lav « increased the cost of pro- _.. A. . . _. — . *, ffU'ntintt nil rl ilia t i<lKii t In*, n-f _ ..* i _ t _ TOR SALE—WEALTHY APPLES. —Godfrey Scnultz, phone 3816, 4 miles south Lone Rock. 9p47-48 per acre, Plum Creek twp. 17p47 s&SSMK^* 1 " 9 ' 11 * ft-ohi heri fti-e.afft ttnd Mrs/ Osr-ar'',"'" '" " Anderioft, Mr.' and* Mr™ Geo?«e1 T""""' Hards, Ml 1 , and.MrftiMelvin tf.intt - a andf*** 1 * wJiu"«»_i M»u«h*i.Ui"! *v lu "> i; . Orviile' thfe A^rtbi mcfly tKt,..^., a , f{ K „ K. h SJ 8 .. n «2L..«^J»« Arnold «chooi ! 6r Mr, v n ' " ' ° ne , * <> nyorkfc(1 " 1920 «• " u; %.i e,€;?^^^^;i^ 0 Unio m OI The Rhoades Family . r . r . by Squiei: FOR SALE — SPOTTED BROOD BOWB, will farrow in September. —Anton Vammen, Ringsted. p46-47 ROOM FOR RENT IN MODERN homo. Can furnish garage if wanted.—Phone 745-J, Algona. 14g46 FREE ENLARGEMENT AND MIN- laturc album with each roll film ieveloped and printed, 25c.—Lus- ••y's. 14(2)27tt •:,0.."f—ROAN CALF WEIGHING ,v>oin 400 Ibs.—E. M. Gross, 4 niles east and 8 north of Algona. 12p47 \ NEW WELL DRILLING MA- chine in your locality, .ny size wells, 'hone 102 Lakota. Drilling - duction and distribution of articles purchased. These taxes, of necessity, must be passed on to the consumer as part of the price, A major share of. all local, state,- and national taxes now are hidden to consumers, who pay them in this way. , "However, the retail merchants should not be blamed. No business could possibly survive today if it attempted to absorb the multitude of taxes to which it is subejct. In consequence, every ring, of the cash register represents not only n sale 'but a tax payment." The NCTC now has study groups in approximately 5,000 communities in « states in an educational campaign to expose "unnecessary consumer-penalizing taxes," Mrs. -Mucklestone said. The' crusade in I1LJ. 1-Sl HHllf-, I — k —..^ uu.o.11 i. iii^ v,i notivtc 111 Guy Beemer, j 'his state is led by Mrs. Charles 12p37-50 •• Stephen Hickman, Centerville. na j tional committee member, and Mrs •"OR SALE — CUCUMBERS, any j E. A. Hunt, Des Moines, state dir size. Oi'cier now.—C. F. Lauden, j ector. Vi miles west of Algoua on pave- aenit No. 18. 15p-i7 .RACING THE FUTURE IS' EASY after you have taken a course in | lie Mankaio Commercial College, i lankato. Minn. 18(2)47; 'OR SALE—1!»35 2-DOOH CHEV- rolet in excellent condition. 'Vater heater. Very reasonaljle.— iHiuire Advance. (g) L. R. BABE ENTERS STATE FAIR TESTS ... AN' THAT ISN'T HAM & f66S; EITHER. 1 jjist Meyer's, five miles west and I, from the navy yard nt Norfolk, ijfour- mlies north of Algona, , He has been in the navy three - , i, Wednesday afternoon. Straw was '-""f" 1 ' 8 ' " nd ha . s 6tTlate been , on tne ' carrier Lexington as as- LKK 0. WOLFE, Titonka, • was eating hsi' fill of giziards last .week. His daughter, Mrs. Prewitt, Forest City, knowing he likes j.nulled away from nearby buildings T^h 1 carrier Li j.witb a long wire. William Meyer slstallt P narmacls t- ; tenants the farm, which is owned ! by his father. . • i -EIGHTY ACRES of land belong,ins to a Mr. Ingham,.of California, iwere recently plowed under on 6r- i .der of the Union township weed j .commissioner. The pasture land! \ had become infested with Canadian ' .j thistles. Such work is going on f ia)l over the county. j It" "" "" DAU (Continued firom Page One ruce M). idllln M tlle body cnhie 111 by train enrl} Frtdm "•••>• ">«i i»i morning, and the moutneis came cnur «h in i;, 2 .. by car. > ' bor of'the L ( ." Funeral • sei-vldea were held at Cn .&liet.-boim.i the Men'itf funeral honie Fiidav £? y «»'! Uivi s j,nW afternoon at 2 b"clock. th<J Rev 1 , c Rleb "°ff, Uovv-mi v 1U1 V W, PfeMfer, Presbyterian p a «t6i-' (:1(1U(le Seelcv ' Ke »n«V » ?«« , , e p a «t6i- eecy In chai-ke. An obltuai-y; was read,' 'The Merreii f lmc ,. n , ..'•'. followed by passftges 'from the." 1 ! 6 ; 1 , '« canary ',! Sij bible and prayer, .Burial took place 1 rdlali ves and e rR^t, 0 » ...... Forest City, knowing he likes ln t he DaU '°t in.' Rlyei view. , l sympathy Wi .them, saved two pounds in : cold) p H°l' services had" been held at' cnll(ll 'cn, now .•.*_..__-•* »- l . tffia nn«\ii/il- *tf« ••..«£. &• i «»!••. j a tl rl lr f H .1.. storage.'for him. Tourney Planned at Corwith Park TIIK WHIT*- wnst',1,. uii 1 Convkh . Au «- "—Installation of IV^J " ,t' ? SK k enball |the lights on .the balldiamond at nm ,,,,M,^ , he Ie j, gll e m , e , ast ! the 8choo , gl . ounds has been com . ig_ the K. C. team. I pieted and-several games between ahead that it can- the home teams have been played. '""""'"'"" games. Plans are under way'for a tourna n f ' and K. C. are t,,d for last. . have bST maUed to™ STol HOWARD DYER, Ledyard, suf- j tean 's in neighboring towns, i fered injuries last week Sunday in * a jaloppy race at Blue Earth in • .which 17 cars took part. His car A .A. Johnson, 96, Stricken. Corwith, Aug. 7—A.. A.' Johnson, 96, suffered a heart attack last Des Moines, Aug. 7—Lone Rock will make a bid this year for the Iowa baby health championship, in a statewide contest at the 'state REWRITES Uriel's summarizing prin- cipnl nens In Thursday's Up- Iit'r ]>es JloinOs. M1CKIE SAYS— , , . ar i grandson of Banker and Mrs. N. L. -tolesberg and in youth attended SALE— GOOD 80 ACRES iu. Cotton, Lone Rock, and Mr. and* 116 States Teachers college. Some 'miles south of Sexton, 2% miles ' Ml ' s - H - E. Morgan, Algona, vras one : - vears of teaching followed, after ' lorthwest >rine Jennett ith o£ Sexton, 2% miles i - uls - n - ^. Morgan, Algona, vras one '- vuals ot teaching followed, after of St. Benedict.—Caith-' ot the first of more than. 700 babies-' wnlch lle took a pharmacy course ett. 18p47-48 to ' be entered for this year's con-;' at Chicago. For a time he'followed — test - ^"e Profession at Mankato and in FOR SALE—TWO ROAN PURE- F °ur hundred dollars in trophies South Dakota On March 10, 1894, bred Shorfhor.n bulls. One year- an ^ special awards will be given >* le married Rose Morgan, who died ling and one old—James Brophy, i to Prize winners in the baby com- • five years ago. Three ' children, in 1 ,, SUBJECT o 'AT $OME .OF YOUSE SHOULD rje ^EMPIM' TO U$ IF YOU '$PECT "THI$ NEW$PAPER TO KEEP COMIKl^ TO YOU Lf $ miles north on 169. 15p47 -~ *".~t, i,*uiid» in tne uituv com-: ^ .'v,di .-3 a&u. i inee cnuoren petition. Special departments have,' Arie ' Bui 't, and Leonard, of Lone' been provided for babies from city, ' Rock - a' 1 '! Gladys (Mrs. Lyle Mor- town, and rural 'districts, as' ris )- L °»g Island, N. Y. survive well as special awards for twins. ' In 1899 the Dittmers began farm- luipmeni. J. to i The contest will begin at the fair ' in S in Burt township. Pastor Wood years at o r /r. — bee Laing & ( Friday, August 25, (and continue Conducted funeral services at -the J7 . f Jl J'ntl P"ll TfS'f/loT Onviinw..!. -1 rrn » I Clf\f\A "l-Tnnr* «I, . 1_ T«T i FINANCE YOUR FURNACE—Easy monthly payments on any type >f Green Colonial equipment. 1 to PBle^an. good pay.-See Mr. examma^ns,an7 P^ ^ ™ ^ Afdihnt' ;u Wallhui-sr'c nil otn.tini, I ..: , , .. i«»«.uuj njii ui. of consultation the . —j-.—uj, .T.USUOL 4,1, lajia conunue;>- u " uuult:u iuuerai services at the - Uucke - v - 47, through Friday, September 1. Thir- - G °od Hope church Wednesdav and WAITED - OVE EVPERIBVCFD <"Tf- ° f - the ' beSt known ba ' by ' bUHaI "' aS " lade at Burt; " ' W A.NTED O.NE EXI ERIENCDD , apeciahsts in Itfwa ^ eo ^ ^ ^ ^ SEIPMAN, for '16 years .butcher at Afoe & Sjogren's groc-1 ery, died of a heart attack while' .he was at work last week Tuesday .afternoon. He was putting soap on a shelf at the time, and fell, •breathing his last five minutes later. He was born 52 years ago ,Mrs. Seipman and six children':' 1 -.Vedding at Wallburg's oil station given the benefit ;his (Tuesday) afternoon or even-) wlth specialists. Entries "for" !np - lo P 47 j contest will close August 9. ADVERTISING COPY —THE AD-L. Q ~TTI * ~ vance office provides classified 1Y1. J~ '. Weavers Plan ampaigns on all types of merchandise or service.—No extra cost. -The Advance. 20tf BUTTON'S — THEY ARE Tour to the Coast .tangled with another, and both , •went through a fence. Dyer was! w Tuesday evening, and his taken to a Blue Earth hospital ' j condition caused deep concern — ivn vn<i -nmu o ' I « unn s the night. He was resting 'ni,n, i f m M Vl ° f easler Wednesday .and was able to plan to go to Florida to visit sit up awhile. i relatives, traveling'on a new'mo-j : '-•—^ —;—' ' .torcycle recently bought at Mil-' F're Consumes Strawstack.' i waukee. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lea- L °tts Creek, Aug. 7—W. H. Mey- isoii will help at a Burt cafe dur- er Ios ' a strawstack by fire last! j ing the Stows'absence. j Wednesday. The fire truck from 1 ORVILL'K HAIXKS arrived one ! « 1 ' g °) li Was calle ' d to Prevent "the i day last week on a 30-day furlough' [»g s ™ m spl ' eadin S .to other build-' 1 . •• iiyi oniviueu uau oeeu neid at' ^•••• ui «ii. now dnnri... T". •'' li the Baptist church St MflltoHvn, and kindness wl, M „ ."''Mi with the Revt Enill Nielsen, pastor, «an bestow. Th P , n ' Ul in charge. , dren were broiiKh Only 40 l>ar» Old. k | ''?"* ., Mrs Davf was Agnes Helen Rleb- an*, ar ell l'' C ttf hnfnro tnni.i,tn<r« _«j _«._ . u I'alCUlK . hoff before marriageTand^she was &£"" born March 31, 1899, '- «-•-- ^"".neiB.t township, eldest child daughter of her parents, tended the rural 'school in Union and on°y ='«rcm£, {gAl "timorous nik. .-V Union "5 °' h «';« , In District No. neral then under the guidance of BlVlra fort Pcc Seaatron,; who Is now Mrs. •&. D. : was al who ° n ° .„ attendant" PRICE a mark of distinction -'arment. Washable, Mr. and Mrs to leave f for a western on any j tour They will go by way of the lustrous, i -Black Hills to Spokane, Wash., ->eauuful, 100% American product.! thence to Portland ,0re.', ,r uc , c Uways insist on Pearl Buttons. 47 they will be joined by Mr. and Mrs. MONEY FOR ALL PURPOSES— We make cash loans up to $300 m your automobile or furniture. Ul transactions handled quickly tnd confidentially.—C. H. Ostwin- Algona, phone 28u43tf cle, Heise bldg., 32. .VLARM CLOCK, FREE—VERY attractive, good time-piece. Save •5 Sargent Feed gift coupons, 'ome in. We'll tell you how plan .vorks.—Anderson Grain & Coal Co. 47 G. F. Peek for a trip to San Fan- Cisco to attend a title men's convention August 21-23. Mr. Peek was an abstractor here many years ago. •week Tuesday. ,A1I three suffered' .cuts and : bruises. Altor catapulted 35 feet into • — -"«»'.**.»jiuo »y tji c il/aU" damaged, one beyond repair.'' car was a school and Bobby, at home. For „„,.., years he was local Woodman clerk Funeral services were held Frida 1 at the Catholic church, and tmria was made .in the local Calvary , DAUGHTER some -and Mrs. Fred Kollasch, cemetery. J. MORRISON, of Wes — — .j.-n^t^i **^, 4 \? iiiaiij y ciii. s elKw I — " -••• v*»i-jL.tjxFJ.i• OL VV After attending the convention' Bend - m n 's car, collided with <i and the Frisco world's fair the' - bread t'~ uck last week Monday anc Weavers will go on to Los Angeles'' suffered severe cuts and bruises nnci «or, Tki«r,« *„ ....ti -.,.. ,.r i^in another accident G. R. Dilling Algona, ran off the paving north of and San Diego to visit Mr. Weaver's relatives and will return via Salt Lake City. MAN WANTED TO SUPPLY cus- tumers with famous Watkins Products in Algona. No invest- uent. Business established, earn- ngs average $25 weekly, pay starts .mmediately.—Write J. R. Walk ins 'ompany, D-C4, Minona, Minn. p47 •VANTED IMMEDIATELY — AM- bitious salesman, begin work at Swea City Fingers Lost in Accidents Swea City, August 7—Another accident with machinery was added to an already large enough list in Algona, dropping down an 18-ft bank. The impact knocked him .unconscious, and it was two hours ibefore he could call for help at the Chrome. The Rudy Rhody, Whit- itemore, car ran off the grade ,south of Whittemore last week .Sunday, and while a wrecker was Helping to right it, it turned over vu .»^ .». 13^ ^liwugl-i llot j r-~~L'»"o ••«-' * 't>Lii, IL» 1L IUI U6Q OV61' this community, when William! and caught fire. It was a complete & V C Vl 1 /I *Tlrt In. Imr f I.. »• Innn Peters had the index finger on his right hand completely severed in a grain elevator while he was helping with threshing a week ago Friday. Starting July 4 when Clifford Gardner lost three fingers! loss. HALF OF WHAT was predicted when the Cowles interests entered the Minneapolis journalistic field jnce, full time, good pay, one of argest, oldest nurseries middle)- --- "•••' "• muic ^>weti .vest. Experience not necessary.— 1 pityans being injured in accidents! in a feed grinder not a week has without oAe or more Swea has llow conle about - An ' Harrison Nursery Co., braska. York, Ne- 27p44-47 S Portland Twp. Kids Suffer in Mishaps the OF MrJ Whitte- 1 more, was picked as county -4-H.: igirl health champion by Doctors 1 Bourne and Olson in examinations! Wednesday. Others competing were: -Esther Scheppman, Cresco; .Betty ,Foth, Bancroft; and Betty Eg- ^erth, Ledyard. Helen will now compete with representatives from! other counties at the state fair. BID'S .ON THK new county farm home were opened before a crowd In the courtroom Wednesday, and the general contracting job went to Cowan & Son for $33,582; the plumbing and heating contract to & Pitcher, Spencer, . . and the electrical work to Pratt Electrict Co., Algona, $995. This makes a total of $43,110. There were 33 bidders. THK BIST corcrar FAIR w m ppen Saturday, August 19, which! BOUM* .WKA»KD ^>« FMUHME** L«C£20 HWW | !« Coofioj Fotdt lor Sweltering Days ?4XS« !S S 1 •'«•»—i "^'«».L, ^1 Sizes TJ^xlOJi and |)tll)lllllllllHlllllllllllillllUlilll)l'lUlllllnUl|lllllliiiiiiiMiiniiiMMi TRY ICEP COFFEE! •w- -^-- ... •menitlw I , MI/IHT THOUiJIliDi »h» nr- s 1 this tint, frwh colTMt SAVE «J 10e A 11, Vlooroui A Wlnty BOKAR «1 LB. , ; OUR OWN ! BLACK TEA MIXED TEA SIFTINGS '/, LI. PKO. 1 LI. 19c 17 fllllllllllll NECT4R "A l r«»6flrt" *«W AMiMMN tO*f OHEEII Mel-0-Bit 2. L o r '"'•" KMT * M *" UT MOMRELL.'* SMACK •- - ^f JSc niE KINDNESS AND SYMPATHY o ee • "»«. i i «f- "" -"w of neighbors and friends in our I OUFrer in Mishaps s ? me 250 - 000 - John Cowles is recent sorrow will always remain! I !'• "£"'' of the Owuin 8 corpora- with us a precious memory. Our 1 Portland Twp., Aug 7 — Roger , - .„ ° lher half &t the predic- sincere thanks and gratitude for'Crouch, 10-year-old son of Mr. and I," C Y T fulfilled i£ «nd whei all those comforting acts. — Mrs ! Mrs - Clarence Crouch, suffered a star-Journal absorbs its only VV. H. Sedpmann and Children P 47i brok en left arm Sunday morning I r?maining com Petitor, the Tribune — | when he fell off a horse. Joan, the ' KOSSUTH GIRLS at a recen youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs,M-H conservation camp at the Dol- R. S. McWhorter, suffered severe'liver state park, Fort Dodge won forehead bruises Saturday evening,' 1 ;! ,000 young trees, in a tree ideuti- when she fell off a stool at the'fication contest last month The I ran drug store at Burt. She fell saplings will be planted next on her face, and was unconscious' .spring. Girls in the contest were a few minutes. . ;,Patricia Matern, Ella Harr, Esthei s next week Saturday, and will continue over Sunday, with final day Wednesday. This will be he first time the fair h as . been leld in August, also on Sunday. H'ee attractions include daredevil tunts, other thrills, the ' usual •aces, etc. ''•'•• ALGOXA FIKEMKX helped to put out a strawstack blaze at Aug-' PI AV^iMMVTn tXTrt n PLAYER PIANO AND ROLLS —I will let it go for $39 before shipping to Waukesha; $5 a month o reliable parly. Write today and will tell you where in Algona m> >iano muy be seen.—Write Mrs fay Stenglei-, Route No. 5, box J29A, Waukesha, Wisconsin. 49p47 OPPORTUNITY TO GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF in a Western Auto Associate Store Western Auto Supply Company, 'irgest and most successful in its iae, 30 years in business, bad a . .i'C«1 volume of 3(3 million Collars i l!i3S. We are now offering you » opportunty to own and operate Western Auto Associate Store, oiue owned, in towns of 1,500 to -J.OOO. There are over 1000 such ores in operation, You can become the owner and perator of a "Western Auto Asso:ate Store" for as little as $2,750 •i the smaller towns, which pays >r merchandise and fixtures and very thing necessary to start busl- 688- .We train yo.u Jo .our euc- isaful merchandising methods Wtstem Auto Supply Co. """ ~" " 32tf on in as he was loading graivel truck. He suffered a torn J City, Wo. 1 2116 Central St. Associate Store . ligament of the left knee and cruises on face and shoulders. ?our other men employed fay the McGuire brothers shoveled him out. Kuecker, Lotts ALTON PETTIT, driving his At Long Last, Ealnf It rained last iilght and morning, and thirsty lawns pastures avidly drank it up. , own car, and his sister Marjorie, driving a car belonging to Evelyn .Earing, who was with her, crashed on the highway three miles north and a mile east of Lone Rock last had been badly fired, and some reports of fired corn had been received. The rain fulfills the tradition that it always rains In Iowa 15 minutes before it is too late. Hampton Golfers Coming. The .Country club will' be host next Sunday afternoon to golfers OWNER WILL CONSIDER CLEAR! this! Property in Algona as payment! and , on a good Kossuth Co. farm.—L.! Both I (•• Stuart, Clear Lake, 21p47-49 j 'I from « Hampton!? -touniiunen.! " . will be a return engagement," a " ' " local group , 'ha, vlng "pBiyed wee** ego. SPECIAL—THE ROYAL TYPE- writer company has announced the new 1940 models and we are closing out or., our last new machine pf the old models. We will sell this machine for the cash price of $40. Was priced at $54.50. This is a real bargain as you j$.ve 4J4.5Q. Never,, been . ,u^ed, fully guaranteed. First come, first served.—I. o. Dewel at the Advance office. FRUITS ft VIGETAILKS BUY THEM-ffl-ni-Yi I Wheat iMf 1lc FPS 4oi. j rtws! 1 * "• •• °- PK *' RITZ - CRACKERS 1,J|. He A«icoTS 2 »*«OTS3ag PRESERVES GRKM . WEBITtR'S CONDENSED Tomato Soup 4 1 BULTANA ALASKA RED SALMON loNABEANS D.W.CKLES %i * MM OLIVES ^ 16 01. JAR 1 LI, CAN ia or. CAN 19 tii 5« Me 5l L LL-y GLASSES ffiS&¥ AP 2 ROLII lie 3 MOLLI llC 3 CAKM 17< POLISH , K.S. P. ^Jo". 10 cans \Vh()re-(;rcen Refuge 1 /la l^^aSf'Tid, 2 can —•*•".'• A*P FOOD STORES HAVE YOU TRIED OUR ra.ti®®®®®®g as Half Pint Pint Ready Filled or A , H *»d Filbd A few cenu difference for the hand-filled * ™* *.„ wil1 :*%? *?F »«rvice, and better still, yqii will like our i|?e cream, pr f r o zen MJSBY»S DRUG nr^ i ^^^^^r .

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