Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
Page 7
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&"•?« POBT Ttit OF CUS- with our HURON GRINDER SOLD , ne 8981, Collect Verne, Iowa KOS8UTH COUNTY ADVANCE. AL6ONA. ~~~ *""*"' r " ™UNTY ADVANCE* AlXaONA. IOWA Bartlett, of Whitteni^re,~to Creamery at Sibley ELERICK BACK AS SUCCESSOR TO BABTLETT , Whlttemore, July 31—R. A. Bart- - .„ Jett, manager of the local cream-1 llis nom e nt Algona. ,ery eight years, has left Whitte- mofe to begin work as manager of the Slbley creamery. The creamery here considers that it has lost .art efficient manager, and the rom- imunity feels the loss of an enterprising citizen. Mr. Bartlett is an organizer of OAT YIELDS IN UNION TOWNSHIP AROUND 43 TO 45 BUSHELS ACRE .?n!li» ihT Iast week Mond «y- Mlttag, who farms the Kohl fed the threshing creAV at Two I'ntlonts Hre Recovering— Neighbors and other friends have ..... „ , --.. -. ... "" d , on the farm tenanted by Jas.' ability. He organized the local calf, s 'ilpler the crop went 62 bushels plub and the locker association. I ° tllcr reports in this vicinity mime ,The Community club valued him as fl '°'" ''3 to 15 bushels. ,a capable leader and promoter of n , ,. — (Community projects. | """>«• Honors a Birthday— nis nome nt Algona. Another run : u " ei s" DO "» ana otner friends have finished at Richard Garman's 1 , b , ce " glad to hear that Ml> s- Bert •Wednesday. The dry season made M " rlow and Mr «- Katfi A ™<* ™> threshing a short but steady job. uats on the Richard Leich farm , , , -tenanted by Fred Davis are V?' 1 elps ft llttle wlth thc house - Portcd (o have yielded Vg bushels | W ' aml MrSl Allnls ex P ect .* to Hicker Bros, got a 47 bushel yieUl', h """"" 1 leave the Algona hospital soon. 'f'oiiiniittofi Prepares Yearbook— A calendar committee which is (making out the Mothers & Daughters new yearbooks met with Mrs. Robert Sarchet Thursday. Attend- 2 and 8 bottom plows manure spreader , Kern, Elerick, new creamery „'™' s ; Earl Tayl or entertained at in s : Mrs. Tom Reid, Mrs. Jacob manager, here, was employed at f (llnner Wednesday evening in' Smith, Frances Gould, Mrs. Delos ithe'Creamery four years ago as !. 11onor of her sister Mrs. Cecil Me-;' Gardner, and Mrs. Louis Bode. .second man. He left here for Alta ' nls ' nee Mabcl De Craw, .who] ' ,where he had charge of a creamery ' Wns celel)I 'ating a birthday amii-i Shower for Young Honsewife— ' itWo. years. For the last two years' vei ' 9al>y> Othci ' guests were the I Forty women attended a shower he had been'manager of an Alta E arcnts ' Mr - an<1 JIr ^ L.. J. De-i for Mrs, Raymond Dearchs at the Graw, .\frs. McGinnis, and the lat- i Claude Dearchs home at Algorta ter's son Donald. j Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. P_I_ i,. , r>~TT | Dearchs are employed on the Hain Welcomed by farmers— ;Lloyd Weber farm, near Galbraith. farmers were glad to welcome - ~~.. U ,.. U .... C1 »,- u ,. hu ,, !'" ln Thursday evening. Thresh-! Mrs. Sure-hot's Mother Sick— ,his brother Herman's car Tuns-' ng was mostl y over in this vicin-| Mrs. Robert Sarchet left Satur- « , .. i 11 V ^lmATJ('*/t.-1i. 1 r» . *-«_!« t i . - __.. _.. Vista creamery. Mr. Elerick is a graduate of the tei '' s son Do " al(3 .State college nt Ames. Cor Wrecked In Collision Edward Schumacher wrecked day evening on the ,Beml at a point to V.'ei--t : U , y< ,I hc ABC <AuH-Bacon-Oruik-;dii,y evening for Wheaton, III., to es south' 8 ,' nm finl shed that day, and; visit her mother, who was taken way miles south ,and a mile west o!' Whittemoro. Ih; l ! lc Sarcnet Bl- os. run finished in' sick while visiting another daugh- ,was accompanied by Russell Frost evennig. The "Heine" 'StebriU. ter there. Mrs. Sarchet made the A pick-up truck was stalled on the (Pavement, and a car from We&t • Bend was coming to tow it to 'West Bend. After turning onto the '.paving Edward tried to pass this I car but ran into Uhe rear of the truck. Only the rear fender on the truck was damaged. Jos. T.anbenthal Sr. Stricken- Mrs. Joseph Meurer and her son L'u'cfan were at the Dennis Ca- 'ipesius home, West Bend, Thursday ,evening to see Joseph Laubenthal iSr., who had a stroke Wednesday Girl Has Abscess Operation- Clarice, 11-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Reibhoff, .- „..„,. „..„. „,,, was operated on at home Thuraday and Mrs. Kate Annis are!; 01 " an al) scess on her hip which both improving wonderfully from' lla(1 D€en bothering her for some recent sicknesses. Mrs. Mario w t)me> . Off for the Frisco Fair- Mr, and Mrs. Leonard Crulk- shnnk left Sunday for the world's fnir 'in California, accompanied by their daughters, Eleanor, Marjorie, and Jean. They are driving. Other Union News. Wallace, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clalr Winkle, near Titonka, has been helping -with harvest at the Bert Marlow's, and he also went threshing. Jos. Ricker and Robert- Bode spent Friday, at the Ricker Bros. farm near Amboy, Minn., doing work on : the-place. ....;. Mrs. Roy Sarchet took Mr. and Airs. J. D. Ames, who are here visiting from North Dakota, to Kanawha Thursday for the day with Mr. Ames' nephew, Archie Ames. Mr. and Mrs. John Allen, with two sons, have returned to their home at Racine, WIs., . following visits at the Tom, Ben, and John Reid homes. C. H. KLAMP. Field KepreHontmlv? When we arrived last week 87 bushels to the acre by machine at a daughter's. He was somewhat " ruesda i" fl t Geo. B. Long's, north- measure. Improved by the week-end. , east of Lone Rock, he was repaint- I ing the outbuildings on the place, Home from Rochester— .and he remarked that-they needed ,' Postmaster J. S. Cullen got home it, for they were last painted 11 .Thursday from Rochester, where years ago. The paint then was he had been a patient a month. He brown, but now he was using barn jiow looks ten years younger and i'ed. We noticed that he was doing ,says he feels as if he ihad sloughed a fine job. He said that his moth- E. H. said he did not know what the crop would weigh out. He had only five acres of this variety. Peter * * * * Kollasoh, northwest of off 20. .Swanson Home from Const— ( er mixed the paint for him, and we i thought she. got the mixture and L. W. Sw'anson, furniture dealer,' the color just right. , * * * * {.got home from Glendaie, Calif., af-; Jesse • Blanchard is the veteran ter more than thvo weeks with his lumberman and hardware dealer ( pa.rents, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Swan- at Lone .Rock, and he was on the )REDS KNOW THE IE OF OUR CLAIM SERVICE nts happen away from — sometimes thousands lies from home. OUR CY AS AN ADDED SER- SPARES NO EXPENSE EING THAT YOU HAVE IEND AT HAND IMME- BLV AFTER THE ACCI- HAPPENS.. GOOD AUTOMO- ILE IXSUBANCE TWENTY YEARS CLAIM IRIBNCE ENABLES OUR CY TO KNOW HOW TO SB YOU ON ANY CLAIM ICE. Insure with «ONA INSUBAN CE AGENCY C. B.Ia Burn. ison, who live there. Other Whittemore. job as usual last week Tuesday. But he does leave at times to see a hall game. When this writer first Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lent/, and ma de his acquaintance, Jesse was fr. Lentz's mother, all of Galva, teaching school east of Burt. At. (111., arrived one day last week for that time he rode to school horse- itwo weeks with Mrs. Lentz's par- bank. He used the carry a revolv- ents, Mr. and Mrs. William Russh e ,. ; -\vhat f 01 - we.don't recall, if we Sr., and other relatives here and ever knew, but we remember that (it Lotts Crei;k. one fj n€ morning he lost it on the > Mr.-and Mrs. George Kohl and ,. oa( j near w here G. W. Bleich now £,," ,Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kohl, of Algona, |j ves and this writer found it (With Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kohl, Jesse says t t,i s was t he on i y re Burt, was unloading oats la.st week Monday when we called. He had SEXTON Ambrose Lickteig left Thursday morning for Greeley, Kan. He received word that his mother, Mrs. Joseph Lickteig, was seriously ill. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Webb are parents of a girl, born Thursday. This is their first child. Mrs. Bilsborough, Mrs. Webb's mother, Algona, is staying at the Webb home. Mrs. Martin Hinders and children, .of Wotlen, with her brother Charles Noble, and William Weekly,: Bloomington, 111., visited Mrs. Drusilla Noble last week Tuesday. They also visited the Gro'tto at to work fast, for threshing was go-i West Bend. Mr. Noble works foi ing on, but he took time out to tell | tlle Funk Seed Co., Bloomington. us that he figured the oats would • Mrs. Charles Mallei- of Long '"•'-•-'•-'- .Beach, Calif., with .Mrs. Grace Greene, of Lu Verne, visited at I-William Green's Thursday. She is run 40 bushels. * Threshing was going on at Warner Smidt's, six-miles northwest; Mr. Green's aunt, and was to de- of Titonka, Thursday, and the part for California Sunday after a fflnn n i>nxml1si/l *>1 *•! il«-. __ C .... . . -. "»*»*tff«A«.l.^il U, .Verne. •Mr. and Mrs. George Romer and children, Port Dodge, spent Friday Banns of marriage have been an- Monday. He said he had hard luck • s j,i ei . e ,i ^ or ^ saving and in lounced first and second time at , wit h his hogs last year, as he lost faH thel . e were fc ' gtraw .g t ^ he Catholic church here for Fran- a ii he had from some kind ot fires jn ev ery. direction ) cis Stebritz, Algona, and Marie throat disease. But he bought a * * * » Frances Dunlap. A miscellaneous new lot of sows, and they have Hans Koestler, nortlvwest of at • F1 °Vd Erickson's. Mrs. Romer ishower will be given for Miss Dun- raised some 60 spring pigs which Burt, and Mrs. Koestler are at ia Mrs. Erickson's -sister. ap at the St. Benedict school hall a) -e showing up fine. Mr. Looft present at Museatine, where Mr. flext Sunday, and the marriage will a iways gives his hogs the best of Koestler is 'taking medical treat- take place August 8 at the local car e. • ment. Mr. Moyer, Mrs. Koestler's church. , *.*** ..'father, and the hired man are tak- *r. and Mrs. John Arndorfer. They y^^^J^^^ ^ • • • J , „ - • Wm. E. G-rover and the son Har- Personal Needs and Up extra cash is needed for al expenses—let us arrange dial loan for you through our many credit's plans. monthly payments are ar- out ot income with ample B repay. l« » speclal'loan pin for I larmerg 1 ""Danced—payments dneed friendly service is .available) IB married and single -per- e have helped many -with nancial problems through loan service, .Let ' jon. J-Kohlhaa* gona, Iowa Phone 82 Insurance Agency,, re- ast week Monday evening. scene recalled old times for us, for one of the oldtime threshing outfits was in use. We well remember the old steamer that, when it first came out jnore than 40 years ago, .burned straw, though later it was changed to a coal burner. At Smidt's an old Gaar- engine was being used, and was checking right along, with at the throttle. j , •*..... i^ico.ici ls p an old Aultman,1, ,.=, i Taylor, nearly as large as a box 1 .car, but it still does fine work. The two weeks visit with relatives. Mrs. Everett Hodges, of Webb has been visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Harvey Steven. Mrs. John Flora will be hostess to the Sexton Aid Thursday. Mrs. W. C.. Taylor and Mrs. Os car Hammond and children called on Mrs. Clem Cunningham, Irving ton, last week Tuesday. They alsc made the acquaintance of the •baby girl, Carol Kay. Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Johnson, o St. BENEDICT she made him get rid of it. Bernard Looft, northwest, of Bancroft, was doing his evening chores when we called last week stacks'. Simon Smidt, Warner's son, who lives a mile south'of his father, was doing the stacking. A well done stack always shows up .well on any farm. (But we can remember when straw.wasn't con- ing last week Tuesday. The> brought back Donald Neahring who spent last week at their home Mrs. Herman Wise and daugh ter Charlotte Ann spent Wednes day at the John Voss home at Li LEDYARD GROUP ENTERTAINEDAT METHODIST IE A Ledyard, July 31—Mrs. Wilson Brack and Mrs. Tice Brack enter- ained at a joint Aid tea at the ""ice Brack home last week Tuesday evening. Fancy-work was one, Attending: Mesdames 3. Mome, daughter Elaine, H. Mayne, . Mayne, Alfred Zielske, Albert iVest, Virgil Loucks, Alfred Miller, II of Ledyard; Mrs. Reuben Nu- nfeid, Minneapolis; Mrs. Walter filler, Ehnore; Mrs. Frank Kelly, Serled; Mesdames C. A. Gutknecht, lugh Lewis, and Emma Smith, of Lakota. The next Aid tea will be given by Mrs. Kelly. 'Isltors (Jome from Minneapolis— The Reuben Nueunfelds, Minneapolis, visited at Reuben's sister Urs. H. D. Mayne's from last week Tuesday till Thursday, and 'both amilles called on an'uncle at Cey- on, Minn., Wednesday. Edith Lo;an accompanied the'Nueunfelds to ilden to visit grandparents a few veeks. 'our Women Go Visiting- Mrs. Julius Seifert, Mrs. Jack lynch, Mrs. Kate Koran, and Mrs. Wary Welch drove to Rockwell ity last week Monday to visit Josephine Widemeier. The Led- •arders also made stops for calls at Fort Dodge and Gilmore City. Methodist Aid to Meet— The Methodist Aid will meet in he church basement Thursday, ttrs. Charles Bashara, hostess. The 'ood sale committee will be Mrs V.--A. Pingle, Mrs. 0. C. Sprout, ind Mrs. Elvin Carpenter. Sen Teacher Is Announced— Mary Ann Hunter has been elected home economics teacher here to succeed Dorothy Stoflet who resigned to accept a position ,at Cedar Rapids, her home town. Grant Teacher Makes Calls- Paul Doughty, Fayette, called on friends here, last week Monday. He was en route from Morris, Minn to Fayette. -Mr. Doughty teaches at Grant during the school year. f.ronp Plcnlcks at lake- Mrs. L. W. Wiemer, Doris Dunham, and Mrs. D. B. Mayer, with .the letter's daughters Marjorie, .Barbara, and Peggy, had a picnic at Tnterlaken last week Tuesday. Other Ledjard News. Mrs. Jack Ly.nch, Mrs. Julius Seifert, Mrs. Charles Hilferty, and Mrs. Chris Geihaus were Algona, shoppers Friday and called at Martin McGuire's, St. Joe. Mi-, and Mrs. Tice Brack and Mrs. Walter Miller were at Algona the same day., . Cleo Gable, Muriel Reece, and William Stubbe drove to Garner Wednesday evening for a call at C. L. Conroy's, and Cleo remained there till Sunday. Mrs. Conroy and Cleo were college friends. Wm. Neuenfeld and Ben Thorns, Iowa Falls, called on the H. D. .Majwes Thursday, on the way to ,Sioux Falls and Centervile, S. D. Mrs. Irene Giles, Des Moines, and her son Jerry called on Henri- er Than Ever IOWA Sept. I (MWHITtMAN AND HIS SWING BAND IN PERSON . CCNTURY* America's biggest musicalextravaganza. 100 gorgeous girls, radio stars, movie etars, in 6 nights' thrilling entertainment A«f.27-S*|rt.l. Glamorous Hollywool ittr, Sunn Hiyw«rd In ptrton, picking lows'* mnt beautiful RODEO Little Dona'ld Preuschel was ser- 'When we called on A. M. Van ing care of the fa) , m ously sick with glandular trouble Steenberg, north of Burt, last Koestlers are away. couldn't week Tuesday he told us that Mis. * ,» * * while the Van Steenberg has a nephew la D. northeast of Burt LIVERMORE Everett Carrell, Madrid, has sold a house here to Mrs. D. Logue, who will leave her farm south of town The child, 2% years old. is now Belgium, where th * Van Stee. - was doing work about the yard this fan and come to t much improved. bergs came from. This nephew to Thursday, as the fhreshing was JjO g Ue dled re cently. Two of the Leo Goetz daughters going to college there, and the done. He has purchased a fine -- Mr. are^,T SSr gr^e^ V»^eenhergs send him the Sun- Hereford buH-to head his herd of are the daughter Mathilda's chil- den. Lorraine and Lenora Arndorfer, greatly enjoys the paper. I old were at one of the Grant Fair- visit the former The John Cannings were recent ^"lot"harder work than harboring, visitors at Dornbier's, parents of He nad been f arm i lV g with horses, Mrs. Canning, Mr. Canning is man- but now has ft tractor and so fig- ager of a golf club at Webster U] . es tnat 1)e can p i ow j n hot 'ity. - (weather that would do horses up. Mrs. Mary Pentan and her chil- He nas found that early plowing dren were at an Algona farm Sat- ] { |]j s ra any weeds. urday, and Mrs. Penton helped her * * mother cook for threshers. | A. K. Johnson, Mr, and Mrs. Glen Wood attend- j^J^f ed the funeral __ '.„.,".'.'..".'"J" ,...^,., threshing machine are owned by of Lakota, and he northeast o£ La- Britt last week Monday. M Woods' brother Kenneth was a « *" a ' brother-in-law of Mr. Handeland. Jesse O'Keefe, northwest of Led- banks farm Thursday, where H. with a friend from Algona, left .^ ouce b ar ber in that village, Gepkin lives, east of Burt. Thresh- one day last week for Chicago to now ' a f a ' r ni owner and operator, ing was in progress there, and a Diane Arndorfer, s he ]ikes fai-rajng, even if it is good quality of ga"ain was report- •' ' ' '"" ed. This is the story about everywhere in this section this year— shorter crop that last year's, but better quality. * * * * Jesse. Volentine, north-west of Burt, had just come home from that town when we called Friday. Ahv'ays a happy fellow, 'he was planning to help thresh again that- afternoon. The night's rain stopped threshing 'that forenoon. * * * * . We stopped at Nick Koppen's, southwest of Lakota, Wednesday. It was noon, and threshers were at the house for dinner. It was plenty hot that day. A thermometer hang- Ing on the north side of the house showed 100 in the shade! Albert Koppen, his father," and Gus Koppen, George Christ, a Mr. Lunning, and a number of young men were in the crew, and they -were certainly a jolly bunch in spite of the heat. They told some stories that sounded like they 'came out of the Advance's Hodgepodge column, only there weren't any about slacks. -Nick told us to say lu the paper that oats were going only ten bushels to the acre. He said that if we could make the speculators believe it, maybe the" price would go up. 'Mrs, Rosa Nelson, now with her js Mg Qwn engineel .. H. E. Miller, mother at Livermore, was a visi- . ^ t t . he sout h edge of Lator at her son Charles Nelson's """ — • •--—-and at John McKenna's a few days Jast week.. ,vu^, tends separator. This is one of the old big steam threshers, and the men running it are a jolly Jos Bruning is reported sick. bunch. Some of the men are grow- Mrs. Ben Dorr, Roslee, and Den- ing mustaches, but they wouldn t nis were guests at threshers' din- teH us why, though they said it ner at Dornbier's Friday. Leander Studer, Wesley, .spending a week with his grana- .parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Studer. , • i , I would be o. k. to give this much in is the paper and mention no names. * * * * When we called on A. F. McFarland, west of Ledyard, last week Monday, he said, "You would come when a fellow could take a •little snooze!" It had rained there at 11 a. m., and threshing was done for that day. Mr. McFarland said he figured that his corn had 'Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Guertin, of had eno ugh rain to last out the Sibley With two children, spent rest O f the season. He rents this jast week with Mr .and Mrs. W. J. )fam , and the landlord has ) done The women are sisters.' gome improving on the buildings PORTLAND Stewart. Carrie Larsen, 'Algoua, her daughter Lor.etta were week Monday /Stewart's. dinner guests at and this year. last * # * » We stopped at Carl Christ's, east . ., of Lakota, Wednesday, and found Cosgrove and a, crew ^utb Griese, was helping with the 6owe r«sur«aiclng 'has been Mr. and Mrs. Karl Baessler, son Keith, and daughter Charlene are leaving for South Dakota, for a vacation with Mrs. Baessler's parents. Mrs. Baessler will meet brothers, one of whom she has not seen for some years. Dr. and Mrs. Oilman left for Mewton Wednesday to attend the funeral of an uncle-of the doctor, second death in the family at Newton in a month. The OHmans were accompanied by the doctor's mother, who lives in Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. George Roepke were having a visit last week from their daughter, Mrs. Alan Cameron, and her two children, who live at Wallingford. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Boosa, with their daughter Bertha, drove up recently from Galveston, Tex., to visit Otto's sister, Mrs. F. R. Millett. It had been some years since Mr. Boosa had been here. Mrs. Kate Hammond, who is spending a month with her son Leslie a't Los Angeles, will return to teach in the local schools. Dr. R. W. Beardsley has bought a lot south of the State bank building and is excavating for an office, one,.story, 22x28.» twice daily. Most sen- •ational circus stain of America and Europe. AUTO SHOW , Cannon, gai mialu, tuila. • machine gun, pl»n«»—*U Ittmt army. «xi n»vr tnuipratnV In numntth prepartdmii «xtiiWt etta O'Keefe and at the local .Warner home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Felder. Whlttemore, were Wednesday guests at their daughter Mrs. Jerry Sullivan's. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Welch, in road construction employ near, Kanawha, spent last week Sunday at Mary Welch's. Beverly and Marilyn Zielske. visited their grandparents, Mr. and I Mrs. Richard. Zielske, Thursday to Sunday. Doris Dumhaui left for her home at Waterloo Friday, after a week with her sister, Mrs. D. B. Mayer. Mrs. Ben Ges'ch, Elmore, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Welfare, , Kathryn Carpenter, of Austin, ,Mlmi., visited'last week Monday at p. A. Carpenter's. AM. 14-Jt. Jimmy I^wh, Dick Granerr, and othtr famous daredevils in two afternoons packed with "hair • railing antomobili and alrplant stunts. HORSE SHOWS A*t,lM1. Famous show horn sUhJt* competing for 110,000 In fancy har- } ncti and saddle hors«.,print..-; i • FREE CAMP HOBSE DACES Club ihowi , raanumtb f«m«uipi«»IM)i|WIJ. worntn'a txpwltion. \ f*«ry Nlfkt <y "FwUvaloflJftif ', ZObandaandorchettntv v Hm« optn-aircircua. • y / / 2 5 AC« £ S 0 Kenney, and a Kenney daughter were recent supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Goe'tz. The Kenneys were en route home from the world's fair at, New York City. Threshing began on a number of local runs last week. Combines were also put to use. The oat yield RECTALDlSEASES VARICOSE VEINS RUPTURE The majority of these conditions can be treated successfully by ambulant methods, which means that you suffer very little, if any, pain and do act have to go to bed. You can go on with your regular work, and lose no time except for a few minutes in my office_once a week, You are welcome to come in for an examination without charge. At that time I can explain in detail my method of treatment. S,W, MEYER, 0,0, Sawyer Bldg. Algoia : Iowa was reported good. DOAN The Aid accepted an invitation to attend a guest day meeting at the Titonka Methodist church last are parents ol a daughter, Beverly Our improved Trinity Mixture is the Ideal protein supplement. Minerals, vitamin*, proteins. Goes farther, costs less than tankage. born Monday, Mrs. Howard Andrews, of Titonka, more comfort able in summer, Pt^one or itop in tod*»- • • * _• rfl^\«i I.YAII'' jif %k *<*.*-i t>yl was. attending accompanied Mr. ' 19 w;*- ALGOHA, IOWA ' ' 1 GUHRRNTEED INSULATION For HOME BUILDERS and REMODELERS ... When you build or remodel with Celotex these 10 vital points are covered in a written contract with you: 1. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED ~ to Maintain Insulating Efficiency for the Life of the Building. 2. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED to Provide Structural Strensth. 3. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED ' to Give Lasting Fuel Economy. 4. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED against Destruction by Termites.., 5. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED against Destruction by Dry Rot. 6. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED to be Water Repellant. 7. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED to Reduce Noise. I. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED net to Settle Away from the Framework. 9. CELOTEX IS GUARANTEED against Lost of Insulation Efficiency Upon Painting or PUsterinj. 10. CELOTEX IS GUAHANTEip to meet Dept. of Commerce Commercial Standards ^and U. S. Fcdu*i Spccstoatienf.

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