Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
Page 5
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July 3i—Plans for a City con- ao learned la* 1,055 WPA' June had been with-' f t to unde,-,sUK,tl that sev- B county projects buildih'g voted the 'this n . tareer gymnasium and ' i 'are able improvefflents.*an at a satslfacwry, flg- building : pro,-on of Local Played Up in ; 0 a*t Newspaper ^^^asrecelyedau newspaper n , R av Fitch, carrying a plc- latter's son Russell, a The Picture was headed kOSSTJTk CotNTV ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Mfg. Wm. F. Stcclc went to Orange City Wednesday for a few days with relatives. The Albert Ifflgg painting crew has finished decoration of the new Caldwell apartments on south Min- Mrs. Louis Lynk, with the nesota. Mr, and , the son Kenneth, were "Saturday flight and Sunday guests of relatives at Eldora. Mr. .and Mrs. Wendell French, with .their son Donald, returned Saturday from ten days at The Lake of the Woods. lloberta Simpson Is taking a vacation from clerking at the S. & L. store lind Is spending the week with Norma Crowder, Grinnell. Eta L. Peterson, of the Rockford,'111., National bank receivers' staff, is spending this week with her mother, Mrs. 0. J. Peterson Mrs. Hnttlc Phillips spent Wednesday and Thursday at Mason City With, her sister, Mrs. John Witwer. Mrs. Phillips clerks at the Elite Hat Shop. " lols Holmes and Jean Nielsen spent week-end before last with Vera Johnson, Titonka. The three girls will be juniors in the Algona ,,..„.., - . ;high'school this fall. latter's son Russell, a jr rs . j onn JJ O H, Wfls vacationing Irohi Graham's last week. Hazel n brother of'M J with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. ».«! "' Mrs ' Duun ' tne former Mildred Hain, taught rural schools in Nebraska before marriage. Mr. Dunn is a farmer. Mrs. Ruth IHolilnson.lInntcr, of Des Moines, and Mrs. Harold Falk- cnhalner, Clear Lake, were weekend guests of Mrs. Thomas O'Haire at the H. E. Rlst home. Mrs. 0'- ITalre, Washington, D. C., is a (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rist. Mr. and Mrs. Moni'o« Mikkelson, Dickinson, N. D., with two sons, left Friday, after two weeks with Mrs. Mikkelson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phllllrs. Mr. Mikkelson, manager of a Gamble store, once clerked In the local store Mrs. Agnes Diilton and her daughter Corinne spent from last week Tuesday till Friday with Mrs. Mary Dole, Irvington, and all visited Mrs. Chester Harmon, Woden, daughter of Mrs. Dole, Friday. Mrs. Dutton was a sister of the late Fred Dole. The Al and Ferdinand Montags, .West Bend, were Sunday dlnnei Riiests at County Treasurer M. J. Duffy's. The women are sisters of M. J. Rosemary, a Duffy (laughter, was a guest last week of the Hugh Duffys, Whittemore. Hugh is PAGEF1VB MICKIE SAYS•ROSES ARE-REP, VIOLETS ARE BLUE 1 , AMD so ARE \ME,. WHEW YOU POKtT «ar," beneath It was Pentecost -returned last week from) Mrs. ('rafff Smith spent the week*,. t , wo . weeks vacation, part of It| end before last with he.• parents, suit, a rift Russell, son'of Mr.' , g R-y Faith, 2202 Hewitt the cameraman how has improved took M'S" first steps alone aEO Russell was one year ! He has eight .teeth, almost refcdy for He is the/grand- nother ihowing. «,!. w f this week from ?^ onviUl ' , f £ a a ° ! the Council Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Flemng Whi-' store 'and is spending it with his .parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Foley, Slbley, and at the Okobojis. Hetty Walhikalt came home .Thursday evening from a week at « tomoi ' e ' Hcr Oakjguerlte, and Joan and the latter's fiancee, Dr. Edward Meier, returned to Chicago last week Sunday, after two weeks at Whtitemore. -Ur. mid Mrs. Clifford Byson, San Diego, Calif., left yesterday, after ALLOVER 70WA KILLED BI AUTOS t Ted Count(era, 23-year-old Le- Mars, youth, ,when struck ,by~a hit and run drivel- just west of,Jefferson, S. D, .meht, he was told It would be fromipher, blew into low-a City. One of ,the newly compiled abstract «>f .four to six weeks before he would Oils first statements was that the Assessment discloses ah upswing ia ' be advised of the decision. Instead, ,Old Capital (beloved by most (he value of farm machinery from .he was c'alled in after ten days and l-Iowans) was a "little old 'court-; $174,066 in 1938 to $219,004 in 1939, told that his work Was satisfactory ji&owje" tHat wasn't so bad. And '-^hile there is a decrease of almost •but that he would have to s:pend six weeks in the Disney instruction ,school. Again "Gift" showed his .stuff. At the end of two weeks he ,was removed, from the school and ,put to Vork iii the production de- - -..-,.-..-..., -- , »,_ . , v . ... .... IKV.JSIUU vi u null U^~ .Ole C. Larson, 61, Watertown, S. bartmeirt. He has a three-year contract but he modestly wrote his parents that studio heads could f),, in a four-car crash at Mason ,City . . . Mrs. Nellie Braden, 72, _.... ^ _.. .._, ,,„„,„ .when struck, by an auto near her #ive' him the ~bow"any'time They """ 1 -'- J " Mrs. J, D. I (wanted to. Hiser is practically a , , Blairsburg ,self-tau,ght artist whose start came iwoman, In a collision east of Web-;jn contributions to 'local colleee -""• ™- ..Holland Cl'ark, 19-',publications. The Disney studios farmhand living 1 near.',covei- ten acres and employ more .Webster City home .Miller, 66-year-old ister City .year-old .Maryville, Mo., when the car he'jthan was driving collided with another I ._ _„ . machine 12 miles southeast of AT IOWA CITY, /resh eggs and then to do with them. in some ordinary ,got a thousand people. iClarinda Charles Carter, 26, Artist, Grant , said: "People formerly .Arthur Fleming, 2fi, and Floyd .ithought painting a job for women (Fulton, 22,,all of Clinton, when '—'something on the same plane as .itheir c'ar ran Vtff highway 67 two .embroidering. An artist was a .miles north of the city and plunged i sissy - But n °w the time has fin- office yesterday. R. B. Waller told the Rotavians yesterday noon at the weekly luncheon about his recent 25-day, 75 feet into a ravine . . . Arie Van- come when an American clan . . . ider Platts, 42, his wife, 37, and *>ecoine a recognized artist without their son, John, 5, of Sheldon, telling his h'air grow or changing .when .the 'car in which they were thls name so he appears to be an .riding collided with one driven by * tal 'an or one of some other na~ .Frnnk VortMiermis, of Granville. /tonality." American art, he went on to say, has taken great strides "GIFF" HISEB, Grinnell youth, .during this generation away from iias crashed Hollywood, But not as English and continental influences ,an ac'tor. "Giff," who is an artist, A few days after Wood had spoken has joined the production staff of *BO nobly In defense of himself and ,the Walt Disney studios; and he Jiis fellow craftsmen, it happened ,'lid it without recommendations that Frank Lloyd Wright, the fam- 7,000-mile trip in 14 western from friends or pull from within, pus liberal architect and philoso- states. High spots included Bould- He simply hung around the studio er Dam, the Grand Canyon, the \' m ' ten days until he was given an Denver mountains, California's interview. Given a drawing assign- Cattle valuations were also .then he came to Artist Wood, 20 ° ( ? ) ln numbers and $65,000 In whose work he said wa.s "painting' valuation of horses ftnd mules, —not art." It Was hardly a dull Swine valuations jumped from •week for those attending the Uni-!? bou t $78,000 in 1938 to $93,000 hi versify of Iowa Fine Arts festival.!" IT MAY HAVK BEEN good clean' fun, but it cost the pair of them $50 just tlhe Same. It was like this: Woodrow Millett and Jack Pendergast, 22-year-old .vouths, purchased up. West Branch a. quantity of wondefed i First theyi still-target .Humboldt with the William Davis a mmuh witii £e fork's M r and Mrs. A. R, Shan- 1/rino, Calif., and Mr and • Algona, la." ^ up in the A1-. His-wife Was it 1 " Faith grew fcinlty. la girl- : , at Playground iuests at Matinee girls and boys of the play- classes were treated to a . showing of Blondie Takes lion last week Monday 'at TO by Manager Rice. Miss ITS class of'girls, five to 12, display last week of handi- n the window of the McCor- leering .store. There were doll houses, with furniture, •nt-out wood figures/ hot- olders, door-stops, and hat : -Chris Wallukait, Council Oak manager. ' Mrs. W. C. Clark, Hubbard, and the H. 'C. Hortsmans, Iowa Falls, were guests last week of the E. R. DeLanos. Mrs. Clark is the mother- of Mr. Hortsman and Mrs. DeLano. Mrs. Homer Anderson, with three children and her sister Mary Harris, is spending this week in a cottage at Clear Lake. Mary is taking a vacation from the telephone office. Louise Smith accompanied Jane McWhorter to Spirit Lake Saturday for tivo weeks at the McWhor- , of Ml - and _M,- S . John Byson, Clifford's sister, Mrs. Irvin Seeman, and his .wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dett- nian, Algona. Clifford is a contractor and builder, Lncile Peterson, of the telephone office, Christine and Rose Arend, and Wilma Rinige were threshers' supper guests last week Tuesday at the Gisch farm, north of town. deserts, the Douglas airplane factory, a coastal drive, the San Francisco'fair, and a visit to tre battleship West Virginia. Dorlys Knmlsen, of Des Moines^ spent from Friday till Sunday with | her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Knudson'and accompanied them to Osage Saturday to attend a funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Knudsen and . Mr. • and Mrs. Kenneth Knudsen, Algona, .also . attended the funeral. Miss Knudsen, a graduate of the Algona high school,' is in insurance company'employ. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bishop spent Sunday with Mrs. 'E. W. Baldwin, Grundy Center, cousin of Mrs. MP ALWAYS COOL —^ .practice. But that was dull so ithey resorted to moving targets, in West Side park, south of Tipton. One of the moving targets was C. ,H, McCafferty, of Staniwood, who .was splattered along with his seven-year-old son. It was not McCafferty's kind of fun and he had ithe pair arrested. In justice's court at Tiptou the lads were giv- ien their choice of $25 fines each or ilail sentences. They at first chose ithe jail sentence, but after one iiiight in the hoosegow they made 0'iTangements to ."Fifty dollars," while Jack sorrowfully nodded, ia lot of money to spend on good clean fun." THE MAHASKA COUNTY iSess'or's figures perihaps show what is happening all over Iowa. pay their fines, said WoodroSv, SUMMER BARGAINS TUESDAY, AUGUST 1 Rose is employed at Graham's, and I Bishop, and Mrs. Bishop's .sister, .Fern Gisch, Christine, and Wilma I Maude MacBroom, accompanied by .clerk at Hawcott & Ogg's. the Bishop daughter Ruth, both of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Smith spent Io wa City, were also there. Ruth, Wednesday evening with Mr. cam e home with her parents ter cottage. Virginia Morck will City. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Smith- also spend a few days there this spent the same evening with Mr. week. and Mrs. Kirby Smith Sr., Burt. Miss Higgle, It. X., and Verabel j Mrs. M. G. Norton, with her Ulfers, office nurse, both of the j daughter Sue and son' Richard, re- .General hospital, left Friday morn- j turned Sunday night from the fam- . Mrs. John Jsnkinson, Fort Dodge, for .the rest of !the summer, teach- Mr. Jenkinson is a salesman for es in the Iowa City public schools, the Hess N'aliory Co. out of Sioux and M 'ss McBroom is principal of A camera and material for | j ng for the wee k. en( i at t j, e oko-|ily cottage at the Okobojis, where .were awarded as prizes, by | bo j iB wlth Dr _ an(1 Mrs w D . An-; they had spent three weeks. Mrs. [rk commission. The girls had drews JAntone Johnson and her daught/jr lie Friday morning at the e A. Call park to celebrate of their summer's aclivi- itrands Depart for Month in East Mrs. S. A. Wlflmin, daughter . Charlotte also came home, after Mrs. Myrtle Witham, and the lat- 1 two weeks at the Norton cottage- ter's daughter Harriet Frances last Mrs. week at Witham's Rev. and Mrs. with their son day for Kane, M. A. Sjos- spent a few days Mason City with son Roy. • - Antonc Johnson, district agent here for the Northwestern Mutual | Life, returned Thursday from Mil- Mrs. "IHck" Cowan spent Thursday at Fort Dodge with Mrs. Arnie Horsford and Mrs. Horsford, .with a son, Arnold, came yesterday for a week with Mrs. Cowan. Mr. Horsford, With a Gamble store there, formerly clerked at the Townsend plan road show. Rose City players present 'RELIEF BE HAXGED' 8 p. m. Adults 20c. Children lOc TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1 AND Contniuous from 1 O'clock BABY SANDY HENVILLE — THE GREAT KID in East Side Heaven, in UNEXPECTED- FATHER" "SWING OPERA" — GOLF REEL — NEWS • j i ft I waukee ' where he had attended a j local store. Ronald, le£tj national convention since last Wilnm Knpp, Marie Pa., where fill spend a, month with' rela- They planned to stop at Chia day with Mrs. Victor West; aunt of Mrs. Sjostrand, and «nd a few days at the. New City fair. Mrs. Sjos'trand's iv, Mrs. C. A. Benson, and, liece, Charlotte Ann Prindle, of Kane, are going home with Ijostvands, after a-visit here June. Palmer Sellstrom, of well City, former Algona boy lug for the ministry, will 111 at the local First Lutheran Ih August 20 and 27". . • ' week Sunday. Mrs. («. L. Volis accompanied her son Carl, West Bend, his wife, and their daughter Janice to Minneapolis Thursday, all returning Friday. Pommeren- Ing, and Ms. Earl Traul, the latter of Ottumwa, are spending this week at the George Elbert cottage at the Okobojis. Wilma is Office girl for Dr. .C. D. Schaap; Marie is Carl, a druggist, went on a busi- 1 employed at the Call theater; and ness mission. j Mrs. Traul Frnnk Ernst, Humboldt, was a Kapp. 'guest a week ago Friday of his daughter, Mrs. Albert Hagg,- and the daughter Ruby, who had" bene visiting here, returned to Humboldt with him. . Mrs. Hugh Colwcll was a guest a -few days last week of her rnoth- ' Mrs. T. J. Hill, Fort Dodge, and is the former Arlene liittemore Lad is imp Honor Winner fin, son of Dr. and Mrs. H* 'oodward, Whittemore," •, was six honor campers chosen-hy acuhy at Camp Morrison for There' wero 90. .boys at amp, which is held ten .days .summer at the Bishop Mor- 1 Lodge, Dodge's Point, Clear The Lodge is owned, by-the .diocese of the Episcopal The boys are given" diplo- .0 honor campers get dip-' 8 with honor" and a bli^e bar. Tia boys Spencer and Bruce Jergens'en Jr, Mr. Colwell, with the daughter Lois, followed Saturday for the 'week-end there. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hutchi- iOn, son Teddy, and daughter Sue ionic home Sunday from the Oko- >ojls, where they spent June and fiily. They had a rented cottage n Manhattan Beach. Judy Itockes and Beverly Caughey spent Friday with the former's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Arend, Burt. Hose and Christine sisters of Mr. Arend, attending, the camp Shore '" by Fractured Bone Post, well-known' Algor .... , beer - walking with the aid utehes during the last week, result of having dropped a »i ? el on Ws lef t foot.-The Pained him so much that he an x-ray picture taken - last Tuesday, and'it revealed a e nbone above the big'toe.'It De another six weeks : before cast away the Post veek Tuesday at Titonka, guest of ler brother John and at Dr. R. C. Ball's. Mrs. Rising formerly taught n the Titonka schools and was itricia Ball's-teacher. Mrs. C. If. Clement, with two daughters, left Friday morning for two weeks at Detroit Lake, Minn., with Mrs. Clement's parents, .Mr, and : Mrs, Cm-ran, who were once Sherman: township farmers. Fern Glsck is taking a vacation from the Hawcott-Ogg store, and Is spending this -week at home, and will.be at the Okobojis with Lucile Peterson next week. The latter is employed at the local telephone office. Mrs, E, 'A. Storck, Minneapolis, for Union M July 31 Mr. and Mrs, • Louis n ^Pendectomy at the Sunday. POINT .committee of toe uav t T., met test week «J a.Mrs. Harry B ode'p. «UD year will ^ • - v KeiS a meetiug ck has returned, from Raymond, son of 'Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Janvrin,; returned last week Tuesday from Webster City, where he had visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. <E. Janvrin. He also visited friends, the Floyd Cor- lisses, at Iowa Falls. Mr. Corliss -is secretary of the chamber of commerce there. Jean Thorpe went to Gpldfield Arend, >rought them home. Mrs. A'.'K. Blsing spent last with her sous (jore, were Gordon and Theo- Friday over-night guests of the former's sister, Mrs G, F. Towne, and Betty Lou went to tjie city with them for a few days' visit. yh'e Boy CUristeusens returned Friday morning from the Okobojis where they had 'been guests since last week Sunday at the Joel He'rbst cottage on Egralharve Beach. The Herbsts were there all week. Wilfred Frazee, Kansas City spent the week-end at Harold Johnson's. Mrs. Johnson is Mr Frazee's sister. Mrs. Johnson spen several days last week • with hei mother, Mrs. Blanche Frazee, ° Sutherland. " 3lr, and Mrs. Wm. 0. Boger, of Omaha, -with their daughetr !Ara were week-end guests o by train last week Tuesday' 'evening to spend till Sunday with a girl i friend, Allls Stevenson, and Jean's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. 'horpe, with Marilyn Keen and une Ann Scanlan, went after her lunday. Goldfield is Mrs. Thorpe's Id home town. l>r. and Mrs. J. B. Winkel and Mr. and Mrs. William Dodds are eaving tomorrow morning for ten lays or two weeks in northern Minnesota and Canada. The trip vill be a honeymoon tour for Mr. and Mrs. Dodds, who were ; married his morning. Mrs. Dodds is the 'ormer Frances Winkel. Mrs. Clyde Conner, Des Moines, daughters Mary Darlene and Kay, Mrs. Frank Bonder, Washingto t n, T). C., and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hoo'd, Algona, were Wednesday night dinner guests of Mrs. Gusta Patterson. Mrs. Conner, Mrs. .Bonder, and Mrs. Hood are sisters of Mrs. Patterson. Mrs. Lloyd Wellcndori, her children, Lamont and Carmen, and her sisters, Mrs. Edw. Wilkins and Mrs. Fred Bartholomew, with the latter's daughter Janice, got home a week ago ^Saturday from four days at Grinnell at the women's brother D. E. Miller's. .D. E., formerly of Algona, is a building contractor there. The Walter Wills moved yesterday into theiv newly constructed seven-room home on north Minnesota. They had been living in the C. H. Beardsley house on south Jones. Geo. L. Miller did the work on the new house. The Wills have seven children, three girls- and three boys at home, with one married daughter. Buenu Baney is taking a vacation this week from the E. C. McMahon law office. She plans to go to 'Mason City this evening (Tuesday) for an over-night visit with the university elementary school. G. '('. Scobecj local Milwaukee agent and chairman for the order of railroad telegraphers, got back Friday from a tour of this Milwaukee division, which runs from Algona to Rapid Cily, S. D. : also oast from here to llitf Mississippi and Marquette.' He had been awayj since July 18. M>.-5. Scobee, aon| James, and daughter Barbara, accompanied him aj far as Rapid City for a few days in the Black Hills and the'Bad Lauds. Ralph H. Peterson, Los Angeles, was here for the funeral of, his father, A. L. Peterson, coming most of the way by plane. His 'brother. Mel, haying been here a few weeks ago, and being on naVal duty, did not come. Others who came were Mr. Peterson's brother, Abner Peterson, Deertail, Colo.; Mrs. Maggie Dumphy,,Fort Dodge; Mr. Peterson's niece, Meryl Nor,ton, R. N., Moline, 111.; arid a nephew, Ellwood Norton, Lawton, with his wife. Mrs. 0. T. Solberg accompanied her brother, Oliver • Christensen, Ottosen, to Eagle Grove last week Monday to see the latter's motherless little- son "Billy," . who lives .with Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Kleppe A call was made on the ba'by's maternal grand/father,' J. B. Soppe- lancf, at Vincent, northeast of Fort Dodge. Little "Billy" lived with the Solbergs before 1 the death of Mr. Solberg and has since been with the Kleppes, friends of the "families,-but Mrs. Solberg'expects to have him again before long. Mr. and Mrs. Earl McChesney, of WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2 Last Chance to See Jack London's t6rrboT THURS.-FRL, AUG. 3 and 4 Thurs. 16c Bargain Mat. Fri. Mat 2 p. in. 26c A novel, tender, gripping adult film. .A picture truly great! Make room for it in your heart! Second Feature FUN FOB THE FAMILY! Chicago, with their tricia and Richard, Mrs. (Leland Hurley, Irene Capesius, and the former from there , Ana Fechuer, sister of Mrs. Boger They spent P*rt of the time with Mrs. Jpbu Falk Jr.,, Titonka, an* other sister. , «eneYte¥e Sterling is taking a yacfttioa this week from tie Ad- Vance office, wb.ere she is stenographer and . reporter, and is spsadlag part of it as guest of Mildred fUch at the Dewel cottage 5*i #r. Chord 1» a C<wreg« : will go to-West Union for- the rest .of the week with an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Raney. Mrs, Benlah Bapp, Cedar Rapids, came (Saturday for two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Edw. D. Sheehan. Mrs. Sheehan, Rosanne Brown, and Mrs. P. E. WaUey, the latter of Corwith, spent from Wednesday till Saturday morning at the Walley cottage, Clear Lake children Pa- were Friday evening till Sunday morning guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Geigel, uncle and aunt of Mr. McChesney.- Saturday evening the Mc'Chesneys and Mr. and Mrs. Geigel were entertained at dinner at William Kennedy's, Burt. , From here the McChesneys went -to Marshall, Minn., for a week with Mr. McChesney's mother, Mrs, Nettie McChesney. .Earl is a second cousin of H. J. McChesney, former Kossuth treasurer now living in Illinois. Kuth Turner, 'Alice Payne, Berlice. Harrington, Marguerite Dailie}, and Mildred Williams, the lat- ,er of Newton, got home- .'Friday :rom two weeks in the East, They stopped at Louisville, • Ky., to see . Downs, where the great horse races are"held; Washington D. C.; New York City, where they attended the fair and made a' toui of the city; Coney Island; .Quebec; and c'ame. home via Niagara Falls Ruth is employed at the. Druggists Mutual offices; Alice, a.t the Fed- eral'Sayings & Loan offices; Be»: nice .at the Norton ..'lumberyard; and Marguerite and Miss Williams are teachers. Attending the Loren Bakken funeral Friday were his .grandparents Mr. and Mrs. T. 0; Barken, Bode Walter Bakken, H, E. and E Skaugs'tad, ithe. Alvin Batekens,an/ the Alfred Opheims, also Bode Florence, Bakken, Miles ToFger- son, Andrew Lee! Ottosen; the Glen Bakkens, Keister, Minn. Herman Anderson, Dows, and i son; Mr. and Mrs. Nehemiah Nor em, Lola Anderson, and. Mrs, Clif ford Swanson, Westbrook, Minn, and Irene Norem, Minneapolis, The youth's parents, Mr. and Mrs.'Oliv er Bakken, came here from Bode in 1924, and Mr. Bakken is in city employ. 3[r. and Mrs. Claude Nugent their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. iReid and Mr. Sheeban and Doctor ley spent Thursday night there. Helen Dlngley got home Thursday from a month's tour to the coast and back. She traveled with Mr and Mrs. W. B. Nwgent, Chi"" cago, Anderson, .and the Anderson daughter, all of Speacer-, were Wednesday evening guests at th lire. V. J. Sanda son homes. Rei4! son a brother of Mrs- Sands. Fred Ander son of Mrs. move tp D»vJ4 be i Claude Nugent, .' 'HUBS. THRU SATUEDAY AUGUST 8-5 with Bill C3&S® EIUOTI Second Feature' and WILL OSBOBIS'E BAJSD SATURDAY, AUGUST 5 Continuous from 1 o'clock A top Sat. Even. Post story. Big fun, thrill show. See it, you'll laugh for days! Plus "DOG GONE" "ON OFF CAT" StJNDAY AND MONDAY, AUGUST 6 AND 7 Comedy — Romance — Ice Skating — Action Story of Hollywood and t lie movies Plus Serial "DAILY—OUT OF DAUfGER" • Look at this real'value I No need to let battery troublq spoil your vacation 1 No need to economize by getting any- ' thing .less than a genuine Goodyear Battery, nowl FREE 10-POINT BATTERY CHECK-UP • Get the real low-down on your battery's condition from us. 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