Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1939 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
Page 4
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EDITORIAL PAGE Want Ads- WANTED—FIRST FLOOR ROOM or apartment close in.—Call Advance, FOR SALE—'39 FORD TUDOR, used only two months. Very low mileage.—Call 704-J evenings. p46 FOR SALE — SPOTTED BROOD sows, will farrow in September. —Anton Vammen, Ringsted. p46-47 THE WAY TO SUCCEED IS TO attend Mankato Commercial College, Mankato, Minn. Send for catalog. 15(2)40 ROOM FOR RENT IN MODERN home. Can furnish garage if wanted.—Phone 745-J, Aleona. 14g46 FREE ENLARGEMENT AND MIN- iature album with each roll film developed and printed, 25c.—Lus- by's. 14(2)27tf WOMAN WITH TWO CHILDREN, ages 5 and 10, wants work on farm as housekeeper.—Write "S," in care Advance. 17p44-46 ffa«Atifh wpwmm : S.\'TERED AS cernber 31. 190$ (own. under tht TER1 i— To Kossuth postoffices at Center, Corw Hutchias, 1,1 v Rodman, Slil year ._ !— Advance and address at an any neighbor! year 1— Advance alom t— Advance and address at till S'<-ar .... ALL subvert] vlthin the eour i 1989 AtT-l.S S M T IV '. 12 C 7 8 SI 1 13 14 15 16 1 20 21 2-2 23 2 27 28 29 30 3 payment will be Tlno Wa i timmig Atatnte SECOND CLASS MATTER DE- at the postbfflce. at Algona, Act of March 2, JSTJi S OP SUBSCRIPTION lounty postoffices and horderkie Armstrong, Bode, Brltt, Buffalo th, Cylinder, E 1 m o r e , Hardy. ?rmore, Ottosen, Rake, Ringstedi on, West Bend, and Woden. |1 GO Upper Des Molnes both to same postoffiee In Kossuth county or S postoffice named in No. 1, |2 W to all other postoffices year J2.50. Upper Des Moines both to same postofflces not excepted In No. 1, 4J AA Ions fc y and 19»» 1 F S 4 5 11 12 IS 19 2o 2C '> extende r papers going to > jlnta out-of-the-county points named under No. above are considered continuing subscriptions to be discontinued only on notice from subscribers or at publisher's discretion. Subscriptions going to non- county points not named tinder No. 1 above will de discontinued without notice one month after expiration of time paid for, if not renewed but time for d 1C requested in writing. iVn'nrvr/^-n 'T^/^i-v/->' /->v> TUESDAY A NEW WELL DRILLING MA- chine in your locality. Drilling any size wells. — Guy Beemer, phone 302 Lakota. 12p37-50 FOR SALE—1S35 2-DOOR CH-EV- rolet in excellent condition. Water heater. Very .reasonable.— Inquire Advance. (g) Na From a pi business lettei est to the poll On the G. 0. FOR SALE—MILKING STRAIN of Shorthorn bulls 1 to 15 mos. at reasonable prices.—A. A. Kadlng, ; Fenton, la., phone 418 Lone Rock. FOR SALE—CUCUMBERS, ANY size. Order now.— C. F. Lauden, 6% miles west of Algona on pavement No. 18. 15p4C SEVENTEEN - Y EAR - OLD' GIRL wants housework in Algftna. Good references. — Inquire Advance. 12p46 ADVERTISING COPY' —THE AD- vance office provides classified campaigns on all types of merchandise or service.—No extra cost. —The Advance. 20tf GREEN COLONIAL STOKER— Provides uniform warmth day and night. No more shoveling! Size to suit your requirements. See Laing & Mu'chey. 4C BETTER HOG GAINS — YOU'LL be surprised at results from feeding Sargent Minral JMeat Meal. Cheaper gains. Better results.— Anderson Grain & Coal Co. 46 BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME — YOU can redecorate those rooms very inexpensively with Pittsburg Wall- hide and Watei-sp'ar Enamel. One .series of radic amazing mail} high degree of New Deal stu trimmed, impi tion." If this is ti- ls evidence of for obviously viewpoint. Hi ination will li Taft is openly denlierg is sai liberalism he v us a conservat The opportui ional Politics vate, non-partisan Washington service comes "dope" of inter- ically minded. P. side Dewey is reported to be privately "discussing his views, preparing for broadcasts in the fall, and is of his consultants with the his liberalism. He accepts much thinks it should be kept, oved, perfected in administra- e as regards Dewey's views it lolitical astuteness on his part, is cue is to take the liberal chief opponents for the nom- ely be Taft and Vandenberg. conservative, and though Vanto be preparing to embrace ill probably be under suspicion •e at heart. ty is thus provided for Dewey to pose as the nly really liberal candidate for so has not been taken Into subsequent private debt statistics. But Wallaces' Farmer docs not emphasize this fact. Wallaces' Farmer's latest contribution is a table showing the percentage of total combined debt year by year since 1901. The object of this table is to show that after all the present national debt is nothing to worry about, because (he percentage of Increase of the combined debt under the New Deal has been much lower than at any time in the 28 years preceding 1928. The figures are proba'bly correct. What they don't show is the part played In the percentage by the increase of the national debt Itself. To be frank Wallaces' Farmer should now add a table showing the pre- centage of the percentage for both the national debt and private debt. It might also make some mention of the effect on the percentage Tor private debt of the bankruptcies of the post-1929 era. It would, further, be enlightening to have Wallaces' Fanner's exposition of the differences in economic operation and effect between private and government debt. For instance, does not private debt, as a rule, liquidate itself out of the wealth it creates, besides leaving something over? How does government debt compare with private debt In this respect? Do not private debtors themselves pay off what they owe? Who pays the national debt and what part of it will have to be paid by a generation that did not incur it and will set from it only incidental benefit, if any, while at the same time •financing its own burden? So let us have the added table and the exposition of differences. Surely Wallaces Farmer neither wants to deceive readers, nor let them deceive themselves, into belief that it has said all there is to say on the subject. HODGEPODGE Webster— A stow of ttrlots !•• • WOOER WHAT would happen if a man Criticised his wile's clothes with the same tones, inflections, aiid objections as the wife ,uses in fefering to those items of apparel he likes. Two-bits .• to a wooden nickel there would be a row that would make tho children rush to shelter. Timely Topics the nominatioi] large, perhaps publican part) pa thy with Ne political reasois favors a liberal nominee. On the po!Hi for favoring D rassing record ons are that h both parties a clem less coat necessary.& Son. -F. S. Norton 46 DRIPOLATORS FREE — HANDY durable coffee dripolater, for 28 Sargent. Feed gift coupons. Other valuable gifts for farm and home. see Anderson 46 For information, Grain & Coal Co. MONEY' FOR ALL PURPOSES— We make cash loans up to $300 on your automobile or furniture. All transactions handled quickly and confidentially.—C. H. Ostwin- Algona, phone 28u43tf kle, Heise bldg., 132. WANTED IMMEDIATELY' — AM- bitious salesman, begin work at once, full time, good pay, one of largest, oldest nurseries middle .west. Experience not necessary.— Harrison Nursery Co., York, Ne- .braska. 27p44-47 $1800 CASH AND 4V 2 % "HENT" will give you a well improved farm near Algona. Not a large amount of cash needed for possession of 120 acres NE of Algona with set of buildings that make a Stuart, Clear 42p44-4G servative Mean. "On fiscal a , and this will appeal to a controlling, section of the re- whieh either because of sym- v Deal objectives or for purely al side a powerful added reason wey is that there is no embar- in his past. Still other reas- e would appeal to the youth of id in the event of a democratic split would probably be less offensive to con- 3crats than a veteran repub- (1 monetary matters" Dewey is .said to be "orjhodox" and "will be stiff critic or New Deal ^ooseness'." In such case the country is undoubtedly with him. as regards his fiscal views — debt, budget-balancing, spending, etc. — and probably his monetary views will be found inoffensive. The democrats are also faced by a trio- Roosevelt, Ganer, Farley—but here, contrary to the republican case, the contest for the nomination premises to split the party. What the business letter says in this connection is interesting enough to be worth quoting in full, as follows: Roosevelt se idea of a third be considers 1 partly because ems clearly receptive to the term, partly because doubtless imself the best available man, he thinks he must appear to be , . - — — — "-•"•-'* Hl-r £f ^Ul ll/ UC7 the potential nominee in order to maintain his whip-hand wit •'- "- — - But things the third-term has been less laven't been going so well for plans. The rush to Roosevelt than third-term backers had . - ---- - .."*« i* (.v* m L/aen.ei'5 .tluu wished. Influe itial politicians are holding back urumhHmr ™,, grumbling mu tance to join not diminish. .good home.—L. Lake. SPECIAL—THE ROYAL TYPE- writer company has announced the new 1940 models and we are closing out on our last new machine of the old models. We will sell this machine for the cash price of $40. Was priced at $54.50. This is a real bargain as you save used, fully come, first $14.50. Never been guaranteed. First served.—I. G. Dewel vance office. prlvate talk JP on third term will increase, Garner is dead-set against third term. This is definite fact. He is gaining adherents in undercover w f ys, not yet openly demoustrat- able Some adherents want Garner for himself, but many regard him as symbol of opposition to Roospvelt. Thus his support can be swung to someone else at the llth hour Roosevelt would not accept Garner as the non >t support him if he were nom ie chances seem to be that Gai The WPA'ers struck because they were required to work 130 hours a month,'which figures out to five hours a day, Sundays excluded. That must.have been interesting news to farmers who average at least ten hours a~day. But what else was to be expected from government coddling? Notoriously the beneficiaries of gratuity soon regard what they get as a right. 'No one can say as fact that Mr. Roosevelt really contemplates a third term; but it is certain that if he does, and if he gets it, he will have a turbulent four years in which hlsrepu- tation may be ruined. The republicans will in all likelihood be stronger in congress, and his own party will be not only weaker but defiant of his authority.. Even to him ' the situation must be such as to suggest retiiement.. ... It is reported that Fort Dodge has been granted authority for a radio station. Of course the Dodgers had to have one, if Mason City did. Editor Jaqua, of the Humboldt Papers, thinks the time will come when every county seat will have one. The Jaquas got .the bug enough to inquire about costs, but lost enthusiasm when the cost was learned Even the smallest runs up to $30,000. Approaches the season when we boil over a little on seeing good Kossuth folks'trotting off to the Spencer fair and failing to patroniz their own. That's no way to build up ou rair, which, after all, is just as good as any body's. What's the reason that to so man people the grass in some distant pasture al ways seems the greener? It will be interesting to observe what hap pens to last year's corn. Farmers are being offered 6c a -bushel to leave it in storage an other year, but there, is question how many .will accept. To continue storage they woult have to build extra cribs, which might be o no use in future. At that many cannot afford the cribs. But what is the government going to do with the corn if it has to take much o it in settlement of the mortgages? Ernest K. Lindley, the D. M. Register poll tical contributor, thinks Roosevelt and Farley are Hearing rupture over the- third term. Bear ing on that as a straw in the wind you can note that when Farley last week denied re ports that he would oppose Roosevelt he omit ted to say that he was for a third term— which in Farley was almost equivalent to say ing plainly that the idea didn't appeal to him New Dealers who are voluble in criticism of banks which demand safety on loans were disturbed last week when Jesse Jones, late RFC chairman, admitted that even that well managed corporation would have to take plenty of losses on loans the banks wouldn't accept—he would be "ashamed to tell" how much, he said. After all banks have to get depositors money back, also they can't recoup losses trom taxes as the government does. 0.\E ALGOKA STOKK had to steam 40c worth of stamps from an order, The customer had mailed the stamps to pay for . the order, and had carefully pasted each stamp to the paper. • • » * * WHAT HAS HAPPENED to the game of chinker-chek and Chinese checkers? A year ago it was so popular stores had difficulty keeping the game in stock. Now it seems as dead as that after-the-war game of Mah Jong, as one of the spellings had it. Wonder what the new craze will be in games. 1MWX IN ARKANSAS recently a gal was arrested because she was wearing shorts. If she had been wearing slacks those hill-billy purists would have probably shot her. But maybe there are only old men left in Arkansas, and nothing must boost the blood pressure during these hot summer days. ***** JOHN I. LEWIS, the labor 'big-shot, put his .foot into a hornet's nest when he called Vice- President Garner a whiskey-drinking evil old nian. Smartest comeback was one by a rep- ,resentative who cracked that the only place he ever met Lewis was at cocktail parties. .Garner stands pretty high in the minds of the general public. In fact he resembles the late .Will Rogers so much in temperament and ac- .tions that some of the public favor which. went to Rogers was switched to Garner. .Someone. should give Lewis an "old-fashioned" —not one with a cherry in it, but one that's administered in the woodshed. He's a small .boy. • » » » * . "U. S. ARMY AT WAR"— read a headline in Thursday night's paper. Dictators please note that the U. S: army was at war on rats. To avoid an unlamentable mistake it is hoped that none of Winchell's favorites comes into this country. The army should be instructed by Walter not to shoot till the rat's long tail could be distinctly seen. , UNDER .IOWA I/AW, nil (an'ce comKatiy mfty obtain property only through foreclosure and hold if no longef 'than five years, while .non-insurance companies, Inchid- Jng banks, investment companies, land the like, may hold land only .three years. However, In the pttfrt juimerous extensions have been granted to company land owners, allowing them to 'retain land for (12, 16, or even more years. NOTV pomes an announcement -from Charles R. Fisher, state insurance (commissioner, that farther extensions will not be granted. If that jis the case, some 2,500,000 acres i(equnl in area to eight "square" icounties) will pass from under in- ,surance company control within the next few years, But don't hold your breath till you see how the ruling is carried out. PIGEONS (Continued from Page Modcnas arc Numerous. , Modenas—bronze gazzi cocks .(10); 1 0. R. Brown, 2, 3, 4 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harris of Des Moines, 5 Robert Weyrauch of- Albert Lea, 6 Senn. Heus (13); 1 Duane Reynolds of Algona, 2, 4 Weyrauch, 3, 5 Harrises, 6 Senn, 7 Brown, Blue gazzi cock (3); 1, 2- Dickie and Guy Reynolds of AN I gona. Hens (5); 1 Brown,- 2, 3| Duane and Guy'Reynolds of Algo-j na. Yellow Gazzi cocks (2) 1 Weyrauch. Heus (3); 1, 2, Weyrauch. \ Any other color Gazzi hens (3); !• Harold Kratoska of Ames, 2 May-' nard Giiderian of Algona. Blue 1 black Schtetti cock (7); 1, 2,- 3 flarrlses. 4 brown, 5 Roy SamUn. Hen (6)', 1, 2, 8*<tf*MI*es. Red Schietti hen (2); 1 Norman Sundin. Yellow Schtettl cock (6); l, 2, 3 Miller, 4 Roy Banditti Hen (6); 1 Weyrauch, 2, 4 Miller, 5 Sandin. Blue argent cock (2) j 1 Christen- soii. Men (4)j .1, a Ben 'Wlazeck, Des Moines, 2 Christenson. Magna* •nl hen (2); ,1 Erfifeftt Ltiedtke ^ of Lotts. Creek, ••*•.. ; Pigmy' Potter Awards. 'Pigmy Pouter— blue cock (4); 1 flenn, 2^Thoinas Ryan of. v fcagie Grove, 3 Jesse Reynolds. Hen (4); 1 Senn, 2, 3, Jesse Reynolds. Fantalls— AOC, cock (i); l j. B. Greells of Waterloo. Hen (2); 1 Wlazeck. Blue hen (1); 1 Wla- zeck. /'•'_. '.'... ' • •'. Nuns— black ori-ed cock (4) j], 2, 3, Senn. Birmingham Roller AOC cock (1); Leroy Tharp, Watreloo. . Maltese AOC hen 2); 1 Tharp. Carheaux— red cock (!);'! B; K Ryan of Eagle Grove. Hen (2); 1 Ryan, Black cock (1); 1 Merle Knight of Marlon. Men (1); 1 Knight. Yellow cock (1); 1 (John Nelson of Marion. • '•• • King— white cock (17); lj 2 3/6. Spratle, 4 Larson, 6, 7 -K. A; Crarin of Humboldt, g Reynolds. ir<>n ' Spratte, 4, 8 nv^'i Ml] Larson. ' n>an ' 5, ? ^ SURi Joan money People for a WO use. O ' Come in and 8eei j about your lo an ^ Iowa State Bank "A GOOD BANK" Jl Schietti cock (i); 1, Will Christen-, sen of Fenton. Hens (2), 1 Brown. • Bronze Schietti cock (1); Roy San- i din. Hens (1); 1 Ray Sandin. CAMPAIGN IN CLASSIFIED!—We can supply advertisers with complete campaigns on any line • of merchandise or service. Ask about this unusual service. — Advance Pub. Co. ' 20tf 1935 De Luxe Ford Sedan $75 under retail value Price $225 TERMS KKUSE-BLOSSOM INS. AGENCY SUNBURN AND FRECKLES seem to be th .cause for most worry among the younger gen eration. And the boys (believe it or not, Mi Ripley) have more area to sunburn than th gals. at the Ad- CONOERNING BUTTONS — AS A matter of information to local housewives, certain facts about buttons should be considered. Pearl Buttons, made from mussel shell, have proved their superiority over every other type of button. No other button combines the durability, lustre, and beauty of Pearls. It is important, therefore, that you examine carefully the buttons ou wash .garments you buy. If they are Pearl Buttons you can be certain of the service they will render, and you can be as sured that their presence is a sig of quality in the garment itsel See that all wash garments yo purchase have Pearl Buttons. 4 inee, would m inated. Thus t ner will not bi Farley is a trying to ease chine, or mak tious coolness that the strair nominated, puzzle. Roosevelt is pr.obabl him out as boss of party ma 3 him wholly subservient t Roosevelt. Farley's habit of personal loyalt is super-norm il, more than most men's, hu hes under st: ain from Roosevelt's osteuta toward him. It's our opinio will not be eliminated by con — .. — ^ . JV - ^*»i."*nin,v;u u v vUl ference this [July 22-24] week-end at Hyd Park, despite jany public statements to be is sued [Roose-elt gave out a statement pooh poohing the idea of a split. Farley did not is sue a statement] OPPORTUNITY TO GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF in a Western Auto Associate Store Western Auto Supply Company largest-and most successful in its line, 30 years in business, had a sales volume of 36 million dollars in 1938. We are now offering you an opportunty to own and operate a Western Auto Associate Store, home owned, in towns of 1,500 to 20,000. There are over 1000 such stores in operation. You can become the owner and operator of a "Western Auto Associate Store" for ae little as $2,750 in the smaller towns, which, pays for merchandise and fixtures and everything necessary to start business. We train you In our euc- ceseful merchandising methods. Western Auto, Supply Co. •v.'ish to nom knows Roose' ner ticket. So, as bet forces they r stalemate, an Nutt enters h and more 'po nominee, or a Wheeler shou able dark-hor is not possible ing doubt tha nominee. likes Garner, but we doubt he wil fate him, simply because h ;lt could and would beat a Gai reen these three men and th present, it looks to us like Wallac National Debt Wallaces' F ently plays do the New Deal pointed indicat fall's elections debt-conscious. aces' Farmer, make black loc The favorite Kan&M City, Mo. 2116 Central St Associate Store Division 32tf 20's, indeed n showing is ma end private dt private debt decreased A buge part of almost-certain party split. Me re as a compromise. He's mor sible," either as a presidentia motive power for organization still be regarded as an avail e. Neat pattern of conclusion! at this stage, but there's grow Roosevelt will finally be thi es' Farmer on the .nner, pro-New Deal, consist m the national debt. Just now needs it, for there have been ons of late, particularly jn last that the people are becoming In this emergency the New- Deal has no more clever defender than Wal- which. can do, and does, all but k like spotless white. device is to show that the ountry does i.ot owe any more than in the where near as much. This e by combining government >t, and it 10 possible because alter it was written oft as loss, and Opinions of Editors Our Wonderful American Slancuage. Pella Chronicle—The English language ,= always wonderful. An Insane man was addressing his fellows at the asylum. Suddenly be asked; "Why are we all here?" And from the rear of the audience came the answer Because we are not all there!" 'Twould Be Treatin' 'cm Right. Rock Rapids Reporter—Karl Fischer, Iowa public safety commissioner, is on record with a statement that any person arrested in a charge of driving an automobile while intoxicated, will have his license revoked automatically. Which is "as it should be." The Corn Isn't In the Crib Yet, Hampton Chronicle—Looks like a good corn crop, for Iowa anyway, but of course anything can happen between now and corn-picking time with the weather, which in turn will decide what kind of a crop to give us. Anyhow it looks 100 per cent favorable for a big cron •ight now. Sometimes Seein's Not fielievln'. Indianola Record—'From all the Record can ;arner from talks with farmers both in Iowa and Nebraska, there can be little doubt that he majority of them have their fingers crossed on AAlA, even though they are 95 per cent u compliance with the program this year. They realize that they are walking on, stiHs, and they are wondering when the money will •un out, or the 75 per cent of the American people who are not fanners will knock the tilts out from under them. Mr. Gillette bud Mr, Rooserelt. Webster City Freeman—The Washington Merry-Go-Round, by Drew Pierson and Robert Allen, says the senate generally believes that he votes pf Senators George and Gillette gainst repeal of the present neutrality act fere due to their personal spleen against .oosevelt. Many outside of the eenatei think hat way too, but that doesn't arpve it ie true, "be Freeman doesn't know about. Senator eorge. He may be that kind of a senator, but believes Senator G>n«tte . ig too good an American to prostitute .his office to ? oble ends. ***** I . AUGUST IS popularly supposed to be th month when dogs go mad. The truth is tha there is no special season—there are as man mad dogs in winter as in. summer. Those wh suspect a dog is mad should not kill the ani jnal unless necessary. Let it live till it die .naturally. Then and then only can a correc .diagnosis"of rabies be made. * * • • • BOISE, IDAHO (U.P.) — A mysterious purse snatcher who reaches through open windows to seize .women's purses from •bedrooms while they are playing bride 1 aroused this city. Presumably this was supposed to b "bridge" the women were playing, but "bride 1 .does just as well. And it's such a pretty game ***** A TOTE OF THANKS is due Tom Sherman first manager of Algon'a's liquor store. Th .vote should be extended by both wets and drys. He ran the store according to the in tent of the law, started it right, and kept i above criticism. He was fearless and just in his administration. His successor Will follow .in that path, and will be a'bly aided by bhe oth er employes. *****. TO MOST OF THE YOUXGER generation along Algona's business street the name of A. L. Peterson did not mean •much. But to the older men his death last week was an occasion for real sorrow. Pete, as he was called almost universally during his active days, did as much work for the community as anyone. He termed himself a "chronic 'aginer 1 " but it was his correct analysis of doubtful projects that many times prevented mistakes, and his- criticism was kindly and honest . * ***** CONGRESS LAST week put New Dealers out on a political limb in passing the Hatch bill, which put. all government office holders under orders not to take part in politics. This gives the power back to the states in national elections, and the huge WPA and other relief organizations cannot be used—at least in the open as was the casein the last election—as political machines. F. D. R. couldn't wisecrack his way out of showing his irritation. There are continuing signs tlhat the democratic, 01 perhaps it should be more correctly called'the .Roosevelt, machine is breaking up. And it will be a good thing for the country when it does * * » * V A CONSTITUENT wrote his U. S. senator saying:- "Stop this blankety-blank spending! P. S. Don't cut off -any of our projects."' The same thing is true here in Algona, where people want taxes .reduced, and ask the counteil and boards to do so, but insist that their pet projects be continued, no matter the cost. Just cut out the other fellow's pet projects. • • • * * THIS IS JUST about the time the homeowner gives ujp trying to keep the lawn green, -ack of rain has raised heck with gardens. Lovers of sweet corn have not had much op- ortunity to eat round, left-to-right, or right- o-left around the cob. ***** FROM NOW OS 8tey-at-home.r8 are going to, uffer from the long tales of returning vislt- >rs to the world fairs in the east and west. •d such tales atir hints .of vwttoy la many jeapld ranks. -HP.'B. p. Algona, Phone 125 HAVE YOU HAD ANY FENCE TROUBLE LATELY! The-busy season usually shows up the weak spots III any, in fences, which should be fixed up as soon all discovered to prevent stock getting into the wrong'[ fields. " . •' ... Or if you intend putting up some new fences atoms! or soon, get the materials you'need for them orforf repairs out of our very complete stock—woven win j for every purpose, barbed wire, gates, and posts, toi| steel and cedar. COAL • LUMBER • PAINT ALGONA, IOWA PHONE i |IH!llfilfll!lllll!!!l!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM I It's Your Opportunity for A Golden Harvest atthe Kent Motor Co, THE FACTS: We've sold 50 new car ssince June ht That means we're overstocked on used cars. We must sell these cars REGARDLESS OF PRICE! Make us an offer! :• Most all Makes and Models We Will Not be Undersoil 1938 MODELS 1937 MODELS 1936 MODELS 1935 MODELS 1934 MODELS $500 & UP $375 & UP $275 & UP $200 & UP $150 & UP Perhap* your present car or |ruck wiU make the down payment^and remember WeWni Not Be Kent Motor Co Mcrcury 4QiP Zephyr Algona, Iowa

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