Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1939 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1939
Page 3
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K08SUTH COttNYY ADVANCE. ALQ6KA. IOWA ^•"f ' ' ' TAT «vura.rr H COUNTY ADVANCfi. ALQ6KA. tOWA uVerne Womanjn^ects New N. D. Capitol ---- PAQD STATEHOOD IS CELEBRATED AND THE VICINITY —"— uj/v,ail, fl I (JW daughter Mrs. J. L • , .1*1.^1.7 ivLuruea .-_.. .._...„ „,, Brltt, and Mr Johnson has begun service as mln-' ister for three churches, one the Congregational church here. The B Verne, J«Ty 31^-r. and Mrs. 'If™ "** **"" * month In the y Kubly got home, Hast week Mrs. Jacob Johnson, Algona vis 5U morning from a ^360-mile Ued the F. A. Dlekmanns 0 n P ' rfnv £L to Flasher, N. p., where j aBt weeki -She lanus one dai visited Mrs. -Kutoiy.*... sister days at hei labter's hUsabnd, Mr. and Haverly's. Meyers. They were A wlellel . t leJ by,Mr. •KuWy's aunt, week Monday nigh at lister Una Blattl, Ooldfield, and hy son's, 15 members of a Con* Wm le,Levler,Lu Verne. The tlonal young people's sf teifed a sifter, Mrs. Rose schoo i class attending Mrs tain, Bismarck, N.^D,,, whom S0 n Is the teacher. g ' S ' " a " hid not seen before In ten ^Mrs^Chester Williams, of Mason Dakota Is celebrating Its week. Other visitors year of statehood, and a visit Mrs. Will Oldenberc he beautiful new. capital was .Mrs. Will Small, vin. Vtof Mrs. Levler'B trip It Mr8 . Roy sh^man"». h o jcated at Btstnarck, is 19 stor- major operation at Mercy h< *L»±WJ£h™i 12 ^'.Pltr^Thu^nul? 20, _ sister, _ Fireproof throughout., Its reported recovering ftl . e of Indiana limestone on Mrs. James ' base a" steel superstructure. SheVman'home' memorial hall Is murof^the Mrs. Gerhart Olson visited features of the building. Clear Cake and Mason C tv •? 40 feet high, with floors of days last week G i n , eB8 ee marble. ; A stairway tended a sa^es meeting' aST" ing to the ground floor is also at Algona Wednesday for 25 jarble, with walli in Mack Bel- man dealers. I marble. | Visitors at Emil Westpr'a „ building has many orna- westers a ial features, with a variety of is, marbles, and granites, and [together one of the outstand- capltol buildings in the U. S. . jrman. Fryslie, Flasher,, N. D.,, B here witlh the Kublys to work I. iarvest fields, and last week .employed at Edwin Marty's. from. Tow— >- irn Barton,- R. N., 'daughter of and Mrs. M. L; Barton, has returned to .work" at the hodist hospital,' Sioux City, af- the at •> « Will ItUtillSGIl Gladys Winters, , day Ia9t sen, and a nephew called at Alt Studer's last week Tuesday, and took home Max Studer son and two sons who fe al Ml . s . GiddlngV £arent a ° home aurlng the academic* 1 "™! tion. Glen is a member of the sol- pnce faulty at GreencastleT Ind. flte parents accompanied him to Keota, returning Friday . Donald Gerdes came Friday to • TK Kouba, * nost8 n Des Omaha, and were week- , - thelr Parents Mr. and , rn and Mrs. Frank Kouba Sr. Dinner guests at Clifford Mun- la f, week Sunday were Cllf- - tatr> Mrs - Robert D ay. "f husband ' and son m WCnt t0 mi h ,. to vlslt till the following Tuesday Mrs. Max Studer, of Mason City, w , Sin Lena Huber, an aunt, Kate'This- Dennis, who had spent six weeks there. Max began duty Monday morning In the.state bureau of investigation at Des Moines. The family continues to live at Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. George Hlldman aud Mrs. Edw. Hlldman drove to Story City to visit relatives last Wednesday, returning Thursday night. Marjorfe Blelch reached her seventh birthday anniversary Wednesday. She is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bleich. Mr. and Mrs. Will Carman, Hurt, with their infant son Gerald Dale, called at J. L. Studer's Thursday evening. The Garmans left Wesley two years ago and operated a movie at Bur-t till a few months ago, when they sold it and bought one at Ledyard which they now opera'te. There are three boys in the family — Junior, Donald, and the two months son Gerald. The general Methodist Aid will give an Ice cream social Wednesday night on the grounds between the Kraus store and the bandstand. There will be a band concert, as there has been for the last four or five weeks. The Good Will the other Circles and friends the church on Wednesday, women attending, Junto Drlekmann visited Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Dlekniann, Wednesday evening. He Is now employed at the Iowa State bank, Algona. Mrs. Helen Nelson, Omaha, visited the Vee Mulllns Wednesday. She is spending a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Hawkins. Other Mullin visitors the same day were Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Carpenter, Emmetshurg. The visitors, accompanied by the Mullln family, were at Clear Lake In the afternoon. Mrs. Leonard Arndorfer enter- tnined Mrs. Clyde Connor, of Des Moines, Mrs. Frank Bonder, Washington, D. C., and Ousta Patterson, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hood, also Algona, at her I home west of town Wednesday. all Eva SWEA CITYAN HURT AS GAR GOES IN DITCH Swea City, July Several an auto : . tour to • California in .minor accidents Wave 'befallen Swea pany of three other nurses. .Cityans 'during the past few davs jr attended the world's fair at Mrs Jlark mnhm, i, • * , '„-,--_ __j. __,_i._, _ .... ™rs. jacK womltz has an infected finger, and Fred Butterfield aud Howard iHosier each suffered in- Prancisco and visited many '.'"' """'" interest. Miss, Barton ? lnger - and Fred it two weeks with her aunt, "*>™*™ «os e .Barton, formerly Lu, Verne, ' )u ," 1 ? 8 , to thelr «ns«ra in mishaps giter of the late Mr. and Mrs. with J ann machinery. More serl- ... D«»i An ««•». !<»!...« •-*. «_~_ OUS hUrts "WPTO Quatrain A/1 Kv- QI,1 ;er o e ae r. an rs. . r- ley Barton, now living at Prei- pus S"^ 8 were sustained by Sid- She owns and operates a ? e 7 '» w anson, who drove his car ' lntthe ' dltch oa r^d K *lve mi t o acres some sance '.. - es nher home. There is an brdh- '2 or|tl1 ot ' t( wn, laat week Tuesday. •of prunes, and another oif, Eng- ' s ™. n t y Was dod g lni &. another car ™™ ti had u walnuts. She also raises a, Elva Is making plans : Iowa next year. ••• &hter for Hadlo Artist- al- . had Just driven onto the to J"f hwr ay, and upset his own ma- Chine. His leg was caught in 'the ,door 'and pinched severely, neces- , — ... ---- ----- — r .sltatlng a sveeral 'days' stay in r. and Mrs. -William Hoepher ,bed. Eight-yeiar-old George Doocy Ived a telegr'am Thursday an- Jr. 'is in an Algona hospital with Ming birth of a daughter son .Harry and. his wife, to Jils foot in a cast as a result of of'iwo broken bone.? received when ' -— — The visiting women were daughters of the late Mrs. Carman, St. Benedic't. Arlene, daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Daughn, Britt, is spending two weeks with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Arndorfer. Thekla Eisenbacher and Eleanor Mullln spent last week Tuesday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius, Eisenbacher. The rii,.«i « Ii. AIJ ^— - *™ 101 ^euttiiuH, Eiiaenoacner. rne Ciicle of the Aid was hostess, to | girls'are nurses at Mercy hospital, WEST BEND GIRL DEFERS COLLEGE A YEAR TO ACCEPT CLERICAL JOB West Bend, July., 31 —.Harriet Lockwood, who had worked two months as • bookkeeper* at the Farmers .elevator, has been rehired. She'had resigned when she decided to go to Grinnell to school, but recently the company's auditor was here and asked her to reconsider. Her parents left the decision to'her, and ahe finally accepted for a year. Harriet was graduated from the local high school In June with high honors, being salutatorian. Niece of McFarlandg Sick- Mr, and Mrs. B. P. McParland drove to Spencer Friday to see their niece, Mrs. William Reardon, critically sick at a hospital there. Mrs. Reardon, who was Mae Schaap, lived, when a school girl, with her grandmother Wailker, mother of Mrs. McParland. • Mores Schoolhonse to Lot— O. L. Rlley, who bought a lot Mrs. M«ry.Sttles north'.'of her , . . ro er eka, Kans. Harry has made he caught his foot in kn elevator 'a | house in the north ' part of . town, . * - - ' r also in the business world, -week ago Friday. He must remain is a member of the Oklahoma 4n the cast ten weeks. urns, and for the last, twe- « has been with the company Hollywood, where : :,the . group making records and transcrip is. He plays almost all kinds ^ ame 1s n „ - r *S r »»ft-BaIl Teams, ur s °ffl> a l l teams are now in exlsten ce here, and interest In the has moved a schoolhouse from. Ot- — ------ „ ....... „, . The Midwest D-X home from the . - tosen, to the aite and is having the building remodeled for. a dwelling. Iowa City Patto»t Home— Mrs. Cora White was brought w ^_^ «» M Us « 5 ** i " w la '*"5"« jiiie wiiu'west u-^v "vmo ±1 viu me uuayiiai at Iowa musical 'instruments," but spec- lteam staf ted tfhe hall rolling by I City Thursday. She went there MS la the bass viol and on the i° r £anizing at the beginning of the! Tuesday of the week before for to. He was graduated-from the • seaaon ' an ^ pl'aying out-of-town. Verne high! school in 1929. • teatns ' Now tn ey don't have to go ... „<,;, uruugiu out in lesson that people should not much attention to creed, tout together as Christians,'no .mat-' wnat the creed name, and work itras, °thi- ve mr *to?°£*$ wepe Mrs - Ch arles tm' H ? daon ' Wls., guest at RamusLome, and Mrs. Leona "i Llvermore. He In college began playing via ? u of tffwn to look for competition, o, and now has a well 7 paying. s P 1611 ^ ot *t here at home. lion, JBollis Beadle's Rougih Kiders and I ^am Heather'shaw's Sourdoughs ilOHary Society Meets— .are giving the iMidwesterners ie Presbyterian missionary so-'iP len ty of trouhle, and just recent- y met last week Tuesday even- , & ttte Colts, a team of younger with Mrs. William Ramus, and ' 4>J»yei-s managed by Gene Pager- i- wrry Von Draska led devo- ,l«"»d, has appeared on the scene. 8. "he topic for the month was' i Tne Midwest team's new 'shirts, en and Country, and artcles irashly Wagered two weeks ago, are fe read. It was brought out in fa danger of changing hands at "•-' --- - - finy moment. 1914 Class in Reunion— . 'Five members of Hie confirmation cl'a'ss of 1914 of Zion Lutheran church, of Swea township, met recently for 'a reunion. The affair .was held at George Pearson's. Carl Lofs!trom, Richard Anderson, Geo. .Pearson, and Roy Pe'arson, all of jSwea City, and La'wrence 'Ander- ison, of International 'Falls, Minn., .were the members of the class, and ,the Rev. J. W. Sw&nbeck was min- .islter at the time 'of their confirmation. Zion is now disbanded, having merged with the itown church, land the old building was torn (do^vn. All five members of the class attended the reunion. {School Children Called— The Swea City P. T. A. will conduct a Roundup at the school .building August 10. Parents of children who will enter school for ,the first time this fall 'are requested to brinig them to the Roundup for a physical examination. The /committee in charge is Mrs. Emil Larson, Frances Dahl, Mrs. Selmer ,Uhr aud Mrs. Hugh Butterfield. .Parents planning to bring children ,to the Roundup are asked to notify pile of the committee. Band Concert Draws Crowd— The largest crowd, estimated at ,1,000, to attend a concert since the unable to give her much relief. Doctor Home from Hospital— Dr. H. Frank Givens was brought Thursday from Rochester, where he had been taking ten days _..„ . of treatment for his hands. Mrs. Sloan. Mikes Givens and Mrs. Frank drove to Rochester for him. Home from New York City Fair— ~ -: Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Graham and Mr. and Mrs. .Bruice Miller got home Friday from a trip to the world's fair at New, York City ^ IUJ They ..came hack via Pennsylvania, the >Miller old home state. Calls on Rochester Patients— —-- •*•"•••"v^»»q o>tiu ami j Derner drove to Rochester Satur- W.A.CAMERON. EX-LONE ROCK PASSES AT 74 Lone Rock, July 31 — William A- Cameron, 74, died last week iSunday at his daughter Mrs. Olin,ton La Barr's," Austin, Minn., tol- --, „„. -_,„„„_ .lowing a lingering Illness. Pun- Mrs. Jean Simmons and Mary ! era l services were conducted laat M. Dobberstein, both patients there. -. Other West Bend. The Presbyterian Aid met Mrs. Leonard Maasdam at her ,week Tuesday at the Lone Rock -• church . by the Rev. Congregational pastor ,at Austin, the Rev. C. G, Sinning, local pastor, assisting, and burial was made in the Lone Rock ceme- with tery. Mr. Cameron, who was born country home Friday, Mrs. John .June 24, 1865, at Clarke City, 111., Stone assisting. There was a good- .was married in 1883 to Emma J. sized attendance for a 25c supper .Kinney, and four children were served by the hostesses, assisted horn, all of whom survive: Ora A. by Jeanette Maasdam. The next ,Cameron,.Mountain .View, Calif.; ^meeting will be held September 6 Mrs. Ray Richmond, .(Cairo, • 111;; ' at Mrs. Ballard's. Mary Noedinig is spending three weeks near Dumoht at her uncle Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson were calling on old friends at i 1 lover Thursday evening. They formerly .conducted a store there. The Presbyterian Home Study S S. class met i with Mrs. M. T. Mun- .son Thursday. It will meet with Mrs. Wash Harris in August. Mrs. Robert Daubendiek . •an , % S ° me yeara aue'l Q» a !' e elf? nk herd . "SS Whltmores on the r- Whit- aMH, and deli milk and cream 'I d ay to many Verne. customers in H aud Ml>s - Harvey Nel- attending a Bible, Conler- son at R E • wlth ', ° nday at calle «» and -Cedar ou , ou death of Mrs. Catherine BUrton LUNCHEON AT SWEA TWP. HOME FOR GUEST FROM CALIFORNIA SweaiEagle, July 31—Mrs. O. A. Jenson, Lyda Eckholm, and Mrs. Emil Larson were hostesses at a luncheon at the Larson home last Wednesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Anna Anderson, Klngsberg, Calif., who is here visiting. Guests were Mesdames Olof Pearson, Prank Johnson, Fred Berggren, John Erlckson, Walter Peterson, P. J. Heiken, M; Molinder, J. J. An- lerson, and Anna Larson, and tfisses Emma Anderson, Lulu Hag- ur , on / W, Boone, Is too . IT al v »its at homes of 8 an am? , i. "" »«•-wines oil pSr*** 1 be "' ,..' and he can hnin » week small ... of' the iband shell ; was at Reynolds park a week Sunday. The Swea City band it soloist, 'Joanne Griewe, who received three en- and ( <>nner Bfc Jfr.l '»wrt Dodge Df aska ' E. ne was at Mrs' • ** '*^ • ' w ^° rweivcu tmcc «»-. -« Verne and the' iCor ^8 on her piano-accordion num- ^e was at the Charles . ber - Tae concert Sunday feautred «— ~ ...«•*• v-«Mtoo . ^ fl0 j^ ^ j>j rec t or Gerald ., „', with ptano accompani- by Frances Dalhl. ,». 0 M v-~ Swea City include a girl at 'Floyd July 24, a boy at Fred iScbTwartzls the" same day, and a , boy at Doyle Sanders' on July 25. .Relatives here have received word '•of the birth of a sou to the Nick The child is Circle use boy and Hilda the ftn d #»re»b.- Wonum Drives and .,.-. SiS- hoth of ._j Sanders grew up to„. Mias Nuna- more than 71 til VK " wotner, £4&t last week. Tbe trio grew up to- 1 jj|a hi a "^ expects to stay getiher in Barlham. Miss Nuna- jr. eg tantng of the ectioo-1 macher, Although more than 71 'or cljid »i ^Ssrc u oflKj f gtwrftins tt> Perry. . SSKS^WTli SS&Bfiw** Ore. jund, and Alice Moliuder; and Mrs. Franklin Momstead, Veronica, Oregon. James Harner Has Operation- John Harner, Cedar Falls, ar- •ived a week ago Sunday and ac- jompanied his brother James to Rochester, Minn., Monday. James las suffered all spring with a ame back, being bedfast at times. He was a't the Mayo clinic two weeks ago and was sent home for a rest. He underwent a spinal op- uiation Wednesday at St. Mary's hospital. They found a pressure in nerves which caused his trouble. Last report Is that he is re- :overing satisfactorily. Daughter at Sanders Home- Mr, and Mrs. Doyl Sanders are parents of a 7%-lb. daughter born last week Monday. Other Swea-Eagle. Mrs. Harry Lindle and son Wallace and daughter Elaine spent several days last week at Storm Lake. Jacob Peterson spent most of last week with her daughter, Mrs. Lyle Blair. • .": . Mrs. Eva Harner, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Pierce and three children, Good Thunder, Minn., were weekend visftors at the George and James Harner and Fred McGregor homes. ,•, Lois Thackery, Armstrong, visited last week at the John Jongberg home. Mrs. Lottie Orowel, Rockford, 111., visited Wednesday and Thursday at Martin Gabel 1 ?. then moved to town and for ten years was school caretaker. For the last four years he and his son- 4n-Jaw Mr. LaBar, had operated a chicken farm .at Austin. Fourteen Grandchildren. Besides the survivinig -son and __ .five daughters, there are 14 grand- S children and nine great-grandchll- ™ dren. 1 = Pallbearers at the funeral were SS William Stoy, Gerald Stow, Mer- S vyn Marlow, Harlan Marlow, Lyle S Marlow, and William Marlow. = Honorary pallbears were N. (L. !gS' Cotton, E. M. Jensen, J. M. Blanch-' SS ,ard, Charles Morris, V. V. Frye, and Dell Marlow. ' • Four Stores Arise From Fenton Ashes , Fenton, July 31 — The Stoeber (hardware, the Eigler drug store, ,the Prlelbe grocery, and Widdel's .earaige will celebrate reopenings Aug. 5 to 12. All were burned out .December 17, but have rebuilt, and Fenton mow boasts the most modern stores in northwest Iowa. The tPU'blic will be invited to attend the -openings and register. Burtis, Ex-AIgonian, is Hospital Patient Lu Verne, July 31—B. F. Burtis, one of the real piqpeers still living at Lu Verne, a pioneer stock- buyer, is now at an Algona. hospital for treatment. He is 82, but till recently was in good health. His daughter, Mrs. Gertie Roseboro, Klamath Palls, Ore., came recently to help care for him. Mr. Burtis for a time a few years ago lived at Algona. .Mrs. Malmsten, wto Will ,be remembered as Bessie Anderson, Is a isistter of J. J. and Emm'a Ander- ispn, Swea City, and Mrs. D. L. Leffert, df Algona. GWier Swea City, Mrs. R. M. Minkel and baby, £usan Eleanor, spent several days in Font Dodge last week visiting ier husband's parents, Mr. and M-rs. L. M. Minkel. While therfi she was honored at a tea where a group of her high school classmates renewed acquaintance. Mrs. ,Ro<ge:- Minkel 'and Eleanor Minkel presided at fhe tea table. Mrs, R. A. Bravender and tihe Mark Cliffondis, Spencer, drove to Minneapolis last week Tuesday. Mr. Clifford is a hotel clerk at Speacer aud he and his wife, the former Kathryn Bravender, are .spending a Ww day s vacatjoa with •her mother here. DonaW Kent, infant son of Mr. Mrs. Carl Schroeder play at the university hospital at Swea City. Estelle Scbueler accom- jKanied the Schroeders on the trip, Mrs. C. F. Peterson, and two grandchildren, Wanda Rae Peter- fson, Fairmont, and 'Dennis Deim, Denver, Colo., le«t Dor Denver a week ago Wednesday, to visit relatives. Dennis will remain there, Immanuel Lutiheran meet Thursday Milton 'Peterson, Arthur Petareon, sen, Ole Peterson, aud Geo. Wal- lentlae entertaining. Mr. and Mrs- Art Aldrich, of Des spejjt test week with Mrg. #n r. , .brought home a week ago Monday toy his parenj-s from a sevea aid with Mesdames 0. L, Thoreson, H. V, CShristea- , . Aldrich'e parents, tfte P. J, Helm- kes. Mrs. Aldrich is the former Norma Clau&sen. aad Luther ,.„,, yening with w»*~« *-y»e B],pmBte/r Hugo 3H»gejriijn<!, f»A?F ^S^rpjjiye Vw »*jWR Jit ^Jfe*,. -*-r~ , - H E her son LawjreftSftfi er at iBtwuationajf' Mason Cfty. Mr. and Mrs. George Hlldman took their son Brwin to Des Moines one day last week for re moval of his tonsils. This vicinity welcomed a good shower Thursday night. It was badly needed, for there had been none In weeks. Threshing was In full swing last week. Some runs were finished and practically all others will finish this week. The oats are reported well filled and of very good quality. The yield averages 40 bushels or thereabouts. •Farmers who 'desired to make application for 1939 adjustment payments on corn met at the Central schoolhouse in Wesley town- Auditor's Office, Algona, Iowa 2=00 o'clock P. il U . Iyl4th ' 1!)33 Board of Supervisors met purau- P?ese°nt J ° Urnment wlth a " members 0 t n hn b f y ».? l! V r ,', s a Fd second by be adopted: toIlow '"K resolution Entry Record of the PiUnc- nnrt Consideration of the Estimate RESOLUTION H. , Remembered, That on a budget of sSld county n«lrori T 9 , prese nt a quorum as re- qHlred by law. Thereafter and on Isllmate 6I ' fe WM fllc<1 the - the hour o'clock P. M of Ba ncrt .2 £ sald Countv. unrt «w , e for one Insertlpn and to be a.t least, ten' days nrior to the'datt! set for hearing- • P W. E. MC DONALD, . Chafrman. B. 9. KINSEY, 'Motion by Heiken 6 an?' second by ' ' malp make , for Tax to ° y be directed to attend the Cfty? A f y eC8e - r8 all h ° rt cours e at IOWB Motion by Heiken and second bv Cosgrove that a paupers' notice be «erved °n John Stampke and f ami 1? and Elbe Van Dorston ard wife and Dick Wermersen and family and Raymond B. Lamb and wife. Ayes: \r^. U °f1 *J y . . He " cen and second by Morris that the appraisers' report on Proceeding on land . slde of s % of NE^ «hi SE > Section 13 Township 99 Range 29 t>a accepted. Ayes: **! 8 bei . n K ff "?, furthe '- business at time the Board adjourned to Call of the auditor. W. B. MC DONALD, Chairman. B. 3. KINSEY, Secretary. . ' Mrs. Oliver Stowe, Dolliver; and Hugh Marlow, Lone Rock, v To I»wa in 1902. CompleteOpticalService seven years . Mr. Cameron married .again, and thee daughters were ,born. One died in: infancy, and the .others are Mrs. Victor Wdalen, ,Dolliver, and'Mra. La Bar. The second Mrs.- Cameron died in 1918. Most of Mr. Cameron's early life was spent in Illinois, where he folr ,lowed a variety, of, trades. In 1902 he moved to and for some OPTOMETBI8T Style, quality, and prices to please yon. A. W. AMUNSON Optometrist Above Borchard Drug Store ship Friday and signed up. The Ollle Klrscttbaums were at a family reunion at the Ambrose A. Call state park at Algona last week Sunday which 70 persons a^ tended. Ollle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Klrschbaum, Sexton, who have been married 56 years, were honor guests. The other* attending were the Peter Kirsch- baums, Ayrshire; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garman, Aligona; Mr. an<Mrs. A. Kirschbaum, Crystal Lake. the Otto Kh-schbaums, -Sexton, «nt Mr. and Mrs. Barry Maloney, Mason Cfty. 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