Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1939 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1939
Page 8
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COttfoft. AftVANCB. At/aONA. This MUHLEMAN ON VACATION IN CANADA WILDS Visits Gambling Den, Fishes, Scales the Mountains. The Her. W. O. Mnhletiuui, lor- flfole and beloved former Algona district Methodist superintendent' 111 * 11 ' 1 ^ again, and classify It. Stripped of 20 years. at Jt again. Dover a more devoted lover of the great outdoors and far-away places, as ivltness this By Kcv. IV. G. Mnhlcnian. Castle Mountain Bungalow "HE' MOVIE'S By T. H. C. 3 COURAGEOUS— lire la difficult to get h into. There are so ctlng emotions, such confusion of fact and any threads of plot, lue array of acting tal- s almost impossible to >f all non-essentials, simply the plight of a which finds solace In constant change and everlasting revolt against existing conditions. "We are the kind of men," says Claude Rains in substance, "who bring only unhapplness to those with whom we come in contact." .Indeed, there are such, and, strangely enough, they, not those who are so-called bulwarks of society and civilization, are the In- reared four daughters teresting individuals. sband deserted her for At another point Mr. Rains has hen he suddenly turns this to say— after Garfleld has ac- find his wife ready to .cused him of lying— "Nothing is , and his daughters duller than the truth, the whole themselves groomed ay. nds of a less capable Claude Rains as loug- , this character might lywire; but Mr. Rains eezes sympathy and truth and nothing but the truth!" iBut Mr. Rains demonstrates the real Art of Lying by using It to (bring joy and happiness to those .benefitted by his untruths. Well, what shall we make of all fhfiSP liifinnatstaiir>lpa? Tha nlnf la about him.' Stranger to all, he Is nevertheless a more understanding .being than those who have lived for 20 years closely associated with one; another. . Fay Balnter Is at her :best, and just to make sure that the cast was well nigh perfect, lo and behold, there Is grand old May Robson in a role just fitted for her Versatile talents. She Is merely the old housekeeper in Daughters Courageous, but you may be sure that she's a darned good one. Yes, here's a picture with universal appeal. But of course my remarks are colored by my own philosophy. You probably liked the show for an entirely different reason. Yet this, I believa, Is the secret of all great Art: that we see or read or hear only by means of our own personal judgments and convictions.' WTHERING HEIGHTS— It Is a credit to the modern screen .writers, Ben Hecht and McArthur, that they took an old fash- .ioned, out-moded Victorian novel pictures, The Scoundrel, .psychologoclal aspect not .that of Wutherlng Heights .portrayed with a depfessi Ity what goes on. In the ton .abnormal human being, Bu how 'there are momenta Bronte picture that simply Improbability and verge ously on the ridiculous; .this alone could not be call feet, since psychology fr< does just that. But we are living In a age, when thoughts and e .for the most part, seem on .er and purer basis. Folks i er hate with mid-Victorian moderns are disappointed they sooner or later (usual .er) find someone else am the past. The Idea of mai .slster-in-law in order to ,(1) the sister, (2) the s .law, and finally, (3), seems a bit overdone in anj clime. i Yet Wutherlng Heights portant because It Is so i>nfb TliA wntlrlav (a tlinf had a unlike In this shrieks danger- though ed a de- frequently " 011 literally sq compassion out of a role which really docs not merit such feel- Because, after all, a man Camp, Castle Mountain, Alta Can- 1 " l *"' a " ec f us , e : alter all, a ada Jul 16-You wr ! who . cleselts his f amlly and ada, July 16-You were always so kind to print my letters when I made a trip, and since I have by search of his "destiny" shouldn't Yet there Is always the lurking have much consideration. Yet not only does this my favor- the many Alcoiia 1 y favor- any sun loves ner wandering making bold to write 1 , actor evoke sympathy, but the former husband. Only strong emo- rip that Mrs. Muhle-' ractev of , Sanl ' the mother's; tlons come from those who have no means lost any of my interest in you and the friends, I am you of the trip man and I are taking. . We are high up in the Canadian Rockies, 25 miles from Banff and ,2285 miles from home. It has been snowing this morning, and we are surrounded wi t h mountains, , This is a most wonderful and '* e ™. onaT1 """"lions, can't you? .perfectly logical; the mother mar- and ma(J e a fairly convincing ino- rles Sam; the girls, we feel, will tltm Picture; and it Is a credit to .be married to dull, and probably'' b °th producer and director that this old tear-jerker was handsome- 'Iy mounted, super.bly photograph'•ed, and well cast to produce the goes I "safe," husbands, and everybody this old tear-jerker was handsome- galvlnating around the world inj will live happily (?) ever after." ' " shadow that maybe the mother really still loves her wandering n ..,. , --------- ------ --------( y Balntei s > fiancee Is made soj the strength and courage to break that you have the un " feell "S that ' conlfortalble the conventions of society. you'd. All this Is rather revolutionary 'Some " i forget •yln'g a | torture, slster-ln-] yourself Is Im- second- that out of such a niessy plot .such a vivid aud engrossing picture could be made. .Again, orchids to Heclit aud McArthur. rather spend a year with Claude| philosophy, unlike the principles <mu we are tlmn 20 witl1 " tlle otller man."• of right and wrong we have been snowcapped! whlch lsn 't right, of course, but 1 taught from Sunday school days • what the heck—you can have some .(And it wouldn't be so bad if we effect of reality. , But after giving due credit .where credit Is due, about all I can say Is, who in heck cares about lt?j From a sadistic standpoint, as a' history of Importance Ronald Walker, West Bend Has Accident TWO ALGONA BOYS WIN SCOUT HONORS Mart Scheulel and.Billy GOdden received badges at a Court of Hon* or last week Sunday ' at the boy scout camp, Port Dodge. Bojtll. were promoted from the tenderfoot class to second class. . : Douglas Brown and Milt Holmes were other Algona boys who also won promotions. Douglas Is how a tenderfoot; Milt a second classman. . ' ' There were 65 boys from the. Ft. Dodge council at the camp, which was In session a week. The Algona boys placed third on "stunt" night, with their "Farmer and His Ford." They also won numerous belt honors. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Weaver went down last week Sunday to get their grandson (Mart) and Billy Goddeii, and they attended the Court of Honor. Before a s'cout can be advanced from tenderitoot td fcftftfti class, he must do the follolrhif thlflgfl: Give 30 (Tdy* 1 s«rvk«, know fi SStowl Give 30 (Tdy* 1 s«rvk«, know first aid, elementary sfgmallng, track- Ing,- acout'n paceSuse of knife and hatchet, fife miildtng, cooking, thrift deposit, the 10 cardinals on the compasfl, practice rules of safety, and live the scout oath and law. P. A. Damson la the local boys' lender, but he was unable to attend the camp, as he Is 'at Port Snelllng, near Minneapolis. Wesley Couple are Back from Lengthy , Tour in the South Mrs. John Hutchison, Wesley, returned to work at the 'old age assistance office at the courthouse Monday; after a two 'weeks vacation. She amd her huband, Wesley banker, went Sou'th, traveling the full length of ten states, 4000 miles. - '•••- : . Of particular interest to them were tobacro, rice, sweet potato, . At one point th« t, * drlve « ' " Havelock Ellis case psychological ^beautiful camp site. It is off the The Lane sisters Priscilla, didn't have a suspicion that there is some truth in it). There are moments of Intense •w_.t*uL.ii.ui V,U.LUI/ oitc. .it _a un i lie !}«„,„ T i *., . , main road and within easy reach ;,, sem , aiv ' L °la—ably assisted by of the places and the things I love! Fa se, score heavily in various: drama, m o m e n t s of poginant P al 'ts. each contributing a definite! charm, flights of pure farce, ribald and individual interpretation of a merriment, all sandwiched into the character—what I mean is, each is tense situations, and they leave a distinct personality. And sec-[you breathless and panicky. But „ .. . , . Olld only to Claude Rains is the there is nothing of the "prodigal fields of snow, and examined the magnificent part played by John' son" in the return of the prodigal .blue glaciers. Sometimes I have Garfleld, counterpart to the older husband. The fatted calf is plain- been roped to a guide. I have tak-jman, youthful personification of ly not for him. He sits alone at a so well. Fishes on Beaver House. I have tramped through woods .and scaled mountains, crossed en movies in colors of some of the most beautiful mountain scenery I have ever looked upon. I have also got movies of many wild animals. Yesterday I hiked away out into'^S the mountains to where I had been told there was a deep, clear, blue .cold lake in which there were trout. I spent a clay going, fish-; Ing, and coming, and last night we' had trout for supper-—-which, of course, I caught. Several times I came near fall- lug into the lake, for I was standing on an uncertain spot. Then .when I was taking a trout off of ,the hook I heard a noise beneath me, and realized that I was standing on a beaver house, and that what I was hearing was baby beavers. I saw one of the beavers, but was not close enough to get a picture. While I was fishing I could hear the call of moose, elk, aud mountain goats, and I saw many tracks of bears. . I have already taken 1200 feet of j f^ pictures, which, I hope, will all be good. Religion is Neglected. I think you know me well enough to know that I am getting a lot of other things also. On the entire trip I have tried to learn about the condition of the people. One meets a lot of fine people on a trip of this kind, but I have been sorry to learn that not many whom T have met and talked with are religious; yet in both this country and in the good old U. S. A. we read, and are told by public men .(not including ministers), that the only thing that will save the world is the applied principles of Jesus Christ. It makes me wonder why a greater effort is not made to got the idea over to the people by example as well as by precept. I find so many people who are without church privileges, and no effort is being made to get these 'things to them. Peadwood Still Wlde-Open. . I was amazed beyond my powers to express to find the conditions which exist, as an illustration, at .Deadwood, S. D. An officer told me, "Wo run a wide-open town." I said, "I never saw naything like it." He then said, "Would you like to have me take your around?" Of course I said yes. Tho first place he took me to was into a gambling den. He had with him a tall westerner wearing cowboy boots, a • ten-gallon hat, and clothes in keeping, who gave me his name and said his father helped to lay out Wild Bill Hickok.j^ after lliekok had been shot by|l3T Jack McCall. Spotted as Minister. I confess that I felt nervous over being in the place. I said to the officer, "Say, who do you think you are taking through here?" Thej westerner said, with a drawl: "I : bet I know; I bet you are a preacher!" "The officer said, "I bet so, too." I admitted that I was, and I wondered whether the men and women gamblers thought so too, because of the way they looked at me. It will take me some time to overcome these things. The people who talk Christianity have got to do more than talk it. It must be lived as well. Well, I must close. I hope to have the pleasure and privilege of showing my pictures and telling my story in Algona sometime. that restless, wandering spirit: fireside which should revolve Wutherlng Heighta may appeal to a limited group of cinemaddicts, hut to the great majority it is slm- .ply something to get depressed about. After all, we do go to the -movies for entertainment. If we •want to read about sadists and sadism, we go to Kraft-Ablug or Havelock Ellis. Not that the things that happened in Wutherlng Heights couldn't happen nowadays, but they are not at all likely; and If they did happen, they would be a psychological study rather than entertainment features. I'll grant that one of my favorite West Bend, July 24—'While making shelves at the Balgemau service station, where he Is employed, Ronald Walker suffered a cut hand one day last week. An artery was almost severed. Fred Grunig and Donald Cobb, near by, applied a| tourniquit and stopped the flow of j blood. An Iowa City state university ambulance happened by, aud the driver offered assistance. •Ronald's father, Ben Walker, who had -been called, took the patient to Doctor Morrison's office. On advice of the doctor Ronald went •home to He down a while, as he was weak from loss of blood, but was back at the station late iu the afternoon, though with the arm In a sling. Announcing Algona 9 s First Showing of FALL CLOTHES - For Men and Boys You can now come in and pick o>ut your NEW FALL suit from the hundreds on our racks in outstanding Fall shades and models. If you are short, tall, stout, or regular we have a suit to fit you from 33 to 50. You will be surprised at the high 1 quality and low prices we are offering.' Bigger values than ever. There is no need to wait for "Sales" when you can buy NEW MERCHANDISE for less than sale price. Priced $I7.5O to $35.OO See Our Fall Window Ditplay EADGEAR HOSPITALS GENERAL. July 19—Mrs. TCdwiii Hanna, of Forest City, medical. July 20—Darlene T^arsen, Ottosen, medical; Mrs. Vincent Kellner, Ottosen, medical. July 23—Mrs. Kenneth Bollinger, Fpnton, medical. July 24—Geneva Hinz, Lu Verne, tonslllectwny. KOSSUTH July 20—Roy Bjustrom, Algona, accident. July 21—George Doocy Jr.. Swea City, accident; George Wleiand, Cedar Rapids, medical; Mrs. Glenn Smith, Britt, girl. . July 22—Mrs. Russell Walker, Algona, tonslllectomy; Vernon Ew- Ing. Swea City. at»nendectoniv. July 24 — Rosaiine and Herman Plait, Algona. tcaisillecwmles. New Color to Blend With Topcoat Woolens $2.95 to $5.00 You will appreciate these fine hats in the new wider brim, featuring the Shagmor finish by LaSalle and Stetson ^//y?^ for Fall Reflecting New Trends S P ECIA LS Chrischilles Store Following ore the heels of our immensely popular and succesiW 2-forl sale, we offer a list of attractive values from our dowi stairs departments. Here are first quality goods at "way below current prices." Take advantage of these. Stock up. Prepare for higher prices in the Fall. Read this list of "specials." You'll find them very attractive. Remnants o( draperies and curtain goods— cretonnes— price. Crosby Square and John Million have designed new British styles and colors that will please you and your pocketbook. Values Supreme in Clothes for Men & Boys _=q _3= SS I Spun rayon prints —36 inch—crown tested, tubfast—a successful summer fabric—39ci Look! JANTZEX AM> BRADLEY BATHING SUITS The biggest .price reductions ever offered on nationally advertised lines of recognized excellence. ( - Children's sizes Vv $1 salts- for only Junior and. misses, $1.95 suits for only Women's {Bradley and Jantzen) ; $1.95 suits for only $1.35 ! $2.95 suits for only $2.95 5 $3.95 suits for only $2.95 1 $4.95 suits for only $3,95 ? Women's and children's slacks and fanner! ettes, made from color fast hopsackings, twffla,! striped piques and satin TA- f Ofl twills, reduced to ______ 196 and 1.03 BOLO SHIRTS—fine knit cotton short sleewl —an ideal sport item, all QOiil colors—sizes 6 to 20 OvV| Summer costume jewelry—a grand selection! of attractive white shells, sugar drop and r"" 1 ' pearl necklaces and bracelets, pins and clips, $1.00 values _._ sWs* SHEETS AND CASES—new low prices. FIELDCREST WEARWELL brand-known for quality- nnest workmanship—durable, long wearing and washing- a standard product^- \ SHEETS 72x99- inch, 81x99 inch, and 81x108 inch 89c soft, luscious kind—easy to sleep to- 81xl08-$ ul PILLOW CASES 42x36 Inch I9c 42 inch Lady Pepperell tubing—this is the kind we sold hundreds of yard* of last summer. New low price—.18c. .•,.•.. Woman's rolled hem printed linen hand kerchief s-3f or 50c. Children's and misses' anklets— sizes 6 to 10| —values to 19c, for only lOc; values to pair for 35c. Printed Bemberg sheers and crepes—a li$j weight, washable, sightly summer fabric sno«l here in beautiful patterns and colors— 69c. , Printed voiles, dimities and &wasses-the cleg up of one of the best lilies of summer cotton m rics we have eVer shown-^prices sl many worth twice or t.hr§e times what now asking—only 19c yard. 40 ana 46 inch Zioa and Quaker cwbOa yard, lw*-*pod pattern* "buy* voile p»J«iiMft-«wfti tailored styles-rUe-belt JftcWtft smartly styled and very i" £1 flfl attractive ^arnwuts ,...,,.f....pairfM «™ ,_ ^ TV

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