Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1939
Page 7
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•Htt,v'gB;.'i$«i: jjSSfiSSS^^^ II Loans to Lrteoilfl, confidential service, lAFWAIIGECO *-•- sits: ^ =1., '...-To, SHIEBK OLE HANOLAND, ONLY 20, DIES AT HOSPITAL KOSSUTH COUNTt ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE SEVEN Widow Loses Oldest Son, Main Help on Farm By ('has. H. Klamp. Mrs. Theo Handland, west of O t Specialist) (Callouses, -Hammer L are often the 5 ' of more serious Avoid more serious L prompt attention feglect your .feet. L,Bldg. ' A1 « onl jphone 2BO-W. -^ EAR hummer, of Mason I |,e at the V. F. W. [ursdnj- evening, July 1:15. iwnsend Members I Sandwiches, Cards, ! mid dishes, (benefit party after I session. Lryone welcome. Jit MBIS [TO LOAKS LsEHOLI) LOASS IRSOSAL LOANS |. Courteous • Convenient t family budget has got; of contnil, a loan will back on schedule and repay it a little each lUOHANNON isnrancc at a Savings Hutchison Illdg. Phone 108. Britt, who formerly lived northwest of Lu Verne, and her children are fa'rming 370 acres. The eldest boy, Ole, aged 20, died Friday at a hospital at Mason City. This was a tragedy, for he was his mother's main help, There are five other children: Mrs. Kenneth Wood, Marie, Bernice, Glenn, and Orville. Waller Fmilstich, who has the William Huge township, wni we saw him The men had the Saturday completed tin of oats was Walter put il snid, was slu farm In Plum Creek shocking oats when last week Monday, finished cutting oats before ,but had not shocking. The crop I southeast of Lone Rock, Wednes- ago. ,• Neighbors of the Handlands and, Ore. other friends turned out one even-' this summer, ing last week to shock 60 acres of oats, .starting at 7 p. m. and finishing in one hour. Among them 'were Enar and Carl Fran/en, Frank Johnson, Cecil Hildebraiitl, Fern Huling, Otto Dallnian, "Ren" Smith, Victor Loebig, the Thomas Lundys, Elmer Daughan, Herman and Harold Nuehring, Elmer, Cle- Stalxer, Harry Clark, Leonard Vood, Edw. Huber, Leo Carman, Bob and "Con" Wood, Cyril Mo- zock, Forest Gilmore. Glenn Smith, the "Vic" Garmans, us, and Carl Thompson, R. D. C. H. KLAMP, Field Representative Their sisler was preparing rhu- bar!b for canning. These folks are always busy. We missed Mother Manning, who died last spring. * * * We stopped at I. W. Nelson's, "Rood in spots," as But the. corn, he wing up better than day, and the men were combining onts. Floyd Bacon, brother of Mrs. Mrs Handland's husbiiid dlol IP uny llc ha(1 evcr r " lsetl - 'Mr. Huge,!'''* machine. Mr. Nelson said this MIS. wanuianu s nusoanu ciieu live, , . „„,.„.,„,, , ,.°.'i vn .,,.. 0 „,.„,, ,,,„„ .,,„ hac . t \, D \, af \ AID AT LEDYARD LEARNS HOWITS CASH IS RAISED Ledyard, July 24—The Methodist Aid met in the church basement Thursday afternoon, with Mrs. E. ,T. Halverson as hosetss, and dcvo- .tlons were led by Mrs. Georg< Thompson. Each member gave a .report of how, she had earned money for the Aid. . The sum of $11 was turned in, N'efson,'"washing "the" work with *?* the m °" e , y na , d been m , ade , ^ mending, laundry, driving, many other ways. A total aughter of Mr. and Mrs..Charles Jashara. Mrs. Julius Jensen spent last veek Tuesday afternoon at her aughter Mrs. Glenn Yahnke's. Helen Odell left by bus for her iome in Denver Wednesday, after a month with local relatives. The Otis Midthuns, Elmore, were :allers last week Monday evening at Edw. Halverson's. George Hagge attended a county air board banquet at Burt last iVednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Tice Brack were lusiness callers at. Algona last veek Tuesday. Shirley Tokheim, Armstrong was visiting her aunt, Mrs. Lars Skaar, ast week. W. E. Weimer was a business caller at Algona Thursday. (who is expected here sometime | ^ar's crop was the best he had ™ » ™ ^s realized Ms I,1,, R ™ n ,. livcs nl woodburn. over raised. ^ ^ , |;w!lsonBra°ck became a new m^: . * * » j We called Thursday at Arthur ( ber of the Aid. a<ii wopir- \inmi-iv niJ i'Uedtke's on the first farm on the', There were some 60 persons at- <*OL v> ^CIV mUllUcl.Y Ull ...l. _,,!_ _c il,_ 1 „„„* £..„.** L 1.. _ t !._,.._ . ,- _ c_ll > i Wo called .. _, Herbert Missiill, northeast of Wes- loy. Last si there he was now he has ring when we were i ' • side of the road east from | tening, induing the following out- Lotts Creek store. Mr. Luedtke of-town guests: "batching it" but'J vaS 1>enall>ln E tlle wilulows 9* . Ua \ Mrs. Amelia Halverson, Mrs. L. ....o leserted the ranks of louse Preparatory to repainting.' A> Kallestad, granddaughters Clara "single blessedness," having been'' Lal ! t y f ar he , rep , a , nte the lloal ' n 1 and Mabel Kallestad, Ariel Engum mnrHf.fi RnfiJvrinv i,,iv IK nlul otllel ' outhulldings. hiiWt-evaiiddniiehtei-B T,ola Wan- married Saturday, July 15. George Wa ley, was moving Monday. He i-d. northeast of Wcs- of Lono Rock , the men were put- 1 ^"un, Mrs. Fred Medeske, Mrs •ing alfalfa last week llng hay into the barn Thursday, i £ arl ,? t ? lv ?'' s , on ' a11 ° £ !?niore iaid he wanted to put alld we an . lve d when the last load. Mrs. Milo Halverson Mrs. Bernarr His up befo.e threshing time. His was at the barn . Mrs. Madison is ° lso »' Mrs. Cora Peterson, Buffalo threshing ru i was to start opera- 1 having company two weeks: a : ^ enter; * nd Mrs - Otis Randall, o lions Thursdiy. . I nepnew and hls tamily from De-| M «™ Cii *- .„,,,,,. - .- - -...„, **** | troll. They are Mr. and Mrs. Chris I. The next meeting will be held 11 J. Loebig, Henry J. Weiland,! Raymond iJchutjcr, southeast of, Ma ,i son and two children, Alice, 8,. two , weeks at Mrs ' Charles Bash Vitl» /~\1 », „., 77*1 .1 Tf 1 Itr r P4tn»1m ,,,.,„ .. J. If. _ M- lITilll- -I - -- .- _ .- - •-... i fll'fl. R. Arthur Olsen, Eldon Hammond, W. ?. Richardson, Orville Nail, C. D. Schluger, Harry Handeushell, Robert W. Schonemaii, Orville Smith, Titonka, was Schutjer farJn, first place east of, their mother said they were enjoy- last week Monday,! i n g life on the farm. Mr. Madson where he liv and threshii Seorge Gahan, Wm. F. Stalger, W.j 'here. The B. Richardson, Paul Devine, Dale Weiland, Edward Miller, Kenneth Thompson, Hugh Mullin, Wilbur Martin, "Bill" Wood, George Dallman, Daniel Banchard, the Kenneth Woods, the Ei-nest Kearneys, William Style, Jos. Fuhrmnn, and the W. A. Woods family. Ole was to be buried at Algona this week Monday afternoon. more than At Clarence inond'K the c threshed. T' good quality I han t>b otlier, "> Schuijer tolt Mr. and Mrs Schutjer diet ARMSTRONG # ^ t ^ , )<;r\eat-granddaughteirs Lola Wan Al Mrs. C. Madison's, northwest 1 f^.«» °l Fl '°?i' M'™' • Mrs. Otis at the Mrs. William, nlu i Neil, 3. Both the children and ara s. g was in crew had ,000 bushels of oats. Schutjer's and Ray- •ops had already been le oiits were of extra- One field ran more I'dst-Nuptiul Shower Given — Last week Monday evening sorm rh,°n« r h e prt lWO|lkB hl th , e Bl ' iSgS , b ° dy fac , tofi ; yi i« relatives and friends gathered thi eshed, Detroit, as foreman in one of the )u the Methodlst church basemen bus'iels to the acre; an- hishels. Mrs. William departments. * * * * Raymond Vogel, north of Burt, and his father, William Vogel, raise turkeys, and were caring for them when we were there last week Tuesday. Raymond said they us that her parents,! had had bad luck this year, for Clayton Dennis, who, dogs entered the turkey yard and were with her last spring after Mr. killed around 100. This was rath- ADVANCE WANT ADS PAY Hog Raisers Our improved Trinity Mixture is the Ideal protein supplement. Minerals, vitamins, pr6teins. Goes farther, costs less than tankage. Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ALGONA, IOWA Tor ing a post-nuptial shower honor- Mrs. Edwin VerSteeg. Cleo Gable and Edith Logan gave a clever takeoff of the wedding trip, and Marjoi-ie and .Jean Gable sang. The rest of the evening was spent at games and contests. The bride received many gifts. Lunch was served by the hostesses. had moved to Ames, er discouraging, after so much hard where Mr. Dennis is working the carpenter at work had been put into them. * * * * William Fritz, north of Wesley, J. W. Goetz, northwest of AVes-'was not at home when we called ley and Sam Striley run a big'at his place last week Tuesday, that neighborhood but was at a neighbor's, helping The Carl Hammerstroms, Lone j thresher, in _.„ Flock, visited friends here last There arc new not many of the big thresh week Monday. The Hamnierstroms machines lelt in the county. i i „ ^,.««o,.f,,o- f™. + i, 0 1 Maude Hanna, Burt; Mrs. Ida Lar- 3lt in the county. Thehofne, waa Paring foi _ the | gon> ^^^ Ande] . a an(J Ml . formerly lived in Swea township, j men were planning to start their | threshers. M, .^and^Mn^i itz jiave , ^ Mrg Krummi gwea c , ty . Mrg The John Felsruds, Swea (own- run Thursday. ship, took Mrs. C. Hemphill by surprise last week Sunday evening fj'om Wesle; cago, 111., was a guest of her son . ,., , Jesse and her daughter Clara. lhc Wesle y creamery. | Amelia Bahr, Hutchison, Minn., , Albert Ye Mrs. Fritz, who was was at I'ostimislers in Meet Here— Mr. and Mrs. Jack McDonald entertained the postmasters of the county Thursday evening, and after the business session iunch was served. Attending: Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson, Ledyard; Mrs. Ifnnv hnvs nml tlipv havp a ereat a " u ' s ' lvl umm - awea *- lly . #»S. |£.^ ^^ ^ SuSSij- -t'cr r - ancl Mrs - w At the M. P. Goetz farm, north- calves and got too close to one, west of Weslev, one of the boys which kicked him in the face, just week missing an eye. The blow was Methodist Aid Tea Given- Mrs. D. B. Mayer entertained at when they called with a birthday . , nnira hon,Mtifr Qc /ifitwiinc. ' \i,.c. : was hauling manure last .. —, . , —-- —- — —^ ~. --.v^. b »... UM —v Hpmnhni whnJ? hnmJ"u M Chi'' Mondav. Mr. Goet Z had come home; rather painful The lads also have an Ald t€a at he] . nome ]ast w fc Hemphill, whose home is at Chi- „..„„ ,-„.., J. He takes C] , eam to ' a .blg time with Dad's sheep. There | Tuesday evening. The time are nearly 300 sheep on the farm, pent , at sew i ng carpet rags. ge, northwest of Wes- and there are many fine lambs. was Attending: Mesdames Jos. Mayne T. Halvorson, W. Wiemer, Tice * * * recently spent a few days at her i ey was combining oats last week! At William Eden's, northwest'of ^^^ sister Mrs. C. A. Plath's. Tuesday, aid was taking them Wesley, we found Mrs. Eden and B) . ack Arnold Willson has a severe standing, tl ough a great many, the daughter raking the yard| case of blood-poisoning in his left; farmers "first windrow them, then..Wednesday. _ A^ son 15 years^ oid,(< ron p ^akes Ltulyard Calls— ' "" ~ * " " Mrs. Carrie Bakkie, Washington, ^DISEASES WE VEINS TOE iorlty of these conditions freated successfully by am- methods! which means that Per very little, if any, pain hot have to go to bed. You Ion with your regular work, it no time except for a few I in my office once a week. I welcome to come in for an Won without charge. At P I can explain' in detail pod of treatment. (.MEYER, D,0, Sawyer Bltlg. oney Personal Needs and Up ««ra cash is needed for expenses-let us arrange 'W loan for you ' our many credit ^'.Payments are out o lneome wuu Ir <* special loan plan fo* . farmer .. """"need-payments * v * ce is Iowa t 8a Insurance Agency, 306*307 leg. Ea covering last week at the Coleman to the hospital, Esiherville, from a major operation performed a week ago Saturday. Betty Camden, Minneapolis,] came recently for a vacation at the, parental Emerson S. Camden'sJ and with her sister Alice and their| mother spent a few days with the' girls' brother John at Cedar Uap- ds. The silo on the Anton Guerdct arm in Swea township was being •epaired last week. •Mrs. William Baird, San Diego, Jalif., and her daughter Shirley, ul . UH ^ aml . tfae arrived ten driys ago from aconl p an ied Pennsylvania, where they hadi spent the nionth with Mr. Baird's larents. They came here to visit he parental Martin Petersons.! Urs. Baird is the former Nancy, ^eterson. I Maylen Strong, Holstein, came Wednesday for a visit at his sister] Mrs. Clifford Rasmussen's. He is :he son of Mr. and Mrs. Clair Strong, who formerly lived here. The Ted Opsals, with the latter's slate? Gwendolyn and Gwendolyn's ^"""i' 1 "? ' husband, DCS Moines, left Thurs- S<UJ day for California to visit the women's parents, Mr. and Mrs. !rover Calahan, and sister Lola, formerly of Armstrong. Mrs. Kristina Thomson and her son John are with relatives at Minneapolis till September. The Thorn- sens vacated their house hero some weeks ago, and it is now oc- .-.upied by Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Burkhead, newlyweds. John Thorn- combine. ^ good qualit; to the bush' Manning Lotts Creek field, puttin Mrs. Johi the Phillips Thursday c Ernest Phil for home at urday, and acompanied a month's guests wen Van Patten Phillips fan Fort Dodge Cecil Wil call Wednei Williams, v Mrs. Viva ' 111., report! son Gerry V pendlcitis < sary to ha night. The Lew City, spent i homes, wh having a v Beverly j from Thur Ibert's oats were of j was mowing alfalfa north of the ', weighing 35 pounds .f rove. M rB Eden sa^thls was the .1. * * * * and she was somewhat worried Bros., a mile east of about how he would get along, but store, were out in a we noticed that he was doing a g up hay, Wednesday, fine job. LU VERNE LOCALS i Phillips entertained, and the Benedicts . were friends families at dinner last j. when both families lived at Mil- vening, honoring the ( waukee. ins family, which lefti p om . ] oca i boy scouts — Neal Bar- Miles City, Mont, Sat- ton> Everett Schipull, Kenneth Mrs. S. F. Phillips, who Bockes, Robert Surby— spent last the Ernest Phillips for . W eke at a boy scout camp near stay. Out of town p or t Dodge. They were chosen by Mr. and Mrs. L. W. a committee of the local Commun- Ames, the Harold j ty c i u tj for achievements in scout lily, and John Phillips, liams had a telephone day evening from Mrs. •ho is with her sister, Jourtney, at Lexington, ng that the 7-year-old ad had an attack of ap- nd that it was -neces- /e an operation that s Petersons, of Mason last week at the Ramus work since organization of the local troop early in the year. Mrs. Pearle Conoway left Sunday for Clarind'a, where hei daughters Patty and Darlene had been visiting, and all left thence for two weeks at Long Beach Calif., with Mrs, Conoway's mother, the daughter Jacqueline, and other relatives. The Lewis Pearsons have returned from two months at the former's brother's at Oklahoma le Mr. Peterson was city, Okla. Carmen Wermerseri ,cation. 1 returned Thursday from Sioux Aviefel, Corwith, visited p a ii s , where she had. been a gues sday till Sunday .with i0 f her 'sister, Mrs.^Wayne Dorn Mallard, and granddaughter, Margaret Bakkie, Waterloo, were here Wednesday, calling on old friends. The Baiddes lived here 25 years ago. Ledyanlcr's Brother Sick — Edw. Looft took Mrs. Fred Looft to Bopne last week Tuesday night. She had been called to the bedside of a brother who had undergone Xeck Tumor is Removed— Mrs. Harry Schroeder had a tu- last week Tuesday morning. . Other Ledjard News. Mrs. Ada Randall, Mason City, ^ and Mrs. H. Halvorson, of Frost, I Minn., were visiting the Lawrence ! Pingles last week: Mrs. Randall is I Mrs. Pingle's mother, and Mrs. 1 Halvorson is Mrs. Pingle's grand- I mother. _ . . I Mar.iorie Mayer returned Friday ™«f™. from Waterloo, where she had visited her grandparents since last week Sunday. Doris Dunham , brought her back and is spending re ~ | a week or two at the Mayer home. t ]le l Mrs. 0. C. Sprout and her daugh- pklahoma, ter R Uth we ,. e visiting last week at. the former's sister Mrs. Broadwell's at Mallard. Kathryn Sprout sen will enter Ihe Minn., college this fall. Norlhfield, Donna Mason. Mrs Robert Diekoff, Detroit, renewed acquaintance here Wednes-l dnv She came from. Fort Dodge • ~ ' a Lothringer andj Lot iringer. ' Jean Mcsher was visiting her with Mrs. Barbara fiKthpr Loliringer. Four Corners Mr. and Mrs. John Payton, Chicago, and their daughter Myra Lou visited the Otto Harlans over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mitchell, also Chicago, arrived Friday night to visit relatives till Wednesday morning. Mr. Mitchell is the son of Etna Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Harlan called at Edmund Larson's last week Tuesday to see a new daughter there named Beverly Terina. Clarice Harlan, who had been there since a week ago Wednesday, came borne with them. " The Louis Lowmans and Arthur Alexanders attended a lawn party at the A,*J. Meyers home, Ringsted, Friday evening. The party was }n honor of the birthday of Mr. •Meyer and his twin brother There were 30 in attendance. Mi\ and Mrs. Leo Ramus, with .tlieir son John Howard, spent a few minutes at the Howard Witn- home Wednesday. They are at Lone Rock, but plan to move back to Swea City soon.' . Mrs. John Rich. Mrs. William .Drayton, and Mrs. Geprge Lee spent Sunday at Emmetsburg picking raspberries- Betty Hansen, Algona, spent a feV days last week with Mary Joyce Rich, randfathe week. A form Chris Wai an, with kakee, 111. Lt5I D nu***'-*' i iy jicJU dU xjui,i,4*\iM *»•* i*w»«w wi .•-» — Ham Woito and Elinor anotnel . at Charles Jacobsen's Frito Lincoln, Neb., one | (]ay even ing. Friend Clicago. were recent guests j A thresher meeting was. recent- at the Wa ters home. | ]y held at Gottlieb Kracht's, and Mrs. Wi Mae drove day last v Weiners. The Edv cottage at Mr. Dehne with Mrs. Wehrheim .guests at last week with' the SENECA at Central City -last r schoolmate of Mrs. ers, Mrs. Thomas Morrs. Chas. Gravelle, Kanand Mr. and Mrs. John The Doctor Atkins medicine show" held forth here last week, and large crowds attended. Mrs. Elmer Lee attended a Happy Birthday club meet at Mrs. Dennis Hendricksen's, near Depew, Wednesday. eek to visit the John Mrs. Otis Randall, Mrs. H. Hal- vorsou, Mrs. Lawrence Pingle, Mrs. E. T. Halvorson and the latter's daughters were guests last week Tuesday afternoon at Mrs. Chester Johnson's. Thursday evening guests at Edw. Halvorson's were Mr. and Lawrence Pingle, Ledyard; Otis Randall, Mason City; Brrol Peterson spent Mrs. Mrs. and Mrs. Amelia Halvorson, of Frost, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Pingle were at Swea City We'dnesday, visiting Mrs. Pingle's mother, Mrs. Margaret Looft. Mrs. Looft had been having a siege of flu, but was some week-end. better. Dehnerts have taken a near gwea City, before last at Clarence Saxton's, Mrs. George Bashara and her Clear Lake for August t is foreman for a gymnasium wlich is being built there It is similir to the new Lu Verne gymnasium. Mrs C. L. Wittlngton and Mr. and Mrs. .oseph Nowack Chicago Mr. and Mrs. Jens Peterson attended the funerad of the Louis dauehter Judith left Wednesday for Oelwein, after a visit at Chas. Bashara's. en ------- ,_. . Kimmek son at Ringsted last week ! Little Rosalyn Bashara was sick Henry Jutte and Lucille AVebster City, were the A. D. Burtis home . Mr. and Mrs. A. B, Norway, were Friday going on ti Clear Lake Saturday to get and take home a son who had been in cj.mp there. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Benedict were honorees nt a family picnic at the local part: Friday evening befoie hey left f >r their borne at Milwaukee SunW. At another picnic at the nark the same evening Mrs. B. W? McElWnney. Goldfield "« Tbe Monday. Wednesday, She is the younger We Are In The Service Ot Others Algona — Iowa CHEVROLET Figure gas, oil, upkeep, fires...' and you'll agree with thousands of Chevrolet owners that. . . IT'S TOE MOST ECONOMICAL GAR IN US FIELD! Only Chevrolet g/v«s you all theie features EXCLUSIVE VACUUM GEARSHIFT • NEW AERO- STREAM STYLING, NEW BODIES BY FISHER • NEW LONGER RIDING-BASE • 85-HORSEPOWER VALVE- IN-HEAD SIX • PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES • NEW "OBSERVATION. CAR" VISIBILITY • PERFECTED KNEE-ACTION RIDING SYSTEM with Improved Shbckproof Steering (available on Mailer De luxe mooWt only) • TIPTOE-MATIC CLUTCH And remember this — Chevrolet's 85-h.p. valve-in-head \. engine excels in performance as well as economy. T HOUSANDS of motorists have subjected 1939 Chevrolets to the Mileage Meter test. In cars with gauges feeding a measured quantity of fuel to the engine, these thousands have seen how the 1939 Chevrolet stretches out each gallon of fuel to make it go farther— extra ^ miles farther. I) What about oil? The fact is that the 1939 Chevrolet is unbelievably; economical of oil—because the oil stays in the engine, As to upkeep and tires—every motorist knows of Chevrolet's tra- j ditional record for low cost of maintenance. Sec your Chevrolet dealer today! Take the wheel and learn of Chevrolet's remarkable economy. A GENERAL. MOTORS VALUE First in Sales • First in Performance • First in Economy • First in Value Kossuth MotoriCo. FRED FLAIG, Lone Rock CLARENCE MORBALL, Algona STRAffD GARAGE, Ledyard FISHEB GABAGE, Titonkm The Neur Sma || Ill FAR MALL untn. • "Cujti'Vision" gives you a clear view of your work, while you sft comfortably in the roomy ! sponge-rubber uphol- stored seat. Row crops can be cultivated cleaner when you ride the FARMAltA with "Cutti-Vision." Direct-attachable planters, cultivators, etc., are available for corn, cotton, and all other row crops, including truck and garden i vegetables. FEATURES I. "Culli-VUion"— You can »t« your work. 2i Comfort— No ntck craning, no body twitting. Spang* • rubber upholtUrcd ftal. You (an drive comfortably, filling or (landing. 3. four-ipood trarumlition — 2j to 10 miUlptr hour. Variable governor— you can control traveling sp«edi within "inchei ptr hour." 4. Vnlv»-m-heod 4-cylind«r tngin* with Tocco-hardtntd crankthaft, full force-feed lubrication. - 5. Th« imall all-purpose tractor with replaceable cylinders 6. Hiflh-grodt ball and roll.r b*ar- ingi at 39 point! ... 15 rowhid* ipring-loadtd du»t and oil (tali. 7. AdjuitobU wheel triad -40 to • M irtchf i. Ground cUaranct, 21} f , MoM compUl* lln* of dir«c|. machln.i. • Here is power farming NEWS every farmer has been waiting for: International Harvester announces the NEW McCormick-Deer^ng FARMALL-A —the smallest Farmall ever bui|it—a rubber-tired combination of modern power afid efficiency, at a new low Farmall price! Seventeen years ago Harvester engineering produced the Anginal McCormick-peer ing Farmall. Nearly bulj a million Farmalls followed in the swift march of all-purpose power. Now the pace setter sejts a new pace with FARMAIpA, designed to do all the work on the small farm, or to replace the last team on the big farm* | Come in and get acquainted with the powerful go-getting FARMALLrA. And remember, tbe supply will not be plentiful for sojtte tittw to come, Gef your order in early. McCormick- R, E. Buteell, Phone §8 Store > ^P^F ^•W'^^^ ^^

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