Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 25, 1939 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1939
Page 2
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Beer of the Year You have missed a treat if you have not tried Blatz Old Heidelberg Special Pilsener Beer. Its superior quality, distinctive taste, and tempting flavor will please you. BLATZ BREWING CO., MILWAUKEE, WIS. "MILWAUKEE'S MOST EXQUISITE BEER" KOSStJTtt COUNTY Five Babies Are Born in Four Days at PASTOR AMONG THE NEW DADS OF DAUGHTERS Burt, July 24—The Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Doms are parents of a daughter, Karen Ann, born Tuesday, July 18, at the Kossuth hospital. This is their first child. Late Wednesday night, 'July 19,' a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Anderson. The Andersons also have one daughter. Mr. Anderson teaches in the Burt school and is leader of the band. On Thursday, July 20, a daughter -was born to Mr. and Mrs. .Orie Peterson, who live east of Burt. This makes four .babies, within five days at 'whose birth 'Dr. J. O. Olapsaddle officiated. The f>rst of the four was a daughter born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Emil Person. >Vreilcs Now at Eagle Grove— Mr. and Mrs. Enos Wrede and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Heaney were entertained at the Supt. M. C. Bowie homo last week Sunday evening. The Wredes, who conducted a grocery' store here for a time and have been running a grocery at Fort Dodge, recently moved to Eagle Grove, where Mr. Wrede is operating a service station. • Oklahoma!) In Visit Here— Mrs. Mary Dick, Oklahoma City Okla., visited from Monday to .Wednesday at the Roy Morgan home. She is Mrs. Morgan's aunt Mrs. Morgan took her to Livermore Wednesday, where she visited other relatives. ARE YOU BUILDING-REMODELING? R£0. U. S. PAT. OFF. GURRRNTEED INSULRTION Hi-lit (Ylelmile a Itirtlulay— Mrs. H. W. Manus and daughtei Katherine, the George Manuses and Mrs. Albert Manus and daughter went to Algona Tuesday even- ins to help Mrs. Ed Blumer celebrate her birthday. Rochester I'atient Comes Home — Hans Koestler, who had beea ai a hospital at Rochester several weeks, was able to return Monday He is able to be up part of the time, and he has ridden into town several times. Now! Celotex Cane Fibre Board Guaranteed Insulation gives you entirely new and complete protection. Be sure to get all the facts about this amazing ID-Point Guarantee before you choose ANY insulation! Let us tell you about its advantages and economies — give you a careful estimate for your job. Stop in or phone. BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. Phone 256 Jim Pool, Mgr. .Rummage Sale. No exchanges, no returns, no refunds, no guarantees. You )my at your own risk. But it will be fun for the whole family. The merchandise that we list helow was traded in and merchandise that we want to clean up on. Odds and ends. It's our loss and your gain. We need the room, so if you need any of this merchandise lie on hand early Wednesday morning. a 35C l.'iVi-qt. milk pails. \\"e don't like thuir style. Kach _______ 1 _______ •14 box filter disks, ti-in., out they ;jo box 1 ic-e box. junt like new. You must see this box to see it's value ____________________ ' 1 Dexter washer with fins motor, i^ood shape, you".l like it if you need one. Why wash by hand _____________ ! Rubber car mats, all makes. Been in stock too long, out they go, ea Floor wax, pastel or liquid. used to sell for 50c a lb., now to go at 1 lot of new lire tubes, boxes are broken, out they go and must be sold, each 6—30x5 new tire tubes, broken boxes _-llall' a buck each 1 lawn chair, steel spring legs. Sold for $5.00. Yes, it's new t! trocjuet sets, -1 balls, -1 mallets, all stream-lined. Keep fit. Come O>4 in and get a set V-i-« 1 2-volt radio, table model, Climax, fl»-| ffA less battery ____ »J»*««'V 1 Big Chief boat, and what a boat, 14-ft. long, weight 75 Ibs. We have only one in stock. J AA »W Pick' so come early Used tires, all sizes. them out yourself. Enough said, each 20 sets of seat covers. All makes of cars. We bought too many, now we pass Uiem on to you. Set 75c 20 gallons flat wall paint. Worth $2.00 gallon. We need the room. — _ Gallon ___________ Axle grease, 10-lb. pail. We just bought too much grease. $1.00 pail 1 good used Round Oak table. We got it on a trade __ ? 5 good used Bicycles, each ______________ a Rucks 50-ft. length garden hose, $3 value. Late in season, each ___ 1 good used lawn mower, at ________________ Two Hits 1 5-gal. red barn paint. The wrong label. Gallon I Crosley radio, 2-volt, complete with fl»ff AA batteries, ex. ... tJW«WV 1 Atwater-Kent 2-volt, very good, table model fl»ff AA radio, less batt.- «JW»VU 1 Coronado radio, practically new, C tubes, 2- fl»£ AA volt, less batt. - «PTt»VV 1 Pliilco 2-volt radio, Console - K'larion electric radio, ta- model __________ 1 Tat.ro G-volt, just like new. Table ... ----model _____ ...... 1 used Coronado console radio, 2-volt, practically new, less battery _________ 1 used Philco radio, 2-volt console, just like new 7 new table model radios, 5- tube, electric, all colors. eacM COAST TO COAST STORE Joe Bloom Algona, hwa Kx-Burt Woman Loses Fiither — Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Se'wick wen to Graettinger Thursday to attenc the funeral of Mrs. A. N. Jensen's father. The Jensens had a hard ware store here a few years ago. Took Treatment in S. I).— J. P. Trunkhill and his sister Mrs. Fred Lavrenx, 'returned Fri day from Hettinger and Bismarck N. D., where Mr. Trunkhill took treatments at a hospital. Lights for Three Farms — The G. P. Ha'wcott, W. R. Chafe and A. 0. Bernhard homes ha< electricity turned on Friday even ins from the Central States higl line. Other Hurt JTcws. The Floyd Dremmels left Friday for their home in Aurora, 111., after spending nearly two week? here with Floyd's parents, Mr. ant Mrs. P. L. Dremmel. Mrs. Dremmel went home with them for a visit. • • ,'Astew of various ingredients. A mixture*" WHY NOT LKT the size sho-w on articles displayed in show windows? Sunday window- shoppers migh/. like to know. Such items as shirts, shoes.' Iresses, suit, etc,, might be more nteresting. OSK WOMAN IN Algona has discovered a good reason why slacks are not the thing. She was sitting on the lawn all outfitted in a dress and so forth talking with a neighbor. She noticed a car with a couple of men had passed the house three times. She finally woke up to the fact she was sitting in a slacks position, but was wearing a dress, and was she embarrassed? PA JULY OF MOTIIKK, daughter and papa standing in front of the theater. Papa evidently had no desire to see the attraction. Daughter, maybe 10, anxious to go in to see any kind of a show, and mother hesitating between the maternal urge to aid the daughter or appease papa by going to another show. Daughter seemed worried for fear it would end up in no show at all. W03JDEU IF KIWA3UANS and Rotarians read their club magazines. Note that the latest issue of the Readers Digest carries reprints from each, and there are few issues of that publication which fails to carry a reprint from one or the other, or both. Contributors to the service magazines are the highest type, and their articles are free, Each publication carries a lot of material about various clubs of interest only to club members, but the feature articles are of interest to everyone. AX EASTERN correspondent and subscriber to this fireside companion, and praise be, Uso a reader of this mixture, marvels at .the interest of the midwest in European and Asi- supposed to be very neutral and very aloof about Europe, being so far away from possible trouble. Let the correspondent check the files of the navy, and find that Iowa contributes many sailors—In fact the majority of sailors in Uncle Sam's navy come from the midwest. And the new battleship "Iowa" Is to be manned by an entirely Iowa crew. Let's ask our congressmen now to sail that boat up the Des Moines river to Algona, just so we can see what a sailor looks like. It wouldn't be any more foolish than some such junkets. ***** SUNDAY IS NO TiONGER a day of rest. But little silly? those fortunates who do not have to labor on the first day of the week have so Increased the demand for Sunday trade that for many businesses it is the peak of the week. Even in the newspaper business the Tuesday pub- lOWA'S KEIMEA1)8 received national publicity for themselves and'.' iiicfderitaHy." some for a certain movie studio. And now comes the Iowa State fair to grab off a little. There are a couple of local redheads who might give any of the leading contenders a run for the money In the limelight. Why doesn't somebody send In their picture and entry? A former Burt girl made the grade. ' ' , ***** ' NOW THAT THE Legion baseball heat has subsided doesn't that mid-summer row seem ft lication in Algona puts in seven days a week. There must be a thousand people employed on Sunday in Algona alone—and there must be ten thousand come into Algona during the day. No, it's not a day of rest for many, and it's a long honk from the days when kids playing baseball on Sunday were arrested. Remember when a moving picture operator in Algona paid a $5 fine every Monday morning for operating his show on Sunday? ***** ONI,Y A NASTY republican would say anything about the price of certain things that are of great interest in this locality. Or even hint that maybe a policy or a deal had a not-g^od odor. . * * * * * •!!!« ni „ Ifi Good Hope, July o.| Mrs. Loyd Gross and M,. V. J. Gross drove \m day to attend cxcrc " Ps ". raer session of the Shi which the degr c(! O r docio, osophy In applied ninth™',? 1 conferred on the s llc for years, pursui,,, and tutoring ,„ George wns »ons in the ments of a college and the agrlcult, , leal college at BI-VH , T v accepted the latt,, • a'J •wife (formerly j, 1 ,, * " , «•*, epatl " CENSUS TAKERS,next year are going to ask you how much money you received for the year ending July 31, 1939. There will be a lot Df plain and fancy fibbing In the answers If the said answers are to be made public—either nationally or via the local census-taker. And then there's a question like this—"If not at work, is this person seeking work?" Im- • This school is ,.., lcil 7' •great educational Li tin ,° Il the South. " lstl t>'tlons • George was r<, a ,. C( i •near Algona and ° " *he Algona high .1 Mr. and Mrs. A. M fioone, and tl,« „„ the es, seems to have the bear by the tail. In fact there's some question who has who, and many contend the bear has the governor. Many's the gal who says it takes more than one drink to ruin her—in fact some say the gent gets real cautious, in proportion to the number of drinks the gal takes. IS THERE A ItUIHUNG romance between a 210-pounder and a gal tipping the scales at 125? That's a combined weight of 335 Ibs., which is something to be considered when buying the furniture. But it hasn't reached atic troubles. Traditionally the midwest is that stage yet. THE BEST MUSICAL since the early days of talking pictures Is Man About Town, but the show was stolen by gravel- voiced Rochester. Jack Benny was hardly obnoxious at all. And there were al- ' ways good lookers on stage when he was. •»*••' : P. 1). It." in AGAIN complaining about newspapers and reporters. The honeymoon Is over —long, long ago. Results are what counts. A sure sign of desperation is abuse of all re-. Porters. . _D. E; D. GAYLOR LANDER IS FEATURED IN FISHING EXPLOIT Wesley, July 24— Gaylord Lander, now of Long Beach, Calif., recently sent a picture to friends here in which lie was shown riding a mammoth black bass "weigh- pounds" which he three-hour tussle. ,ing 250 to 30 landed after H Pie was also holding up a small fish only six or seven inches in length, which may have been the fish he really caught. A Long Beach newspaper which featured the picture called him a "Poly High" student. Gaylord, youngest .son of Charles Landers, who for I .some years managed the East End .garage here, went then moved to Wis- to California two Mrs. Frank'AVellkins, Des Moines. llnildings Get Taint Coals- Paul Erdman and'his crew have .surfaced the Julius Kunz house .with- aluminum pa'int in preparation for white paint with grey trimmings. The roof has been painted red. Earl Punke, local painter, recently applied aluminum .paint to the exterior of the K. & H. bulk tanks and warehouse. Some of the pipes were painted red. .Wesley Woman Has Operation— Mrs. Frank Sherman had a ma- jojr operation at Mercy hospital, Mason City, Thursday. Her sister ,Mrs. James Gibson, Thompson, and Jmogene Neuroth are caring foi ,her household. Roy is a Watkins salesman, and there are seven boys. Mrs. Sherman, formerly ,Ruth Loebig, was a daughter of the late Gene Loebig. Graduate Itecomcs Bookkeeper— Ruth Mary Bauer is now bookkeeper at her father's farm implement shop. She was graduated from the local high school last spring. Her father, R. C. Bauer, .new coats of varnish.- General Aid Meet Announced — The Good 'Will 'circle of the Methodist Aid will be hostess to the other-circles and friends at the church this week Wednesday. Home is Improved — Sam Alne has recently added an enclosed porch to the south side of the Alf Studer house, and a bathroom is now being built. Other Wesley News. Mr. and Mrs. John Wirth, daughter Madonna, and Mr. and Mrs. John McCoy, all of Hildred, called at Edw. Hildman's last week Tuesday. They were en route home ,from South Dakota, where they at- . Sam Black and Clarence Zachari, Okla., came a week or two ago ~"'agoTnd 'at pTe'sen'tTs on"a! als ° owns a farm implement shop ^'^'r^l^ ?± k S5 fl-W« expedftio a n ^of Lonfls-j« ™g»«»• «J *»* *«*' »>« The big fish was caught 'J tel lake over cale ° E tlle books Frank Collins, 65, a Farmer North of Livermore, Passes Livermore, July 24—Frank Collins, 65, died at his home north of Livermore early Friday morning, following a long illness. He left a widow, two sons, Francis and Donald, a step-son, two step-daughters, and two brothers,, Fred and Harry. Family funeral services were held Sunday at the home, and pub- .lic services at .the Methodist church, with the Rev. H. A. Nel,son, resident pastor, and the Rev. _-_,,. vu u m •"«.»*» W L€lf IVtl^lC L11CJ tt L TT- -r-r fy » . ----- -- —»»... .tended the 50th wedding annivers- „ V ' Scnulut . Garner, former Lu ,ary of Mr. and Mrs. -William Me- Verne Pastor, in charge. Burial ,Ooy. John is a brother of Mrs. Jiildman. , Ammon Lease, who left a week ago Friday for Urbana, 111., .brought .Burrell, Mrs. who Lease had and- the son visited Mrs. . Lease's father, Fred Burrell, and other relatives there, last ^Monday. was made at the Union cemetery here. Mr. Collins .had lived most of his life in the vicinity of Livermore and he was among the most prosperous farmers of this locality. .Some years ago he suffered 'week 1 stl ' oke ' and u week s ago he had another which left him bedfast. with the harvest here. Mrs. I Dittmer and Stanley Black. he. was on a Rainbow barge therc spent 'some weeks ago. Ruth Copic, Des Moines, last week at the Fred Lavrenzj Aldrich to T.os Angeles— .Vost-Niiptiul Shower Given— , Mrs. Leonard Arndorfer assisted Airs. N. J. Eischen and Mrs. Gusta _ Patterson, Algona, in a miscellan- were j Aldrich "and~Jerord'.""The'Iatter"ha's'j* ous shower, last week Sunday at home She came with Mr. andj George Aldrich left Sunday Fred Braddish and son and , LOS Angeles to bring home Mrs. I completed studies at an airplane mechanics' school in which he had been since last fall. Mrs Aldrich her Mrs. Mrs. Anna Ambrose, who here for the week-end. Mrs. Lewis Widdel and daughter Paula, Readlyn, spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Rev. L. Rich- niann home. Mrs. Widdel is. Rev. Richmann's sister. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Martell, of Avoca, Wis., and their son David came Wednesday for a few days-at It. A. Bleich's and with other Burt relatives. j,Welters in Family Gathering- Mr, and Mrs. Willis Bernhard |, A Welter reunion was held for Cecelia's academy, Algona, in •honor of Mrs. Gene A. Hood, who Was Matilda Garmann before marriage. was called to the coast when sister, Mrs. Margaret Granaski,j f orlllcl . sick ra G C eov™ PP w ! yf;o t00 ^ S n V , OU f 1 ! y '' Milwaukee Agent and Mrs. R. B. first night en r^at ^A™**^ ^ermore last ni g ute at Sioux Falls , his bro her cilw Falls |Aveek oiotnei uive. and daughter Monona spent the week-end at the A. f. Bernhard home. Willis is Mr. Beriihard's nephew. Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle was a dinner guest Tuesday at the Dr. L. W. Fox home in Algona and at the H. A. Thompson home Wednesday. at .Rufus Welter's, Corwith, last week .Sunday. Attending: Mr. and Mrs. .Robert Welter, Wesley, daughters .Edith and Delia, Algona; the .Frank Welters, West Bend; Hazel .Hudson, Ralph Welter, both of Des .Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Welter, Hollywood, Calif.; and Mr. and and Moulds, with a daughter, accompanied them to remain there for a visit. Mrs. Moulds lived there before marriage. ,1'ainters Hcdecorntc Classrooms- Class rooms at the parochial schoolhouse have been redecorated. The walls received new paint. .The Bert Deal crew, Algona, did .the work. . The desks were given WHY ITS SO EASY TO OWN AN OPPORTUNITY FARM W E HAVE LOTS of requests for details on Opportunity Farms. So many people want to know about the easy terms on which these farms can be bought. It's as simple as this: You make a small down payment. Then figure 6% on the unpaid balance. This is the amount you will have to pay each year-and it covers both interest and principal payments. The table on the right shows how small the yearly payments per $1,000 of unpaid balance can be. Already we've helped many people to the ownership of fine farms. And their satisfaction in these farms is shown by the number of their friends they've encouraged to share in this opportunity! Why wait longer to get the facts about the farm you've dreamed of owning? Every farm listed as an Opportunity Farm must have adequate, sound, weather-tight buildings, well- painted; improved soil, with good drainage, and expertly planned crop rotation. Every Opportunity Farm is a going concern. OPPORTUNITY FARMS YEARLY PAYMENTS per $1,000 $15.00 15.67 16.38 17.12 17.89 18.69 19,53 20.41 21.33 22.29 19.22 2048 21.19 22.24 $45.00 44.33 43.62 42.88 42.11 41.31 40.47 39.59 38.67 37.71 40.78 39.82 38.81 37.76 J. E. HAYPS 12'/ 2 East State Street Algona, Iowa Phpne: 446 For Northwest low? farms ' CO-OPUUT10N OF REAL ESTATE MOWS WELCOMED Father Linus Eisenbacher visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Eisenibacher, last week. He was on his way-to Fort Dodge, where he is chaplain at a hospital, after attending a funeral at Whittemore. Mrs. Gerhard Olson had a visit from her Waterloo sister and the latte's husband and son from last week Monday till Thursday, and Mrs. Olson went to Waterloo with them for a few days' visit. /Victim of Tractor Quits the Hospital , Wesley, July 24 — iHenry Looft has at last left the Kossuth hospital, where he spent two months .following the accident at his Seneca farm in which a tractor tipped over on him. He suffered a broken leg and other injuries. The .Loofts farmed near Wesley before .moving to Seneca a few years ago Threading Order «f ])„,_ Threshing of small wain gresslng rapidly i,, lhc G " od neighborhood. FJ,. S , 1;C g° began last week Monday ' mer-Knoll run was day night, and the „ Beck runs expected to be thrniT.i L early this week. All sm V Rr 1 of better quality than J™ • and -the gross yield as good £ I ter than last year's in some ,»1 Corn is looking HMO, and™ Si Ing the , dry, hot weather | n 1L| shape, but needs moisture soon 111 ears are to fill properly. ' Girls In Fort Dodtfe ('amp• The Fred Plumbs drove to] Dodge Sunday to enroll the d a i ter Margaret In a 4-H gi r | s ' r at the Dolliver park this „«„,. .The family had picnic supper sen- : ed to parents, etc., as guests. 1 vesper service was held In tbe-L evening. Margaret is a member ol'I the Lone Rock group. Members oil the Union township group reported! attending arc Trella Gardner, Mar-f garet Jenkinson, and Eileen Lleur-1 ance. Among the Good Hope Slck- • '• A few Good Hope folks were vie-1 time of sickness last week. Mrfl John. Reid was indisposed most ot.f the week with summer flu. Winifred Plumb had an acute attack oil appendicitis al church last week;) Sunday, but was relieved wiihoul-f operation. Her brother Oliver step};! ped on a nail Wednesday, and a * double-shot of anti-toxin was ; ministered. Other Good Hope. • No services at, the Good Hope 1 and Whittemore Methodist church-..! es July 23 and 30, while the Rev, [ and Mrs. Wood are on vacation,";! Services August G. Mrs. Kate Skinner, patient at the .Kossuth hospital several weeks, id reported making slow hut definite j progress towards recovery. ftbki this 2S« T«il Multitude! suffering from theic dreaded •fflictiont report relief of pain and dis- trets. SI-NOZE sooth- Money-Back K. W. LU8HY. New Shoes for our remodeled and new store are coming in daily. We are going to be jammed to the limit. But we have a few dozen pairs of shoes left from our former stock and we want to move them. We have most sizes and we are determined to get them on your feet. Here's an opportunity you'll never have again, We want to reopen with an entirely new stock — not an old shoe in the store, and we are marking these .hoes so they will move. You benefit if you get here early this week. Look at these prices] 77c $1.77 $2.45 •HILt Th Sboe tt«r a The Slu* Sto, e That Tnke, C«r»

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