Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1939
Page 7
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Brown Is Hospital Patient I no objections »o said proposal it was C. H. KLAMP, Field ItopresentatlT* n'otloned by Fraser and second by MofHsthat the Board proceed with proposed plans. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Fvaser that Kalo Wrick * Tlie Co. be awarded the contract for the con- strSctlon of silo at Cour.ty Farm at a cost of $840.00. Ay«s: all. Auditor s oiTico, July 3, 1939 2:00 o'clock'p. m. > , Scaled bids on the cost of a new S^rir^rL'S.r^^: "'^0??^^^e.kcn.and-sfccond ,-y W. C. Engstrom, judge of ec ..... i •••••-•---_- llchard I. Anderson, judge of election • • • • • • • • Harold Fischer, clerk of el- Floyd O. Coiw'e'li,'cie'rk of election • • •.• • • W C. Nelson, arrang. booths John Karstcn, judge election «co. Nyman, judge election ,1 F. Coyne, judge, election. Mrs. Verne Austin; clerk ele.c- , lion t" i Andrew A. Fangman, clerk of election ,'Clty of Bancroft,., rent. TOiOWAGITY that George HblUbaiitr be Jake Keller, '^g/'^Mon ^o^U'cWlo^ & I'&eoVlli'fterttju^e el- |!L '^;or. $ ^^rr«k^cond.by Incyo Boekelman, labor ... 3.90 I C. H. cooper, labor ....... J. H. Montgomery, patrol . Hugh Butterfield, patrol . noelf E. Miller, patrol ... John Bernhard, gravel land. - si . Walter O. Smith, labor 53.20 R. H. Peterseh, labor 35.40 Virgil Weirick, labor Lars Garvlck, labor W.: C. Schultz, labor ' Algona Upper Des Moines, printing Schwartz & ; Peterson, printing MAINTENANCE FUND City of Algona, light serv. Wm. F. Gronbach.yabor 3.90 3..90 6.90 I too 5.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.00 f.BO 3.90 89.95 . 127.40 126.00 91.20 888.00 93.30 45.75 —'4.25 7.25 39:10 8.0R 21.00 sto- ^••^jKSSr^^t^ r slightly ^proved to f. boutfo"' fc&fl&S «B<Utfs. Jtonday Mo., pick up ec it A ' ded » !»« er . h line wl'h r saddle f^hW$^ftJ«i« iftir aNw'eefc'here arid relatives. They were their .daughter Mary duborf where'' she at house party. She lef he wedding Wednesday a group of. Kappa ouse . rieat . r ;S*onto visit Mary Stu- gley, g, the C1M saddle wedding. rlth their son Bill, have for town and country e Rev. L. G. Gartner, reached at the local church during his ab- istors. Itonka, ethodist nee. .,„! Blitthdays Celebrated— The Henry Gettmans spent last Tu Ibert's, !ary . birthdays ';of and a rtfinesd:y' 1 MrV; 1 andtiMr8 ; ,. : Gettman (tended'the funeral, of • Mrs.-.Aug- st'Peterson, Swea-'Clty. t« S 'Mary Alvina I , .uella Heich, and Odey Cherland a .Busy Ten Zone Walther attended League iurg W ffelrs A Mr aid Mrs. attended wedding Weir, formerly superintendent the Bui t schools, is now -head the schiols at Adel. Girls to Qneen Esther Camp- Mr. end Mrs F. L. Pratt took laughter Zelpha, Phyllis and Ruby Nelson to the (heir Brooke Method st camp at the Okob03is for a week at a Queen camp. Sunday Esther Off for Mr. Friday Mrs Okla. Mrs. ter's Buffi Mrs. P. itlng ' last m 'os Will visit: . When we arrived last Monday Henry Wilhelmi, southwest of Bancroft, was pulling weeds in their garden. Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelmi have a fine one. Harold said oats cutting wpuld begin that day. Mrs. Vilhelmi was washing, and a niece, Lila Vinson, Fort Dodge, was helping. Lila spends her summers with the Wilhelmis and ays she likes the country. Mr. and rtrs. Wilhelmi have four children: Colbert, 6; Rose Mary, 4; Thomas Peter, 2; Laurence Larry, one— ils birthday falls on the Fourth. * * * * We had a brief visit with J. F. Coyne, southwest of Bancroft, last week Monday. 'He was in the oat field, shocking oats. We noticed that he had a fine crop. J. F,.said he sowed old oats, in fact from. the 1037 crop. He used 3 1 / the straw to the hay mow. The men were using a loader. This looked to be fine feed. <r- * * * George Dorweiler, northwest of Bancroft, was in the field, cutting oats Friday, and we did not get to visit him. Mrs. Pat Hynes, his mother-in-law, was at. the house and she told us there was a new boy in the home, born only last week Tuesday, weight 7% pounds, named Joseph Bernard, the first child. * » * * n t , •' I sheriff's report"ofTecs coTiectect and She has been an in-l?.{ icl i' Vi,;«»w. auditor's report of Lakota, July 17—Elsie Daum at Iowa City for treatment, rheumatism, valid many years, but had of late seemed to be growing worse. -It is hoped that treatment at the university hospital will at least stop the tendency to grow worse. There is much sympathy for her here, and neighbors and other friends try to make her lot bearable. 'Her father is a former county supervisor, and his wife is dead. nort of fees collected; Casey sheriff's report of fees collected Ifl! S. Kinscy, auditor's report It and m a°llo°w bill's as"per ''Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written. COUNTY FUND Postmaster of Fcnton, Post- ^.^ 'light' serv. P. M., post- election M.i'pos- The men at William Goche's, at at the south edge of Bancroft,]Algona Fanner's Wife Hostess- were cutting oats Friday. The crop showed up well. Mr. Goche was not at home. * * * * Adolph Paulson, south-west of Lakota, was running.a binder Frl- Lake. she went one of; the bridesmaids sday evening at Harry Britt," where they cele- Mr., Gettman, nephew. ,On ating Party— eair Rachnt, -Ruth, -and asse, "Margaret .Richman oats, and it takes good oats to use that much. * * * * Geo. W. Nyman, north of Lone Rock, is still "onto" some of the .boys' tricks, for he saw a gopher run Into a hole, as gophers do, and into it to out. But Mr. gopher did to show up. George is a bachelor, but he has a family with him this season. He remarked that this writer had come to call on him earlier this year, for last year he was shocking oats when we called. * * # * John A. Nyman, west of Bancroft, had just come home when saw him last week Monday. He had been to see the Emery gravel-loader work, as it was in use across the road east of where he lives. He said it was interesting to see gravel loaded that way * * * * When we stopped last week Monday at Albert R. Anderson's, northwest of Lone Rock, Albert had come in from a field where he had been cutting oats. .His crop shbw.ed -.up well. Albert said his mother was doing the housework, foY'Mrs. Anderson-was at a hospital for a.major operation. * * * * Rudolph Tietz, southeast of Lone Rock, -was spraying the inside ot his chicken house last week. Monday, when we saw him. Rudolph at one time operated a little eatinK Mrs. Harvey Reed (nee Olive Lewis), near Algona, was recently hostess to a group of women lives at her home. Attending: .Mesdames Wade Ball, Charles Gut, who farms east of. knecht> Charlotte' Sorenson, Jerry id the hot days and Heetlandi Charles .Winter, Ray been . almost too much', for, him. He.|-yjrj n f er Jerry Ukena, Fred Schroe- stopped work a sh'or-t''"tlme .whenv^, Charles Le^iS'Sr., Lakpta., and we arrived and tooth of us sat un-' -' " - • - -- • "~ "•'"-' der shade trees along the drainage ditch bank and swapped stories. Adolph can tell some funny ones * * * * Reinhard Johnson, southwest of Lnkota was cutting oats Friday in a fine field, as good as we have seen. This was his last field; he had some over 100 acres. Reinhard said this was the first year he had City of Algona, W. W. Sullivan, K." 1 ;?. 'k'lnsey',' del. sup. ...........'• W. W. Sullivan, P. jvatficrln'e'Mc'Bvo'y, office exp. jSvelyn Dole; salary Jean .Kinscy, salary Mary K. Sands, salary Dorothy T. Shalto, salary . Lucille Dole, salary •••••••• M. J. Dvlffy, Treas., adv bty W. W. .Sullivan,' I . M., postage , comm. •ICT.,*-" •» ^»«-"w»~ t j ~4'| Arlene SparkS, '!Buffalo.. CenW., Mrs. Lewis is Mrs. Reed's mother, and Mesdames Sorenson and Sparks are sisters. W. S. Cosgrovc, slon .Chan. .Morris, slotl- p, J.'Heiken, F S ,B."cVo'nYer'. 'tax accnt. rJ ST- --rt Lt,-,.tJ« ' comm. & ses- comm. & sea- used a tractor on his binder, and he claimed that when his horses saw him go to the field, pulling the binder with a tractor, they looked longingly over the fence, and pricked up their ears, and seemed as'if they wanted to say something. Two Examined for Navy— Verdeen, son of William Baum and Herman, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Rippentrop, were recently at Des Moines for final examinations for the navy service, and they were be sent to the Great Lakes <atharine McEvOy, < Casey Loss, bd. lodge Arlene Patterson, ]. e j am HaugenY "8th'"grade '8th grade SEXTON school near Chicago for training. Turleys Have Sold Home— 'Mr. and Mrs. William Turley have sold their residence to Audr rey Hastings, who is on the school faculty. Miss Hastings' father lives with her. Both were recently here They had been visiting rela- grade exams .. Dorothy Bernau, J J. a Dool'eV,"office exp. t A. W.inkel, office cxp._ Algona Upper Deb Ihft^ttVBlVtif printing ^l^.o^an^lo^'priiu: Matf ParrotV & Sons/sup. Jenkins Kergevnann Co., Brothers, sup. .. v-mi.0. Hedemeske, labor Kohlhaas ,& Spilles sup. Moines, sup. 41.75 i.r,n 22.20 F,.00 O.J3 65.00 65.00 •Jfi.OO 75.00 75.00 70-10 5.00 207.50 1(59.80 1DD.40 180.28 28.45 52.50 '59.7-1 300!»0 5.00 5.00 20.40 16.60 11.30 52.08 bty. . ikating party at Emmets- dnesday evening. tend Clapsaddle Wedding- the Donald Weir, Adel, Clapsaddle-Gildner Wednesday evening. Mr. place next to the Naudain coal of-1 W eek-end. fice at Algona. He is a good farm-1 Mrs _ Jos er, for his crops this year show up well. He says he HSes farming. * * * * •D. W. Smith, northeast of Burt, was putting canvas on his grain binder last week Tuesday when we were.at his place. He said he was starting to cut oats. A woman's home project meeting was held last week Tuesday at Mrs. John Flora's, 11 women answering roll call with ' favorite poems. A talk was given by.Mrs. Bert Sanders on harvest' ideas, and 'a know-your-bird contestfwas.-con- ducted. by Mildred Flora. Lunch was served by Mrs. Flora and Mildred. Edw. Branagan, who has been sick, was slightly improved last Girl's Appendix is Removed— Amanda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Ukena lately had an °P- eratloh for appendicitis at the Erwir II. Stems", bty. Leonard Boettcher, bty. ... Harold Martlnek. bty. ... Art Heldenwith, bty. lUkc, bty, -• — fees fee. Fraser and her son Larry left Sunday for a visit at Wliliam Sipear's, Elkton, Minn. The North Iowa grain elevator has recently received repairs. Jos. Fraser and Mr. Tongate - did the work. An error was made when Mr. * * * Henry Plaisier, who operates an auto repair shop at German Valley, is always busy. He has operated this shop five years. Henry likes this kind of work. He showed us a little powered scooter he had made, using a washing machine motor. The Plaisiers painted their house, using recently Califormltt yislt-r . . • ' p'aTnt'ed 'their house, " d *!%*•'?• W - ^o'Sfuminum paint for the for Alhambra,- 1 Calif., •• to ,. . d They re- an first coat, claim thai visit tl e daughter, Mrs.-- 1 Thomas painted this way t he paint will not and other,:-relatives. 'Mr. is Northwestern : ag'e'nt Brooke ,.Bi;ook( here, Ilnrl Man Loses Brother— D. r. Slaughter . received Fridaj James knowi Dewel gave the interesting episode in relation to his car trouble last week Sunday. Even the "news editor" can get names confused. We believe in giving "credit when credit is due." A..J. Kirschbaum, of the Kirschbaum'garage, repaired Mr. Dewel's car, not "A. J. Christensen." We do not have any man of that name in our vicinity. [The editor realized later that he confused Mr. Kirschbaum's with that of a Clear Lake Wohnke hospital, Bancroft, and is 'waiu^SchQumberB, now at home. , John Wo.rtmann, bty, .• ... ,. : : ' Otto Englebarts, bty. .. - - Oihfer ^Lakota: IfCWS. -. H^lDvans, coron-s fees i Mrs. .Clyde Thaves; mother, Mrs..|g ecll ircGinnis, const. Picht, : Shell Rock, recently visited here, called by the death of a sis-1 Harold ter, Mrs.' August Peterson, Swea j s>a £° po'tte^'Jury'fees .. City. Among Lakotans who attend- Ray Cu^jni^ham^^y -ees ed the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. | Cl'yde Thaves, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Sanders, Mrs. W. E. Gutknecht, and Mrs. Harry Mussman. Mrs. Sanders was also a sister of Mrs. Peterson, who was only 34. Irvin Altizer, who returned from a vacation at Duluth, brought with Kenneth Donovan, witness A £ Il. S Mould's,'marsh, fees .. P A. Danson, j. p. fees .... Casey Loss, sheriff fees .. A Rl Moulds, marsh, fees .. Tom Reid, mtg John P. By son, mte Henry _Tjaden, mtg Bureau, Add. "Ma'ch. Co., •word not had .peel. * * * * At Edgar Cla,psaddle's, northeast of Wesley, Mrs. Clapsaddle and the girl were cleaning up in the base- t . unent Wednesday. Mrs. Clapsaddle of the death of a brother, | ,. u t the fam ily would move " " ™ 1 -' ""'jafter all the crops are harvested, I for Edgar has bought a place four miles east from where they now llve ' -,,,, Last Thursday we called on Oscar W. Johnson, four miles northeast of Wesley. The farm is owned by William Mantle, of Britt, who is doing some building. A new hog house, 28x56, with cement floor, and high enough for a straw loft, has been erected; a new silo, name man Anyhow Mr. Kirschtaum knows his business, and Otto Neuman is a Hfesaver for the hungry'. —Editor.] him Mary Jane Altizer, daughtei of Homer Altizer. iMary Jane was born here, and her mother died here some years ago. Mary Jane is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Altizer. Malbeline Miller and Margaret Hall, schoolmates of Lyle and Sadye Patterson, Fayette, were re- .... cent guests of the'Pattersons. They Mary *j££& B \w7 judge ot went from here to Albert Lea, ac- eotlon-....... •••••^••2-v companied by Lyle, Sadye and Be.-nadene Allen, clerk ot : e i Dale Hamnquist. Harrlette'Setchell, clerk ot Mrs. Samuel Wanburton recently c «gg™ r} ^; judge'ofViecl •Bur P rou°gns' Howard Sh'i'pto'nY apiary' i'n's'p, Jos. Hermann, apiary insp Botsford Lumber Co., sup. Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, O. A. P. invest ..... . ........... Panama Carbon Co, sup. . . . . L W. Holley & Sons Co., sup. A'. R. Moulds, arrang. elec. booths ....... • .............. tion ...................... tl0n aish,' judge of 'e'l'ectio'n ectlon • 3.90 Joe Rnhe, Judge election .... H.90 J. J. Anderson, clerk election 9.40 Mamie Sperbeck, clerk election Harold Jones, rent ...... John Simmons, judge election L W. Bhrlch, Judge election Thomas Berg, judge election H. O. Tjarson, clerk election William Oldenburg, clerk of election M U Honey, judge of el«c- tlon •• Henry Schcppman, judge election J. C. Mawdslcy, judge election Herman Becker, clerk election Carl Hutchins. clerk election Farmers Co-Op. Elev.. rent Frank Asa. arrang. booths S. P. Powers, judge election Sam Warburton, judge election C. O Peterson, judge election J R. Heetland, clerk election •• Olga Wortman, clerk election Dakota Library, rent ...... C. Asmussen, arrang. booths J. H. Mousel, judge election ,T. H. Holcomb, judge electon N. A Flngel, judge election Mrs. W. It. Flynn, clerk elec- TCdw Looft,' clerk election Town of Ledyard, rent .... Albert Barnes, arrang. booths B F..-Edwards, .judge election •::. -.'.; Paul Hertsske, judge election Harriet Warburton, judge el- i ; ectJO.n •. i Menno''Rlslus,' clerk.'eleclion Bert Coder, clerk election W G Flaig, judge election P. M. Christiansen, judge election Alex Radig, judge election Geo. C. Potter, clerk elec- C. O. Sln'tiing, clerk election Andrew Hlbert, judge of el- cation ;••,••' C. W Klbcrt, judge of election Noah Rolsncr, judge of elec- Louis Huckbarth, clerk of election „•••,'•• Martin Meyer, clerk of elec- Frank Clapsa'ddle, judge of election •„•••,• F I. Chapman, judge of el- 'tion v ' V A. A. Schipull, judge of election H. C. Allen, clerk of elec- Harry H. Lichty, clerk of el- tion Town of LuVcrne, rent. .... ,1. K. McEnroe, judeg of election Leo C. Miller, judge of elec- Jlen'ry'lial'ley', "judge of el- • ection v;",' Alfred -Jergenson, clerk of election • • • • Clark Scuft'liam; clerk of elec- > tion Roscoe Mawdsley, rent ...... Wyot Stott, judge of elec- W. H. Sc'hwietert,' judge of election V'V Russell Shipler, judge of election .•••;•',•" Will Ringsdorf, elerk of election •,••!,••* E. O. Mann, clerk of election John Arndorfer, judge of election •.'",' Isadore Mayer, judge of election '.'•;•" George Clnk, judge of election : • • v ",' Geo. B. Ludwlg, clerk of election :•"*"',' John N. Ludwlg, clerk of election John M. Witte. rent ........ J. B. Lappe, judge, of election : • •„ i Albert McCarthy, judge or election • • •• • John Farrow, judge of election • • • • • • • • • Earl Cushman, clerk of election „•••,'•' John Hellman, clerk of elec- John Frideres,"judge o'f el- fV 111. i-i *-* * "•• ••*!••*•»• i 'r • ----- • • n * f\/i Hubert Mergen, labor 21.00 |M. J. Duffy, transfers .... Haglur.d & Ploeger, labor . Hancock County Treas., taxes M. J. Duffy! Treas.l adv. 1.00 990.00 57.06 .16.97 104.00 91.35 91.00 91.70 sn.zr 112.77 14R.50 91.00 12,1.01 92.7f 306 0 91.0' 91.0 . 1T5.&9 14.40 103 33 242.58 98.91) 78.22 2.25 1.02 82.25 '.40 .50 2..10 .40 .10 1.20 .80 .25 3.70 1.20 ' .25 .65 4.G5 1.00 7.70 7.75 '2.85 1.00 1.001.00- 1.00 1.00 •:•-- 18. D. McDonald, patrol 4.00 Tom Weir, patrol ... 3.90 Mllo Patterson, patrol ... 3.90 Clifford Holmes, patrol . 7.70 Lyell W. Miller, patrol . 3.90 M. l-i. Worby, patrol A Harry Helmke, patrol . 3.90 Peter MovlcU, patrol ... Eil Fuchscn, patrol ... 4.60 | Archie Dodds, patrol ,Wm. O. Ludwlg, patrol . 3.90 I Ralph Markln patrol ... .Joe M. Esser, patrol . .. 3.90 I Bert Shellmyur patrol gl.u .Hubert Mergeiv patrol .... 3.90 Wm. F. Gronbach, patrol . 3.90 Verne Mollnder, patrol .... 2.00 Elmer Ewing, patrol 2.00 Ed nakcr, patrol 3..90 I Henry Wohlers, labor Clyde Sanders, patrol 3.90 ! Robert Wood, patrol 3.90 A. J. Hildman, r.atrol Oliver Young, patrol 0 90 H. n. Hays, labor :t.:)0 Wilbur Fisher, patrol 3.00 Clarence Hentges. labor .... 1.00 James Kelso, labor S.90 Doyal Sanders, patrol ... 3.90 ,T. M. Long, patrol 3,'JO Carl Garrett, patrol ••••••• Charles K. Sweeney, labor 3.90 Arnold Delperdang, patrol fi.90 Jay Goddcn, patrol 6.00 Earl Earing, labor 1.00 Merwin Marlow, labor .... Raymond Bierstedt, patrol . 3.90 Alton Pettlt, patrol . 4.90 'Melvln-R. Hawks, patrol ... Dick Baade, • patrol .. .••;•... 7.20 J. E. Falk, patrol 3 90 Jvcinder Kromminga, patrol 3.90 Leon- Johnsotn,. labor............. 6.90 Harm Groen; labor ' Clayton Johnson, labor .... 3.90 Mike Rohlf, labor 3.90 G W. Gunder, labor Henry Tjaden, labor 4.90 Wm.'Knight, labor 5 60 John F. Lenertz, labor Peter N. Thllges, labor ... 3.90 Leo J. Llchter, labor .... Walter Schmidt, labor 5.10,. McCormick Deering Store, 3.90 Liilng &'M'ucl<ey, sup F S. Norton & Son. sup 3 90 Patterson Electric Shop. sup. Botsford Lumber Co., sup... » 50 Northern Lumber Co., sup. .. Kohlhaas & Spilles, sup. . . 3.90 K. D. James, sup Kossuth Motor Co., sup. .. 5.90 Kossuth County Impl Co,, sup Dutch's Super Serv., sup. .. 3 90 Overton Chemical Co., sup. . Orecnberg Auto Sup., sup. .. 4.90 Hoenk Motor Serv., sup Bced Hardware, sup 390 Thompson Yards Inc., sup. .. 3.00 A. H. Hundeby, sup • Nelson Bros., sup 3.90 Jack L. Lynch, sup Lev! Frieden, sup. ...... 3.90 K.. & H. Co-Op. Oil Co., sup Central States Elec. Co., light 1.60 S.OO 400 3.50 1560 13.65 36 i960 2400 00 20 .20 ,46 S.42 .64 .64 .96 .13 .81 .97 .85 ,86 .85 '85 20.63 li.05 3 1.00 2..00 2.00 1.45 21.00 6.00 5.10 8.00 8..00 S.OO S.OO 375.00 36160 5.96 106.34 51.61 11.92 5.04 2.19 5.00 3.90 left via-train-.from Algona vf or Chi- • ti ;, n . .. , » ___« TIT 111 In VYl'B m' — L^i* Waterloo. D, F. had that James was sick. Attend the BarUett Funeral- Mr, and Mrs. J. ; H. Schroeder and Jllrs. Velma McBride attended the f neral of R. A, Bartlett's fathei at Manly Thursday. Other Bart News. Mary Dick, Oklahoma. City, spent Wednesday night here her niece, Mrs. Roy Morgan. Elmer Bell and Mrs. Bertha Cam 11, Whittemore, brought her and spent the afternoon here. William Wise, Mrs. Kate Metcalf, and Mrs. Sarah Wise were guests at Le Roy Burger's, Burt, Thursday. Kathryn sick with a ids. Mrs. Joseph Krieps and her daughter Joan visited at Tom For- Kirschbaum has been severe case of tonsil- cago-to visit-at her-son, William's two weeks. William and his family are to bring her home July 26 and spend the rest the rest of that week here. The Walter Walter's mother, Mrs. Frahk Geigel, judge of elec- F.' Nolte', 'judge of elec- M. "Hutchins,' clerk of Harris, clerk of elec- tion iburger's at The W. Z. Phil Miller Wesley Thursday. Thorntons, with Mrs. and Lois, spent last lie Bancroft, lately drove to Roch-j Le0 na McMurray, judge of el- ester to visit the John Pattersons,] •"••"•" --•• and Florence Patterson came here with them for a visit. <jc(ion Bertha E. Johnson, of election judge •14x40, and the foundation was be- . ing laid for a new corn crib, 27xdt>. Thursday Mrs. Morgan and the lat-' iThe ram consists of 160 acres. ( "'" daughter Marian took her to Ml , Mant i e bought it from the goy- lo Center to visit her sister, " e Vnrnen"t"in 1887. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones. . 1 Johnson have two 'boys and one L. Dremmel,.Burt, with -his.',girl. They moved to this Place_last son :|loyd, Aurora, 111., who Is vis-! here, drove to Osakis, Minn., week Tuesday, to visit the E. C. Sperrys. Mrs. R, C. Dremmel and ter daughters, who had spent ten days there with'"; her parents, relumed with them Wednesday, M's. Niel Nielsen, Spencer, spent of last, week' here with her spring, after having been off farming for 11 years, during which Mr. Johnson did trucking. Mr. and were visiting week'Sunday at Clear Lake. Also they visited Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Miller, Mason City, and Lois remained there for a short visit, returning Wednesday. Mi and Mrs. George Buseman and Mr and Mrs. Henry Buseman, Klemme, were at Fred Neahring's last week Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Anderson were recently called to the bedside of Mrs. Anderson's mother ,at Zella Nugent clerk of elec- Mrs. J. H. Warburton and Mrs. j j u dy n De5Jena'r',' clerk 'of elec- R.'E. Hamnquist recently drove ^ L H onp -re'ch"judge'of'eVe'cti'or. F. G. Torino's, farmers at Algona, j onn Kohlhaas, judge of elec- 5.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3.90 3; 90 3.90 3.90 3,90 3.90 ection :••;"' Cl'.as. Plathe, judge, of el- ectiion ••• V'V Henry Borman, judge of el- John Borman, clerk of elec- Wm. Runchey','clerk o'f elec- 0. R. Jen'soii, Judge of el- 'ection .......... • • • • • 1. F. Engessor, judge of el' ectlon ,••',•" J, D. Crowley, Judge of el- A. T. Paulsen) clerk of elec- Chris bahl'.'cl'er'k'of election Seneca Cons. School, rent.. Aug. J. Kirschbaum, judge of election •..,,.._.... James F. Black, Judge of election • • • • •. • M. N.'Bormann, judge of el- Henry OI Eischeid,' 'clerk of election ,• • • V ' i " L. C. Hutchins, clerk of election Otto Neuman, rent 3.90 4.50 3.90 2.00 4.20 5.20 4.20 4.20 M.20 3.90 3.90 3.90 6.80 3.90 3..00 6.10 3,90 3.90 3.90 3.90 4.20 5.30 4.20 4.20 '6.70 4.20 4.20 4.20 4.20 3.00 serv ,...*.>'•• Central States Klec. Co., light Emmet Coun'ty H'feas., taxes Titonka Tele. Co.. t<?le. serv. Algona Ins. Agency, premium Swar.ey Oil ; Co., sup. Pink Supply Co., sup P.etco Alloy Co., sup. Standard, Oil Co., sup ...... Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., tele, serv DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 4— Leo Delperclang, labor John Welch, labor George Looft.' labor Carl I. Anderson, labor . R. C. Stlnstrom. labor .. Elmore Cement & Tile Co., , Herman Warmbier, judge of ^St^^b^S? tr Va^M.'THbonVjudge'ofei: ' H^^aas,'judge of e)- Mrs. E. J. Titus there. They are many Algona people, live in Britt. Their remembered by They now son William, is and has been Johns-Manville 'Evanston, very who lived with them at Algona ; now in California mot er, Mrs. Dora Armstrong. Mr,', working for the ... and Mrs. Z. E. Armstrong, of Des Co. Mr. Titus said William Moiies, also,spent Wednesday and been in an auto Thursday with Mrs, Armstrong, was expected that Myitle St. John, Algona, is now '""•"" for Mrs. Armstrong. and Mrs. William Waller and „ Ind. She was reported vm . ill. Mrs. Anderson's brother there died about two months ago, and now a nephew has be- reported killed while playing teeter-totter. been re on a Hamnquist took a home at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Slater re- ^^ cently drove to Fort Dodge to see I chris^Bran'dt, judge of elec- S^STJ^r rJS rinffr'omi wV« Bten.ei; Judge of elecl an operation. The Earl Grabaus have left for a vacation, with Decatur, 111., as headquarters. .visit Chicago, St. Louis, and points. Mrs. John Furst was lately brought home from Park hospital, Mason City, where she took treatment for foot trouble. Eva Town'e,' clerk 'of election. Helen Dickinson, clerk of election Clarence' Schutje'r,' judge of E. P. Har.se'ii,' 'clerk of election 3.90 3.90 3.GO 5.60 11.60 3.60 Sim Leigh. Judge < John P. Borman, Paul Phillips',''clerk of elec- Guy°B. Ri'sk,' judge' of 'election ,ou!s Anderson, Judge of el- Chester Johnson, judge They "expected to Minnie Kennedy, clerk of el- ^ 3.00 3..90 3.90 4.90 S.90 ,. , of iam Martinson, Madison, Wis., • for a, short visit — Olson's, and Friday the .. _ ,. °ls ns and their guests visited tho ^ uc "' ' H ° r Goddens at Fairmont. s. W. F. Main' and MrsXHasse, had been at Dr. J, G. Clap- sa< die's a few days, left for their nome at Cedar Rapids Friday. Mrs. is Mrs. Clapsaddle's mother. .to home- rt * * * Tjadeu's, north IUB four children were in a Play yard Thursday: •^^wr^iri^ and they had Board s Auditor's office, made mud -pies a I hev also a coffee pot on their stove. They cer- having a grand time. Whati^^e^CSf^^^ called were , Arthur Faudels drove iittemore Friday, and from to go.th relatives on t«E> to Wisconsin to visit other rel- at ves and see fb e p«ii 8 . and Mrs; Edv.'Tbaves they every time. Tjaden said that sometimes move their playthings id play it was moving field where northwest of plowing Friday in a he has sweet clover, some Motion by Heiken and second by Fraser that the Final Estimates of Clarence Zerfalls on^Secondary Road Districts No, 401, No, 475 and No. 366 be'approved. Ayes: all. • Motion by Heiken and second by Morris that W, B. McDonald, be authorized' and 'directed to sign a Quit Claim peed to James E Vaux transferring to grantee Lots IS, 14, lo and 16 Block J Dourtes Addition to Iwea City, Incorp. for the consideration of J42.25. Ayes: all. Motion *by Heiken and second by Mor?ls-tha? the Quit Claim Deed executed to James E. Vaux on Lots 13 14 -16 and IS Block 1 Swea City, Incorp'. be approved. Ayes; all- Motion by Morris and second by Heiken that Kossuth County start proceedings to eject Ed Johnson and family from the Ed Goetch residence ,„„.. Hatchery, rent .... Krlethe, judge of elec- P. L. Dremmel,'judge.of el- E, R. WoVtz,' 'j'u'dge o'f elec- Geo°P. H'a'wcbtt,' clerk of election ' .•••;• 'i' Verna Boettcher, clerk of el- ectlon • ?•?? Town of Burt, rent ........ C H. Schrader, arrar.g booths Harry Sabln, judge election Gilbert Hargreaves, judge el- C. N. Robinson, Judge election Minnie J. Matern, clerk election ..'. • ,• • •.• • • AT. N. Phillips, clerk elecW'n T. L. Thorson, judge of election : •„• • V j. P. Peterson, judge of el' ection Joe Van Bank, judge of election ,•••»;"' R Newton, elerk of election o' H Linde, clerk of election Wm. A. Stoutenberg, judge of . election ;•",' Lem Marlow. judge of election A. H. Hanna, judge of elec- K. O./Bwoidt, clerk of el- M. O. Richard's,' cierk of election el-,- clerk clerk 'of " of of election ... S. F. Blome, tlon C. C. Anderson, rent . Axel Erickson, judge of el- 2.00 1.50 3.90 4.20 3.90 3.90 4.90 3..90 7.80 S.flO 3.90 3.90 5.60 3.90 3.90 3.90 judge of A* Bman'u'eV Anderson, judge M.° J. e Kenn°e n dy,' clerk 'of elec- Ce^Thorson', 'clerk o'f elec- Tom OI Reid.' judge 'of 'election John P. Byson. judge of el- Henry 0 Tjadeni 'j'ud'ge 'of e'lec- 1 A." Harvey; 'c'l'e'rk 'of el'e'c'- Glen^enkinson,' clerk of e'l- L. e A."Boleneus" judge' o'f ell Oi e e et K. n Flo'm'.' judge' of elec- H. tl j r 'stermanl 'judge of e'l- X. e K. lf Glddln'gs,' 'clerk of el- Frp°d >. Diekniann. clerk of 3..90 3.90 3.90 3..90 4.55 3.00 60 3.60 3.60 3. CO 3.60 3.90 3.90 7.50 3.90 5.90 2.00 4.20 4.20 7.60 Northern Lumber Co.. sup. Concrete Products Corp., sup Dr. No. 7— .Pick Baade, labor ...... :C..H Cooper, labor ...... Dl Jffr°eK~K:elso, labor Clarence/Hentges, labor .. D 'Elrnore~Cement « Tile Co., sup. i • • Dr f!harl'es 9 "Glaus. Sr.. labor . Charles Glaus, labor .... Arthur Glaus, labor .... Dr. No. 60— E G. Stenstrom. labor .. Elmore Cement & Tile Co., sup Charles Glaus, Sr., labor .. Lawrence Glaus, labor .. Arthur Glaus, labor .. Charles Glaus, Jr., labor.. Concrete Products, Corp., sup Charles" Glaus, Sr., labor Arthur Glaus, labor Lawrence Glaus, labor .. Charles Glaus, Jr., labor .. ISlmore Cement & Tile Co., - sup Dr. No. 75— 10 J. Palmer, labor .... Botsford Lumber Co., sup. Dr. No. 76— James Kelso, r. No. lie- Sim Leigh, labor C. NO. 132— Carl Johnson, labor ...... r. No. 15«— James Kelso, labor ...... Clarence Hentges, labor .. T. No. 165— ' ". . George Lobftj .labor .... John .Welch, labor •Thompson Yards Inc., sup. ir. No. 1S6— Chas. E. Chubb, engineer. George Looft, labor .... John Welch, labor ..•••• Ulmore Ce'ment & Tile CO., Jr. U H.-K'.' No.' '3-46— Carl Johnson, labor ,...., Harry'-Frandson, labor John Collins, labor )r. H.-K. No. 1— Henry Halvorson, labor .. Roy Errockson, labor .... Harvey Hagen, labor Botsford Lumber Co., sup Henry L. Zlr.nel, labor .... Or. P. A.-K. No. 1— Charles Glaus, Sr., labor , Charles Glaus, Jr., labor Charles Glaus, Jr., labor Lawrence Glaus, latabr . Arthur Glaus, labor James Kelso, labor Clarence Henlges, labor . Roger Elbert, labor ... Dr. W.-K. No. 311— W. L. Quail, labor Dr. W.-K No. 20-66— Carl Larson, labor Jim DcVrles, labor Chris Patterson, labor .. Dr. W.-K. No. 35-89— Henry Schmidt, labor Dr. W.-K. No. 68-136— Theo Dorenbussh, labor .. Dr. Tri No. 131— James Kelso, labor Clarence Hentges, labor . . P T Struck, labor Dr. Trl No. 84— Charles Glaus, Sr., labor .. Arthur Glaus, labor Lawuence Glaus, labor Charles Glaus, Jr.. labor.. POOR FUND District No. 1— Dr. Bourne, med Dr. Janse, med Dr, Keneflck, med Huff's Restaurant, prov Paul Ernst, prov Joe Muto, prov KIr.seth & Son, prov Moe & Sjogren, prov foods I. G. A., prov.,.. : Cut Rate Groc., prov. ...... Whittemore :Elevator, fuel . . A. E/ Bangston, care .... Hugh Raney;"rcfnt C. H. Lichty, rent District No. 2— Dr. BouVne, med • pr. Janse, med Dr. Kenefick, med Moe & Sjogren, prov Hoods I. G. A., prov Cut Rate Groc., prov i>r. Cretzmeyer, med Dr. Wallace, med Dr. Andrews, med. Gilmore Drug Co., med. sup. Mrs. Ella Brlggs, care Mrs. Mary Tavloiv cure . St. Vincents Hospital, hosp. care • .• • • • Mrs. Ella Briggs, care R.. A. Clark, prov., Meyers Groc., prov Longs Grocery, prov Sorensen Groc. prov. , „„ City of Algona, light serv. .. 17'65 I Mrs. Eleanor Klocke, care. 9 51 House of the Good Shep-'— ' herd, care • • • • Mrs. Wm. Myers, care Kohll'.aas & Spilles, sup. .. K. D James, sup. ........ W G. McCullough, burial . A M. Collinson, rent Harvey Hewitt, rent ...... Mrs. Nannie Setchell, rent .. Laura .Vandee, rent District No. 3— Dr. Janse, med. Cut Rate Groc., prov. ...... Dr. Andrews, med General Hospital, hosp. can Mrs. Math Erdman, prov. T P. Doerr, rent District No. 4— Dr. Cretzmeyer, med • Dr Clapsaddle, med • Mrs. Helen B&ssett, care .. .|. Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care Mrs. E; E. Paine, care . - -I- Finn's Groc., prov Kennedy Bros., prov. .. Smith Dept. Store, prov, S & L. Co., sup Mrs. August Beitz, care Jake Keller, rent ...... C H. Schrader, rent .. Chas. D. Blxby, rent Mrs Martin Griese, rent District No. 5— Dr. Andrews, med....... General Hospital, hosp. Dr. Williams, med. ... 70.0 70.0 94.1 108.8 78.7 39.6 97.6 94.50 ; 100.80 06.00 6.00 116.37 21.00 21.00 7S.OO 88.20 125.00 100.00 125.00 84.00 21.00 17.50 91.35 88.80 91.00 81.00 122.80 12S.OO . 18.00 . 15.00 '• 9.00 18.00 7.50 2.50 3.00 4.00 16.00 65.0(1 4 00 28.Sfi S.fil 13.01 2.1$ R.8 ?.3 7.2 .6 11«77 4,68 62.50 549.78 72.30 5.00 21.88 4.00 6.97 10139 70.37 1.28 1.02 9.93 4.54 52.50 85.14 30.75 24.4S 6.81 21.47 2.80 35.00 40.00 63.70 94.80 31.00 13.73 23.76 2.00 \ If 20 40 IrtllO .60 6.00 5.25 T..25 2.00 ,15.60 2.00 1.75 1.75 1.75 4.8? 6.00 5.25 3.15 5.25 14.90 67.75 1.74 i.29 AS 8.07 K.37 3.37 1.73 3.50 4.95 4.34 9.27 L'.OO 1.75 1:75 1.75 •8.00 9.00 3.50 5.00 3.00 21).00 7.49 10.00 27.50 22.00 3'.62 20.00 10.00 6.00 20.50 20.50 17.00 5.00 SO; 00 29,50 13.00 78.50 7.70 13,16 18.00 75.00 25.00 . 17,00 11.00 12';00 4:00 27.50 2.54 $.00 20.00 10.00 14.28 59.32 130.00 6.00 10.00 7.50 1Q.OO. 3.00 10.00 800 24.00 4.2010.00- •50.0038.50 67.5067.50 1 9.008.00- 5.00 5.00- 1.8S 15,0010.00" 9JOO- 10,0010.00- 16.00 I4.00 1 50,00 46T.OO 4 20 24.00' 30.00' 10:00' I ' I 11 i ( care labor 12.00 10.50 1.00 5..2S ' in.oo 7.00 s'.-io .51 .90 171.14 67.88 4.20 4'. 20 3.90 4.20 3.90 Hcftges, labor DrrNo. 79— James Kelso, labor Clarence Hentges, labor ... Dr Noi 80— Chas E Chubb, engineer . Peter R. Chubb, labor .... George Looft, labor .... John Welch, labor Thompson Yards Inc., sup. Elmore Cement & Tile Co., Northern' Lumber Co., sup. Concrete Materials Co., sup. Concrete Products Corp., S up , oo.ao Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co., sup. 40b.Ji Dr. No. 82— Willie Murra, labor .. Theo. Dorenbush, labor ; R. Pomeroy, labor ........ Thompson Yards Inc., labor Elmore Cement & Tile Co., sup • ' • Dr. No. 83— A R. Crulkshank, labor .. B. J. Palmer, labor Charles Glaus/Sr., labor . Arthur Glaus, labor Lawrence Glaus, labor .. Charles Glaus, Jr., labor . C. C. Scharlach, engineer m heo Dorenbush, labor .. Thompson Yards Inc., sup. Elmore Cement & Tile Co., sup Dr. No. 91— , . , Dick Baade, labor ...... C. H. Cooper, labor ,.*... C. R. Smith, prov. .... Fred C. Huettner, prov. Thaves Sister, prov. .. W. A. Smith, rent .... Henry Klelne, rent General— Moe & Sjogren, sup. .. • • • K- Sub Division of Aid to Blind, .blind aid ... •••• John McEnroe, rent County Farm—• John Henning, labor . Laing & Muckey, sup. Frank L. Miller, light ser\ Cut Rate Groc., prov. . Sender's sup. Grahams Store, sup '•Fred Park, misc. exp. City of Algona, light Kohlhaas & Spilles, sup, C A. Heard, sup Whittemore Impl.' Co., sup. Kossutlv Cour.ty Impl. qo, sup • L E. Hovey, sup S. H. Klassle, sup. McCormick-Dee.ring St I Swift'& Co'.,' sup 1 1 K. D. James, sup. .4 Robert. H. Stevens, labo F S. Norton & Son, sui. .. RESOLVED: That the Bounty Auditor Is hereby authorized,,toi issue Warrants for all bills this meeting as_ per 1..58 6.7S 15.00 50.00 4.41 13.13 60.02 18.4» 1.21 8.72' 38.58 26.03 9.25 13,38 .46 .48 18.11 11.84 29.V25 1.83 40.00 S.09- at Of allowed Schedule tten. ...er business tlme.~lt was motioned and that the Board adjouin to c'ia!ms ;r hereinbefore wril There being no __ fur i}} ( at this t' seconded call of Auditor. Ayes: s.oo 6. "I" 28.47 7 Model B John Deere tractor 100 10-20 McCormick- Deering 4.00 3..50 Town of Weslev. rent ...... •Paul FHhprrr. prranff. booths 1 a F s-hultz, H>dere elecHon |tVm MP«P«-. i.'dfA election H. Kollasch. Judge eleo- Sei'TiV. "cipri"fllecMon Vaudt, clerk elecr 3.90 3.90 3.90 5.00 3.90 3.90 . 4 on 5.20 ., labor 18.00 John'Welch, labor ........ Elmore Cemer.t & Tile Co., sup •••. • > Dr. No. 103— C C, Scharlach, engineer. Robert t.elsener. labor .. L. E. Daw*on. labor Concrete Products Corp., sup ,.,....,, > • Dr. No. 108—i Charles Glaus. Sr., labor . Charles Glaus, Jr., labor. Arthur Glaus, labor .... r chas.~E. Chubb, engineer Peter R. Chubb, labor .. Homer Nolte, labor 14.00 2..7S 7.50 2.00 89.13 42.11 1.60 , 1.40 1.40 tractor a.bottoin John D<ere tractor plow 3-bottom Jolm D«j>ere tractor plow KOSSUTH COUNTY IMPLEMENT CO, AXGONA, IOWA Q. B Jobnsqr G, e Tl. Kr'a'u's'e,' udge of elec- H. H. p'r'e'yer,' judge of eleo- W T^. Stbe'ber, cleric of elec H. Goetch.' clerk of eleo- rpn. . booths Bell Tele. Co., and second by Kjnsey. County 5 U**B *•"•»•-- , oa ts to cut yet, *ut Auditor, be _ agent for sup] In various offices Kossuth' Cour.ty. Iowa. Ayes: au. K °Motior : by Cos?£°v« ana secona by and other ponts to yislt rela- year. week, and be still has 45 McEvoy H. Cretzmeyer, oortim. judge of of" el, ..... Judsre of el- f ^ ^ t . Weaver's, southest of supplement. farther "ut. .KJNJ- all. by Uorrls t $800.4)0*. t inspection.

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