Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1939
Page 5
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some Brownies fonly'60.«eetBau*r« llte.Rose KOSSUTH COUNTr ADVANCE. ALflONA. IOWA Mrs. Gngta Patterson is taking a vacation from the Ben Franklin store. Mrs* R. A. lllff, of Webster City, was a gUest Wednesday evening of Mrs. W. H. Klamp. Frances, daughter of P. s. McEnroe, spent the week-end with 'fiends at Cherokee. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Nelson got •lorry Gronwall is expected hack today from Grand Rapids and Hib- blng. Minn., where he had spent a week at fishing and visiting with friends. He clerks at the local A. & P. store. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Harig have re- husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson/all of .Rockwell City. Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Hargreaves Mrs. A. A. Bishop went-to Iowa' Chicago, and her brother Fred, Ox• - ' ' ford. Fred, his wife, and two chil- City Monday to visit her. sister, Mrs. Maude McBroom, Who return- Sunday evening for kee, 111., called by news death Saturday of the K^r- •£ Sunday from Spokane, where the fh.e attended the funeral of a bo- of latter's mother, Mrs. C. C. Chapman.,Mrs. Chapman, who was in her eighties, fell recently and suffered a broken hip. Mi'sdamcs W. Kelly, ther, ti. A. McBroom, who suddenly of a heart attack. died Mrs. J. 'AH Bishop was unable to attend the funeral. Miss Mr-Broom in the university. James Bishop and Harlan Sigs dren, John and Jean, brought her home, leaving yesterday for Platte- vllle, Wlsf, to visit relatives of Mrs. Streit.' Fred has a dry-goods Mary had been here a week come with-Nancy and Joan son, Who had visited the jUH i wiiu iiau v ioiieu 11.1 v .. *-** u**i - ** » v»**jn»jw*iuu »< ••» ow «••-•, —— • — monds. Mr. and Mrs. Dnimmond,! for a year's stay. Mr. Drummond, with the other son, Peter, arrived who teaches in a Morgan Park Saturday for two weeks with Mrs. high school, has a year's leave. store at Oxford. ..„ „..- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Robinson got teaches | back last week Monday from a veek with the former's 'parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Robinson, »»t home Sunday from a week n..o eona with Mrs W D Howie the at South Bend > nl " and ln nortl ?" ' " ' iied James s fatu'r :r E mTeish V ur •fo 1 rme, e iy U of!e [ n Michigan They visited James's Algona, spent a few days last week •«-";, Mrs. B L Hllliard,of South turned from a week in northern j at Lake Koronis, in Minnesota, linn™ irom a weeK in nortnern j at Lake Koronis, in Minnesota, Minnesota and Canada. Mr. Harig| guests of Mrs. Fred Erickson, Mina,... ...... ..„.,,. ~. u . ,^.., U11 Slll .| was taking a vacation from his du-lneapolis. home Friday from a few days with 1 lles ils salesman for the Kossuth relatives in Wisconsin. ' I Motor Co. lauvea in \viBuuusm. | — " vui "-"• Wayne Shea is a new barber all Mrs - Myron Kinitson, Jewell, and the Clement shop. He formerly daughter Karen, went home Satur- worked at Hank's barber shop. """ ""'" Mrs. Frank Wlnkel left for Duluth. Saturday for several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Helen Pct- day. after a week here with the neapolis. Larry, ten-year-old son of and Mrs. Verne Clark, left Mr. for . Clark, Neb., Friday for the rest of the summer with hik grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Shull. Mr. and former's sister, Mrs. A. W. Amun- Mrs. Shull are parents of Mrs. son. Mr. Knuts'on !s in Phillips! Clark, who clerks at Cummings "66" employ. '-•— ' Lloyd Robinson's office, I store here, above j Mrs. H. W. Plctcli, the former in Michigan. „. _„ ..„ ... „. Steele's, and Harlan Is in Lalng & Muckey em-, ploy. Maralyn, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Woodward, of Whttte- inore, is spending the summer at her uncle E. E. Woodward's, Portland, Ore. She recently spent two weeks at Seaside, Ore., which borders on the Pacific. Maralyn 'has written home enthusiastically erson. 1'iwyn iioninsoirs otnce, above; .iirs. H. n, rictcii, the rormeri wrmeu «uui«s <siiLiiuBiuBi».ai'j ' t'arlyle Becker, employed at the tlle Iowa stR te bank, has been pa- Helen Falkenhalner, and her.about her visit. Algona creamery, was at home last P el '°d and the woodwork varnish-; daughter Joan returned Monday toj 3Ir. and Mrs. Elmer Dole, of Mil- week because of a streptococcus i R( '> Harry Baker doing the work, j their home at Mankato, after visits . ford, with their children, were here throat infection. JIl- - Robinson is agent here for the with friends here, and Virginia, Sunday for a Schumacher reunion Phyllis Maxwell, Irvington, spent D( " lk ers Life. daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F. C.'at the Ambose A. Call state park. i^Ihe'K. C'BY and. ras sc»«-"f~ . to c , ome • "\ V Pioneer Friday eVen- " la3 ^ show up.: Efforts made to have Humie to Play White Rose, this •Way Phyllis Maxwell, Irvington, spent yesterday and today with her uncle nd aunt,, Mr. and Mrs. Russell rfaxwell here. City Snpt. C. U. Pollard went to Council Bluffs Sunday on a business" mission. He expected to re- urn Wednesday. Mrs. Mnndc Solonmn, Spencer, las been visiting her sister,-Mrs. Committeemch old That U. S. Not Dump Corn [Told L. •vice chairman 01 «"= Agricultural association, at* g .,Vnieeting ; at 'Fort ['Friday which was address- Sde Vickard, chief Omtral division for the [meeting was in relation. t< toUtfof corn. Definite pro C f fbe resealing, or to L of sealed corn, has-no £ worked out, ljuf-lt.to.ex | that the procedure will -b [shortly before August 1. oun y office understand \ fgSvernment will not sel id corn, either .locally o -'open market, but will hoi f storage in an effort to se ,>tter price when an unfay- s' year comes. —, Sunday for a Schumacher reunion ^.. 0 ~.. c . i daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F. C.'at the Ambose A. Call state park. AVaMer Ewy is taking a vacation J Scanlan, accompanied them for a 1 Mrs. Dole Is the former Alice from Hank's barber i visit there. - | Schumacher, daughter of John this week shop, and is spending it with his 'armers near Manchester. Mrs. Donald T. Nugent accompanied the Flobinsons to visit her mother, Mrs. Cora J. Todd, and her sister, Mrs. W. J. Nieman, »t Manchester, and' Mrs. Nieman's daughter Nadine came here with Mrs. Nugent for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Streit, of Oxford, Mich,, with their children Jean and John, left Monday aftei visits here with relatives. They stopped at Mason City on the way for a call at Fred's sister Mrs Maurice Cullen's, and will also call on Betty and Harold Streit a Chicago. The Matt Streits entertained Sunday morning in honor of the visitors. Fred grew up here and is remembered by oldtlmers. ' Dorothy Hntchlson and Catherine Moore, . Evanston, 111., with Christopher, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. PAGE FtVt ,having — . Hutchi-i Hutchison, and from Drum-! Drummonds will go -to California TUES.-WED., JULY Mr. and Mrs. G-. D. Stokes got Schumacher. There were 70 people at the. picnic, most of them from a distance. Irving Miller began work recent.••.»..->• f i I»II.V>M. Kin WHO v^nucu i,v/ Licivdvu-uj i>m a. uu fy}j*jii u «> «*»«•«! Ij flS DOOKKGG*P61 lOl tilC . Alfipnu Austin, Minn., Monday by word'time at a 'farm near Glendfield Federal Savings & Loan.'Mr. Mil- mother, Mrs. Henry Ewy, of Lime, home last week Tuesday evening Springs, in eastern Iowa. Mrs. Ewy from a week at Glendfield, N. D., "f.eoinpanied him. and Port Arthur, Canada. They Mrs; Walter Will was called to traveled by car and spent a short Q. Drummond, Chicago, arrived Wednesday for the rest of the week and the week-end. Miss Hutchison visited her mother, Mrs. A. Hutchison; aunt, Mrs. C. Miss Moore, B. Murtagh; her and ville, 111., is leaving today, after .wo weeks with her -sister-in-law, rtrs. S. AV. Meyer, Mrs. Harold Itrandt and Mrs. H. ... Anderson were at Fort Dodge Thursday, guests of the latter's sister, Mrs. Henry Steiner. Valeria Thilges, Bode, spent last week with her brother, Herman Thilges, and the latter's wife, Fenton, Mr. Thilges is a farmer. Mr. arid Mrs. Russell Maxwell, with their two children, spent Sunday -with Mr. Maxwell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Maxwell, Eagle 'luollll, 1T1U111., ItlUllllctJ' Uy \VU1U LlillU UL il 1U11U that her father, Conrad Lenz, was-which they own. seriously sick. She traveled with Canada was cool, her brother, Edward Lenz, of Lu Mrs. George Blensen, State Center, with her son George, also Mrs. ;stena'Sabin"and expectV'to b<?' seriously sick. She traveled with Camidajvas cool, here for some time. Mrs. 11. K. Kasmiisson, Carlin- Vcrne, and his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oilman, of Webster City, with their daughter Linna, came Monday for with the Rev. .and Mrs. a visit F, - C. Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Busch, newlyweds, spent the week-end at Decorah with the latter's parents. Volske. Mrs. Volske is a niece of Mr. and Mrs. Oilman. The Rev. A. English is taking a vacation from services at the Presbyterian church at Irvington and is spending it at his home ii Algona. Church services will be resumed after August 1. (Jlnnn Nielsen has returned to his work at the Foster furniture store, after a week's vacation at Atlantic and Iowa City. At Atlantic he visited Bob LaBarre, employed there in a hotel. Mrs. E. M'. Colt, Evanston, 111., Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Willson, Cedar Rapids, are visiting the former's .parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Lloyd Baer, Rhodes, were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Latch. Mrs. Biensen is the mother of Mrs. Baer and Mrs. Latch, and Mr. Latch is in John Deere employ here. Mrs. A. D. Richards, of Algona, with her son Merle, farmer near Lone Rock, and his family, attended a Greenfield reunion at the Am- .brose A. Call state park Sunday. Mrs. Richards then accompanied . . The'weather In ler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Mill er here, Is a graduate of the Simpson college, Indianola. Mrs. Everett Rekers, the former Marian Corey, returned to her duties at the office, after a two weeks vacation. BrK^W'js-ste r;^?r,.r= •# day night by train, after a month here with the former's parents, Abstractor and Mrs. C. A. Momyer. Mrs. F. I'. Klahr, mother of-Mrs. George St. John, is visiting ahoth- , . . . Christopher, his uncle, Donald T. Hutchison. Christopher's sister George Scobee, with his son James, left this morning for Marquette, and is thence to go to Rapid City, S. D., where Mrs. Scobee and the daughter Barbara will join them late in the week for a few days in the Black Hills. The family will be away two weeks. Mr. Scobee is local Milwaukee ,good Tells the ,. 4 ry Club About Football on Coast rest Twogood, head footlball sketball coa'ch at the Un- of Idaho at Moscow, was ler before the Rotary ' club JrJIay noon and told of. stand- lot member schools in the Pa •coast league. Most of tills have good material for tne ig football season, and in bas- the Coast league has „,. Schools there are allow .y athletes openly as much as j month but the system is :be btmsed and is now being in ;ated by a former G-man. Mr 1 is a son-in-laW of Mr . M. P. Haggard. ree Local Girls age a Snowfight on a Rocky Moun ilu Huenhold, Edna ' Gilmore •Dorothy Shatto, got 1 afternoon from a. I of the west. ke girls found'the Bad Lands [Nebraska hot, ibut Yellowstone cool. They stopped at a point le mountain s for a snowball They saw the Black Hills, SViUson. Irvin is a railway pos- al clerk. • Frank Tiet/ Jr., blind son rfr. and Mrs. Frank Tietz, is spend- hg a couple of weeks with his sis- er, Mrs. Rudolph Peter, near Algona. Kay Bcsch is taking a vacation his week from the men's department at the S. & L. store and is spending it at Sioux City and Omaha. Jerry Bob, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Anderson, was at Crystal o£ er daughter, Mrs. W. C. McNown, Lawrence, Kans.' Mr. and -Mrs. St. John took her to Mason City, and she went on thence via the Rocket. K. (J. Richardson, of the Rich- Leslie Island afterno'on and caught their limits. Mr. Stephens is a rural mail carrier out of Algona. Dean Crawford, of Minneapolis Wednesday for a week with «,.-.ij «».., ^» — —•• —- | came Wednesday ror a weeK wun H. C. Anderson, was at CiyBtel. and aunt _ M ,._ an( , M ,. s Lake a couple of days last week d w „ dorf> He lB the ten visiting his grandfather, A. 0. v ' old son of Mr . and M rs.,L. H Sonerholm. year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.,L. H Crawford, former Algona farmers •.i..™ 11 TT v u* ,,, n <, t>i Q urawioru, icrmer Aigona larjucrs Patricia Hull, Humboldt was the ^ Seaton-Hlcks went to guest of Meredith Raney last week j Monday and Tuesday. Meredith is' A ™s ^iday to the daughter of Deputy Postmaster and Mrs. Glenn Raney. tne funera Mr. and Mrs. Ogg, Loema 01 - i^veiyn.- rariiir • jaaBciuun home demonstration agent in Dal las county. Miss Hagerdorn, wh Thursday from a week at Shetac, Wis., where they had a rented cottage, Arline Halnes is taking vacation this week from the Maxwell garage, next door south of the Advance, and is spending it with relatives at Wesley. Relatives from Illinois visited the C. A. and Mrs. daughter i Dakota. party traveled v -... in the Gil- R car. Miss Huenhold. is' em- lei at the Huenhold Green- KS; Miss Gilmore has the Cot- Beauty Shop; and, Miss Shat- i employed at the relief office fce courthouse. . '' , her son and his family home for an evening visit. Mrs. G. L. Volis was at West Bend Saturday, attending a recital in which her granddaughter, Janice Vohs, took part. Carol Jean, another granddaughter, is visiting her grandparents this week. Both girls are daughters of Druggist nd Mrs. Carl Vohs, Mrs. Kate Bassett, Sheldon, and a'ughter Louise, spent a few days ast week with, the former's bro,her, James Stacy, and old friends lere. , Mrs. Bassett, who was born n Algona, lived here till marriage, ler daughter is a teacher in the Sheldon high school. Local Metropolitan Life representatives and the office girls attended a conference at Fort Dodge Monday evening: Walter Roberts, Joseph Hayes, George Smith, W. H. Walker, H. M. Potter, John Dalton, Helen Zittritsch, Margaret Nelson, and Imogene Hill. THURSDAY, JULY 20 Ific Bargain Matinee DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR. BASIL RATHBONE WITHERING | HEIGHTS Plus "March of Time" •flic WEHOl . UO*E»tt 1UVIH OMID WIN FRIDAY-SAT, JULY 21-22 A picture for lonesome wives ^fjttt AMCiA Wb ..> CpP^^i&Ki ititltim uTK ^r /oMDBi tint rul ucttnMl "THE SUN NEVER SETS'* Mighty drama of the English Empire. LOOK OUT The Candid Cameraman I took.your picture Tues.-Wed. and we will show it on our I screen Thursday night. SUN.-MON., JULY 23-24 Rochester is Ready! JACK BENNY at his Sufcr eveaug agent and chairman for the order of railroad telegraphers. Guests Wednesday at the Dr. and Mrs. F. Earl Burgess cottage at the Methodist camp grounds, the Oko- bojis, were Mesdames W. A. Foster, J. F. Overmyer, Dg White, F. L. Tri/bon,' and Mrs. Foster's sister, Mrs. E. C. Flower, Arlington. Guests from Friday night till Saturday of the Burgesses were Mrs. S. W. Meyer and her sister-in-law, Mrs. H. R. Rasmusson, Carlinville, TUES.-WED., JULY 18-19 BIG DOUBLE FEATURE Action Jamboree. GENE AUTRY —in—i MT. RHYTHM Second Feature DUTCH REAGAN , —in— "CODE OF SECRET SERYICE" |>wans Will Build a Britt Farmhouse '<• R. Cowan & Son '• received Monday that they have been led the contract for' construc- »t a residence for "Mark Mil- near Britt. The house' is- v to " "ipe Cod colonial stdry-and- structure costing r appro* • . $7500, Work will- be start- at week. The Cowans are now "! a new bulkhead of red vit- i at the Cummings store, S«pt. Luing to School. 0. B. Uaing left Sunday foi to attend a 'school admin at the Unl Laing conference -. of Chicago. -.fKf^ iJttiub we sons David and Edwin are ""ig the week with i mother and sister 'at Des jtoor Closes OH Finger. pwy, July 17—Cheryl, daugh- L« Mr. ana Mrs, J; T. Meurer, •""*"' cuts and ibruiaes on her « finger last week Tues- i.«en it was caught in,a gav- <wor, A doctor dressed the 1C1*J11""D1 •»•*•*'• !. — ... Mrs. George Boswcll, of the Al gona Laundry, spent the week-end at Clear Lake with Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelley, Des Momes who have a cottage there. Mrs. C. C. Shlerk, with her two children, will return sometime this week from Kenosha, Wis., where they have been spending a couple weeks with relatives. Mrs. Tom E. Dalley spent a few days last week with her mother, tfrs. Minnie 'Heetland, Lakota. Mrs. Heetland has been in poor health for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hagg, with two/children, were business callers at Fort Dodge last week Tuesday. Mr. Hagg, local painter, has a new Ford pick-up truck. Mrs. A. A. Sterling, with her daughter Jeanette, spent the weekend at Webster City with the former's mother, Mrs. Samuel Bateman, who is in poor health. i Marilyn Tweet, Spencer, is visiting friends here. She is the daughter of Mrs. Mae Tweet, who formerly lived here. Mrs. Tweet is now employed in a dress shop. Mrs. George Keefer, of Beaver Dam, Wis., was a guest from Thursday evening till yesterday oi her sister-in-law, Mrs. George Peck, Mr. Keefer is a barber. Mrs, F. C. Volske, wife of the local Baptist pastor, was confined to bed all last week with a severe case of lumbago. She was somewhat better over the week-end. Billy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kay Miner, Mallard, was a guest from last week Tuesday till Sunday of h.is grandmother, Mrs. L.E Pot- sease. County Treasurer and Mrs. M. J Duffy, with their three daughters were week-end guests of Mrs. Du: fy's parents, Mr., and Mrs. Chr Larsen, Albert Lea, and the Duffy children remained for a longer visit there. Dorothy Mawdsley and Irene Heller spent the week-end at Duncombe with the former's roommate. ' Dorothy attends Drake university, and Irene is taking nurses' training at the Naeve hospital- Albert Lea. Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Kruse went to Iowa Falls Monday to attend the annual Iowa Baptist assembly ten days. Mr. Kruse is still state treasurer. The Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Volske will go next week Tuesday and stay a few days. Mesdames Win. C. Dau, Jos. Pelisek, John 'Dutton, T. L. Larson, Fred Bartholomew, G. D. Brundage, Henry Bunkofski, and H. E, Mrs. Meda Bedfleld, with her son Clark, spent last -week Tuesday in part at Spirit Lake and in part with an aunt of Mrs. Redfield, Mrs. Cora Stapleton, at Lake Park..l Clark, who had a vacation from the Borchardt drug store last week, returned to work Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kapp, with their daughter Wilma, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Traul, Ottumwa, Luella Kapp, and Bill Hemmingson, both of Woden, and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sandt, Armstrong, picnicked at Tuttle Lake Sunday. Mrs. Traul is also a daughter of the Kapps, and Mr. Sandt is a brother of Mrs. Kapp. Eleanor Cruikshank is visitnig 111. .. Guests last week Sunday at A. A. 'Bishop's were Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Moser, Ames, who formerly lived here, and evening callers were Viola Bishop, with her mother, Mrs. Anderson, brother Kenneth, and a Mrs. Paulsrud, all of Randall. Viola, a daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Bishop, teaches at Council .Bluffs, and plays the pipe organ in a Presbyterian church there. Mary Streit got home last week Tuesday from four weeks at Chicago and at Oxford, Mich. She visited her nephew. THURS. THRU SATURDAY BOB BAKER Western "PHANTOM STAGE" Second Feature SALLY EILERS "THEY MADE HER A SPY" and SERIAL EXTRA Best this y^ar! POPEYE —in— "What a Nightmare" and nieces, Betty and Helen Streit, tiftc;, •»**-!** j •—— •• • — Stephenson were at Swea City last week Tuesday, attending a county Legion Auxiliary meeting. Mr. and Mrs. "Barney 1 were at Belvidere, 111., last week to attend a family reunion and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Cruikshank, north of Algona, till September 1. She was graduated in nursing at the state university and for the last two years has been county nurse at Rockwell City, but she plans to attend school this fall Chicago or Ann Arbor, „„....„, guests of the Harry Phillips home were Charles Lyons, Alden, two daughters, Mrs. Alfred Jentz, Colorado Springs, and hei daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo Wille, Algona. Mr. Lyons is an uncle, Mrs. Wille an. aunt, Mrs. Jentz a cousin of Mr. Phillips, and he is employed at the Algona at either Mich. Sunday " Laundry. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Becker, with Casler! their nephew, Duane Jensen, spent , Sunday at Holstein and Galva with Mrs. Becker's sister Mrs. Becker's and a broth- niece, Ruth is on the main (No. 20) road to Chicago, east of Rockford. G. M. Howard and David S. Ceda/Rapids, where they attended, of Galva, accompanied the Beckers here for a two .weeks visit. Mr. Becker operates a local sporting Mr. and Mrs. Angus Cotton, Chicago, with two children, arrived ANNUAL LEGION CELEBRATION i FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, JULY 21 ASD 22 BURT, IOWA 2_BI G BASEBALL GAMES—2 Friday, 2:30—Letts Creek vs. Butt. Saturday, 2:30—Titonka TS. Burt, = :— : — ' —:— Band Concert Afternoon and Evening 1>! the Burt High School Band BIG DANCE LEGION HALL BOTH EVENINGS All kinds of amusements, concessions, swings, shows, etc. 18 DAYS 18 dajJs more like Saturday and Neville's store will be gone with the wind. The s This is tie pleasantest, most satisfactory, sale I ever run. Just like a piece of machinery in perfect running order. A sale is never satisfac;ory to me unless the customers are satisfi d. ore was crowded, and eyg buying, which proves they we*e".sipi No "looker's around'?, just hn and her Cotton's tons Colonial , Banker —FOR SERVICE— HIS KI ttUUU4Ui*" s *» •"**•— —• , e tor, and of the Lloyd Wellendorfs air; and Mrs, W. L. Whitney got home recently from a six weeks tour through the East. They•rtst- • J to the next Hancock for , ing. . louise Magnuson tpok a vacation last week from the Iowa State bank aud spent the time moving from the C. H. Williams house to her new buiigalo'w on north.Ph.ii- W, C. -Taylors, spe*t Friday at Ames, where daughter Mar surm+w' par' .feijuiAS.^!^ . ...i f HAS YOUR GOWN WILTED ? The evening dress that was so then swmnier began, may look and worn by now! *et «s give it ^ —with a thorough dr Qe»rafi» ytppjiB. ANNOUNCEMENT! cerns in the state and are now able to offer you all kinds of building material at the lowest possible price^delivered to your farm or home m the cities of Kossuth county. Dim. $33.50 and up. Ship ap, |32 00 and UP Woven' wire, steel or cedar posts, barbed wire/poultry fencing, and in fact everything you use on the farm or in your home. BOAKD, and in fret everything carried In •t«*dateluinber<yftird. REMEMBEB^we d«liv<* anywhere and sell to all that hare the cash, and at prices you .will appre- «S&#E w^i»«»5oS5S«S WE CANNOT PO YOU GOOD. No order too small and none too large, as we have the siie of trucks to suit your order. All orders ftven to us before si* In the evening will be delivered before noo» the following day. SA5JD A3D GRAVEL AT BIGHT ?BJ£E£ mm UMBER co. <'< >• 'P; O. BOX §84 ) '»,, j Of course we can not.have 18 days in a row like Saturday, but the sale will' continue from day to day until everything" is sold. It is a clean sweep. ; WherJ Mrs. Tribon came Friday morning she said she wanted to see action. Well, I guess sue got plenty. She was hardly able to get hoine Saturday night. We closed before 10 o'clock, and then it took thirty minutes to wait on people that were in the store. Our regular prices are away below other stores. For this sale we have narked them still lower and will continue to mark them still lower as the all go New .standard wantable cost and below cost is 79c sale goe 3 on. merchant ise at bound to sell. Men's whjte oxfords, to clean them out, a pa Our boys' and girls' regular 98c oxfords go an Ladies' si your Men's 35< Men's nijjht shirts, the 98c kind, now—49c Men's 25c ties at 15c, 20c ties at 10c, lOc ties at &c white handkerchiefs now, 2 for 5c .ippers, easy on your feet and pocketbook, at fancy suspenders, at and Men's 5c Men's atd boys' work shoes, a real biiy at Men's dress shirts, worth 75c to 98c, out they go at ——^~----*»«> Men's, women's and children's anklets at 5e 4 men's suits, sizes 35, 36, and 37, cost f 22.00, your choice _--———-——»»*? w 2 men's wash suits, coat and pants, size_ 38, choice r —»»•»» Men'g huts, latest styles, a real buy at |l.lt And so w and BO on all through, $MJ stwB; Bai gains that you cannot "wtat, **< f &$* „•>». <•»-•» ->«

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