Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1939 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1939
Page 3
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KOB8UTH COPNTT ADVANCE, AbQONA. IOWA Beer Permits at Swea City M. & D.CLUB HEARS MUSICALE ' pool hall has recently pur- , „_ new water meters S me *on the city's C tt8wui ^ ^ warrant ncll t inMinnesota. .Iness transacted>t the Juded discussion, of the ^ Power company gen- '^oposal to Viking «Kconsisting'of Jas. tf Smith, and Ray Union Twp., July 17 — A peppy meeting was held by the Union Mothefs-A'Daughters club at Mrs. Carrie Bourne's,' Algona, ' Thurs^ay. It^was opened with the club 'Song, iahd "roll call was answered with the names of noted composers. A muslcale was given, and songs were sung, With Mrs. Mary Wood at the piano, Mrs, Opal Bourne directing. Vera Steil gave violin selections, and the little Doctor Bourne daughter sang Little Sir Echo, accompanied at the piano by her mother. Mrs. Clifford Young was received as a new member. Beth Atnis was assisting hostess in the absence of her mother, who is sick. Thirty-seven persons attended. The next meeting will be a daughters' meeting on the lawn at Jacob Smith's Thursday, July 27. Committees will be: program, Mary Llchter, Kathryn Bode; menu, Abble Tjaden, Trella Gardner. Oats Harvest Is Completed— Oats here are all harvested plant is built, the Vik- lu on the alert to have it" • State laws Some farmers are "combining," including Floyd Bacon and Alfred Schenck. Some cut the oats with a.vb,inder and windrowed it. The combine picks it up. ' The' foxtail^ which, when green, clogs uip the screens of a combine, dries on the ground and the'h there is not so- much difficulty in operating the machinery. Doctor Sarchct Is Guest— Dr. Geo. A. .Sarchet, Mpwbrldge, S. D., and his daughter Jean spent the week-end at the former's brother Presley's, and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Ames, Oakes, N. D., were visitors Sunday at the Sarchet home. Dinner Honors Four Women- Mrs. Mary Stewart and her daughter, Mrs. Henry Tjaden were hostesses at dinner Thursday to Mrs. Kate Bassett, Sheldon, Carrie Durant, Algona, Clara Zahlten, and Mrs. Presley Sarchet. Former Union Teacher Here— Vera, daughter of Jos. Steil, Algona, has been visiting friends here. She once taught school in Union, but for some years has had a good teaching position at Sioux City. uptlni Shower Given— Mrs. Frank Battling.'..; and //..Mrs.'; Aaron Taylor were hostesses' at a miscellaneous post-nuptial shower at th«- Bahling home " Friday * for, Mrs. Raymond Dearchs. tyner Helmers, mdse 9.35 Botsford Lor. Co., mdse. 79.11 SWIMMING POOL FUND feieri. Frankl, salary 37.88 Meredith RIchArdson, sal. .... 31.60 'ohn Bishop, sal 44,00 Curtis Ward, sal 42.00 iohlhaas & Spilles, mdse 2.15 N. W. Bell Tele. Co., serv. 5.21 Cennedy & Parsons, mdse. 61.55 3hrischilles Store, mdse 5115 C. D. James, mdse 4.08 iteyer A Wenthe, mdse 13.50 nternat'l Filter Co., mdse. .. 3.62 McKesson & Robbins, mdse. 22.28 jaMptte Chem, Co., mdse. .. 5.60 BoUford- L'br. Co v ~,lHdse 3.87, A* .-- •-' **<•-• i' ••*•„.'VMAi™' • _-r '> would wiving of taxes as j»n at, but other measures llsslble. ee, with City Clerk olm, w"l approach In- ower officials on i shortly. the WH1TTEMORE ELEVATOR MODERNLY REMODELED 'omme, and Kenneth, eld- Mr and Mrs. Seylor, led that they were mar- 23 at Mllbank, 8. .p., land Mrs. Sidney Hutchln- iervllle, as witnesses.'Sey, partnership with Albert in the S. & S. grocery i Mrs. Seylor t»» been I at Eva's Cafe. They will sekeeping at once. ,ond wedding was 'that of uighter of Mr. and Mrs. lUhr, Swea City, to Melvln, Mr. and Mrs. George ir, Lakota, and the cere- k place July 3 at ', Man- 1S ., witnessed toy, Mr/and IB. Tripp, Belolt, " Kans., Ukotans. Mr. Schroeder i fanning with his father, , Schroeder has 'been' 'a- the Blomster drugstore. beet to enter the restaur- 101 25th Annlfersary— .Mrs. Jay Brones were [surprise in honor of their ling anniversary: Satur- f ng, July 8, when 90 neigh- lother friends arrived -to celebrate. A program n: 0"Gren trio, I Love You adlng, Mrs. Lloyd Gardo, Whispering Vow, Mrs. IPehrson; J. Iva Moats, mock wedding. • Lunch liight and served by the Ir.' and Mrs. Brones were I with a set of silverware. from Forest City sur- fce couple Sunday by bring- •er and remaining for a 'Whlttemore, July 17—The T. E. Iberson Co., Minneapolis, has completed remodeling ot the Whitte- '•*•"-"'fejevatpj. Five men worked k -"*Job - tSiio/.weeks. Avnew. hy- •'il'fYvwas' installed 4 for'; short trucks and trailers/ a new plank floor was laid in the driveway, and a new maple floor was laid at the CITY BILLS [Tour In East— C, Anderson, Swea City, ler, and her husband, Dr. |and Mrs. Gilsdorf, of New , N. D., with Doctor Gils- Mrs. William Lauck, Mrs. Edw. Maahs, Mrs. George Maahs. Coarthonse .Girl Has, Ta«»0«n— ' '' -' . , Jlosella, 'daughter, 'p'f,. ^ and , ,.. . Mrs. ^Herman .Voigt,. IjajTa 'vacation. last week. '.' A"' week.'ago Saturday she went to Cedar Falls, where she visited with uncle and aunt, Mr. Algona, Iowa, Thursday, June 29: The city council met in regular session with all members present. Building permits Were granted to E. R. Carney, J. W. Haggard, Ralph Richard, Edna Gilmore, Mrs. M. J. Jones and Everett Richardson. Cigarette permits were granted to E. A. Boss, Mary Behlmer, E. V. Johnson, Mrs. C. T. Wilson, H. T. Barker, Alex Demand, W. A. Barry, R. L. Robinault, B. A. Galbraith K. D. James, John Beiser, G. R. Cook, G. A. Wittkopf, Carl Dahlhauser, Anna "Shipley, Alma Jacobs H. E. Beatty and beer permits t< E. A. Boss, B. A. Galbraith, Alex Dermand, Carl Dahlhauser, G. R .Cook, W. A. Barry, Matt J. Selzer E. V. Johnson and John Beiser. Appropriating: ordinance No. 502 was passed. APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO. 508 ELECTRIC LIGHT FUND C. U. Pollard, sal ......................... $ 87.50 Leo Bellock, sal ..................... 70.00 F. C. Dalley; sal. '..' .................. 70.00 Tom Halpin, sal. ':.;.' .............. .-. 67.50 Walter Gorman, sal: ................ 67.50 Cv%C.;?Wr!gnt,;.;sal.:^:.v ..... ;.:... , v : 'HarRoth:sl.^.V.r.-......: Algona tc(ry.,ldry?".;.: 7.44 Algona .U. D. M., printing .. 6.89 Cowah>Bldg.v:Sup.'¥.Co.,'mdse.-.',1.07 FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND'" 'tarry Barton, sal. 22.60 W. S. Nott Co., mdse 147.00 General Fire Truck Corp., mdse. 11.76 Dutch's Super Serv., gas 5.65 ieorge Holtzbauer, mdse. 13.11 Skelly Oil Co., gas 2.04 Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. 1.48 Mrs. R. H. Spencer, mtr. ref. 2.00 Glen Halnes, mtr. ref 2.00 Roy Roeder, mtr. ref. 5,00 Henry Stebritz, mtr. ref. 5.00 Geo. Kuhn, mtr. ref. 2.00 Clarence Bowman, mtr. ref... 2.00 WATER FUND T. C. Hutchison, mtr. ref .72 T. C. Hutchison, mtr. ref 72 Jack Hiltonj mtr. fef 1.80 Mrs. S. J. Backus, mtr. ref. .. .72 W. A. Vigars, mtr. ref 1.00 Fred Powell, mtr. r.ef 5.02 Joe Dietrich, mtr. ref 72 R, S. Blossom, mtr. ref 72 A. E. Kresensky, mtr. ref. .. 1.80 J. W> Black, mtr. ref 7.50 'Chris. L. Johnson, mtr. ref. .. 3.60 Mrs. P. J. Murtha, nitr. ref. • .72' Mrs. Ida Nlckerson, mtr. ref. 2.88 M.-Ei>Wooster, mtr.,ref. .72^ Miss Ella Thompson, mtr. ref. • '4;32 i John Thompson, mtr. ref. .. 3.60 Mrs. A. D, Richards, mtr. ref. .72 D. M. Long, mtr. ref ^ .72 Sid Spear, mtr. ref 72 Bert Cronan, mtr. ref .72 Dora Mitchell, mtr. ref 12.00 Irs. Gilbert Sheppard, mtr. ref. .72 ; J. Wydert, intr. ref. 1.80 L. E. Liesener, mtr. ref 72 vilbur Payne, mtr. ref. 2.50 Henry Bunkofske, mtr. ref. 1.80 Algona Fire Co.. fires J60.00 DEPOSIT FUND [toward Wallace, ref, deposit 5.00 D. W. Mlttag, ref. deposit 6.03 D. W. Mlttag, et al, ref. deposit 43.95 BAND FUND Algona Band, tax 600.00 ELECTRIC FUND T. C. Hutchison, ref. mtrs. 67.00 T. C. Hutchison, ref. on mtrs 12.50 Jack Hilton, ref. on mtrs. .... 5.00 Mrs. S. J. Backus, ref. on mtrs 12.50 W. A. Vigars, ref. on mtrs. .. . 7.50 Fred Powell, ref. on mtrs. .. 9.00 Joe Dietrich, ref. oh mtrs. 2.00 R. S. Blossom, ref. on mtrs. .. 2.00 A. E. Kresensky, ref. on mtrs. 12.50 J. W. black,; ref. on mtrs.. 2.00 Chris L.' Johnson, ref. oh mtrs. 2.0C Mrs. P. J. Murtha, ref. on mtrs 2.00 Mrs; Ida Nickerson, ref. on mtrs 15.00 M. E. Wooster, ref. o* mtrs... 2.00 Miss Ella Thompson, ref. on mtrs. ..'..: *.. 10.00 John Thompson, ref. on mtrs. 5.01 Bnno'Dreesman, mtr. ref ..... 1.80 Chet. Williams, mtr. ref ...... 72 W. J. Bell, mtr. ref ............. .72 Dr. P. V. Janse, mtr ref. .... 16.86 S. D. Wilson, mtr. ref. ........ .72 Russell Cook, mtr. ref. ....... , 12.00 Dora Fraser, mtr. ref. ........ .72 Jacob Teuscher, mtr. ref..... .72 S. E. McMahon, mtr. ref. .... 1.00 C. A, Fraser, mtr. ref ......... 1.80 Frank Tletz, mtr. ref ............. .72 P. H. HargreaveS, mtr. ref. .. 1.80 Mrs. Mary Harsch, mtr. ref. 3.2! John McEnroe, mtr. ref ...... 7! Archie Dodds, mtr. ref. ........ 5.40 Wm. O. Ludwig, mtr. ref. .... 5.40 Mrs. A. S. Forbes, mtr. ref ..... 7.5( C- J' Scanlan, mtr ref .......... 7! Henry Douglas, mtr. ref ......... 4.31 Lloyd Muckey, mtr. ref. ........ 3.22 J. L. Bonar, mtr. ref. ............ 1.44 eft of the driveway for a work 1nni> luur. •A new "leg" was put in place of two old "legs." This leg has a capacity of conveying grain into bins at the rate of 3,000 bushels in hour. The cups are placed ev- sry seven inches, while on the old i»elt -"shaft they were every 12 nches. A new 10 h. p. motor was installed to furnish power. The lump pit was enlarged, and many minor repairs to bins and spouting were made. The cupola was re- sheated with tin, and roof of the old elevator across the tracks was retarred. — — — — Lutheran Aid Namos Committees— The St. Paul Lutheran Aid met Thursday in the Lutheran auditorium, and committees were elected: Vtrs. Edwin Grelaert,' Mrs.'-' Law ; rence Meyer, entertainment; Adelia Bell, Mrs. Herman Maahs, flower; Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, Mrs. Otto Bell, Mry. Wl:liam Lauck, work; Mrs. W. H. Disctier, Mrs. W. F. Dau, Mrs. George Maahs, membership; Mrs. Henry Kuecker, Mrs. Frank J. Balgernan, Mrs. George Wichtendahl, Mrs. William Ostwald, visiting. Hostesses were Mrs. Henry Lauck auu wirs. wiiiiam acnwanKe, tin Monday. She then spent a few days with her parents, but went to Rolfe Thursday for the week-end with her uncles and aunts, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mathers. She returned to her duties at the county treasurer's office Monday. Kmmetsburg T. P. Entertain— The Emmetsburg L u t h e ran young people's society entertained the Whittemore and Algona societies Wednesday evening at roller- skating and games at the Emmetsburg park. Other Whlttemore. Mrs. Will Higgins and her son "Bill" drove to Sioux City Wednesday to visit the Don Sylvesters,- re' turning Thursday and'-ibrlnging-the little grandson of ' Mrsi^ -Hlggins, Bonnie ? Sylvester, .for a week i.-ae're.. Albert Vaudt> Jr. '•came Wednesday to visit relatives a few weeks and work for the Pioneer company at detasseling corn. Joan Fleming arrived from Chicago Thursday for a- few weeks with her parents, Mr. and 'Mrs. Jos. Fleming. The Jos. Cullens, Minonk, 111., arrived Friday for a vacation at the parental John 'S. Ciillen's. LED YARD 'LOCALS.' C. R. Mason, Fairmont, was a geles, after several weeks here. caller at George Thompson's Tuesday. He Is related to Mrs. Thompson, and both are former Lu Verne people. C. R. was once an Algona mail carrier. He lost his wife, but Mr. and Mrs. William Goche, of Bancroft, brought August Sprank to Ledyard Saturday evening for Sunday at home. ' •Mrs. W. E. Wiemer, Mrs. L. W. ......... Bay •B>rr6n,- : 'sal.'r..^..r.:.... ..... :. Chester Webb; Iab6r 1..... ........ 43i20 H. E. Stephensoh, sal ............. 65.00 Joe Kelly, sal ............................. 50.00 Adah Carlson, sal ..................... 72.50 Che DeLaval Co;, mdse ........... .. 3.15 flay Pres. Snubber Co., mdse. 15.12 Moulds Pump Inc., mdse. .... 553.67 jlobe Mach. & Sup. Co., mdse. 306.04 Fa. Mach. & Sup. Co., mdse. 13.76 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse ..... 19,05 there are several children. Wiemer, and Mrs. Terry-Durin . Co.* mdse. North Elect. Co., mdse.. 25.86 130.69 E. A. Guderian, mtr. ref Ernest Godfredson, mtr. ref. Fred Anderson, mtr. ref. Swift & Co., mtr. ref. ........ Matt Lamuth, mtr. ref. Mrs. C..E. Heise, mtr. ref...... Harold Schmidt, mtr..ref, trs. M. A, Sabin, mtr. ref .... 3d Hagg, nitr. ref. 1.00 .72 3. H. Beardsley, mtr .ref. .... .72 . H. Ogg, mtr. ref. ............... 1. J. Aman, mtr. ref ............ j Irs. Eizabeth Lemkee, mtr. PA01 THRU 2.60 .72 .72 ). D. Monlux, mtr. ref s.le lugh Post, mtr. ref .t 3.94 iuchannan & Deal, mtr. ref. 6.12 f. S. Buchannan, mtr. ref 1,00 Irs. Ida Mlnkler, mtr. ref. .. .72 toy McM#h6n^mtr. ret"!!..!!! L80 llaude & Cfia^igampsori, mtr. tabei V. Sampson,' iritr. ref."! 2.50 ohn Goeders, nitf.' ref - " larold Gilmore, mtr. ref. ...j .. J. Gilmore, mtr. ref. llaude Sampson, mtr. ref i. S. & Anna Bohannon, mtr. ref u 180 .72 7.50 .72 3.16 lam Medin, mtr. ref. 72 8.22 2.50 5.72 1.72 .72 .72 .72 Julius Haberkorn, mtr. ref., Mrs. C. H. Long, Mtr. ref. .. Ernest ftgil, mtr. ref Mrs. Chas. Roupe, mtr. ref. Sorenson Grocery, mtr. ref. Ole Moo* mtr. *ef Robt. Steven, mtr. ref. , C. L. Ingersoll, mtr. ref. .. Mrs. Carrie St. John, mtr. ref. E. A. Genrich, mtr. ref. 3.60 Martin Didricksen, mtr. ref. 7.60 Geo.'Hofius, mtr. ref. .72 W. S. Shackelford, mtr. ref... Mrs. F. C. Lathrop, mtr. ref. Ernest Thlel, mtr. ref First Lutheran Church, mtr. ref. *"••• j . •• Marc Moore, mtr. ref W. J. Bourne, mtr. ref. G. W. Stillman, mtr. ref. .... Mrs. Mary Harig, mtr. ref. .... B. A. Thorpe, mtr. ref. ..... Mrs. Mary Stewart, mtr. ref... John Kohlhaas, mtr. ref. .. Chas. Heard., mtr. ref. Mrs. Robert Leason, mtr. ref. Mrs. Clarence Shilts, mtr. ref. James Duryea, nitr. ref. .... Mrs. J. E. Moulds, mtr. ref. 1.80 .72 2.50 .72 .72 .72 3.60 .72 4.00 .72 1.80 .72 1.00 1.80 .72 .72 __ _ NOTICE Plt Board of Directors of Algona Independent School District, Algona. ' WlU mC6t JUly 24th> 1939> at 7:3 ° Pl "-• a " th<! Karr Hoffman, mtr. r'ef. Bert Cronan, ref. on mtrs... 2590 7.50 10.00 Diesel Serv. Co., oil 258.39 Pet Prod. Co., oil 259.36 C. M. St. P. & P. Ry, frght.... 291.40 Elect. Sup. Co.| mdse. 3.10 Mall. Iron Range Co., mdse... 271.25 West. Elect. Sup. Co., mdse... 297.31 Cowan Bldg. Sup. Co., mdse. 24.16 Mine. Finance 'Assn., mdse 6.40 Bur. Add. Mach. Co., mdse 61 Matt Parrott Co., mdse. 4.08 Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. .. 10.56 Cresco-Union Elect. Co., sighs 4,12 Ry. Exp. Acy., exp 3.39 H. W. Post, frght 1.06 H, W. Post, f.rght. .,'•• 2.12 Algona Flour & Feed Co., '.I'-mase.;....:.:..;......: ::....: .•:..;:;- 8.67 N. W. Bell Tele. Co., serv;'.. 18.53 Reliable Decorators, paint. .... 114.22 K. D. James, mdse. Dora Mitchell, ref. on mtrs. .. Henry Bunkofske, ref. on mtrs ........................................... 7.53 Enno Dreesman, ref. on mtrs. 2.00 Chet Williams, ref. on mtrs. 2.00 W). J. Bell, ref. on mtrs ......... 2.00 Dr. P. V. Janse, ref. on mtrs 47.50 S. D. Wilson, ref. on 'mtrs. .. 2.00 Russell Cook, ref. on mtrs. .... 3.50 Dora Fraser, ref. on mtrs. .... 1.00 Jacob Teuscher, ref. on mtrs. 1.00 S. E. McMahon, ref. on mtrs... 12.50 C. A. Fraser, ref. oh mtrs. 2.00' Frank Tietz, 'ref. oh mtrs. .... 1.00 P. H, Hargreaves, ref. on mtrs. ... ....... . ......... . .................... ... 2.00 Mia. Mary Harsch, ref. on mtrs.. ., ....... ;.. ............................... , 7.00 John McEnroe, ref .on mtrs. 1.00 Archie Dodds, ref. on mtrs ..... 2.00 Wm. O. Ludwig, ref. oh mtrs. 7.50 Mrs. A. S. Forbes, ref. on mtrs 1.00 I. J. Cowan, mtr. .ref., usie Engler, mtr. ref {. N. Kruse, mtr. ref. iannah Seefeld, mtr ref. tnna S. Cook, mtr., ref Brick Nelson, mtr. ref 'antes Allen, mtr. .ref. ..... i. A. Bishop, mtr. r.ef. talph Markla," mtr. ref. . V. T, Dough^h, mtr.' ref... 31mer Holtcamp, mtr. ref. . j. E. Krantz, mtr. ref. Chas. Wheeler, mtr. ref. H. M. Harris, mtr. ref. 1.80 .77 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. .. 11.23 Walsh Elect. Serv., mdse. .... 1.84 W..W. Sullivan, PM, post. .. 19.84 Harold Roth, expense 1.20 Thorpe Wood & Iron, Whs., mdse: •:::....; ; L'.;»..;;..£ 4.11 Kossuth Motor Co., reprs ' 10.84 2.00 4.00 9.50 9.00 Hoenk JMotor..Service,. gas .... Dutch's Super Service, gas .... 4.76 3.16 kother Francis, < La Crosse,' Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith vis- we re at Mankato Wednesday. spending two weeks' in' ited their daughter at Worthing-1 Lawrence Flynn returned Thurs- They were to visit the ! ton, Minn., over week-end before day from a week at Iowa City with [fair and at other points of ! last. The three Gilsdorf cbjl- nere with their grand»ar| anfl , .Mrs. J. J. Anderson. [Vacates" at Laken— lev, Watson Herrold and are spending the sum- Iftelr cottage at Motbodist the Okoaojis. Mr. Horrold to" to City to attend |h matters here. The Rov. anson went to Clear Lake i spend a week at a Bible Contestants^ [standings in the Herald's .'•Mr. and Mrs. William Garry were business callers at Rochester,, Minn., Thursday. • . The Donald Pugsleys, near Elmore, were Sunday guests at George Thompson's. iThe M. E. Aid will meet this week Thursday in the church basement, with Mrs. E. T. Halvorsort as hostess. Mesdames W. E. and L. W. Wlemer and D. B. Mayer will be a food sale committee. Money earned by members is to be turned in. . Laura, the daughter of Mr. and Mi's. J. J. Johnson, who had been Glenn Dyer. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Barslou entertained at a farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Odell last week Tuesday evening, and attending were the Charles Fox family, Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Odell, of Bancroft, the L.""A. Barslous, the Howard Mortons, the Arthur Zielskes, Mr. Hagge, daughter Alyce, and Helen Odell. The Odells left Thursday for their home at Denver, after a month with relatives here. Skelly Oil Co., gas . .......... .....;.., 23.93 Harris Bros., gas .................... 1.64 Frank! Serv. Station, gas ...... 2.31 W. W. Sullivan P. M., box rent ....*....;... .......... .. .................. , .75 Algona Ldry., Idry- ............. ••• 14.00 Adv. Publsh. Co., services .. 6.20 Algona U. D. M., services ........ 3.20 WATER FUND C. U. Pollard, sal. ...... ........... ... 25.00 Harry Barton, sal ....... ....... ....... 42.50 Earl Bowman, sal. .... ............ 60.00 Frank Ostrum, sal. .: ..... .. ....... 65.00 Don Palmer, labor ................ 12.80 Joe Dunn, labor .............. .,..„....• 25.60 Dick Helmers, labor ...... , ..... ..V. 1.35 Ryner Helmers, labor ..... . ....... 90 Laura Mitchell, sal ....... . ........ . 57.50 Cull. Zeolite Co., mdse.. ........ 193.73 J. B. Clow & Sons., mdse. ......... , 6.86 employed at Portland, Ore., a year, « campaign are: 1st, O j — _. I OIUJJAWJ W*» 1*^ • **» »,«»•« —r • " ,'» I,. 8 ; I arrived last week Monday for a i 4th, Grace Roba --' month>s VaCatl ° n here ' . The »ts atove are all 'running petition, and interest contest closes Aug- •11,111 meetln S of the Le- ftfUary here last week Swea City women re/offices. Mrs. Fern ,^?.£? lected President; "elaon, secretary. The . "erved lunch to 50 Mrs. Edward Knoner and Mrs. D. B. Mayer were Elrnore callers last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith visited relatives at Adel, Perry, and Linden Wednesday and Thursday. Their niece, Jane Rae Smith, Adel, came here with them for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Brack went to Minneapolis last week Tuesday on a buying trip. They were accompanied by Mrs. Brack's sister and the latter's new husband, the Rev, and Mrs. Wilbur Hasselbrock, who left Thursday night for Davenport, where Mr. Hassebrock is pastor of the Mt. Ida Presbyterian .church, Mrs. Gus Anderson and Esther Green were at Swea City Wednesday evening and called on 'Mrs Harriett Matzener. p. A. Carpenter and his son ki yin, were at Mason City Wednes, attending a hardware dealers 20 , G. aa RS^SW&il ""- - 4 ^* > ^ . Mr, and Mrs. George Thompson attended a' rural letter carriers meeting at the Charles Wolfes, Lu Verne, last week Tuesday evening Mrs. D. A. Carpenter and daughter Kathryn visited relatives a Buffalo Cepter Wednesday. .Tie Howard Jensens spen week-end before last at Jewell with relatives. ,, Last week Sunday Mr. and Mrs Cliremse Tokheim, Armstrong, vis Hed at Lars Skaar's, and Jan Tokhejta remain^! for the week. George Hagge attended a count l fc'°SWl meeting a,t Algona WS week jjonday.- - ' . IQ Marjorle Matzeaer acompanie Mr. ana Mrs. Dennis Smith as fa as Fort Podge Wednesday _to h ber stater Betty, Mrs. Doual aendec FENTON The Fenton Circle of the Depew id met Wednesday at Mrs. Lars Mnuestad's, and a program was iven: group singing; reading, firs. Harlan Gaard; song, Anna rtarie Mitchell, playing her own ccompaniment on the guitar; rayer, Mrs. Samuel Olsen. Others ttending were Mesdames Sigurd nd Curtis Olsen, Gerhart Hantel- mn, B. G. Berkeland, Milford and Ibert Mitchell, Jos. Helgevold ,mer Cody, Edw. Bepgeson, Ted Lindeland, and Ben Mitchell. Lorraine, daughter of Mr. and tfrs. Frances Foley, near Seneca nd Anna Rae, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weisbrod, had tonsil- ectomles Thursday at the Mueller hospital here. Jas. Helgevold, manager of the ocal Crltz elevator, was taken to an Algona hospital Wednesday for medical observation. Mrs. Minnie Starke, Des Monies, who had visited relatives here, went home Wednesday. •Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Laing & Muckey, mdse. Miller Lmbr. Co., mdse. 28.23 , 2.94 G. Holtzbauer, mdse. I............. 1.09 Harms Oil Co., ,gas 1.53 Kossuth Motor Co., repairs .80 Skelly Oil Co., gas 11.79 H. Post, frght. 1.38 Botsford Lbr, Co., mdse. 2.85 Botsford Lbr. Co., mdse '2.10 Algona U. D. M., printing .. 6.40 GENERAL FUND Arthur Moulds, sal 62.50 Cecil McGinnis, sal 55.00 Tim O'Brien, sal...: , 55.00 C. J. Scanlan, ref. on mtrs .... Henry. Douglas, ,ref.. on mtrs. Lloyd,, Muckey,. ref., on ;mtrs. J. L. Bonar,' ref.. on* mtrs.' ".... E.' A.vGuderfan, ref. on mtrs. Ernest Godfredson,' ref. ?. on " mtrs Fred Anderson, ref. on mtrs. Swift & Co., ref. on mtrs: ..... .. Matt Lamuth, ref. on mtrs. .... Mrs. C. E. Heise, ref. on mtrs. Harold Schmidt, ref. on mtrs. Mrs. Alma Nelson, ref. on mtrs D. J. Buss, ref. on mtrs. ...... Pres. . Church . Treas., 'ef. on mtrs. .... ..... . ........................... .... 7.00 Karl Hoffman, ref. on mtrs. H. J. Cowan, ref. on mtrs ..... Susie Engler, ref. on mtrs ..... H. N. Kruse, ref. on mtr ........ ; Hannah Seefeld, ref. on mtr. Adam Lieb, ref. on mtr ..... Anna S. Cook, ref. on mtr. .. Erick Nelson, ref. on mtr ..... James Allen, ref. on mtr ..... A. A. Bishop, ref. on mtr. ... Ralph Markla, ref. on mtr. . W. T. Daughan, ref. on mtr ..... Elmer Holtcamp, ref. on mtr. L. E. Krantz, ref. on mtr ..... Walter Gorman, ref. on mtr. Chas. Wheeler, ref. on mtr. .. H. M. Harris, ref, on mtr. .. Nels Jensen, ref. on mtr. .. Mrs.. C. E. Butterworth, ref. on mtr ..... ,i ........ ,., ..................... l.OC Fred Sedichnow, ref. on mtr. J. J. Dooley, \ref. on mtr. .... Mrs. Theodore Goeders, on mtr ............. ; , ....................... 7.0C Alvis Hill, special police Kohlhaas & Spilles, labor 42.00 .87 R. J. Prentice, rent ; 10.42 Nat'l Auto Guide, mdse 3.00 Alphonse Lensing, mdse. .... .85 Kossuth Motor Co., reprs 3.66 Skelly Oil Co., gas 9.54 N. W. Bell Tele. Co., serv, ., 4.23 Elliott Skilling, labor 88.55 Willard Gregson, labor 83.16 n f « George Gunder, labor 44.66 Oliver Bakken, labor 44.28 John Helmers, labor 45.05 Herman Lyons, labor 40.81 Chas. Harvey, labor 44.28 Chas. Hoffman, labor . ........ 44.66 Bob Knudsen, labor 18.23 LeRoy Nelson, labor 21.00 Vern Scobba, labor ......i... 23.63 Dick Helmers, labpr 22.23 Eagle Iron Wks, mdse 40.85 Stand. Oil Co., mdse. .72 .72 1.00 10.80 1.80 .72 1.80 3.24 •1.80 ."• 1.00 7.56 12.00 3.60 .72 .72 Adam Lieb, mtr. ref 1.80 .72 .72 3.60 1.80 3.60 .72 1.80 .72 17.00 j, ^f Xl>aye 5?u V1 1 II , bc heard for or against the following estimate of ex- lenditures at that time. LEORA K. ST. JOHN, District Secretary. 124567 Prop. Bal. on Est. Amount . Expend, hand income neces. Expend Expend. Est June 30 other than to be for year for year 1939-40 1939 taxation raised 1938-39 1937-38 by taxation l ....... - .......... . ........ $ 86,000 $ 14,119 $ 13,200 $ 72,800 $ 81,490 $ 81,200 chool House .................... 14,500 21,814 14,800 13,805 15.317 Totals ........................ $100,500 $ 35,933 $ 13,200 $ 87,400 $ 95,295 $ 96.517 Number of persons of school age in the district ........................................ 1257 Taxable Valuation ................ . ......................................................................... $2,675,504 Money and Credits ...................... . ................................................................ _ ..... $705,184 NOTICE ' . n »« The Boar <J of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet August 1. 1039, at 2:00 P. M., at Court House, Algona, Iowa. . Taxpayers will be heard for or against following estimate of expenditures at that time. ", '., ,: E. S. KIN3BY, County Auditor. •••' ••.' .,1 2 3 4 5 6 7' Prop. Bal. on Bat. Est. Amount Expend Hand Sup. of Income Necesy. Expend Expend. Est. June 30, of, Bal. other to be for year for year: 1940 1939 on hand than raised by 1937 1938 Taxation Taxation fels Jensen, mtr. ' ref. Mrs. O. E. Butterworth, mtr. ref. : .............. . ....... .. ............... ...... fred Selichnow, mtr. ref ..... f. J. Dooley, mtr. ref ............. MCrs. Theodore Goeders, mtr. ref. ..... . ....... .. ....... . ....................... fheodore Goeders, mtr. .ref ..... J. H. Seeman, mtr. ref. .72 .72 .72 .72 1.44 .72 .72 FUNDS— General $100,000 $ 11,563 $ Court Exp. Poor State Insane . County Insane County School Soldiers Relief Bovine T. B... Bangs' Disease 5,000' 60,000 8,000 5,500 12,000 5,300 16,500 6,451 7,790 9,525 407 930 5,810 2,000 1,500 ' 500 $ 10,000 5,000 500 1,000 Fund 12,000 Emergency .... 45,000 22,901 Secondary Road Funds— Construction (% nilll) .. 140,000 ..Construction (% mill) . Maintenance (lii mills) . Maintenance (3 mills) C'nst or M'nt (% mills) . Co. Cash Road 25,000 70,606 90,000 25,000 $9,457 30,000 80,000 . included In above 79,089 10,000 2,000 Included in above Bonds 22,000 Fair Grounds Special Bldg. 4,000 Fund ...... 60,000 11,871 280 6,000 12,000 10,000 90,000 3,000 55,000 6,000 5,500 11,000 5,300 16,000 12,000 45,000 30,000 25,000 58,000 90,000 25,000 4,000 50,000 $ 98,470 J107.288 5,718 49,582 10,444 11,675 4,035 3,399 3,318 56,734. 16,191 11,835 4,875 10,846 34,561 39,015 162,894 115,651 171,734 192,269. 33,842 4,411 32,510 3,976 Total's" "»695;300 »262,'074 » 56,000 $108,500 »530,800 $591,265 $594,509 Estimated Taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value $8.66. 13.69 Kennedy & Parsons, mdse,.... 1.60 Botsord Lbr. Co., mdse. .... 303.43 Botsford Lbr. Co., mdse, .... 5.51 Jesse Lashbrook, sal 70.00 Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse 39.12 Aud. of State, examination 289,94 Laing & Muckey, mdse 1,16 Hagg Post No. 90, rent 5.00 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. .. 36.45 LIB. A. Genrich, mtr. ref. »h ..man S nn WKIIL Harms Oil Co., mdse. .:. '.. 10.40 Martin pidricksen, mtr. ref... Des Moines, wltn a sman son, wem, & j Wks CteorHofius, mtr. ref, home Thursday, after a visit since m ^ , n _ 7g . w g Shackelford, mtr. ref... the preceding Saturday at tne pal- F g Norton & go,, mdse...... 31§.80 Mrs. F. C, Latbrop, mtr. ret .... ental Henry Reimers home. Mrs. ^j^ Lumbep Cai mdse . .. 7 4, J2 Ernest TMel, mtr. ref. ^ Henry Wegener and Mrs. Laura , ch B chubb, eng. ....'„..,... S?9-W Elk. CJleaners, mtr. ref. Woito, Algqna, were Thursday jj^jg ^^ gas ; 5.12 F|rst .^wtberan, Cnucb, mtr. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Reimers. ^r m> D ehnert, labor -70 Mrs. Will Weisbrod, Lorena, E j p ren tice, mdse i»i, J4? Dreyer, and Ruth and Dorothy, # D> James, mdse. ..,„ , 2.J05 Dreyer attended a meeting last Q ^ Heard, mdse , ,..., 1745 week Tuesday at the Mrs. Ruth K & n ou CQii ga8 „„„ 6 .?9 Seaton-Hlcks apartment at Al- s. & S. OU Co., kera «... 10.41 15.00 10.00 5.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 5.00 10.00 10.00 1.00 2.00 5.00 5.00 20.00 2.00 2.(M Navy Pnnt S SHE With Cool Large 38 to 2.00 31.50 4.00 7.00 15.00 2.00 3.00 Half Sizes 3.95 Were $6 and $8 Theodore Goeders, ref on mtr. J. H. Seeman, ref. on mtr. .. Mrs. Gilbert Sheppard, ref. on mtr. N. J. Wydert, ref. on mtr R. E. Liesener, ref on mtr Wilbur Payne, ref. on mtr. Mrs. M. A. Sabin, ref. on mtr. Edward Hagg, mtr, ref. .... E, H. Be^rdsley, mtr. ref. .... G. H. Ogg, mtr. ref. H. J. Aman, mtr, ref Mrs. Elizabeth Lemkee, mtr. ref. D, D. Monlux, mtr. ref. Hugh Post, mtr. ref. Buchannan & Deal, mtr, ref... G. S. Buchannan, mtr. ref; .. Mrs. Ida Minkler, mtr. ref .. E. P. Keith, mtr. ref, Roy McMahon, mtr. ref. 5.00 Claude & Chas. Sampson, mtr. ref. Mabel V. Sampson, mtr, ref. John Goeders, mtr. ref Harold Gilmore, mtr. ref,........ E. J. Gilmore, mtr. ref. Claude Sampson, mtr. ref. .... L. S. & Anna Bohannon, mtr. ref. Sam Julius .Haberkorn, mtr. ref, .. Mrs, C. H, Long, mtr. ref. Ernest Egel, mtr. ref. 2.00 Sorensen's Grocery, mtr, ref. Mrs. Chas, Roupe, mtr. ref. ....< Ole Moe, mtr. ref. ,. Robert Steven, mtr. ref C. L. Ingersoll, mtr. ref. Mrs. Carrie St. John, mtr. ref. . . ., ....... «... . Barnsdall Ref. Co., gfts ............ 9-19 The Rev. and Mrs. Edwin Peter, Botsford Lbr. Co, mdse ..... 30.08 Breckenrldge, Okla., and their chll- Advance puW. Co., printing .. 811.9J , ., last week Monday for, cowan Bldg. Sup. Co., mdjje. visits ;witb relatives, Algpna. U. P. M,, wtottoy. - .77 , . at Algona, at Lotto- Creek, .George Pettmatf kt Lone Rock Mrs, A. M. Cplltason, matron ? -Btete, met' pr.V. a Sawyer, &Q.OQ 20.QQ i ? 7.W 13,» StraUOU Hjau* •>• *»»»« •»»•- "^;_- • f, T » lanllonli Ba] " 19 RA nnnn Mrs. Hleks wet WUB ^'jj^^^jjujien, mdje. '„, ' *•« »PQ 9 Mrs, Hicks wet Creefc W W. J. G W. Jfoqye, »itr. ref, ........ Bom-Re, mtr. ref. Stillman, mtr, ref. 11.20 9.00 4.00 2.00 1.00 2.00 8.50 2.00 1.00 2.00 2.00 7.00 8.20 too 2,00 12.5Q Ideal for lute iiunmer vacation wardrobes, for country club dance*—and in prepared to buy Mrs. Mary Harig, mtr, ref. .... B. A- Tnprpe,' mtr, ref,. ........ Mrs. Majy Stewart, mtr, ref, John Kohlhaas, mtr. ret ...« Chas. Heard, mtr, ret ...... Mrs,. Antpa Zittritacb, Sr, ret ..... , Chas, Wag»*r, mtr. ref. HarryBarton, mtr. ref. ...*... 2.00 6.78 2.00 7-60 mtr. A, Bunflw ,»ir. ret 5.00 2.00 U.OO 2.0Q colors you can wear through the fall! Come than one of these splendid values! Take advantage pf the Hosiery and Shoe savings, low prices throughout the

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