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Roanoke, Virginia
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B-2 Roanoke Times World- Wednesday, February 2, 1983 Senate to get RICHMOND (AP) A House committee decided today to let the Senate have the first crack at legislation governing uranium mining. The House Mining and Mineral Resources was able to dispose of two tangential bills on uranium. One, which would have allowed localities to prohibit uranium development within their borders, was killed at the request of its patron. Another, calling for a five-year moratorium on the industry, was left to languish. Trustee's auction set for shopping center A trustee's auction sale of the Golden Key Shopping Center, owned by Billy Harbour, has been scheduled for Feb.

16 at noon at the front door of the new City Courthouse. First Federal Savings and Loan Association, holder of a $1.27 million deed of trust for the property, is selling the property with the permission of U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Harbour, developer of a network of Roanoke area real estate and restaurants, reported debt of more than $6 million and an estimated worth of more than $10 million in filing for reorganization i in Bankruptcy Court last year. The shopping center at 3535 Franklin Road S.W., next to the Kmart store, contains a large building with five tenants on a 7.5-acre tract of land.

Much of the center has never been developed. It was planned for factory outlets. First Federal's lawyers have been attempting to sell other Harbour property to recover almost $6 million loaned Harbour. The loans are still delinquent, Reginald Hutcherson, First Federal president, told stockholders at their annual meeting last month. City lights blink as pole sags Lights flickered in downtown offices this morning when a rain-soaked embankment gave way near Roanoke Memorial Hospital and tipped over a pole.

Tom Ayres, spokesman for Appalachian Power said the earth on the bank near the hospital parking garage slipped because of the heavy rains. A power pole on the embankment leaned into a high-power line, he said, and caused lights to flicker several times about 10:30 a.m. Ayres knew of no power outage. He said the affected line is one of the main power loops around the city and one of several serving the substation near the Walnut Avenue Bridge. That substation feeds the downtown network.

The Appalachian headquarters on Franklin was one of the affected buildings. Two men seize woman's purse A 66-year-old Northeast Roanoke woman was attacked Tuesday by two men who took her purse. Police said Alice Elswick of the 4200 block of Holmes Street Northeast was at Plaza about 3:30 p.m. when two men grabbed her purse and fled. The purse contained about $50, police said.

United Way official to speak Leo Benade, senior vice president and general counsel for United Way of America, will during the annual meeting of the Roanoke Valley United Way Thursday. Benade will discuss "Opportunities and -Challenges Facing the United Way System in the '80s" during the noon luncheon at the Inn. The luncheon cost is $7. Benade retired from active military service -in 1974 and three months later joined the staff of the United Way of America. first crack at "We'll leave it on the docket and just not take any action," said Delegate Ford Quillen, D-Scott.

The bill's patron, Delegate Marian Van Landingham, D-Alexandria, "can amend the Senate bill if she wants," Quillen said. A Senate committee has the major bill on uranium, drafted by the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission, which has been studying the issue for the last year. That bill would impose a one- year extension of the moratorium on uranium mining and processing scheduled to expire in July. The moratorium was established by the 1982 Radar Police will be operating radar at the following locations Thursday ROANOKE Caldwell Street Northwest 13th Street Northeast Spring Road Southwest Dale Avenue Southeast SALEM North Bruffey Street Kessler Mill Road Smythe Street 8th Street Police also will be operating radar at other undisclosed locations. Teachers From Page B-1 seem concerned about salaries and their anger is misdirected.

"I certainly share their concern about inadequate money for salaries," he said. "I don't know who they are angry at. They should be angry at the state, not at me." He said the state is not providing enough money for adequate raises. Tota said the REA statement contains inaccuracies. It's too early to say what raises teachers will get for next year, he said.

"Apparently, they do hear the message from the state and local governments" that money is in short supply, he said. Tota said that teachers' feelings that the administrative bonuses were unfair also are inaccurate. If the $40,000 budgeted for merit pay for administrators had been divided among teachers, each would have gotten about $50, he said. "I don't understand what is grossly unfair," he said. Administrators' raises this year averaged about 5 percent, he said, while teachers' raises averaged about 9 percent, including step increases for about half the teachers.

Regarding the REA claim that Tota and the board treat teachers as incompetent, Tota said, "I don't agree with that. Many, if not most, teachers are competent." Board Chairman James Allison said he was aware of the REA state- ment, but that he had no comment. Blood count Components shipped to area hospitals 144 Units drawn 316 Type needed: 0-positive. Man charged with murder free on bond CHARLOTTESVILLE (AP) A man charged with murder in the disappearance last July of a 12-year-old Charlottesville girl has been released from jail on bond. Glenn H.

Barker, 24, of Albemarle County, was released on $50,000 property bond Tuesday night after his attorney argued during a bond hearing that Barker had known for months he was a suspect in the disappearance of Katherine "Katie" Worsky and had made no attempt to flee. Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney Richard Barrick argued that the bond should be commensurate with the first-degree murder charge on which Barker was arrested. Barker was a visitor at the house where the girl, a diabetic, was spending the night. After she disappeared, police searched Barker's apartment and found bloodstained girls' underwear and bloodstained men's clothing. Overweight? Are You Thick and Tired of It? Dear Friend, If you have a weight problem, please come and see me today you DON'T WANT TO TAKE SHOTS, you DON'T to eat only canned foods, you DON'T WANT to count calories Or weigh your foods, please come and see me.

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I was fat myself and came from a family on my mother's and father's side that were both fat, too. God today for the "thorn in my side" (My Weight Problem). He turned it into a beautiful business for me where I am privileged to help people look and feel their very best. I am not expensive and I like to feel that if you need me, you can afford Sincerely, Mary Sorely Call Mary Sorley today! 344-3300 No Shots No Drugs No Contracts No Daily Visits No Canned Foods For a personal testimony, call either Bernice Moore, 982-5776, who 78 or Agnes Hodges, 1-483-9818, who has lost 92 ibs. MarySorleys weight control 'clinic (Across from Towers) uranium bill legislature to give the state time to study the potential benefits and health risks of uranium mining.

It also would establish a mechanism for detailed site studies in Pittsylvania County, an independent review of those studies and provide for a final recommendation to the 1984 assembly by the Coal and Energy Commission. A uranium development company has discovered what it believes is one of the richest uranium deposits in the country in Pittsylvania County. Panel approves change in schedule of tax collection RICHMOND (AP) Virginia would collect an extra $16.4 million next year under a bill approved by the Senate Finance Committee. The measure makes the state's schedule for receiving prepaid taxes conform to one adopted last year by the federal government. Gov.

Charles Robb, who has proposed $175 million in budget cuts to offset a revenue shortfall next year, has not yet endorsed the bill, but the Washington Post said today that the Robb administration was supporting it. The bill and another related measure expected to come out of the committee today would increase the percentage of estimated taxes paid each quarter by corporations from 80 to 90 percent. 1 The percentage required each quarter by individual taxpayers would move from 70 to 80 percent. The change in payment schedules would affect relatively few individuals, as only 160,000 of Virginia's two million taxpayers choose to file estimated income tax returns on a quarterly basis. Of those, 60 percent already pay more than the required minimum of 80 percent.

The bulk of the new funds or $10.6 million would come from corporations. The new formula for prepayments would go into effect in April 1984. Tickets From Page B-1 The union insisted, however, that the drivers stop selling the tickets because it said the procedures didn't enable them to prove they had turned in the money for them. Since the drivers stopped selling the tickets, Callahan said, "We've had to replenish the supply of tickets at a couple of outlets and we have had a large increase in sales at our Information Center downtown." He said it appeared that the information center on Jefferson Street would become the largest outlet for the tickets because passengers can buy them while waiting to transfer between buses. The tickets are also sold at Mick Mack grocery stores in addition to downtown banks and other outlets.

"We have not received a lot of negative comment about it (the end to the sale of the tickets on buses). It seems to have gone very smoothly," Callahan said. One rider called and complained strongly, he said, but there have been few complaints otherwise. Callahan said the tickets were also being sold through the personnel departments of several large employers, including Roanoke Memorial Hospitals, Singer Furniture and Halmode Apparel, for the convenience of employees who ride buses. Valley Metro hopes to make arrangements soon for several more outlets, he said.

It also plans to do some advertising to promote the sale of the tickets and to identify ticket outlets, he said. eggett Slurry From Page B-1 sponsored by Delegate Ford By JOEL TURNER D-Gate City, calls for the state to Municipal affairs writer finance a $200,000 independent Several high-ranking Roanoke officials have study of the issue. Quillen's bill is been given free parking in the small parkgiven approval. a relatively Robinson good will to ing lot beside the Municipal Building. chance of spaces attempt tie his measure closely to Quillen's The action has triggered complaints from proposal.

"I think if I can do some City Council members who think some that, I can get it out" of the spaces should study have been reserved for for them. corporations, insurance and banking com- The parking lot is on the Second Street side mittee, he said. of the Municipal Building, and about 10 spaces The Robinson measure also was had been used by judges and other court officials amended to assure that the pipeline. before the new courthouse was finished. would serve only Virginia coal oper- The judges now park in a secure lot underators, would abide by local zoning neath the new courthouse.

Court clerks now park laws, and that water for the slurry in a small lot on the west side of the new could be made reusable before a building. pipeline would be constructed. Mayor Noel Taylor and City Manager Bern The Roanoke Valley delegation, Ewert have kept their spaces in the Second including Republican Sen. Ray Gar- Street lot. The courthouse move did not affect land of Roanoke City and Republi- them.

can Delegate Steven Agee, wants to kill the Robinson bill as much as The freed spaces have been assigned to sevthey wanted to kill the Vepco-Tran- eral council-appointed officers and Ewert's cabinet-level directors. sco proposal sponsored by Delegate Warren Stambaugh, D-Arlington. This includes Joel Schlanger, finance direcDelegate Richard Cranwell, D- tor; Wilburn Dibling, city attorney; William Roanoke County, said the delegation Brogan, municipal auditor; and Mary Parker, members think they have at least 11 city clerk. votes in the committee to block the Robinson bill from to the Robert Herbert, assistant city manager, and House floor if there is going a new at- four other directors have also been given spaces. tempt to report it.

"That's if every- Previously, these officials parked free in eibody sticks with us," said Cranwell. ther the Municipal Parking Garage on Church Avenue or a city-owned lot on Salem Avenue. There had been reports earlier this week of defections from the As a result of questions that have been opponents' side, and Garland and raised about the of the HerAgee made a special effort Tuesday bert said that assignment administrators spaces, were morning to keep Republican Dele- into today ways to city a more gate to Harvey kill both Morgan bills in commit- parking setup for council members when they of Gloucester looking provide permanent come downtown for voting tee. meetings. After the Stambaugh measure Currently, council members park in vacant was defeated, Vepco spokesman E.

spaces in the lot at the west end of the old Post L. Crump said the Vepco-Transco Office Building used by the Police Department. forces would rally behind the Robin- The lot is across Lee Plaza from the Municipal son measure. Building. Vepco lobbyist Walter Marston Councilmen do not have spaces reserved for said there was no doubt that the in- them, but they can park in vacant spaces in the tensity of the lobbying would in- police lot if they are available when they crease before the committee's next come to the Municipal Building.

meeting on Thursday. "'There's Councilman Robert Garland said today that going to be a lot of horsetrading he had "no real problem" with the current arover the next couple of days" to per- rangement, but "some (councilmen) perhaps do." suade a committee member to call Parking in vacant spaces in the police lot the measure up for new consider- "has worked out well for me," he said. "With the ation, he said. exception of one occasion, there have always Tuesday, the motion to kill the been vacant spaces when I have come for a Stambaugh proposal was made by meeting." Delegate Clifton Woodrum, D-Roa- Parking in the lot across Lee Plaza is not noke City. Voting with Woodrum convenient when it is raining or the weather is were Delegates Moss; Richard Bag- bad, Garland said.

ley, D-Hampton; Lewis Parker, D- But he said he didn't like the idea of reservSouth Hill; George Heilig, D- Nor- ing spaces for folk; William Wilson, D-Covington; councilmen in the lot "when they would probably remain vacant three-fourths of Gladys Keating, D-Franconia; Mary the time." He said he would rather see the Sue Terry, D-Patrick County; Thom- used administrators spaces as Forehand, D-Chesapeake; Ken- by who are in the building daily. neth Plum, D-Reston; Joan Munford, D- Charles Lacy, D- However, Councilman James Trout said he Wytheville; Morgan and Republican thought there was a "very simple solution to the Frank Hargrove of Glen Allen. problem just let council members use the Woodrum's spaces that had been used by the judges." Voting against mo- Before tion to kill the Stambaugh bill were construction started on the new Delegates Glenn McClanan, D-Vir- courthouse, he said, spaces were reserved for ginia Beach; Alson Smith, D- Win- council members on the west side of the Municichester; Roland Ealey, D-Richmond; pal Building at Church Avenue and Third Street Southwest. Vincent Callahan, R-McLean; and Warren Barry, R-Springfield. Dele- "By providing these spaces (which had been gate Hardaway Marks, D-Hopewell, used by judges) to council, we would just be movabstained.

ing from the west to the east side of the buildWoodrum's motion to kill the ing," he said. Robinson bill failed on a 10-10 vote He said there was parking for some police because Bagley, Miss Terry, Fore- vehicles under the new courthouse. This has hand and Lacy voted with those who freed spaces in the post office building parking wanted to keep it alive and Marks lot that could be used by high-ranking adminisalso joined in the voting on the pro- trators who need to be close to the Municipal ponents' side. Building, he said. against eminent domain for a pipeline would not be lifted before 1984.

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