Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 11, 1939 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1939
Page 2
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K08SUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA. IOWA , ( If •«.rflJUfi Cornshellers and Feed Grinders Mounted on Ne*r Enactment, House File 122 ' Effective July, 4,1939 Trucks on .which a cornsheller is mounted the annual registration fee shall be fifteen dollars. For trucks on which a portable mill is mounted the annual registration fee shall be Twenty-five Dollars. NOTE (Vehicles described above registered after effective date, July, 4,1939 shall be registered on one-half of the annual fee, except new vehicles purchased for this type of operation which would be on fractional year basis according to month of purchase.) M. J. Duffy Treasurer of Kossuth County. {•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I DINKR SERVEB AT THE BRIDE'S Intoa Hawswirth, Cor with, Is Married RE AIEAi BE R Your DOCTOR As He Remembered You THE DOCTOR NEVER EXPECTS the impossible. If his bill positively can't be paid, he is willing to accept the situation. But what <lo you suppose he thinks when he sees you buying gas and new clothes? Hardly just, is it? Kossuth County Medical Society BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING TOWN A1TD CITY ESTIMATE NOTICE — The town council of Lone Rock, Kossuth county, Iowa, Will meet July 17, 1939, at 8 p. m., at ; the Lone Rock bank, Lone Rock, la. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the fallowing esti- inate of expenditures at that time. E. M. JENSEN, Town Clerk. 1 234 6 '6 7 Proposed Balance Estimat-Estimat- Amount Expend- Expend- expend- on hand ed sur- ed income necessary itures ttures itures Mar. plus of ether to be for year for year estimated 31 balance than raised by 1938 1937 FUNDS— 1940 1939 on hand taxation taxation Con, Levy: General Improve- 'ment Grading Sewer Water Light Fire Equipment --Waterworks Water Bonds Light Bonds Bond Interest &00 500 1000 2512 141 1256 600 $ 400 450 200 $ 652 120 1400 500 100 1057 1000 180 638 452 1000 241 Totals $2220 $4524- % 850 $ 800 Adjusted Taxable Valuation (1938), $94,262. Moneys and Credits (1938), $14,760. $2&«9 ?2331 BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING CITY Oil TOWN—INI). OR CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT ESTIMATE Notice: The Board of Directors of Corwith Ind. Cone. School, Magor township, Hancock county, Iowa, will meet July 24, 1939, at 8 p. m., at School House. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures at that time. J. W. DUCKETT, District Secretary. 123 4567 Proposed Balance Estimat-Estimat- Amount Expend- Expend- t-xpend- on hand ed sur- ed income necessary itures itures ituree June plus of other to be for year for year estimated 30 balance than raised by 1938 1939 FUNDS— 1940 1939 luxation taxation General ___$27,000 $ !j,S20 $ 4,000 $ 23,000 $ 35,241 $ 27,782 Special (Bond) - 4,500 1,087 4.500 4,256 5,297 Totals $31,500 $10,907 4,000 $ 27,500 $ 39,497 $ 33,079 Estimated taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value, $26. Estimated taxes in mills per dollar of taxable valuation, 17. Number of persons of school age in the district, 302. Taxable valuation (1938), Kossuth, $304,155; Hancock, $991,819. Moneys and credits (1938), Kossuth, $700; Hancock, $6,827. BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING CITY OR TOWN— IND. OB CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT ESTIMATE Notice: The Board of Directors of Lone Rock Ind. School Dist, Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet July 24, 1939, at 8 p. m., at Lone Rock Bank. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures at that time. E. M. JENSEN, District Secretary. 1234 5 67 Proposed Balance Estimat-Estimat- Amount Expend- Expend- expend- on hand ed sur- ed income necessary itures itures itures June plus of other to be for year tor year estimated 30 balance than raised by 1838 1937 PUND&— 1940 1939 on hand taxation taxation General . $ 10,265 % 5,263 $ 1,100 % 8,500 % 10,911 % 10,799 School House - 2,180 709 2,000 1,995 2,152 Tranapor- .*:,,-, .M? t* • ; * *,• tatlon - 250' -,.-- . . W; , ( .. ., • . ,' . . • ,• 12.951 * 1.1QO I'wjWft', 12,906 paeons p| school ag« la tae,4#rict, 146. BRINGS BRIDE FROM DECORAH Sexton, July 10—The marriage of Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrsi Walter Wells, Decorah, to Donald, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bush, of Rostvllle, took place at the St. Corwith, July 10 — Irma Haus- Benedict Catholic church, Decorah, •wirth and Howard A. Zlmlbeck, Des' I** .week Tuesday morning (the Moines, were married Thursday at | Fourth), the Rev. Father Nolan .. H . . . * -,. : _. .• k . — * t*na4ilncr <nA mtnttAi *vtn*a the First Methodist church, Des Moines, the Rev. C. C. Bacon officiating. Following the ceremony the couple drove to Corwith, ahd a wedding dinner was served at Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hauswirth's. The dining room was decorated in blue and white,; and .a ,large ; wedding cake was table centerpiece. Blue candles arid bouquets of sweet .peas and . baby .breath completed table decorations.' A three-course dinner.,, j prepared^py'.Mris:: QnlaruJ,ac- obVaft'd ; 'ner' aautehtertojune, "was '' served. Other dinner guests were the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Zimbeck and his brothers, Paul and Eugene, all of Lanesboro; the bride's sister Alice, Cor- wlth; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hauswirth, Havelock; Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hauswirth, Charpel and Shirley, and Lillian Johnson, also Cor- wlth. Oxleys Return from Tour— Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Oxley, daughter Elizabeth, and Mary Jane Welter returned last week Monday from a two weeks vacation tour of more than 2,000 miles which took them to many places of interest, including The Dells, of Wisconsin. Duluth, Lake Superior, the North Shore Drive, Fort Williams, and Port Arthur in Canada. They also visited the iron mines at Hibbing and Virginia, Minn., Bemidji, the Itasca State park, and the Detroit Lakes. They spent the last week at Star lake, near Pelican Rapids, where they did some fish- ng. Sick With Throat Infection— Alvin R'isvold, who has a strep- icoccus infe'c'tion of the throat, is being cared for at the home of bis sister, a -trained • nurse -.at . Humboldt. The throat became sore a week and a half ago, and he was thought at first to have glandular trouble, but it was learned later lhat he was suffering from the in- 'ection. It was necessary to lance iis throat. >nvlth Woman is Honored— Mesdames Harvey Enfield, Robert Beer, Lafe Oxley, Jennie Ellsworth, Edw. Studer, Frank Izzard, Slen Dunlap, and Mae Page attended the county Legion Auxiliary meeting at Garner Wednesday, and the Corwith unit won second on yearly scrap book. Mrs. Enfield was elected county chairman. Sisters Meet After 34 Years- Mrs. Alice Erickson Is having a visit from her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Landis, Long Beach, Calif. They hadn't seen each other before in 34 years. Mrs. Landis arrived Wednesday with friends who went on to Minneapolis. She will also visit relatives at St. Benedict and Belmond. Ball Player Ends Visit Here- Robert Barracks, who plays ball at Fairbury, Neb., has gone back, after ten days with. his parents, Mr: and'Mrs. 'Glen Barracks. Geo. Evans Jr. went with him to play with the same club. Mr. Barracks took the boys down. Algona RoUer-Skate Party- Two Methodist school classes taught respectively by Mrs. Harry Merriam and~J. F. Kee had a roller-skating party one evening last week at Algona. They returned to the Merriam home, where refreshments were served. Chinese Girl Will Speak— Helen Lee, of China, studying at a school in Chicago, will be speaker at a joinf, meeting of the World- Wide Guild, the missionary society of the Baiptist church, July 13 at 2:30 at the Stilson memorial park Fount! the Fishing Good- Fay Scace has returned from t fishing vacation in Minnesota. He brought home a big catch of pickerel, etc. with temporary repairs. The en- eached Sexton, but Mr. Christenson took chances on a check, and Otto Neumau, an old across-the- street neighbor of the Dewels. furnished lunch and wouldn't ,let Mr. Dewel pay for it. reading the nuptial mass. Attendants were Jeanne Wells, sister of the bride, and Jack Bush, brother of the bridegroom, and a wedding breakfast .was served at the home of the bride's parents following the ceremony. Mrs. .Bush was graduated from the Decorah high .school in 1934 and had since lived with her parents, but .was employed in one of the Decorah stores. Mr. Bush, who was graduated ..frtom the Postville high school Jiii!-i9.35, with outstand-1 lni?v n.trtl'tltftf* -'. hnnnt*o *.*/t*\lr'. un - t + pjp and agent at Ing jathletlc-) honors, vtookf' up *ti graph'yV at • a fMliwaufieel depot' was appointed station Sexton June 1. The couple are living at Algona at present, but plan to live here. Kdltor's Car Stalls Here- Editor W. C. Dewel's Ford stalled brated. lere last week Sunday while he | Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hodges, of was on his way to Clear Lake. Our Webb, spent the Fourth with Mr. from Cherokee, where she had been helping her sister, Mrs. Ma' thllda aOwens, >who-formerly lived at Algona. Lucile left Friday for a six weeks Visit at her cousin, the Rev., J. C. Stainmeyer's, Watertown, S. D. AM Meets With Mrs. Wise— Mrs, Herman Wise was hostess to the Sexton Aid Thursday, 16 persons attending. Devotlonals were conducted after a business meeting by Mrs. Bert Sanders'. The August meeting will be held August 3 at Mrs. John Flora's. Attends Shower at Hurt— Mrs. Oscar Hammond attended a recent shower in honor of Mrs. Earl Angle at Mrs. James Bro- Burt. Mrs. Angle is a niece Brophy..,;., . <; •• . 4 '"'" Other SextdnXenp. r <Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Hanson, with Mr. and Mrs. John Koestler, Burt, spent last week Sunday at Clear Lake. The birthdays of Mrs. Koestler and Mr. Hanson were cele- garage man, A. J. Christenson, lo-l«nd Mrs. Harvey Steven. Mr. and I p ran kls. cated the difficulty, after an hour's | M rs- P- W. Hanson and Esther search, and sent the car on its way j FItcn wei- e at Bancroft. week former station agent , lire Hw Apita— 'Mrs. Thomas Bagur, Paducan, Ky., and her children, accompanied by Mr. Bagur, recently arrived at R. J. Sktliing's, and -Mrs. Bagur ahd. the children remained Indefinitely,' Paducah being again threatened by high water. vMr. Bagur went back In a jew days. Seeks Asthma Helieif In S. ».— - ted Harr, Mitchell, S. D., visited relatives here early last week, and his daughter Anna Mae returned to South Dakota with him for the rest of the summer. She has both asthma and eczema, and It is hoped that she will be benefited by the change of climate. Other Irvlngton. • A. McLean, who went to Orln- nell a week ago Wednesday to attend the funeral of his elder brother Samuel, returned the following iSunday, acconipanled by his niece, (Sirs. JJJt$ler., , and- her* hjisband,>of Orinnell;' aiid^ John ^Insl&in ,"!•.> a brother from Mohalf|'N.''D." r ~ N Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Scheppman, Rockford, 111., and their son Harold were recent visitors at Henry Scheppman's. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Frankl, of Baltimore, left for home Thursday, after several days with the U. B. USED A INS 1-6 ft, lEIectnc Refrigerator {,, number one condition. 1— Used Aluminum Tub Ma Electric Wwber. \ 1-Uted Porcelain Tub 1— -Automatic Porcelain Tub Electric 32 volt motor. ;t« f ;•'..'! /••; . • ," . / Kohlhaas & £veryfAin* in HarJwon Fitch and Martin Zimmer- gine had been giving trouble for | man, with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wie- several days, and Mr. Dewel cred- \ Ian(1 an d Edna Fitch, Garner, spent ts Mr. Christenson with finding out what was wrong after the Uear Lake Ford garage had tried week Sunday at Spillville. iMr. and Mrs. Sim Bemis, with daughters and Mrs. Bell Waters, visited friends at Clear Lake on and failed. Mr. Dewel also tells one on himself. He forgot to load!' 116 Fourth. up with cash before he left home, j Everett, son of Mr. and Mrs. and so was "broke" when he Harvey Steven, • was a patient at Visits at Watertown, S. D.— Lucile Balk .came home Monday CEMETERY ASSN, AT LU VERNE TO HOLD MEETING Lu Verne, July 10—A change has been made in the meeting place for a homecoming of the Cemetery association. It had been planned and announced for the local park, but there wlil be a program, so it was decided to have it at the community hall. The date is this week Thursday, and all members and former members >of the association are invited. the General hospital Thursday. Mrs. Ted Hinders, her baby son, and Mrs. George Oltz, Woden, visited friends here Friday. Dolores Voss, Lu Verne, recently spent a few days with her sister, Mrs. Herman Wise. The Dale Thompsons celebrated the Fourth at Garner. Facts That Concern You CELEBRATION DAYS ARE SET BY BIT'S LEGION-AUXILIARY Bnrt, July 10—At a joint meeting of the local Legion post and the Auxiliary unit Frdlay evening It was decided to hold their annual Legion celebration next week Friday and Saturday, July 30-21. Other Corwith Aews. Mrs. Earl Wilhite, son Cecil, and Grace Wilhite returned Wednesday from a trip through Missouri and Arkansas. They were accompanied part way by Mrs. Oscar Oxley, Algona, who visited her sister, Mrs. Frank Moore, Lebanon, Mo. Mrs. Wilhite, Cecil, and Grace drove on to Bentonville, Ark., to visit Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hathaway, and en route home they visited the Arch Buntings at Lamoni, la. •Mrs. Clarence Rolbinson and Mrs. Harold Fatka were hostesses to the M. G. C. Circle of the Methodist Aid at the Robinson home Wednesday. The Delta Circle met Six to E. I. Institute- Doris Eggleston, 'Doris Delmert, Mary Dimler, Betty Thompson, Marjorie McClellan, and Phyllis Surby are delegates from the local chapter attending an Epworth League institute at the Okobojis \ this week. The Rev. Harvey Nelson, of the local Methodist" church;' is a member,of the institute faculty. Party for 1 Mary Batton 'Wa's 13 Wednesday, and young friends were entertained in her honor. Her sisters, Mrs. Dwight Hardgrove and Mrs. Howard Ulfers, Were visiting here and were among the guests, along with Mrs. Hardgrove's son Ro'wan and the Ulfers daughter. General Aid Meet Planned— A Methodist general Aid meeting will ibe held Wednesday at the community hall, with Mesdames Herbert Smith, Harry Whitmore, H. E. Peitzke, Otto 'Westling, and Archie Sanford as hostesses. Five to Relative's Funeral— Mr. and Mrs. George Grimsehl, Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Hanselman, and Mrs. Richard Wegner attended the funeral of a relative at State Center last week Tuesday. Former Pastor Makes Visit— The Rev. Victor Kollman and his family spent a few days last week at Fred Schneider's and with other relatives. Their home is at Royal. Other LuYerne. Mrs. Lois Martin is having visit from her daughter Norma, of Mattoon, 111., and the latter's three children. The Illinois Martins are also visiting the Lee Lichtys and the Adam Zweifels. The Walter Tiedes, Detroit, arrived Wednesday for a visit. Walter is a manual training teacher in the Detroit schools. Mrs. Tiede's parents live near Clarion. SGHOOLHOUSES INIRVINGTON TWP. REPAIRED Irvington, July 10—All schoolhouses in .Irvington township are being reshirigled and painted. Max Kalen and Mike Miller are doing the carpenter work. At least two of the school buildings, Nos. 4 and No. 7, are to have further improvements. The interior of No. 4, where Edward Mawdsley is director, will get new desks and repairs. This building has been broken into several times, and the interior suffered at the hands of the vandals. The building was entered again just a few weeks ago, and more damage was done. Helen Lemkee will teach there this fall. No. 7, which has been closed for some years, will get a complete line of new furniture, desks, blackboards, etc. Sueppmans Visit at Chicago- Mrs. Scheppman, son Henry Jr. daughter Esther, and Raymond Harr, all of Irvington, and Mrs Edwin Gade, West Bend, returned recently from Illinois, where they visited LeRoy Scheppman at the Great Lakes naval training station and relatives in the city, Soon after they returned thr<^ trainloads of marines, including Le Roy, left for San Francisco, where they were to be on a ship. On the way at Lincoln, Neb., Le Roy wrote that seven of the men had gono sightseeing at Omaha and missed the train. Reunion at State Park— The Elmer Doles, Spirit Lake came last week Sunday for a few with relatives, and on the Mrs. Fred Hintz. her parents, Mr. and at Mrs. Charles Johnson's, the I ' Mrs ' Jasper Vaughn, Des Moines Southeast Cirqle, ha3 a picnic at and a daughter spent last week Mrs. Arthur Schefflemau's. The wlth tne former's mother, Mrs. J p. Mescher, Bancroft, daughters Helen, Dorothy, and Martha, son Walter, the Chester Harmons, Woden; Mrs. Mary Dole, Irvington and her daughters; Clarence Green Fairview and Sunshine Circles met ^ StO(J dard, and other local rela- and Oswald Thilges at the Stilson memorial park and " ves had a picnic supper for families. | The Bernard Wolfs, the Walter Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams, Mrs. Albei 't> and Edwin Heftis, and Mr' Calvin Williams, Frances Smith, and Mrs - Dudley Ble'ssi attended a - J "' ~ * family reunion at Renwick birthday. and Florence Snyder spent the Fourth at Clear Lake. The Robert July 2 - Mastersons, the Ralph Trees, the 'Mrs. Milo Patterson entertained' Harold Evans family, and the F. a few of her daughter Virginia Lu's T. \/I Out a \fC<f\ n r< fljnn lnl» n ,l „ A. T~i _ T-i _ _ F*> 1 n 11 /I ,•„ TTV • _1 . __ . , O****«- «U O . L. Mastersons picnicked at De Rae friends Friday in honor of the lit Godfre' L " e "<'•''" -i-"- V-.-...T.J Godfrey's, Lu Verne. Wilma Merriam and Bonnie Barracks have returned to their duties at the Mason City Mercy hospital, following month's vacations. Eleanor Johnson, also a student nurse there, is now at home. Mrs. B. A, Ross is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Cook, and other relatives at Farmington Minn. ' Rita Faye Wagner, Knoxville, is sister, Mrs. Former Station Agent Visits— E. H. Thomas, Hanlontown, was a business visitor at Algona and He _ — . ™ rf v » ^«J.A14^. J Brought his daughter Joan for here. I«or- been Shirley Roney since a week ago Thursday. Both girls are returning to Hanlontown by train this BRIGHTON UP YOUR WITH ELECTRJENK From the coal'bin to the cupboaVd, the cellar to the attic, visiting her sister, Mrs! Earl amazingly- fast, easily frid economically! Start Chambers. . , using it, NOW, for-dishes^ clothes, floors. A threshing meeting was held' w *Hf • woodwork an.<|.winders, furniture and up- last veek Monday eveninTat E J bolstery-ojo every #*gWng aad cleaning job you Wtdea's. "" i ^f 1 Jt ^ 4** ?«»*.**, n\u<** time," work - and M®*!^.#**# * <**o»4 ' »y£te r ^ * be *'*'* »• *> of eaj,tle to Cbj0g« last >r$ek. ' c*t THE NON-BEER DRINKER BENEFITS FROM BEER ! 5Q TIMES m. : J PRE-REPEAt MWiiflj AHELPTOTHOUSAItt OF FARM FAHIUESr BEER TAXES SWEU1'60VEPNMEMT; RECEIPTS, AND REDUCE THE COSTS OF GOVERNMENT TO AU. OTHER TAXPAYERS. .BY A MILLION DOLLARS A DAY HUNDREDS u •. „. Of THOUSANDS ON REUEF! AND NOW, TO KEEP BEER'S WNV' BENEFITS, FOR YOU AND FOR T««, AMERICA'S BREWERS WANT TOHWI KEEP BEER RETAILING AS WHOLES** | AS BEER ITSELF. THEIR PftOGRW; INTEREST ..UKAL'tAWAUTW* ITIES.... AND YOU. YOUTHEFKKl For freie'booklet, addren: , Untied Brewers Industria 19 East 40th Street, New Ywh BEER. i .a beverage of moderation t«f» i* to mry motor car bwy c . r J et, ftrtt in paMfW ateo firat to motor trm* wtes, b W yer« select tfce returns. but you wj|l g«?t In addition extra value.

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