Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 4, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 4, 1939
Page 7
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V^T'-v^; ' t , -^ ^ ' /J^, v Xr . hF;;/p/;. ^•••ftfrT Lutheran Btti... Ju .'LL wan the scene when Mr. oast ot Kan- tT'rS'ftww ^IrHed. The" - C.H.KLAMP, Fleli K«pN«entaiiT« „-.„ a white forma Hoor-lerigth veil,.ami w. her cousin, Blair and by Mrs. wore a At Prank Eisenberah's, north of Algona, 'they Jhsrd taken a grain binder out of-the machine shed. They are getting ready for harvest. • .-After the binder was taken out 'they -cleaned up In the shed; They keep their yard and buildings clean. * * * * W. H. Riedel, northwest of Algona, is busy with his bees each year when we CB!!. He was fixing up a hive for the bees had swarmed, and he 'had just placed the hive for the bees. The bees do not sting him. They seem to know that he gives them a "happy" home. He has painted nil of Ills I bee hives with aluminum paint, show up nicely. He has toes in the county. These are Ray .McW'hortcr's. ft is 'Wouth while to .take a drive up that way and take a look at this field. * * * * Jesse Harms, northeast of T.l- .tonka, was in the machine shed .where he had taken the cultivator .off his tractor, for he has his corn laid by.. He cultivated his corn KOSSUTtf COUNTY ADVANCE; ALGONA> IOWA PAGE MRS, HARTSHORN AGED IE)YARD WOMAN, fASSES Ledyard, July 3—This community was saddened a \"eek ago Mon- .day morning to learn of the -sudden death ot Mrs. Joseph Hartshorn. While she hi.d not been in •very good health fcr some years she had not been sicjk till the pro- ceding Saturday. Monday morning ihe suffered a heart attack, £rom vhlch she ne"v- er recovered. Her first two times. He showed us a fine lot of 110 spring pig? There are a cross of Chester Whites and Duroc Jerseys. * * * * The Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Schulz, husband on May 3. Pheba Anna Coleijnan May 14, 1858, in Mi ter of Abner and was born | :higan, daugh- Mlnerva Coleman. She came to loAva with her Titonka, are taking a two weeks 1 Parents when a child, first residing 1 In Black Hawk county, and later county, where Buffalo town- • • kuiiii.il., til ^ LUItlllf-., « \, VY \J \1H\sn.£3 •• .vacation. They will spend this timej 1 " Black Hawk c ° l .at Cross Lake, Minn. They have! coming to Kossuth all W° rc ,. We called on L. H. Schenck last ,'sonage has been repainh'd. This is . tive and rhurcti parlors. S' jg' ; j| VeB on the northwest e dge of We had a visit Thursday with 0. i her 61st wedding Burt. He also farms an acreage, ,B. Millei, the 'happy miller man of'tia n . d/< . has a , flne field O f corn. He .of Titonka. It had rained January, 1939. and She is survived jy Seven chil- a'V 1935 •srauuRwi-ui'.fiaifti.". has a'line iieia or corn. He - ul luuuna. n nau .vumuu unu <auv i» OUIVIYCK hieh-'school, and at- hag one O f those baby tractors and-.there .-was no feed to .grind., Mr. dren; Mrs. Edith K college at Chille- S(iys lt W orks fine. These small Miller said he was kept'busy most. City; 'Mrs. Edna Ti as been bookkeep- tractors'seem to be just the ma- of the time. He has operated this Everett E., Ledyard . «*_...«,•..£,' Qtnlp. -LI—_ *-*. ii,,. r«. n « n .. mill fnr ninn vpflr.a. irnna; Mrs. Euceni [ROSS Farmers State uri-was graduated from ^nSerLtheMullins left for a fcake .ccently .purchased father. , chine for the fanner. * * * * Sylvester Brace, north of .mill for nine years. * * * * Hans Koestler, northeast of •amer, Webster I Imoney, ,Ames; I gonaV Mrs. Eugenili Soltow, New Sylvester Brace, north of Burt, Hans Koestler, northeast o£ Brooklyn; John R., Ledyard. (.union June 25 were the Charles showed us his 4-H calf last week Hurt, is in the hospital at Roches- TWO brothers, Harvey Coleman, Raney, Guy Raney families, Mr. Monday. The calf is a fine animal, ter, Minn., where he is being treat- Algona, and Smith, of Idaho, a sis- a ml Mrs. Rasmus Olson and their He is a Hereford, and Sylvester ed for yellow jaundice. His neigh- ter, Mrs. Cora Fergason, of Correc-, daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert had given him his evening feed. He bors were putting up his hay Fri- tionville, 16 grandchildren, andjRaney and Evered and Hugh wanted to show us how well he d!| y- Tne neighbors 'were John e i g ht great-grandchildren also Raney. Rutland, Sioux City, West had him trained for leading, but Mr. Calf would rather eat. He shows he is well fed, and Sylvester feels very proud of its condition. Kenneth Burt, was busy cultivating corn a * * * Strayer, southwest of [toe Perkins aalder injury week ago. He farms 80 acres. He a pain- j used to farm 160 acres. His corn last week j shows up fine, and was almost too durtng- a practice • ' Tt " hoordiamond. Max- v« swung at a bill. She was to a doctor's office, .where 1 Ire made to' determine • or not any bones .were „ Muscles had been pulled, Islne will'have :to carry her Ina slingJor some time, .."Illinois' Funeral— ' ; « Galloway left last week iesday evening for Lineville, fhe met his parents, Mr. and I'M 1 P. Galloway, ana ms| tall to cultivate. * * * * Paul Trenary, southwest of Bancroft, showed us a fine Black Angus 4-H club. It belongs to Paul's nephew. He says he will probably be a ^prize-winner. We think so too. Koestler, Geo. Koestler Jr., Mr. Moyer, E. M. Smith, D. A. Neitzel, Mrs. Hartshorn \ in Buffalo Center last week Monday evening. Frances stayed for a •\veek. > .... • • Francis and Thomas Walsh, of Rochester, Minn., visited their mother and'&isteiVMrs. Walsh-and Mrs. Wm. Garry, last Week Monday. Mary Ellen McDonald, Edith Logan, and Cleo Gable were in Algona Friday. Cleo went to take the teachers examinations. The Charles Odell family and Alfred Bardlou spent several days.! last week visiting at Wilfred Barslou's at Boy River. Mrs. Ed Higgins, Detroit, who Is visiting relatives in Bancrbft, spent. Fida with her sister, Mrs. J. McDonald. Muriel Reece, employed at the State bank, left last week Tuesday in southern week ago-Monday. Orin is at his home here, and is doing nicely. Mr .and Mrs. George Brogan, Mr. atid Mrs. As'chel Brogan,.Leonard Bi'ogan, and Betty Olson will go to Stanhope Sunday to meet with 50 other relatives and hold a basket dinner and reunion. This is an annual affair, and this year it is held at the home of a brother of Mrs. Brogan. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hart and daughter Antoinette, of Bancroft, | were breakfast guests at John Se' ger's Tuesday. The daughter was returning from college at Iowa City, and the parents met her here. They are old friends of the Segers. Mr. Hart is superintendent ot the I Bancroft school. The Sven Anderson home is newly decorated Inside and out. evening guests at Alex Eichen's. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elsenbarth were last week Tuesday evening callers at Mrs. Catherine Jenett's. Mr. and Mrs, Harold Wenigar spent Wednesday at Fort Dodge. Mrs. Leo Ludwlg and children, and Mrs. Harriet Simons spent Wednesday everting at Mrs. Nick I Arndorfer's. j Mrs. Dg White, Titonka, was a i visitor at Harvey Johnson's a week ago Friday. ,RICH POINT Mrs. Leslie Jenkins, Mrs. Paul Black, Mrs. R. H. Skilling, and Mrs. Hugh Raney attended a meet- ing of the Plum Creek club Wednesday. The .program consisted of a travel-talk by Evely» Bode. Mrs. Russell Walker was * guest of Roberta Skilling Wednesday. Mrs. Mabel Foxwell and dattgl** ter Gei'aldine, of Olympia, Wash* and Mrs. Cora Raney, of Algomv were guests at Hugh Raney's last Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Borman ami son Donald were fishing at th» Okobojis one day last week. John Erpeldlng Is having a iieW roof 'put ,on the barn on his farm. Frank Weiscamp is doing, lh» work. K Paul Black returned home from Ft. Snelling Friday morning. H* had been there for two weekaL Mr. and Mrs. Jay Blome and for the exterior job. | Mr. and Mrs. Ed Junkermeier were Edw. Opheim and his crew have , in Amboy, Minn., last week Tues- finished a big job of painting in day. - Goldfield, and have finished the, Henrietta O'Keefe commenced roof painting at the O. J. Cayou work Friday at the Boudrye & home. They are now doing some Carpenter hardware store. work of painting at the State bank. | Doris Bover Is working at Sam Chris Shauger, who many years , OUTSTANDING VALUE in fast, clean, modern PHILGAS cooking in evening. . LIVERMORE places, at the Rock Island station for a visit with Agent H. L. Swanson. Mrs. Lester Smith and daughter Shirley, who have been visiting at Minneapolis arid Stillwater, are ex- Members of the Raney clan who Pected to return this week. gUlia. j 1Y1I H. JyUfeCUl'* .KJ\JI»«W" ) *i\* ii iVltJLULJcI b Ui tUti JViUlcj Uldll w iiw ark, N. J.; Mrs. Ilva Jacobs, of we nt to Algona for the family re- St BENEDICT The annual thresher meeting of iviiii^. nunauu, o, UUA v,,tj, ..^ the Bert Sanders run was held I Union, Irvington, West Bend, Rein- last week Tuesday evening at OUo ivioyer, rj. M. omun, L>. A. IMJHZBI, Mrs. Hartsiiorn was a member of ; beck, Lu Verne, Livermore, Britt, Beckmann's, and the meeting of Dave Weber, Clarion Long, Sport t i le Methodist chu-ch and of the Wesley, Emmetsburg, Des Moines, the John Grandjenet run was held Graham, and Leroy Eddie, who Is Aid, and as long as she was able j Rutbven, Kanawha, and Olympia, Wednesday at the Grandjenet Hans Koestler's hired man. They W as active in the church. During'Wash., were represented. home, were putting it in the barn. This later years, while unable to help,', Mrs. Charles Riley and. •hfiv rnncicts nf Hmnthv nnd red c..Vi*» cHll Tnaivitnlni»fl nil nr.Hvp. In-llUrc Hin-flpffp TiVprlpriofc clover. WCiO I home. ___ daughter, Margie Wanig and Patricia Arn•hay consists of timothy and red she"stiff maintained an active in-, Mrs. Burde'tte Frederick, visited dorfer, Ackley, remained after ! terest in these organizations and Mr. Riley here Monday. Mrs. Riley thei« parents' visit here Sunday to her interest and encouragement is employed at Mason City, and spend several weeks with their will be greatly missed. | Mrs. Frederick lives at Swea City, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Will- Funeral services were held, Norma Brockley, who has been lam Arndorfer. Wednesday afternoon in the Meth-1 employed at the Livermore State The Rev. W. B. Kramer had as I odist church, witli the Rev. Carl,bank a year and a half, has accept- guests last Wednesday his parents M. i Hammer officiating. Burial was in ed a position in Fort Dodge with from Ash-ton; the Rev. Father Jan- 6 AftPr IpsVon i Highland Home cWetery. I the S. & M. Finance Co. Her place sey, of near Sioux Falls, S. D., al- vf Turit a' Pallbearers weVe two grand- had not been filled last week-end, so his sister, who is housekeeper ™'o „ia« sons, Paul and ^Claude Kramer,!, Mrs. Eugene Sweeney and chil- for Father Jansey; a niece from ™,,™ in-two nephews, Rej: Austin and Ca-;dren, Britt, spent several days Oakland, Calif., and nephew from Munson m Hartshorn, and Clyde Behselhere last week visiting her par- Sioux City. The nephew, who I ...., -r..-,_ T,,,_i..,Li. • entSf Ml . an( i M,. S- Oscar Olson. | stays with Father Jansey, will lat,. cl . U o , Word has been received here of er study for the Priesthood, were: I the birth of a girl to Mr. and Mrs. 'Mr. and Mrs. Mike Prueshel, of _ t ' _ . _ _. . , I KXll ..» Tl _ ll_ t_ ____•» T _1_ __ study class Thursday, study and discussion served refreshments, meets with Mrs. T. July. PhilgM-Fli No. H* Automatic top bum«r lighter; low lop burner*; am» •immcr-ict *al<ra; . automatic ov*n h«at control; inn* latod oven; dram broiler with polo- lain grid; poroalahi •namol •xtoriar a*d ora; oth« I*aJba«K. 'and Irvin Klinksijk. . Lawrence;.Johannesen, north of i . Lone Rock, was building pasture The Presbyterian Aid " met 'in • "' o u tlof-town relatives and friends fence last, week Tuesday and said the church Wednesday afternoon,' wno nttem i e d the we'came'too late, as'He had all ofj w itli Mrs. : A. R. McMullan, Mrs. M) . a ' n(} Ml . g entries'Kramer and we came too late, as ne nau an ui | wltn Mrs. A. it. racrauiian, HUB. j^,. an( j Mr S . ( the .posts set; He uses steel posts. 1 Carl Vohs, and Mrs. George Blake Paul . Mr and They drive these in the ground hostesses. Mrs. H. J. Needing led ^ We bster City .with a steel pipe over the top of tlie devotions by reading,'Psalm-84. John- Tillmoney, M ' % irV,-7v' 7iWille and the P° st > whlch is tnen brought Following the business meeting the Mrs R Jaco b s i, Joe Gallop ay, Lmev lie, a Uown wi th a sudden twist. This hostesses served a 25-cent supper Harold Soltow, ^"MlJTinf an uncle" B. 8° u n ds easy, but is a real man's to a good crowd. i, A j rs . Larry E jdi •s. Claude Kram- City Mr. Ames; jueu,"" >•" ""• • . r> j .the funeral of an ,uncle, B. ialloway, a former Corwith lob. >nt. Mr. Galloway was the Ir'-'of Mrs. Elry Gourle'y, Ma- Clty,.vho is also a former Cor- I resident. _ r Team WBS 10-4— ~ »j • ,--«^i a, . *-?f\t » J *• l »V* Mr. and • Mrs. B. F. McFarland victor;' Mr. and Brooklyn; Mrs. , Newark, N. J.; 'Mrs. Larry Pidin; a and Jo -Ann, of i Mrs. Rex Austin, w 11 i We called Swea Tuesday. i>H , d.HU -Til O« *-*• *• • ATAV^*. t*» **••**— v HJUJl i 1»AI • ClilU i»J.l «T« ifcii/*. «•&.»»!.•»• ' * *n ono^honu ' arrived home Thursday from St. Jewell; Mrs. Elmer Hartshorn "J 1 ! !iun. met wopk Paul, Minn., where they spent a Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Coleman, ami •aid ealtOl, last weeK. ,,«-«»i n< » tViolv Hniicrhter. MrS. iw,,tj flonwo Sti pa an.i (lail!£lli».r IT 11 *Htn». lacf \trnalr nu», i»*»i»ii., .. »»^» ^ ..«»-.( — *.-— ..**. u>«u *.•» u. — — »~. ™,snrinLthevn Iced: week visiting their daughter, Mrs. Mrs. George Sti ITllS spring tney piaceu »»„«.„. Alirnnn: Rpnlah R. J. McGee. I A'gona; Beulah and es an.i daughter, Hartshorn, Spcn- . ( , .._.. _ . _ Caleb Harti- .^horn, Sens-n; Mr. and Mrs. Mar thev have' Omaha, Neb., are visiting Mr. ;•„--•-; / j ™ \t .* are hav-'er's mother, Mrs. Emily Fisher, ence Cunninghari, Blmore; Mrs ai C HO.» | v _ _ * _ ^ „-, ti t i! T) ..it* mnndAnnlv CT QTIfl All % jt.ll fl BffiS'SSSK-™^ K h SSFS6T cS; fii «o.« lo VviilH tho wav pavaEfps should lliietna uauueuuien., ui r.~™~r*.' ... „ ,, _. ... >» TT_~-I T««I,^ age is built the way garages should he built. It is built on the front the school diamond, last week lay evening. Long's -team ., i'0-4. Following the game a Jfit dance, sponsored 'by the le ' wa !L Kcl<J at i the «W f-hu car. The roor or tnis garage is a t« «ui.»u- .__.---.-and $20 was cleared, inia . railing mother, who is ill with ^ jj.j ,_ *!.„ r,, n rf in hiiv Ila t type, ana win nave u. IUIUUE, j . , olc . to .. s- a •business-visitor in West Nina Halley and can step from the kitchen into the , Fort Dodge; and Mr. and Mrs. Jergens drove Clifton Engelby, Forest City. tep rrom tne Kiicnen nuo me •«"• "•"""•:•"• —- 4o , „-_ h . n • — The roof of this garage is a ^ Rutland Thursday to see his ^ ^ J>be added to the fund to buy Its for the ball diamond. nd ID Vern^ Wedding— r. and Mrs.-F. L. Masterson daughters were at Lu Verne irsday evening to attend .the Wing of Mrs. Masterson's around it. A door from the upstairs will open onto this roof. * * * * John Trunkhill, east of Burt, was not feeling so well Wednesday said he was gong to the hos- and Mrs. Jergen's i sister, Mrs. Hil- • kholderg ane ( debrand, who is ill at her home in fc . heK Hunaboldt. • ] '« ne , j n the bank. Officers ' - pital again the next day. His son Mr - andHMl ;t ^ e ° 11geE Pease ' ed: pi-esidt, have rented the Mrs. Earl Pease first lice, W. E. Carl- residence in the south part o( town | w»in *^ ^ ^ Halvorson; and will take July i. . vice. E. T. Halvorson; .«— j .... - _ . -_., nitai again me HCAL uaj. ***o a«.» aim «»»* t **«w i -^ - - .. p n «Hip». w E. Wiemer; directors, Jing of Mrs. MasterBons PUB . *g ^.^ ^ ^ ^ ^ K ^ y fe ,, W el - w . pe ^ ter ^ erman Goetz , Igest sister, Velma Meyers, and ^ hay-rack wagon, using there, will move to Emmetsburg, «• £ wiemer.l Those from away ,1 «.«... Th P . weddinE.wasl'""^^^^^ fm . tne runnta B | wh ere he is employed in a barber ^"^wieme He showed us 70 fine Here- shop. '— --• at the h'n a Lutheran pe following the ceremony. 8 Thor Hardware— ' irold Fatka, owner of the. Cor- -j hardware, last week pur- |sed the Blatz Wahlwend hard- stock at Thor, and took pos- r .jn at once. Arnold "Helse, who Itieen employed, at the Corwith Mware for two years', will be in irg'e at Thor, and" Mr. Fatka will fcalq here. . . H ord steers he has on full .feed. He| Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mikes and ) Ward Married— Ward, 'Corwith, 1 and Burt •an , nin-t »i*» M« — -«.--— -Dr. and Mrs. H. FraAg Givcns left Wednesday for an outing at Worn-, . •* _ i 1tH« v> I an's Lake, Minn uses a self-feeder, Where the steers can eat at any time. » * * » At Mrs. Leo Brayton's, northeast of Burt, last Thursday she and her son Richard, and Ted Ringsdorf, were measuring their crop ground, as they are in the farm program. Richard, 23, does the farming. Lee, - , helps a lot. Darlene is working for Supt. Bowie, of the Burt school, and Iva Marie is at home. Both girls attended a Bible school ut>B ,„„„„,_, , conference at Medicine Lake, Minn. ]Tave to return till October. - *!«*» . . i ij mVm«r.Hm: I Visit Algona Htilathe— JV J. Tillmoney, Jacobs, Mrs. 1 O ,1-JUii-vt -«••••--• | f AEIIlJ .•»«H»*"»»« »•' Mrs. Thos. Williams ,Mrs. Grace j Mr> and Mrs . Crisman, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph j^ r _ an( j Mrs. .»«j . Sloan and daughter Eulah, drove Pidlma an a daughter, Mrs. ... to Ashton Thursday and spent the g 0 it 0 w, and Ilverett and John day with the former's daughter,' Hartshorn were in Algona last Mrs. Peter Bangert. ' ' • J -- '"" "'- 1 * 1 "" Mrs. Wm. White spent a couple iu<=ii uiu% _ of days at Iowa City for a checkup wno ls sick> on her health. Doctors think she [clarion June 22.' The bride is a time. |er of Walter Ward, Corwith, i been housekeeper at J. J. (nnstetter's. Mr. Heggen has a .The girls report they had a fine on her health. Doctors think she panied t h e m to Algona and visited has improved, and she .will not her daughter/Mrs! Gerald Warner. ivo,, Q tn rptnrn till October. She -4 __ * * * * l,ast Thursday we were at Wm. E. Grover's, southeast of Burt. This is the old Gopher picnic farm. •less and shoe repair shop at ™" 7he"olatimers"will'"remember V«rne, where the couple will * (toMe Conference— •'-''--•' file Rev. Albert, Rust, accompan- f by Evan and Virginia .Liclnty, "erne, and Barbara and Byron Jverns attended the "Christian |e conference at Des Moines last T*. The Rev. Mr. Rust was M of boys at the camp, • F Keleh is Low— . pw Keloh, who underwent an fration for a brain tumor at r. Minn., last spring, is . .' ill at his home sputfe of lr Vlth.. He has not been well «e the operation and i's not ex- jned to live. [ Mf °tl»er Corwith News. [Mr. and Mrs. Robert Masterson Dances were Algona shoppers 'week Monday. They returned mo K,, — of Lu .. these picnics. Harold Grover and the hired man were placing a grain box on a truck; getting ready for threshing time. The buildings Hit V C LU t cn«« *» v»»» — —--; • contracted a cold Thursday and has been having pleurisy since. Four Corners THIS BEAUTIFUL PHILGAS RANGE AND THE NEW AUTOMATIC PHILGAS SELF-SERVICE SYSTEM ONLY funeral and Mr. Ms. and lilt; UI1 III Ul it gill LU 1*11 . UUU .Wll a. 1 • ' «"" *'». "« *.*»«^y ^. » U^OALV, «fc V. A. Barrett, who live at Troy, Milwaukee, sons Ralph and John, where Mr. Barrett is supeintendent' are spending two weeks with the of schools. Before her marriage former's brother, John, and with' Mrs. Barrett was Maude ; Raney,'bis cousin, Martin Rahm. Mr. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles ( Prueshel lived here before his Raney, south of town. Before go-, marriage, ing to T-roy, Mr. Barrett had been) Mrs. John Whitte received word _i ii-~ i- __. *i ,,* i.lin T A >i*T«..rl ntV>nnl o 'Mj£»£ib' a rrn TViiiverlav f\f ffi^i Ha a f.Tl . INSTALLED COMPLET1 with 2 full cylinder* of | gas—READY TO COOK at the head of the Ledyard school for several years. , Three from here have been at a hospital last week in Fort Dodge. Mrs. Delmar McEntaffer underwent an operation for the removal of li|-appendix. Mrs. Bertha Wilson is at the Lutheran hospital for a week ago Thursday of the death of an older sister, living in Michigan. The funeral was held a This is just an example of the outstanding values in modern' .„„... „. .. _ _ _ Philgas ranges. Why wait longer to enjoy the economy, speed,' week ago Saturday, but Mrs. white Qn< j cleanliness of modem Philgas cooking? Come in, TODAYI was unable to attend. j "' '.'"'.-. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Miller, Mrs. | Doranbier, Cecelia and Dickie, were: visitors at Ben Dorr's last observation. Orin, the young son Thursday. of Dr. and Mrs. Beardsley, had a I Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bormann ©DSlcr Oltj i tin a« v/*. *-*i • cvitu i»*i Ot *-*c«*i uoic j ? uau •* i ••*» • «*•« _,». u . ...».«» Mrs, Hazel Jenks, tonsil and adenoid operation, aland sons-were last week Tuesday Kohlhaas & SpiHcs Everything in Hardware Algona, Iowa Is Held— 'I I Last week Tuejsday afternoon the directors of the. an annual meet- were Mrs. L. W Lutter and John Gamble, Fair- Wiemer, Arnold's week Thursdajr evening visiting their brother, Elmer Hartshorn, ._. Moulton accom- Algona and visited Attends Lotts (Creek Shower— Mrs. L. A. Junkermeier, daughters Agnes and Deloris, went to Lotts Creek Friday to attend a shower in honW of her daughter Mrs. Wm. Kadjing The Four 'Corners Mothers r & Daughters club will'hold the next meeting with Mrs, Grace Jackman tor tnresning iiuie. ±uc uu..—»=~ meeune wnu ««•=• "•-—.7^ on this farm have all been repaint-1 this wee k Thursday, and the aged, and they have removed a lot of - • --- " >- M-= Alice -•=..« «ia Sl erson, who haa4)een '"tag with her sister, Mrs. Pe- I^Godfrey, returned borne with |Mrs. Mary Elder left last Thurs- •v I0r RPVavnl YV. „_ Jl_ _ ill. V. « u several with, her stumps from the yard. There is a large grove on the farm. Harold remarked how fast the corn was growing. They have one field planted June 5, and this corn is already more than knee high. * * * * Amos Bonaker, southeast of Ti- 'tonka. was standing in his porch looking out at the rain Thursday when we came up. The showei soon was over. Amos is the man that furnishes most of the milk roi Titonka people. He told us he .could sell more milk if he had it. They milk 14 cows at present, ana will milk 20 in a short time. He has a fine herd of Guernseys. * * * * We called Thursday at Martin Becker's southeast of Burt. i'»» is in Portland, where the crops do Show up fine. Mrs. Becker told us to look at tbe fine 80-acre field of 9 ats at Ray McWhorter s, This to .across the road sou h of the Beck- stating hostess will be Mrs. Alice Other „ 1 Elizabeth'P«rry; ; , Davenport, and Mary Jane Van Dyke, Rock Island, 111., were week-end .guests of Mr, and Mrs. Wilson Brack. Miss Perry nronriuu * coniinittGe ,-.-*-^-Carol Jackman, Clarice Harlan, and Helen Walker. Jimmie Lowman spent Thursday and -Friday with the Everett witn- a "xjr. and Mrs. A. J. Meyer. Rins- sted, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sabin, and Mr and Mrs. A. B. Alexander, spent last week Sunday fishing at Lost Island and were rained out. Mr and Mrs. Charles Witham, of Valley City, N. D., who have been traveling through Nebraska, , Missouri, and easetrn Iowa, stopped at tbe home of Mr. Witham's nephew, Everett. Witham, one day last week Guests for the evening were Witham, Myrtle Vining, and Park and Mrs |v ^ J0 . bn son and Eml} Soren- at aaugnier «»..— Francis, Mr. Mrs. Ben Sloter and «avstotoM iu'neAdell and Annabelle and Jimmie Lowman. Othei eve callers were_ Mr. and MM. C evening N avlUoo IUC iwaw aw»*v»» -- -— naliPVR were wi. a"** *«.*«. — - er yard. West of Qieir bouse is a ^ nssowand daug hter Mildred, fine field of 60 acres of corn u\»°__ ' and Mrs. Doi to their Fairmont. and M . Van Dyke played at Chester Girard, Des Moines, visited at the Wiemer home last week Tuesday. Mrs. Stella Wiemer arrived at Arnold's Park from Los Angeles Sunday, Mr and Mrs. Charles Black, Mi- Black, Cedar Falls Tractors - Trucks Oar Used Machinery Lot is Filled to OverIlowirj. We Musi Make Room lor Fall Eusimss. Everything Priced To Sell an . , and Phyllis Julius were a week ago Sunday evening guests at Ed Junkermeier's. Mr and Mrs. Milton Thompson. Carolyn Kay an Jeanne, returned home in Sioux City Wednesday after visiting at Gep. Thompson's. ' • . Mary Kathryn Anderson, Fairmont, is speeding this week at Wm. Garry's, and Thpmas Garry is visiting at tl e Anderson home w Glenn Yahnke and, lur. anu iwj j>. M»v*»f* »*?r"*—r —-^ daughters vibited at Ed Yahnke's fine no»u "•. v~ » ~- • , fine as we have seen. Mr. Beckei and one of tbe boys were cultivat- with horses. Just northeast the road is a 50-acre «eld This undoubtedly is and best field of pota- to Wis., City, W»* weeks at tbe i, Rolfe, chased from the Wilhite estate Mrs. P. B. Walley and daughter] Virginia were called to Hale. Mo. f AA^fUM^ M *•* •«- ' " Vi I • t« Jast week by tbe illness of her • toprQve 4 Trinity Mixture is tU ,, »!_„ «• w Sharer. !• *"** *«**r*" ^ mother, Mrs. H. ^. Sharer, Mrs. Elenora Mwton is H ftirtber, copts lew tban 19S4 GMC Ite ton with cab. Long wheelbase, dual rear tires. Good. motor. A bargain! . \ 1«84 International B-3 l)4-ton. 160-inch wheelbase. Sleeve motor, 4ti»l tire*. TtiU is a very g«o4-t|W* for h*»Vy"doty service, tuch a* hauling travel. 1988 Ford VArlan. Xong wheelbase, dual ttres. Looks and runs 1882 International A-3. l&'ton. Long wheelbase, dual tires. A cheap truck for, use around the larm. in,..,, 1984 Ford Sedan Delivery. Runs sweet Ideal for city delivery. Farm Machinery MoCormick-Deering, 8-bottom Winch tractor plow S2S with extra set of shares .• ; ™*, 2 Number 844 Lete Combination Feed Mills. Grinds grata and cut* fodder and hay, Hake your own feed! QO-fopt, 6-inch canva* belt, ' Q»boni JrJoot disc harrow. Cheap. Stake us an offer! -- - - - -••••- g-fpot disc harrow. Make us a bid! No] * Cream Separator. New bowl. Re- and repainted. New performance guaranteed'. _ _ j-Qeeri|if Np. 2 Manure Spreader. A Rood spreader for a wnall farm. . MoCormick (Tfoot grain Mn4*r with transports and tongue truck. Qood enough for a small acreage only John Deere W» Com Planter. Buy this planter at a bargain for use n*x£ spring - Cu J to John »*ere 8-row Cultivator with 4-horse hitch and tongu truck. In good condition A bu y at 2-bottom l«-inch Grand Detour tractor plow ...t -f*v ? ; £S±X^fSber 81WI cSttyators with Nun**r 7 . . .___ ~. -T, ,._ ((joojl as new. cultivator with rear *|f| W • 1 Thurs- 5 Bev. w. w..*«ww f»*f*".r'7; • ^h, Mrs. Miller .,§fe'; t^eir IB JW^*.l^* flh *»*'''-- I »' rf^tSR., HTM, &&*—«-« <*i^m3** Phesc f our f me tractors are all reconditioned to took and run like new, and carry the .'famous McCormick-Deering Blue Ribbon Guarantee! F14 Farmall Reconditioned and repainted. Regular Farmall completely reconditioned and repaint- ed7 All ; steel wheels. Regular Farmall R,ubber in "front, 8-inch steel in rear with spade lugs. McCorm.-Deering 10-^0 Reppndltioned and repainted. Looks and runs like new. / D«*rtag S-toot; grain btoOer with transjp^ts sag tongue rc :..... ~ Our Jf*?WF*-9SX *°°~^™™y**v^fv&,**y TV^ m*** V*««T*rf<«; ; r _<rjTs,_ ",, .•;«-; aS^j^£^'«8 r j>-«y J,^fc

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