Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1939
Page 9
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KOSSUTH COUNTt ADVANCfi. AL6ONA. IOWA PAGE SEVEN Mable Bonnstetter "Miss Whittembre ?? M/1W/S id cnnL Personal Needs ;o and Up cash Is needed for us arrange loan for you through many credit .plans ffl nnthTy Payments':, are ar- C of income. With ample 4, out repay. gpecfol'loBB pla« farmers ..-«*• duced * service is availabl " vrw problems loan service. ;-Le C. H, KLAMP. Field ItepreHeitnvIre HAS A CHANCE TO WIN PRIZE AS THE QUEEN Whittemore, June 26—Mable Ekmnstelter will be "Miss Whittemore" at the Clay .county fair at Spencer September 11-16 and with girls representing other communi- :les will vie for the honor of "Miss Clay County Fair" who will be crowned on the closing nlgjit In a colorful ceremony. The queen will be elected by ballot, and each paid admission to the fair will entitle the purchaser to one vote. The queen will receive a cash prize of the first farm east of his mothers, $200 and seven other girls who! has not done any work in the last Mrs. Xels Pearson, northwest of Swea City, is one of the oldtimers of north Kossuth, having lived 56 resides. the farm where she still She is a fine person to visit with, and she likes to joke. She says some of the funnies in the daily papers are almost too homely— anyway Judge Puffle, his gang, etc. # # * :V George Pearson, who lives on will receive cash prizes will be the court of honor when the queen crowned. is Visitors Come from Wisconsin— -• John Kohl and Thomas Fry, An- Ugo.'-Wis., .arrjyed Wednesday for 'lKohlhaa. [eiieral Insurance -Agency. the 'day' at; Arthur and Thursday with Heidenwith's relatives at six weeks, for he had the measles. This is the way Dad sharpened them. Mr. Miller said he had prepared a field where he was going to sow alfalfa seed. * * * * We called Wednesday at Nels Overfield's, a mile west of the Grant school, a new family on the Swea City route. There is only one child, a daughter. Mr. Overfield'f father, who lives one mile north, across the state line in Minnesota, bought the place last year. Nels was pulling weeds in a patch where he had planted strawberry He has been up and around a little plants, this week. He remarked that whenj we called on him last year he was I cultivating corn, but he did not .do j Swea City, Thursday Mrs. Work informed us that Harley was away * * * # At Harley'Work's, northwest of MADDEN REUNION TAKES PLACE AT GOOD HOPE FARM Good Hope, June 26—'The Madden family reunion was held at the R. F. Hawcott farm last week Sunday, with 80 representatives from Minnesota and Iowa present. Others who attended last year were unable to come this time because of poor health and other hindering circumstances. Rather amazing for a group so large there have been no deaths since the meeting last year, though John Madden, Spokane Wash., has been critically sick following injuries suffered in a fall from a building and because of pneu monia. New members have been added to 'the group through births. any of the cultivating this year. * # * * A. E. Deitering,: south of Sw.ea City, was disking ground last week Monday in which there were some Canada thistles. A. B. is a good cry thistle he sees. Last week at Lone Rock and Swea City. They left for home Friday and were to travel via Chicago and Milwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kueck, sons Melvin and Marvin, daughter Betty, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Wegener, sons Gordon and Dale, daughter Juanita, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson, sons Howard, Warren, and Charles, all of Lone Rock, were at Hcidenwith's Thursday evening to I Minneapolis, is now at home and out in a field. They hav.e a half section. She remarked that • their name was Work, so they all worked! There are three boys and three girls in the family. The old- NeuenscHwander, Fairmont. Mrs. .and- Mrs. Jos'. W>' Madden, Mr. and Mrs. .George Madden, son iloyd, all of Armstrong; Lavonne tadden,- daughter of Jos. Madden rr.,'Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Madden, Ringsted, son Joseph; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fishre. daughter Wanda Mae, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mc"all, Jacqueline, Joe. and Vera Ann, and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Ad- ims, Richard, Ruth Ann, and Robert, nil of Des Moines. John Heine. 'Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Heine, Ron John, Mr. • and Mrs. Verne Heine, all of Waverly; Mr. .and. M.rs. Martin Jensen, Algona; Mr. and Mrs. James Madden, Mrs. William Hafjodorn. Donald, Hazel, and June, Mrs. Ethel Waterman, Stanley and Shirley Ann, all of Suniner; Martin Madden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Madden, of Marshall; and Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hawcott, Burt. New Home for the H annas— . A new home to replace the house destroyed by fire some weeks ago on the Tillie Hanna farm is pro"r greasing rapidly. Begun last week Monday the carpenters were shingling the roof Friday. It is a two-story structure, 28x30, with 16 7 ft. posts (not so large as the old home), seven commodious rooms •Mr. aiid Mrs. Marcellus Madden, I bath, and full basement. The house Marshall, Minn., who usually at- is built over. the. excavation of the tend, sent greetings of good cheer old one, the walls of the, former from New York, where they, are jfoundatin ,being used at some plac the last, formal meeting till September •,!.' 'she was operated oh for the 'removal of warts from th€ bottom. 6f her feet. She was badly crippled r'onr.H CInb Meets Friday— up a few days, but Is getting along Pifteen.iwere in attendance • at a • W ell now. regular meeting of the 4--H club at I Mr. and Mrs. Mack Schroeppel, Betty Turner's Friday. There was Schaller were week-end guests at not time for a report by Dorothy | James Knoll's June 18-19 In cele- Reid, delegate, of the recent State bration of the respective wedding meeting at Ames, but it will iven at the next meeting. visiting a daughter. es as backing for the new. The re °" d ,.' lle Boes '' ight nflei> ev ~ est bv ls a b 'B fellow, though only 14 years old, for he weighs 230 * * * Monday we were him on a diet to reduce, but he keeps on growing just the same. * * * * Thursday we called on meet Messrs. Kohl and Fry. Silver Wedding Celebrated— The country home of Mr. Alvin Dillon's, south of Swea City, and the family had just come home from town, where the trading isj ^ done. Alvin's brother Harry, who' Doocy," "north of Swea" City, oil one had been in a veterans' hospital at | of t i le late Andrew Peterson's "farms. Here the painters were re- Following a social interval and suit is a foundation four feet thick a short devotional period, a busi- at some points. It is expected the ness meeting was held. Jennie Ma- house will be ready for occupancy rie Ellis, Spirit Lake, was elected by late August or early September president; Bertha Neindorf, Water- . r i««.. «T loo,-vice; Martin Jensen, Algona, AI "'' IO * CS "L -treasurer. The offleersL™ 6 Good Hope AW met at Mr W. F; and Mrs. Frank Schumacher was the scene of a celebration Saturday evening commemorating their 25th wedding anniversary. Mr. and i us tell you about the [toa Life Insurance ompany's new Farm Plan. Low rates, a ar repayment plan, [Reserve Fund Safety iturc, a liberal pre-pay- privilege, no com- i, appraisal, or title ation costs to the Dttower. It's worth ^vestigating. Representatiw in this territory [HUTCHISON & HOUGH and, Loans, and Insurance [Security State Bank Bldg. Algona, Iowa looking fine. He said the doctors advised him not to do any heavy work. He talked of selling newspapers. * * * * Lawrence Tish, southwest of Swea City, was getting a pail of water at the well when we arrived be anniversaries, June 17 and 20. I Mrs. Augusta Mittag was sick . abed at the home of her daughter, Other Good Hope. ! Mrs. Ben Reid, most of last week Lois Gardner had a painful ex- ' with a severe cold. Mrs. Mittag is erience one day last week, when ' of advanced age. tion was adopted to hold the 1910 Orvi lie Gardner assisting Ap- reunion at the Ambrose A. Call Proximately 40 adults and children statP n-irk on the third Sunday in were Present. state patk on the .limit bunaay in i painting buildings, which are June. showing up fine. Doocy have two Mr. boys and and M rs . j In attendance were /Mr. and Mrs. two Among guests were M] , g Earl Moore, Algona The former Mrs, Mrs. Schumacher were married at | last week Tuesday, and he explain- Lotts Creek June 24, 1(114, by the j ed that he was chief cook and bot- tlewasher that day, for his wife was away. He added he and Mrs. Rev. M. Fuerstenau in the Immanuel Lutheran church. They have four children: Harold, Herman, Edwin, Viola, all at home. A 5 o'clock dinner was served to 180 guests. The Rev. W. H. Discher gave a short talk. Mr. and Mrs. Schumacher received many gifts. Uncle of Mrs. McC'rerry Dies— Mrs. J. W. McCreery received word last week Tuesday that her uncle, Jos. Ulrich, Fort Dodge, had died the evening before. Mr. and Mrs. Ulrich celebrated their 70th , . . George Madden and sons Clarence f**™J ™VT' Tish have a fine new boy, born on May 15, named Larry Duane, the first child. This is the Tish second year at farming, and Lawrence remarked that he had had extra good luck at raising pigs so far j this year. He has 61 pigs, from I six sows, and they are high-grade Spotted Poland Chinas. He is milking five cows. ». * * * Richard M. Anderson, who lives with his mother, northwest of girls, all fine children who like to be with Dad. * * * * We called Thursday at August Robison's, northwest of Swea City, and his father-in-law, Tony Lohse, who works for •him, was raking alfalfa hay, while August was culti- ] vating corn with a "Go-Devil," the name painted on the hood of his tractor. * * * » We forgot to say above that .Mrs. Pearson told us there are five boys and three girls in her family, and she never had a doctor when any of them were born. Mr .Pearson and Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Madden, Ardyth and Dorene, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Madden, Cletus and Barbara, all of Lynd, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Madden, of Garvin, Minn., daughter Doris; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bedow, Arco, Improved health, and she greatly enjoyed contact with her old neighbors and church friends. This was I, NOTICE I CHANGE OF LOCATION We are moving to a new location, across the street from the Algona Produce office. For anything in the farm imple- » ment line see us. L. E. HOVEY Your Case implement dealer. wedding anniversary last year. Mr. | Swea City, showed us oats more Ulrich was 93. Doctor and Mrs. j than three feet tall. He bought this McCreery went to Fort Dodge on] farm in 1916, and at that time it receipt of news of his death. .lessens Off for Illinois— 'Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Jessen, with the son Ralph, left for Elmhurst, 111., Friday. They will spend the rest of the summer in Illinois. Alvera Behnke accompanied them as far as Decatur, III., for a month with her sister, Mrs. James Waller. FOR QUALITY 'AT LOWEST PRICES Bur AMERICAN I ky 56 year* IMrtfrid Varnfsft imificlurinf died a few years ago. ter Edna, who is at The daugh- :home, and three brothers now do the work. The family owns 280 acres. Edna who is a lover of flowers, has a Minn., their children, Drusilla, Virgil Reva, Betty Lou, Roger, Loretta, and Ronalt ; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Madden, Marshall, Minn., daughter Bonnie Jean; William Banister, of Ringsted; Mr. and Mrs. Burl Ellis, Spirit Lake, daughter Patricia Ann; Mr. and Mrs. Harris Wa*p- worth, daughter Marlene, and Mr., and Mrs. James Wadsworth, all *6f Lone Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Charles great many different kinds, showed us a rose. called the Rogers rose. It is dark .red color. She Will TMrd Daughter for Dietrioks— Ruth Ann was born to Mi 1 , and /Mrs. Gus Dietrick last week Tuesday evening at the McCreery hos- was called a poor piece of land, but he keeps enough stock to feed more grain than he raises, and he has hauled out a lot of manure. As ! a result the land now is very productive. * * * * Orville Risk, northwest i of Elmore, was cultivating corn Wednesday. The Risks soon will have electric ligrft and power, for high-line ,men have .already set a The buildings will be $2105 . O»r |IUR BEST House 1'aint, gal._ NTERIOR GLOSS Tails and Woodwork, gal. _* LAT WALL PAINT Vails and tt1 "7H elllng, gal. ____HM»f V tLOOR AND BECKTAIM 1 , £9 |»A i Floors, gal.9£*wU IICHARDSQN'S FURNITURE COMPANY [ A City Store With Country Prices. pital. The Dietricks now have three boys and three girls. Rodman K'ball Team Defeated— The creamery kittenball team defeated Rodman 11-9 Friday even- iirg-'on the local diamond. West Benders Beaten Here— The West Bend team defeated Whittemore 2-1 Thursday evening on the local diamond. Otlier Whittemore. Thursday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker were Mr. and Mrs. Russell Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kisch, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Walker The occasion was Mr. and -Mrs. Walker's second wedding anniversary. : Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Hoyt, with the son Billy, left for home at Dundee, 111., last week Tuesday after two weeks with Mrs. Hoyts parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Reimers. TT , Mr and Mrs. Wilbert Haber- karap, Rochelle, 111., and a (laugh ter were guests last week of Mrs Haterkamp's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Behnke. T -"'Mr and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith were at Algona last week Tuesda; evening and called on Herbert Po tratz, patient at the Kossuth hos pital. * * * * J. L. Miller, northwest of Bancroft, was sharpening a sickle last Wednesday on the old grindstone. for men and young men in Algona and surrounding towns. We will employ more than 100 men in our fields. We will appreciate receiving your application at the seedhouse. PIONEER HI BRED CORN GO, ALGOSA PHONE 95 ~9 SET 300 POSTS IN ONE DAY! II I **¥/ No Moles I ' -' •'' .':,''. Dig and Tamp * yourself days of hard work— r\ a W<! ateri Mtcr' fence with OH steel .-wj3ts. You-just trn . . .its fast Hnrt rnsv. Two New S. C. Teachers. Swea City, June 26—The teach ing staff here is complete unles further resignations occur, in only changes on the staff are i hird grade, where Fern Lingren itorm Lake, will take the place o vVma Huff, Armstrong, and the sec ond grade, which will be taught b Alice Bjornson, Goldfield, replac ing Lois Paulln, Kingsley. fl FARM NEWS The Patrons of the Us last ?jno; easy. •Harold Fischer, north of Swea City, had just come in from field where he had been cultivating corn when we saw him Friday. He said that some of his corn was too tall to cultivate. He (arms with horses and works his fine black Perch-, eron stallion. There are four suckling colts on the farm this spring, and Harold has more thaii 100 purebred Hampshire spring pigs, besides a fine herd of Brown Swiss cattle. • ^ We found Arthur, E. Anderson, southwest of Swea City, and bis boys hauling ftlfalfa bay f llda > r >. ••Art" said he figured on laying^is porn by this week. -He has 55 acies of extra fine corn, and nis oats aye as, food as any in the county. . When we calfed* Friday on tto I ;., northeast of Sweaj Are Cordially Invited to Attend the Annual Meeting of the Iowa State Brand Creameries, Inc.. Mason City 9 Iowa, JUNE 29, 1939 Forenoon Session Annual Business Meeting Cream Judging contest open to in- viduals and teams from affiliated creameries, directed by Dairy Extension Speoialists, Iowa State College, R, C. Weavier, P. C: Cromer and C, D. Medin, HEAVY DUTY CREST INNER-TUBE OF CHARGE With Purchase of Any CREST or SUPER CREST TIRE DRIVE SAFELY WITH CREST! You Cannot Buy A Safer First Line Tire At Any Price! "Compare Crest with the best first line tire you can buy—compare its features—its construction —quality of materials—guarantee and appearance. You'll find that Crest Tires stack up with the best of them. You can travel at high speeds on Crests with complete safety. You can depend on them to the utmost for fast starts and quick stops. /It's the unbeatable combination of fine quality .materials,:expert workmanship and up-to-date design that makes Crests the fine tires they are. Written GUARANTEE the strongest ever written —positively assures you of the service Crest Tires will render. Gamble's cooperate to make your ith of July trip safer by offering a heavy duty; first quality, Crest inner-tube AT NO EXTRA CHARGE with purchase of any Crest or Super Crest tire during this sale. BUY ON OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN .FREE INSTALLATION Friday ft Saturday Only! OIL SALE Gamble's 100% Pure Pennsylvania Permit Oil Carries - Peon. Permit No. 316. Refinery se«leiin,cans. Sale Price Z Gallons....i Includes Can and Fed, Tax. Our Regular Price |1.29. POWER! QUICK STARTING! 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