Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1939 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1939
Page 6
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* ' COtlNtt APVANC3B. ALQONAt IOWA Old Hanna Home at Lu Verne Give* Way to Modern Cottage ~L\i Verne, June 26—Charles Wolf and his helpers were last week wrecking the large house built for the late Geo. W. Hanna some 50 years ago. The carpenters have built a garage and a kennel, and have begun a small modern house far Consuelo Hanna on the same grounds northeast of the qld site. The Hanna house, the largest here, was erected by the late Werner Eggerth, Spokane, Wash., who also built the houses now occupied by Fred Schneider. Mrs. S. F. Phillips, Arthur Hof, Mrs. Dietrich Marty, and others, also the Evangelical and Methodist churches. Eggerth was a poet as well as a builder, and in a book of his poems unOer the title My Own Philosophy he included one written when he completed his masterpiece the Hnnna home. E. A. Guderians Buy Store at Galbraith Irvington, June 26—Mr. and Mrs. "Chubb" Quderian, Algona, have bought,the Galbraith store, from Mrs. Clara Sankey and will take possession July 1. Mrs. Sankey has in turn bought the Guderian property at Algona, and with her chil- TWENTY A160NIANS AT DISTRICT R, H, A, . _ _i „ ._ . . \. . .• 4 . -- .V*, :*• 4 i - it Some 20 local -women and a group of girls attended a Royal dren will live there. The Oudevlans f,' 0 , u E Kof | r >s attended a Royal formerly farmed in this commun-! Neighbor district convention at Ity, but for the last several years j Armstrong Friday, and a group have lived at Algona where ..... Guderlan has been employed at the Smoke Shop. Mr Jtook part in a pageant In which the history of the organization was presented. A drill team from here consisted of ** • • R. Brownies to Play Thursday, Sunday uiw usiru The Brownies beat Storm Lake j James Allen G-5 in n 10-innlng game Thursday ' night. The game was tied 5-5 at the close of the ninth frame. The, Sunday night game was rained, Potter.' ou.t This coining Thursday night j Taking part in the Aurelia team will play, ---*' -—, NelHe Van Allen, Ralph Brown, Henry Johannson, John Hardgrove, Louis Lynk, Ben Potter, Betty Lattimer, and Joyce night Triplett, of Des Moines, conies. » Tee Cream. Tie Tonight. Good Hope June 26—The Good Hope Aid will serve ice cream and Poultry Thleyes at Work. St. Benedict, June 26 — Philip Ilvll * -».m win »ei-ve «;e uremu auui n .. , .-.-Arndorfer, north of town, suffered, pie in the community room under otners from Algol loss of some CO laying hens which j the church this week Tuesday < -- were Mesd ames were stolen at night while he was evening. This will be a pageant were Betty Lattimer, Betty Geering. Mary Elizabeth Van Allen. Shirley Roney, Elizabeth Skllling, Barbara Harvey, Joyce Potter. Arlene Baldwin, Alma Baldwin, and Betty Miller, Others from Algona who attend- jesaay i ' were Mesdam es Ida Walker,! •• - , ...„.„ ,,... ic 11C „„,, e v K uiu S . ims win ue a public i ™ artha Burbank, Zulu McGllligan.i attending the recent Girres-Black event, and patrons from this and! " arvev Coleman, Fred Geigel.i —i.«__ .1 ,„,._ .,., .._,... i fiom-fo Hackman. Louise Murphy,] wedding dance. The thieves took other' communities will be practically all the heavy hens. | corned. l ! Geor 1 FOR SALE — 275 3-weeks old i A1INRAL MEAT MEAL— This wide- chicks. — Call Hegarty's. phone! ly known Sargent product sup- 255 - 12-I1 : lies m lacking in (LAN CROSS BURI AT NIGHT IN Swe* City, June 86 — A practical joke, or the irork of • crank, was the Inteipre- tatJon pnt on the apt ear' aace «f a fiery cross at the northeast corner of Heyi olds park shortly after mldilght last week Tuesday. Jilt-lit Officer Edw. Jensen, who drove to the park when the presence of the cross wan reported, fonnd it blazing away, set In a sewer UleL It was made of celling- board, and the grass aronnd it had been horned. Several reports of cars seen near the vicinity about midnight hare 'brought no clnes, bnt the park caretakers thre'iten trouble If any more sucl oc- . cnrrences take place. The * Klan .was . once ' orgai Isted here and the Algona Advance at that time exposed an outside organizer by publishing his picture taken In convict's striped clothing. Dnlzlel A A U LV^Illlidi WGVG rH, A^WI**lftYTVl.» _ — — day, visiting Blanche Stehn, music teacher In the local schools. Mrs. Bert McCorkle expects, to be, taken home sometime this week from the Kossuth hospital, where! she has been since, a week. a^o c Sunday, receiving medical treatment. She Is reported doing well. | Minnie J. Coate, aslstant librar-; Ian'is spending a vacation at Hud- ; son,' Mich., with her sister, Mrs. I Charles Marks. Miss Coate left; two weeks ago and expects to be, •back at the end of the month. j Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Seeman drove to Ames Saturday night to meet and bring up Mrs. Seeman's cousin, George Byson, Los Angeles. Mr. Byson will be here a few days. He has a milk route at Los Angeles. . | Howard (Jenrlch came home j Sunday,- after having spent^ • the week with his great-grandmother, Mrs. W. H. Jennings, Boone. How-| ard's mother, Mrs. Edward Gen-, rich, is a grandaughter of Mrs.. Jennings. Mrs. L. W. (JIUesple and her in attendance. Ringsted won a! En s' e Grove with their son! Fran- daughter Marlene were at Bancroft prize for the largest percentage of.' cls - w ere week-end guests alt A. A. Wednesday, visiting the formers members present: West Bend hadi alld Frank Sterling's. Mrs. Hoss- 'Parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Man• - I smith, and Marlene remained for I a longer visit with her grandpar- and Atha Hardgrove. Betty Geering was presented a elft as youngest Royal Neighbor in attendance. Ringsted won a prize for the largest percentage of' 1 - 11 " " c> ^ ««n-cuu $ members present: West Bend hadi and Frank Sterling's. Mrs. Hoss the oldest member; and Arm-j man is tne men's sister. had the record for most j Mrs. Clara Walker is talting one ieave next Monday to attend a summer camp. •• Mr. mid Irs. Paul Rosewall, of Chicago will arrive Friday for t a visit bver the / Fourth with Mr. Rosewall's mother, Mrs. Marie jRosewall. Paul Is manager of .the verbleWitch PHritln&'Cb. • with the tt Mar- Cowan, Pratt Get Bancroft Plant Cowan A Son have been awarded a contract to erect Hie-new municipal light plant for Bancroft by th'ei i Fafrbanks j Morse engine concern, w>g , ow for the en . tire project. The building contract f XE>xanf&r., . All Ttiiir--'Snapshot* In Natural Colors. Amazingly Beautiful! Roll developed, S natural QEj* color Prints for only ... ***** Natural Color ReflHnts 3c each Mall ad with film to Natural Color Photo A Janesvllle, Wig. is for $9,000, and,the 'cost, of the entire ecfiilptoeirt Is »»S,042, the company <Has' the Install^* ^fl *?il IliSHE AM) FOR 1138S! Say "iNHrtMMr*'* to diBtoy ashing drudgery i j Wash dlshefh'ln a Jm with JSLEClftEN : E>— then I let tnem dfj- bjf IhcmwlTCH, shlM and bright, without streaks of tlMl It's so 'Inexpensive. too! . . . only 1/3 cent-,i»er .day far MWttlngi, ELEC- TRBNB. \Woir. ttoxf SBc-at your-rieMhboi'hood dealer's . 40-oz. ( 60c; 70-oz. t 75c. Try lt...TODw on the factory money-back guarantee. " " ; Get KrKOtRKNK From Vonr FatorKc Dealer! lllllllllllllll^ NOT Just Every Day Prices SVLF_A 12P-I1 : Plies major elements ° rn ' U saves you mone J'- Tl T a OUlof i Olthoff, Lakota. lOp-ll WANTED TO BUY—STEEL elevator, about 30 feet long. — E, C. Behnkendorf, Bancroft. 12p41 .T. S. Cnllen Has Operation. Whittemore, June 26—Postmas- *-w,.i. *,, oo.>c» .vuu muiie,}. i rj ct ter J. S. Cullen, who had an oper- bag.—Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ' ation at the Worrel hospital, Roch- .11 ester, one day last week, is rapidly — I recovering. His daughter Blanid, PITTS-' R - N., of Palo Alto, Calif., is car- lasch family picnic at' the Kollasch home, Bancroft, Sunday. 3fr. and Mrs. T. H. Holm< s are expected home today from Chicar WANTED — HOUSEKEEPER ON farm for family of two.—AVillard Appelt, Swea City. Ilp40-41 LOST—A MAN'S SILVER OPEN- faced Hamilton watch, 17-je\vel. FURNITURE PAINT burg Waterspar Enamel restores 1 ' n S for him furniture, woodwork to gleaming newness. Easy to apply. Get prices, information.—P. S. Norton & Son. 41 -Louis Bode, Algona. ATTENTION POULTRYMEN—Our trained service men are now available for CAPONIZING and USED ELECTROLUX REFRIGER- ator, 2 yrs. old, 5 ft., priced to sell at once.—Harry's Radio Service, Wesley. 17ull 12(2)41 i F REE- CULLING. Stop in and make your appointment now, or call 264 for definite dates.—Swift & Co. 29ii40-41 YOUR FAMILY TAKEN CARE of TWO SHOW CASES 5 feat and 6 in case of Drenl ature death. Or a feet long. Four high cafe stools 1 nlonthly incom e for yourself after for sale cheap. Donovan Furniture you retire - Northwestern Mutual. Co., Livermore r) (j"41'— See Antone Johnson, District " ' Agent. . 41 WILL DO HORSE SHOEING.— ! ~ — Call Charles Heard's blacksmith i FOR SALE—WHEEL CHAIR, rol- shop, west of court house.—P. V. i lel< hearing, easily operated, Mathison, Algona. 16p41 i adjusts to reclining position, reas- .,._„._ ^, — . jonably priced; also iron bed, mat- IMPROVED 109 ACRES JOIN-1 tress and cpil spring, practically ing Algona. Priced right to set-j new.—H. W: Hollandsworth 4.1- tle partnership. Will divide.—El-;irona. 26p41 go, where they had visitet Friday with Mrs. Holmes Wilfred Resseguie, and hl ily. Mrs. F. E. Kent, Mrs. /*••. i 0 iiM-nnm Jr., and .W. E. Romig ^Ity and l_OUnty I home new cars from St. Pi ^ I I iX. _ »«• , -. r ,~ _ . _ Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Smith . . « clc Wednesday evening guests of Mr and Mrs. Kirby Smith, Burt. ! the Kent Motor Co. Fridaj | Romig is day clerk at were; hotel. ul for . Mr. Algona Mrs. R. W. Boeder, with her , daughter Edith and Ann Zit u , £,. ,1 ""•!.. utiusmei ijunii ana Ann £lt Helen Sterling, employed in the spent Thursday at Fort Dodf Metropolitan Life offices at Fort, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wille Mrs. Dodge left Sunday for a vacation Wille is another daughter (f Mrs. at DeKalb, Chicago, and other Roeder. .ritsch, e with Mrs. , points in Illinois. -Ramona Bromley, , The Her. E. J. Otto, West Lake Worth, I will preach Sunday at 9 , „„,,.„,, , Y111 vrmvUL ounuay at u a. Fla., arrived Wednesday for ten I the Trinity Lutheran church, xne ua>s with her aunt and uncle', Mr. local pastor, the Rev. P. J. Braner, ' mer Danielsen, Cowrie, la. p40-42 A NEW WELL DRILLING MA- chine in your locality. Drilling any size wells. — Guy Beemer,.,,, phone W2 Lakota. 12p37-50/ o f HOME-HEATING SURVEY — Before Green-Colonial makes any recommendations a complete sur- of heat requirements is made your home. Factory engineer & 41 this service 1338 PLYMOUTH COUPE, 0,000 miles. Good heater, defrosters, ! _^_.. finish like new. Bargain at ?550. '• FOR SALE—SO ACRES GOOD land —Nelhe Donovan, Livermore. g-a and buildings, with an-SO of les- LIVESTOCK, LOANS-PERSONAL, cars refinanced, ments. — See L. S. Bohannon,] tax"," good terms Hutchison Bldg., Algona. 12p39-42 Clear Lake. ser value adjoining, priced at a figure you expect to pay for a good lower pay- j eighty. Well located, reasonable Bohannon,| tax, good terms. — L. C. Stuart, 34p41-42 and Mrs. F. E. Saunders. leave Sunday. , Eileen Aman will be a guest of Maxine Larson at T. L. Larson's next Sunday to Wednesday. Eileen, who now lives at Cherokee formerly lived here. 31 r. and Mrs. J. Harold Brandt were at Mason City Sunday, visiting the Lloyd Brandts. The men are brothers and travel for the Decker company. Mary Geraldine, daughter of Mrs. Catherine McEvoy, left Thursday at Clare. She Mr »»i ->ir. ana . She will will preach at a mission festival at I Dayton. Mr. and Mrs.-George Bee be, of Humboldt, witn two dau were Friday evening guests at Chris Wallukait's, and Betty Wal- lukait went home with theV for a visit. : , Keith Kiepp and Melvin Guy, both of Waterloo, came Saturday for Mrs. Kiepp, who had sp( nt the week with her sister, Mrs. i'Andy" Johnson. Mr. Guy Is a brother of Mrs Johnson. , . for a few days with Regis Andrews' Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Vigars left was also to visit i Tuesday for Chicago to take back their daughter Margaret a|ter Hossman, of short visit here. 'Margaret Algona and Estherville tied for I ter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I!. Peli- first on most new members in a I sek. is substituting as clerk given time, and each received $3. I Chas. >vi4J. d I 1 i »u *ou*.iviaj lui n. tioii, nil-" her aunt, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe, and other local relatives. She spent a I year or two here a few years ago and now clerks in the ^ store. since son, fam- . B. Bend, The ghters, is a to FOR SALE BY OWNER, 160 acres PUTTING IN PRESSURE System in Winnebago county; all tillable! —Have for sale: Century 1% h. and well improved. — Write R. A.JP- motor, Al condition; pump jack care of Summit, Forest City, Iowa, i straight lift; U. S. windmill; U. S. _____ _ 22(2)41 ! windmill, 60 ft. tower, with steel o * T T^ n-n ™ n ^ - —I anchor posts; two-way force pump SAR TDE ~2 slight- with new cylinder and 90-foot pipe. ly used AC combines; steel separators, late bearing; stock of used tractors;, new and rebuilt portable mills — j W. M. Pedelty, Mason City. ' 6 28-in. Will sell all or type roller Gilbert, Algona. part of it.-JE. L. 5'p4l FILM DEVELOPING — 24-HOUR service, 5 o'clock schedule. Prompt, careful developing and printing. We get the most from your snaps.—Phone 356, Eve L Presnell. 25p41 FOR SALE—CHOICE ROAN, REG- istered milking Shorthorn bull, serviceable age, also smaller, calves.—Aaron W. Steussv Lu nom e owned Verne. " ' "" """ "' WA.VT TO RENT — 160 OR 320 acres of land in northern Iowa or southern Minnesota. Have tractor equipment. Can furnish references.—Write Advance, Algona. 24p41-12 PEN-PENCIL SET FREE — Handsome pearl finish. Yours for 37 i Sargent Feed gift coupons One of j many useful gifts obtainable in this way. See us.—Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ? . OPPORTUNITY TO GO INTO BUSINESS I FOR YOURSELF i in a ! Western Auto Associate Store Western Auto Supply Company, largest and most successful in its line, 30 years in business, had a sales volume of 36 million Collars in 1338. We are now offering you an opportunty to own and operate a Western Auio Associate Store, . in towns of 1,500 to 20,000. There are over 1000 such stores in operation. You can become the owner and operator of a "Western Auto Associate Store" for ae little as $2,750 in the smaller towns, which pays for merchandise and fixtures and everything necessary to start business. We train you in our successful merchandising methods. Western Auto Supply Co. Kansas City, Mo. 32tf 2116 Central St. Associate Store Division Farm Buyers Attention! The Farm Buying Season is Here! We have a big list of farms owned by either private owners or corporations All parts of Kossuth County Tell us your needs. We'll help you to find the farm you want. We will assist you in financing your purchase. YOU DON'T SAVE MONE WHEN YOU DELAY PAINTIN You paint your buildings for two reasons: 1st: To protect them against time and Aveather damage. 2nd: Because they look better. Of course, the first is the most important PaiLt makes your buildings last longer. When you delky painting, you simply allow time and weather to shorten the life of your property and that costs you money. Add to that fact, the greatly improved looks of yoir buildings AFTER painting and you have two GOCD reasons for painting even before it is actually necessary. ,' • J See us for paint of all kinds, paint tools and paint i lormation and figures. F. S. NORTON & SOI Small Loans i Up to $300 ASPIRIN, good grade, 1«0 for __. ALKA-SELTZER, 60c sl/c RUBBIXG ALCOHOL, good grade pint , HEAVY MINERAL OIL, qts. — PA BLUM, oOc sl/e . 44* KOTEX, regular 12s 19* KLEENEX TISSUE, 200 sheets _13* PERFECTION CLEANSING TISSUE, 500 sheets ________ r .__24* FLOSS TEX CREPE TOILET PA. PER, 8 rolls __ ,, IPAXA TOOTH PASTE, 50c sh'e"4 VlfcKS VAPO-BUB, 8f, c sine 3 SHU-FLY STOCK FLY SPRAY " (absolutely guaranteed) gal. $ DOLPH OR FLY TOX HOUSEHOLD FLY SPRAY :___Pts., 25C, Quarts 49t ON ACTOMOBILES LIVE STOCK HOCSEHOLIt FURJfIT€RE, ETC. Prompt, courteous, confidential ... service. NORTH IOWA FINANCE CO Vext 1« Upper Des Moirics oit'ice I'bone ,126 , Algona, Iowa = Help jour favorite Junior and at the sa:ne time save yourself money by (radiail = at your Walgreen Agency Drug Store. 1 BARKER'S ' COAL ALGONA, IOWA LUMBER PAINT PHONE 229 Have you % the Purchase Price? That is best. But reliable parties can buy on contract for less. Earnest Inquirers Feel Free to Call on Us at Any Time. H. D. Hutchins, Realtor TeL 205-K Over Barry's, Algona, Iowa The Algona Auction G We are here to serve both the seller and buyer at our pav ilion in Algona every Saturday. Saturday, July 1 Don't forget we will run 0ur regular Saturday Sales the yen around. For our Saturday Sale we will have a pood line of Fumitur If you have anything to sell bring- it. MACHINERY One 28x46 Woods Bros. Grain Separator One 28x46 McComiick-Deering Gnun Separator One 32-inch Case Grain Separator These machines are all steel and if you are in the market fo 1 a separator, see us first. Also see our Clipper Alassey-Hanii Combine, 6 foot cut Straight through. One side rake cheap We expect a load of Feeder Pigs. Open Every Day. Sale Barn phone 77, Res. Phone 3F22. Mar on stock at 1:30 p. m. C. O. RIDDLE & SON Operator 4th of July SALE- June 27-July 4th NETIPRICESJINCLUDE YOUR OLD TIRE 5.50-17 6.00.16 $9.56 $11.60 6.50-16 ft Mh-e ma'l »«i l ° r olw "»»«l Wre-rbut » real top-qual- naker'' T± ? d euarantecd b >' the world's largest tire ' " prices, this great tire is a real amazlue reducti6i » 8 ust in tiine EASY PAY TERMS TO SUIT YOU We mean it.-get one, two, or a whole set of tires, tell us how you wish to pay —and we'll arrange the terms to suit you. It's easy to buy our budget way. Open a convenient Budget Account, You m»v Svl 11 and 81ia P U P «'is buy before It is too late. I " i? a ! ain haTe ^ch, an opportunity , . . Mar- rork 1a *? aSS ^ * 6 »«»w S» flbwnright value rock-bottom prices ... Buy now— and save! 4th July Special Including your old tires •& 4 c£jsJjk?fe **"•*•• .<* « r • J1 5

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