Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1939
Page 7
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KOSSUTH nntiNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA PAGE 8: Baumgartner ReUounek. Weiley Will Have ' ' - ' * New Building (V iW«»ley, June-19—The-basement Is excavated on Main street, between the Kouba store and the .Lease hardware for the new build- Ing to be erected by Sam Alne. .The building will be of hollow brick, 60x20 feet, and will be used lor Mrs. Alne's beauty parlor and for living quarters. meeting of business and professional women, of which organization she is president. Ralph Sargent and daughter afaer. > - OHman , J ftn The Hughes cafe To'olock dinner Monday s Ted returned- !j - to their h e u the here. J »«v« mw —i • i -te-law; and! Margaret, Des Moines, have returned to their home there after Visiting his daughter, Mrs. Herbert! Raney. :Dt. nnd Mrs. R. J. OHman and Boh Jack, and Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Cayou drove to a Minnesota lake on a fishing-trip early last week. , Mr. and Airs. Charles Brown and Mr. and Mrs. LeHoy Brown and Bon visited Mrs. 1 W. E. Boyle in Charles City last week. -Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tuttle have moved from here to Htnn- boldt, where Mr. Tuttle has employment. Fraser that the agreement between ^^ll^tefu'^r^!^ tot architect services for plans Of-ft County Home be approved as read, fftld agreement how on file In Auditor a office. Motion carried. Ayesf All, * •' i. ( '*•'•• Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by Helken that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION WTIEREAS, on dttto of May 14, 1939, the County Home was completely destroyed by fire, and WHEREAS, the Inmates of said County Home ..are .now being care* for at different places In Kossuth County in temporary and make-shift quarters, and WHEIRiHAS, it is necessary and es .aentlal. to the welfare of the County and to the Inmates of said County Home and other poor persons need- Ing supervised care that said County- Tome be rebuilt at tho earliest pos- blo date, and WIIKiREAS, the Insurance on sai* DOAN and;Mrs. Less Berved_l uncn ...Grotto— Swanson entertained luncheon a week IH M. S. at Lay at the Smith cafe. A followed at the Swan r ..^ent, and later a trip to Ctto at West Bend was en- er llvermore Newi. In P Hoepkes entertained a L M Sunday the Alan Cami Walllngford, and Florence who recently returned rasa. The latter will spend ner in Pocahontas county, .he will demonstrate , cos- , and will return' here in the 'take up her worje.ol taach- |and Mrs. Fred Hintz ,are..lqJ- In their recently purchased * <* T ». /•»! . HlV , the former H. b. Clark The Robert Devines, who d; 'have -moved to' the-' Anna', home. [-and-Miss. Harold .Hunt, Al- spent Sunday fto«r<$,. vistttnK: tley Mackintosh's. Mrs. Mar- acklntosh, who had .spent I weeks there, returned. Bernadine Hoganson was i to the Equality club Thurs- the last meeting till..'.fall. He Hammond and Mrs. Geo. tot were guests. Altman spent Thursday Eg In Humboldt attending a A large crowd attended the ice "i cream social at Doan church las' week Tuesday, and the Aid cleared Mrs. Clarence Chrlstenson submitted to an appendicitis operation m rs .' at the Kossuth hospital Wednesday. •Marie Bufflngton drove to Osagi Wednesday to be the guest o friends for several days. She ha .aught the past two years at Osage and been re-elected for the coming year. A number from this locality at tended the wedding of Adolf Girn and Pauline Black at St. Cecelia' church at Algona Wednesday. Robert and Kathryn Hutchisoi Waterloo, came recently to spen the summer with their aunt, Mrs Bryan Asa. L. E. Krantz, Mr. an Mrs. Bryan Asa, Robert and Kath ryn Hutchison and the Raemon Krantz family, Titonka, attended Krantz reunion at Sioux Palls, D., Sunday. This is an annual re union and about 20 attended. • Mrs: ..Tom Young held ope house- in .honor of her mother's] li'irtliday Thursday. "'Aid''was postponed till'Thursday.' Mrs. Geo. Johnson is hostess. Bernard Hum, of Glendale, Calif., came.•Thiii'sd.ay for. ten days with relatives and his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson, Mrs. Hurn is the -former Agnes Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Leander Seefeld accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Loebach, of Whittemore, to Osage, to visit Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Venteicher, former Doan residents. Irene Johnson assisted her sister, Mrs. Stanley Simpson, near Burt, last week. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson have named their baby Richard Craig. ea set forth In th« Nolle* Shall be 1 jwrtednat each polling -place In jKo*- Buth county durlnf 4 the day of Election.' Voting-Ayes, all; naye, none. Resolution • declared • • adopted . this ^rd'da-yof-Ma^l^. McDoNMJ3j Chairman of Board ot Supervisors, Kossuth County, Iowa. Attest: E. S. K1N8ETT, County Auditor. There being no further business it waa movdd and seconded that tn« Board adjourn to the Call of the Fraser - r«.n« Auditor. Ayes: All. w. E. MCDONALD. fi _ g K1NSBY> County Auditor, Chairman. Auditor 1 * OMIkj ounty Home was only mount of $6,000.00, and in the WHEnBAS, since the erection ot aid original County Home the popu- ation of Kossuth County has greatly ncrcased and for the best Interest of aid County It Is necessary that a arger, more modern, and up-to-date ounty Home be erected In order to roperly and effectively take caVe of nsane persons, Indigent, and poor ersons needing supervised care. NOW, therefore, It Is MESOLVEID y the Board of Supervisors in spec- al Mission assembled thla 23rd day of •lay, 1939, that a new County Home >e built at a cost not to exceed &0,100.00 and that a Special Election be ind the same is now hereby called or date of June 19. 1939, in order to cote on this proposition, and to vote a'special tax-of one and one-fourth H/4)- mills; to pay ..for the. construction and eqnlplng of said. County Home, at which election the following proposition will be placed upon the ballot to be voted on by the voters of Kossuth county, Iowa: Shall the county of Kossuth in' the State of Iowa construct a new [ County Home to replace the one destroyed by fire for an amount not to exceed $00,000.00 and levy a tax on all the taxable property within said County for the year 1939 payable in 1940 at a rate not to exceed one and one-fourth (1^1) mills on the dollar of taxable value In addition to all other taxes to pay for said County Home. It Is further RESOLVED that notice of said Special Election shall be given by publication once each 'week in the Algona Upper Des Moines, a newspaper of general circulation In Kossuth County for four (4) consecutive weeks, such notice to be as follows: Public notice that a Special to adjfonrnmenT" with all members PI Blds t 'recclvcd for labor on painting county farm cribs and granary were opened and read. . . , . Motion by Morris ana seo-mde-1 by Fraser that Kobcrt BtevjitH b« fi ven the contract to paint the .-orn^eriU and granary at the county Inrm. A.\cs A onded-bf I B. Chairman 8; KINSEY Secretary . the A««t«r'« Offlc* Alfonn, I»w« • Jniw 1, IBM 9:00 O'Clock A. M. ^ . Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members Motion by Morris and seconded by Helken that Helken make necessary repairs on Drainage Districts No. 00. No. 31, No. 80, No. 27, No. 165, No. 43, No. Ill, No. 4, No. 189, No. No. 166, No. 10JS-and No. Ml. Aj*s: All. . . Mfltlon by Cosgrove and seconded by Helken that Fraser toake necessary repairs on Drainage District* H. K. N0..98-1S1-100. No. 103. Kp. B. No. '51, H; -K. -N.O. ,8, Njp. 76 and- No. 9. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and eecondcd by Frascr that McDonald make necessary repairs on Drainage District No. 83. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Morris that Congrove make necessary repairs on Drainage Districts No. 6i No. 16, No. G, No. 82. Ay*s: Motion by Heiken and seconded by Fraser that Morrig make neressary repairs on Drainage Districts -No. 133, K. P. A. K. Trl. No. 84, P. A. K. No. 1, No. 63. K. K. No. 2, No. 69, and No. 4. Ayos: All. Motion by Congrove and seconded by Helken that Road Petition No. 487 be placed on file. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by Fraser that the Official Bond of John P. Uhlenbakc, Justice of Peace for $000.00 and the Official Bond of W. L. Reynolds,- Assessor for $000.00 be approved. Ayes: All. Cash on hand as counted In treasurers office by Supervisors . Fruscri Morris, Cosgrove and Helken at 8:00 M. K. Phillips, meeting 8.,P.,tK«kh61in, local.registrar !.-'»; ?W6rttann, local rtflstrftt H.' If: 1 Dre'yer, local registrar Julia Vaske, local registrar . H. A. Thompson, local regiS- *' trarV.f, .'•?:•..•.. .••....;.".. .'•'• ...... William 'Boyken, Ideal registrar ••• It. H. FInnaclI, local registrar Adah Carlson, local registrar Florence Hoff, local registrar Fred A. Dlekman, local regis- KoBsuth County'" Farm"'BH- Bruean appropriation H. A. Phillips, supplies J.-'S. Iiatta *-8on, supplies . Howard Shlpton, apiary -Inspection V. K. Cramer, tax accountant C. A. Momycr & Son. abstract Mrs. GlotlWa ljntqh}nson, miscellaneous expense W. A. Dntton, bd. social welfare Northwestern Bell Telephone 200' J'KA 1 575 3.25 350 •0 7« 300 575 1 75 1 75 24.41 3.S3 6.97 piles • tJllfcH . .,'.....; '..... Kossuth Oil Company, sup- Peerlc'HS Oil Company, sup- Interstate Power (Compnny, Central Stales Klcctrlc Com- Lone Rock Telephone Com•pony, telephone , service . . • pHoti • -. .8« rw.oo S37.10 1(1339 673.02 J.P3 1.53 1.02 1.28 7.12 67.00 Crirl' I. Anderson, labor Drain E. K. No. 4— Charles E. Chubb, engineer . . Drain H. K. No. 2-S»— Drain H. K. No. 8-4«— Charles A. Anderson, labor . Farmers Cooperative Company Drain II. K. No. 1— Drnln It. K. No. •— Clarence Hcntges, labor ...'. Drain P. A. K. No. »— Clarence Hentges* labor ...... 30.00 30.80 39.46 30.00 Company, snp- pllcs Viking St««l 'C.o,rp«ratlon, snp- Corpnaiiv. ti-lephone service 10.77 Motion by Morris and seconded by Fraser that on and h«nalt<sr Jun.! Ifct 103d the bounty to lie l"> l ' l1 .. 0 . D ,5i ltch pocket gopher will be len (.W tents A -Motlon"i,y Helken and seconde.l, bjr Cosgrove that the motion to •weed notice in 'he county papers be rescir.cle.l, because. ... -_- c^oTo?' tSS'-W^TlSrw' th £ofm?X which was published in the minutes of the last board "iwtinis be sufficient notice to the public. Ayes. Ail. "jffi SbVofrhe Bonr.l of Supervisors being in session for the purpose of a hearing "? ''^.."."Tof- oVJock A. M., -was $1,103.97. establishment, .of, gravel icaoB >n r-os Motion by Morris and seconded by snth "county, Iowa.';.' WPrc v«ad Heiken' that Hie* 1 'Travelers ('Insurance Mrs. n. C. Gardner, mllenge Mrs, Martin Becker, mileage . V. l>. Lease, mileage school election . ...i .<.... Herman Soderbcrg, mileage school election •/•••,• E. B. Woltz, mileage school election piles Great Stuff Products pony, supplies Com- 81m • Leigh, mileage school election Frank Bcstcnlchner, mileage, school election Rlnerd Johnson, mileage school election A. M. Lemkee, mileage school with noobjections «««"««y»t the disapproval -of any of the Ing proposed districts which nie in eluded in the following motion. Motion by Morris -and b . mded by Helkon' that thii' Travelers [Company *»f '"Des ' MoTnes," be 'given a refund of $8.00 due to an error in collection of second assessment o drain sub 13 of No. 00 placed f 01 collection , on SB»/4 Section 13-100-30 Ayes: All. Motion bji by Fraser" that for Sol d i e r ' B $500.00 on Lot Morris and seconded the application 481. No. 478, and No. 421. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and Kxcmption e i' Original Plat of'"Algona for 1938 be '' approved. Ayes: AH, Motion by Fraser and seconded by 'Cosgrove that the Beer Bond of Mrs B. J. Sankey be approved, Galbraitb Ayes: All. , , Motion by Helken and seconded by Morris that an abatement of. $42.0 Cosgrove that June i 3 *",,? 1 ..^:.^,, in I on personal tax of R. A. Bravender clock P.. M., at the court house jm In( , for i 03 8 assess l«3ft. Ayes: All. ment be approved, reason assessor affidavit filed stating an error 1 addition of $1.000.00 valuation wa election W. Nelson, mileage election school Otto J. Borchardt, mileage school election ............ W. H. Barger, mileage school election .............. • • • • tfhomas Berg, mileage 'school " ' .70 .1.00 1.20 1.60 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.20 .80 1.50 Pink Supply Company, supplies Concrete Materials Company, 33.6* 150.70 8.20 10.24 Sieg Fort Dodge Company. supplies 28.22 Central Auto Electric Company, supplies 13.00 Standard Bearings Company, Drnln W. K. No. 3-11— Martin Krlckson, labpr Carl Larson, -labor Mlno Penning, labor Chris Peterson, labor Or.iln W. K. No. 35-80— Dick Baade. labor C. It. Cooper, labor Klmore Cement & Tile Corn- any, supplies Drain W. K. No. <8-13«— Gilbert Alfson, labor John A. Forthum, labor supplies ...." :.... 48.78 Speeder Machine Corporation, _^ supplies 200.00 Glbbs Cook Tractor Company, supplies 36.55 Globe Machine & Supply Company, supplies 284.50 . 3.W 20.83 2.07 1.27 .65 .66 ' .58 • fi.OO 5.25 .1.29 2.W .10 ,33 1S.OO .27 .47 .41 .95 5.13 14.92 u uui» A. rulluuul, JUUU1 Lf,VJt Olaf Davidson, labor 11.0* Owutounu Tool Company, supplies Uasco Alloy Company, sup- election Edward , Hauptman, mileage , plies Sioux City Iron Company, sup- 2.20 Plies Wilson Boad Machine Com- 3.30 pany, supplies American Hoist & Derrick Co. 4.001 .supplies .; .... Jowa Machine & Supply Com-, Company, 28.75 244.14 7.54 0.22 00.20 20.20 Amtind Brcke, labor Drain Trl. No. )3t— James Keleo, labor Clarence Hentges, labor ., Drain Trl. No. 84— Lawrence Olauss, labor , Charles Glaus Jr., labor Arthur Glaus, labor ... Charles Glaus Sr.. labor oor Funa Br. Janee, medicine ..... Dr. S. W. Meyer, medicine election 0. R. Patterson, mileage school election •••• Ted Hoover, mileage school election B. F. Edwards, mileage school election •• H. W. Balgeman, mileage 2.70 Hospital, Hospital,'' hospital hospital school election SCh °° 1 A. A, Schlpull, mileage school election • ••; J. H. Welfare, mileage school election Otto S. Stensel, mileage school election Frank Dontjc, mileage school election G. W. Elbert. mileage school election Wheeler Lumber & Bridge Company, supplies Heyo Boeckelmun, supplies . 1.00 K. & H. Cooperative Oil Company, supplies UD.-JI 3.40 Standard Oil Company, supplies 1002.21 1.40 Standard Oil Company, sup- piles 1470.64 3.50 Fort Dodge Machine & Supply Company, supplies *«-*° 2.20 | Drainage Fund Drain No. -'"George Looft, labor .... „ John Welch, labor 3-5° Dick Baade, labor , „. C. H. Cooper, labor .... 2.60 car) I. Anderson labor „ B. G. Stinstrom, labor 1.40 Blmorc Cement & Tile Corn- $.00 7.00 28.40 23.45 30.00 39.45 General care Kossuth care Dr. Cretzmeyer, medicine .... Dr;- -Keneflck, medicine Dr. H. D. Meyer, medicine . Dr. MeCreery, medicine Dr. Keneflck. medicine Vobs 'Dt.og'i Company medical supplies i.... Kossuth Hospital, hospital care Mrs. A. K. Bangston, care ., Half's Restaurant, provisions H. W. Geelan, provisions .... Kinseth & Son, provisions ... Joe Muto Grocery, provisions Masters Grocery, provisions John Waldron, provisions ... Wbittemore Farmers Cream- cry, provisions Moe <t Sjogren, provisions .. Cut Rate Grocery provisions J. W. Neville, supplies is hereby given -.„ Election of the County of Kossuth, In the State of Iowa will be held on the 19th day of June, 1939, at which election there will be submitted to the voters of said County to be by them voted upon the following proposition: Shall the County of Kossuth, in the State of Iowa, construct a. new County Home to replace the "one destroyed by fire for an • "-amount inot to exceed $60,000.00 and; levy a tax on all the taxable -property ••within:-said, .county .for., wthe year 1939-:payaMe. in 1940 at a-, rate not to exceej one and one- fourth OUV mi" 8 °" th , c dollar ot taxable value in addition to all other<-tax<js-to pay for-said County The polls of said ejection will be opened at 8:00 o'clock a. m. in the forenoon, and. rwnain> open until 8:00. o'clock, P. m., '.TH ' Ihe ^evenjng, at which time they willclose. It is further RESOLVED that » copy of the question to be submitted 3ft. Ayes: . «»poiwlea by addition of ifi.oou.uu valuation wa maintenance shed at Swea City. lowu. sors aid: C. H. KLAMP. FleM Frccfnct Algouu 1st. Algona 2nd. he -held in June 10th, 1930. .K H. Bcordslcy ,loc Greenberg Mary' Walsh ,,.„.,, ..; Frank Gelgel »arci c C. Scharlach Chas. Nolte All. Motion by Hciken and seconded by Fraser that Kossuth county award the workman's Compensation and Employers Policy to C. F. Bcrggren, agent for the Employers Mutual Casualty Company of - DCS Moines. Ayes: . Oh motion board proceeded' to audit and allow bills as "per schedule of claims hereinafter written." Conoty Fund W. W. Sullivan, postmaster, . postage .: $ Art I'ricbe, bounty 'Paul W. Eigler, bounty ... W. C. Stumer, assessing M. M, Chipman, bounty ......... Northwestern Bell'' Telephone Company, telephone service ti«t-wuii ,. I *^»"'--'» 1 ' x-*-•»•*.•-.• «. — -.- t, in Mrs. George Chapman, mile- pany, supplies 14.Ju age school election 2.00 Kossnth Cor.nty Implement Algona 3rd. Ward Algona 4th. Buffalo Township , J. S. Crowell Clerk* Bernadine Allen Harriet Setchell Alice M. Hutchins H. M. Harris Helmuth Huenhold Mrs. Ed. DcZeller Art Priebc, bounty 20.00 18:35 .3.50 04.00 12.16 ,-'•' 71.13 21.60 C. A." Gutk'necht, mileage school election .' • D. W. Fults, mileage school election • •••,;••; F. J. Welp, mileage school election • • • • • John Karsten, mileage school election , ...... ... --City of Algona, light service 58.21 M. E. Burwasb, mileage school election • • Harry W. Linde, mileage nc'hool election ••••• E. P. Hanson, mileage school election • • • • Hi. R. Clayton, mileage school "election '. •••• Bancroft Register, supplies . > Court Fund Frances -Davidson. , ; reporter . fees ...."... Matbew C. Greier, reporter fees „„, Company, supplies 2-80 standard Supply Company, -. supplies 3.00 Heyo Boekelman .Jr., supplies K. Br. Drain No. 6— Charles E. Chubb, engineer .. (Concrete Products Corporation, supplies Concrete Products Corpora- .81 1.40 3.36 86.27 19.41 6.81 5.79 7.00 7.00 2 - .00 39.00 2050 . i 9.00 45.50 50.00 22.00 71.25 27.00 2.00 4.80 33.00 20.00 5.00 17.50 8,00 20.00 18.00 15.00 2.70 10.00 22.00 2.00 2-00 I ~UOD: supplier 86.27 3 -*° Hllbert Scvcrlene, labor 6.30 W. W. Sullivan, postmaster. • postage- W'. W". Sullivan, Postmaster, postage. Kljpjo Loose Leaf Company, , supplies 'Mafy^K.' Sands, salary Jean Kinsey, salary Evelyn Dole, salary Dorothy T. Shatto, salary .... Lucille Dole, salary M. J. Duffy, Treasurer, adv. 17,01 0.00 .902:24, Katberlnc McKvoy, court costs 13.75 A. Brownell ^-Mr.. GaJcJiS B. P. Hansen Minnie J. Kennedy bounty M. J. Duffy, Treasurer, cellaneous expense mis- 75.00 75.00 177.60 Herman F. SOderberg, 'indcm. •.• cattle -Intone Fund Katibertne 'McJ&vpy, clerks Casey Loss, sheriff fees Dr. Cretzmeyer, commission Burt Township |G. Parsons of Irvington," was ng in bis garden a week, ago when we called. He said not feeling his best and was the reason he was home |Jay, for he works for Richard i when he feels better. The nses have a fine garden each They have large cucumber , even though it has been dry ardens. They placed gallon I in the ground. These cans la few holes ranched in the J near the bottom and they filled these cans with water 1 evening. The - seeds were I near the outside, and how | grow! * * * * ! called June 12 at Charles IB on what they call the Ridge Inortheast of Irvington. These I', are always busy. Mr. Egol Picking over some strawber- |Picked that morning. One of was repairing a wagon. sgel. was preparing dinner. * * * * Larson,- east of Burt, a week jonday was mowing the tops pw'a In his pasture for 'fear might eat,too much tops. Maimed it is the top part of \ grasses that causes bloat in Mrs. Larson was busy in ™en. She told us a great ' w the seeds she planted had r come up. This seems to be ""Plaint about a lot of seeds, w a fire in their house i time ago, but the damaged . "M been repaired. Now they planning to paper the walls, * * * * Winkle, who lives on on* ;• Haggard's farms south- »u ? tonka . last week Mon- h e was glad for the rains, " he lived they had not Cresco Township Vallle Tribon .Wm. Stenxel Chris Brandt Clarence Schutjer p L. Dremmel K! R. Woltz Paul Krelthe ...Gilbert Hargreayes Harry Sabin -• •? ,C. N. Robinson ••••- Geo. P. Hawcott Vera Boettcher M. N. Phillip W. K. McDonald, committee and session ; 206.65 218.46 226.4S 152.90 199.30 4.00 55.60 pense •• 4>49 Casey .Loss, board and lodg- — Ins prisoners ............. 3W-<» P. J'j Heiken, committee and session J. H. Kraser, committee ana session • Charles Morris, committee and session W. S. Cosgrove, committee and session John Murtba. labor C. H. Ostwinkle, delinquent tax collector Katherine McEvoy, office ex- fees P A Danson, commission fees 3.00 Dr. R. M. Minkel, examining physician Harry Tisb, witness fees Chicago Contraction Fund 'and Northwestern „ „„ , Drain No. 12— 2.20 j 0 bn Welch,. labor '.[George Looft-.:labor „ „,. .I>ral« No. :2«— 3.85 Dick Baade,.labor C. H. Cooper, labor ,,-i.. Henry Fischer, labor 171.25 Heyo Boekelman, labor 13.32 Charles" Glaus, Jr.. labor ... • 73.50 Arthur Glaus, labor ChMl*a".GJl8ttS. ST., -labor ... Lawrence Glaus, labor Farmers 'cooperative Society, Jra&^No 27— 16.56 | George Looft, labor John Welch, labor ... Elmore Cement & Tile Company, supplies « «o [ Drain N«. 81—. 8 -S°. George Looft, labor 5-00 | J 0 hn Welch, labor Drain No. 33— Dick Bade, labor 185.54 8.00 4.00 8.40 5.25 7.20 2.10 2.45 2.45 2.80 2.45 *J. rr. ^^vviliv. BU|J|Jliun «.uv V. V. Naudaln, fuel 10.71 L. M. Merrltt, burial 15.00 G. A. Pearson, opening grave 6.00 Hngh Raney, rent 10.00 C. H. Licbty, rent 6.00 Mrs. Joe Llchty, rent 20.00 DlHtrlet No. 2 Kossuth Hospital, hospital cure, ". 81.50 r»r. Oetzmeyer medicine ... 118.80 Dr. Keneflck, medicine 31.50 Dr. Keneflck, medicine 24.50 Kossuth hospital, • hospital care 36.00 Moe & Sjogren, provisions .. 2.00 Cut Rate Grocery, provisions 14.00 W. Neville, supplies 7.30 V. Nandain, fuel r. M. G. Bourne, medicine )r. Sawyer, glasses r. Bourne, medicine Dr. Cretzmeyer medicine Thls- type of fence is being used more each year. Roy said his corn showed up the best at this time of the year of any year he could recall. He also planted a small field the hybrid popcorn. This is the finest kind of popcorn. * * * * •Mrs. Edward Droessler, east of Bancroft, and her boys, Frank Arthur, Joe, and John, farm 320 acres. These boys are hard workers. Prank and John recently bought the Quinn farm. This farm is a few miles northwest of Bancroft and consists of 328 acres. They also farm this. They have a fine farm with a set of good buildings. The boys are repainting all oi the buildings this season. Mrs. Droessler a great many times has had the largest cream check from the Bancroft cream- Eagle Township East Lone Rock (Bnrt Twp.) .John P. Peterson Lawrence Tborson Joe Von Bank Fenton Township Garfleld Township German Township Grant Township Greenwood Township Harrison Township ° f the that fell y Pans of the county. There "Pot of about four miles there,-where .it had not "nee the snow left.' His ^bowing up very good. Hi» Most oats are ehprt ery, and at present are milking COWI. * * * * Albert Brandt, stock buyer at Ledyard, had loaded a truck load of cattle ready to take to south bt. Paul, when we called last weeK Wednesday. He also trucks stock to Mason City. Mrs. Brandt said she was going along on this trip. * * * * Wednesday we called on Evert Sleper, two miles north of u- tonka This is the William Wel- housen farm. Here they have building material on the Place to build a new chicken house 20x40, a hog house 20x40, and a new garage and pump house. This is bv- ert's first year at farming for himself. He is milking five cows. We have a*nice visit Thursday with Frank Boevers, who lives on the first farm south of Giant school. This is' one of Pete Hei ken's farms. There are five boys Hebron Township Irvington Township Sexton (Irvington Twp.) Lukota (Ledyard Twp.) Wm. Stoutenberg .H. H. Dreyer Gaylord Johnson Gus Krause .Herman Harm Joe Scballer H. D. Berninghaus .Ubbe Winter Robert Krause Henry Schmidt .W. C. Engstrom EH Anderson Richard Anderson Geo. W. Nyman John Karsten Frank Coyne ..Toe Rahe Jake Kelly Geo. Butterfield Tom Bergg Lewis Ehrick Joljm, Simmons .Henry ' Shepp'man M. L. Honey E. R. Mawdsley .A. J. Kirschbaum James Black Matt Borman . William Shirley, office ex- O H. Linde Richard Newton Karl Ewoldt Merle Richards Geo. Goetsch W. E. Stoeber H W. Balgeman Mike Wagner John Boeklman Harry Rlckllft Floyd Colwell Harold Fischer Mrs. Vern Austin A. A. Fangman J. J. Anderson Mayme Sperbcck Herman Larson Wm, Oldenburg Carl Hutchins Herman Becker L. C. Hutchins Henry Eischeid _. __ Grabau, eighth grade, examinations L. •-, A. -Wlnfcel, office, expense ;; Al'gSna) :-l!pper';.rDes ? Moines,printing Advance Publishing Company, printing • Bancroft Register, printing . Whittemore Champion, print- lug Titonka Topic, printing ... Swea City Herald, printing . Lakota Record, printing ..... Panama Carbon Company 27.63 5.00 73.21 158.01 (17.12 20.62 90.23 8.80 8.10 Railway Company, • freight 525.92 c . H Cooper, labor Chicago and Northwestern Drain No. 48— Railway Company,' freight. . Jjft-»° Dick Baade,'labor McGuire Bros grading SOOS.W c. H. Cooper, labor Chicago and Northwestern Drain No. 48— Railway Company, freight 4J0.9J Clarence Hentges, labor McGuire Bros., grading 1 5U'5SUames Kelso, labor .. H. M. Smith, salary ?S2'SS Elms' 1 Gronbacb, labor Don T. Nugent, salary 1BSnnl — " Jobn D. Fraser, salary Chicago. and Northwestern Railway Company, freight M. L. Worby, patrol Lyell W. Miller, patrol ..... Win. F. Gronbacb, patrol .. J. H. Montgamery, patrol ... Lem Stockwell, patrol Robert Wood, patrol 96-*» Clyde Sanders, patrol 91.7U Heyo Boeklman, patrol Spear & McVey, grafting/ .... Bwea City Herald, printing . Titonka Topic, printing ..... Wesley News World, printing d«.»- Wntttemore Champion, print Lakota Record,"printing .... Bancroft Feglster, printing . 63.35 41.40 nn ma c-aroon uoiuimuj, supplies "•'" Storey-Kenworthy supplies Company. Baker Paper Company, sun- plies ...................... Perkins Bros. Company, supplies ' Matt Parrott & pany, aupplies Sons / Com- Jenkins Fergeman Company, supplies ,.... Klipto Loose Leaf Company, supplies • C. L. Tierhey, supplies Royal Typewriter Company, Inc., supplies General Typewriten Exchange, supplies United Rubber Products, supplies , Howard Hardware, supplies . Pratt Electric Company, supplies Norton Machine Works, supplies 6.86 10.20 1.05 3.82 45.90 27,28 37.50 Fred Butterfield, damages E. J. Gilmore, right-of-way . St. Paul, Hydraulic Hoist Co.. 40.80 30.51 44.00 8.00 40.00 594.00 Com- 7.50 10.00 4.26 .86 2.50 44.09 aupplies Klauer Manufacturing pany, supplies S. R. Bowen, supplies Concrete Products Corporation, supplies • • • • , Swaney OH-Company, supplies -i : Maintenance Knnd Iowa Public Service Company, ^ M cKo IKc'k 6 Island f Padf Ic Railway Company, freight . 524,69 Peerless O» Company, aupplles Kossuth • Oil Company, supplies Edward Brandt, labor ...... Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, telephone service 4.00 3.50 2.21 Marjorle Man 10.00 8.75 4.00 3.50 2.00 1.7 5.2 6.00 8.50 4.00 3.50 19.30 2.00 1.75 4.00 3.50 5.00 10.00 8.75 7.50 21.45 5.60 7.70 9.60 5.60 11.25 4.50 1.50 E. J. Palmer, 'labor '.'.'.'.'.'.".'. 210.25 Botsford Lumber Company 165.00 Draft No. 51— 87.50 j nm es Kelso, labor : ^ „_ Clarence Hentges, labor ..... 44.00 Theodore Dorenbuscb, laoor 92 - 05 JO. G. Stinstrom, labor 100.45 c ar ] j. - Anderson, labor .... George Looft, labor John Welch, labor '. ;H. .XBotphardt, medical sup• piles '•>- '. , T. Wallace, medicine )r. Keneflck, medicine >r. Cba'rtesl F. Jones, medicine Gilmore Drug Company, medical supplies E. W. Luaby, medical supplies • .;.Barker's Drug Store, medical supplies Kossuth ' Hospital, hospital care Kosautb Hospital, hospital care. i is. Mary Taylor care ..... 25.50 552 G4.50 4.75 16.52 167.00 58.00 ilrs. Ella Briggs,' care tfarjorle Martin, 'care ....... iorcnson Grocery, provisions H. A. Clark, provisions ..... Meyers Grocery, provisions, . Algona Creamery, provisions Botsford Lumber Company, fnel P. S. Norton & Son, fuel ... tfrs. William Myers, care ... House ol the Good Shepherd. care St. Anthony's Home, care Drain-No. — .Chester Stoddard, labor .... Drain No. 6C— James''Kelso, labor Clarence Hentges. labor .... Drain No. 69— Charles E. Chubb, engineer . Peter R. Chubb, Inboi; ...., Charles Glaus, Jr., labor .... Arthur Glaus, labor Charles Glaus, Sr., labor ... Lawrence Glaus, labor Drain No. 76— Charles E. Chubb, engineer . Peter R. Chubb, labor Homer Nolte, labor City of Algona, light service William F.Behnke, care ...?. A. M. Collison, rent ......... Harvey Hewitt,, rent ......... Mrs. Marine Setchell, rent ... Laura M. , Vandee, rent District Ko. S-T Kossuth 'Hospital, hospital 15.09 43.671 1;90 134.75 42.75 60.68 17.00 12.00 15.50 9.50 24.00 48.65 L79 7.14 10.08 20.001 45.00 8.91 20.0* 6.00 10.00 7.50 10.00 care V V. "Nauduin, supplies Universal Laboratories, BMP- • ^^ ...c. O.-Peterson . P..Powers Mrs. Waterman Jerry Heetland Sam Warburton L'cdjard Township Lincoln Township Loce Bock (Fenton Twp.) far. * * * * t I 6 f lled a week ago Mon- Heuken'sf soutj»- Mrs. Hen-ken patcl1 thl8 Was doin 6 some work 8ald The Letts Creek Township LuVeme Township and four girls in. this oldest bpy and girl are working away from horae. : Mr. Boeveis showed us some com that is waist high. «e has 70 acres in, corn, u rfSot all this high but jbi. ;co» sfrows UP very good- He plants mostly hybrid corn. His oats aie Kiis'up very well, although he salithey were W* «» 8 P ots ' Ray Gordon! nortb of- Ledyard, aa fixing fence Thursday as it wjfl too vtt t 9 MHJvate cornor he«ts. He has 20 R cres in Iwtt r: He has also planted 15 Plum Creek Township Portland Township Prairie Township Ramsey Township '"'.r' H-' Hoicomb Ed. Looft .. Paul Hertzke B F. Edwards J. H. Warburton p N Christensen Alex Hadlg W. C. Flafg ....Noah Relsner Andrew Elbert C, W. Elbert Frank Clapsaddle " A A. Schlpull F. J. Chapman .....Henry Bailey Alfred Jergenson J. E. McEnroe ...Russell Sbipler "' Wyatt Stott wf H, Schwletert I ...John Arndorfer Geo. Clnk Isadore Mayer D. A. Carpenter Mrs. Wm.' Flynn Bert Coder Minno Rislui Geo. Pettit Art Priebe Lewis Hackbarth Martin Meyer H. C. Allen '. Harry Llchty Leo C. Miller • Clark Scuffman N. O. Mann W. W. Ringsdorf G. B. Ludwig John LudwlB Missouri Kansas Chemical Csmpany, supplies B-otstord Lumber '.Company, supplies George Rippentrop, bounty . Richard Junssen, bounty ... Herbert Pannkuk, bounty ... Normun Bruns. bounty Alvin Hopkes, bounty Willian Hiiselroth, bounty .. John A. Wortmun, bounty . Donald Daniels, bounty ... Edpipfid Lester, bounty Everett Thompson, bounty .. Arthur Priebe, bounty ...... Bobby Polrot, bounty Wayne Sanders, bounty Norman Schulta, bounty O. A. Polrot, bounty Ralph Harms, bounty Robert Johnson, 6.00 ' VOmilUUy, IV»C|IMU««* «« ---- tntQ City o? Algona. light service . 12.78 ........... •• 1 - w Melvin Post, bounty Otto Koppeu, bounty ,..,,,... Verle Nelson, bounty C. E. Ward, bounty Arvld Christ, bounty Jakle . Peterson, bounty ...... Clarence Mogenson, bounty . Fred Anderson bounty R. : . A. Evans, coroners fees . Bert. Norton, . Ju«r fees ...... J,'S. Crowell, Jury fees . D. Stokes, jury feea .... A Dauson, justice of peace r •••»•••»•••••*•*•• Caaey Loss, sheriff fees ,,,., Paul C. Bell,, witness fees . Gladys Bell, witness lees .. Lloyd Bohanon, wlttness fees Russell Maxwell, witness fe«s S. R. RUinjt, witness fees . Jenry Steble. witness fees . 75.87 13.51 .70 1.00 .70 .40 ,45 .70 1.15 .75 .45 1.25 43.75 12.50 .40 .30 3.50 1.00 1.65 !UO 1.05 .30 .30 6.00 2.00 4.00 19.10 2.00 2.00 2.00 28.00 28.00 .60 .60 Jobn Barr. labor Walter Schmidt, labor ... M J. Duffy, Treasurer, adv. freight Tom Weir, patrol • • M. J. 'Duffy, Treasurer, adv. freight •Arnold*Delperdang.- patrol, .. • •Relnerd > Kromlnga, patrol 'Raymond Blerstedt, patrol .. William O. Ludwig, patrol . Archie Dodds, patrpl. 4.00 30.00 84.00 «,. L. Huber, patrol Bd. Fuehsen, patrol Joe M. Baser, patrol Hubert Mergen, patrol Bert Shcllmyer, patrol Ralph Markla, patrol S. D. McDonald, patrol Harry Helmke. patrol ....... Peter Movlck, patrol Milo Patterson, patrol Clifford Holme.s, patrol Alton Pettit, patrol Jay Godden, patrol Melvin H. Hawks, patrol J. M. Long, patrol Vern Molinder, patrol Elmer Ewlng, patrol Hugh Butterfield, patrol .... 125.00 118.5'J 87.50 100.72 91.00 51.60 91.00 91.00 91.00 106.80 132.00 91.00 91.00 102.40 42.70 91.00 91.00 91.70 F. 8. Norton '&" Son," supplies Drain No. 71— Dick Baade, labor C. H. Cooper, labor Brain No. M— Charles E. Chubb, engineer .. Peter R. Chubb, labor Homer Nolte, labor A. E. Weaver, labor John Welch, labor .George Looft, labor ......... Elmore Cement & Tile Company, supplies ' Standard Supply Company supplies Drain No. 8«— ... , . Theodore Dorenbusch, labor . R. Pomeroy labor Lewis Bosnia, labor Drain No. 83— Peter R. Chubb, labor James Kelso, labor Clarence Hentges, labor Milford Bilyen, labor John Dorweiler, supplies ... Concrete Products Corporation, supplies Drain No. 85— George Looft, labor • John Welch, labor Drain No. 86— Dick Bwde, labor C. H. Cooper labor Drain No. 88— George Looft, labor John Welch, labor Drain No. 80— Charles Wagner, labor Ed Baker Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol J. E. Falk, patrol James Kelao, labor 20.00 14.00 2.67 2.86 8.00 7.00 26.95 12.65 1.50 3.50 15.75 18.00 7.50 240.70 19.33 6.30 5.00 2.40 8.00 7.00 5.25 lfl.10 6.03 4.00 3.50 1.60 1.40 2.00 1.75 54.50 Cut Rate Grocery, provisions Dr. Bourne, medicine A. H. Borchardt, medical supplies Dr. Hamilton, medicine Dr. Bourne, medicine Pearl Nelson, nursing Mrs. Math Erdman, provisions Fasbeners, provisions ....... Farmers Elevator Company, fnel T. P. Doerr, rent DUtrict No. 4— Dr. CKetzmeyer, medicine ... Kossuth Hospital, hospital care .T. W.' Neville, suppllei Kossuth Hospital, hospital care Dr. Clapsaddle, medicine .... Dr. Clapsaddle, medicine .... Mary Joan Blackhurst, care . Kennedy Bros., provisions ... Burt Creamery Station, provisions Merrill Bros., provisions McMulIen Grocery, provisions Smith Department Store, pro- S. & L. Company, supplies -.; W. A. Murray, fuel ., C. B. Chipmun, ambulance .. Jake Keller, rent D. Holland rout Charles Blxby, rent J. H. Sheridan, rent C. H. Schrader, rent Mrs. Martin Gricse, rent .... DlHtrlet No. S — J. W. Neville, supplies unnrien wuKiiei, i» Dick Baade, labor C. H. Cooper, labor Ubbe Heyes, labor Theodore Doreubusb, labor . Menno Kislus, labor Ed Meyer, labor Elmore Cement & Tile Company, labor '. Concrete Products Cropora- tion. supplies •••••••••••••• 138 -2S 1.80 32.80 7.SO 16.10 2.00 Clarence Hentges, labor !*•«» C H. Cooper, labor g-jg Dick Baade, labor «"» Charles N. Sweeney, labor .. Carl Gerrett, labor Pete Halnes, labor ^^ frf\*\ vHlfrMnK' Inhor .***.....* 61«« v,, „. ~under, labor ,.. Leo Delperdang, labor . Peter N. Thllges, labor Doyal Sanders, labor ... Virgil Welrlck, labor .. Henry Tjaden, labor .... Walter Schmidt, labor ., Charles J. Lloyd, tabor Heyo Boekelmun Jr., labor Drain No. 86— Dick Baade, labor C. H. Cooper, labor Drain No. 88— Dick Baade, labor C H. Cooper, labor Hllbert Severlens, labor .... Drain-No. 105— James Kelso, labor Clarence Hentges, labor Drain No. 111- .i. -- —.•.,„.. it very tWnks everyone ahovl* . loy Blossom, wlttness fees lake Keller, labor John ' A. B. Lappe , Harry Helmke, labor ,honse BUbecker, labor obo Heidecker, supplies , d Bishop, labor „. . , George Welg, witness fees John Frideres Charles Platbe Henry Borman Wm. Buncfce/ Art Cogley, witness fees is, witness fees marahal Chris I)»JM Art I. F. Engesser Otto B. Jensen Joe Crowley i'iwwssr- 1 * feev , Dell* Welter, Justice of, pea.ce fees * Ernest G. Thlel, const«ble Seneca Township Henry Koolhaas Sherman TownsUlp Simon Leigh Herman Warinbler corn. This corn, is Gay B. Bisk Lewis Anderson Chester Johnson schools, for he has where it is c»nne4. . be gt sweet corn crop has been nis best paying crop Artbar Anderson Axel Brickson Will Krumm 22.00 George Looft, labor 12.76 John*'Welch, labor 2.80 Dk'k Baade. labor """ C. H. Cooper, labor Drain No. 114—. Charles E. Chubb, engineer .. Peter H. Chupb, labor Homer Nolte, labor StSd«r4 /Supply Company, 'Sjtffcii^'r. «^|».t 0 fabor-:::::: *- : ^U^or ' 4.55 4.80 4.20 3.20 10°.50 4.00 8.00 7.00 200 1.75 20.75 17.00 7.50 A. H. Borchardt, medical supplies Dr. Sounnei-, medicine Griffith Drug Company, nicdl- cul supplies Dr. Minkel, mediclue Mrs. W. H. Jacobs, transportation Mrs. Jennie MeCreery, care .. C. H. Smith provisions Fred C. Hnettner, provisions Simsers, provisions Thaves Sisters, provisions ... Itlomsters, provisions Fred C. Huettner, provisions . J. A. Peterson, transportation -. Henry KHue, rent General— Moe & Sjogren, supplies O. B. Laing, Sup., tuition ... Sub-Dlvistou of Aid to Blind., blind aid John Mt-Knroe, rent County Farm- John Heniiiug, labor Sid Rosenstiel, labor Joe Fraser, labor Koy Woolbrldge, labor Botsford Lumber Company, 6.80 6.80 5.95 supplies George L. Miller, labor H. E. He-Murray, labor George Holtzbau^r, supplies . Laing & Muckey, supplies . Hurl Steinmun, labor Frank L. Miller, light service V. V. Naudaln, supplies .... F S. Norton & Son, supplies,-. J7.W Cut Rate Grocery, supplies , ""••" Shiltz Brownbilt Shoe Store. supplies Zenders, supplies Dr. Bourne, medicine Dr. Bourne, medicine ..-,..<, Dr. Wallace, medicine ....... Fred Park,, miscellaneous expense •, 7 -?^ K. D. James supplies Howard Hardware, supplies Kpjjjhaas & Spllles, supplies Standard Oil Company, »up- Koss'uth 'County''' I'nip'linwnt Company, supplies C. A. Heard, labor 82.00 15.09 48.00 4.60 19.50 16.50 14.00 4.34 6.00 91.02 20.00 5.00 35.00 30.75 82.W 22.25 8.00. 5.08 16.56 14.00 25.50 10.00 2.02 3.57 3,50 20.00 13.00 10.00 S.OO 9.00 10.00 1.93 17.55 17.55 o.ra 20.00 3.75 ^55.98 5.00 8.40 4.00 24.00 10.00 4.31 25.00 10.00 2.M 72.00 6.41 15.00 40.08 10.00 10.00 25.20 12.79 9.95 142.05 90.48 98.79 3.15 14.49 12.07 80,48 7.78 9.12 1.00 2.09 2,00 1.68 8.8S 34,31 41.1? George Looft, labor Jofcn WelcK. labor Blwpre Cement & ^My, s WPPlLwj ..Baa4e ;. Cooper, Com- Benedict Giscb, supplies ..... H. L. Gilmore, agent, sup- s£»dVd Cheinicai "WsnVtac- ^^^•s 0 ^? 1111 * 8 7.50

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