Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1939 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1939
Page 4
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?AOEFOUR •ssss* COtftW AftVAMCB. At/lONA. IOWA on YOUR FREE IRAKI CHECK TODAYI H urM't e«» rm • ctif to let« cMek T«r hr«k*«. M «t*y mtd adlvitlitq. !«•» wlMf y*« 9tt wlfti o.r BRAKE SPECIAL (ONI WEIK ONLY) 1. Cl*** Mrf wrath fronf-wh««l b»«r- !••• 2. Repack wtfk «b*r artait 3. Fr**-ip brokt iytt»m wild ptn«. trottia, ell 4. Sc1«tMealtyttitaidadiin»brali« 5. For kydrayllc br.kt« - add fluid to rtwnrolr You gat this all for $ . : . 'UP <(C fr»i, H you havi ye'w'brakes re•Md ww wlH Goodyear Iroke Llnln?. AS LOW AS H>w> 58.55 CHEVROLET . . . $8.45 PLYMOUTH . . . 58.7O OtWr nwkei at correspondingly low prices. BUY SAFETY ON OUR EASY-PAY PLAN fey at Lew at 59c a Week.' STORY OP THE MONSTER FISH REALLY LANDED O.L SOLBERG, WAR VETERAN,, DIES SATURDAY Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 1:30 p. m. at the First Lutheran church for Olav Tryve Solberg who died Saturday night after a prolonged illness. The church services will be preceded by a service at the home. The Rev. M. A. Sjostrand will officiate. The body will be taken to Ottosen. where supplemental servic-' es will be held at the Trinity, Lutheran church and burial will! be made in Union cemetery. The Rev. S. O. Sande, Seneca, pa'stoi\ of the church at Ottosen when the' Solbergs lived there, will officiate. | There will be Masonic and military rites at the grave. | Mr. Solberg who was born Sep-. tember 16, 1893, at Southland, Norway, came to this country ini 3914, settling at St. Paul. He was| a machinist by trade. In 1916 he moved to Bode to help a cousin! Mrs. John Jensen, on her farm. Served In the IVar. In the World war Mr. Solberg was called t-o the service and he! _, spent 13 months in France. H | ,,, , A1 Rona Brownies bea returned to the United States in ' narles City 11-4 in a night game -.1 r I'O 'Prill t*t*rln *• 1TT_ i !.!._.. _. i Irrlngrton "(Special) Jme 19—Mr. and Mrs. Herman Becker and son Dick recently returned from Horseshoe Lake, Minn., where they spent three days fishing. Herman is telling a good fish story, bnt .ITrs. Becker will not roach for the an- themirlty. Herman reports that while at Horseshoe Lake he hooked a 1Mb. fish. A long battle followed in which the pole is supposed to IIUTB broken four times 7 and the line (according to Herman) had finally to be tied to an oar before, the fish could be . landed. On the trip home they stopped at Kaplilan, where they had more good luck fishing. MRS, JNO, HE6ARTY PASSES ONE MONTH AFTER MR, HEGARTY Mrs. John Jiegarty cped Saturday at her home one month and two days after her husband drop-* ped dead of a heart attack. She hud been sick about a year, but was Corwlth. bedfast only two -weeks. Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning at St. Cecelia's, the Rev. Father Ahmann officiating, and burial will be in! Calvary cemetery. | Coast., Mrs. Hegarty was brn Wilhel- FOR SALE-^FORDSON CU1.TIVA- tor. Moline make.— 'Waiter Ward, 9p<0 Furniture Co.,..Livetmore, Livermore. 20*40 WANT TO RENT— 80 TO IBOt A, farm In northern Towa or soutn-. farm ern Minnesota. August Rosenthal, man, Minn. . Good references.— R. R. 1, fru- 20p40 GOOD NEWS— YOU CAN NOW bUy Green-Colonial Furnace or an* automatic equipment on 6% monthly-pay plan. 1 to 3 years.— j mina Beeler June 4, 1886, at Detroit. She lived at Buffalo N. Y., then 'at Port Huron, Mich., till FOR SALE—McCORMICK-DEER ing mower. — Mc|Enroe Bros., phones 519 or 30F21. SUN-PROX>F PAINTS—IF YOU'RE ,-.gt-.. ..refrnl".-.planning'to pamt/-see • usv Uv GOOD.-TJSED H co]ors information on imin 1 Pittsburgh Sun-Proof Paints.-F. llu40 S. Norton & Son. . 4.0 FOR SALE — .BARGAIN CASE ried, and the Hegartys to live here. Mrs. Hegarty was a' m *•»*; ucic. j«i o. .nefittriy was a . ___ ! member of the local Rosary socl-JFOR SALE—PUREBRED WHITE Ilu40 this week on started chicks hile they last. Order your baby > cnicks and baby pullets now; Last ;i hatch Friday.—Wellendorf Hatch ery, Algona. filwjaife'^A^g^jjtoM'' i&Lli IMPftOVEB 4W);AtJftfeJ*rtn for sale bjr own*r -1, mteaWotft* west wift *k«hTr£ yUUILUJf VHIIIII«4$ 60 rodslilW.CO , , - malndej 4% run 5 years,—-Rbbert Weber/AUstln. MittH. 33p39-40 ' TO .GO INtO BUSINESS / , FOttTOUftSBLF in * Utoteni 'A«W Afeftociite Store ' Wfttetn Auto Supply Company, largest -and most successful In its llrte, 30 years- in bu§lmsw,- hud' •• In 1938. We M to Western Auto ttie owned in 20,000. the everything nccar v V 1 ..ess S BROWNIES VICTORS IN TWO OF THREE ety. Surviving Mrs. John Eller, Mrs.. Roy PhFl- tZ Will are seven children:; ChHstensonr'FenTon,'la.' 12p39-40J MI*.M 1f__' Y1_... -V-ll.fi I RETIRE WITH A REGULAR monthly income. Northwestern Mutual's extraordinary LifeiPlan.is' mrs. jonn c/iier, Mrs. Koy Fnil- Mutual s exira< .... lips,. and Dennis, Eminett, Verle,' SPRING FRIES FOR . SALE, 20c. a . liquid .asset. Means , security. Peter, and Frances, all of , Algona.!P° u "d alive; . 25c . dressed—Mrs.[ ii ve or die.—See Antone Johnson There are 11 grandchildren. • Arnold Sanders, Lu Verne. 14(2)40j District Agent. W Two brothers, John and Eugene, 14(u2HO — - dames Fred Gee, Fred Earnest, and 160 ACRES JOIN Priced right to set the summer of 1919 and resumed, '' lcre Thursday, farming. On December 11. 126,1 raakin E two he was married to Clara. Christian sen at Ottosen. j -"<="••» i> Moving from a'farm west of Ot ! Br °wnies outhit the visitors 12-3,' tsen to Bode in, 1933, Mr. Solberg' and ., made four errors to Charles n n**..«*~.,i n ****. »t~i:~.« T.. i no i Cjtv s five. i Watkins s.'arret!, and a double in four times at bat. Bowers, new! Algona pitcher, fanned seven. The ^ "• at lo, i WOMAN'S WRIST WATCH FREE! | i Beautiful rectangular, watch^ I ,..(.1, bracelet. Given for 90 Sar-. Feed gift coupons 1 . Get full] operated a gas station. In 19 he came to Algona and became an independent oil jobber. GOOD/YEAR " - TIRES - ' tu:ed by- games were fc&-j heavy hittinp.l [e o joooer. . . c I-i&t Armistice day Mr. Solberg At Hand's Park, the Brownie.) los ' suffered an' acute attack of appen dicitis and had an operation Following the flu and sinus trou [tents here ble which developed at Christmas ' wnen the - v to the Pine Woods Collegians, 5, but turned the. tables uuctev the lights here with 16 NEW GARS SOLD; TOTAL 41 IN JUNE Sixteen new cars were bought by Kossuth people last week to bring the total for the month to 41, an average of more than two iw ee . _! particulars at Anderson Grain & ' 40 TWO SHOW CASES 5-ft, and 6-ft.' Coal Co. long, 4 high cafe stools for sale! — — r-. ; cheap. — Donovan Furniture Co.,' HO G AND POULTRY RAISERS —' Lu Verne. 20p40 Sargent & Company provide val- PO R oA Ti1? rrvnn ^TVPTOTP uable feeding instructions. Yours FOR SALE — GOOD ELECTRIC reQUest . You will find it prof- McCoi-mick-Deering cream sep- ," , ' ,. „„ r _ Q , n t, ronl arator No. 4.-Gottlieb Hanselman, » able.-Anderson Grain & Coal, iLu Verne. 12p39-40 • a score of 11 to' Per day Those buying new Fords wel> Mlke Mergen, , Whittemore; A NEW WELL DRILLING MA- ATTENTION POULTRYMEN—Our' chine in your locality. Drilling I trained service men are now any size wells. — Guy Beemer.i available for CAPONIZING and taken to the veter welu rained out. phone 102 Lakota. 12p37-50 Algona's Danny White was the, Haz el Pratt Mrs. Alina Lee, Al- LOANS-PERSONAL, LIVESTOCK leading hitter, with two home runs K° na ; and W. A. Murray ,and A. carg refinanced lower nav- and one three-base hit in four' H. Deitering, Bancroft. New Chev- m t _ gpp T _ ' R „„,,'• jrolets were bought by John Rick.j Hutchison BUg., Algona. Algona; T. L. Thorson, Armsrong, 1 6 SAVE AT THE SIGN OF GOODYEAR DIAMOND Specialized Lubrication, Washing, Oankcase Flushing Motorola Car ttadlos, Goodyear Batteries, Stand- ird Oil and Gas, Hralce Service, '•'nlcanlzintf. Plume 33. Alerona. MNE HOICK PRICES IN LOWEST FRIGE BRACKET These arc main factory-city delivered prices compiled from published information, including Federal taxes andatandard equipment. Dual wheels, transportation, and state and local taxes (if any), extra. For Oodee local delivered prices and Easy Budget Terms, see your Dodge dealer. 'maw MORE HOICK/ THERE'S very little difference be- 'tween prices of the three leading lowest-priced trucks. But line up a Dodge alongside the other 2 'and SEE THE DIFFERENCE \in what you get for the money. '•^f 100% RUSTPROOFIHG. Pre- jl^P serves the finish, protects '• trade-invalue. Only Dodge gives you complete Bonderizing under the enamel on cabs, bodies, hoods, .'fenders, radiator shells, etc. time, he was ._ .... ans' hospital at Des Moines. Tumor Found Hopeless. «J e ™ £^° "t When complications set in th , The Stol . m Lake white c . patient was transferred to Roch | „, he Thursday night . ester, where he was operated on Lake has Qne Qf u 5 for removal of a" brain tumor t , northern Iowa found to be malignant. After an £y™ a ,°d several othei interval at home a second oper- p i ayel . s are on the team and "they Bend. Mercurys were bought ' by ation at Rochester revealed that h ave won most games this afiason. l R- B. Chambers'West Bend, and there was no hope for recovery. | Sunday night the Chambers Mo- 1 Frank. Cook, Algona. Julius Peter- Mr Solberg was a life-long tor team> Des MolneS| meets the - son, Algona, bought a Dodge; member of the Swedish Lutheran Brownies here. The visiting team' Mark Stanton. a Chrysler; and A. ort'ht-LeSn'theTF' STan"," mad6 " P ° f ^ >***"• * """"" the Masonic fraternity. He serv-J eel us commander and adjutant of tosen. Survivors are the wife and two cousins here and three brothers and two sisters in Norway. L. S. Bohannon, 12p39-42 L FREE CULLING. Stop in and make your appointment now," 'or call 2G4 for definite dates.—Swift & Co. ' 29u40-41 WHAT SIZE IS YOUR LEG? Foot •". i-,.:, M vr Hunt Ran^i-nff piv —~~ ~ size important, yes. But Phoe- StOVm mouths Sre bought bv^ a REE ? WHEE L CHAIR, BEST nix hosiery is proportioned in EV- P ™ Krosch LedVard Rosetta Johan- 1 make ' good springs, rubber tires ERY detail to meet your require- ^:^"2w^nd d wSwV°™'-*» d ^ new ' ™- - Donovan ,uents-2-3-4 and 6 threads, only Fafh*»r* rtf ratner * OF II II- VJ Ltm \.\J1L, (L XJlllJOlCij Cl JJ.U X» > Rochleau, Whittemore, a Buick. Woito Drug Store Sold at Lu Verne ONE KOSSUTH BALL GAME RAINED GOT Reports reaching Algoiia J. M. Poindexter, of Polk City/ Lu Verne . J "ne 19 — Mrs. Wm. father of Robert Poindexter of the' Hi Woito sol(1 h er drug store in Lu Pioneer seed corn plant, was held' Verne Tllur sday to Hugi Shirk, of in jail Sunday at Des Moines, fol-j S . 10UX . Ciiy '' who took Possession lowing a shooting in which Arthur' tllat . day> Mr ' SIllrk is a ™gis- Nagle, father of Mrs. Poindexter ! tered P har ™ aci st and has had .12 received- a bullet wound in h years ex P erience in the drus busi- received^ a bullet wound in the „ „-• , . , , abdomen. Ill feeling between the'" 688 ' He ls ,^ mal j i e1 and families because of .the marriage'?v ?> , a ''~i° daughter, of the young couple was denied by 1 |° U ° J ? as ^t" 7nana e in < of the mothers of both, according &«£* S^t'l^^.K ha s a Ml ' s ' Keeiie, Whittemore, allowed 10, blamed on "small hits, and Richardson and Deim let seekin- to start Whittemore have 16. Swea made' " btart five errors to Whittemore's three. Hanifan was behind the mound for Swea City, and Kramer for . -• — Whittemore. |.g>on team has been having a busy T un.Ltrj.uui tr. i/o-"** ^wtM** **«o uccu uavillg Si DUSy Titonka defeated the Burt team and successful week as far as at Burt 4-3, w.ith 12 hits, and one , aseDa11 is concerned. Bancroft rror. The battery was Callies' ' ost here Tuesday 1-3, and Lake and Hansen. Burt succeeded in ! " llls Thursday, 6-0. . | Wesleyan Speaks Wesley Wn s T«O. | Thursday on KGLO Wesley, June 19—The Junior Le- Wesley, June 19^L. L. Builds Xe«- Cabins. . . .district community . service Lease, chairman of the Legion, will talk over radio station KGLO, Mason City, Thursday evening on the Weekly Legion hour. Bavon Gerdes and Mary Ellen Bottom will furnish getting only half as many hits and made three errors, with Kuecker pitching to Marlow. Lotts Creek won its first game:, - - - .— from Peiiton at Lotts Creek, scor- f° three caDln s. The building will FOR SALE—USED RADIOS ing the only run made in the b f moved back in line with his makes at prices for a clearance" game, allowing six hits and mak- " " ""'"' '"' ' " ~ "eaiance. ing no errors. Fenton allowed only three hits. Luedtke, Lotts Creek, struck out 10, and Alderson, Fenton, 14. Wichtendahl caught for Lotts Creek and Krause for Feuton. The Wesley-Bancroft game at. Bancroft was rained out in the third inning, with Bancroft team' ahead 4-0. It is expected that the game will be played off Thursday! at 5 o'clock but plans are -indefinite. NEW LOW CHICK PRICES Leghorns and Anconas $4.90 per 100 All heavies __ $4.90 pcr 100 Leghorns and Minorca pullets_L $1] per 100 Heavy pullets $6.90 per 100 Leghorn cockerels $1.90 p er 100 Seconds _ $ 2 .00 per 100 Thousands of started chicks up to two weeks old at $1.25 per 100 per week additional' HAMILTON HATCHERIES BANCROFT AND TITONKA Hodman Teacher Is Bride. Hose Lampe, employed at the Chrischilles store attended the' wedding of her sister Prances to| Joseph A. Lynch at Pocahontas 1 Saturday. The new Mrs. Lynch had been a teacher in the Rodman' consolidated school three years. 1 Mr. Lynch is a farmer near Mai-' lard. I Daughter for Sexton TaJr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Krieps, of, Sexton, are parents of a 7>£ pound daughter, born Friday at the Kos- 1 suth hospital. Mrs. Krieps is the' former Alice Forburger, and this is the first child. WANTED — HOUSEKEEPER ON farm for family of two.—Willard Appelt. Swea City. Ilp40-41 1938 PLYMOUTH COUPE, 6000 miles, good heater, defrosters,' finish like new. Bargain at |550.| -Nellie Donovan, Livermore. p40 7 ENGINES. Each Dodge Truck is POWERED RIGHT for brilliant performance «nd maximum economy. f Only Dodge in the lowest-price field uses 7 different engines for the different truck capacities from H- to 3-ton. AMOLA STEEL. In axle shafts and springs to prevent breakdowns and cot repairs! H 8 « shock-resistant toughness foi in excess of ordinary swris. I I ELBERT GABAGE REGTALDISBSES VARICOSE VEINS RUPTURE The majority of these conditions can be treated successfully by ambulant methods, which means tha you suffer very little, if any. pain and do not have to go to bed. You can. go on with your regular work and lose no time except for a few minutes in my office once a week You are welcome to come in for an examination without charge. Ai that time I can explain in detail my method of treatment. S.W.MEYEU.O Sawyer BIdg. : lew* — Algona Co-Operative Creamery — Manufacturers of Iowa State Brand Butter DISTRIBUTORS PASTEURIZED MILK, CREAM AND COTTAGE CHEESE ^ THE FOLLOWING PRICES PAID THE FOLLOWING PRICES PAID FOR MAY 15 TO MAY 31 Whole Milk Butterfat _ _ 27c Skim Milk, per 100 18c Sweet Cream Butterfat __ 27c First Grade 26c FOR JUNE 1 TO JUNE 15 Whole Milk Butterfat . _ _ 27c Skim Milk, per 100 18c Sweet Cream Butterfat _ _ 27c First Grade ^ 26c Cash Paid for Cream 6 a. m. to 6 p. m,, Saturday 9 p. m ., F, O. B. Algona DISTRIBUTORS AI-Co (Leaded) Gas, Al-Co Tex Ga«, K erogene and Tractor Fuel Distillate No. 1-No. 2 Al-Co Penn Oil, 50 gab _ 55<. ga l ? Al-Co Oil, 50 gal. at 50c gal. Al-Co Tex Oil, 50 gal. at 45c gal. Al-Co 600W, 5 gal. at 49c gal. Al-Co Gnu Grease, Al - Co Cup Grease, Al.Co Chasg.Eze Grease, AI- Co Axle Grease. ; SPECIAL PRICES ON CENTURY TIRES, TUBES—TIRE REPAIR — WASHING AND GREASING Bran, Soybean Meal, Salt (all purple and No, 4 Rock Salt and White Block) Buttermilk Powder, per hundred, $4.00 ALGONA CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY 400 De Luxe equipment with each Boy's and Girl's Bicycle New Streamlined Double Bar Ballon Tires:with Tubes Coast-to-Coast Store Joe Bloom Marvelous .. Breezy •• Individual .. Flattering . • D R E S S E S The Season's Smartest Creations in a SPECIALLY PRICED EVENT! new assem- A glorious blage! Charming lace and embroidered marquisette dresses! Breezy navy sheers! Superb print or solid color chiffons! Sum mery white crepes! Marvelous Jerseys! Clever red- ingpte and bolero styles! SPORT DRESSES Superb - Cool - Temptingly Priced! $O.95 3 Beautiful spun rayon dresses in exquisite colors! Stunning Bemberg prints — accenting new stripes, florals, checks, figured patterns! Adorable novelty crepe frocks! on Save Costume Suit The ideal travel costume! * distinctive dress with smart wool jacket that may be worn separately! 7.95 Smart Summer Hats For Now & Vacation Wear • Felts, Straws, j * Crepes, Pastels ].. • And .Whites! * * Large selection of latest styles . . . Hate of every size, shape, and description . j ..Big brims, small brims, sailors, turbans, in new materials. All si?es! V •' Department Stores

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