Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1939 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1939
Page 3
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A/y Loans KOSBUTH OOUNTt ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA HflWAFIHWHJE CO Swea City Given WPA Building Aid AUDITORIUM AND GYM PLAN •MTROl Worni Mi kick .rowt&l Add Dr. Stltbnrf'* Arl-Ton* to tfcelt , notice *• 'Get a ^ you, chicks today! * iby'sDrug WEST BEND BAY VIEW CLUB TO HA VE PICNIC AT CALL PARK Wes't Bend, June 19— The Bay -View club. met, with Mrs. Alma Kongsback ' last week Tuesday afternoon. Roll call was current events.,; -The annual picnic will be held in two weeks at the Call state park at Algona, with a dinner at noon, followed by a theater party. Mrs. Emma Dewltt had the entertainment, and Mrs. Ida Miller won the prize. Ida Riley and Mrs. Alice Simmons, of Algona, were guests. The hostess served refreshments, assisted by her granddaughters, Gloria and Marylln Mikes. • Societies Hear Program — The Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary societies met at Mrs. • B. F. McFarland's Friday after- L noon. After the business meeting ) the following program was enjoyed: Philippines! Mrs. H. Boevers;' piano solo, Harriet Robinson; trio, Janice Vohs, Marjorie Grippen, and Kay Boevers; vocal solo, Vivian Watnem, who played her own accompaniment. The hostess served a 25-cent supper, assisted by Mrs. Schutter, Kay Boevers, Marjorie Grlppen, and Janice Vohs. Mrs. Frank Besch Low- Frank Besch was called to Rochester, Minn., Friday evening to see his wife, who is very ill. Mrs. Jeanne Simmons and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Harr, the latter a sister of Mrs. Besch, accompanied them, to Rochester. X LUVERNE WILL HAVE OLD-TIME PICNIC FRIDAY Lu Verne,' Une 19— The : 'commun Ity club of Lu Verne is makin .plans for an old-fashioned picnl to be held at the park in Lu Vern Friday. Committees in charge are program, Walter Petersoin, Irvl Chapman, Harry Lichty, and A. C Evans; entertainment, Gottlie Hanselman, Jesse Lindebak, an Phil Lichty; sports, 'Fred Schne der, Art Riley, Henry Loerwald advertising, Lu Verne News, J. I Lichty, and C. B. Huff; binge Henry Meyer, Albert Mefti, Albei Schlpull, Paul Phillips, Herbei French, and Howard Looft ; pc .lice, Ralph Dlmler, Frank Young wlt.4- Ua«.t.ir WMtTtiAro* rofrpfat •MOWFST PRICES J u Y AMERICAN Swea City, June 19—The principal topic of interest among Swea Cltyans last week was the news that the federal WPA allotment of $31,055 for the construction of a gymnasium and auditorium at the Swea City school had been approved, , Supt A.. H. .Schuler received word to that effect last week Tuesday from T. L, Noe, area engineer at Mason City. The gym nasium In the old building and the stage In the main building assembly room, while fully adequate at the time .of construction 23 years Ago, are too small to meet the present-day requirements. A'number ot projects are being considered. The first plan was for a concrete gymnasium and auditorium separate from the main building, as was done at Lu Verne. A later Idea proposes a brick addition to extend north. The main building interior could be remodeled to advantage to create large study halls on the second and third floors for junior and senior high schools respectively. This would, w H ; M ~ s ; me " t , ast wcck Tue8d ay reduce the size of the assembly I ,. „ T • _ - - - - " afternoon with Mrs. Jennie Sawyer. The annual election was held: president, Mrs. Elmer Peterson; vice, Mrs. Karl W. G. Killer; recording secretary, Mrs. R. L. Hauswirth; , treasurer, Mrs. S. >: L spiritual secretary. NEW OFFICERS SELECTED BY CORWITH M, S, Corwlth, June 19—The Methodist room, minimize ^unnecessary corridor and cloakroom space and provide a large manual training shop on one of the lower floors. Not all of the appropriation will necessarily be .used. < That IUBBEST loiw Paint, gaL- EBIOll GLOSS and jfooiwork, gal. IT WALL PAINT rind $2.50 ., to':. act'- F*ar Groups Go Fishing- Four fishing parties made up of retary, Mrs. ; Glen sionary education, ' mis- Mrs. Donald Dean; Christian citizenship, Mrs. Clifford Applegate. Following the where she changed trains. She was accompanied to Minneapolis by 1 Maxine Perkins, who returned here after a day in the Twin Cities. Enters Teachers' College— Burlette Erickson went to Cedar Falls last week to make arrangements to enter the teachers' college this fall. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Erickson, took her and went on to Marshalltown to spend the week-end at F. M. Anderson's. Bible School Closes Friday— The Baptist church will conclude two weeks* of Bible school Friday. The Rev. V. B. Elbert is in charge of the school, assisted'by Thelma Hash,. Portia Johnson,., and Mrs. Arman'd" T'ab'bi CorSyltb,: and Anita EridicUt: and Orpha Brenner, Minneapolis. Des Molnes Woman Speaks— local people have returned home business meeting, Mrs. Killer gave after short stays at several popu- reports on the uniting conferences lar fishing resorts. Supervisor P. at Kansas City, and the woman's J. Heiken and a party of county of- New Outlook meeting at Sioux flclals were at the Lake of the Cil y. whlch she recently attended. Woods, Canada. The V. L. Nelsons Lunch was served by the hostess Harriet Gowdy Is Married— Announcements have been re ceived from Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Keronis as were the S. P. Eck-j holms. Assistant Postmaster and meats, J. L. Eustace, Henry Loer Wald, Walter Hefti, Carl Goetsch Adam Zweifel, Richard Wegner Hector Kanari. (Dr. H. D. Meya is secretary of the community club. Leaguers at Convention— Richard Brink, Betty Thompson and Mary Dimler were the dele .gates from the local Epwort League who attended the distric convention at Britt last wee .Tuesday. They accompanied the pastor, the Rev. Harvey Nelson, who has been president of the district convention for three years. Dean Paul ..Johnson, -Morningside college,- gave>the principal „ talks during:'the day and ; evening., > Goes to Spokane, Wash.— Mrs. Viola Wadleigh, Hershner, 111., who had been visiting at her son J. J. Wadleigh's, near Gal- SL BENEDICT The Rev. H. Kramer received news last week of the death of his ister-ln-law at Ashton. He was accompanied there by his housekeeper Tuesday evening, the funeral service being held Wednesday morning. Joe Wltte an'd George Ludwig were'", at. .Mason,..City. TVlday. Mrs. Ralph Parsons, of Irvlng- on,. and. children, t wer,e,,Friday vis- tors' at Harvey Johnson's. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kelley, returned with Mrs. Parsons to spend a few days visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downs and t>aby, Wesley, were Wednesday evening-callers at J. O. Downs'. relttlres in the tklfilty. Mrs. Hftrrey Johnson accompanied Mrs. Dg White to Mason City Thursday. John Arend and daughter Wll- ma drove to Remaen Wednesday morning to be present at the wed' ding of his niece, Bernadette Nellis, a daughter of the former Mary Arend. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arend and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Areud, of Hurt, also attended. All returned Thursday afternoon., Art-'Rosezjineteri ahdlFrankv Erickson are busy at the mason work in the newly excavated basement under the Fred .-Ericksoni building. Mr. and Mrs. Urban Neuroth, of Wealey spent last week Tuesday evening with the Kerrins family. «rt Will and t«st*tn«nt of mid fo cease*. . Dated at Algona, Iowa, Jtifti 1, 1939. , (Seal) KATHARINE ttcHVOY, Clerk of the District Court T. Holtzbauer, Depnty NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed bids will be received at the office of the County Auditor, . . . Mrs. Genevleve Wimmer and i Algona, Iowa, until 2 p. m., July 3, daughters, Lenora and Jeanette, of 1939, for furnishing and the neces- Adams, Minn., came back Thurs- »ary labor In installing a new boil- day with her father, who had spent j er in the county court house. Bida week with them. They will spend | ding blanks, plans and specif Ica- a couple of weeks with her par- i toins may be secured at the office ents, the Guy Studers, and week ago Sunday. There they met the William Lees, who live noar Alexandria, and Mrs. Brink Sr. accompanied them home for an extended other of the Iowa. County Engineer, Algona Walter and Gordon Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Estep and daughter, Hollywood, Calif., Were recent dinner guests at the J. J. Wad- Jeigh's. 'Mrs. Estep is a sister of the men. June 21, 1939. E. S. KIiNSEY, County Auditor. 39-40 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF TTILl In District No. 4520. Court, State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss, March term 1939. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That en Mary Barton is spending several Instrument of writing purporting weeks with her sister, Mrs. Dwigbt.to be the last Will and Testament Hurdgrove at Rowan. She accom- ! of J. F. Behlmer, deceased, datec panted the Hardgroves homp Sun- j July 28, 1938, having been day, after they had spent the day i this day, filed opened, and read here. Monday, the 10th day of July Dr. Edward Freenway and Wai- 1 1939, is fixed for , hearing •...•.p.ropf ter Spaul, Chicago,. were. week-end of ..Bame s at. , the; Court'.'Hpufle:;,lnAl^ guests -at' the'' William Ellis home. I gdna, " Iowa, before ; the ... , District* HAHRIiNOiTON & LOWE, Attorneys. 39-41 f PLUMBING I See the latest type kitchen cabinet sinks, steel constriction, white enamel* You'll be Interested* LAING & HOCKEY Phone 4«4 Algona, Iowa O=K Royal Neighbors'met last week braith, has left for a visit with a Thursday evening at Mrs. Frank daughter, Mrs. H. A. Talbot, Spo- Bunting's. District Deputy Mrs. kane, Wash. Nellie Sexton, of Des Moines, was present and gave a talk. Lunch I was served by the fcostess, assist-j ed by Mrs. Fred Yates. , ,. guests -at' the'' William Ellis home. I Mrs. .Emma ^..Lehman, i.,Bo pent (last yreek •with'' her ' la'ugh- spent ter, 'Mrs. Fred Merkle. Mrs. H. E. Peltzke visited at Fay Thompson's at Eagle Grove eral days last week. Walter Hefti was ill at last week. , r bf said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby noti- sev- fied and required to appear, and jshow cause 'if any they have, why home said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the When yonr motor acM tired and Its pnlse Isn't regular, give it a filling of D-X gas. Yomll »« surprised! —Drive in! Johnson's D-X SERVICE YOU'LL LIKE OUR SERVICED DOR AND FAINT, i Floors, TO «iV Cfl «wU . Mrs. Richard Krumm and three of Gowdy of B elmond oC the mar- Mrs. Krumm's relatives from Arm- r , age o£ the , p dau , ht<n . Harriet, to strong were at Leech Lake and ;Char , eg He ckllng9,.% Waterloo. The Itasca state Park. Brlde-to-Be Is Honored- Link, of Rolfe, formerly of r coremony was performed omeat at the Other LnYerne. Wayne Sorensen was taken by .his parents and doctor to Fort Gets Canadian Souvenir - I D °dge * week ago Monday, where Mrs. Charles Dawson has just the had a growth removed from his ceived a fruit spoo i, a gift from nose. He is the older son of the er daughter, Mrs. Ella Gorman, Harold Sorensens. Henry Zweifel f Saskatchewan. Canada. The had his tonsils removed the same poon has a picturD of the king I day at Fort Dodge, nd Queen, and t'.ie wor'l "Canada' The John Brinks took his moth- ngraved on it. I er, Mrs. Josie iBrink to New Ulm, a FURNITURE COMPAKY [ACItf Store With Country Prices. fcii was m afd£day r ?o H^ph ^V^^£"S Richards, of Rolfe. ta * ght for thr e^years. Family Night Observed- T 6 t Coll Degrees- Thursday evening was family Inoluded among 641 student night at Immanuel Lutberan who recelved dl piomas at the stat church. Guest speakers were the college . at Ames i a8t week wer Rev. and Mrs. D. V. Swanson, of Wallace Caldwell, son of the Harr Gowrie. Hosts and hostesses were Caldwell8 Lloyd stith> aon o f th the Ole Kvamsdales. Francis Carl-jj Stltc ii g , and Wayne Chambers sons, Algol Swansons, John Drews,, SQn of Mr and Mrs John chamb and Rudolph Petersons. I ers f 0rmer i y o f Corwlth, and now Tfnmn— living at Goodell. Wallace, major j e(J ln physlcgj Wayne took forestry • ITE TO BAT 16-2*4 She is tbe former Dakota Hegglund, of Sioux Falls. cotUgr belonging io lEd PW^i and Lloyd, economics, son in the west part of town, and Back j,,!,,,.^ Again— will bring his bride here this week. Kermlt Johnson, who had not ye fully recovered from a back injur | he received a year ago when a n«, , «,™ a r»tv 1 angry bull threw him over a fenc Mrs. cSoVJalson and new | ^ Jj™ %*„«. $ft* baby came home from the Coleman |a week ago Monday evening, whe hospital at Estherville Saturday. The little fellow has been named Allan Gene. was knocked over by a co while he was milking. The Builders Bible class met at Baptist Guild hall Thursday night. Mrs. Andrew Berg and Mrs. Bernard Peterson were hostesses. Dr. R. M. Minkel went to Rock- iwell City Thursday to attend a meeting of the Twin Lakes Medical society. Mrs. Cecil Griffith and children are in Sioux City visiting relatives Kittenball'Lights Sought at Corwith Corwith, June 19 —A crowd of 160 kittenball fans attended a game last week Tuesday evening between teams managed by E. J. Widen and Charles Murr. Widen's team won 15-12. Following the, game a meeting was held in the 1 ; high school gymnasium, and it was decided • to hold a campaign to raise money to install lights for night games. Committees were appointed and J. M. Gehrt was appointed treasurer. Plans are be- Jng- made to hold a benefit dance at the Legion hall Friday, with Arlo Martin's orchestra playing. Will Visit In Montana— Gayle Thompson left Thursda night by train for Montana for a extended visit with relatives. Sh went from here to Minneappli vfirm^vrfiri* z* SUMM1 th Grade Teacher Resigns— Angela Higgins, sixth grade Cor-1 with teacher two years, has reigned to accept a similar position n the McGregor school. The position left vacant by her resigna-| .ion has not been filled. Aid Picnic Is Dated— The Fairview A!d met Wednes- lay at Mrs. William Wermerson's. | The noxt meeting will be in the Corwith park, with a picnic for | members and families. Other Corwlth News. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Studer and Carla Jean drove to Des Moines last week, where Carla Jean entered the General hospital for the removal of her tonsils. •Mrs. Jos. Grandjenett was at Garner Wednesday and Thursday caring for a relative who had undergone a tonsillec'tomy. Cora Dahl, Thompson, visited last week with Elaine Chambers. She is a former teacher at Fairview. COOL, COMFORTABLE KOOLTEX SEAT COVERS For 1937-38-39 Chev. and Plymouth, Rear, or Ford Sedan, Front. • ; •( 198 AT LAST! AH Your Snapshots In Natural Colors. Amazingly Beautiful! Roll developed, 8 natural OC«, color Prints for only __ «*«**» Natural Color Reprints 3c each Mall ad with film to Natural Color Photo A Janesvllle, Wis. STATUE OF LIBERT? Received as Gift from France June 19, 1885 Always holding aloft the standard of Maximum Protection at Minimum Cost, "FARMERS" now stands among the leading insurance carriers of the nation. Save with Certainty , L. S. BOHANNOK Hutchison Hldg. Phone 108. .*'." '• POWERFUL CORONADO PORTABLE RADIO Gets distant stations. Air- planeluggage type. A $19.96 value. RCA Licensed POWER! QIICISTABTINQ! LONG SERVICE! Tigar Battartat Excal In tha Thing* That Copnt Tiger batteries equal or exceed SAE requirements. Compare SAB ratings, compare guarantee, then compare price. Tiger batteries cost less per month of service. •t PUUTIftc Chief B«t- MfT, Ior popular «n, lunateM 1 jttn. t* Plate Tiger Battery, guaranteed 11 months. $3.49 M Plate Cub Battery, guaranteed • monthi.] ALL BATTCIIIES PiiUil Fan 8-inch Size $119 FULL 20-QUART COLD PACK CANNER Holds Seven •1-Qt Jars. 'Complete ' ' with rack. GAMBLE'S DUROFLO MOTOR OIL Big Savings In Case Lots Case of Four S-Qt. Sealed Cans $2.19 Single 6-Quart Can 59* Compare with oil s selling for 30c to iaSc per quart. F Price includes federal tax. FARM OR DAIRY FLY SPRAY 1 gallon mclud- ing Container . - 5 Gallons.".... An excellent killer for flies, mos- • quitoes and other insects. No offensive odor. Harmless to animals or humans. Economical, positive and quick acting. 1-Quart Dairy Sprayer .. t ECONOMY CAMP JUG 1-gallon Size 98* SEXTON ii You Figure st<& ppsts outlast or more sets of average POStS. It's qyjf-1^ ^ Jjgf to set them, an4 their tat support adds years to of y ou * woven wire. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Romer, Algona, were visitors at Floyd Erickson's Wednesday. Dorothea Pasley, Britt, visited riends in Sexton Tuesday. Esther Fitch spent a week ago Junday at her sister Mrs. Jack Weiland's, Garner. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitcli and Mrs John Koestler, Burt, spent a week ago Sunday at Will Hanon's. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hodges, who have been visiting at Harvey Steven's, returned to Webb last Wednesday. Mrs. Goorge Wermer- son returned with them and left Thursday for her home in Miller The Harvey Steven family attended, the Clapsaddle reunion at Oleson park, Fort Dodge, Thurs day. There were 80 present. Mrs. Sarah Wise received word that Mr. and Mrs- Alfred Opheim Ifetta* Mtoa, agents .T. »f , W¥iDW Nell Wise.,-They now have two boys ana a S» rl - , , -- and Mrs. Bert Sanders & the Veddlng of their coua "I thought I hneu> all about automobile*? 99 SAVE ON HAY ROPE From pure manlla fibre. Equals or exceeds U. S. Govt. breaking strength , specifications/ 100 Ft. Hay Rope *3.19 100 Ft. H-ln. Rope 100 Ft. '/«-in. Rope A LOT of folks have bad their eyes opened wide by a ride m a 1939 •Ford V- 8. They just didn't realize bow much more value and how many improvements we've put in this car the last few years. Today's advanced Ford is 9 product of progressive engineering, fine materials and honest construction. 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