Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1939 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1939
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Vt * ' ,-! *Lu£aUiuil ,.38 tfttned Iowa's .Bfifit Weekly Newspaper 1938 bjr State University at loWft^-Memter Casey's All-American Newspaper Eleven? WZ7 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 20, 1939 8 Pages 64 Columns {Number 40 '..'At ON CARRIES FOUR-TO-ONE Shoots at Stolen Car HIT IADIATORAS YOUTH FLEES Ap Before Juvenile Court. Juki, 16. Swea City, was yesterday by Deputy f her ' and 'placed In to await a. on a charge,'- of $taklpl>r.- a fear ty Also 'there Is (a «-«>«*« l» f**OV : V— —- — 1. .-— ->!-•*•-•- f* . Bibeing charged* with an at empt to avoid where . Marshal arrest at Burt. sters, who turn the ignition key' Steward put two! of old model cars on and off, caus- jullets in the car radiator iu an ing a mixture of gas to explode attempt to stop him. The shooting occurred iu Sunday evening. Marshal Steward In the muffler with a report slmi- Burt! lar to that of a gun. wanted to stop the car and arrest the driver on a charge of speeding, and he did not been stolen. The The car was stolen from the Cletes Deitering home at Bancroft early Sunday evening, and Juhl, it around several streets and finally ended up on a "blind" street, where Juhl, it is charged, got out and fled. Juhl Didn't Hear Shots. The Marshal fired two shots at know it had is alleged, took it for a Sunday ev- chase went cnlng jaunt, intending to return it and abandon it near Bancroft. Offender Is Only 16. As the youth is only 16 years old it is believed the charges will be aired in juvenile court and no . .. _ _^ preliminary hearing or regular the car,.both of which took effect-court criminal procedure will be in . the radiator. Juhl professes had. It is believed the case will surprise at the shooting, and told, come up some time the middle or Deputy Cogley he did not know latter part of the week. Juhl Is be- about It. He was under the 1m- ing held in. jail for the present, p'resslon in Burt, he said, that a This is the second case in recent .group of young people were chas- weeks in -which... marshals, have ing him, ,and he did not hear,, the laired,'on offenders, and indicates shots; or if he did, he attributed I that youths . .engaged ; in' jninor the 1 noise-to-motor backfiring." 1 This: thefts.'^'Tbbberies, 'and escapades practice Is common among young-| are going to have"'t6 face the con- SWEA C/TYANS RECEIVE ROYAL TRAIN STAMPS Swea City, Jane 17—local stamp collectors, including Jeanne Sperbeck, Ida Lar- SOB, Mrs. G. 0. Anderson, and Walter Peterson received "first covers" from the royal train of King George YI and Queen Elizabeth last week Monday. The envelopes bear the postmark: "Royal Train R. P. O, June 8, 1939." ACCOUNTANTS TO APPRAISE LIGHT PLANT Council Seeks a New Bookkeeping System. FORMER ALGONA GIRL WINS A $1000 PRIZE Thursday evening the city coun cil let .a Contract to Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co. of Kansas City, Mo. for making an inventory and valuation of Algona's munici pal electric and water utilities in' connection with installation of a new standard system of bookkeeping. ..,' , | « iu . •' » • m „«»„ The bid, .which was-$1900, was sequences of their acts. To, often Iowe8t , o£ three 8U bmlUed. Work is in.thei past,'officials believe, real.j to begin within seyen, Uays> of ; acr- ly dangerous ^criminals ,have .'beenjoeptance' f-'the; eontract June 15 permitted to get away because ot ' ' ' ^" ' * J '~ "" '' official reluctance to use. a gun. fudge Studies VanAlstyne Case RULE ON IMARSHAL JOB (vidence Completed After Session Friday. took tin advisement the case brought r H. H. Van Alstyne against CARL OSTW/NKLE, ALGONA YOUTH, OPERATES RAD/0 ON COAST SHIP Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ostwlnkle have received a letter from their son Carl, radio operator on the S. 8. Chlrikof, in which he said: "Arrived back in San Francisco on the 19th on th S. S. Chirikof. I am chief operator on this ship, and -we had four this trip. other operators on We were at Larsen Bay, on Ko- liage, but found only a few bones. The Smithsonian Institute had a building there, also a small railroad which was used for several years while scientists were look- Ing for traces of the Indians. The village is supposed to be about 2800 "years old. "We carried/ some 600 '•• passengers on our first trip, and on the diak! "lls., Alaska, and Chlgnik, Al- next we shall probably aska, spending about a week at around 700 to 800. each port. We ran into gome pretty cold weather up there, including' a couple of blizzards. "We are sailing for Bristol Bay, Alaska sometime this week. I sup- fair attended the a month ago, have San Francisco and I think il very good; 'Shipping has been good here one can just about pick any; ship PERMIT FOR A $5500 HOME IS APPROVED The largest construction pro ject included in the building per mils granted by council- at: Thurs day's meeting is^'a $5500 reside'nc to 'be put up by Cowan & Son fo a Sometime luio nsoiv. *. «-«• u..o ™— „ — - --- - -, A.,;.' , n A n we wlll be up there nearly one wants. I quit the Alvarado ;y,torreiB8t4t«ment,,aft>pbMcB-of-.y 1 , ae ,j»QaU>8,'Or the, deration of t and shipped a week later > on tne lutoon will take some time to ' the evidence and the law on Nlfri^uC'-'^SUUHW* i'wv»* >*»*••>••' •—-— -, xj ••»•"••——--—i • __ to Frisco, and sail in about e d down ten or 12 other ships. „ „.„ 0 ,.u= uw — .-» a VLek for Central .Alaska .again, "i went up for an exam some soldier's preferencei8ta*ute.be-|*L the 8 hip up-some time in Oc-> time ago and got a higher license. i giving his decision. • tober \ l now have the highest radio lic- The trial closed Monday with, .^iio at Larsen Bay, on Kodiak e nse issued, which allows me to •guments by H. B. White, atfor-L .^ anot her operator and I went operate any radio station in tne u. ly for Mr. Van Alstyne, and J.D. | to & g j te o£ an ancient Indian vil- S., land, sea, or air. attorney for the city. It was _ '. —_ '• a week ago .Monday, and lasted through .Tuesday and Wednesday morning, when the t recessed till Friday 'morn- Richard P. Norton on sout Moore street The house is to b 30 feet 8 inches x 23 feet 8 Inche with brick on the lower floor an eight-inch siding on the uppe nd is to be completed in 60 work ng days of beginning of opera ons. Mr. McDonnell, who appeared ersonally at the 1 meeting to ' ex- lain his company's proposal. commented £upon the highly efficient onditidn which has been main- ained hv. the city's utilities. He aid that- with expansion that "is bound to come in the future, it would make for even greater of- iclency lor the city to have a raluatidni of utility properties with i view to making proper provision 'or depreciation and expansion, Everything Included. The contract calls for complete inventory of all properties of the light and water utilities, and for careful inspection) . and tlon to ascertain as far as possible the age, life, and condition of the various items in order. to determine the present value.: After - completion of 'the . field work and compiling of the inventory, the engineers will summarize data collected and will make complete detailed appraisal of the value of the properties .covered under the contract. "Replacement value" and "de* The Syracuse, N. Y., Herald for Tuesday, June 6, announced rare good fortune for a former Algona girl, Edna J. Peterson, daughter of Mrs. O. J. Peterson. The latter has lived in Algona many years. As a diversion for a moment, and without expectation of winning anything, Miss Peterson took part in a) "Familiar Names Contest" conducted by the Herald in which cash prizes were of- 1 fefed. It turned out that Miss Peterson won the top prize, which was $1,000 in cash. The Herald said that when she was informed of her good fortune all she could say was, "Oh, My Land!" Miss Peterson, who spent some weeks here last summer with her mother, has for several years been x-ray laboratory technician at the Herkimer Memorial hospital, Herkimer, N. Y. She is a registered nurse and was educated in the Algona schools. Miss Peterson told the Herald that she hadn't planned to do anything with the money, because she hadn't expected to win. She added that she would probably pay a few bills out of it, then 'bank the rest. She might also pass a few days with Rochester / friends at a camp, and visit her mother again in the fall. The Herald published a two-column picture of Miss Peterson. "A graduate of the University of Iowa, Miss Peterson is a rabid football fan and follows the progress of ; the Herkimer high S ^^^^^^X^ Peterson collect, stamps and coins but she said her work at the hospital does not permit her to have many other interests She lives at the nurses' home at the hospital, where she has charge of taking and developing all x-ray pictures." CYCLE RAGES TO COME HERE ON THE FOURTH Motorcycle racea, ball games circus attractions and fireworks examina head the amusement program for predated value" win be 'P.^^cr competition, ana n-nnraiaal will be SO itemized _ ,.,„!, the Fourth of July celebration a the fairgrounds, and entries hav been received ; from 20 cycle,riders A featurVwill.be a game of motor 'cycle polo, a dangerous and thrill ing sport St. Benedict plays Wesley in th opening baseball game, and Swe City and Burt will play the secon game. Both games, promise to give the fans all the thrills of ma j RETURNS The Tote in Detail Yes No Tola Algona—1st W. 96 Algona—2nd W 132 Algona—3rd W. 116 Algona—4th W. i.__116 Buffalo 29 Burt 27 Cresco 35 Eagle 1? 20 5 14. .10 9 14 5 5 4 2 which is to overhang six inches to conform to. the system of on each side. • Lbookkeeping to be- adopted by the .'Permits iwere granted '" for the! clty A11 ltems . w m be . included, moving of two buildings, one from, botn tangible- and intangible Spencer and the other from the w j, ic ] 1 may enter into arriving at country E. B. Carlson will spend tne correc t value of the properties. ,,_„ approximately $2,000 on leveling the lot between the Milwaukee tracks and the McWhorter stock THIRD FOSTER BROTHER HELD FOR LARCENY great number of .;' -witnesses called by both sides;of the ie, and the files in the case are e/bulky as a result. Polit InTolred New. A [The soldier's preference law to lite new, and there have been no wn^io arrive ipreme court decisions on the Clinton Foster, 30, Bagle Grove tats at issue in the Van Alstyne appearing before Jus«ce Danson „ Saturday, waived preliminary near It-was brought out Iu Friday's'ing, pleaded guilty to larceny^rom ski that Mr Van Alstyne had a building at night, and was bound Hied for his former Job of chief, to the grand jury. fllrnlaa Mayor Misbach, but the city Foster was unable to ™™ „ intends that this position was giv- bail bond which was to^d at ?i»»» i in „ ™i A-n,,,- UniilHaJ anH was locked in tne COUiuy J<"; SHE 'HOOKED' CAR, HAD AN ACCIDENT, NOT CAD6HT-YET to a veteran, Arthur Moulds, and was locked .---- - j Q of I heace Van Alstyne is preclud- Foster's brothe r sK °/Jl aer ; na A i g o- ifrom recourse to that statute Eagle Grove, and K « nn "°'^j. i a veteran actually was ap-. na, were arreste * ^g tn e same ^defense, however contends' S ™°™ Justice Danson were | - the application was for, any bound to the grand jury. H the three positions, citing Mr. C»«ton had disappeared, out I* Alstyne f8 statement 'to the'.ter Sheriff Loss furnished his oes^ ' r council that he was "nqt too J^^^Sf.* Clarion a An Algona young woman is trying to keep a deep, dark 'secret She committed a dreadful sin Sunday — took a car which didn't belong to her, went joy-ridlng In It, without « drivefCs license, backed into another car, smashing the tail-light and denting the bumper «n the one she was driving. AM she hasn't been canght-yet! Table Planned. Upon completion of the apprai- tank built. l t Spencer and a septic percentages and The building will be to be considered Fentoh- 25 Garfield . 14 Garfield 14 German' •-'. — -11 •• Greenwood — 67 • Harrison — _ 52 Hebron « Irvlngton _ 18 (Lakota : 86 Ladyard —— 32 •Lincoln : :— Lone Rock '..—. 42 acts, L,otts Creek ——— 18 22 •% 32 & 20 COUNTY HOME IS APPROVEO IN LIGHT VOTE Only Two Precincts Vote Against the Proposition. With only three precincts to hear from at 0:30 this mornlncr ttw vote for the county home wan 1248 and only 275 against, out of a total of 1518 rotes. The proposal to build a $50,000 county home was approved by Kossuth voters Monday by a four- to-one vote, it was indicated last night when returns from 26 of the 36 precincts in the county gave 1160 votes for the project to 269 against. Of the first 26 precincts to report there were only two which went against the project—Riverdale and Portland—but the vote in Prairie was close—21 for and 20 aganist. Observers at the auditor's office were surprised at the Riverdale vote. The township has the lowest tax rate in the county-, Algona Totes "Aye." The vote was very light, even in Riverdale, where only 37 votes were cast—24 against, and 13 for. In Portland ten voted against the project and five for it. Algona carried heavily for the ,„, project, the vote being 460 fa.vor- ™i able, and 38 against, for a major** ity of 422, or about 12 to 1. The 4t * Second ward .cast the largest, num- ~ her of votes—146, with 132 in. favor, and 14 against. Of precincts reporting last night outside of Al- 101 146 126 125 Seven. high class circus .„. consisting, of acrobatic, juggling, ,L U Verne . 24 novelty bicycle and aerial acts are pium Creek —.—- 17 scheduled for the afternoon and, Portland , 5 evening shows. In addition a popular male quartet has been secured direct from the Chicago theater. Biggest Fireworks Display Prairie ----- —- ~- ~ 21 Ramsey __L_i_J-_i:J: v li Riverdale ' Seneca Sexton 20 14 used as a warehouse for two bulk correct depreciation for both elec- tanks. Adam Heiderschedit plans to building 22 feet x 14 feet furnish all >• *" *• first time. move a trie and water utilities The engineering company Is to t "* help, material, and . The All-Amertean Exposition Shows, with all types of rides and into town to a lot In the Call ad- transportation except in case necessity to make test pits or ex- „„„„,„„ will be on the midway. ThiTyear"s program is better than any previous celebration's, and the admission charge has been reduced to 25 cents with children under 8 labor years old admitted free. There Is i, ™ ™/rt hv no charge for automobiles. . irice uartnoiomew oa costs *u r »-~- work. are^paia oy ^ ^ (Luther) Fairbanks his hatchery and also the city, and the cost of landI vai ahreveTK)rt , Laii arive d by army his nation is to be paid by the cuy- local Land Appraisers. cavations In order to determine condition and value of , Actual ditlon to use as a private garage and wood shed. John Dreesman is to have a one- . story galvanized steel garage ground equipment, built by Maurice Bartholomew on' costs ^ for *""* wn the lot with some remodeling done on house. The garage, to cost about $1200 will be 50 x 50. A new sidewalk and concrete driveway will be put in. Another garage, for which a permit was granted. Is to be built by The value of land Is to be determined by a committee of local men familiar with' real estate values. The engineering company will mr- nish maps and sketches of land luib ?? »o a • **«v«»-« .— -.-— • . . - uiou. **A**jf" *•—— J.J-— the Algona Lumber Co. on the owned by t he city in connectiom Shumway lots at the corner ot , tn llgnt ana wa ter utllltels. l —'- ' T he appraisal when completed, a ne at the Algona Rendering to rattle doorknobs again, 1 ' FliaBces IB !•••«., [Evidence presented by th* city " ilgned to show'that fte Van application was refused Bl wo „.„— > of financial troubles, and » * Memorial day. Went nagging at the mayor, wui« ^ *_ the council by creditors ^^o.:«*«!! ift Still lit to collect through, the cl^i JKamiail »• ••?*• "any times on the stand'witness p af , Short O» slated his work as policeman • •* ____ satisfactory and that the o»ly, „„ oler we ather of the ..las* was in bis financial ™ e v£ugi,t on by rains, was There was V evidence ^*ome but the local GSSBS s-srLv&Wr.jfi* •- Thousands Picnick at the State Park An estimated 3,000 people picnicked at the Ambrose A. Call park so many re are charged tnree i»rMi"'=* 0 ttlv „ . ,, ouuu<»;. »—«.»~ ..— -- .—-. theft of four bags of tanK-j un j onSi group picnics, etc., that It new tire and wheel from, took Paul Willei park custodian. **°" .. . T>An^ai*1nE! . i *„ ^t»AAl- "1/iaf" some two hours to direct "lost 1 people to their own groups. Due to the fact that there was also a reunion at his qwn home, manjf .outsiders drove into his driveway thinking their grQUP was meeting there. Moore . and McGregor streets. Herman W. Lyon will build ^^ m . .... small house In the Call Ave. addt-j and drawings to show the cbarac- will include maps, exhibits, data, _ . ' A _ ^i.*,-™* ^V>A r»'rioi l *OP.— tion. Nelsena M. Christensen is to, have some remodeling done on house in Stacy's ^addition. 200 Escape Heat at Pool Friday Friday was a boom day for .the Algona Municipal swimming pool, with an estimated attendance ot 200. Rain and cold weather had ,ter, extent, * utility properties, and location of the Shreveport La.. plane Saturday for a visit till 2 22 8 5 15 12 3 9 7 9 10 20. 9 14 1' 8 a a gona, Lakota cast the largeet'yote, a total of 101, with 86 in favor, and 15 against Interest in the election Was slight, and yesterday those in fa- i vor were afraid the light vote 7*1 might mean that only .opponents il'were voting. There was some ac- 44 tivlty In Algona toward -getting out .the Vote. Most voters seemed 13: 89 60 /» 45 26 15 41 20 37 21 to feel that the county had to have the county home, and for that reason ..there .-didn't seem to be much sense in opposing the measure. PWA Grant to be Asked. The only unfavorable comment was about the cost a few stating Unlon 17 Wesley 58 Whlttemore 58 Totals 1243. 3 12 20 22 the $50,000 total seemed high. 18; The county expects' to seek a PWA grant toward part of the cost, thus reducing the $50,000 total to be spent by whatever Is re- 70 celved from that source. However, 89 the county Is not going to hold up 275 .1518]starting the.project while red tape is unwound. » — -.. IJltVllO *j«*i,»** •*••*,? — Monday noon with his parents,Mr and Mrs. G. U. Fairbanks, Burt and wtlh Algona friends. According to government restric tions, he had to land at an airport near Fort Dodge and be met there, but before landing he took a little "joy ride" and circled around Algona and Burt a few times, to let JIMMY'ANNOUNCES THAT HE'LL RETIRE THREE INJURED IN FENTON CAR CRASH Three were injured Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock when a car driven by C. L. Mattingley, of Des. tn , weefc mc i udes a n announce- Molnes, and another driven by Mrs.l ment tnat many will re g re t; Jimmy Clarence Osborn, Fenton, crashed reveals o^t he has been told by at the corner of a township road, three miles north and a mile east' of Ifenton. L. W. Hauptman, Wesley, and Mr. Mattingley were In the car going west, which turned end over Jimmy Neville's this week Includes advertisement an announce- •the home;"folks r 'know_ he was', end after the two cars crashed three doctors that he must let up "or else." So he is going to .quit business, and this time it looks as if it will be for good. Mr. Neville announces that has rented, his shoe building he to Baymeiit for the work involved me rchant and "farmer from in the contract will be made to wor ic to see if "war had really two parts, half when field surveys „ here. The plane dropped a little and they were the most ser: lower than he had anticipated,; hurt __Mr. Hanptnuu, L Deceived _ a flf however, and brought , fasne 11 , parties who will continue, the bus- iously, J 1 He himseU: is pa88 i ng "out *i . many a, number, his bruises, „ •••* ^ of serious head cuts and the picture quietly, satisfied what he has accomplished" in be- IW" JfCH V»| •»*••» " m and inventories are completed, and the balance upon presentation ~ the appraisal and valuation. B»nd at Mason City. Th Algona high school band 6p members Is atendmg a music "*_» J*"* 0 ^./^^ 54-year business career-^run- of of 2UU. IVlilU ttUU ^UIV ncm.uv/t «_—. wy - —— --, • — . 7_j»« kept the attendance down to 30 .to to-tlyal »t. Masoi,.City todaj , 50 per day earlier In the week. So far, 125 season tickets have been sold, and more are being purchased every day. , ty marching bands were expected for the all-day festival. The local group was accompanied by the new band leader Mr, Getchelle. Five Algona golfers' went to Fairmont Sunday to take part in an annual short stop tournamen that day, Thev were R. J. Harrington, J. A. Haggard, F, A. Bunt ing, J. R. Miirtagh, and Lawrence required to close one wound on the nose. One eye might be affected, it was reported yesterday. Mr. Mattingley also received a num. her of cuts and bruises, and was taken to a Mason City hospital. Mrs. Osborn and her two children were uninjured, but Mrs. Earl Fin'dlev 'Mrs Haggard and Donna'Crouch suffered a number of leg Belle Merron also made the trip cuts,jtfs.Jtobom apparently^saw to serve as gallery. Harrington, only local player to survive the first round, was eliminated In the second, Hton. 1 at the time he took r 44 toil he had been endeayorlag 0 clear up old debts.' 1 rne case has attracted consider- , rainfall whlcb 'S W*s Nor».l .or. 80 PEOPLE WORK IN "NORTH ALGONA" jue s nearly inches, and good town J a go a good should od subiL town, that makes Algona a good town Algo- suburb, or "North Algona/ t week Tuesday eyen- Rose defeated hiS nrom'&-a"thriving business 1 l«ca) attention and there **&<,„ thB territory surruifuu»»o —-.17 -—;. • . ood crowd at all but.tbe firs P 1 n«,r nmelal record for tne indicative or '<>}<m. Curbstone opinions pn tV na ' v ^Mmn- -"£^^^£1^=2«ss^ft-flsa^ June 14, — 76 59 June 15 93 67 June 16 —--"" 91 62 June 17 —;—•——"" gi 7g" June 18 —"•'""V" 7 ' — R 9Y .-A, p-j. «w*,days'la8t VV^T- - . ^~ auminw \&t*& loMRi saaj" sys^ V a standstill." IB (ke "Good OU P»y». w That was back te the ers could come in. Meetings .were being held all over the county to work up enthusiasm for paved corners of the junction, becoming Anderson. The structure, which the first inhabitant of North Al- ,was purchased in sections and as- gona, During the time he has been sembled here, has chromium trim- was ten years before any wa y. Almost 20 — i there Mr. Wallburg has continual- roads, and a county referendum toh y -expanded his property, and at that effect was succefsful, _ but _ltj th? preBewt tlme ne hag 12 cabins two oil ftations and a large cafe. By the end of this summer there will be 15 cabins. Light for all, the buildings comes from the A)gosa light plant Nothing has stopped |*r. Wallburg—not even two rather serious Pea Motnes river floods. Pioneer $eedl|»*«e Built. Mr. Wallburg and his family Were the only inhabitants of Norfh /U(, Alf thing! was done 'to make \Nortn Algona possible. At that time, It will be remembered, the "North Iowa ?ike,'» now highway 18, crossed highway 169 on State street In Algona, but as early as July 24, 1W9, A B. Clayton, the farm editor, writing in the Advance of Jhat datei mad« the suggestion that number 18 take the route which It nqw tal^es. In this way North Algooa becam,e possible. . ,, • Nearly 10 years later, op 16, 1928, paying was out Of Algona on begun mings, adding to its appearance. A room for dancing with one wall made entirely of glass bricks adds to the attraction of the building. "Suburb" Still Growfag. The Colwell sales pavilion Is a the other car coming In time to make an attemp to turn the corner and go in the same direction. Thus the impact aa far as the Osborn. car was concerned was] less.' However both cars were iu the ditch and the Mattingley car Is reported a wreck.' State Patrolman D. S. Hutchison went to the scene to make the report of the accident. ' , Of interest is the fact that Mr Mattingley and Mr. Hauptman were at the Osborn farm a short nlng up hill most of the way." Now Jimmy is going to turn his boat around and "float down the stream" till he comes to the river Styx and crosses. Jimmy ends his announcement with a characteristic paragraph which old friends will not want to miss. A reporter who sought some details covering Jimmy's' long business career was told that he was not yet ready to give out particulars. The'time for that, he thinks, will be when he has definitely retired. . ' ' Algerian's Nephew Killec^by an Auto Mr. and Mrs. C, H. Beardsley were called to Rock Rapids Satur...„ .-.day by news of the death of John time before the accident and on! Collins, 10, nephew of Mrs. Beards- leaving had turned and gone the wrong direction. They were com ing back to the Intersection when the accident happened. ftad then IS number IS . „ „ . , the short SPW between we route east «fJ«W£_ JP$J& route e«s» next ; year Algona »^y 19SJJ, when the ?io neer HJ-Bred S«e4 Cora Co. bwi its huge plant oa one of the four corners, t The bujldlng, a rftd|pftl departure from, the accepted arch-. iteotural design, tor seed j^lajits, Is ISQ'feel! J?ng, neon-sign extended the fuU of $10,000 structure north of the! St. Cecelia "Chrome," and stock sales are held there weekly. A roller skating rink was erected between the "Chrome" and the pavilion last week., This spring the Algona -Junior Chamber \ of Commerce, is cooper AT tlon with the state highway corn* mission, established Wayside Park to the area formed by the northwest curve leading from one highway to tbe other. Trees were Planted; a fireplace built, and a structure. 1 two Important additions Algona'were nita "' ley. The boy was struck by a truck after he had got put of an' automobile and started across the street Funeral services were held Monday at Rock Rapids, Walter and Margaret Ann Beardsley went to Rock Rapids Sunday with an Will fir* t>n Pnnvent aunt, Mrs. Bodholdt, Pes Koines, Will \*O 10 ^OHVf Hi to ^^ ^ t unera i. The Beards- Eight St. Cecelia's Presentation Sisters will leave Friday for the Mount Loretto Convent, Dubuque, where they will remain till August They are Sisters Mary Monica, Mary Martina, Mary Burnadine, Mary Henrietta, Mary ' leys returned ^..Algona Monday. Auttralian Number*

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