Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1939 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1939
Page 3
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KOBStfttt COUNTY PAQB Ttmn Rebekah Convention Drawl Crowd w Wesley began WHITTEMORE AID IS ENTERTAINED AT LOTTS CREEK Wh.Htemore, June 12—«t. Paul's Ltltherall Aid held its regular monthly meeting in the school basement Thursday atternom. Election of officers took place. Mrs,'Elmer Bell was . reelected president, and Mrs. W. A, Rusch succeeded Mrs. F. J. Balgeman as vice-president; Mrs. • H. W. Behn- Tte,.'treasurer; ^Mfs. Louis Grelri- ert secretary. Hostesses at this meeting were Mrs. H. J. Helmke, •Mrs. .Frit* Helnrlch, Mrs. Loul* Grelnert, and Mrs, Henry Kuecker. Friday afternoon Aid members were guests of the Immanuel Lutheran Aid at iLottS Creek. Those who attended from Whlttemore i Were.,Meadames. R. A. Behnke,' H. W. Behnke, August Mlelke, ChrU Meyer, Herman Volgt, Art. Heiden- wlth, George Meyer, P. L. Jessen, Hugo Meyer, Lawrence Meyer, Albert Behnke, John Baas' . '•••. C. C. Baas, F. J. Balgeman, Otto ,Bell, Elmer Bell, Rugust Bernau, Fred Blerstedt, Dietrick Cordes, M. H. DIscher, W. F. Dau, Herman Gade, Louis Grelnert, Edwin Grelnert, William Hanover, J. H. Helmke, Henry Kuecker, William Lauck, Henry Lauck, Herman and Ed Maahs, Albert Meyer, Carl Ostwald. Meadames William Roeber, August Vaudt, Archie . Vpjgt, Henry, Wichtendahl, Edwin 'Wlchtendaht, George Wichtendahl, Herbert Zu* mach, and William Ostwald, and Adella Bell and"Alvera- Behnke. The afternoon;was spent,at,play- Ing grimes, followed by a lunch. Return to-Milwaukee Home— Mr? and/Mrs. JamiiS Burnett and son George returned to their home In -Milwaukee Thursday evening. They were accompanied by Dorothy Braatz, who Will spend several months with relatlvea In Milwaukee. The Burnetta came last week Monday to visit at their uncle, Louis Brgatz's.. . Boy Has OperatioB— John Elbert, little son of Mr. and Mrs. August; Elbert, was taken to the Kossuth hospital In Algona Jftlday morning, and underwent an operation for an abscess. He baa Just recently had an operation In Algona about two weeks ago for appendicitis. •, • other Wltlttemore. Mrd. H. C. Meyer left Thursday evening for a week with her Sylvester Ehlers at Madison, was FAIRVILLE AID ENTERTAINED BY FENTON AID of the |l ^'rfrlne'group com- OU " C Blalne Mumn;j.l- Bottom; vocal Milton Olddlngs and THE POCKETBOOK of KNOWLEDGE^ Fenton, June 12—St. John's Lu theran Aid entertained the Fair- vllle Aid and the women of their own congregation at a Guest day Wednesday afternoon in the church basement. A brief business meeting was held, after which a program was given. Mrs. Amos Finnestad gave a reading. A one-act play, What Husbands Don't Know, directed by Mrs. R. W. Kabelitz, was given, with th« '' nce Hansen. ; cast: ^Peter^ins, Mrs. Alvln Zu- C officers ,elec^"/or|^ acn . Portu i ab a, ink* LLlWi *> >••"*-;— ~'^~i» . "* ' »ut»\*»» I » »*» »»«MV*«| JfirHt «t *v, TV ill Mrs. Mayme peter- rett . Mra j agpe r, mother of two (resident; Mrs«,a.«- cnl i drenj Mrs. Everett Dreyer; Algona, vice; fS'^jTootsleoMrs. Ray Prlebe; Jackie litonka, - • fl . c *"£Mj's.f fcayV'Tletz ; . Aunt Sally Watts Mullin, Wesley, Mrs: Amos Finnestad; Mrs. Hartshorn,' MrittEdw. Mitchell; Mrs '"--—• '"" s. 'Ralph" Riedel; Mrs Henry Reimers; Mrs r«d supper in mo ,•.«»•.•»!- uppington, Mrs. Walter Ohm; Mrs it to Rebekahs and the 8weetmani Mrs. F. F. Mueller [teBebekabs served «»*» Mrg . Meredith, Mrs. George Jentz cream, cake, cookies, ."^ Miss Spauldlng, Mrs. Emil Bier the guests at the close, atedt; Ml88 Jane Barlow, Mrs. C -"•'— F. Wegeners; Mra. Pryer, Mrs. Weber Yager. The play closed with a song, The Ladles' Aid, with Mrs, Weber Yager at the piano. A luncheon was then served toj . Mention will be . •eit year. The Metnoalttj pr0 8t I «j sapper in the churcft uppm e fl VUO £*•»<"-— — evening aenlo* Officers- held Its last week Mrs. 3. , Legion monthly night, with • ng, . . . hostess, and nine members i Mrs. Josephine Meurer, fr, reported $29.34 .was re- Iroffl the sale of popples In Irs. Meurer, delegate to' the Conference Jn , Fort -, Dodge, i'gaTe'atf interes'tlrig report meeting. All officers were ttd: Mrs. EdnaFlom.preBt- " ... (b'rburger, secretary; Mrs. line Meurer, treasurer; Mrs Johnwn, chaplain; and, Mra. K sargeant. •; Mrs. no WOULD CMTOVta ti,doo * MADE WITHOUT MOKRM. MACHIHERV/ INVESTORS .._ HOLDING BACK ' EXPEN01TURES-Of ;' , ' • • tfOOOOOO,OOO OVER TH6 '' NEXT fIVE XIARS B/UTII.ITI6S v .. i* HEW ecioiP*«Hr. *•"- * • HOUID ewe STIAW AT GOOD WASfS TO 4.000,000 tVOWmS o.oooooooooon PERCENT gADIUM. HlHWS W1U MOT WIAft AMOK WMILI COOWK4, MUIVIH4 THAT 4MJNM ti FOUND OH MANV •tACIfRS IN THE 105 by the committee, Meadames Ray Prlebe, Ray Tletz, Wm. Jentz, Alvln Zumach, and August Bierstedt. Entertainment was . planned by "Mrs^'Everett Dreyer, Mrs. Amos ; Finnestad, Mrs. R. W. Kabelitz, and Mrs. Alvin Zumach. 'Children Present Program— The annual Children's day program was presented Sunday morn- i Ing at 10:30 at the Methodist BiB l (HDan,KB l irBe»uv. , «?"?•• ;' churc h. The program was: song,j went a w "eek ago. The 'Elglers' ippoloted Mrs. Helen_John-, lmary de p ar tment; prayer, Betty mall son Jonn wln st ay with his In. Viola Studer, and »«• Holldorf; welcome, Dolores Man- d t M d MrBi j^k klne Meurer, as a committee; recitations, by Ward Ruake.j |™" ai>areul8 ' lit the treasurer's books. The I j^ nlta straley> Jel . ry Holldorf,, 6 . :.. - BMttoK will be July 3, with | p^r^ood Voigt, Raohael Weisbrod,; jjn,i c School 'la- Closed— Gwrge Vltzthum as hostess., d Virginia Ruth Mueller; whis-| xhe daily vacation Bible school >•„ jTT'i. «i tlinE song, group of boys; reading,', close( i Friday, after a two weeks SSLttfc c^f J &j£*~23£f3£- """"" """• * ** ••' "• "' * ffamr. i 5ss a Sis^<£*... i'summer school at Duncan I Verses, primary group- ill »go Sunday. There waa an i lor g rls; and pageant, i _• no _ i 1.1.- J A II» A!A««_ afrf* P.laSSI Work has already begun. Fishing In Minnesota- Mr, and Mrs. Derwood Elgler left Saturday morning for Anchor Inn, Minn. They will vacation with Mr. and -Mrs. Bob Goetach, ! >^,who went a'week ago. The' MBteMnrR' day. ice of 88 at the daily class- nday morning a class of 12 their first holy commun- unday evening a program ren by the pupils and pao- he parish w-hich was very ended. Sister Bernette left. sday morning for her home : m, 8. D., to be with her i who Is critically: 111. -The| will leave June 19 for Mll- , to spend the summer.; Girls High~PiipllB—; e Loeblg, daughter of Mr, a, Edw. Loebig, received an ate classes. \tt«nd Hurt Guest Day— Mesdames E. C. Weisbrod, Anna Osborn, W. J. Weisbrod, Don Weisbrod, Shelby _WeisbrodJ. G, Waterman, R. Stoeber, C. Goetsch, Wilfred Stoeber, George VAN DM TEARS UP A GARDEN AT WEST BEND West Bend, June 12—Some culprit pulled up about three rowa of potatoea In the garden belonging o P. J. "Dewltt, south of the liquor store; He found a man's footprints in the garden, but has been unable to find any other evidence. Attends College Commencement— The Rev. H. J. Needing returned Thursday from Dubuque,.wherei he attended'commenc'emenf'exercises at Dubuque university. He is one of the directors of the college. Two of his children, Esther and Otto, are stude.nts there. Attend beai Molnes Funeral- Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Walker and children, Ronald, James, and Betty, attended the funeral 'of Mrs. Walker'a brother-in-la'w, Frank Grogan, in Des Moines, Friday. Mrs. Grogan returned home with them. Other West Bend, Mr and Mrs. Chris Bowen and three children, of South Dakota, spent a couple of days the past week at the former's sister, Mra. P J Dewitt'a, and with his brother John Bowen, who lives at the Dewitt home. Earl Cobb returned home from Rochester, Minn., Friday.. He has been taking treatments^ thre<| weeks, and is feeling ^much better Mrs. Faber'Dugan and daughter of Pioneer ,and Mrs. Mervln Mar low and son, Lone Rock, spent Fri RWITHMAN ET8 PAINTING FROM GERM ANY IJorwith, 'June 12—The Rev. Karl W G. Hiller recently received an oil painting of the head of Christ, life sized, from his cousin, an artist in Baden'Baden, Germany.' -? The artist, Wilhelm Hiller, has , at international reputation,, and| is also an author, bearing to Germin letters, a standing compar- at le to Robert' Louis Stevenson in English literature. For the past five years an an- lal volume has been issued from Js pen in the German language. His stories are largely tales of adventure based on experiences gatn- eil from ^ number of trips around the world, many of them as a cabin boy and later a sailor before the mast. When a lad he shipped as a. cabin boy on a sailing vessel, and af- Inn and. Spring . M'lnn., after a ten-day vacation. Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Tatum left Friday for lowsy CJty, where ,jMr. Tatum will attend summer school.' He is the local coach. Mrs. Anna Osborn went to Ringsted Wednesday for a few days visit >with -her -sister, ..Mrs. -Jennie Jensen. '•.."'••'!'..' ' Bobby Lee and Harold Padgett, Algona, came Wednesday for a visit with friends. Stanley Munch, of Minneapolis, daughter Jean, of Havelock, spent Thursday with the latter's unclfl, William Riley. . - - ., Charles Riley: returned ' to . hte home at Livermore Friday evonlnt after a week at his father, Williau Frank and Howard Jerger s spent last week at Rembrandt, where they painted the city wat FEN'llffi The Rev. and Mrs. J. G. Water man. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Dreyer; Mice and Alvlna, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Frank, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newel, and Mesdames A. R. Wlll- rett, E. K. Johnson, Don Wels- brod, Edw. Weisbrod, Art Krause, and J. A. Schwartz attended the tower. i Letha Daubendlek, of Remsei, waq a business visitor in West 'Stanley Munch, oi Mlnnea P° 11B ; I w ^/ ear iv last week came Wednesday night to visit at | Bend early last wee*. E. C. Welsbrod'S. Mrs. Will Krause, of Lone Rock, an 01 * * 11* *»« «•*•««! »•visited at Herman Krause's last Wednesday. ternoon. Mrs. E. The DlOeucr, vjGw*o~ ailU •*!. **« o^u™*»» v« **vv^— • : Laura Boettcher at- 4 _ H Rally day at Burt last week - 1 *'•"' Tuesday. The Band Mothers club, which meets the first Monday night, in every month, plans to serve every two weeks during the band concerts. The next social will be this Guest day church Friday wedding dress Mrs. w. C. Weisbrod, who was, married in 1908 was among those modeled to the wedding gown pro- Woman's Finger.Cut Lotts Creek, June 11—Mrs. William Fuerstenan had the misfortune of cutting her index finger | New Building at Fenton Occupied Feuton, June 12—The five n«w [buildings replacing the six destroyed by fire in December a^re knife. She went to the doctor in the afternoon and it required two stitches to close the; wound. Mildred Faulstich is assisting her with the housework. ,... „..- .—. of the- week, wl I Prlebe's; grocery and Eigler s .di galore will move in the- near ture. ir a voyage Ot 200 days was ship- recked at the mouth of the Columbia river and was one of to be saved. The other 24 of crew perished. His most recent book was issued this spring and is entitled "Manner In Ketten," or, "Men in Chains." ] t is a story of a prisoner in a : French prison colony in New Cale- i Ionia. The picture received by the Rev. Wr. Hiller was exhibited at the tfethodist church at the Children's lay services Sunday .morning. SHOWER HONORING PAULINE BUCK, OF RICH POINT, GIVEN Rich. Point, June 12 — Some 7(', guests attended a pre-nuptial shower Friday night at the Leslie Jenkins home in honor of Pauline Black, whose approaching marriage to Adolph Girres, of Wesley, has been announced. Donald and Albert Borman and Robert Arndorfer presented a musical program during the evening. The hon- pree then opened her gifts and a delightful lunch was served. Hostesses were Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Ronald Gardner, Mrs. Matt Borman, . Mrs. R. H.* Skilljngi... Mrs. J. - A. Johnson, Mrs. Hugh Raney, Mrs. John Erpelding, and Mrs. Paul Black,""-: : : :i :.; / _..-,'..-.:;.^..- i . - •.. '... •'•• To "Send, Two to Ames— • ; The Ir'vingtpn 4-H- club- met -last week Wednesday at Joe Wad- lelghr's.. It. was decided to send the leader, Miss Schulz, and one girl to the short course at the state college at Ames this week. • Shower for Mrs. Tom Vlpond— Mrs. Scott Moore was a guest at Lloyd Vlpond's Thursday afternoon, The occasion Was a- kitchen ahower In honor of Mrs. Tom VI- pond, the former Hazel Walker, of Algona. Other Rich Point. Mrs. Tromabane, Fort Dodge, returned to her home Wednesday after several days with her 'parents, Mr. and- Mrs. Frank Capeslus. Mary Jane Reding, Whittemore, came the same day and will spend Borne time with her aunt, Mrs. Capesius. i' .- '' v Mrs. Freda Steussy, who has m >-pHlNK of getting all the wonder- J. ful new ideas Dodge now offers for even less money than last yeart ... New" gesfrshifV at ^ the steering > wheel!...Concealed luggage compartment, 27% larger!.. .and many more p^sthe_igreat Dodge "Scotch Dynamite" Engine, famous for savings on ga» and oil! See it today! ;l: ELBERT GARAGE, ALGONA, IOWA I -A.T in 1 Don't MIsaOwBIg Display d AND eor 1 "WORLD'S FWR SPECIAL" USED CMS! LHBBI^BM^^^H^B^J - MBAMVA ABB MMiM a^ River Falls, Wls., where she will ' visit another daughter. e ot 97.1% In her eighth state examinations. This is lest score received IB tb*. . Rita Loeblg, daughter of j st - nd Mrs Victor Loeblg, re- "" second high score of the , having an average 1 -of Both aro students of St. a's Catholic school. idwardH Is Home— . Jessie Edwards housekeep- A. M. Kunz'a, returned home nt of the week after two s with her daughter and son wea City. The families from Lake, Des Moines, Waterloo, atlne, Boone, Swea City, »nd ey were called to Sioux City to death of Mr. Edward's er, cession. Algona Guild Enterta i">f- h i. W. E. Laage entertained the § Episcopal Guild, of Al- M *. Wm. Julius and son lefTwednesday for *°*»W,to»- reqeived word of the death oi Julius's grandmother, Mrs. t. M 'M S rT. U ciyde Humphrey was hostess to her' mother's Aid society, the St. Paul's Lutheran, of Rlng- 1 sted, Thursday afternoon, and 3& art, of Burt. School Rooms arc Painted-children here will, be •me Dorcas Sewing club met last week .Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Sam Warner. Guests we" Mra - Joh'n Osborn and Mra. enure uuumiib —- "",- hBpnU n-i 'Mrs. &un. ""•" | _~r ar .,? l ?i (1 v i.l Heretofore the walls Have been mi i Goeders, Estherville, vis •B^^SSFaaBrnA. 1 *** 4 Wedding Dunce—^ iy from thla community ^the wedding dance last t Monday night at the Floral «•_ Algona given . by, .Deane ., and PauU 111, They were ^an, week Monday nlgw. iHhcr FI IM • ?!'•"•-* . K & H. oil company, recelv- Mrs. McMur- Rins -nouiD sji»u»-j. * .._-._ ay remained for several days The George Hirner family and Simon Hirner family attended **« ounty shoot held JS.TSi-2-2 church by Father A. brother of .the- record. The n v for the month t Shower— -•-~ U1D uoeiz, Mrs. Arlo Da,w- *w. Leonard Arndorfer, and • ""HIS Kunz, attended a pr«~. shower at St. Benedict Wl oall a week ago Sunday LJ, *^f., »* bridge 8 ' and 6 ' Un. "»»• iJtuflick won in 600, f to Carrier Meetlag^ wer Mullin and Dwight Wagin*? re 8mon B the more"-! i'ss«!y*«l m and son Mr Lost Island. Mr. Martinek and Mr. and enceMechleo were . enceec . land QVer p t0Uren r n ?er Minneapolis a week oai Tuesday afternoon Charles Lawler •• and at the Mr- Mrs. Albert Heno. Mr. urned Clt where he Monday bad been retreat. Chevrolet for I93» to thefint cor of the la .... VSGV&sfiK their daughter and sister, Vincent Daughan... d her Mrs. Tom Forburge^^ ^ Q ^_ »WW night, Nw of. 'totalled, C o pa nied by Phil ^ visited- at Lael weeh; gunday. k ' the|r Mr and Mrs. George 6herWan. S«kK«,i«r6: ternoon. stu der, daughter Jeannine »ose oiuw*• , " OD . "sS-rSiws First In sales by a wide margin- sold, and the demand increasing. First In first In acceleration, first!» hlll-cllmblng. all-round performance with-economy, anong au cars In Its price range I See your Chevrolet dealer today and I that pwfHMflf becauee It out-v<*v** all others In the field-Buy « new 1939 Chevrolet! first In uMMiyiif UiKCt Jpfj^pe^My p^ww^jf IN SALES IN VALUE n i ' •Jut alt HIM* •** . NEW "ajMWATUMl k«*» ItoHtlwc • Ne 0«* V*aHMiw> • «¥««•• flW»f f WfeS7.«fe^ Tuesday. , tor Co I8HEE

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