Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1939 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, June 13, 1939
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^SSV^MU ^jSSrf?**^* •«••*• W>o final : —*-—*"^i*u«*4 towa'i B(*tt W«kly JNews'lmper 1938 by State University * 38 3 HrtwIriMwfcfc*' Caney'i All-American Newspaper Eleven, 1927 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 13,1939 10 Pajges 80 Columns ALSTYNE-CITY CASE TO TRIAL E0SSUTH TEAMS DISPLAY VARIED BALL catcher for Wesley and Wltten- Daugh for Letts Creek. Wesley made 'flte hits and two errors and Lotts Creek two hits, and six errors. ...... In,the game at Tltonka, Bancroft won 12-0, with 15 hits and three errors. Patterson was on the mound, and Welp behind thS plate. Tttonka had two hits and five errors. Callles pitched and Datt was catcher. Becker got two doubles and Menke a triple. Patterson struck out five men and Callies! nine. Kuedcer's pitching for Burt was the outstanding feature of the game at Burt. He allowed only one hit, and that was in the eighth inning. Burt won 2-1. Whltte- more had four errors and Burt six hits and one error. The battery for Whittemore was Keene and Butler, for Burt, Kuecker and Marlow. . . There was nothing sensational about the Fenton^Swea GWy game at Fenton which the Fenton team won 8-7. Swea City had 12 hits and two errors. The battery was Delterlng and Hanefan. Aiderson and" Krause were the battery for the Fenton team, which had ten hits and two errors. Games scheduled for Sunday are Fenton at Lotts Creek, Tltonka at. Burt, Swea City at Whlttemore and Wesley at Bancroft. COUNTY HOME ELECTION IS DATEDMONDAY '.."''• '* • * Polls are at the Usual Places and Open Till 8 P.M. LUVERNE BOY HAS CHANCE AT DIAMOND STUDDED "DERBY" KE\ Lu Verne, June 12—'Winning ai place among the first ten In each of the four tests at the state 'brain derby" was merely keeping up his " Brink, who fourth In physics, fifth In English correctness II, and eighth In American literature comprehension. He received his first key two years ago with a second In general science, standard for Richard was second in Latin, and eighth In English correctness. In his sophomore year he was f i -st In Latin.-I, second in English or- rectness 10, and eighth in algebra. The key he won that year had a ruby in it, as It was his second key. This year, having won a second, his key contained an emerUd. A fourth key, which his friends hope he will win next year, will be diamond studded. Brothers Charged Stealing Tankage and Tire «T TRACED; 0 FORT DODGE AND LU VERNE Over to m Bound Grand Jury 'on $500BoiKb. rfcree brothers, C 4 Kenneth Foster, iday and Saturday Inton, Oscar were arreste< charged with theft of four baja of tankag d a new tire and Awheel from a at the Algol a Rendering orkB plant south; o The theft occurrel_ during the enlng of Memorial BUing OI moiuui mi unj, <M»M «v — HUU, Ai »ti*&i-w**. . .. wged that tho stolen goods were I The third degree was exempu- fj e a by the degree team f rom Car- Bpoeed of at Fort (Dodge and Lu ine. Tiro Arrested Oocar and Rennet H, the younger the trio, were ai rested Friday, tie grand-jury listlce Ddnson Clinton had description i4 irtre ibtiilnd -td iat" same day >by nfler $1,000 bonds. luppeared, -but i ras furnished othe e was arrested at ay. According to the r. sheriffs, .and Clarion 'Satur- sherlff's office Kenneth is an (is believed that t le tankage was old to farmers near Lu Verne, aid the tire and wl eel taken from he truck at the plant, -was sold ai i unit at Fort Dodge. ; Kenneth lives in tally, and Oscar |rom Eagle Grove iording to files at lice, has served a formatory for forg i; An investigation Algona with his d Clinton are Clinton, ache sheriff's of- term In the re- ducted to determine whether the trio has had any connection with itajllar minor thelts which have occurred In Kossuth and Wright counties in recent I^Erldence taken cites that Kennetl to employes at forks, went inside tie men on duty two removed the months.' iy officers Indi- who Is known the rendering and talked with while the other pare wheel and tire and the tanlage from the EithervilU Rotary Rotary club cami terday noon to a noon luncheon Program. The organized a. club, and atloji with them four *M gave vocal Singers wer - ——. Du ^o ««awra, of .__ *• G. Muhlemai w. now of AJdi W», Forest Oltj °- C. Oamundsor K, OF C, BANQUET, INITIATION DRAW 125 HERE SUNDAY A total of 125 men from Emmetsburg, Carroll, Fort Dodge Mason City, Estherville, and Algona, attended a K. of C. meeting and banquet at St. Cecelia's Academ) Sunday. The men attended 8:3( mass Sunday morning at the church, and; Initiation services at 1:30 p. m. at Anderson's hall. The Initiation, in charge of the Emmetsburg degree team, was beaded by the district deputy, John Hammes, Emmetsbung. Initiated were: Omar and Joe Kelley, Jr., RAIN IS BOON TO KOSSUTH'S CROP PROSPECT Drought Period Ended Saturday by Downpour. Official records of the weathe in Algona as kept by Observer I M. Merrltt, show only six-tenth of an Inch of rain fell In last week Algona. day, apd It is Loren Courtney, Jerdel Klein, Gordon Kollasch, Arnold Elbert, Rodney Gilbride, all of Algha; Arthur Gink, Wesley," and Woodrow Johnson, Irvlngton. Friday. 99 ATTEND ANNUAL DUTTON REUNION Irvlngtonl June ;12—The 33rd Dutton reunion was held Saturday at..the'fair grounds with 99 in attendance. W. A. Dutton, president, and Mrs. Wallace MoArthur, sec- treas., were re-elected. Seven-new members were added. /Present were:. ; . The Eugene Wordens, Elmore; the Eddie Ihles, Frost, Minn.; the Kossuth voters will go to the polls next week Monday to vote on a proposal to build a new county borne to cost not to exceed $50,000 to replace the structure burned to the ground .a. month 'ago. •' The Dolls will be In the same places as those in regular elections and will be open from, 8 a. m. till 8 p., m. • There will be only one question on the ballot, which Is printed on yellow paper, as follows: .. Question OB Ballot. "Shall the county of ..'Kossuth In the State of Iowa construct a new county home to replace the one destroyed by fire for an amount not to exceed $50,000 and levy a tax on •all thefctaxable property within said county for the year 1939 payable in 1940 at a rate not to exceed- 1 :one and one-fourth mills on the dollar of taxable value in addition to all other "taxes to pay for said county home." There has not been much inte BROWNIES BEAT CANNIBALS IN BOTH SESSIONS George Wordens, Andersons, Dows; Burt; Marvin Leon Wordens, est Indicated in the election, and Number 39 CASE OPENED A DAY EARLY BY AGREEMENT Jury Right is Waived and Trial to Judge Hudson. HIGHWAY OFFICES MAY BE RETURNEI TO QUARTERS HERE Unofficial reports indicate the state highway offices for that this Bickering by Z u 1 u s Irritates the Crowds Sunday Night. Sunday afternoon at Hands Park the Brownies trimmed the grass- skirted Cannibals 6-3. Mathews pitching for Algona, allowed only section may be returned to Algona f.rqm Humboldt, with Al Ljons now of Humboldt, in charge. t The highway commission ilans to have five offices in this district which Is composed of the two m>rth ern tiers of counties exterdlng from Kossuth county to the Mississippi river, with Emmet county. Officers are to be locatet end's rains, and that only three quarters of an,Inch has fallen in Algona so far this month. , ' Kossuth county as a whole, however, received much more rain than the local record shows,;. for north end of the county had Ledyard; the'Ralph Hellers, Granada, Mmn.; Mrs. Ruth Dutton and the" Wallace McArthurs, Inr- Ington; Melvln Duttons, Wesley Duttons, George Steele, and Milton Pierces, Algona; Jos.^Koppens and' Vivian Dutton, Llvennore; Mrs. George Miller and Chester, Ralph Campbells, Fenton; Mrs. Harvey Chrlstensen and daughter!. Rlngsted; Russell Bamsey, Mankato; the'Mike Karhises, Lake Park Minn.; Arthur . Bamsey s, Fenton is generally anticipated that the election will carry. Temporary Quarters Found. The county has?made arrangements to care for the poor and aged during the remainder of the summer and hopes to have the; new structure ready for.occupancy before extreme; cold 'wea.ther seta. In next tall, all providing t th.at the election carries, i : M the voters faU; to approve the the north end of the county nao. Mmn . Arthur . Bamsey s, Fenton several good rains last week andi clarence Montgomerys. Clifford the southern edge of the county I 3n ^ B> aiaA Clifton Engelbly, For- roll, with J. J. Meyers In charge The C. D. A. served a 6:30 ban- )Was also in the edge of a storm est city. ott o Rlchters^ Elmore AlgOBlaa. ry, to being con- quet at the Academy, which was followed by a program, Dr. F. C. Scanlan acting as toastmaster: .Invocation/ Fathfer Majlinger; vocal solo, Betty Kohlhaas, accompanied by Pauline Zender; address L D. Brennan, state deputy, Emmetsburg; address, Father McCoy, Ayrshire; tap dances, Joane Hutchison and Virginia Scanlan; address,'J. J. Meyers, Carroll; remarks, Dr. Karl R. Ho "man, Grant Knight, Algona council; and America. DANCE RECITAL IS PLEASING TO CROWD A nearly capacity crowd attend- that missed Algona. . The-rains were;'a crop saver for the" farmers; and,are,aptly termed "one of "those."''"million" dollar rains" Iowa is noted for. Lawns, which-werp . threatened to be- come'burned'for^lack of moisture, are again green.. Corn In many of the county, la already near- he hip high five hits. In the night game at Algona, the Brownies won 8-6. Bowers, new pitcher for Algona struck out 17 and allowed seven hits. Watklns was back again behind the plate. Danny White,- of. the Brownies, was the leading hitter i with three hits in the night game, and four n the afternoon. There was only one error on each team The anticipated fun of the Zu- us' clowning was somewliat dampened by an inclination to bicker. The crowd became Impatient with the constant arguments. However one Zulu clowning on the side Hnesiwas so rnarrowly missed; by the ball that be turned a somersault and ran to cov- Decorah, Osage, Charles City, son City, and Algona. Thus Algona office will probably :o cover Emmet and Kossutt parts of Wlnnebago and Hancock counties. Present plans are that Al lyons, The rains brought cooler weath- •, and Saturday and Sunday were cool enough for furnace fires. The official record for month to date follows: H June 1 June, 2 June ,3 June 4 June 5 June 6 ed "Rhythm Stock's third annual presentation of her dance pupils'last Thursday evening at the high school auditorium Francis Barrickman was accompanist for the' group. Altogether 31 scenes, in three parts or acts, were presented, with abound ,60 pupils "Particlp£ta& Modernistic scenery, ^attractive and clever dance ar- added to the novelty 90 84 73 86 91 86 82 Parade," Bernlce June 7 —-— " ., ^,.^'nilnn TllTtA S _. . °* June 8 June 9 . June ,10 June «11 Club Gives Program ai Luncheon costumes, rangements and skill of the performance. THrfilights of the show included "TftB On.'-Tkp Steps" by Rosa" - members of the Estherville to Algona yes- tend the local and provide the The Doormouse , Nancy Hutchison, 83 71 67 63 64 51 52 59 67 64 56 60 57 50 the R .14 Emil Lovstads, Burt; Fred Dut lion, Ledyard; r.Walter Duttbnsi" of vBlue -Earth;;.; Merle Cassens; ; El- ini6reV ; Mlnnie : iStarks,, the; Herbert Yagers,^Dulutn, Minn.; and Mrs. Agnus Carpenter, Minneapolis. 16 NEW CARS NOW ON ROAD IH|OSSUTIi Sixteen'moire, new automobiles purchased last week are traveling the highways with Kossuth' cpun-; special tax tand'- coristructlon v the county will!be hard pressed for quarters for the former Inmates o _ proposed home bave~not been completed, but th .supervisors 'nave, indicated "hat ' the home. Plans for ;; the now at the Humboldt office in Ma-' the have and will be transferred to the Algona office. Mr. Lyons lived here before the offices were moved to Humboldt. er. The night" battery; was Calaha and Wayasso, for the' visitors, and Bowers; and 'Watktas, for the Brownies. Base stealing on Way- 16 PERMITS T MARRY ISSUED AS JUNE OPENS Seventeen licenses to wed were Issued by Mrs. Katherine .57 .03 itethervHle club rear, ago by. the be vtaltatlon was of the event. Those coming «wy W. Mahle Brons. Tlie group Bought o -Algona im, Gep. Thomp- Frank Swanson and "Acrobatic Rev- VlSlet Faith. "The Elf and with Sue and •was especially audience as was ' with Rex Tay- loT Ma U rTen7 GuiespL, Dale Ehrhardt Shirley Elbert, Jerry Gronwall Jerry Good, Betty Courtney, nosaile Swanson, and Emmajeane Ringgenberg. ilgh school girls g roup . B i n g Vivian Qulman, j.-• —»Boio norj viymu VUi|ua»i Wl«ne Logan, i [uriel Hanaen, and wey were aoconpanied by Ruth P ey a t the plafio. Wther guests w Judge Fred M. itas, • the Rev, a former mem- n, John ~ Pool Attendance Hit_by Weather Attendance at the Algona muni- •- New Oil, Service Station Building is Being Erected Construction began Friday on a new building and station for the Sinclair Oil Co. on the corner of State and Jones street, where the company has had a station for 15 years. The present building was erected in 1924, and is being torn down and a new building wlU e erected as soon as possible. The ew building, besides having room or the office, will provide two tails for washing, greaslng^bat- ery and tire service. D. L, Cooper is the lessee of the station/and Shm>n KorshoJ of Blair, Nebr is he contractor. The new building across the street north^ of Jthe four ty owners .behind the driving wheel. The number brings the total for June to 25 new cars in the first ten days of the month._ The new car'owners are: H.- R. Cowan, -Glenn,'A. Roland Algona; Millen Jensen, Fenton; E. G. Sauer, Henry 'Heidecker,, Lakota; J, G. Clapsaddle, Burt, and Bernard McGuire, Corwith, Fords. 'Chevrolets were bought by Herman Voight, Whlttemore; Simon Hlrner, Wesley; T. F. Michell, of is their wish to incorporate quar- tersfor many who are> now-;held at Kossuth expense at -various .state institutions, isuch as Cherokee.'The *ost of keeping thesd Inmates at the state homes Is In excess of the cost of keeping them In a county home, It has been said. Officials Favor Measure. It is not intended that all such patients be kept here, but only those mental cases which are mild and harmless, or such others who could. properly be cared for in a county home. Supervisors and county officials are strongly in favor of' the new structure, and say-that it will pay for itself, in a few years through savings- affected- •,-.., The special tax would be levied in only the one year, and the 1% mill levy would raise that requlrec amount. There would.be no bonds and no Interest to pay. H, S, IS ACCREDITED FOR THE 341H1IM: asso five, Warren Richard White regular: ^"Whites'tole clerk of the district court, ren one, Brlggs two, and in June,~called-"month of two. Dan White poor 1 cool Satur- so far because of weather the first two days, morning 33 boys and girls swimming during the free but" afternoon attendance day were Eugene, Ore. brother " H» S. Banclt to Go to BandFettival lessons, and Monday, morning. Exceptin Swea Cl.ty; and Paul Hum, Algona. Plymouths were bought by B, F. Arnold,/Algona, and Steve Baker, Lu Verne; Dodges by J. L. Hilton, Algona and Herman Carlson D. Mayne, Ledyard. W. by ; a Bulck by Howard Wesley; a Chrysler by A. Schlltz, Bancroft; a Hudson Swift building and will set away from the street with computing pumps on an island m the parkway. Temperance Group Hat Meeting Here The Kossuth W, C, T.U,: held ts annual plcnicNind Institute at all park Wednesday. After devotions the state-plan was discuss Algona Girl Wa» Nurse forDr, M«yo Mary Strelt will leave_ tomorrow night for Chicago where she will see w her nephew, HaroU Streit, graduated from the Loyola Medical school. Harold will soon begin his Internship at the Mercy o» duty all of^the tlm«. OpenWednesday new roller skating rink on Wednesday accord- I. R. Taylor of Supt. Otto B. Laing lately received word that the.Algona high school bad again been given acred- ited, approval of the North Central association of colleges and secondary schools of 20 mid-west states. The Algona school has been approved ever since 1906, or for 33 ^ that credits earned in thVlocal.school are accepted at university,: any college, or any other high school In the years. Approval t means rills'"" *t***9 ••?""<JT —™ . i »*••»• •pp"—— —"TT; given by 'directrs; A ptenlol i ng admitted. WA **M^ mfnm~*rv ' ~-f*— ' _association's membership. By comity other colleges and universities, colleges, and high schools usually follow suit Students from schools not Accredited must pass entrance examinations before be- A*AV>*>(*» *» • " ™--— - •- - _ also got two singles and a double. Sensational playing came In the ninth inning. The Zulus had two men on base, one by an error, and another by a two-base hit, and the third man walked, filling,the bases. Then Tanner, a pinch-hlt- ter was put In and hit the first ball out of the "ark for a home run and four scores. __• Thursday nteht Charles City will play the Brownies here. Sunday nteh't the Piney Woods Collegians H nlay the Brownies under the lights. • './':.;•.• •_ LONGS WILL VISIT FRISCO WORLD FAIR Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Long left Saturday afternoon on a Short trip to the Coast, They are taking their grandson. Charles Middlekauff back to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Middlekauff, he having spent the winter here. Mrs. Middlekauff is the former Arba Dee Long. , ., Mr. and Mrs. Long plan to see the World's Fair at San Francisco, and to travel up the coast to Ore^ gon and Washington, coming home via Gracier Park, Mont. They will visit- Ella Langdon, Seattle, Wash., who formerly owned the Long's Grocery store here, Dick Long, Tacoma, 97-year-old uncle of Mr. Long, and Elmer Taylor, Grant Pass, Ore., all former Algonians. Mr. Taylor, a cousin •Ah", formerly worked in the O.' Simpson shoe store where Algonquin ."confectionery is cEvoy, so far Tj>rides" The number In the first 10 (days of the month nearly equaled the total for April, and March. In January there were 29 licenses issued, February 28, March 19, April May 20. The total for the 132. Applicants are: Matthew Wesley, Marcella Katherin* 19,-and year is Besch, Fisch, Algona ;Carl K. Johnson and Anna Ruth Heyes, both of LakoU; Bernard Neuman, Bancroft, Laude, Ellsworth; James Palma Stewart Reynolds, and Dorothy ~Ire[ne Colwell, both of Swea City. Homer Clark and Ann ca Stebrltz, both of:Algon*; John A. Huffman, Spencer, Hajrlet E. Smith, Spirit Lake; Burt and Alice Koestler, both i>f Klrk- hoven, Minn.; Robert Eli<er Nelson and Shirley Elaine Kiusman both of. Springfield, Min i.; and Adolph Girres, Wesley, J a»d Paul ine. Black, Algona. • Trial opened yesterday afternoon in the appeal case brought )y H. S. VanAlstyne against Mayor Vlisbach to require appointment of Van Alstyne as • a policeman. The opening of the trial was a surprise, for It had not been set for trial till today, .but by agreement between the attorneys and Judge Fred M. Hudson, of Pocahontas, who is presiding at the trial, it was set ahead a day. Yesterday morning and most of the afternoon was consumed in " making of motions, and completing the record preliminary to gong to trial. One of the papers lied by the city claimed that Mr. Van Alstyne had accepted his discharge, and was therefore estop- >ed from claiming preference now. This was denied by Mr. VanAlstyne. Marshal let Out April 9. " r •The case arose when • the new mayor and council took office Ap- . rll 3. At that time Mayor Mlsbach, with the approval of the council, named Arthur Moulds, Cecil McGinnis and Tim O'Brien marshals. This let out Mr. VanAlstyne, who had been chief since the death of Frank Green, and who had been on the force several years. A record was, made by Mayor Mlsbach stating that he turned down the Van Alstyne application on the grounds that "continued failure and refusal to. . .take care of personal obligations have reflected on his moral character." Mr. VanAlstyne appeared before the council and Mayor Mlsbach and asked for 30 days extension'of retirement, and after a dlscussipn the O'Brien appointment was •set up to April 15,'which gave Mr. Van Alstyne 12 days, which he served as. third man. • ' Claims Soldiers' Preference. ..The plea of reinstatement, filed April 17, .is based on the soldiers preference law, and In his petition Mr. VanAlstyne. said that'his application for- appointment on the force was not given the consideration required by the law. Yesterday Mr. Van Alstyne was In the witness chair as the court recessed to this morning at 9 o'clock, and he will be a witness In ils own behalf again this morning. L. E. Hovey, former sheriff, was ;he first witness, testifying for Mr. VanAlstyne. Most of the time yesterday was consumed In arguments. The soldiers preference statute is not Hlxson particularly clear as to proceed- ure, and one side of the case were -,--lunch was served, at noon, fiarvey Stevens and. Mrs. Mrs. i Requirements for approval of a Harvey PWYOUO *«... — -Weal high school depend largely upon Smith gave reports oa the region; the quality of the instruction start al at Clarion, Joan Anderson read U» equipment, the school library an essay on. alcohol education, the school records, and an ade erading first at the essay contest quate number of teachers for th beld in Miss Durant's room last enrollment ^ FIREWORKS ON FOURTH TO BE "MODERNISTIC" of C. the now located. soring GlendorafBurbank sang a solo by .. Min eiotan§ " session, S^lantlng % a tree in at AlgOllf H#fll$ . Swea City and of pepnies in hospital, Chicago, Betty, is a registered nurse, recently had the honor of taking care ofor Charles Mayo, whll ?he la«er was sick in the Merc fl hospital. Helen Str.elt, » n ° tne Bister of Harold, is an artist to Chicago studio, and Katherlne, Lo Aneeles is a bank stenographer. Their'brother Jack, who has com- ^^ss.*3?£$ltf£' Anton's here . Woman's GolJ Tourney, a women golfers have, b4en to take Part ,ina ea to ffi Women in as memorials to Frances E. Will- Alice Koestler and Ber't Hlxson Announce Results of 4-HLMusic Tests Dorothy Ostrander, Buffalo Cen- teir. state 4-H club president, was honored guest" at the county 4-H Rally last week Tuesday evening at the Burt high school. Some 250 club girls, parents, and friends attended the evening session, with Portland and Union clubs having 100% representation. Eight clubs were in uniform 100%: Bancroft, Union, Whlttfimore, Ledyard, and Lotts Creek, Portland, Fenton, and Secretary E. L. Vincent, of the fair association, announces that "modernistic" fireworks have been developed and will be ii.trbd.uced for the first time in the country at the Kossuth Fourth of July celebration at the fairground s. Fireworks this .year'.are-;designed to create optical illusions, and an off-center effect is created in wheel designs. As these -wheels revolve hundreds of. different forms of oblongs, triangles, and squares In varying sizes and colors of light appear. The fireworks program is just one of the many features which have been purchased for this new re- wanted it tried in equity, and the other side wanted.lt tried In law, with corresponding • differences in the manner of producing' and admitting testimony. Procedure Debated. Also both sides wanted the other to bear the burden of proof. H. B. White attorney for Mr. Van Alstyne, contended that it rested with the city to prove his client was not of good moral character, and J. D. Lowe,' city attorney, Insisted that that point was already determined by the mayor, and it was therefore up to VanAlstyne to prove to the contrary. Hudson Makes Rulings. After some discussion Judge Hudson determined that the case should be tried as a law action, and Mr. Lowe waived the calling of aspetlt pury, customary in law cases, and left the determination year's celebration. The duced gate admission charge Is expected to swell the crowds at both the afternoon and evening performances. This year's charge wil' be only 25 cents, as comjared with 40 in previous years'. Despitp the lower charge the; program has been increased. Charges Brought Agaiiut Pair Here Harvey D. Graham and P^ter J. ard were approved, We»leyan Overcome by Monoxide Wesley, June 12—Marvin son of Mr. and "" er, had fterkbQven, Minn.. ; were married home of Mr. an^'^ MM:by the Rev. F. p, Burgess- of, -Mrs- ment for women at a*s±r-a'a,T&E August nt \nYTkf Mrs. Hlxson Is a..;nlepe Klamp. Mrs- Klamp'/— o'clock dinner, with' lBenb.ergejr, Burt. out-pf-town guest, SchaU^r for a. short wa»| iaake ^, trip, to Nebra,Bka s be at home on a ? fajrm* at §trQl#u4 w i^^»"~''T r ~~~ -cinf- --i—- • ' overcome by monoxide gas. fnf, . fell to" the ground, receiving a bad Kerkhoven. bruise on his, chin, an3 * skinned — ear. No other,M """" fered. mors.and Crepco, good; Whitte- fair. : ':- : , Betaling Wall Bnllt, i*To"keep din on the »outh from Cashing down on the postofflce lots a retaining wall has bqen huJH. The waH was laid in a deep ditch to make allowance fpr frost, and H 3«t 8 several Incheg above the ground. E. W. Hanson friday by Justice Dinson on charges; of obtaining money under false pretenses. Both > reived preliminary hearings and bond was fixed at $500, 'which neither was able to furnish. They ire accused of accepting money ftr<m several Dqfeli A dutch lunch; will ^asgs^"- be held __^ eventojs.at the Counjry A.njhue-holrtournament - 411 - ,ttat af teipm and 5? i Tbs f^rBt round Is" |o be played by " to over to the Cresco, Music festival and music Hennings, both of Al memory contest results are: Fen- K«,,^J n™»i. *« tho <HS fon, Bancroft, and Portland, sup- e'flor; .Lone Rock, excellent; Led_«.Li JL«^i r*«Aann or/inil • whittfi— >na district youths for the purchasn of liquor and they are charged iritb., failing t,o make either % delivery or a return ot tfee poney, amounting to *2. were court of fact* up to Judge Hudson, He also decided that the burdon of proof rested on Mr. VanAlstyne to show the mayor had abused bis discretionary power. The entire city official family, including the members of the coun^ cil was called as witnesses, and it is expected that many others will appear on the witness stand as the case progresses. Interest in the case is high In Algona, and It Is expected that the courtroom will be crowded today. The surprise day-early trial held yesterday's audience down to a haadfu.1 who had heard of it during visits ,o the courthouse, Bancroft Juniors Lose to Algonians The Algona Junior Legion teajB defeated Bancroft here, Friday «f- ernoon in a well-played game ?tP each team getting six hits, Tfl battery for Algona was ^Th^ges and Redding, and TJwy Major L t T, Saul, secretary o the Chamber of Compares report that In the last week *- ^ Lotz and Dunning. Algona' play the Humboldt team, he Wednesday at ?:30 o'clock, the Algona team,, for the 1 schedule. he held n< Four Algona golfers Jo*

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