Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1939 · Page 17
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1939
Page 17
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE* ALQOKAj 10WA PAtifi 8EVEJ1 C. H. KLAMrV ri«M fc*pr«M>ntiitlvi. y West Mrt. Rtley httd b , een A«* ned to bed and a lle ', C °fs war., but because etalfi " yc " O f LU Verne had relatives j for, the Me the Saturday :*re- WcTfof-fie¥, r brother, •We-were at IM'Marltw'ir, a half mile north* of Lone Rock, last week Monday, and Del's two boys, Robert, 12, and James, 6, showed us a pair of twin colts, dropped only the preceding Saturday. The boys said they had already named the newcomers. They call one FltjBer; the other, Molly. The boys didn't explain what "Fibber" slg- Thin-sdar, but he'was invxiou» for win. The Krouncl in which he was working was like spring plow- Ing, lumpy and hard. His corn, however, is coming along as good as any on this kind of ground. Mr. GRAYS, FORMER IRVINGTONIANS, Irvln>Kton, June' 5— Mr. and Mrs. John Gray, Wirtnebsigo, Minn., were callers In this vicinity on Memorial day. They are formerly ot Irvlngton. Mr. and Mrs. Rbbert Gray, St. Cloud, Fla., are visiting in the north and planned on spend- PORTLAND NEIGHBORS IN SHOWER THURSDAY FOR MISS LETHA MANN Portland THvp., June 5 — More! than 100 women attended a mis- .celianeowg'shower atlhe Burt lie- glon hall Thursday honoring Letha Mann. The platform was decorated '1th pink an* VrMte flowers, with rene paper streamers. A parasol n the same colors was used for a enterptece at the gift table. A program was given as folows: R. M. Eichhorn, southeast o£ El- nlfled. The colts are both of dark I more, said it was too hot to work, brown color. Twin colts are rare; when we called Thursday. At that the records show only one pair of twin colts In 25,000 colts dropped, on the average. * * * # -•When we. . called Jast w.eek,Moiir day at William "Fuerstcnau's, a half ..mile south of the Ix>tts Creek . •iitorev <'the, A llttle 4 .,glrl , was ..at., .-the. he had finished cultivating for the second time, and some of his corn was nearly knee high without waiting for the Fourth. He was planning on, going to Lench Lake Hi Minnesota soon for a little'fish- ing. R. M. has a pair of new life- j)ayer,s...,that he takes with him at Winnebago. last Robert, only son of Mr. a.nd Mrs. George Gray, also former Irvlngton, was married six months ago to a Florida girl. The bride has been anxious to see some snow here, but this Is tine wrong time of year. She has never seen any. • . . • j '* -i • «T -!?•-'. -• — ~ . : ~"«'i • *•*—M /«* » *-*'p ', iuu.t uu ian.es w JLII ill ill house, anfl she said Mama and! when he' goes out on the lake. R. Daddy were out back of the grove, M. said that his father, who lives ?,.*•".? see , ds ^ We found them I at the south edge of Elmore, was " ~'~ 1 "' ""' """ ' ' ' planning a trip to New York City to visit the world's fair; but as and. , Wednesday at a re- he Patterson home,, Marie Bessie Schmidt, Thelma 1 swanson, Grace and a, Jean > Marie ;oios, al and 6-year-old played duet with all right, and they were at work in their garden. 'Mr. and Mrs. Fuerstenau raise a line garden every year. They said each of them was planting a different kind of garden seeds. » * * * Tom Berg is just now the busiest man in north Kossuth if you ask us. He lives southeast of Elmore, and at present he Is having a new barn built, 36x64, with walls from the Gums- Mrs. Mae Grobe was hurried to Algona last week Thursday evening, when . she,. „ became extremely weak because of continual bleeding from the gums. She had had two teeth extracted In the afternoon Since she bleeds readily, she had been given medicine for seyera for R. M. he would rather go fish- (lays to th i c ken 'her blood. ing than take in the fair. LONE ROCK Frank Flaig made a business ftllw'lng the program the taken to the Model cafe, were • served Aid Meets Thursday- Hinz was hostess Aid Thursday .at •hurch. There was.a good- i atStance, and after, busl- . Mr. Wittenburg j,.re- a lesson on Name" from Hallowed be the * Lord's of hollow and a hip roof. • He ason to Mason will also build a new silo, 14x40. When we arrived Mr. Berg and some of the men were about to unload material that had come for the silo. We were sorry to learn Thursday. Mrs. Elizabeth Donovan, Belling- liam, Wash., spent last week at Mrs. Llllie Thompson's. Mrs. Alex Krueger entertained j last week Monday evening for Mrsl 'Ida Tarbel), Waterloo, and attend- , T he rest o£ the .afternoon pent'at•visiting- .' •••'-.,•<• , at the Town Park— ' ' , society had an annual plc- the town park Thursday, s were the Junior Auxll- Esther Merkle, Mrs. »Woito, and MBS. Walter «fe on the program antt " v _ .. 1..-.1.. !.«.**!* nports from the study book ' i |i Famiry Mason Is at this spring, but she was gaining 1 last week. * * * * Adolph Foth, who lives on the first farm south of Lone Rock, was taken home Sunday, after a critical sickness for some weeks at the Kossuth hospital with pneumonia. Miss 'Schwletcrt Is 'his nurse at homo, and she said Adolph would soi;.i IK.; out ;in:l at iWdrk ''again." "We "know' him 'Jor 'a hard worker, and while he has been sick he must haves fretted a good deal at having to stay idle. * * * .-k .When we stopped Wednesday at Elmer Wilmert's, southeast of Elmore, Mrs. AVilmert was just getting ready to-attend, an Aid muet- ih-g; She told'us that she and Mi 1 . Edw. home at Charles City for 'weeks visit. The Masons R. and Floyd, the George ns, Ledyard, Mr. and Mrs. I Mason, Chicago, and the J. Iwetfels", Corwith, had 'a fam- lauiering here on Memorial i Hoepner Loses ; Mother — Hoepner and Gus u Rld- called to Blbomington, rword of the death of their .t and sister respectively. were accompanied : by Mrs. Wilmert always read news in the Advance the and farm wore tickled occasionally to come across a little of unser good alten Deutsch. Mr. and Mrs. Wilmert have one boy, now two years and five months old, and he already drives a tractor! That is, he does when Daddy is with him, thogh he wants to handle the steering wheel alone and just as soon have Daddy H. J. Rice, Frank Flaig, J. M. Ulunchard, and W. G. Flaig. The 4-« club met Thursday with Mary Ann and Maxine Flaig, and preparations were made for Rally day at Burt. Mrs. Hattie Sprank, her children, -and -, Anna:Flaig-made a-.busi-: ness trip to Iowa City Thursday. Mrs. William Krause, former L-'one^Roc'ker,., is visiting (here: The D. W. Fernaus, who 'had had her property a year, have moved to Pioneer, where D. W. will be j school superintendent next year Mrs. E. M. Jensen, her children, and Beulah Gladstone returned Friday from Iowa City The Jensens visited relatives at near-by West Liberty, and Beulah visited her sister Margaret, student nurse and and j Shore Family, to Fort Dodge— I Mrs. Howard Shore and the chil jdren, who had'been'with the form i er's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch, several months, went to Fort Dodge Saturday to join Mi Shore, who is now employed there Mrs. Shore had been teaching school in this vicinity. Crippled Boy Given Hope— Duane Riley was brought from Iowa City Wednesday, and he i much encouraged as the result o his check-up there.' His physician reported his cbndltoin favorable. at the "U" hospital. Carl Bonita Jensen, West Liberty Farm Hand is Sick- Ralph Lelsit, 'employed at th many gifts. Lunch was served In a pink and white color' scheme, and little scrolls of paper concealed In the favors revealed the looked for Information—"Letha Mann, Le Hoy Lee, to be. married JU.tte- 5 at Little Brown church, Nashua, and will live at Whlttler, Calif." •Mrs. Agnes Stewart wrote the names of guests and gifts in a book prepared for the honoree, who asked everyone to write a little token or at least tine name. The 4-H girls assisted in serving, In appreciatln of the faithful work Letha did two years ago as 15c Film Finished 15c Clip this ad and mail It to us with your lilrri and )5c and we .will tinish the tllrrt. guaranteeing you 8 brilliant nevei lade prints and 2 double weight enlargements. FLASH FILM SERVICE La Crotit Wl«. this otter expires Jnly .9th. THIS CORN NIIDS Song, The Little Brown Church n the Vale, all; piano solo, Eveyn Becker; song and tap dance, 'Irginia and Mary McWborter; vo- al • selections seven 4-H Portland 'eppy Pals; duet, Virginia and Jary McWhorter, also solo by Mary. Mock wedding, by five ot Letha's pupils—the bride, Virginia McWhorter ;. bridegroom .Evelyn flecker;^minister, Mary" McWhor- , er! ring-bearer, Jane Keith; flow-I dorf, G. O. McFarland, Tom Tren- demonstration at the state leader when the team placed second fair, Hostesses were Mesdames Wayne and Stanley Keith, Ray McWhorter, J. P. Helderscheidt, Wyott Stott, Clyde Bristow, F. R. Rings- e,girl, Joan, Mc\Vhorter.. " tfhe -4-H girls> were t Dorothy'•• and Betty Stewart, Marilyn Long, Ruth McFarland, Lavina Ja'ndl, Mar- l.ary,,.W. J. Stewart, Ruth Brayton, 'Bpna'td^Ringsdorfj E. O. Mann, and Martin ^Becker, also Lois Mann. Let'hft, had taught school four garet Ringsdorf, and Viola Tren-|years in Burt township, and the ary. Two teachers, Mary Wanda Waltman, and a cousin, Nadine Mann, helped Letha unwrap I last two in Portland. Patrons of Tjaden,'her .former school, with other friends, gave a shower for. her Saturday at Mrs. Gerald Bi-ace's. Sick-looking coin is often,only starved for potash. Wh«r« young corn plants growing on high-lime or "alkali" soils have yellow-streaked leaves with brown, scorched edges,' you can be sure of this because such symptoms are sign* • of potash starvation. Use potash to bring this corn back into a healthy growing condition which will insure a good yield. 1 SIPE-DRESSING W e * 1 c y Couple Announce Wedding December 25, 1937 Wesley, May 29—Gesina Schutter- and Clifford Munson announce their marriage at Herman, Minn., December 25,, 1937. They had kept their marriage a secret from everyone, and are now residing in the late Mrs. Kennedy house! The bridegroom Is employed in the Exchange State bank and the bride taught 4th, 5.th, and 6th grades LOTTS CREEK Herman Becker farm, was taken this-year. They are both gradu- .,_ -. ,. ... _ ,,.,., ates oE the west Bend high school, and the bride was graduated from iCfle college and had taught at Goldfield before coming to Wesley. The • bridegroom attended business college at Mason City. He was em- 'ployed in a " bank at Herman, Minn., before coming to Wesley. The bride is the only daughter of Mrs. H. M. Osher and Mrs. F. W- Englund, Muscatine, came here with the Lone Rockers for a week of visiting. „ ,, . The A. A. Kruegers were Friday supper guests at Chester Alme's, Ottosen, and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rlanchard spent the afternoon sick while at work in a field Wednesday. A physician found his blood out of order. Children's Pageant Planned— ,,The .children of the local,Sun-, day school will present' a^ pageant,' Truths by the Wayside, next Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Other Irvlngton. Bernadine Rlley recently spent 'more'tMan'a week:-wibh an aunt, Mrs. Roy Hicklin, Woden. 'Practically all members of the Richard Leigh; family have been sick'with the flu. The Aid will meet Thursday .at the church, Mrs. Charles Egel hostess. •Helping Mrs. Faulstlch celebrate a recent birthday anniversary were August Gade, West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer, daughter Gertrude, granddaughter Arlene Bruhn, Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer' Sr., son Elvin, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bell, daughter Irene, Mr. and Mrs. William Roeber, son Melvln, and' the Werner Gades, all of Whittemore; and the Emil Bierstedts, Fenton. Marie; Dreyer has been visiting | the Alfred Meyers at Whittemore. The/ Edw. Wichtendahls and Sharon and Mrs. Otto Wlchtendahl were Friday evening visitors at .William Bell's, West;-,Bend. •Mr. and.Mrs. William Rusoh Sr., Whittemore, the'Otto Ruhnkes, the William Leiningers, artd the Arthur Rusich family were last week _. rf i_ i i jLAAUi xvuDv^ii J.CLUJJI j IT ^.i. v> luui, nvjv." Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schutter, and Tuesday evening'visitors at Martin the groom is the third son of Mr. • Movpr ,_ thA nCMR , nn heinfr Mrs. _ ,. , „, t Meyer's, the occasion being Mrs. zuid^Mrs. M. T. Munson, of West ; M?yfer . s birthday: TKe Kenneth **' "" j Bellingers, Fenton, and Mr. and j Mrs. Wiimar Wiohtendahl were at [Otto Wlchtendahl's the sam'e even- Bend. keep hands off. His name is Har- there. ley, and he is one fine boy. * * * * We cross the line into Minnesota occasionally, and at Ernest Hundt's, east of Elmore, we found and Mrs. Riddell, leaving | MrSi Hundt'working'in the garden '"' ! • ' ''' [Wednesday, while Mr. Hundt was painting the house. They took a . (grapher r at Bible School— ince at the "luniqn;' Bible jl-hail'increased to'80'by'the H last week. A picnic will be Vli next Friday noon, on the ftoy, and a program will be i Sunday evening. Lu Verne News. | H. D, Meyer was at Des inmost of last week, atterid- jtings at Still college and | fo^graduate work. The Earl Waterloo, were guests | the Meyer and Vehschlage i' early last week. Baker returned to Des to resume work, as for the' Guarantee Loan Co. She had'been recovering from an op- i for appendicitis. rand Mrs. 1 Elmer Bunkofske, nil, Ind., who had been vls- the C. P. Sauers home. over week-end before it Memorial day with Lu * Mends, «nd.Mrs. J. L. Lichty left lay for Chicago to . spend a ' with their daughters, Ruth Mrs. Ferguson McCall, also J the Fred Hagists and the Don [toys. 1 Barton, registered nurse at "City, visited her parents, Mr. ' Mrs. M. L. Barton, last week. '.-WB accompanied by a Mr " "»t, also Sioux City." roies Edw. Hot and AJber.t *• with Florence Hof, wil Blesses to the Cemetery as- tt"°n at the community hal' week Thursday. , M w Mr- Victor Kohlfflan, of »js wife, and children came ' tuueral of Mrs. Kohlman's ttr 8. E. C. Meyer, last week '•and Mrs. Charles Hanselmai «» daughter Norma JeanMef way for a week-with. /ttu "Herstenaus at Geneseo Hie H. A. Blanchards drove to Humboldt Friday to bring up Mrs. Blanchard's' sister, Florence Householder,, teacher there, who is spending -the summer here. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hurlburt, of Glidden, spent Memorial-day, at J. M. Blanchard's. Mr. and.Mrs. H. short, time out to visit with us. Mr. |, (J ,' -Rice-" spent 1 - the day atDp.ws. aridlMrs; : 'Hundt have "two children, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Lewis, Osa girl and boy. Jeannine is six; kalooga spen t Saturday and Sun------ - 1J day at W .G. Plate's.'- and Mrs. Flaig, with her children, went to Oskaloosa with them for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis are Flaig's parents., Ralph a year and nine months old Mrs. Hundt, who came from Lexington, Ky., is interested In the horse races they have down there, where racing is a real sport. She "said that her grandmother owned a trotting pony, as they call the race horses, and it won a race. Besides the money that was won, the owner also received a silver cup. his cup was later given to Mrs. lundt, who got $18 for it and put he money into school books ana ther needy things, which was put- ng the cup to good use, it seems y us Mrs. Hundt goes back to he old home for a visit yearly, nd a trip is now being panned or after harvest. # * * * Frank Gelgel, Algona, keeps a ecord of rainfall in Algona. He , Iqwa City of Mrs - ^wisher's sis Hauna, i ast Memorial day. •^•. p rei, Relubeck, an children spent last wee mother, -Mrs *"* to help car^ for hfi * ' MarUm Daw son, wb FSly U^ er V* tO Maspj W Mr. P 8t V6ek to Wt b e r*MfealdHert»Mr. Mrs. SENECA as many Mrs. Karen Larsen, son Eldon, and Richard Eckart, all of Mallard, called at Irvin Clausen's last Wesley Farmers' in War Against Weeds .'Wesley, May 29—Wesley township farmers showed considerable Interest in weed eradication -at a meeting at the local Legion' hall Tuesday evening,-May 23rd. County. Agent Brown spoke. Henry : Sherman Is township' weed commissioner. 'Another meeting'was'to be held last week Thursday night at 8:30 In the high school auditorium. Mr.- Brojv^i .was; to be the Younger Brother of Wesley Woman dies Wesley, May 29—Mrs. Ign. Eisenbacher received word May 25th of sudden death of her youngest brother, Herman Simon, 54, who died at his home in West Bend, Wis., on that morning. He had submitted to a gall bladder operation 18 days prior to his death, and suffered a stroke two days before his death. He is survived by his wife and 14 children. P. J, Schulte Dies May 211 Armstrong * Mrs Edw wicntendahl - and ner Armstrong, May 29 — Funeral services were held on May 24 at the Catholic church for Philip Jblin Schulte, 62, who died Sunday, May 21st, of a heart attack. He was survived by his widow', two daughters at Fairmont, and three sons: Delbert, Auburn, la.; Lloyd arid Valde," at home. Another son, Raphael, died last December. The Rev. Bernard Eischeid conducted the' ; servlces, and burial was made In Mount Calvary ! cemetery. daughter Sharon were Friday af- ernoon guests at Herman Gade's, 'en tori. •Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jackman attended the funeral of Austin Gardner Friday at 'Algona. '' PORTLAND ; Mr. arid Mrs. S. M. Peterson re- recently spent an evening at John Schneider's; Bancroft. 'The women were celebrating birthdays. Mr. and Mrs. G. O. McFarland daughter Ruth, son Darrell, and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Long were re cent guests at Webster City of rel atives. ' • Mr. and Mrs. Leland Peterson, o Minneapolis, with two 'daughters were 1 guests : at S. : M. Peterson' frin last week Mnday till Wednes 'day. Grant School Studies for Degree ,Swea City, May 29 —Supt. and Mrs..C,,!W. Hamand, of the'Grant school, northeast of here, are now at Minneapolis, and Superintendent Hamand- will • complete studies -towards :a. master's'degree at ; the University of Minnesota. The subject of Mr. Hamand's thesis will be the relation between a school superintendent and his high school principal. This topic is one of much Interest in educational circles, and it is the subject of at least, one other thesis towards a master's degree at the Iowa State university this year. Mr. Hamand's reseai-ch Includes a survey of 60 per cent of all Iowa schools with enrollments of between 100 and 309.~ '.-....- . A side-dressing of 100-200 Ibs. of muriate of potash per acre as late as the second or third cultivation has resulted; in very profitable increases in yield. However, it is better to make the side-dressing as early as possible. Alkali soils are known to be low in available potash. If you did not apply enough of this plant food, in your fertilizer i at planting time, plan now to apply more in a side-dressing. The best machine for the purpose is a fertilizer attachment on a corn cultivator, but any distributor which will placV the potash in the moist soil near the roots will be satisfactory.' Write us for.free information and literature on the use of potash for profit. AMERICAN POTASH INSTITUTE ' '- . ' ' INCORPORATED -. '; ••-'•:".." '.'•.•••••••:. INVESTMENT BUILDING , WASHINGTON. D. C. MIDWXST OfFICX: Lift BUILPING; LA : XATI.TT'X~. IMDIAMA ac- „„ .-....„ kinds of trees and lants, and it is Interesting to •lalt.him... Mr. and Mrs. Geigel have lately returned from a trip in Minnesota. South Dakota, and North Dakota, and they found the crops showing up well, the sec- ions they visited having had rain. * * * * We called Wednesday on the Rhode brothers, who live east of Elmore. on the Iowa side of the riTune. One of them is taking ife a little easier this year, for he had an operation a year ago and has had to slow down. He said there were not as many -spilng nigs as usual on the place this year-on?y 115, whereas^ the: usual number has been around 150. Theodore Green, northwest of Ledyard was hauling out manure Thmsda'y and Mrs. Green ^ was busy In the garden. We never call there without finding these good folks busy. There is a field of ai falfa near- the house, but part of the alfalfa did not come week Monday. Mrs. Classon companied them to East Chain. The Axel Paulsen family, of Swea City, called at Arthur Paulsen's last week Tuesday. A group of Seneca young folks enjoyed a skatiwg party at Arm- srtong Thursday evening. _•. The Curtis Qlsens were released from a quarantine for scarlet fev- el \n.s U Eu"a\Villiamsen is visiting -,'r son Howard at Dunell, Minn. Mrs. Irvln Classon and Hantett Facts That Concern You No. Sofateriet., \\ to be this •eseeded BpVtaB,' sb My. Green reseeae owed oats with. the seed. - , npw looks as if he will have a crop of hay. Trenary, southwest wae cultivating corn H. R, of Ledyard, Olson spent Friday with relatives a Mallard and .visited Mrs. Classon's brother Eldon, who was m- Sred during a baseball game ast Tuesday when a baseball hit Mm Harriett Olsen remained for sev- pral days of Visits. The river north of Seneca was a nonular place Memorial day when nshermen from far and near were there. Luck varied. Mrs. Barley Hoeck went Spencer Friday afternoon to with her nephew LuVerne Hau- baker of Dickens, who was run ove, by a trailer in Dickens, He is lu a hospital in Spencer. Patient's Condition Critical. ' Co with June 5-Elmer, son of Illi reported in critical condition. No. SMI/eta tton feed and rouaiiace miU. MoCormick-De«rtav No. 4 Cream Separator with new bowl. ' GUARANTEED! 50-foot endleas canvas belt .. - MoGormick-DeerinK No. 2 Manure Spreader. MoComiiek-Deering No. 4 Manure Spreader. 8-foot McConnick grain binder. John Deere 2-row cultivator with 4-horse hitch. McCormick-Deerta« No. 215-H cultivator for F-12 tractor. McCormick-DeerinK Model 221-G cultivator for regular or'F-20 Farmall tractor. ' —TRUCKS— 19S5 Ford 1% ton LWB.. Dual tire*. , 1933 CMC 2-ton LWB. Dual tiree. 1934 International Model B3 1^-ton. Long wheel base, dual tiree. VERY GOOD CONDITION! 1937 International Model Cl }i-ton panel. Reconditioned and repainted. 1933 International Model A3 1^-ton. Dual tires. . improved Trinity Mixture is the Ide*l protein Minerals, , vit^iinte, proteins, ir, costs less than tankage. TOTMIE RESCUE »? i /AND that's just the beer tax revenue,this state itself collects.., $Q }ift the burden pf direct tax*- ation from your shoulders;', Nationwide,, 6^r contributes over a million dollar* a, day to the cost of g»v?rnment. Think what that means in pay ing-for relief, in public wp|kj> \f) old-age aesisfance right in XW r own commijnity, • i, Then think of the million new job* that beer mad«,''And theji add W that a 100 million dollar market for farmers' crops 1 How can we keep these benefits . , ,-for yotf and for us? Brewers of America realize this, depends qn keeping beer retailing' as wholesome as beejLit8#J|., Thejf,w«nt, to helppubjic officiali in every possible way. They cannot enforce laws.. But they ciw-r-&n4twt^coope,r%te! ' May »• «fji«l you « tnm*toi telling of their, unuiual'self-regulation program? Address: United Brewers Industrial Foundation,,}* Eaat. 40th Street, Mew York, N. Y. These Blue Ribbon guaranteed tractors are our very best values. Be sure to see them before buying! F 12 FARMALL TRACTOR WITH CUI/TIVATOR. Fully reconditioned. Repainted. lMLK^AllO^Al REGULAR FARMALL BLUE RIBBON REBUILT TRACTOR and IwBy *' t'i i-fi^Bs

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