Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1939 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1939
Page 13
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Victor* by baseball was play- at .other,towns Brownies OUtpl'a'yed ett Paint team at the local ball a 5-2 score In a by fans a* I'good ,„ ':^ re were some 500 or at least 100 more l,f. Alcona.made eight star ROTARIANS HEAR OF WORK OF GLACIERS if,'D. Hutchlns, who was speak rat Monday's Rotary luncheon, displayed maps of Iowa and the county to show how glacial drifts gave this section some of the best soil In the Country. Several glacial drifts have passed over this territory in the past million years, he said, leaving the best of so.ll here. Following the S. Buchanan/ president) told the club that in a • survey miule a, year ago Sherman and Lu 'Verne townships -weirft! listed as h>|tV in thl United Staters j Ityjpf the- ' • BUSY SUMMER IN PROSPECT FOR BURGESS JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALOONA. IOWA dLOCALS PAGE F1VB l»r. ami Mrs. P. K. Sawyer spent 't « Ge . k "i. eml "t Minneapolis. .1. It. Johnson Sr. reports that he picked a mess or pens Fridny front n planting before the last snow. drew people from Burt, Tltonka, Bode, and many other neighboring towns. Dr. nnd 3trs. George Millard, of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.,- were • i _. " ••-"••« «»otii xwaiJiun, iv in.) •' w vi c »r. K. M. Hclses, Emmets-1 Thursday noon till Friday,,guests -...-., ..-,,.,-,, -ijiiiiiicio- i •• *i ni ouaj iiuuii in j r i luuy^h mii-p. were Sunday guests of the! of Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Affl doctor s mother, Mrs. .C. E. Heise.! " All openings in the Call opera house ruins have been boarded up ,10-keep exploring children out .of danger. Hanker and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore 'and Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Olson spent the week-ened fishing in northern iinson. Doctor Millard was a boyhood friend of Dr. Amunson. The Mili- ards are on the way to California for a vacation. County treasurer and Mrs. M. J. Rex Clay» new publisher of the Lu Verne News, and J. W. Har- tlnger, retiring publisher, were Algonai. visitors Monday. Mr. Hartinger, who had a mortgage on the plant and had to take possession after the : death of H. B. Colemari last year, will return to Des Molnes, where he had a state Job before he returned to Lu Verne. Mr. Clay is married, and his wife and a young daughter are with him. Herbert;Potter, Tucson, Ariz., is expected Thursday for the summer w.ith < his . parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Potter. He will be a. junior'next year In the University of Arizona. Mrs. P. J. Chrlsten- sen and her daughter Joyce are Duffy attended a surprise birth-, accompanying him, but will stop day party Thursday evening at] at Ames a few days. After a visit Whlttemore tor Mr. Duffy's bro- with the local Roy V. Chrlsten- ther Martin Jr. There were 26 sen's, Mrs. Christensen and Joyce Minnesota. i Mr. and Mrs. I -- — ~ .-- ., v _ w ..~. 1 IT ill DJJ^llU UlUi «3l» I ana Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wnlluknil : nnco. Martin Jr. is a farmer near, Spirit Lake cottage. Leo Dahlhauser relatives and friends in attend- ] will' spend the summer at their Whittemore. Elizabeth Allenbrand arrived ifished at Lost Island Sunday. They had fair luck. Mrs. Martin Anderbnrg nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Len Tipton, Armstrong, TTa7en S 's "unlon^to^shlp* 1 """^' ™ d ~ a " y -- F ~ red ha " s been "crying rales ' HbrarTan! " MiTs* AUenbrandTeToh- Frod JfJche, the big Swea City last week Sunday from Miles City, ,„. . .- . auctioneer and all-around village Mont., to visit Mrs. Kate Annis and Jipton, Armstrong,'handy man, was an Algona visitor; the latter's daughter Beth, Algona KL WeCK at Hfttll'V -pl'iHalr JiVn*1 t^on V%n/ln nt.lrtrtrv nnlaa' 111 1 -«*1__: All 1 I l .1. Twenty Yedrs After THE REV. C. G. Treskow was leaving Burt for Eldora. He had been Lutheran minister at Burt four years, and for five years before that at Plum Creek before the church was moved to that town. PRESIDENT FLINT, Cornell college, was to be commencement speaker here. Graduates were Zada. Lucille Bakkls, Ralph M. Benjamin, Arthur L. Benschoter, Melvin G. Bourne, Edgar E. Britton, Ethel, W. Cameron,, Dorothy Danson. Clarence R. Fehrm, Verna E. Green. George Hackman Jr., Isabel Hutchison, Lillian Ruth Hutchison. I', n. Irons, Frieda H. Krause, John L. Lehman, Harold F. Loss, N. V. 'Lowe, A. H. Meyers, Blanche McFadden, Eugene Murtagh, Ruby I. Nach, Mary Gladys Olsen, James M. Rich, Lynette L. Salisbury, Howard Schoby, Bessie Shackelford, Fred Skinner, Marshall Watson, Marie A. Wlnkel, and Commission at least five (5) day* before date of hearing. .The towa State Commerce Commission suggests that the objector be represented at the hearing by someone y drained . away, by govern- ;who has full authority to act for . -loanS the footings were high-i'"- er than ever before in 'the coun- Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, May m en I ty's had «TVilt 0 'W t ™ S ^ A,, H ln the Swea Cify ""ehborhood for es Junior high mathematics and M ' at ^ e TE ZittrTtsch Mrs. Hatt c Ferryman, Atlantic, somethinK like 40 years, and he «n. ami ah* was on Mi* -wav home. Mattllew B - z i u Pl sc ?and her daughter Ruth came Thursday for a. visit with Mrs. A. when he began. E. Michel, another daughter. something like 40 years, and he art, and she was on the way home hardly looks a day older now than to Darlington, Mo. Later she will history. The County .Savings | 29, l»3fl. reached the $2,500,000 mark.] land boom was increasing! totals. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION bank totals. ~ | Attest: Geo. L. McCaughan, * * * * I Secretary. THE PARKING SITUATION in , File E S570. Algona was becoming serious, and! 38-39 , George Hackman,, marshal, was- asking -motorists' to park diagonal-| ly td> curbs and as close together as p'oHpible. He complained of Saturday night, drivers who drove bachj and forth on State street, causing more than necessary traffic. ! BEFORE THE WWA STATK COMMISSION TO THE CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY: Notice is hereby igtven that a pe- titioji for a franchise to erect, usej and maintain poles, wires, guy wires, towers, cables, conduits and CHIC'KEN AlffD EGO SANDWICHES Firys AM) WIENERS POTATO «UMI> B\KEP BEANS •COFFEE C'AK" .W'f. rw.E.OI STRAWBERRIES C.C. KNTTDSON On Pinm Creek Road ta The Des Molnes of Nichols, Hen- SS of the 'third inning i perfect bunt and the bases Urrrthe'tWoase Ue following batter got a led to stretch it into a double ,00 put out on second base row we scored. A- wild by Henry scored the man on Some Wild Playing. error'on second base <put B.'man-on', first and ,a wi d lei;aru P ner go from first to , The Rev.- Dr. F. Earl pastor of the herei'will' have nevertheless will the pulpit only 18, when he will Dodge. . Burgess, I "''I'" lS '? ff ?'' fnrmer ne ? r Alg0 ' ° wtJMj. n n t c cltf.fnrlll n" f l*/->tvt n vt l»fnnt(mi go to .Greeley, Colo., to attend THE LAND BOOM was proceed ing at such a pace that, jokingly, other fixtures and appliances for • the 'purpose of conducting electri- " city! for lighting, power and heat- Mr, tind Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll will; summer school. Miss Annis was a>N. c. Rice had blocked out adozen . -. ~«,, ^u, 6CBS ,. ; , -„„„.,„„. ,„„_ „„ . , -. i£° to Oednr RaPlds tomorrow for fellow Miles City teacher before stalls on the sidewalk in front of Methodist church n ,1, i f. i i infection, jthe rest of the week at their son' returning to Algona last winter to'the Paine drug store for curbslone a'busy.summer but L nanu caused by a ( fTyrrell's. Tyrrell is a partner in become librarian. ' Idealers! Ill be absenl from! SC w tch ^' orn , a barbed wire fence, i the Grimm-Elliott - Shuttleworth-; jfr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Johnson, I " * « * » • one Sunday, June 1 ,„. , , Io j or80n received] Ingersoll law firm. The head of with the son Donald, will leave to- KOSSUTH >had subscribed 102 •'" be at' Camp 1 u°!f i , M % y l a brother at ,the firm, J. M. Grimm, was former- morrow to attend exercises in per cent of its quota-in the Liberty j Hoiiandale, Wis., had died. She;]y on the state supreme bench. . I which the son-in-law, Evert Swen- loan drive—$1;300;500, whereas the Doctor Burgess will leave June' 1 * n « una ™e to attend the funeral. | dark Armstrong, Britt, was an son, wilT"be graduated in medicine 1 quota was only $1,266,250. • Mrs. l». K. Newel and her chil- Aleona vlnltor Sattirdnv. He was Friday at the Civic Opera House,! township Every chaplain of the 133rd infantry {' since he was transferred from the I officers' reserve corps four years'- ago. Doctor serve officer's the World w.ai he' was in an the county had done * * * # PHONE BOOKS for 1919 i he recently fished at Dryberry Mrs. S'wensson, the former Elfa' snowed 689 Phones in Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Anton Anderson Lake, Ontario. Dryberry Lake is Mae Johnson, and her little son' 4 ?1 rural patrons, a total of nearly of the Lake of the Woods. Kenneth will come home with the K. S. Bnshnell, Elkton, S. D., Johnsons for a visit before joining ha, hnlrt n has held a L»t<- i?u.miitci iiiuuiua n\, IIIUAI ,»»* . u, ,7. uuailHtTII, I^IIVIUU, W. U't JOimSOHS I Ibedo lake cottage near Pine River, [went home Saturday, after a week'the doctor. >Ijnn commission since" ,, rs> Al , )ert he]>c with her two Dobson. hlg dau , ghteri Mrs . , H . B . Mr> and Mrs . Donald B . •Miller Mr. Bushnell runs a j e ft Sunday for Sioux Falls, home infantry officers training school at Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark. Doctor Burgess will be dean of n,. , ,"a' child ''en, was at Humiboldt a weekl chicken farm. Last week Tuesday of Mrs." Miller's parents, Mr. and i . * * * * I MARY LOUISE GILMORE had I been born to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore-T-first grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Gilmore. ago Sunday, visiting the former's (Memorial day) Mr. Bushnell, ac- Mrs. M. I. Orms. .The Millers will father, Frank Ernst, and her sister i companiedr by Mr. and Mrs. Dob- lea.ve there this mid-month for son, visited relatives at Cherokee.' Ann Arbor, Mich., where Mr. Mil- George Kohl left for Peo- Mrs. A. M. Colllnson, with her ] e r 'will attend an eight-weeks pThe catcher Band' "let a" man " overthrew ' third. „„ a two-base hit,, and a scored/White then stole * ; Barry walked. The; batter jt'down ! the first base-line, ^another run, but the--bat- rsout. This made two outs. man was hit by a ball -...ty, Henry.. ' this time the Brownies had Pclear around, and - Fisher ip again. He filed, out to the leld, ending the inning Plteher Takes Tumble. tbe second.half of the sixth bunted down the rt« T«T»,fl CmifV, rtn\rt\tn tr ^,, t ->-..-. v*v*.. n *, '...... .*.*. *. »«. .,. 1 n. ^»» J'M wm.1 ••• a V.., „.!,.. ..%,. i er will ctLtCIlU «U Clfe II L~ YV CCn.o K^ „? ™- T, i s . la ° u . ato -.rla Monday to attend the funeral lather, Philip Wallman, and her summer school course and study mo vea to Aieona we S T± 0l in-fn. .rs£±n ^^*™^.^.* m ™L^ I?" 111 " ^ rth «: ! ? ent Friday ( at | towar(lR _ a master's 'degree in his- rUme'mal'Sed^n * * * * DR. LEE NUGENT, who -had practiced dentistry at Burt a year after graduation from the university dental c ollege in 1918, had ing purposes ha-s been filed "by the Towjn -of West Bend, Iowa, in the off icie of the Iowa State Commerce Commission; lhat said' petition askfi ;the right to construct, operate and maintain said electric transmission line over, along and acrtiss the following described public lands, highways, streams, '! . (6900 VOLTS) jB«ginning" at the southwest ' corner of Section Eight (8), Township Ninety-four (94) North, Range Thirty (30), West of the Fifth (5th) P. M., kossuth county, Iowa, thence north on the highway on the West line of said Section Eight (&), three-fourths (%) of a triile. The Iowa State Commerce Commission has fixed the eleventh (llth) day of July, 1»39, ten (10) o'clock a. m., in its office at Des June 19-30, at Simpson college, j died Saturday, after a lingering Indiana. These schools are part of|ji] ness a four-year course of training for, R Ost .. 0 o Stewart, in highway corn- young men admitted to sjudy for; misgion ' employ at Estherville, the ministry. ! spent the week-end here with his The annual Epworth League In-; slster Helen, who lives with Mrs. stitute, to be held at the Metho-| Thomas' Schultz. dist.Camp at the Okobojls July 10 j rj^ lleTt v Earl Burge ss was at moved to Algona. 'He had also for ,,„_,,,,., - , a time • maintained an office at Mason City with Mrs. Charles Cur- t ory. He teaches in the local high Wesley, and he planned to spend tin, (mother Wallman daughter, j school. Following summer school, part of ^ is time there Mrs. Curtin, .who has been sick the Millers will visit Mr. Miller's * * * * slowly improv- , parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce er an Iowa Cityjier. Hillsboro. five weeks, is now ing. but will enter hospital soon. , Dorothy Ward, M?ho has finished ; ( i rell am t his sister Julia, drove to land boom. The Advance claimed her second year at the state uni- j Dubuque Sunday to attend com- that prices for Kossuth land had Frank McEnroe, with his Mil- THIRTY -FIVE farm sales in one week were advertsied in the Ad- chil- vance, showing the extent of the -16, will have Doctor Burgess us , Morningside college, Sioux City,! versity, is at home for a short va-' niencefeeiit exercises on Monday risen $25 an acre on an average in a member of the faculty. He will yesterday to attend a meeting .of | cation with her parents, Mr. and morning at Clark college in which one week. also •'attend aB ible conference there,'' July 23-30. 1 is a member. of trustees, of .which he i Mrs. Harry Ward, before beginning ( the daughter Frances was gradu- " work in the university registrar's : a ted. Frances took a liberal arts ALGONA * * * * METHODISTS had Mrs. A. A. Bishop will have j j € j)_ n, lr n s am i Ben Nolle are i office July 1. She will work half course and majored in social sci- pledged more than $20,000 over a charge of the service here '-Juhe' nmv operating a used car exchange' time in the same office during the eiice. Her sister Dorothy, junior period of five years. The Rev. Mr. 19, assisted by Mesdames Mrs. S.! nt _ Wray's Conoco oil station. Mr. I next school year. '" "' ' ' " ' '"' " W. Meyers, F. L. Thorpe, Albert j Bu ,. ns was formerly a salesman for Grooters, and the Rev. J. C. Buth-1 t j le .Elbert garage. man, district superintendent.. METHODIST BIBLE SCHOOL IS OPENED l»r. and Mrs. W. S. Aspen-gren, Mn the college, is majoring in Latin Clegg, Clear Lake, was district su- of and English. "Both , girls are re- perintendent. ^ ^ ^ THE TR-ACK TEAM had Mr. and MJS. G. C. Yeoman, Maquoketa, spent the week-end turning "with their, father and his' here at-their son Bernard's. They, party today -and will spend the Mo|nes, Iowa, as the time and place for hearing said petition. Any objectoins to the granting of such franchise must be in writing DeKalb,-111., and son Alfred visited took back with them the daughter •summer, al" home. " . third in a Boone Valley meet. Corn- here from May 25 to June 1 at Adra, who had' been employed at Mrs. C. L. Weigle, Austin, Minn., £? tmg io * A , E °m a - were ~ J^enneth Earl Moore's. Mrs. Moore and the high school during the* academ- an d her mother, Mrs. John Moser, ° tock ' , Fr ^ d , *f mn ? r > . u ° novan ,' Mrs. Aspengren are sisters. | ic year just closed. The Yeomans who lived many years in the Good Resseguie, Lelghton Mishach, and and.filed in triplicate with this KEEPING YOUR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE UP TO BATE That's onr bljr job everj' *ay ** see that yon hare the Tery latest and most complete policy. OUR PROBLEM IS YOUR PROBLEM. YOU PAY US TO SEE TBJLT YOU HAVE THE VERY BEST PROTECTION AT THE LOWEST PRICES. OUR BUSINESS TOR THE PAST TWENTY YEARS HAS BEEN BUILT UP ON THIS CONFIDENCE. WE HAVE TO MAINTAIN OUR CLAIM SERVICE UP TO THE 'HIGHEST STANDARD. Strictly standard — non-assessable policies. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY C. R. La Barre. T1JJES.-WEDNES., JUNE 6-7 THURS-FRIDAY, JUNE 8-» .Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Amfahr .at-! are former Algonians. Mr. Yeoman Hope neighborhood, spent a day Hackman. tended a brush salesmen's banquet now has a Ford agency, for the Waterloo branch at Mason City Saturday evening. The event age line, and the pftcher fell '•Jtrylng "to get the ball. Lat> : batter made a double play Mklng a hot liner to second 'and the second baseman. •'a man out on first. - ' the eighth inning, White, who ies enthusiastic comments 'in game, threw a sweet ball tie right center field to the baseman. There were,-;al- 17 strikeouts by the end of ti'rst half of the game.. The was a mater of waiting for more strikes. • .; ' • even better game is promised eit Sunday, when the Brown»ill meet the grass-skirted Cannibal Giants, a picked ed team from Philadelphia. teams will play at Hand's park o'clock, and at Algona at 8:30 . Watkins will catch in the . game, which promises con- table comedy from the clown- lulus. • tor Arent Hurt i Auto Accident; Wife Ex-Algonian A Methodist Bible school opened too ' k place at the Hanford hotel. Monday morning at the church, |), )ro thy Itolley, who was grad- with "70 children enrolled. l"6nej uated £rom t he local high school a Lease, music teacher at Britt, is > wee ^ ago> clerked at Graham's superintendent, and Mrs. Henry j Saturday. .She is the eldest Johannsen is secretary-treasurer, j daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Miss Lease is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Lease, Rolfe. Her father is a former district superintendent here. Dailey. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Lighter were Saturday night and Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stew- ! and a night here last week. Mrs. | ^ CORWITH WOMAN Mrs •?!•_ ™** rs - ^J^?™'^^* 1 ? is the fm : mer . Lola , Mos . e '^KatHerm e Gross, had reached her Minneapolis were gueslslasl week- who for some years was in Ad-' lootll birthday ' she remembered « >d ',° f «mv,*° m « 1S m 1 th ^'' M j: s -' vance employ. Her husband is a „ j di d ith Frederick Wil- Hattie Witham. .Harry is in city (.railroad man, and they have a onei,. park board employ. The visitors, dll d one-half year old son. Mrs. Mrs. Hattie Witham, Mrs. Myrtle; Weigle owns the Moser eighty, but I Vining, and -her daughter Harriet • ner Frances spent the following' Monday at Mason City with relatives. __ _ ___ Jlrs. C. W. Pfeiffer accmpanied mobile accident last -year in which | Schwartz, of the Fenton Reporter. has a life interest in i it. Mrs. Moser has been living! king of Prussia, and she President and Mrs. they lived in Ohio. * * * •" A SON, THIiRlD child, 'had been with Mrs. Weigle since an auto- i born to Editor arid -Mrs. J. A. three sisters to Missouri yesterday. I a s i s ter of Mrs. Moser was killed, . . Classes begin at 9 o'clock in the. a ,. t> Hanson. Both families for- morning and close at 3:30 p. m., with an hour off for noon. A. plcni2 will 'be held Friday merly lived at Bode and were neighbors. M. Potter and H. A. French, noon and a review of the work tne ] at ter Titonka .lumberman, left done 'will be presented in the g a turday for a week of fishing at form of a program Sunday morn- Leach Lake in northern Minnesota. I weeks. The sisters, who had been here . UK i M,. S . Moser herself was a few days, were Madeline and Vel- jured. ma Zimmerman, Crystal City, Mo., ' and Mrs. Earl Roberts, St. Louis, j ; v ' "•• " A niece, Faith Zimmerman, Bonne ••;••••••••••••••• Terre, Mo., was also in the party.] : . '••• • • ,• Mrs. Pfeiffer will be away two in-[- THE ALGONA BANKS had pub- 'lished' statenients, ' and despite school kindergarten and__ grade, Leona Smith and' ing in the regular church hour. Children's day will also be observed Sunday. Classes and teachers are: pre- first D Mary Criiikshank; primary, Mrs. Paul Danson, Esther Dearchs, Mason City teacher; junior department, Mrs. William Ringgenlberg, Emma Spongbeng, with Arline Baldwin assisting; intermediate department, Mary Foster, assisted by Joan- Stephenson. . The ,Rev. Mr. Burgess also has a class. Asaph Arent, Humboldt. son _i. ~Z " j . ot Mm C. E. Heise here, RltCS Saturday at ill by a car driven by a youth td Floyd Helm on a street "Ing at Humboldt Thursday wound which took ten to to close was suffered, al"" es. The doctor remained a few days, but is now recovered. His wife is Pner Bertha Heise, eldest MM of Mrs. Heise. 'Wg.Heim was taken before 2,, 011 a . cha rse of driving an without a license, and wen a 30-day jail sentence, 'However, was suspended on Reape off leer. . ,. nilton Graduates fromKosftuth th. -§ onlans Were graduated amillon sch00 ^ Clty Riveryiew. Pallbearers were i ; May »8emi- annual exercises. Mar' Nelson daughter of Mr aid 'f son> was 0))e o£ 26 a 3uuior secretav- Charles D - Pax- six graduated from the Ev lyn P ' l S wetw »al co « r ? e ;e Sh.l.?:, ^ne, Ledyard. btaMtate.. gflTrt' ^B WJJKJft Mr. Potter is in Metropolitan Life employ here. E. J. Van Ness was at Iowa City Wednesday. His daughter Kathevine had an operation there on a 3Ir. and Mrs. W. L. Whitney left Saturday for a month in the east with relatives and friends. They were first to visit the son Howard and his family at Chicago, then go knee which was injured a couple i in turn to Westifield, Mass., and IV11CC " .*»~. * I_™!^, 1 XT. TT rT>t.«.r ....111 nlr.n irlolf of years ago. She is satisfactorily. Mrs. C. A. Benson, arrived Monday for a her daughter, Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand. This is Mrs. Benson's second visit to Algona, the other having been three years ago. Janice Wagoner, who was graduated from the local high sdhool last week Tuesday evening, started ._..„ ,-—--- - TT - , .. work Wednesday for C. W. Nicou- recuperating here. He is on the AVOlft- >T Cl»ucov«i*y ^-«.,4.1,1,, „*„«? of +V,rt HYiiiravo- IOWA recovering! Concord, N. H. They will also visit • i Providence, 1 R. I., friends. Mr. Kane, Pa., Whitney is a retired Milwaukee visit with employe. j Dr. and Mrs. Hale Shirley, Iowa City, Avith two sons, came Friday for two or three weeks with the doctor's parents, Supt. and Mrs. William Shirley. Doctor Shirley has beeii sick three weeks with a lung and throat infection and is St. Thomas Church for A. R. Gardner Funeral services were held Fri- ay afternoon at the St. Thomas Jpiscopal church for Austin R. Gardner, who died Tuesday. The Rev. A. Linnell Schrock officiated. There were a great many floral rtbutes. Several hundred people attended the rites at the church, ,lso the services at the grave in L. W. Keith, H. Klamp, Verue Gross, Lone Rock, Edw. Hopkins, George Ben- xshpter, and Clark Scuff ham. Mrs, Gardner's brother, Docor Harry Jenkinson, Iowa City, and"his son, were here for the fu- leral. Mr. Gardner was a member or he local Episcopal church and of ,lje bishop's committee of the St. Thomas missipn. lin. She is checking mortgages for him at the courthouse. Kathwine Streit, Los Angeles, arrived Sunday for a few weeks here with her grandfather, Anton Streit, and her aunts, Mary Streit and Mrs. H. M. Smith. Miss Streit is stenographer for a bank receiv- 61". " Sunday evening guests at A. A. Sterling's were Mr. and Mrs..Russell Smith, daughter Virginia, and Mrs. Sadie Porter, all of Eagle Grove. Mr. Smith is a stockbuy- er, and his wife is a cousin of Mr. Sterling. Mildred Williams, Newton, came Saturday for a visit with her for- Grinnell college classmate, U. S. Grant Resigns as Lu Verne Season Lu Verne, June 6—U. S. Grant, who has been sexton at the Lu Verne cemetery ten years, has resigned, effective June 1. pe .had a s%vere attack of the flu in the early- spring, and later found that ie is 'still unable to do the work- The executive board has -peen re' ceivjng applications for the Job : HOSPITALS KOSSUTW May 29—John Reding, more, medical Whitte- ^,, $Q- J Mrs. John Recker, .Burt, girl J, Mrs. Martin. iBonnstetter, Al- Frances Mar-guerite Dalziel. Miss Williams teaches in the Atlantic schools, ind Marguerite is athletic instruc- ir in the Kewauee, 111., schools. Mrs. Chris Moore, son Ray, and Jet Carey, all of Hafcletou, have been visiting at Mrs. Rose Nelson's, St. Benedict. The visitors, Mrs. Nelson, and the son Clarence visited at Mrs. Nelson's mothers icar Livermore on Decoration day. ..The Albert Hagg painting crew •ecently finished decorating the exterior and interior of the E-verett Anderson and Holman Anderson somes. They are now decorating the home of Frank Lang at Otto- Boger Michel spent Thursday and Friday at Eagle Grove with gWayne Van Dellan. Both were thi-n vmir hieh school graduates. They became acquainted while plying basketball on' . opposing Dahl- Chris psychopathic staff at the university hospital. Kathleen, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Evans, came home Sunday from Wyman, where she spent six weeks at her brother Wallace's. Wallace is a farmer. Kathleen has been having considerable eye trouble, and while there she went to Iowa City for another check-up, and was told that her eyes were much improved. Attorney Jos. E. Lynch, of Linnan & Lynch, went to Herington, Kans., a week ago Saturday and returned Friday, bringing with him all of his family except Margaret Mary, who is still in school at the University of Kansas. The household goods arrived Saturday, and the family is now. settled in the Dickinson house. William I)ooley returned to West Bend, Wis.i^ on Memorial day, after Se , and Mr. and TUESDAY AND WEDNES DAY, JUNE 6 AND 7 BIG TIME PROGRAM PATSX KELLY JUNE LANG RITZ BROTHERS LYLE TALBOT —in— —in— "THE GORILLA" "FORGED PASSPORTS" ...win Will BUI (Daemon iicnt ROMICC! Flag "Gibbons Ad- Tenturo" Musical Special •Next to Closing* I SAT. SPECIAL, JUNE 10 THURSDAY THRU SAT URDAY, JUNE 8-10 2 FEATURES 3 SERIALS Last Episode Lone Ranger Serial Plus New Serial the week-end here • with his par- nts, County Recorder an'd Mrs. J. .'. Dooley. His wife and baby son Michael remained for a month's lurther visit. ,'WiJliam is produc- ioii manager for the Pick Manu- ucturing Co., which manufactures lUtpmobile accessories. *•' liernice Uoslien, Keiisett, is new office girl at the 'Metropolitan Life :nsurance offices. She replaces Jean Pollock, Rolfe, who resigned ,o make preparations; for marriage June 11 to Ray Blair, Fort Dodge. Miss Roslien was graduated from, Waldorf college, Forest City, Friday, but she bad been working in the local office three weeks. Colwell, bookkeeper the Iowa Culvert # Pipe Co., MoSnes, was a Memorial day guest of bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugto Colwell, and other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ltchty, Lu Verne; Mrs. P. J. Hill and Mr.,and Mrs. A, P.-Rueval, Fort Dodge, son and Betty Thompson, of Moines,- Ruevel are daughters ojf Mrs, Hill. B. B, Hutaejl, D. J. Sredall, aw Kay Fo*. all, o* jtfre l^sal MoCpr- mick-Deering stop, were at 3Rast , £«ndajr. They an InternatiQnal Second Feature BOB BAKER —ih-^ "PRAIRIE JUSTICE" Big Fun and Thrill Show Plus Elchard Himber Band SUNDAY-MON. JUNE 11-lt •rnrt nint and the thrill- hungry lai loren.oi.all 48! Brevity Looney Tline Our News >> iliicst sprecd that over happened' one n fell t. COMING—SUNDAY - MONDAY, JUNE 18 AM) —PAUL MUNI, BETTE DAVIS, in "JUAREZ" SUNDAY, JUNE 11, AND FOUR DAVS S. S. Van Dine's Best Seller A real Philo Vance Thriller.Exciting Story of Tropics! CALL • H L c a n n COMING Thurs., Friday, Satur,, June 1547 Daily mot, 2 p. m. Sat., 1 o'clock and every two' hours.. Two Great Attractions Drive 50 miles for this pair. BAER-NOVA FIGHT PICTURES ROUND BY ROUNP PLUS , YOUNG WAI/TEE OWEN ABTHUR ANNABEiLA, BiLUE BURKE, U High Life, JH&h Society, Heights of Hilarity in BRIDAL ^^f^ff^i^^^l * T^* ^fflW^Fj^ ^^WIK^^W* ' "

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