Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1939 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1939
Page 12
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9 AGE FOUR CHAS. HEARD REPORTS TWO FISHING JAUNTS Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Heard have made two fishing trips In the last ten days, one to Garden City, the other to Vernon Center, Minn. A week ago Saturday night they took with them Mrs. Heard's daughter, Mrs. Milton Worby, Lu Verne, her husband, and Won. Etherlngton, of Plum Creek. They found the 8- mile stretch of unpaved road north of Lakota muddy and rough, and they saw a truck loaded with monuments stuck In mud up to the hub on one side. They ran into rain Sunday, but had good luck at fishing. WAR MEMORIAL UN VEILED AT ESTHERVILLE ______ -'-' i ''''' Two from Kostuth in List of 612 Boys Honored. Swea City, June 6—A new war memorial monument unveiled at Esthervllle on Memorial day bears KOSSUTH COUNTY APVANCB. AiQONA t J6WA ALL OVER IOWA blacksmith, got four catfish, weighing 15 pounds altogether, and Mrs. Worby caught one. The party, returned that Sunday night. .On a Monday the Heards and Worbys had poor luck. The roads were better, but the weather was uncomfortably war soldiers They aVe Mavm A CHILDREN IN THE newst At her farm home near Panora/15- months-old Geraldlne La Fleur drowned In a 6-gallon milk can while her mother was out of the house a moment. . Though he fell more than 20 feet when he tumbled from an upstairs window, 3-year- old John Valentine, of Cedar Rap- Ids, received only scratches . . . While finishing supper in his Sioux City home, Robert McMullen, 2, choked on a potato piece, and died ... At Deep River, Scotty Keller, 3, was badly turned about the head when a can of roofing cement in a bonfire exploded . . . Murene Sawyer, 6-year-old farm H, S,'ANNUAL'THE BEST EVER ISSUED Only one-half dozen copies of the Bulldog,- high -school annual; are left out of 375. This is perhaps the best issue in the history <4f the school's annuals. It is filled with pictures done by a special process at Waterloo. The Advance did the printing. The book is cleverly made <up with individual photographs of the. teachers and the 100 seniors, andi group pictures of juniors, sophomores, freshmen, Junior High, and high school activities. Bits of humor and "off guard" snapshots add zest to the book, which sells for one dollar. Wm. P. Brown did all of the pho- i LETHA MANN, OF PORTLAND 71V/V WEDS A T LITTLE BROWN CHURCH Portland Twp., June 6— Letha, daughter of Lyie ACann, and .LeRoy Lee, both of Burl, were married this week Monday at the little Brown church, Nashua, the Rev. were other attendants of the bride- double-ring ceremony. Lois Mann, sister of the bride, MARKETS HOGS Best light bucth., 180-220 —$6'.10 and Melvin Anderson, Fort Dodge,. Med nvy> 220-250 — "_I$5.95 were attendants. The bride's fath- iMed bvy 360.370 —|5.80 * ' -— er Lyle Mann also attended. The bride was attired in an ankle-length white 'lace gown over satin and carried pink and White roses. The maid of honor wore -a blue ankle-length lace gown and .packing sows! 350-425 Med. hvy., 290-325 $5;ffO Best light fcutch., 325-360 _.__f 5.35 Butchers, 350-400 '„ .$5.25 Packing sows, 275-350 .......$6:10 Corwith Man Hurt ! in Fall from Tree tfernest-' R. tiee, B4 ( Corwlth,' fell !J0 feet out of A tree he was trlm- 'ming'in the' cemetery, the'fe""'S < iM- day,' and, suffered a comminuted fra'elufe of the' right femur. The iippfet» ; prirt of the shaft Wag broken in fiVe places. His face and right afrm also were bruised. He Was alone and lost consciousness, but a cold rain aroused him arid he managed, to crawl to ills truck, parked home in low to the Kossuth v, " "« and, win bc , T, hos PHal Ust i. thcrc till .1 then Other attendants were Natalie Mann, who wore an orchid taffeta Packing sows, 425-550 _|4.80 „ 6 ' 8 CATTLE J Chrlstensen Swea City wh wfs glpl " ving north ° f Urb <"> a - Ben- tography. Acuity sponsors were' gown and Nadine Mann, who W^""™ «»« a resident o RinLted wh.n h°. P n! ton , ^unty, suffered broken legslMr. Cutler and Miss Blair. Mem- dressed In pink organdy. Both _car-| |L° C ™t f ™ a resident of Ringsted when he entered the service, and Roy Bui^ge- son, lifelong resident of Swea in warm, fish. They got only four small This recalls an incident of postwar days in which a young Kossuth soldier who had given his life in Prance, was nearly overlooked I in the listing of war veterans. I Soldier Is Overlooked. and internal injuries when run,bers of the staff were: >' led P' nk and whlte roses - Fa >" e ,£ t y f arllngs "•'il'SS'onn. over by a truck. The little girl had Editor, Mary Lee Nugent; asso-Mann and Lyle Tryon, Titonka, £ at sleels t«'en K*K covered herself with straw in a elate, Eleanor Thorpe; businesswere other attendants of the bride f, , ° , - ItAAonA stubble field, and Glenn Cumber- manager, Dorothea Bjustrom; Kroorn. Infin. " KM%M land, driver of the truck, did not: class editors, Garnet Pichard, Bet-! The newlyweds left immediately uuns ~" *5.W-t>.UO see her as he approached. ty Laird; music editors, Ruby ">r Whittier, Calif., where they will GRAIN KILLKi) BY \UTOS: John John-! >rul ' neri Jane Cretzmeyer;' feature'.live. The bridegroom's parents, No - 2 yellow corn 38c son, 10, Hamburg, Fremont coun-1 edltors ' Ma . ry Cruikshank, Jean'Mr. and Mrs.'W. W. Lee, live atjNo. 2 whte corn — —-43c ty. struck by Texas car as he was crossing the highway after alighting from an auto that had given Murtagh, Eugenia Little. at No. 2 whte corn 43c No.. 2 white oats _i26c Activities editors, LeRoy Nolle,! The bride is a Burt high school;No. 3 white oats l.i.24c Bonnie Phillips, Margaret Ann' graduate, and for six years she had !No. 2 rye _.40c Want Ads- Alfred Bonnicksen, who lived hlnl a ]ift Herbert E Moer- Betu ' dsle y: snapshots, Phyllis Saw- taught in Burt and Portland rural' No. 2 yellow soy beans 75c just within the west line of Kos- snal 45- ve ar-old Homestead Iowa' • ver< Janlce Wagoner; typist, Lois schools. The bridegroom, who at- New No. 2 yellow soy beans —64c suth. entered the BRrvicp in Km- ».. u_, , .'.. . ' : Cnlwo.ll. 7,nl/In T^inir. i,.„!«„„ iru fpnrtori tho Kaof hlo-h or-lmnl noa . ..rm,. suth, entered the service in Em met county. He was sent to France and there lost his life when a loaded ammunition truck he was driving throug-h a heavy 'bombardment county, baker, in a collision near : Colwe11 ' Zelda juniors, Ed- tended the East high school, . , , , .. Van Home . . . T. M Manna 79- gar Sonmie1 ' Patricia Matern; and Molnes, is a. carpenter and mason. )„ year-old Ruthven Palo Alto c'oun- sports ' Lv] e Anderson, Joan Ste- For some years he. followed e '"" JI > s> A.I.UIJ.I » cii, OL CllU J-V1LU UUUIl" • In an auto collision at phf ?,? so ?' Thelma Christensen, ' . « . , book is so wel1 done as to FOR SALE—USED BICYCLES, ,f5 and up.—Joe Bloom. FOR SALE—USED OAR RADIO — See at Jim's Radio Shop. 10p38 to a bits trUCk bX a SheH a " d bl ° Wn i 18 ' Elk Honl '- and Jam es L. Reed!i;i u . s , tff ;L gre , a ,' credit lo the s P°nsprs After the war, when Kossuth and I 20, Anita, when were a car in which was struck by a , .. .. " nd the edltors - overlooked, probably because of year-old Oelwein youth, when car PAINT SALE— RKD BARN paint, S8c gal. — Coast-to-Coast Store. I ing in one county and his postof- [fice in another. Error is Corrected. But a little old lady then living a machine driven by Mrs. Mary Griffith, Mitchellville, on highway 88, northeast of 'Des Moines . . . Mrs. J. K. Johnson, 60, when struck by in Algona. but once'a neighbor of i a car on highway 30 near her Jef' the Bonnicksens, was anxious to '. ferson home, see that the name of the young; OLD PFOPI K In *h« , FOR SALE-MANCHU SOY beans, j Kossuth county soldier who met | was one of the last wishes OF 'BRIDES' TO BE BURT EVENT per bushel.—Call Algona. L. Gisch, I such a tragic death should be giv- Ilu38i en recognition, so though she was Burt, June 5—In a setting of ex- ciuisite loveliness, 16 "brides" will march to the altar this week. But there will be no preachers or It | bridegrooms, for the "brides" will his trade at Burt and also was em 1 ployed In a garage there. Wedding guests were Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Mann and Dean Mann, Portland; the bride's maternal grandmother, Mrs. Nelslna Han-, sen. Titonka; and Mr. and Mrs.! William Wegner, Decorah. KGGS 15c No. 1 I2c Hennerys 16c Cash cream-No. 2 9 C No. 1 22c No. 2 206 Sweet 23c POULTRY Bank Depositors at LuVerne Unanimous in a Buchanan O: K. I Hens, under 4 Ibs. 9c Leghorn hens ___9c. Cocks, under 4% Ibs. 5c Cocks, over 4% Ibs. 6c Geese, live '. 6c Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. 10c , pucks, live, 4% Ibs. -.60' — the meeting of depositors and H ucks ' live, under. 4% Ibs. —_6c [ other creditors of the Bank of Lu |Hens - ovei ' 5 lbs - 11 " reia wbod P?ov d coSniv " J " 1 ' Jin feeble health, she made calls on she be buned in the'velvefdressln which she was married . . . Two fV i . t * e . news! It I bridegrooms, for the "brides" will other creditors of the Bank of Lu |Hens - ovei ' 5 lb s- He RR wh Hi i 68 ^^' n"'^ be Wrf of ^ "Pageant of, Verne at the community hall, Lull", .1 i. ^T T 7~ 88. who died at Rudd, Brides" at the Burt Methodist' Verne, Wednesday night, the local i Catholic Church at >. tne otner day, that church Tuesday aftrennnn atirt ! denbslta WPI-A rpnvoaonfo/i K^ „ _•> _ -.1 r» 111 GOOD CHOICE ALFALFA HAY, | the proper authorities and did"not delivered from field. — Ralph i cense till the matter had been i A .-.'jo .,:..-i.j~.i Hurlburt, Loue Rock. PIANO FOR SALE, CHEAP good condition. — Address 14p38 IN thei righted. The liiiip old lady is dead now, . . . Iowa Civil war veterans died last week, Nye Hopkins. 92. of Dallas, at the home of a daughter in Os- fred's remains now rest in a Ring- steel cemetery, having been sent homo after the war. * Vance Co., Mason City. 14u37-38 FREE ENLARGEMENT AND MIN- iature album with each roll film i developed and printed, 25c.—Lus-| by's. 14(2)27tf A NEW WELT. DRILLING MA- chine in your locality. Drilling any size wells. — Guy Beemer. phone 102 Lakota. 12p37-50 FOR RENT—SMALL PASTURE at' Wesley, JunTT and her name is not piven because kalooaa'ind \lhp s ! °° 6rt she would not have wished it. Al- 94, at Vinton WESLEY REBEKAHS CONVENTION HOSTS 5—The Rebekahs 16(2)37 ,, j ~ , ••—..-• ~ t , , L, .. i» v. *J i Jit; AVCUClXtXllO the edge of town, sheep or hors- will be hostesses to the district es preferred.-Call i'So, Algona. I convention in the local lodge hall tfl,.nQ7 Wednesday, the sessions begin- nining at 1 o'clock and continuing all afternoon and evening. Mrs. Ernest Hutchison is noble grand FOR SALE—18 FLESHY ANGUS steers, 16 cows with calves.—M. Miller, Batavia, Iowa, No. 2. R. R. At Charles City, a fractured hip sustained May ~5 proved fatal to Mrs. Emille White, 92. A son and two daughters survive. Si;rU>K\ I)KATH: While ing electrical repairs across the river, in Illinois, from his Muscatine home. 49-year-old J. P. Hawley touched high voltage wires and fell to his death ... At Cedar Rapids, Louis Gilman, 59-year-old window cleaner, was struck and killed by an eastbound train while waiting for a westbound train to clear the local K rou 'P and will open the meeting, turning it over to FOR SALE—160 ACRES improved,' Mrs - Vee Mullin, who is president fine corn land 4 miles from Al-! of the convention. Various work Eona. Price, $85 an acre.—O. B. of tllc !odge will be exemplified by Anderson, Forest City, Iowa. 20p38; the attending lodges in this dis- •• . , trict. and the special degree work KAYNEE SHORTS AND WAISTS j will be put on at the evening ses- —Plenty of pockets. Some with • sion by the Alg^ona lodge. In the a city crossing George Knutson, 35, apartment house janitor at Fort Dodge, died in an ambulance, after breaking his neck in a 15-ft fall. leather belts. One waist model has zipper pocket. — Zender's. 38 exemplification of the lodge work, those present will treat the information as a school of instruc- ill newly cold water.—Mrs. terson, Burt. 16(2)38 FOR SALE — RUBBER TIRED house wagon, has been used as cook shack, good condition, priced to sell.—-C. L. McVay, Algona. 20p38 HOUSE PAINT — FORITFY your home with Pittsburgh Sun-proof Paint. We'll estimate your needs and Quote you a real price.—F. S. Norton & Son. 38 LOANS — AUTO, FURNITURE — Convenient way to meet unexpected demands. No endorsers necessary. — Edward Capesius, Heisc Bldg., Algona. 38 SUMMER SHIRTS— NEW ARROW Shirts in lightweight madras. They're cool, comfortable, neat as a pin. A new Arrow free if one SIMON WERTZ and Howard Yo- tier were walking down a steep street in Iowa City when they saw the driver of a large passenger car slump over at the wheel. They managed to jump on the car anil bring it under control before it crashed through tennis courts at the bottom of the hill. Investigation revealed that the driver, 60- year-old Carlton Huiskamp, promi- - j nent KeokuK man who had just re- ir , , , , , , t - . e | turned from an extended Florida i lodge dates back to about, visit, had died from a heart attack Other ofhcers of the co*- ^.^ ^U^ Shenan- I cloah, Grinnell college junior, is a talented young lady. Here is her record for five days of last week: (1) Sold a play, "Land of the Free"; (2) won the 'Steiner play- writing prize with her drama Tuesday af trenoon and! deposits were represented by a again Friday afternoon. I majority of the owners (in Ranging from 1855 to 1939, wed- amount). Receiver Buchanan ex- dmg gowns will be worn by grand- Plained that he could not be .bound ters of the original wearers. Mrs.' by a mere majority vote of persons Dean Andrews, as commentator,' present, since the majority might will give the.history of each dress be due to small depositors. Howand relate connective anecdotes. | ever, he wanted an expression of The gowns will be modeled by sentiment at the meeting, and for Patricia Ball, Titonka; Elaine ' this purpose he had prepared bal- Angstrom, Good Hope; Cleo Hob-! lots. Greatly to his surprise the son Roberts, Lone Rock; Mary ! vote was unanimous in favor of the Ellen Halpin, Algona; Darlene' Proposed sale of the remaining Brink, Doan; and Zelpha Pratt, 1 lan(I s of the Hanna estate. Friends Phyllis Brooke, Ruby Nelson, of Mr. Buchanan feel that this-was Kathryn El.vidge, Ruth Olson,' a great tribute to his management Joyce Graham, Maxine Graham, of the receivership. There were 72 inelma Bristow, and Selina Clif- ballots and every one was in fa- ton all of Burt. |vor. No criticism was expressed at Mrs. B .K. Bahnson, Mrs. Virgil the meeting. Schrader, Vera Chipman, and Marilda Pratt will provide a musical setting, and one of the concluding numbers will be a "bride's" quartette. Algona Girl Gets a Columbia Degree West Awarded Cash Prize Corwith Remodeled Corwith. June 5—Work has been started on remodeling St. Mary's Catholic church. The entryway has been torn off, and a 26-ft. addition is being built in front. A new roof will be laid, and the interior .will be re-decorated. When fin-' isbed it .will have' the appearance of a new building. P. Gruenwald, Stilson, has the job and is assisted by James and Arthur Tabb. Fenton Girl Will Represent Kossuth Fenton, June 5—Ruth Dreyer, of the. Fenton Forwards 4-H club, has been chosen to represent Kossuth on the panel discussion to be held during the 4-H convention in June. Ruth will go two days early to receive special training frbm Drum- Livermore, June 5—JBetty Seger _ and Richard McKenna, dancing moncl Jon es, Washington, D. C. partners from West Bend, were' Irene Krause is the -Forwards' reg- taken by surprise Saturday night' r dele sate. when the Figueroa manager grad- j ..' . her bachelor of arts de-j daughter of M.Tnd M^. John £! a ^f a t g ° at Cedar iSer; Mr. McKenna, the son of Mr. n naw = fnii , t years at i and Mrs- Thomas McKenna unava, followed by two years at 1890. vention include Mrs. Lillian don, of Burt, vice president. - * Wesley Girls on Two Radio Hours ever shrinks. — Zender' 38 NEW PHOENIX COLORS — TWO Personality colors for under-sun wear. "Intrigue"—smart toasted tan. "Fetching," lovely blush tone. 2. TJ, and -1 threads, -1.00 pair.— Wesley, June 5 — La von and Maxine Hanig, daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hanig, are members of the violin section of Immaculate Conception academy orchestra, of Dubuque. The orchestra gave a program broadcast ! Youth Gashes Foot Miss VanNess. is Uie"daughTe7 of I' . On GlaSS in Lake J. VanNess .loca^ attorney. m ™»^?™ 6-5erscheI Hart- Who'd Believe It? | f °ot when he stepped 6 on "'piece of Milt Moore is 80 !|fana s T Ar xr n— to a doctor at Ruthven, where he J. M. Moore, Algpna, for many received first aid treatment and years a Union township farmer, I was then brought here Two was 80 years old Sunday. There stitches were required to close the was no special observance of the!gash. event. Mr. Moore is remembered "Vincent Van Gogh"; (3) won the Atlantic Monthly's short story contest; (4) received honorable mention in a national essay writing THE LOUIS KLIXGS, Kellojrs, | county as having served "a"' term •T WO _WeddingS are have announced the engagement over WKBB in East Dubuque May and approaching marriage of their 21. The girls are also members of (laughter Florence, law otiwionf nt girls are also members of the academy glee club and that group presented a broadcast the following evening. Evelyn and Bernadine Hanig also attend this academy. The Chrischilles Store. 38 Wesley Team After County Shoot Title Wesley, June 5—The champin- ship .sliooi for the county five-man team will be held at Algona at the fail-grounds in connection with the June picnic of ihe Kossuth Conservation League. The local team EASTMAN <: AM BHA, F R E E— Small, bullfet type. L'5 Sargent Peed Kift coupons. Bi K variety other valuable gifts. Ask for full deiails.—Anderson Grain & Coal., •• „..., ~a. c w,,- 38 ley, and Lael Root, were champions last year, and are gunning for a repeat. Alternates for AVesley include Oliver Young, Harley Haynes, Henry Shorey, and Clar- (laughter Florence, law student at Drake university, to Henry B. Wallace, son of the secretary of agriculture. Young Wallace works for a hybrid seed corn company partly owned by his mother (about 45 per cent) and his father (about o per cent). OX A SAXI> BANK in the I)es Moines river five miles northeast of Pleasantville. Marion county, AV I. Prickett found a human jaw bone containing 14 teeth and gold worth approximately $70. If no relatives of the man who owned them are found — and it might be a job establishing his iden- -N'ORTHWEST-KRN grown through 81 years" of'war and pestilence. Its 700,000 members own a billion dollar estate investigate this unusual plan of secunty.-See Antone Johnson, District Agent. 38 HEAT u>ssii_nr^-n^-^j home normally changps ever npur. (Jreen-f.'oloniui factory ei Kineer will survey your heatin WAL TELEPHONE service will or two as county supervisor in' the Algona-Union-Plum Creek district. Calledjat Wesley He is still in good health, Though! Wesley, June 5—"Banns for the lame in one leg. Mr. and Mrs.' approaching marriage of two con 0v Hved in A1 S° na Curing Pies were ^ published a week ago Sunday for the first time at the St Joseph's Catholic church. They i were for Adolf Girres and Pauline rY~U£ 11 o • IBlack - tn e latter of Rich Point, UadrellOW Service and for Matt B esch and Marcella Fish, the latter of Sexton. the last dozen or so years. Wesleyans Attend «r „ „ - 29 — Guy Butts, Wallace Benton, Carl Johnson, the Rev. Arthur Bottom, and John Amesbury, local Oddfellows, left early Thursday, May 25, to attend the funeral that day of Rev. Jordan Dale, bandmaster of the Odd- fellows, who died following an operation at Ottumwa on Sunday, May 21. The group also visited the lodge at Titonka Tuesday, May ence Ward. tions. ? Aluckey. obligation.—Laing OPPORTUNITY TO GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF WesU-rn AufoYssodate Store Western Auto Supply Company argest and most successful in Its line, JO years in business, had sales volume of 36 millic in 1938. We are now offering you an opportunty to own and operate L^ te ; nnedAu .|° ^fc* |t o °f store. ta^HT^ 0 ^" 2 You can become the owner and °f ne , rat ° r <*, a "Western Auto Associate Store" for as little as |2,750 towns, which pays and fixtures and n . aa „. 3ar y to start business. We train you In our euc- ceatfjU merchandising methods Western Auto Supply Co, Bicyclist on Way to South America An unidentified youth en route to Yellowstone park and South America by bicycle stopped here Ihursday night and asked officer McGinnis for permission to pitch h>s pup tent in the Tourist park He had already come 514 mile from somewhere in Wisconsin Next morning, before a reporte could find him, he was up an < away, with suitcase, a box am tent strapped to bis bicycle.' Brother of Kossuth People Badly Hurt Swea City, June 5—Relatives „ John Hammond Jr., former Swea 'Mtyan, were called to Clinton, 111. ast week Tuesday by news that he had suffered severe injuries vheu run over by a truck. lammond formerly lived on Mr the Kansas City, Mo 2116 Central 9t.' Store Division 32« Haglund farm, and he hag broth- rs and sisters at Wesley, Sexton, nd Woden. At last reports his ondition was critical. • * Portland Lad is Sick. Portland Twp.. June 6—Richard, eldest son of Clarence Crouch, is seriously sick at his npme with pneumonia, but was considered slightly improved Monday. , , — ...-...,.,, nut '-•v.«v*Mgj t ;m < .LI_UJIJ be introduced to both town and 23, in the evening rural telephone users now served! by the Anthon, Woodbury county telephone ex-change the latter part of the year. The improvement will cost about $27,000, according to announcement of the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. MBS. XKLLIK HARftY, Ottum. wa, was awarded $500 damages by a jury that heard her $500 slander suit against the Commercial Credit Co., Des Moines. She charged tha a collector for a payment washing machine "cheat and a liar' OFFICE SUPPLIES, DATING stamps, hand punches, files Everything you need!—Ask Advance. CLASSIFIED CQPY — WE HAVK a library of classified copy on practically all lines of merchandise or service. Special copy pr«. pared in campaign form without extra charge. Tell us what you wan.t We'll STARTED CHICKS, We have heavy breed started chicks «n hand from one day to two weeks old. j Straight ran heavies __$5.90 Heavy males $5.99 Heavy females __ $7*5 per 100 day old~" Started chicks $1 05 per 100 per week more." WEIP'S HATCHERY I Bancroft, Iowa. ' called her a in the presence of guests. AT KNOXYILLK, two Chariton girls, Mrs. Genevieve Cowman 20 and Frances Wilson, 19, pleaded guilty to shoplifting and were given $50 fines, which were suspended. Both have young babies and said they had been looking foi work. BORN, TO MRS. Wilmer Sayder, 22, Balwin, Jackson county triplet boys, weighing i%, 4%, am 5 pounds. The attending doetoa placed them in an incubator and said they were in good condition. IN THE SPACE of 12 hours the other day, 5,612,000 gallons of gasoline, the equivalent of five freight train loads, went through the government locks at Davenport. There were 24 barge loads all told. PLEADING GUILTY to assault with intent to commit rape on the person of an Ottumwa woman, 29- r ear-old lister "Black.'Washington tegro, was sentenced to 20 years to Fort Madison. equipment FREE with each Boy's and Girl's Bicycle New Streamlined Double Bar Ballon Tires with Tubes Coast-to-Coast Store Joe Bloom „>'«• Safely •We'll be glad to over your without obligation you. Remember all our experience knowledge of local estate and builders 1 your service to stol yo» possible costly^ 1 rors, give you full/ BUILD NOW/ >Ve make it easy to buy, build, modernize, or refinance homes. , No red- tape. Our service is prompt and friendly; And v you are spared costly mortgage renewals. You get a safe plan —one suited to your income. It's easy to understand, too. Payments are made just as you would pay rent. Learn .now how you can finance this .easy way. ALGONA FEDERAL SAVIN GS & LOAN ASS' €. R, L« Barre, Scc'y-Treas. Member Federal Home Loan Bank 00, J N It's Thrifty To Telephone Americans are great users of telephone service because it saves them so much time, energy and expense and costs them so little. They have the most and the best telephone sen-ice in the world at the lowest cost - largely because of constant improvements and economies. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY of car you are now we urge ypw to drive a new r < >u * with Exclude Vacuum hich £°** toto action OM _ supplies 80 per cent of the sht $* nw>«M«t yow touch it withj , thanks to an exclusive vacuum bolster ow ° e U to ywWIf to learn how efforttesty nod tffefefftf ' Ew see So please accept thjs invi Chevrolet dealer tod** gg ' nation's , car; $MJt\v>W\ J**' imme -*•—•«> vrrwraier oyt«*ptirtt thtfieW * <>s * uth Motor Co \'" flt "'""*Ws'*wpJ!(i ^ ,'liflte v |i||l|i(H|w

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