Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1939 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1939
Page 11
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KOSStJTttCOtJNTlr ADVANCE. ALOONA. loWA PAOE Burt, Wed at Little Brown Church tMiali^Letba Mann was 2 twoThoWers last F, at . I- Mann Jverai years In rural and Portland Wwn- LfVERMORE DANCE HALL GETS A FEW /MPROVEMENTS itiivermore, June 5—An addition 8x50 has been finished for the F4g- U«T«a 'balli/room;* •'•• Some..).built-in features were added.:" tirji. Smith, owner, now.hasr not, only the large dance<'flofi!r,'but'prlvate;Wsotris*and a cafe. The site is that 6t the old town hotel. Llvermnre Couple Grandparent— •Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Howard are parents of a -son 'born at the Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, Wednesday. The next day Mrs. Ted Jennings 'gave "birth to a son at the same hospital. Mrs. Howard and Mr. Jennings are sister and brother,'and their•.parents' are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jennings here. -, Other Livermore News. Alvln Bredall, school band leader, has been engaged by the municipal band for the summer. The first street concert is planned for this'Week Wednesday. Some members of the school band will play, and there will be some 30 pieces in the band. Among recent guests of Margaret and Clara-Malta were Mrs. Edna Goodenough, Marquette,Neb.,; Patricia Goodenough, Des Molnes; and the Clarence Malins, Charles.City. William Frlsch.had a visit from his brother M. N., Winona, Minn., and the latter's wife. The John Segers drove to Mallard for Memorial day at H. M. Fotney's. Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Vought, Belmond, came for the day, and among other former Liv- ermore residents who came were Mr.;yand£Mft. ".Homer >,MoufcJr;'Aus-- tin, Mlnni, and three daughters. The J. C. Camerons, of Storm Lake, came.' recently for' a daiy with Mrs.' •.Cameron's pa'rents, Jerweler and Mrs. W. M. Smith. Mrs. Ollle Smith has been having a visit from her sister, Mrs. Sue Dunster, Des Moines, who will be here for some time. Mrs. Berbha Wilson Is having a visit from an eastern grandchild, Zelda Thompson, Burliagton, Vt. THE MOVIES By T. H. C. unnday at the h near Nashua, atter " go to e- sirt in a picture of ThWe is talk of . of Baft MoVes— Johansons, . who Mrs. Lillian Shel to'Swea W f City his family are moving IntoJhe Bthtrr vacated. Mr. and Mrs. * Garden, Ames, -will have , In the Manus house va- the Hellers. Mr. Gardner ager bf'the' BUrf'Co- iatlre elevator. . ' J. H. Schroeder Improved— H. Schroeder attended a meet- of the Pfelater Seed Corn Co. Emmetatwrg Friday. Mrs. roeder, who had been confined ied some weeks with heart ible, was up again, and accom- led him as far as Whittemore, ire she vlaited her daughter, ,R. A, Bartlett. :.. it Memorial Bay Here— mong out-oi r town people'who nt Memorial'' day • here wisre fcflry •Mrs.'Lincoln Stewart, of Lynd, in., who vlaited Mrs. Lottie Is- erger; the Peter Loofts, Armong, who formerly lived here; and Mrs. Jonathan 'Hulbert, of Men, and Mr. and Mrs. George ndal, Carroll. rt Teacher IB Married— Ira. Maude Hanna, Mrs. J. G. tick, Alice'Elghme,- Efna ^Baars, 1 Leona Bahe went to Fort dge Friday to attend the wed- g ol Marian Hoppe, Burt teach- to Vincent Pemble, Indlanola. IB Baars sang, and Marguerite eghley, a fellow teacher, also itierners Make Visit Here— Irs. R. C. Hoover, Carlsbad, N. Mrs. Jack Osborne; El Paso, I, and Clarence Schrader, New xico, arrived Wednesday for ten MAJT OF CONQUEST— This biographical sketch of the mad Sam Houston's life continues the vogue for American historical folk-lore, but it tugs just a little top ardently at the apron-strings of 'democracy and moralizing to be a Valuable contribution to the cinema historical society. There is a distinct appeal to modern times and conditions, an unforgivable early times, dictatorship, whereas, If my history serves me rightly, it was tyrants In "them far-off, early days." Th^re Is another modern reference which iff much more flagrant, but for the life .of me I cannot now recall/It. ,„'! jpUed It down only on t;he,.uncertain jjad of > memory, a 'veh'icle-wh'ictijiBA not, u gervini ; me theseV days, -and when' I came? out of the theater, I was disgusted, and somewhat taken aback, to find that it had flown us completely as a pigeon darts through a barn door. The tempestuous life of Sam about Alice that you can call SA or anything else you like, but she's ;ot it Alice sings and dances (in her Houston could certainly make a better picture than Republic has portrayed it in Man of Conquest But the final battle scenfe is the most realistic and dramatic I have ever; seen flashed across a silver screen. Horses and men plunge recklessly to the ground, huge explosives fairly split the earth as men are apparently lifted in the air. The charge by Houston continues to the stirring cry of "Remember the Alamo! On and on they go as cannon thunder and bullets rain about them. It's a great sequence but the rest of the picture lacks warmth and depth, essential' 'characteristics of all biography. There are fashion) delightfully, and while icr big number, My Man, may lack :he poignancy of that famous ballad from the lips of Fanny Brlce, our little song-T>lugger puts It ovar with genuine heart-appeal. Al Jolson, staging a rather remarkable comeback, 'goes through his most celebrated repertoire of Mammy songs with a clear, silvery voice, though Al is 52 now. Were it not Ifor the melodramatic theme of Rose of Washington Square, one could wish for nothing' better 'than ; Alice's . and Al's singing., 'But .(perhapsx others than I dld<not>(i^d-"thejilX<»n'gr}ik.iy. of plot and 'general •''theme;; so; disconcerting' to their pleasure in the picture. . In any event Rose of Washington Square was a swell show. But wait till you see The Life of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle. HOTEL IMPERIAL— • This picture might well have been' named Much Ado About Nothing, Insofar as plot is concerned; •for though photographed with a delicate touch of eerie artistry, directed with due regard to suspense and dramatic climax, and portrayed by a group of capable and convincing actors and actresses^ Hotel Imperial Is as barren of plo as a desert of water. Even so, it is an entertaining picture ol the World war, with a setting on the Austrian-Russian border. A certain Isa Miranda, newcom er to the screen so far as I am concerned, reminds one pi Garbo Two Wesleyans are Graduates at Britt Wesley, May 29 — June, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Haverly, and Luella, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Waldschmidt, were graduated from the Britt high school Thursday, May 25 with the senior class of 40 pupils. The Rev. Frederick J. Weertz, of St. John's Lutheran church In Des Molnes, delivered the commencement address. Attending from here were' Mr. and Mrs. J. L, Haverly, Mary Lou and Don, Mr. and Mrs. eo Waldsohmidt and their rieph- w, Dean Oswald, Dorothy and ernard Hauptman and Imogene euroth. ' • ^' • Dakota Shower for SchooUiirl Bride jj^fkota,i May' 29-JA 'linen'! shower ^as 1 given fat 'Mrp.' W. J. 'Leslie's n Tuesday, May 23, in honor o uTrs. Boyd Mulverhill, nee Adel phnson, 50 relatives, friends, .and choolmates attending. A mock wedding was.put. on by.the' schoolmates; Luclle Leland, SWea City, ang a solo; and time was spent at writing advice for the .'bride's ise. The: party was oh the bride's 18th birthday, so Happy Birthday only a few biographers .who have thlsjknack/and^if the movies' think' they can just drag out important men from their graves, dress them up a bit, 'and make them biographical fare they have another "think" coming. Biography must do more than sketch the lives of the great, must who apparently was wronged put life and blood into their dry though,; there is -a. toych ,of Dietrlol lii'Tier'-'face" and a bit'of Anabelte in her accent, a combination per sonality, who, If given a chance may develop into something trul refreshing. In this picture Isa is attemptln to .revenge the suicide of a slate b an officer In Room 12. That about all the plot there is, and I'm luncheon May 25th at the former's, and out-of-town guests were Mrs. L. Kutschara and the latter's daughter Mrs. D. Amunson, both of Clear Lake; Mrs. D. E. Baugh- trian Jt .and Mrs.. Ethel Heater, Fort ^dlge; .and Marie Gr'over", BUrt. Mrs. M. P. Weaver entertained at a one o'clock luncheon Thursday. . Two tables of bridge were In iy, prizes going to Mrs. L. G. Baker and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh. The T. N. T. club went to Clear Lake last night for today at the former E. W. Lusby cottage, now owned by,Mr. Lusby's daughter. ' Fenton's H. S. Band Will Give Concerts Fenton,, May 29 — The Fen ton H. 3. band is giving concerts n the new bandstand, between the [)ostofftce and Doctor Ruske's office. They began on Wednesday May 24, and will continue every Wednesday evening till September. Wm. H. Julius, high school band Instructor, la director. The program tor. the opening concert was dedicated to • the school > board here and the Community club,"(which made the concerts possible. Wedding Banns for Two Wesley Couples Wesley, May 29—Banns-of marriage -were, announced for,the, first time; Sunday,;,May,21st,ia f''-'^ UNION 'Kent and Mike Fox, of Dwight, 111., 'Banns were published for the second time for Cecelia Elsenbach- er and Charles Nelson. They are now married. Miss Eisenbacher was honored at a pre-nuptial shower Saturday, May 27, In the lodge hall. was Mrs. gifts. sung. Lunch was served. Mulverhill received many East-Seneca Junior Legion Team Defeated. Wesley, June 5-JThe, Junior Le;ton team defeated Forest City 152 in. a game played there last week Monday afternoon! Mrs. C. E. Larson, Los Angeles, arrived recently for an extended visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Godden. She was formerly Esther Godden. She spent Friday at the Supervisor Morris home at Lone Rock. The Helpful Thursday club .met , —T Thursday'at' Mrp..^Virgil !• Moore's, "~ and Mrs. Nick Doocy helped serve. An annual club picnic was planned for Thursday, June 29. Oscar Patterson Jr., who is convalescing from a recent sickness, spent several days last week With his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Henrickson, Ringsted. - Mrs. J. O. F. Price and Mrs. J. H. Brechtbill entertained at noon [Held from Last Week.] Farmers are looking skyward for signs of rain. Corn is coming up where moisture is present. Some farmers Wave tried replanting corn that hadn't come up, the task difficult, owing to the hardness of the ground. The farmers are now waiting for rain to put the ground Into better condition to plant soy beans. Others have planted anyway, perhaps believing that all signs fail in dry weather. Two men from Missouri undertook the shearing of 800 lambs for | Chester Bailey. The job was to take 2% days or better. They shear some 300 a day. Guests in Union last week Sunday: The Matt Frlderes family, Nick Thilges, two daughters, all of St. Joe,, the John Erpeldlngs, Rich »ointi.-Mr.'and:'>Irs:jfjos.---Krieits,''of ej^9,n/;.andvthej.T^om Forburgers, Wesiey,' 1 y wer.e' dlnrier and supper guests at the Nick Krieps home. Mr. and Mrs. Clalr Winkie, near Titonka, son Wallace were dinner and supper guests at Louis Bode's. Callers at Bode's In the afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Puth, Fort Dodge, theiir baby son, Mrs. A. J. Puth, Tama, and Mr. and Mrs. John Lamuth, Algona. Ward, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Clalr Winkie, is recovering from the mumps. Chester Bailey has been at Lake Crystal, Minn., with his stepfather, B. F. Sroufe, who is to have another operation at Rochester this week Wednesday. Mr. Bailey Is expected home as soon as Mr. Sroufe is out of danger. Mrs/Frances Gould has spent a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Donald Cook. AT THIS WIDE RANGE OF SIZES afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. N. A. PB with their parents, Mr. s. C. H. Schrader. and bodies, it must breathe warmth about al the plot there is, and I m plng , _ The men are broth e ra . and humanity into their souls,; It not reallysure_that/hey^yer^id jjr. .Dlnsmore, -Grant teacher, left Wednesday for the Yellow- must combine skilfully details with important events, and must make the whole "click." ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE This picture was a keen disappointment to me, partly, I judge, from the fact that I had just seen The Life of Mr. and Mrs. Verrion Castle, which I consider one of the finest things of the year, partly because of the unattractive character of Tyronne Power, who certainly got a dirty deal in this instance. Hose of Washington Square brings Tyronne and Alice Faye toll Hiwcrtt Heads Rebekabg— Ulcers were elected by the He- kalB Thursday evening: Lulu »cott, N. G.; Mrs. 'M. L. Vin, V. 0.; Mrs. Paul Macauley, netary; Mrs. J. P. Stow, treas- tr. : . igkters for the Rockers— tt, and Mrs. John Recker are rents of a daughter, Josephine ry, born May 30 at the Kossuth pltal, Algona. get the man, except that a 'Rus- slan spy was shot, and he, I hope, was the scoundrel Isa was after. stone, where he will take up his summer's work, after spending a first year at Iowa City, left a his the LEDYARD »wer for Pastor's Wife— The Presbyterian Mite society 4 a shower for Mrs. J. M. Doms connection with a regular meet-. gether again, after their triumph • a ll a plot is quite necessary to any in Alexander's Ragtime Band, but s tory. Or is it? the reunion is a most unhappy TT^mZIZZ^I one. Tyronne is shown as a thoroughly weak and unscrupulous bond salesman; which would have been all right In drama, *but certainly is completely out of tune in a musicomedy like this. It might suffice if we could apply the sweet-sour cooking principle to the movies, but that, sadly enough, doesn't seem to work out, and the net result is that the picture lacks warmth, sympathy, that human quality called in German, "gemuetlichkeit." In other words, we are T. »rjn j , *u « AVM ^«^|A oiumiicr o woiiv, aiiei optsuums t» Ray Mllland plays the romantic Reynolds brothers, role, and he does the job exceed- '. .,,,..,,., ingly well; while a gentleman < , 1 _ G J en ._ D 5 rei V ^?... ha ^, 1f . 1 . nish ! d . hi j? named Naish assumes the villainous element, with sinister realism. Reginald Owen puts his usual neat characterization into the >part of a general who Is fond of painting. And even the minor roles are cleverly handled. Ail in all, it's a good show, with that one exception, that the darn thing hasn't got a plot, and after week ago Saturday to visit brother Willis, employed 'by Northwestern railroad. Willis and Glen will take a trip to Madison, Wis., to visit their father's brother. Glen planned to be back at Iowa City Friday. He has work for the summer there. Don't paM up this) «li»iM<«»t Briny In your room meaiuremenU ri|bt away and select • Tailor- Made Rug in the right sfate to fit, jutt M you buy your headiise In haul Price* are low In thb great Event... and every rug b woven of tturdy, Imported Lively Wool. Hurry I EXAMPLE miLOWm* $29.75 9X12 JfcMMff t9TIM*t ceit mor* per ftlhn but it f«f Paint quality becomes evident only after paint is applied and subjected' to a long period of exposure. PRATT * LAMBERT - HOUSE PAINT is more economical (dan cheap paint because it spreads farthfc, looks better and lasts longer. Cheap paint is costly at any price. Good paint is an investment! ALSO 16 OTHER GRADES 21.. .count them...211 That'-thVastonishing] numb*r of grades in Bigelow's Tailor-Made Rug, Service! Twenty-one qualities, in up to 101 sises, fox longer-thah-average, wider-than-ayerage i x)r | whatever-than-average your rooms happen to be. Not Just solid color rug. (although there' axe dozens of wonderful monotones included),' but a healthy number of patterns and important textures „ .. to fit your decorator's ideas.jis weU as your architect's blue prints. COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY GO, 110 So. Dodge Street Phone 275, Algona |li(lll!IIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW B Even Fond Look* More Tempting in New Dishes 1 Other Bnrt News. »• Augusta Markgraf, of Fort *, Tex., Mrs. G. C, Lenz. Cir- t «nt., and William Doering, " '6 Minn,, who had spent here at Dettman's, in.. ---- •" * »u» i^vumau D, tftlday for Clear Lake, Minn., ' Mrs, Markgrof and Mrs, are making visits Before go"""" They were all; called Dr. McNerney left Wednesday to SS attend a convention at Des Moines, B returning Saturday. = Mrs. Lillian Devine and son = John, of Bancroft, visited Decora- as tion day with her sister, Mrs. Jack McDonald. The William Poppe family spent Decoration day at Nevada visiting Junkermel.r and dangh- to the pleasing feeling of complete relaxation over the enticing curves and vocal efforts of our favorite movie actress, Alice Faye. Oh, I know there are folks who don't like Alice's drooping mouth, r left leg (which is Thursday to attend the graduation exercises of another daughter Naomi, who was graduated from the teachers' college. She returned home with them. A'bout 40 guests attended the Methodist Aid at the church Throw away your broken sets! Dress up your table—Take advantage of these prices during Graham's Sale of Dishes For h of Jollaluia ^and Mrs. L. L. Clement; of s - laughter Jane, and' David Webster City, visited over 11 '- at Mrs. C. H. Ames, for the day parents, Mr. and Mrs H. for a visit, daughter'. Mrs. r sou, and Mr. and %rs. West Bend brother. I was realized. Plans were made by Mr. and M?s Albert Schrader, of for a money-making scheme Milwaukee, came Thursday for a the members, and the time limit 1*111 VT UUf^Wf i*******' — — — - , Visit at the M. L. Vinaas home end with other Burt relatives. Mrs. was set for one month. Mrs. Hazel Jenks, Cedar Falls, • a C!.'L SBerry ' all of Osakis, . n Wa " ace8 ' * Mason w»i? ' , Dec oi-aUon day witli *' mo Sehrader is Mrs. Viuass's sister. vlsited her father, Elmer MarQUls Mrs Lottie Isenberger, who had! Decoration day. Mr. and Mrs. to ^ISfeJs ftsrtf 'ssrc-sss week Sunday and is now working Busch's. for Mrs. Dora Armstrong. The Delbert Hannas, Mrs. Tillle Hanna, and the latter's daughter Myrtle, all of Lone Rock, were Decoration day dinner guests at Mrs. Maude Banna's. The Birthday Circle met Thursday with Mrs. Tressie Rlngsdorf; the Sewing Circle the same afternoon with Mrs. C. B. Chipman. Mrs Pat Rasmussen, Poraeroy, and "her children visited last week with Mrs. Rasmussen's parents, Mr. and, Mrs. G. U. Fairbans. The Leland F. Lelands, Minneapolis, Minn., visited from last week Monday t9 Wednesday S. M. Peterson's. .„„ O. C. Sm-ank family has moved to the H. M. Granner home for the summer months while Mr, Granner is attending school. The George Thompsons attended the funeral services of Mrs. William Riley at West Bend Saturday. Burial was made at Lu Verne. The Rileys and Thompsons are old and Mrs. A A. Depping we'nt'to Baxter the week and Saturday where he attended Sunday school convention. Others from here who drove down Friday were Ella Goats, Ivan, Norm,.jmd Elsie Selberg, mann. to Marengp, the Urslnus "« d *Tei^ • r=& -a i a4-»BBS ^g£ home „, a few d,ays with Patterson. Blended decorations in Wisteria, Prim Rose, Jonquil spray, and Rose Border patterns. Regular' $4.95 value for Each 82-pieco Dinnerware Set includes 6 dinner S plates, 6 pie plates, 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 fruit dishes, one n apple, and one 8 inch platter. 20th Century-Fox Star, says Favorite Dinnerware Patterns. Wold lace, Tulip, Gold Chain, Red Rose, or Rose Borders, Gay 82-piece sets with just enough color to give your table a sunshine atmosphere of cheer. Lovely designs on America's best quality semi-china! Mrs. J. and" Mrs. Q. p. Patton, o| Bl Paso., 111., ytelted -last week Sunday to Tuesday ^t- Mrs. L, Vr Dinnerware Sets you will use for your very best. 39 pieces ., * service for si* -, T -—i Easy Ttrrns FR|E MOTH MSURANCI roucY INCIUDED See thi* Lane Silver Jubilee Chest Come in and iospept our big Buy nothing less than a cedar display of the latest lane Hope Chests^the ideal gifts for graduation, we4dU>K> confirmation, or birthday. chest that will not get sticky, one tested for aroma-tightness and covered by a free moth insurance policy. I Special June Prices Attractive new swing shape with r«4 Mne,border*t* Virginia Bose shape has platinum border ,.. square shape, Mexicana pattern on eream body, a M T «^ ninnoi^a^ that AM AA I Ftae wMfa Aw*ric«n Wftde 8enil» Gol4 *aee. Dinnerware Uwi £tt CO clijna ,\. wide 6ol<| giYes freshness to a'ny table«Pifiirw | j, 115e gprder LIVING ROOM and BEDROOM Fl/RNfTUPK spewt' last- relatives •\ •<! •>.. li -MM. ajrpver, at visited «!- . • _„ 'a j sf,fe4 morning. They have one' oth$r child, » daughter. ' Qrville Anderson, of s, left Thursday after

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