Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 30, 1939 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 30, 1939
Page 8
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IAOE EIGHT SCHOOL EVENT DRAWS CROWDS FRIDAY NIGHT I- KOS917TH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGOtfA, IOWA Cresco JL & I). Clnb Meets- Style Show and Room i The Cresco Mothers & Daughters club met Wednesday with Mrs. Addle Gingrich, Mrs. Carrie Kelley assisting, 19 members and nine guests attending. The guests Exhibits Attract Algonians. By Rachel Becker. A capacity audience attended the style show and annual junior lor exhibits at the high school day evening. •sen-| tfte latter's daughters, all of Cres ,. co township, and Mrs. Edward Jer- Igenson, Algona. were dressed for a cruise. '•le "cruise" was divided •Ix parts: Scene 1, The Galley Crew seventh grade girls home-made aprons. nurse for Dr. gona. P. C. Scanlan, Al- Shower for Lnclln Hell— Luella Bell was honoree at a Antone Dldrlksen, Mary Harris, and Mrs. Edson Attleson. Country Club's First Fifty couples attended the opening of the season Country club dance at the clubhouse Thursday evening. The proceeds will be applied on building Improvements on the grounds. Mai Stewart's orchestra, Fort Dodge, furnished music, aud "Dick" Post, chairman of the dance committee, was In charge. Shower for Brlde-to-Be— Mrs. Charles Peter and her Mrs. Bosworth, Denver; Mrs. Lucy Watkins, Boone; Mrs. W. H Bos- "—-• «••»• "• worth, Mrs. L. S. Young, her j bert Wittkopf and Mrs. Gerhard daughter, Mrs. Hubert Schoby, and w " ftnnf ^""•° "•"••-"'••- *•—• miscellaneous shower Sunday af- , , s> , Ch ?; Hes11 Peter and her ternoon at Mrs. Fred Jacob's with I daughters Cnr lln e and Gertrude 30 women ^ attendance. Mrs. AI- I f tt ™ » f miscellaneous shower Sun* "* e ™ on ^ ° V ' vlim The style show this year wns in! Mrs - w - H > Bosworth and Mrs. the form of a ship, with the iom "' economics girls casually dis >lay Ing their clothes on deck as if . were, assisting hostesses, °i , V ' vlim rt p P B ,?"p»Mr IT to Albert I'eter at St. Paul's Lu- The afternoon was spent at games I' 0 * 1 ™ 1 P , eter « l St " Pa « lls , Lu ' and writing recipes and advice for,^f ra " ol »«rch. There was a large the bride-tc-be, and Amelda and nttendal j c e. Miss Morgan received us in! -'"»• »>• «• iwswortn and Mrs. Esther Lavrenz had charge of a j many gifts ' liomei Edwa "'d Jergenson joined the clubi mo( * wedding. A two-course | Sixty-Fifth I»irthdaj~ Honored— i,lay.ias new members. The meeting W as ! } uncheon was served. Miss Bell will j Mrs ; p rank skillins entertained ' they opened with Long Long Ago, and j £; married June 4 to Edwin Witt- at a SUrp 4 e birthday dtanVrsSn- . . :°% C J"™™™ e ™ A " iih *™* s Kn^^L 10 ^ 1 ??..?^ *,** »°n<»-ing her husband's 65th into !and their capitals, after which a business meeting was held. , .-.<:„ -37 M rs. Eva Potter and Mrs. Belle in colorful' Moore were appointed a committee juic-uiaue ut>i-uua. to meet with other rural club com- 2, All Aboard—Travel clothels, 12 m'ttees to plan a joint picnic in church. Miss Bell formerly bookkeeper for the Modern Dry Cleaners. older girls In smart suits, et 3, On Deck—Sports garment girls taking part. 4, On Deck — Housecoats, 13 girls. 5, On Deck, Afternoon frocks, all colors, many clever styles, 35 on parade. 6, On Deck, the Ship's Ball—five formalg. Tap-Dancing Interlude. In Scene 3 tap dancing was done by Rosalie Swanson, Betty Coirt- ney, Emma Jeanne Ringgenberg, and in Scene 5 Catherine Stewart gave a vocal solo. The script, etc., was In charge of the third year home economics class. Narrator was Ella Hajrr; pianist, Vera Johnson; sailors— Violet Faith. Martha Lou Pelisek; lights, Keith Moore. Following the style show, parents, teachers, and others walked through the building to inspect the pupils' exhibits. All of the gymnasium was devoted to manial training display, in which some 48 footstools were on display, 15 smoke-stands, a group of blsck June. The meeting was in the form of a children's party, all members dressed as children. Recitations were given by Mesdames Anna Sparks. Addie Gingrich, Mary Fraser, Emogene Wildin. Elizabet^ Ashing, and Iris Worster. This was followed by stunts and taking pictures. The hostess number was a song, The Fishes, by the Schoby sisters. The next meeting in two weeks will be with Mrs. Martha Morgan, Mrs. Katherine Park assisting. Methodist Aid to Meet— The June meeting of the Methodist Aid will be held Thursday at Dinner Honors Estherrllle Woman Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Miller entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of the birthday of Mrs. Buona Merron, Mrs. Miller's sister, mother of Donna Belle Merron, who lives with the Millers and Is employed at the Iowa State (bank. Other .guests were Donna Belle's sister Betty; Mrs. Miller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Thompson; Mrs. Miller's brother, George Thompson, his wife and children, Mary and Sally; and Mr. and Mrs. F. J. White, parents of Mrs. George Thompson. All of the guests live i at Estherville. honoring rersary. Between 30 and 35 relatives and friends attended, and brought with them, a covered- dish dinner, also many gffts. Mr. Skilling lives retired on east Call. Ames.House-Party Here— Mary Louise Gilmore entertained three Ames college couples at a week-end house party at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L'. Gilmore. Miss Gilmore is a sopTio- more at the college. the church, and a 1:15 luncheon n^ersary Wednesday and at noon will be served, with Mrs. CTL ft. 5* r * a L eais ' * r : and Mrs - w yott , „ — .. „. „, and white birdhouses, rabbits, and storks for garden decorations. 1 B«y Makes Radio Set. One of the most interesting pii^c- «s of furniture was a mdern radio, with end-ta<ble effect, dials on top, etc., made by Vincent Isaacson. When hooked up, it does ;as well as the factory-made product. The home economics girls, who took a month's manual training last winter, had on display molded rings, bracelets, dogs, and a pfjr- fect "Abe" Lincoln, all made !in the boys' manual training rooms. Sewing ability was shown iin aprons, dresses, etc., on hangers. Antoinette OBonnstetter, gchcjol nurse, had a home-nursing unit, with various kinds of first-Sid equipment. Skeleton on Exhibition. A human skeleton was the "scariest" thing in the science roofn. 'Snakes, both alive and bottled, also caused comment. There were turtles of all sizes, many kinds bf birds' nests, stones, etc. In the junior room upstairs wef-e three mimeographed copies of "uJnior high" papers, the "Junior High Special," the "Junior High Tlash," and the "Junior Hith Chronicle." The editors of the papers are, respectively Jean Buth- ruan, Douglas Brown, and Fritz Nielsen. Columbus Diary. A diary of the Columbus first voyage, written by "a friend," was one of the "oldest" things In tfie history room. It was written in will 'be served, with Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll's division in charge. Others on the committee are Mesdames Merle Schwletert, H W Thompson, E. Godfredson, F E Sawyer, Roy Hutzell, David Beck Willard Gregson, S. D. Wilson, John Weber; Edw. OeLan*, A Me- Arthur, Jas. Walker, F. E. Witham, Walter Brandow, Walter Spurbeck. C. E. Roupe, L. G. Engstrom, 0. A, Campney, W. C. Good, Carl Girl's Birthday Celebrated— Darleen Stott had a birthday anniversary Wednesday, and at noon Walker, W. L. Martin, Garret Dearchs, and Julius Will, There will be election of officers, and a program will be presented in which -a June mock wedding will'be tlie center of interest. Steak Fry for Newlyweds— Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vipond, who were married last week Monday at Des Moines, were honorees at a steak fry Thursday evening at the Ambrose A. Call shelter house. The bride, the former Hazel Walker, clerks part time at the S. & L. store, and the bridegroom Stott, Burt, with the son Floyd came down to help her celebrate, bringing a picnic lunch, which was eaten at the Ambrose A. Call state park. Other guests were Leo Immerfall, ''employed at' the courthouse; Violet Norman, stenographer for Hutchison & Hutchison; Helen Zittrltsch, Jean'Pollock, and Beraice Roslen, all of the Metropolitan office. Miss Stott is office girl for Dr. R. M. Wallace. Aleronlans Give Wesley Talks- Mrs. F. L. Thorpe and Mrs. AI- jert Grooters reported the Outlook Conference at Sioux City in the Methodist services hour at Wesley Sunday morning. They attended .he conference Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Thorpe substituted for Mrs. W. G. McCullough, president of the local W f F. M. S., ind Mrs. Grooters substituted for VIrs. J. F; Overmyer, president of the Aid here. Other Algonians who attended were Mesdames- S'. Other, Society News. The Baptist Aid will meet at 2:30 Thursday at the church, arnf hostesses .will be Mesdames Gordon Ogg, Hattie Heiter, Robinson, Frank Cook, and H. >N. Kruse; en" tertainmen't committee, Mesdames W. A. White, Orville Elkins, J. B: Wheelock, C. A. Samson. The Legion Auxiliary will meet Friday evening at 8 o'clock at the Legion hall. There will be nomination of officers, also a program including reports on the Forl Dodge district meeting. Mrs. H. C. Hargreaves' division will have charge. The First Lutheran Aid will meet at the church Thursday at 2:30 p. m., with Mesdames L. E. Hovey and Edwin Hovey hostesses. Mrs. L. J. Ma'lueg was taken by surprise on her birthday Friday, when 11 women arrived to help her celebrate. •. force and others attended the steak fry: Manager Norman Fried, Ray Besch, James Logan, James J Lutheran Y. P. S. Ha» Party— The Trinity Lutheran Y. P. S'. * —» M**~"\-M .uv£,tlAi, tfcvuxCETI A lit; HJU11J .UUlUcl all X. i. O. Scarlet, Phyllis Good, Ora Jones, I met Thursday night at the church, Roberta Simpson, all of the store; ' -- — Mrs. Fried, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Moore, Kathryn Kelly, and Burdette Foley. The new Mrs. Vipond was presented with a chenille bedspread as a gift from the store. Campfire Girls Entertain Mothers- 20 young people attending. The entertainment consisted of written' guessing contests, prizes going to Rita Will and Mrs. P. J. Braner. Remembrance gifts were presented to Mrs. Berl Pri'ebe, the former Madelyn Paetz, and' to Luella Bell, who will be married soon to Edwin • "—— —•*• ™»i^» u »T 11U VT All UC lUtll 1 1CU Ol/UU UU llJlA (Till A group of 20 Campfire girls en-1 Wittkopf. The Y. P. S. is Invited tertamed at a. silver tea Wednes- |t o attend a picnic June 9 at the clay evening honoring their moth-] country home of Mrs. Priebe. On ers. The event took place at Nancy June 28 the society will hold Its and Dorothy Saul's, and 15 moth- annual banquet. ers attended. A program of music I and talks preceded serving. Mere- Farewell for Deporting Couple— •""• " -.-—,. ... - Messrs, and Mesdames G. W. IN EQUITY NO. 19783."" NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AUTHORITY TO MORTGAGE REAL ESTATE. In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. In the Matter of the Bank of Lu- Verne, a co-partnership composed of Ophelia K. Hanna, Eugenie •E. Robertson, Geneva Hanna Swisher, Consuelo L. Hanna and WlnffeW Scott Hanna; Ophelia K. Hanna, Eugenie E. •• Robert- sou, Geneva Hanna Swisher, Consuelo L. Hanna and Winfield Scott Hanna. TO ALL, DEPOSITORS AND CREDITORS OF THE BANK OF LuVERNE, LuVERNE, IOWA, AND OF THE CO-PA'RTNER- SHIP COMPOSED OF OPHELIA K. HANNA, ETJGIEN'I'E E. ROBERTSON, GENEVA HANNA 'SWISHER, CONSUELO L 'HANNA AND WINFIEUD SCOTT HANNA, AND TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the Application of G. S. Buchanan, Re- dith Raney played a piauo solo; Mary Amunson and Jean Guderlan gave a clarinet duet; and 'Bernice Prew sang, accompanied at the Stillman, J. L. 'Bonar, and R. H... Miller entertained at 1 o'clock din-! ner Thursday evening at the Hotel cclver of the Bank ot LuVerne, I-u Verne, Iowa, and of the above named co-partnership, asking for authority to execute a note of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00) to the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a term ot ten (10) years, at four and one- half percent (4%%) annual Interest, with principal payments of Forty-five ;.' Hundred Dollars ($4600.00) per year, and an option to pay up to twenty percent (20%) of the principal loan In any one year, and to execute a mortgage to secure said note, covering the following described real estate situated In the Counties of Kossuth and Humboldt, State of Iowa, towit: TRACT NO. 1. All of Section Two (2), Township Ninety-four (94), Range Twenty- eight (28), Kossuth County, loWa. TRACT NO. 2. The Southeast Quarter (SEW) and the East Half (E&) of the North- cast Quarter (NE%) of Section Thirty-five (35), Township Ninety-five (95), Range Twenty-eight (28). . TRACT NO. 3. All of Section Thirty-six (36), Township Ninety-five (95) North, Range Twenty-eight (28), except the North Half (N%) of the Northeast Quarter (NEU). TRACT NO. 4. The North Half (N^) of Section One (1),- Townshlp Ninety-four (94), Range Twenty-eight (28), TRACT NO. 5. The Southwest Quarter (SW%) of Section Thirty-one (31), Town- strfp Ninety-five (95), Range Twenty-seven (27). TRACT NO. 6. The Northwest Quarter (NW%) of Sec- Won Thirty-one (31), Town, ship Ninety-five (95), Range Twenty-seven (27). TRACT NO. 1. The East Half (E%) of Section Thirty-one (31), . Township Ninety-five (95), Range Twenty-seven (27)'. TRVSCT N«X 8. The Southwest', Quarter- "(SV?%)Yan& the Southwest JQnwrter (SW%) of the- Southeast Quarter (SE»4~) of Sectibm Thirty-two (32) Township. Ninety-five (95), Range Twenty-seven ,.,„ TRACT NO. 9. TheWettMtM (WH) of the Northeast Quarter (NEJ4) Of Section Six (6) Township Ninety-four (94), Range Twenty-seven (27). TRACT NO, 10. All of Sedition Five (B), Township Ninety-four (94), .Range Twenty- seven (27), except the East Half (B%) of the Southeast Quarter (SE«/4). TRACT NO. 11, The «W«it (W%) of the. Northwest :Quar- tef (NWW) of -Section Four (4), Township Nlnetyifpur (94), Range' 1 Twentjft'seven (27). . • TRACT NO. 12. The West Half (W%) of the Southwest Quarter (SWti) of Section Four (4), Township Ninetyfour (94), Range Twenty-seven (27). TRACT NO. 13. The Southwest Quarter ('9W%) of Section Eight (8), Township Ninety-four (94), Range Twenty- seven (27). TRACT NO. 14. The Northwest Quarter (nw%) of Section Eight (8), Township Ninety-four (94), Range Twenty- seven (27). TRACT NO. 15. The West Hatf (W%) of the Northeast Quarter (NE%) of Section Eight (8), Township Ninetyfour (94), Range Twenty-seven (277. TRACT NO. 16. The East Half (E%) of Section Thirtyfour (34), Township Ninetyfour (94), Range Twenty-seven (27).. TRACT NO. 17. The Southwest Quarter (SW%) of Section Thirteen (13) and the Southeast Quarter (SE%) of Section' Fbwrte*n (14), all in Township Ninety-three (93), Range Twenty-efght (28). That the- proceeds of said loan will be used In discharging the balance of OhB> Hundred Seventy- nine Thousand Dollars ($179,000.00) on mortgage indebtedness now owing to said; Company, and the remainder of Twenty-one Thousand Dollars--Cf21,009.00)' will be retained by the Company to be available to purchasers of said real estate for- drainage purposes, if desired. For further particulars see Ap- TIMES Your Suit Should Fit You — JTot JFast Anybodljr. Have it made for you, and you will look jour best. See X3/ J. the TAILOR OVER BEHLMER'S Aicn aaii£. ciuuuiiipitmeu at me; uei .iiiuraua^ tjveuuig tit tue xioiei piano by Dorothy Saul. A talk on | Algona honoring Bin and Mrs. S'.. __ the "Serious"side' of Campflre""was „ _„ .. „„ ..*.,, l .i,ii ..* Luc oeiiuus ojue tu i^ampure was ank on a piece of brown wrapping given by Miriam Norton, and an- paper, and the edges had been other on the Fun Side by Marian scorcned. It was submitted by McGuire. The program ended with. Anita Thompson. Miniature Sap- a song, Wohelo, by the Campfire ta Maria ships built by Dua|ie i group. Nancy Saul is president Jensen and Wayne Bjustrom, were | • exhibited. | Shower for Former Algonlan— , Ancient, medieval, aud modern Mildred Pratt, Maxine Har- 1 greaves, and Shirley Vinson were hostesses at a 6:30 picnic and times were represented in boolt- lets, maps, carvings, etc. 0. Anderson, who will soon leave for Hampton. There were 14 persons in attendance, and all attended a Country club dance after dinner. Mr. Anderson, who has been with the International Harvester company here, will now be with the Allis-Chalmers company. W. H. 51. S. Mite-Box Opening— Mrs. H. M. Olson had charge of a Methodist W. H. M. S. meeting at the church Thursday, in the absence of Mrs. S. W. Meyer, president, who was attending a mass meeting at Sioux City of Methodist ^ ' **v.u 1.^.30^0 au «, u.tju iJii;uiu U11U Ulia- Wayne Bjustrom had on exhibi- cellaneous shower Thursday even- tion a guillotine of French revpl-jing for Mrs. F. D. Mathes Jr Ce- utionary times, with crayqla; dar Rapids. The picnic was held •blood 1 dripping from it. A litljle; at the Ambrose A. Call state park girl, looking intently, said, "What; ten girls attending. Mrs. Mathes — is that?' and an on-looker re- is the former Gayle Shackelford, i women leaders In the Northwest plied, "That's to chop your heacj,", and her husband travels for thel lowa Methodist Conference. There whereup she promptly left the i Continental Coffee Co. She re- was a good-sized attendance at the room. turned to Cedar Rapids Sunday,' local me «>ting. The program con- after ten days here with her par-j siste(1 ot mite-box opei""" «" euts, Mr. and Mrs. William Shack-' cllal 'ge of Mrs. J. W. Daw. Cora Setchell, 89, Dies May 10th at San Diego, CalijF. Cora Setchell, 89, niece of Mrs I c Nannie Setchell, died at her hoike Benedict Girl Showered— at San Diego, Calif., Wednesday ' Deane Arndorfer was honoree at May 10, after aa illness of only a ','• a P re ~ nu P t i a l shower Sunday at few hours. She had nrevionJlv tlie St - Benedict hall, and hostess- elford. Mr. and Mrs. Mathes wereio,, n i np I married December 26, and both, jare graduates of the Algona high I school. at S.— heai The annual breakfast was held in the high school gymnasium at 7:21' Saturday morning, 75 seniors and teach- trs attending. The teachers were and hostesses at the break- which was served cafeteria , the honoree Le- the •=»-' >•«"-! c nc uau me body cremated on May 15. The ash- San Diego, where he had the Nlck Arn( lorfer, all of St. Bene- dy cremated 011 Ma 15. - d ' ct ' Soine C0 friend s and relatives attended, and the afternoon Club Attends Style Show- Members of a local sewing club --• ---- •— -....^.^v.wu. iiieiuueis ui a lucai sewine CIUD ELf^ ,5 > r "!! A n l »:<«"? not reported) had 6:30 din- £3? •H r, Selective Air Conditions NEW LOW PRICES PR ATT & LAMBERT CELLU-TONEl ... , -•»**iJ •••«• i ne i es will be sent to Algona for ^™vT , ^' vei ' v i ew - i l_ . ~*~—: — —--o- """ ul /v, j Bailie noi reporiea) liaa e:3U din- Others in attendance at the fun-' ?,? z ? s golag to Mrs - Louis G °etz, ner at Cook's Friday evening then eral were a cousin, Mrs. Brown/ Wesle . y - a j; bridge, and Lucy i attended the style show at the high San Diego; Mrs. Effie Hawk L\'. f rs , U ' fSt ' .Benedict, at 500. Miss | school. The member were Irene Berrymaa, formerly of Algona aW: f ruT ? or1feiD . ls to ^ married June 5 j Laundsberry, Rutb. Alice Johnston Bancroft; Mrs. Emma Chrischilks t° * * ul Rleser .Chicago. For the [Dorothy Reif, Alice Chester all Dorland and Robert Chrischilles , last few years she has bee n office! teachers, Mrs. V. K Rising Mrs formerly of Algoua. „ ' ' ' Miss Setchell lived here most of' " sss-^ass- her life, and for many years was engaged in the millinery business with Mrs. Naunie Setchell. She was a sister of the late Mrs. J R Jones. Miss Setchell left Algona for California some 30 years ago. Five New Daughters at Swea City Rival Dionne Quintuplets Swea City, May 29 — Publicity given the Dionne quintuplets must have inspired the stork! At a ay rate he has left five girls at Swea City homes. But lest a swarm of reporters descend upon the community, let It be explained that tie babies wore left at five different homes: Mr. and Mrs. E. Hanscn, Swea township, May 10; Mr. and Mrs. JOB. Krebsbach, Saturdz y May 20; Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Mln- kel, Susan Eleanor, Sunday, Miy 21; and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Larson, the same day. These four babies are flret-b<jrns, but Lavonne Mae Jensen,, boru May 16, IB the secoid cJjttA j)f Mr. »nd Mrs. Maynalrd EGGSHELL FINISH fOR INTERIOR WALLS No more wall worries! Stain and soil are quickly removed from walls, woodwork and furniture protected with this beautiful egsshell finish. 10 delightful colors. Cellu-Tone is easily applied. COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO, UO;So. Dodge Street Phone 275, Algona See this New 1939 Gcfwra! Electric It's New Inside tuut Out! New styling, new features, qew convenience — and a aew low price—make this the f reatest refrigerator "buy" G-E ever offered. elective Air Conditions now give you Sub-Freezing Storage • Lew Temperature with High Humidity Storage • High Humidity with Moderate Temperature Storage • Safety-Zone Storage, plication oft Ale, You are furthef notified tiut by jtrder tit the above Entitled Court he hearing on said Application be had at the Court Mouse In Algdtia, Iowa, on the 6th day of func, A. D., 1939, at 9 o'clock i."ih; >f said day, at which time you may ippear and show cause, if any you iave, why ah Order should not be JSSSSJgk, entered aa cation. LuVcrnc °" the CO• Posed : v BIG tl ,. , ThriMix THE BUY OF YOUR Lift' 6ca.ft»l NMT <UUm StMl with rMMMbk «M1 •Me littrior Space »mi W Sh«l«i« • Quick-Tray* ttot n taw «r iwr« cubts it»ttaw—f M to « HM. of IM to 24hr». TUI. l« >at •• HfcWJ'*f *"*' ... G-E THRIFT UNIT tnasoKe lubrication and oil cooling, G-B featurest ^« raeanquietppergtionJow current cost, longTife. GENERAL ^ ELECTRIC Kohlhaas& SpillesUMware, . : • ',<„,' Y :, '.^^^^^^^^^^^*3 Summer Loveliness with cool comfort in these attractive New Dresses Chrischilles Store stock in w black chiffons and noreitjr with touches of whit*. And „..„.„ _ r|1 „„, , washable hopsackln^, Se. Mfete and oth£ *** * fl summer materials such as line.*, ralUnrs • es from size 11 (juniors) to 24% Come in this week and 1 ' ments. Print sheer dress, with shirred waist. 512,35 Shirred sheer dress, with pleated skirt. ; $12,85 Washable Frocks There's such a wide diversity of style and materials ^1 I, 1/ re i^ showln e of summer cotton and rayon washables that it's almost Impossible to describe «««"; , 0 V nust see for y°uwelf. Batistes, voiles, tissues, in the cotton department ,— spun linens, trown tested rayons and! Bemberg sheers in the better models— all sizes ftjm 12 to 50 3.98 New Summer Doris Dodsons are Here ea v° n ' S "SS 8 !, W*** slBgleJ.iices are agaiu i. U T 111 find attractive moilels in silk and I a 5, es ~~ stron &' durable yet 8MB* the Attractive Laces TOG agent foy the famous LOOM; , Clotl r *?* Play-suits - practical, good pr . aiiy. Prepare now for sunjnier. Lootntog Play Clothes .T 11 te8te 1 ™?»* s » k P»ay suite $4.95-5. Sizes laV^ 011 ho » sack!n » sidls as follows; Shorts 8? fl's S01Be mo ?, els *° to **- SkS gaas * U »ssoyt»d volorsj fh&ASe'- m &? «M*«M8- p^J, SHOP IN OUE COOL AIE-CONJ)I1IONED Also O ftt

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