Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 30, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 30, 1939
Page 5
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KOSStlf H COtftff* APVAKCfe. AtfldKA. * bv Se -blgte "hog! I 810 " 4 JLctton d H. R. r«» a « r fjider followed by Hi ^ *"• * Ettrl Ffetf Park* steward at the county fartn, Is a new member of the Rotary club. Fred ' Frost, emiployed at the Klamp filling station, was laid up last week by sickness. T*e Henefol, 'FhojitpHons Thursday for a week's fishing northern Minnesota. left in Saturday for the summer with his sisters Kathleen and Rosanne. He is taking a liberal arts course. Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Dailey drove to Wesley Sunday to visit the latter's niece, Mrs. Clifford Munson, .the former Gesina Schutter, West Bend. Mir. Munson is er. Oldtlmers remember when Mr.' for the week-end and over Memor- Glasier was a Well known Kossutlt lal day at Longvllle,'Minn.,, where farmer' Mr. and Mrs. c. L. Sears, dska- loosa, with their .son "Bill," were week-end guests of the ^daughter. •Mrs. R. E". Ingham. Mr. ' Sears Mrs. Meldke's sister,' Mrs. tfohler, wife of a physician, has a'snm- mer cottage. Doctor arid Mrs. kohler f "Who live at Mollne, ill., Were, also at the cottage. owns a store at Oskaloosa, arid the! Mr. find Mrs* C. E. Sjostrand, son taught this year at Ha/elton. I St. Peter, Minn., were Thursday Mr. Ingham manages the local evening and Friday guests at their Graham store. I son the Rev. M. A. Sjostrand's. Mlllan Dnranf, Chicago, arriv-,The elder Mr. Sjostrand, who is cd yesterday for two weeks with : treasurer and business manager of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. i Augustus Adolphus college, dellv- Durant. She has been at Chicago ered a commencement address at two years. She took' child nui^'s j Bancroft Thursday evening employe^ in^ the_bank at Wesley, j training at St. Jensen's hospital j jlr. and Mrs. Floyd Shackelford Lewis Ferguson is expected from.I .," rs< '*• A« Thorpe and Mrs. i there, and Is now employed in a; took Mrs. Vernon Spongberg and Ames for Memorial day with his Mcr 'e Thorpe drow to Goldfleld I private home. i£S« then an- and the s given by the .Rev- exercises' for f. '.St. Cecelia's 14 the latter's son to the Spongberg mother, Mrs. William K. Ferguson, yesterday and spent the afternoon Mr. and Mrs, E. L. Hagg, with -iiotfie at Davenport Sunday and MM. Merle Webster went to there. Mrs. Thorpe, as Martha their daughters Lenora and Doro- ( remained till today. Mr. and Mrs. few "ewel was horn at Goldfield, and thy, also Mrs. Clnra Hagg and Gus Ben Ingebritson accompanied them at Waterloo Sunday, |( O visit Mr< and Mrs. Fred Engel, , ., . and Mrs. Jesse Dyer, former Algonians. Mr. Spongberg Mrs. Floyd Saundcrs left Satur- Oak grocery, and his family are The Dyers are former Algonians. works at the Hock Island Arsenal, day for Bloomfleld for the week- "Pending .Memorial day at Mr.|K. L. Hagg is employed at the, Mrs< K| orcm . c Downing left, for end and over Memorial day with wallukalt's sister Mrs. George Norton machine shop. , nel . i, ome at s anta Monica, Calif., her mother, Mrs. Horn. Beebc's, Humboldt. Mr. Beebe| Mrs. Leona Hosenberger, who Sunday, ofter a week at her broth- Supervisor W. E. McDonald, W. manages the light power plant had been employed at the state em- e r W. G. McCullongh's. She caioe Mason City yesterday for days with her sister, Mrs. Rae. W. B. has relatives and old friends there. I Hagg were <'hris Walluknlt, of the Council I visiting Mr. a which she conducted Saturday, was a. success. .. Some -15(K people were at the house, arid everything was sold'except two or three pieces. Mrs. Tribon will have another furniture' sale this week ,Satur T day, : ' this time at the Elbert garage. The furniture will come from six Algona families. Rita I)oolcj> stenographer at DCS Moines, spent the week-end with her parents, County Recorder and Mrs. J. J. Dooley. Mr. and Mrs. William Dooley, West Bend, Wls., and their son Michael came, Saturday, William being a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dooley. William returns to Wisconsin today, but Mrs. Dooley and son arc remaining for a longer visit. Mr. imd Mrs. Raymond Gilbert, Fort Dodge, spent Sunday with Algona friends, and Mrs. Gilbert attended a shower given for Luella Bell at Mrs. Fred Jacob's. Both Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert are employed in the new Tony Kirsch laun- sisters, and Mr. Bailey, who is a former .assistant cashier of the County Savings-ban*, has for many years been in the employ, of an insurance company. Harold Gross Baby Dies. '. Lone Rock, May 29—The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gross, Graettinger, died of pneumonia Friday evening. Mr. Gross Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Gross who recently moved from •here 'to Graet).lnger. There is an older son. Algona Roys Ball, Players. , Fayette, May 29—Clarence and Barrel Riddle, Upper Iowa University students from Algona, have just completed the current college year. Both are regulars on the Peacock basetoall Staff, Clarence at first base, Darrel on the pitch- Ing staff. Algonian's Father Ha. 93rd Birthday Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Williams, son Robert, aad the latter's wife, went to Mason City Sunday to attend 93rd birthday observance for J. R. Williams, father of "Chet." 3. 1K~ Is one of the three remaining Civil war veterans there, and out of 75,000 from Iowa there are now- only 145 left in the state. The elder Mr. Williams' picture appeared in Saturday's ttlobe Gazette, along with a story saying that he would bo honored in Memorial day services there, today. fe» Suffers Heart Attack. Wesley, May 2!)—JPreeman Ash was taken to the General -hospital in Algona for treatment Thursday following a heart attack. Rotary attendance at Humboldt last Week Tuesday evening. ployment office here six weeks, to Iowa to attend the funeral of A. 0. Sonerholm and Mrs. has been transferred to Waterloo, her mother, Mrs. Margaret McCul- M. P. Scanlmi. Crystal Lake, with, she left. Saturday to take up her, lough, Nekton. Mrs. Downing is tte Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Furst and Mrs - A - y - Nelson, Britt, were new duties. She helped here dur-, employed in the trust ilepartment Mrs. A. W. Behrdnds were at La- B ue "ts Wednesday of Mrs. H. C.||ng the recent illness of Esther,of a branch of the Bank of Amer- kota Sunday, visiting the women's Anderson. Mesdames Nelson and Lavrenz, office interviewer, . ica. mother, Mrs. Minnie Heetlnnd. Anderson are daughters of Mrs. Ann Stebrlt/. and Homer. Clark' 'Mrs. Adah Dalton,, Spokane, . Kapp and Russell Pick- Sonerhohn. ett, here, and Luclla Kapp Bill' HenwnlngsOni, Woden, , . were at,St. Anthony over the Wiish., arrived Sunday for a week ~ — and Elmer Dole, who is employed in week-end, attending an alumni \vlth her sister-in-law, Mrs. L. W. a;re the John ,Schurnaker road construe I banquet and visiting Mr. Clark's Keith. Mrs. Dalton was also a dry at Fort Dodge. They worked •ssrsums. for Mr. Kirsch when he had a laundry here, and later worked for the present proprietor, Geo. Boswell. Men seeking haircuts or shaves last week Monday afternoon were out of luck in Algona, for most or all of the local barbers closed their shops at one o'clock to attend a state barbers' convention at the Hotel Hanford, Mason City. . "„, ,.ce»lo««l by the spending today at the Okobojis. tion'creV-at Woodbine, spent the'parents; Mr', and Mrs. Clyde Clark.; sister.-in.-law of the late Mrs. ClarajThe barbers in attendance were Mrs. JTellle Yah Allen went to week-end with his family at Irv- Mr. Clark, a graduate of the St.'Dalton, their husbands having been Elmer Hartshorn, "Bud" Merri- Eagle Grove Sunday, and today Ington. Mrs. Dole and the children Anthony schools, is a carpenter in Ell and Guy Dalton respectively, field, Henry Bunkofske, Henry a " she Is a house party guest at Spir-, will leave Wednesday to join him ; George Miller's contracting r.rew. and the men were brothers of Mrs. Furst, Charles Clement, and Wal- le'it Lake. She clerks at Christen- for the summer. '| Evelyn, Toothnian took a vaca- Keith. Mrs. Adah Dalton lives re-jterEwy. |TO WESLEY CAR v May 29— A severe wind this vicinity about 5 iy and did conslder- B to trees and a few It was accompanied by I showers. I the « Matt Kellner 'farm home Northeast edge Of Wertey . a of large trees were .blown € re many large .branch- large tree was blown, on '' , as were |0ne , Mrs. .1. W. Sullivan expects, ar-' tion last week from the local tele- tire at Spokane. I Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Peterson and Pat Cnllen, olerk at the Zen- rival sometime this week of ,Mr. phone exchange and spent it "with Mr. iind Mrs. H. J. Winslow, of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Beebe, Hamp- sen's. der clothing store, and G. H. Gal- and Mrs. Noyes Cordingley, Santa her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Washington, D. C., with their two ven, Rockford, la., have gone to 'Rosa, Calif., and they .will be here Toothman, Burt. Friday supper SO ns and 'a daughter, will leave for ...... -- • " —•-•« -------- -were home tomorrow, after a week here local with' Mrs. Winslow's parents, St. Paul today to attend game. a ball for a few days' visit. Mr. Cot- guests of the Toothmans dingley, nephew of Mrs. Sullivan, 'Chris v Wallukait, of the Mr.' and Mrs. Claude Whitehill, has a garage at Santa Rosa. ! Council Oak store, and his familv. County Supt. and Mrs. Wm. Shir- Lone Rock, are Memorial day vis- M r« and Mrs. S. D. Wilson, with! Gertrude Peter, who had kept ley. Mrs. Winslow is the former at Pearl Shirley, and' her husband, . . ^ also a former Algonian, is in gov- farmer. Mary Elizabeth itors at the latter's sinter Mrs. C. their daughter, Mrs. V. K. Rising, ' house for her brother Albert H. Clement's. Mr. Whitehill Is a went to Oelwein last week Tues- ; Stanhope three months. da to attend the funeral of Mrs. i from Friday till Monday with her ernment employ. Foster, music Robert Meyer, 34, niece of Mrs. I mother, Mrs. Chas. Peter. She Kvoljn Dole stenographer at car, a 1935 V8", and demolished the top and h Ke!iner had called the,chll- -ut of the car a few minutes the tree fell. Two small lings were also blown., down. ['the He'nry Haverly f arm, two southeast of town the wind- Timm, who entertained them the opening Country club dance Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Timm lived at Hampton before coming to Algona 3% years ago, and Mr. Timm, now manager the local telephone exchange, man aged the exchange there. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steinman and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Metzgar drove to Boone Saturday evening en of her dance recital pupils Sun- erer. ' ges. Bode. Others there were Mr. to take down Mrs. Steinman's sis- teach- 'lay afternoon at the studio, and Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Bruner, Des and Mrs. Harry Thilges, Irving- ter, Mrs. Kenneth Curran, and the teacn ^ on display , ate m the Moines, came for the week-end ton; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Thil- Matter's daughter, Judy Kay.-From week in various downtown store and over Memorial day with Mr. ges, Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Hubert; there Mrs. Curran and her daugh- at windows. A recital will be held and Mrs. M. P. Weaver. Mrs. O'Brien, Livermore. and Mr. and, ter left for their home at Los An- next week Thursday evening. Bruner, who once lived here is a Mrs. Roy Thilges, Bode. geles. The Currans had visited Mrs. Wllma Kann snent Saturday and- Irene Haines is the new office sister of Mr. Weaver. .Mr.. Bruner, Mr. and Mrs. Chester W.'King- Curran s parents, Wllma "W h |Wnt "tmddy ana Murtagh. She is an a traveling salesman, was a guest, sley, New York City, arrived Sat- F. Smith other __ ,..«,1 „„",:.,. A]™™ M*h RP.hrini irrflrtnatn'and of Mr. W»aver at Monday's Ro-'urday for a leisurely visit with friends at Algona and Lu Verne for , ... U o.~ --------- ------- - , ------ - , ... teacher in the Primghar schools Wilson who died suddenly follow- is now employed at the T. H. the county recorders office, at- came home Friday for the summer ing an appendicitis operation. Kirsch home at Fort Dodge. Mr. te.nded a surprise birthday dinner with her parents Mr and Mrs W. ' Bernlce Stock had pictures tak- Kirsch is a former Algona laund- Sunday honoring Mrs. H. M. Thil- ton, were Thursday guests of Mr. and and Mrs. Friday | F. B. A. Foster. erme er, came week- weeic- end and Memorial day with Mrs. Marie Amesbury, who clerks Christensen's. Woden Wilma is office nurse for Algona high school graduate and, of Mr. Weaver at Monday's Ro-urday Dr. C. D. Schaap, and Luclla has was graduated from the A. I. B.; tary meeting. college, Des Moines. She replac-1 Dr. R. M. Wallace got home a 1 Mrs. Kingsley's parents, Mr. and" two months. They Mrs. T. C. Sherman. The Kings- near Lu Verne. - • • -' formerly lived _ I was blown down and the , wall of the garage blown n Konnfv annn UUUUKe, iJes iuuiuus. cruu rtH JI "- u < .•*.. •». .'•• »»•••«— *>** e>~* -•-—- — •• -. "« ~~ . _. __,.„. w-*«.l. k i. i, j v««— Mrs Mabel Sorensen >ot home es Kathryn Kelly new bookkeeper. week ago Friday from Dry.berry leys are on their way home after, Bernard Metric*, who,-had been v»'Pt»r',iJv f™ m rwPPk a7 Huti-hi-' for the Modern Dry Cleaners. ,! Lake in Canada, where he had been a motor trip to Los Angfeles to in the navy, at San Diego, Calif., son' Kans wV her sister Ruth I Mr. and Mrs'. "£ B.*M. Smith on a week's f ishing trip with H. C,, visit Mrs. Kingsley's brother for the last two years, saw his sis- son, Kans., with he: siste,, Ruth daughter! Armstrong, of Britt. At the lake,j Richard and attend the fair at ter Mrs. R. R. Huteell, tor the Mary Susan came Friday for the'they met L. P. Stillman, of Dol- San Francisco. Mr. Kingsley is an first time in that period when jie liver, Judge Stillman's father, al- attorney. ' ! stopped here Friday morning, 1-AlgonaGirl is ounselor in Camp for Eastern Girls Jr. and Mrs. R. J. Keen have lived word that their daughter , Eugene Wettstone, and her Kennedy, who is employed hv sook bindery there. Mr. and Mrs. Closson, Mason Memorial weeH-end' with their . « n t to catch itv WP™ qund-iv euests of Mrs nieces, Kathleen""and T Hosa~nne' so the judge's.uncle, Charles.Still-j Mr. and, Mrs. Robert Simonson, ,,„*„,,„. QTwl f , nm »T, oro «* it>, were Sunday guests o£ MIS. , Rosanne will go back man, Emmetsburg. ' I Graettinger, are parents of an 8- Va by today, and from there it ' Mrs. Henry Larron* and Mr. and jib. daughter, Sandra . Lea, born, will sail for Europe for a one and , Closson's mother, Mrs. Alfred Her- M, State College,'. Pa., will ... charge of a summer camp In I Catskill 'mountains at an ele- lon of 2300 feet. Irs. Wettstone will be counselor girls, and Mr. Wettstone have charge of boys. Mr. Wett- fce is athletic instructor in the lege. He and his wife are both [dilates of the Iowa state uni- Blty, Iowa City. [re. Wettstone, the former El- or.lfeep, is a graduate from•; the ;ona high school. After- gradua- i from college, where she maj- IB journalism, Mrs. ' Wett- .B-Mia. publicity, • work f or ' the 'a Safety Commission and the magazine, J)es Moines. Kuarene Bible School. . telly vacation Bible school I be conducted by the Church [the Nazarene beginning next •day and continuing till June [Classes wil be held each week morning, 9 to 11:30, except turday. All children between tig, who is now an invalid, and lives at 'E. N. Taylor's. Mr. and Mrs. Orie Bateman, Oak Park, 111., were week-end visitors of the A. A. Sterlings. Mr. Bateman, a garage employe, is a brother of Mrs. Sterling. Eva Peterson, Rockford, III., arrived Sunday to attend the commencement exercises in which her niece, Jeanne Clayton, of Cresco township, was graduated. Violet Norman was a Sunday night supper guest at Joseph Elbert's Sr., east of Algona. Miss Norman is employed at the Hutchison & Hutchison law offices. Richard Keen, who has finished his freshman year at Coe college, Cedar Rapids, has employment there for the-summer. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. .R, J. Keen, here. Mr. and Mrs. Harley Miller, of southern Oklahoma, spent last week here : with-the Frank Caugh- eys. Mr. Caughey is local poster agent; Mr. Miller, a sign painter- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Maxwell, Eagle Grove, and Mr. and Mrs. -Fred Frost are dinner guests today at Dr. F, L. Tribon's. Mrs. with them for a few days' visit. „__ . TaylotV Earlville, Mr?.. John Duttqn attend.s'1. corn- came -one day last week and is al- rnencerrtent exercises nt Burt so spending this week with her Thursday evening. Lois Lavrenz, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. niece of the local Mrs. Lavrenx Taylor. She ,is the 9-year-old and Mrs. Dutton, was one of 20 daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward graduates. Miss Lavranz received Taylor, who formerly lived here. Barber Wayne Shay, of Thompson, has started work at Hank's a cash award for best girl penman ki the class. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Miller, San May 22. They have one other child, ! one-half year stay. Mr. Wetrich also a daughter .Mrs. Simonson is 'believes the ship will be stationed the former Sue Morlan, who for- at Villefranche, France. If he had merly conducted a beauty shop not had an emergency operation here. She is a sister of Mrs. Bert May 1, he would have sailed with. Deal and Mrs. Richard Sorensen. the ship from Mr. Simonson operates a market. Mr. and Mrs. Francis California and meat would thus have missed seeing jlowa relatives. McNally,' Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hutchins, (F^rst"), barber S on s^th M^* ncTeaUfTarried Friday for Emmetsburg, are parents of a 10-. Decorah. with their children Don Dodce, He i's the sonof Mr and! three weeks with old friends here.,lb. girl, born last week Sunday,; Allen and Sandra Jean, spent the Mrs W R Shay Thompson and Mr. Miller will meanwhile look af- named Kathryn Ann. Mrs. McNally • week-end here^ with Donald s par- tad b2n?mJKd taT^oMn'.ter his farms. The Millers are Al- is the former (Maxine Devine, wholents Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hutchins. 5± tin ™™, brfore, coSnE Una oldtimers. Mrs. Miller was a taught in the Irvington and Cresco .Donald « in Electrolux vacuum shop two years before com In c i conn uurLinitM »• «" »• «**»»^» »* «*« »• w*i*e»A»«' ••» -\.**f -• • ... 0 —-•- *-— i _._ 'winkel, and Ralph for many years'township schools before marriage, cleaner employ. They were at Sil- Th'e Rer. F. C. Volzke got, home) conducted what is now the Bor- Saturday from Chicago, where, he chardt drug store, had attended a ministers' evangel-1 Mr. and Mrs. George Good, of istic midwest conference since last | Snirit Lake, and Mr. and Mrs. Ce- •\veek Sunday. The conference was oil Benner, Anamosa, with their held at the Northern Baptist Sem- son Bobby, were week-end guests inarv which Mr. Volzke once at- of Mrs. Walter Good. The Benners " e n d e' d brought the elder Mr,s. Good home. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Glasier, St. | after three weeks there. George is James, Minn., were Sunday guests a son, Mrs. Benner a daughter, of nt Ponntv Recorder J J. Dooley's. | Mrs. Walter Good. Mrs Easier and Mrs. Dooley are Manager and Mrs. Ralph Meidke, sisters, and Mr. Glasier is a farm-'of the Algona hotel, lett Saturday Devine live south of Algona. Mr. tion of a new pipe organ. Mr. and McNally is employed in an Em-1 Mrs. W. H. Bailey, Cedar Rapids, metsburg cafe. I were also guests over Memorial Mrs. F. L. Tribon reports that day of the Hutchins families here, the Dickinson furniture sale, Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Hutchins are . , Maxwell and Mrs. Tribon are sis- | ages of and 14 may attend. tcrs B* High School Graduate. ', |. Glennon Coleman, son of Mrs. ink Stebritz, will be graduated > the McBride high school, St. jils, Sunday in exercises to be at St Louis Cathedral. He has staying with his aunt, Mrs, Coleman. Mrs. Stebritz ierly lived atSt. Louis. [Algonian to be Graduated. fr. and Mrs. Jos. Greenbejg 1 BO to Iowa City Sunday to at- 4 the commencement exercises Ifte university the following day. elr daughter Isabel will be puated in the dramatic arts F«e. Isabel has specialized " in ' wort _ ' I ,JB>le. School Next Week. Methoaist daily vacation Bible ,Mr. .and Mrs. Willard Gregson are attending Homecoming day at Corwlth today. Mr. G-regson.who was graduated from the Corwlth high school, works for the city IOWA Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer, Mrs. W. A. Foster, Mrs. Dg White and Mrs. F. L. Tribon motored to Traer Thursday, and • the Overmy- ers decorated a cemetery there. Katherlne Streit, stenographei at Los Angeles, is expected. Sunday for a vi«H with her grandfather, Anton Streit, and aunts Mary Streit and Mrs,. H. ThuKw-Fri-Sati, June John Wayne (Stage Coach) 1-3 is now will open next Monday ing for one week, ,wlth ses- t^-mojuing and afternoon, will be held for -beginners, through the Intermediate Smith. • ! , ' Mrs. Herman Moore xjJerK at the Barker drug store She replaced 'Dorothy Nelson, who now has a selling position. Mrs the former Lucil Moore is Dearchs. Mr. and E. N. Taylor wer „ Is "Dreggiig Up," Baptist church; which was ^repaired inside, is now a new exterior dress, ap- » Painters Richardson and . Qrville Elkins is painting ^exterior of parsonage -and utheran Luther Lea* roller-skatin par- aud also Cars at Le aguers will . . Sunday guests of Mr. and Mis George Bealjty, Emmetsburg. Beatty is a retired farmer. wife and Mrs. Taylor were girl together. Mrs. Sim Leigh, Irvington tertained at a hirthday dinner Sunday honoring her husband. There were .some 2p people In attendance. iucluding Mr, and Mrs. Chestei Harmon, Wpden. Mr. and Mrs. Myers Judy, Brush, Colo., left for home Sunday, aftei a week herewith their daughter iMrs. C. H. Simpson. Mr. Judy is retired, and Mr. Simpson travels Itor the Peapock Candy Co, . ^ Mr and Mrs, H. C. Anderson * their newly coin- north Harlan. June on leave from . 1 parsonage at 7:15, 1 and Mr-Ud-Mrs. E, E-Anderson will mfve to their home "" east North W the same time. FUESDAY and WEDXES LAST 2 DAYS THRILLS HEVIR MFOM HLMfO tr«v> M.n end Itavtiflil , s '*£ W>mt" lit! Ing lk«ir llf« 1*1 SclMHl Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. ver Lake, Minn., Sunday for dedica- SUNDAY - MON., JUflJi *•& WALT DISNEY'S SPECIAL! TUESDAY, MAY 30 "Brouc Little Sailor" Atmosphere, thrills, action! Continuous from 1 O'clock WEDNESDAY - THCRS. May 31, June 1 SATCR., JUNE 2-3 THOMAS MITCHHl • WTA HAVWOWO*, RKHAIO tARTHKMISS HAWKS •»-*•«*•" • A I!!!!?!!HJ!I!J||||I!IIH TWO STORES Algona Mason City SFXDAV THRU WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4-7 NOW WE'LL HAVE FUN VATSY KELLY and BJT« BROS. HOSPITALS Klnsetb, Hettl, ^^VeC', Wesley, Mrs. D. t. leffert and Mrs. Samuel Medln were at Ames over the week-eid Visitinig their children. Mrs.T Leffert.-visited hei daughter lla Mae. a senior, and ^^'^^ Hanson. rrv^JS^ur^ Sw'ansou 5 a*idaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Po»^ nl ^...a n l hcerrewbUB t,... J. . J..,- ' ki&rMrB 3a Meyer to Baltz »_ cousin, otMr fcfy, f^*s '""-••• k Exclusive distributors of Pratt & Lambert paint, varnishes, and enamel 3 in north Iowa. ^ Exclusive distributors and aproved applicators of Johns-Manville Home Insulation in north Iowa._ ^ Jobbers of lead, oil, turpentine, glass, painters' supplies, and Atlas and Birge wallpapers, ^ A complete stock of Armstrong linoleum and tiles —custom work a specialty. if Iowa's largest floor surfacing contractors. Two skilled sanding crews with sanders, edgers, buffers, scrubbing machine, disc sander, waxing machine. Power plant for country work. Small wax- ers are available for rent. WE SAVE YOUR FLOORS. OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT. irwr if Dealers in Venetian blinds, Showing Kirsch and Warren blinds, flexible steel and wood. ^Exclusive dealers in Algona of decolmanias. ,* Si w */<«* wm mm Second ^wre -•*fyw$w Co wan Building Supply ^Pp^P^^PflP^jB^^^^^^Jp i Distributors Algona Mason Ci^K "^•M i i ,u j , l * \W, \^ t f>iM$"&& &&^W$^^M t&vpL&swri ^Ufr^|^^ _!__jnua™™Sfe&ss , . .; v .7l|rlLk^l^i'.'«4fo'i3"*i?i '- .jft*4>«i.jfa !•&. l&

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