Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 23, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1939
Page 9
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KOSStifH COUNTY APVANCB. ALQONA. IQWA PAGE HIM* GLOBETROTTING - - By - ----- -• - i| -i Eileen M. was: commence* salutatory, n*"*rtette! Valedictory, Nor- ^fSess; pr rt«°.r 111 ' 5v.n» F J. Rochford. * 8up h*i .ntivlttes last OVERLAND TR^IL, SHORTEST AND EASIEST CROSS COUNTRY ROUTE FOR WAGON TRAINS, WAS LAID OUT AND MARKED BY BUFFALOES LONG BEFORE THE WHITE MAN ARRIVED HIGHWAYS, RAILROADS AND AIRLINE ROUTES NOW FOLLOW it,, M,ivin. »»*-;;;. PARTIES GIVEN FOR TWO CLUBS AT LIVERMORE i dec%<Mpon by •were presented by fVnrMord: scholarship medal Elk Bell• at nletlc 4nedal f P r rtJta Helnrich; athletic lor girls, Eileen R<H*)««"»5 '£ medal, Marilyn Wood- gold to each of the sen- was .rtstofthe afternoon t playing Jdttenball. . GrwtaatefTseventeeii— fommencement exercises of AMONG THE SOYBEAN PRODUCTS MADE IN THE FORD LABORATORIES ARE-PLASTICS, PAINTS, GLYCERINE, SOAR SYNTHETIC WOOv.GUJE, BREAD, ANIMAL FOODS, STEARIC ACID _AND EVEN ICE CREAM/ **i*M*kM* m. tew i tt| s^.^^^^^ , GUIDES IN QUEBEC MANEUVER CANOE9 >>v THROUGH RAPID9 BY - WARPING" THEM- WITHOUT THE USE OF PADDLES OR POLES. they were using a new four-row corn-planter. *•* * * We saw K. O. Ewoidt, east of Lone Rock, Thursday, and he was doing some repair work on his house. As soon ad-that Job was finished he was going to paint the building, so maybe by this time there Is another handsome, shiny home in that neighborhood. Let the good work go on! • * • • Henry Hartwell, northeast of Lone Rock, living on the Blanchard-Hulbert farm, was cleaning out his barn Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell have been tenants of this place 21 years, which shows both'that-they are A-No. 1 renters and .that they have appreciative landlords. They took a short vacation last winter and went down 1 in Louisiana, where Henry's brother Bert lives. Ber thas written lately that it has been dry there this spring, and Henry could reply, "Ditto here." • • * * Vern Gross, northeast of Lone Rock, was cleaning up In and around the barn Thursday. He keeps 13 fine horses and does all hie farming with them. He also sells a horse every now and then, for his horses are known for breeding and quality. There are also 18 flrte Hereford calves on the place, bought for feeding out. * * * * [Meld From Last Week.] Livermore, May IS—Mrs. August Paulson, who recenty returned from the winter in the South, opened her home for two .parties recently. The first was tor the Delta Dek bridge club, of which she is a member, and -guests other than members were Mrs. Culvert Johnson and Lena Altman. Mrs Paulson used Mexican-design tally and score cards. Prize over al was won by 'Mrs. R. J. Oilman with Mrs. R. H. Clark second. Mrs W. F. Johnson and Mrs. Culver Johnson aleo won prizes. The second party was for mem bera of the Twentieth Centur club, and there were two clu guests, Mrs. Fred P. Nelson, Otto .sen, past county chairman, an Mrs. Carl Flemming, Renwlck, ne\ chairman. Both of these wome gave talks. The program was '• charge of Mesdames Ethel How ard, Mabel Paulson, and. Leon Hintz, and topics were Homed of , At Lemuel Marlow's, southwest American'Authors, Remember Who of Lone Rock, one of the boys was- You Are,-and music. - ... bringing in the milk cows from The party was given In national -v- .the pasture when we arrived music week, and a special feature 4- Thursday. The Marlowe have an was provided by Alvln Bredall, extra fine herd of milkers, mostly school band Instructor, who bull brought some of his members, in- I rthrfay cake and other goodies, itniny still 'remains in bed, but is birthday was a big event. nnentl for George Burns— Funeral services for George Burns, 67, at the Skaugstad fun- ral home at 'Humboldt recently ere largely attended by 'Livermore people. The Rev. Harvey kelson, of the Livermore Metho- ist church, officiated, and metn- iers of the Masonic order con- fucted rites, with George St. John, .Igona, in charge, assisted by W. '. Johnson, Hartley Mackintosh, OJe Nelson, and John Olson, Livermore. Pallbearers were Livermore. men: Dr. R. W. Beardsley, Oharles Jrow.n, Bert Brown, Ernest Boyd, iYank Hoffman, and Charles flaney. Burial was made at Humboldt. + i LETTERS' FOR THE BASKETEERS GIVEN AT SENEGA DINNER [Held Prom Last Week.] Seneca, May 15—The high school .girls and boys basketball teams we're -entertained at a banquet a 1 tn e schoolhouse last week Tuesday <! eVenlhg. i '-The table was set for 30 Blanche.Olsen .wa» awarded a miniature gold basketball, to be won dinner guest* at Ainer Cody's last week Tuesday in honor of Mr. Codyls father, Edw. Cody, of Carpenter. ^ WAX PLANT III LOCAL HOMEJS CURIOSITY R. S. Barton, veteran city lineman, and his wife are proud possessors of a wax plant. This Is an unusual plant In this locality, according to local florists. A peculiar property of the flowers ia that they give off perfume only after dark. The fragrance apparently comes from little drops of honey which ooze out of email filar-shap- ed flowers. "Wax Plant" is a common name for hoya carnosa, a climhlng greenhouse shrub native to parts of Asia. The hoyas are described ae tropical evergreens, mostly climbing'shrubs belonging to the milkweed''family. Hoya carnoea is the best-known species, a twiner, with rootlft* stems and a growth of eight Wet or more. The flowers grow In clusters of 25 or 30, with a texture like velvet, and are white with » pink center. The leaves are thick and fleshy, with a waxy surface. Reduced Prices on 1$ ' ti,M \\v 4, Baby Chides AT WELP'S HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa * * * * U. 8. Approved and Puliorttm Ttt'ed. I eluding Keith Baessler, Boyd,.and Shirley Smith, Virgil vith WAS HOUSED IN THE CRYSTAL PALACE AT LONDON IN I85I.THE PALACE WAS DESTROYED BY PIPE NOV.30,1936,,, e Sck mass at St. Michael's to Ic church. Diplomas were Tried at 9 o'clock mass. The uass consisted of 17 mem- Freda Mae Alig, Stanley Jorvin J. Elbert, WllHs R. Ert Ralph Fandel Jr., Ruth A. Sg/Caroline Kollasch^Rob- ollasch, Catherine O'Brien. i C. Orlger, Therese K. Orlg- amet Mosbach, Mary C. R^oon- iMaurlceSteier.Wllmer J.'Web- iGrace P. 'Weydert, Mary Wln.- L.H Girl Wins Trip— llanid, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. >rge Fandel, west-of town, has i awarded a trip-to a 4-H,.gills Iventlon on the State college Ipus at Ames June 14-17, ac- Mtog to "word received fo'om 1 Edith Barker in charge of |s 4-H clubs. She won on a fire ivention report made last year. j Is her fourth year in club tk. She has held local offices, I Is president of her Fern Val- I club this year. She has been by her club as candidate [ county 4-H office. " : v lent Taken to Rochester— lohn Ford was taken from the Creery hospital last week Mon- j to Rochester in the Merrlti Ibulance from Algona, and Ella H. KLAMP, Field KepresenUllTe Logue at the piano, who.gaVo mus- I leal selections. shorthorns,, with a Hereford at head of the herd. * * * * , - •F. C. Wegener, northwest of their clarinets, with Charlotte Lone Rock, had just got home from Fenton, where he works at the carpenter trade, when we saw him •_._,. . „ _. Friday. He says 'the Fenton iner- Bed Patient Has a-Tarty— chants are-buildlhg good substan- Despite the fact thai Jimmy tlal ibuildings to take the place of Berryhill had a painfu! accident at the ones burned down.. Mr*. Wegener was rolling out some "coffee 1 9th , dw t lnterfere wit h a kuchen," and it looked mighty 1 good. She said she was trying out a new way of placing it in a pan to bake. * * * * Doctors Savers and Fox. One day last winter we had a fine visit with Doctors Fox and Winkel, the Algona. veterinarians, well known to many farmers. Doctor Fox started the practice at Burt in 1916. Those were the days of mud roads, and he had a Model T. There were trying trips both day and night. This writer, too, well remembers the same mud roads, also the late Doctor Bayers, who had a small office building where the Fox building is now located. Doctor Sayers was a big-hearted fellow, as most veterinarians are. Once in an oldtime automobile, he was taking frien'ds out for ah even- birthday party. His mother saw to that. The accident, caused by a fall from the teeter-totter, resulted in an injury to the bones of 'P. M. Christensen, west of Lone .one leg which has kept the boy in Rock, raises the fine Hereford bed l eve ^, si , nce Ing spin, and when he the came Mike cows, which makes them give more milk! You can believe that if you want to, but we'd rather think it's because he gives them some good old Deutsch care and feed. » * * * Extra! Extra! We claim for George Kelch, east of Wesley, the title of one of north Iowa's first farmers to cultivate corn this year. George takes pride in a clean corn field, and he sure makes his field an outstanding example. He farms with horses. George told us that he and his wife had been anxious about their baby, which had been critically sick, but was now doing well. Everyone feels sorry for a sick baby. • • * * We were at Burton Yale's, southeast of Titonka, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Yale have a fine flower [rke accompanied him. Mission. pe returned the same day. Other Wliittemore. Hr. and Mrs. Peter Kollasch, of |rt, and the Julius 'Baas family, Creek, attended the com- jncement exercises of the Whit-i poe public schools at. the local lemy hall Thursday evening. Emelie 'Heidenwirth and Herman iBehnka, .Algona. i Editor and Mrs, William Hel, Burt, also attended. •-.., .: 'he St. Paul young people's so- had a monthly social in the icran school basement Friday jning, On the serving commlt- | were Ella Braatz, Norma, Max, and Wayne Bell, and Alvera I Harold Belmke. •Jack Johnson, Mr. and . Arthur Mathes, and daugh- I Arlene, all of Rolfe, were itsday evening visitors at Ar- 1 Wagoner's. -" • Jos. Meurer left for Memo- fee Mich, one day last week 'tor 'sit of several weeks with'her hter Mrs. William Frantz. i'ee Bullock, Algona, is night Itchman lor Reed & Olson, grad- 1 contractors on No. 44 north Mttemore. • " .. fgnes Uebenslein, Hubbard, was " last week Tuesday to visit old ds. The Liobensteins onve liv- Ihere. Ferdinand Bast and her pier, Mrs. Cook, Portland, visited relatives here last around the bend near — , — „..„ —.„. _„.„ ..„._ _ — Loss farm, on the present state garden every year, and they have park road, the car hit something planted a lot of seeds again this and stopped with a thud. , | spring. Mrs. Yale is always gen- The doctor got out, and there lay | erous about ' giving flowers to » 500-lb. sow. But she promptly friends. — - ' * * * • Mrs. John Rode, of Titonka, had been living alone since Mr. Rode In due time Doctor Fox joined; ] died, but now one -of. Martin the army and then, in 1925, he Brandt's girls, her granddaughter, Sme to Algona, sfnce which he ! clerks at the Bonacker grocery_and nearly $30,000 on one of cattle that win prizes wherever they are shown. We didn't find out how many there are 'In the. herd. Mr. Christensen said he had taken 5 head to another pasture. The Christensens also raise fine English bulldogs. Dodgs of that breed have ugly looking faces, but are fine pets nevertheless. * * » * At H. F. Mittag's northeast of Lotts Creek church, the family was having early dinner, when we called Friday, for they were going to Mrs. Manning's funeral, so we had only a short visit there. We noticed a fine team of horses in the yard. Mr. Mittag has refused $500 for that team. They are 'big horses. ADVERTISING COPY —THE AD. vahce office provides classified campaigns on 'all types of merchandise or service.—No extra cost. •The Advance. 20tf But Wednesday was his birth- on a chain, for winning a loca free-throw contest. Letters were awarded to Harriet, Alyce, and Blanche Olsen, Loretta Crowley, Lois Looft, Helen Cody, Noraidel Dotson, Loan Skow, and Donna Jean Bollig. Boys receiving letters were Roy Hommann, Donald Bollig, Daryle Hanben, Philip Looft, Le Roy, Melvin, and Mervin Klein, Dennis Lyncfa, and Merlin Dotson. Harriet Olsen, Loretta CroWley, and Roy Hommann re ceived stars for a'cting as captains of their respective teams during the season. Alyce and Blanche Ol sen, Noradel Dotson, and Helen Cody gave a musical number. Attends Wedding of Niece- Mrs. Sheldon Merrill and he sons went to Raymond 1 , Minn., re cently for the week-end with Mrs , . . J 1. », UC1UL1J 1U1 LUC VYCGIV-CILU VT1 bu. lul o day, and great plans had been, M m , B parents Mr . and M rs. S made for this sixth-year event. L Dentonj and wWh other rela Jimm y' s J e ^5' *I5; M o a J tha J! I tires. They were also to attend th WOOL GET OUR PRICE ON WOOL We will have our truck call for your wool if you wish JOE GREENBERG PHONE 118 Kossuth County Wool Buyer Since 1915 ... , , OA ..*. —II™ 1 liVCB. JLUCJ' WC1C AMOV LW »t-l- son, cooperated, and 20 pupils; wedding o£ Mrs Merrill's niece, from Jimmy's room, accompanied. Margaret DeTlton> daughter of Mr. by Mrs. Wilison went on a hike! d Mrg James jj^,,^ and nature hunt, then wound up at the Berryhill home in the evening, with big appetites for a huge Dinner Honors a Tisltor— Mr. and 1 Mrs. Albert Cody were Our improved Trinity Mixture is the Ideal protein supplement. Minerals, vitamins, proteins. Goes farther, costs less than tankage. Anderson Grain & Coal Co. ALGONA, IOWA got up and waddled away. The doc- •fr .... __i j n« nnn nvirl flvrtira ' for just cranked his car and drove * * * * ;he finest veterinary buildings in ;he state and has also built one of the finest homes in Algona; and besides he owns the hojise on north Harlan street where Owen Nichols lives. A week ago Saturday we called at Jos. Miller's, northwest ]of Wesley. Electricians had ifinlshedi wiring all the buildings. This farm is in an R. E. A. project. Mr, Miller bought the place a fe^w years ago and has added improvements ery year. He is now planning to lay a new foundation under the chicken house, and he will also plaint the buildings. 'Nothing like well done repair and paint to make farm homes and other buildings look attractive. And they add to values too, something that too many farmers seem^not to realize. When we called at John J. Johnson's, northeast of Ledyard, last week Monday we found Mp. Johnson at work in the garden; and ene was hoping for rain. fine, large garden, lives With "Grandma." Mrs. Rode likes to gave a little garden every rear, and; we took notice that she already had a great many pretty lowers. » * * * At William Welhousen's, northwest of Titonka, we met Mr. Wel- iiousen's mother, Mrs. John Wel- housen, Wednesday, and she showed us a story that had appeared in the Advance about her. It pleased her, but the statement that she came from Holland was a bad error, for she was born in Fond du Lac county, Wls., ana is a real American citizen. Her parents, however, came from Holland, and that is one of the countries from which Amerca likes to get immigrants. Garret Welhousen, who has worked in the AAA office at, Algona, is a son of Mrs. Wel- housen.. William owns 400 acres of land, and he farms 240 acres. He and a son were planting soy beans the day we were there, and THE NEW DODGE LUXURY LINER IS BIGGER, WIDER AND ROOMIER THAN LAST YEAR'S DODGE ...YET IT COSTS EVEN LESS TO BUY! GOOD OLD I). S. Dollar FRIDAY ONLY Men's She has a arid a good SHORTS BROADCLOTH Size* 30 to 42 __ I6c SATURDAY ONLY Men's FANCY RAYON Per pair 5c -*- WDB TAKES YEARS' LABOR t, « mae aQ a * nA flower garden. A ravine s though the yard and ! ' makes M 8 \ Th l slstl16 third year 8 ' *° e has Corked O the »n . Ll the end of v, hopes - the new sar- been compted. Mr wn, een compted. ft ttSl 8 ? Dehnert, another lover ' j.Jllci *«*•&** o»»- —— •-• — ; j soaking would do it lots of good, Mr; Johnson' and the bop were grinding feed with a laijge hammer mill. ^ E Y 'Koestler, southeast of Ledyard, was putting new shares on his plow when we were at his place last week Moriday. He lad ,some plowing to do in sj)d. which would plow hard. E. V\ has 30 acres in beets this year, and theie is a new famly of Mexicans on the place to do the weeding. Ihese Mexicans talk little American. * * « * Chris Gelhaus," who lives at the north edge of Ledyard, was blast- Ing rock last week Monday on 80 acres he .bought recency. This eighty joins up with the Mousel Bros, farm at the east edge of Ledyard. Chris also c acres where he lives and is fine for farming. Harold Kollasch, norfhwest of Bancroft, was filling a tile ditcn ast week Monday, and was using * light tractor to -wldcU was hitched a disc. This is o>e of the THE EASY WAY. TO SUCCEED WITH CHICKS fastest and best ways to ditch II the ground Is no BwV* 4 TS* *»* the 70 and all his fill a tile too wet Policed t 0 h"at~Harol<i jvas doing «neiob. stopped a( George When we Wtsley, last Go to your DodgeDealer and TAKE A WOK Judge for Yourself What Car Is the Year's No. 1 Value! N EVER before so many wonderful new ideas in a single year! New gearshift at the steering wheel, yours at no extra cost! New concealed luggage compartment, 27% larger! New headlights for safer night driving! New "Safety Signal" speedometer, a brand new idea in safety! Dodge gives you all of these new fea-^ tures, and mwy more, at a price even lower than last year) See the new Dodge Luxury Liner today! I RAISITHIMON Ful-O-P«p Chick Sum* Values Like These Make Your Dollar Day Visit Profitable = Men's Work Shirts Full cut blue chambray for Friday only, Men's sizes 14| to 17. 25c 85 Pair Boys' OVERALLS Stripe only, 220 wt. denim. Rail Chief brand, sizes 6 to 16. 79c Boys' Knit POLO SHIRTS 50c value Dollar Pay Full * Men's Knit UNION SUITS yarn— ihort ileeye, ankle length FREE FOR DOLLAR DAYS with each ten dollar purchase w^give you one per? fectiy good ahinitig U. S. Silver Dollar.

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