Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 23, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1939
Page 7
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hun cant "Third »»» OVER IOWA f*' v 'ttt«ld v r:rom last week.] , A FARM TKITANflY bill »l«ned la likely to Helen Monsen, „„,_ Breaching results, especially Where multiple land owners ir« Involved. Under this law, in order to terminate a farm lease expiring the following March 1, either the landlord or the tenant must give written notice by November 1. .Multiple land ownersy ni»ft^>tff'whom -are anxtoua to disposed rtf their holdings, have in the past .been .much disposed to wait 'till the l«»t<jntnute to .lease or release <a farm, and this 1 has always griped tenant farmers. Now if no notice to given by either .party by November 1, the lease is continued on the same terms for the following year. . • AT THE FARM of a son northeast of Cresco, Mrs. Terrence McCabe, who a couple of years ago was named "champion grandmother" In a contest conducted by the Capper magazines, died recently at 92. Her descendants! numbered 217--.11 children, 80 grandchildren, 426 great-grandchildren. 'Her husband died in 1937 . . . Speaking of grandmothers, little Marilyn and Jimmter,; Williams, 2%-year-old daughter and 9-months-old son of bylthe .Robert Wllllamses, near Grln- nell, have five — a great-great I I rl of 4.2 1 per cent in Sioux county to a L Ugh of 97.8 in Wayne county. THR RKCEffF KARRIAGK Mrs. Florence E. Wilder, Waterloo, resolved Into one of those brtde- .or-4-day cases. She has filed suit n r , d ;Y°!; ce fr °ni her husband, Paul H. Wilder, and In her petition says she married him in. Waterloo last December 26, but left him next nay because he became drunk and abusive the very day of the cere- ony. EACH SPRING Osceola holds a ity-wlde clean-up week, and this ear residents said It was the most feetive ever. Practically every lece of junk or rubbish . accumu- ated by householders and merch- nts during the winter was hauled way free In big tru'cks, and now ie city Is as spick-and-span as a )utch klchen. Or almost. AS WEEK BEFORE last ended, fund for the benefit of Mrs. harles Helmiok and her four Otna Huff, and. '"the Blouses and members are be- ' cervices for sen- Sunday night at lltorlum with the Lrold as speaker invocation, the hymn; mtx- Now Thy Taming the Wolf, girls ton Herrold; fcn, the Rev. [on Program— ng P. T. A. held grandmother, two great-grandmothers, and two plain grandmas But the-children have only one living grandfather. , vIT, WAS SO unusual that Cedar Rapids -police almost thanked drunk the other day. The plastered gentleman knew he was in no shape to drive, and... he refused to let his missus do it, for she had no driver's license. So he phoned a police station for a driver who would get the bus salfely home and Into the family garage. The cop Who went to his aid said the fel low had "mpre sense than mos drunks" and "deserved service." CAUGHT IN THE net of unload Ing 219. gallons of alcohol in i barn, Elmer Miller, 32-year-oli Alta man, and Sorenson Anderson 47, Newell' farmer, were arreste by federal agents . . . Ai-.Cresto: Judge Homer A. Fuller sentence Lester Conley, 30, farm hand, t three yeara in the Anamosa re formatory, after Conley pleade guilty to a county attorney's in formation charging lewd' acts wit children; FOUR VICTOR,' Iowa count}), residents had an exciting moment, the other evening. Their ca stalled on Rock Island tracks i:i oung children, survivors of a fire t Ottumwa which took the lives of even other members of the family n April 22, had. reached a total of 2,500. The original goal of Daily Courier-sponsored subscrip- ion was $1,200. JOHN RUTHVEK, who as a roung man of 24 founded the town f Ruthven, Palo Alto county, in 869, recently at 94, Father of Alexander G. Ruthven, president the University of Michigan, Mr Ruthven was born In Scotland. He vas well known in northwes Iowa. ' Two other children s'urvive ALt OVER IOWA farmers and motorists report rabbits more jlentiful than in many years; A ;ularemia scare ,last winter made rabblt-huntisg unpopular, and a dry spring helped produce a bump er crop. Rabbits are harmful tr young trees and certain crops. TRACTOR BKES ore all th rage in Madison county. In varl- oua communities neighbors have turned out with 16 to 20 tractora to aid farmers who have been sick and unable to complete spring 1 plowing and - other field •• work. Fields of 25 to''45 acres have.been plowed in a few hours. WHILE FARMER> Albert Storem- sen was filling an l«-ft. well on ils place near Harlan, one of the lorses he was using stumbled and ell Into the hole, pulling the oth- r after It and both were drowned. WALTER B, DAYIS, born a slave in Kentucky, died at Ms Maon City home the other day at 80. He had once been in vaudeville, but since 1013 had been custodian if a bank building. TWO MONTHS AGO Mrs, Walter Flanagan, 24-year-old Slgourney woman, skinned a knee when she fell from a Des Moines street car, Infection set in and claimed her Ife. MISSISSIPPI RIYER fafflc through the lock at Guttenberg this Alpril fell slightly under April 1938. Striking workers on federal barge lines were a factor. ALTHOUGH OsOwloosa firemen answered 20 alarms In April, losses amounted to only $11. son, Helen Frankl, John Bishop Mid Curtis Ward. The refreshment stand was let to MM. James Allen. Applications for building were approved for the following: , Botaford Lumber Cot, Walter Will, Kennedy* parsons and .Deep ock^ Oil Station. . • •• Ordinance No. 262 was passed. Approplratlngr, ordinance No. 600 " ' _ MO passed. . Appropriating Ordinance No. ELECTRIC FUND w. U. Pollard, sal ........ -. ........... * 87.60 Leo Bellock, sal ........ , ................ 70.00 F. C. Dailey, sal ................ . ........ 70.00 Tom Halpin, sal ............ *..- ..... «7.50 Walter Gorman, sal ................. 87.50 ^ C. Wright, sal ..................... 65.00 Ray Barton, sal ......................... |»'W> H. E. Stephenson, sal ........ .... 68.00 Harold Roth, sal .................. •» «7-50 Joe Kelly, sat .................. , .......... 60.00 Adah Carlson, sal ..................... 72.60 Ernst Thtel, met. read ....... .. 28.97 Max Messing, labor . ........... 25.20 Joe Dunn, labor RECORD BOOKS—BLANK books and binders in durable duck bind l lg ._See the Advance. 18tf pco3m)m0mD»m8c«8Meecefl«8^ Council Minutes Algona, Iowa, Thursday, May Ij 1939.—The city, council met In ad journed session, with all members answering to roll call. A motion was carried that the following be employed at the pool for this season: Meredith Rlcnard- Elllott Skilling, labor ............ «.93 GENERAL FUND Arthur Moulds, sal ................. 62.90 Cecil McGlhnia, sal ............. C5.00 Tim O'Brien, sat .................... 65.00 Jess Lashbrookj aal. ........ ........ 70.00 Willard Gregson. JaboJ- . ..... ., 7138 Elliott Sktlllng, labor ..... ....... 73.92 Oliver Bakken, labor ............ 31.98 John Helmers, labor ..... ...... ..... 33'.84 Geo. Gunder, labor . ...... * ........... 36.96 Herman Lyons, labor 36.96 Chas. Harvey, labor 32.74 Chas. Hoffman, labor 31.57 H. W. Post, frght. ..._.., 14.49 SEWER FUND C. U. Pollard, sal. ,.....;. 12JW Dick Helmers, labor : 40.70 Vern Scobba, -labor 1.80 Robert Krtudson, jab6r v. 24.30 Harold Jorgenson, labor 14.00 LeRoy Nelson, labor 17.60 Ryner Helmers, labor ....< IliS SWIMMING FOOL FOOTJ Geo. Gunder, labor '. ,§•.** Ch«s. Hoffman, labor 8.4* SIRE MAWTEKANCE Harry Barton, sal. •••••-• Passed and approved this llth day LEIGHTON MISBACH, Mayor. Attest, At>AH CARLSON, City Clerk Ry. Express Agency, exp 1.14 Kendrick OH Co., fuel "oil .. 263.95 M. St. P. A P. Ry., frgt .... 523.93 H. W. Post, frgt - 12.91 H W. Post, frght ,..- 3.11 Bertha Johnson, labor ' o.zz Omer Kelly, labor ..*..... Iowa State Bank, service .... 80.91 WATER FUND C. U. Pollard, sal 25.00 Harry Barton, sal *2.50 Frank Oatrum, saL , Earl ...; 65.00 „„. Bowman, sal W.OO Laura Mitchell, salary 57.50 Elmer Holtcamp, labor 4.80 Don Palmer, labor 39.60 Dick Helmers, labor -... 7-66 Ryner HelmerSj labor .:..; 5.85 Robert Knudson, labor 1-35 Vern Scbbba, labor .:. .V;., 2-w John Helmers, labor.,.......', » 10.78 Oliver Bakken, labor 13.47 Geo. Gunder, labor |.8o Herman Lyon, labor 7.31 Chas. Hoffman, labor ...., 7.31 H. W. Post, frgt. ..._.; 3,35 Wlllard Gregson, labor ........ 10.01 flic at the Armstrong id Saturday nights, ng folks from this .ong the talent, in- Pehrson, Mrs. John Green brothers, El- Arlette Skromme, and Walter Peter- i Hired- 31ty creamery hal ifaEt freight struck the auto and car the town limits, and they barely Jumiped out when a ried it safety 1,000 feet, gates at There are no two principjl has _.jlla, of Corning -to Ibe locker plant that mpletion. Mr. Cosin the meat tbusi- and started here [orning. U Clty- [Dye, who has been i for two or three to Iowa City for icnt sometime this] Hymark, Fairmont, Iher affliction as. an i to Change Homes—I who has sold his |Bouth part of town, to west of town, lession soon, and will i Anna Berg house, iglit after selling his urns Planned— |ls being discussed by ral teama are planned. I the Midwest Service [ordered Mouses for a, may be formed Ithe best players. Planned- petit dance for the In the baseball (dated In Leeion hall lay night. More than Ited for the club at the crossings in town. Two persons met death at "one crossing a fe|r months ago. THE TOTAL number of enrolling In the 1939 AAA prograi promises to equal or even excet >the ireotird «et by the corn-.hog prj gram of 1934. Compilations ma< to date indicate that better than per cent of Iowa's 230,343 fan 'will be "in" for 1939. Particiip(i- tiori to date ranges from a low of the Sanders home in the Bast Chain,. Minn., visiting Thursday. Fly to Nevada for Visit— Nick Reynolds and Robert Briggs Hew to Nevada one day last week to call on Helen Brlggs, who | teaches at Shipley. /Other Swea City. Supt. Schuler was elected member of the Kossuth board education at the annual meeting the shool district presidents Algona last week Tuesday. this The ,W. C. T. U. will meet week Tuesday, with Mrs. Margf.ret Warburton at Lakota. Mrs. Watson Herrold is program leader. •Mrs. R. M. Mlnkel toas received) notice of her appointment, as Irtcal chairman of the "National (on- __ ~, m /t n «*vv\tracts\Tl " :ho- lop- sumers Tax Commission." The Omega Circle of the Me dlst Aid will have a 10 cent gal, ing tea-party at the church bise- me Mr. M andMrs, Stuart ButterU spent the week-end with Mrs. But-| terfield's people in Crawford oun- |to Fast Chain— t Builders S. S. class pd by Mrs. W. 0. Nel- James Sanders • at .„„ Tom Lobb Jr. family 1 build-a residence on their acreage on the south side of town. Emma Jane Nelson and Aana| Linde entertained women teachers Thursday at a 6:30 tea. of I in to I TWOWbrid'sFaiis I Round if ip tail fare good in modern air-condi- tiooed coaches and chair in Coaches trip rail fare |»a» Parlor Cm or , [5«"idatd Pullman I 15«epmg Cars. ' Onlu in Pullmans berth extra RAIL FARE _ ^^ ™ ™ ^^P .^' WIMBIP.I^^^^^W ^* •• fl ound Tzip £rj m l^ur#P*»« R> wn U( bieees* V9««tU_ Ll».:_ __ '~'±£ZrtH Unr an $^'i*^w3BffiK&™' f; E NORTH WESTERN RY JUNE BRIDES And All Others Interested In Quality Bed Room Suites At BIG SAVINGS Buy at flome save, thereby. | 75c Regular Fitch's Shampoo With rubber massage brush free ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^•^•^^^^•••B" GOc Regular Alka Seltzer 25c Mennen's Skin Bracer 50c Mennen's Lather Shave 49c 75c value 50c tube Ipana Tooth Paste 3 ounces of Penslar CJastoria 6 ounces of Penslar Castoiia _ 1 Genuine Tek Tooth Brush One Pint Johnson's Glo-Goat with % pint free. Quantity limited. 59c Alcolin Our finest quality bathing alcohol . 39c 39c i^ 35c Cashmere Bouquet hand lotion 20c Cashmere Bouquet hand lotion 55c value for ^ Senator Razor, (5 blue blades) 89c Griffin's Black Paste Shoe Polish lOc ate Lead 4 Ib. «0c I Colgate's Halo Shampoo and lOc size free I 6 ounce Lilac Vegetal for after Shaving ^^^^^^ i ^__ -M ^^a^aai Flashlight, large, 2-cell ----• I 200 Sheets of Kleenex ;. . 13c —- 2 for Spot Light Flashlight I Extra quality & power Have You Ever Sat Up to a Big Dinner and Taken a Larger Helping of Food Than You Could Possibly Eat? Sure Thing - All of Us Have Well, that same thing happened to us in buying Bedroom Suites this spring. We found so many beautiful designs and such wonderful value that we loaded up on theni—OUR FLOORS ARE FULL to overflowing and another carload shipment to arrive about June 1st. ' WE MUST HAVE ROOM for this big shipment and therefore we are cutting prices to the limiton our present stock. 20c Paris Green pound --------- ....... pound .... ........ - ..... 1 pound --------- , ..... .... .aocl .60c| 60c bottle cw i. Walnut vanity, chest, bench and twin beds. Regular $110.00 Suite, only ___— ur Specials S69.50 .12's 20c Solid Maple, bed, vanity, chest and bench. Regular $110.00 value, close-out only — [50 Haliver Oil Capsules P. D. or Abhot Large Auto Sponges 39c SOcPablum for the baby 44e Complete Bed Room Suite- Bed, Dresser and Chest, only S34J5 4-Piece Modern Bedroom Set Bed, Vanity, Bench and Chest, oily —- 1 U ouncesUpjohn'sCitrocarbonate 11.00 value at |hyde,lb David Roberts Dusting Powdeir for biarnesa and collar! 26c You will save plenty by having Us figure your entire home outfit. SEE ONE OF.NORTH IOWA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL AND UP-TO-DATE furniture and floor covering stocks at •'. • ^oothPaste Tooth Ponder •_ w^ n, mr jm- ' ^*~« **• w-*w^» . v -*• Wi3T W TW COURT HOU^i 4 4, •

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