Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1939 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1939
Page 3
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ROSSltftt COUNTY —-~- gttes at Wesley Atend Dorisict Jofaiiydn Funeral THREE DEATHS WITHIN WEEK ST/J SWEA-EAGLE TWPS. NEIGHBORHOOD May 15 — In this community three deaths have taken place in a week. Hofeomb'B'b!v May'S Jn last ,1jf«k's, paper. Mrs. 'Philip in death, of' Jeanne, 9• of' Mr.' 1 a'nd"Mrs. Arthur Peterson, Swea township, took place last week Monday. She •wa» taken to a Fort Dodge hospital, where she had an, adenoids operation 1 a wet* ago Friday, infection caused death. Jeanne was In the third grade at Swea Ctly. Funeral rites were held at the Immanuel Lutheran church there Wednesday, the Rev. Rt C, Swanoon tn charge, and burial was made in • the Harrison township cemetery. „ ,,-„-• . Jeanne wa» born March 20, 1S>30, made W r _™f*^*5iJ«ad to sunrtired by her parents and brother Ronald, the latter two years • old. The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gus Sanftner; the paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson. Robert, 20-year-old eon of Mr. and 8th 1 and IMM. daughter of •won Mr. First prizes •S^vS.^ by theVglonAuxlUary, ^jffSZ'-* £ om ach chool will t|S 18 n connection wtth ur and Mrs. Fred Dorsey, eud lenly died at the parental home Welnes- day. He had just returned from an Esthervllle j hospital, where he had an appendicitis operation a week hefore/.from which he seemed to have recovered. Shortly after reaching home he snffeied a heart attack which caused (.ea^h.. Funeral arrangement had notfbeen completed at. this writing. Three to East Chain Meeting Mrs. O. A. Jensen, Mrs. Virgil Jenson, and Mrs. Emil Larson attended a Baptist womanls Bible class meeting at the home of Mrs. James Sanders, East Chain, Ulnn., last week Thursday. Three Children Among Slck-i- Tommy Joe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Preston, was siok last week with pneumonia. Wallace Johnson and Lucille Schuler have the measles. Both are seniors ift the Swea City high school. ALGONAHOST FOR DAY TO PORTLANDERS . Portland Twp., May 15, — Fort-,, land township schools are now completing another successful year. Holding picnics Friday were: No. 2, Kathryn Schram, teacher, at the Ambrose A. Call state park, pupils and teacher visiting the Ice oream factory, the electric •plant, and attending a show. light SWEA CITY YOUTH PASSES SUDDENLY Swea City, May 1&—'Robert Dor sey, 20 years old, died suddenly at his home southwest of town last Wednesday. He had jnst returned from an Estherville hospital, where he had undergone an operation for appendicitis. He ! was -the son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Dorsey, who live on what is lit" laughters cpurt;»inet ^oWn ' as the old Southerland Lma Wednesday'night,-.ranch, six miles southwest of Swea 3 : Mrs. Florence city.. Hazel .Funeral services were held Saturday at the Swea City church, the Rev. Watson Herrold and the Rev. R. P. Bronleeewe in charge. Interment was in Harrison cemetery. • Mrs. Josephine Lick' ., . TnJ«« [MOA mhetess; Edna Mae uu, monitor; Mrs. Ber- ardson, historian; Mabel ?uw; Susie PfeMer. ft' ire tary; Mrs. Clara Erd- Mrs. Clara J. _ ; Mrs. Ruth Loe- Bnima Studer and John Loebig, Aug- feasurer; nel; Ignatz Eisenbacher, »., «. A. L. Kleinpeter, The new officers will be | la June. (for TVesieTreacher— « ly.flve friends attended lial shower for Geslna fat Supt. Eldon, Ravlin's iy evening. The evening t at fringing lunch cloths The hostesses were teadhers in the public Miss Shutter received la. She will be married to St. BENEDICT nolle farm. Junior Arndorfer was released from the hospital last week Tuesday; Dan Froehllch Wedmssday. They were in the accident In which Donald Johnson was killed. Arthur Rosenmeyer is visiting his mother and other relatlvs®. In March he left for Plttsburgt where he is employed. Pa., township home Thursday. Some has papered three rooms, and she 75 women altogether heard a pro- did a complete paint job In the gram. Mrs. H. E, Woodward, of' downstairs rooms. Whlttemore, took part, and a reci- tantlon, readings, and music by a six-plece band group from the Al- Have Mumps— Maxine, daughter of Mr. and gona high school with Bandmaster: Mrs. E. L. Dickmeyer, was out of - - ; ' -•' school all last week with the mumps. Little Harriet, daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. Ivan Long, also 'hctd''th'e MRS, KATE KENNEDY SERVICES FRIDAY AT WESLEY CHURCH No. 3, Loraine Trenary, teacher, at 'the schoolhouse, with, parents and friend's as guests, games and races being held in the afternoon (Miss Trenary left that evening for a vacation at points in Colorado). No. 4, Verona Radlg, teacher, at the Elvldge woods near the schoolhouse, parents attending. No. 7, Wanda Waltman, teacher, pupils, parents, and friends celebrating at the schoolhouse, and an after-dinner program being given, with a ball game following. No. 8, Letha Mann, teacher, in Stanley Keith woods near river, pupils, parents, and other guests eating picnic dinner, fishing, hold- Ing races, and the children having a treasure hunt for the teacher. Nos. 1, 5, and 6 will hold picnics later. Some schools made up a day Saturday,, others are making up a few days this week. Gronp to Plum Creek Party— Mesdames Will Ringsdorf, Ray MoWhorter, and Martin Becker attended a one o'clock luncheon' at the Mrs. Leslie Jenkins-' Irvlngton Ra&musson leading, were given. It was a Mother's day event... spon- 'sored. by the Plum Creek Social & Literary" club,-- each'-fftielnber hav- in^agueat. ^ Othdr Portland News. Oronp-Visits Hospital Patient— '" Guests at Mrs. George Lannlng's Mrs. Tony Jandl's .brother, Edw. j last week Monday were Mesdames. ColUnSon, his wife, and the moth- j Henry Smith, Samuel Wlnchell, er, Mrs. Calvin Stickler, all of Edv:. Smith, and Alfred Godfred- j Botna, came Thursday on an over-1 ?.on. Mrs. Samuel Winchell was night visit, and Mrs. Jandl, with hostess Thursday to Mesdames Mrs. Floyd Bilsborough, another i banning. Smith, S. M. Peterson,, sister, .accompanied them to Minr Alfred Godfredson, and Hazel Ath- neapolis to vi&lt another brother, erton, the latter a visitor at Lan- Robert Collinson, patient In a vet- ning's. eran's hospital. Robert has been ; Virginia Trenary, Mrs. Ray Mc- hospitallzed nine months, and he now has hopes of a home soon. short "visit al! Whorter ' an * Mr3 ' 9tanley Kelth I a'tend a. showei honoring Luluj Dugan at Mrs. Wm. Fitzgerald t 's j Wesley, May 15—Funeral services were held in St. Joseph's Catholic church Friday morning at 9 o'clock for Mrs. Kate Kennedy, 66, who died at 5 o'clock j Friday morning, following a stroke I of apoplexy. Father A. J. vTagen- - er officiated. There was a large attendance The deceased was born a; Bea- from here at the funeral of 'Mrs.| I ver Dam, Wis., and Is sirvlved Kate Kennedy, Wesley, Friday.' She' by three children, Mrs. Alfred Erd- was a close relative of many here,' man, of Wesley, son Franl: Conand was a sister of Mrs. Isadore ] ley, of Livermore; and soi Mayer. | ward Conley, of Oklahonu Leo Ludwig lost a valuable mule, Oklahoma; also by three brothers, a week or so ago. No one was .Frank Aman, of Mt. Angel aware that anything was the matter with it. The hired man was Joe Aman, of Algona; and Kdward Aman, of Beaver Dam, drivlnB it on a disc, when it sud- five sisters, Mrs. C. H.. N< wman, denly fell and died instantly. Grand Rapids, Mich.; Mrs Ed- City, Progress Clnb Will Meet- , Friday. The Portland Progress cluib is to; meet this week Thursday at the, are i Burt Legion hall. Members t asked to take note that this will i not be a guest meeting. The guest j meeting will be held later. Host-; esses Thursday will be Mesdames i Alfred Godfredson, Henry and Edw. Smith, Samuel Winchell, and George Lanning. | Trnnkhlll Visitors Go Home- Lewis Trunkhill, brother of OI'TOMF/riUST SAVE YOUR SIGHT — NB-' Lewis Trunkhill, brother or, . • . | John, left Friday for his home in gleet often brings permanent; Wisconsin, and Mrs. Etta Arribrose, (j e f ec t s . Have your eyes ex- sister, returned the same day to . Des Moines. Both had come for ammed. their mother's funeral. j Women Do Papering Job— I Mrs. G. O. McFarland helped her ' daughter,. Mrs. Cecil Long, 'with papering last week. Mrs. Long .HU.XSON Optometrist Above Borcliai-d Drug Store "61" Floor Enamel resists the effects of big, heavy feet/ water, snow and rain. On interior or exterior floors of wood, cement or linoleum, this solid-covering enamel gives maximum service. It withstands -daily foot traffic, the moving and scraping of furniture, blazing sun and chilling frosts. The unusual spreading and hiding properties of "61" Floor Enamel make its use economical. Dries in 5 hours; 10 popular, practical colors. Ask for the helpful color card. PlOORENAMEt DARK GRAY COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY GO, 110 So. Dodge Street Phone 275, Algona ;> i, y. Ore.; and John Donna Stuflick, Mason City and \ Karl, Beaver Dam; Mrs. Jols Mey- the -Leo Studers, Woden, wereler, Rockville, ..Minn.; amq Mrs. " ••---- • chas- Gilbride, and Mrs.'Isadore . iMunson, bookkeeper at the , Both. nere - guests at C. Stuflick's last week Sunday and attended a ball game State bank here. i West Bend. Miss Shut-. i in the local grades. 1 for Two Teachers — Shannaihan, English |m the local .public schools, mmd Ectastein, commer- er, were honorees at a [o'clock dinner at the Ben- 1 i given by the other meoi- ! the faculty: Supt. Eldon [Coach Paul Nedtwlg, Mrs; Bender, Agnes Boyer, and | Shutter. Misses Shanna- I Eckstein will teach else- (iext year. in South Dakota— Ind Mrs. Jack Cruise, Britt, orge and Guy Aldrich re- llast week Tuesday from | S. D,, to which place they ! last week Sunday to at- i tuneral of Mrs. Wilma \ their sisters. They took 'Bister, Mrs. Mike : Ken-| " atone, Minn., with them. lived at Wesley when [young, > for Children— > L. Kleinpeter has been '• two weeks, helping her p.Mrs. Don Meleney, care t children sick with throat Mrs. Meleney was her- few days with the Mr. and Mrs. Charles Noonan 1 are moving to the Edw. Gormann farm, where they will live all 'season. They had been living in the Lawrence Clnk house, which has been bought by Frank Vera, Algona, who will move It to that town. The Little German school band; Meyer of Algona. Relatives from the funeral were, Will Kennedy, of Burt; Mrs. Isadore Meyer -and t< out-of-town at Mr. anfl Mrs, and and r. Mrs, Will Meyer, of St. Benedict; Mrs. Albright and two daughters, of Sexton; Mr. and MxsJ Chas. Gilbride and two sons, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Aman, and their son Leo played, a few selections last week I Aman and wife, of Algona; Mr, Sunday for the first ball game of. and Mrs. Ed Conley and daughter, the season here. Interest in the j and their son Kenneth and wife of lied in March Catholic Daughters of Amer ca, of which Mrs. Kennedy was i member marched to the'churai in a game was not keen, because of the fatal auto accident. Some of the players said later that they could scarcely play for thinking of It. •Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Erickson were callers at the former's parental home here Friday night. Frank Erickson is now employed Oklahoma City. A brother, PMlip was k a car accident near Algona 14. A large delegation of the with carpenters at the Ted Trun-j group at Britt— [members of the local Con- pal church attended the ! Mrs. August Anderson ednesday at the Evan's Church, with the Rev. •on in charge. "Water's Father Sick— 'Mary Bernette received ?the serious sickness \ot her tarsday and left the sarne .Salem, S. D.. where her Stricken- suffered a y Wednesday. She GOODYEAR CENTENNIAL JUBILEE VALUES feor 24 years, Goodyear has out-^ fold coxy other land of tires. — evidence of the popularity of products made by "The Greatest Name in Rubber". Among the new and improved products developed by Goodyear in commemoration of the Hundredth Anniversary of Charles Goodyear's discovery of the vulcanization of rubber, are those showrx below. Every one is a real Centennial value. Come ftee them — learn why it is true that "More People Ride on Goodyear Tirea than on Any Other Kind". I HM' ' ' ^r an V h'endhake called on akfiB, Whlttemore. The John Uhlen] ast nner gues te of the eek Sun day. The ge club attended a •at the Call Thursday. The F 18 Sergeant Madden. and Mr. h avn 1' NEW GOODYEAR G-100 Built to give you up to 33% more tread mileage! New flat shape reduces sideslip, roll and sway — new cord angle compresses rubber, giving slower wear. Sale All-Weather center traction—more closely nested diamond blocks in the center where you need them most — 11% more rubber on Jhe road. Greater resistance to punctures, bruises and blowouts—two-way tread compression, twin cord breakers, new low-stretch Supertwist Cords in every ply. "G-100" gives you utmost mileage, safety, comfort and appearance. THE NEW GOODYEAR DOUBLE EAGLE AIRWHEEL THE NEW G-3 ALL-WEATHER AT A NEW LOWER PRICE THE NEW PATHFINDER A big. tough, rugged, long-mileage tire. The best tire Goodyear ever made to sell at these low prices. :48 440-21 55 545-17 5JO-17 70 4.75-19 SJMM9 $932 545-18 5.50-18 845-16 8.50-16 (Nat prieM. including row old mc») here 0 ' » boy to Garma n, of A 19-MINUTE RIDE AND YOU'LL DECIDE VISIT 0JHSItAU MOTORS' . 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