Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1939 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO KOSStJftt COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA *i'V ,* y^^Jff *•*'; I '' i 1 - 1 ' The Greatest Bike Value We've Ever Offered Boy's and Girl's Bicycles New Streamlined Double Bar Ballon Tires with Tubes Coast-to-Coast Store Joe Bloom To the Graduate Just a word from one who graduated 57 years ago. First of all, be honest and willing to work. Truth is an asset, a lie is a liability. Sound credit is the best capital a young man can have. Begin at the bottom and work up. The business that begins small and grows is much safer than the business that begins big. In hiring men for his store Marshall Field much preferred the school graduate aged IS over the university graduate aged 22. The boy of IS will do thjngs as you want them done. The man of 22 has ideas of his own. Aim high for the guns we use in youth, we find in old age, has.hit away below the mark we shot at. Riches do not mean much one way or the other, but leading a right life does. It is better to be known as an honest old man than as a rich rascal. All this lingo may not do any good, for in the inevitable order of the fitness of things old age can not tell youth what to do. One thing I am asking you to do for sure is continue buying your shoes at Neville's and teach your children to do the same. You get the same shoes for less money. Jimmie Neville ALGONA, IOWA ADVANTAGES Spring Event Ofited at Burt TWOBALLGAMES, PICNIC DINNER ARE ANNOUNCED Burt, May 15--The Community club met for supper and a .business meeting at the Marvin hotel Thursday evening, and plans were laid for a community picnic Frfday, May 26, a/t the school grounds. Two ball games, one between the Bancroft parochial and the Burt high schools, the other between the All' Stars with and the Manure-Spreaders,' a picnic dinner, will be among the features of the day. The club also voted to sponsor a benefit dance for "'the town- 'ball* team May 23 at the Legion hall. Walthor 'League NAmes 'Officers — Marie Carter and Luella Bleich entertained the Lutheran Walther League last week Tuesday evening. Officers were elected: Luella Weiske, president; Helen May Hanna, secretary; Marie Carter, vice president; Mary Jean Rachut, I ! treasurer. \ Two to Postmasters' Meet- Mrs. Maude Hanna and Luella B!elch attended a county postmasters' meeting at Titonka Thursday evening. Mrs. R. A. Bleich and Mrs. A. F. Carter accompanied them to visit their respective mothers there. WHITTEMORE ACADEMY ALUMNI HOLD THEIR ANNUAL BANQUET Whlttemore, May 12— The Alura-1 ni association of Presentation academy held Its annual banquet at the Hotel liermdre, Emmets- bug, last week Monday night, and besides 40 members there were guests. Short talks were given by the Rev. C. M. Kneip; Walter Fandel, president of the alumni; and Maurice Steier, president of the seniors. Officers were elected: Edward Farrell, president; Annabelle Semon, vice; Maurice Stelrer, secretary; Zlta McDonnell, treasurer. Following the banquet the rest of the evening was spent at dancing. . The,. ban<iviet. menu was: fruit Cocktail 'supreme, .celery- s hearts,' queen olives, Rosebud radishes, casserole *teak,.;w;a i ter^nelon pickle,* snowflaked potatoes, gravy, fresh buttered aspaci&us, spring salad', Vienna rolls, fresh strawberry parfait, cake, and" coffee; ••* Winners In Typing The Presentation academy typewriting team composed of Moran Higley, Mary Jane Reding, 'and Mary Sehmitt won first in the no- to compete in a state contest at Des Moines last Saturday. The team won first in speed and accuracy at Rockwell City. The typing speed was 52.9 words a minute, with 30 errors. 'Individual honors went to Moran Higley, who placed first in speed with a net rate of 55.66 words a minute. Mary Jane Reding placed first in accuracy, with a total of only four errors. She won second In speed at the rate of 55.64 words a minute. Schools competing were Renwick, Lake City, Manson, Whltte- more, Lu Verne, and Rockwell City. Child Has Minor Operation— : .Mr.vand.Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, son' Ellsworth, daughter, Dorothy Sobers, and grandson, Ralph Sebers,<were 'at Fort Dodge Friday; and Ralph was taken to Doctor Martin . to have tonsils and adenoids removed. Ellsworth took an examination to enlist in the navy. Other Wliittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Struecker, were at Fort Dodge Fri- -------- „., „„,„ ttl . i . ull . ^ ullec r vice division in a district contest! day, and Mr. Lauck consulted at Rockwell City last week. Dinner Celebrates Birthday— Mr. and Mrs, J. P. Stow and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Stow were sup- -V?r guests Friday evening at Cecil "or'.fr^d.Kon's in honor of Mrs. Wil- 'ir'l Sto-v's birthday. Tf-rpp Pi-r'cs ,it Aleona— ""'"> freshmen and juniors had ri-nirs "t the Ambrose A. Call 10 rk Wednesday evening, and "^iiT-rtav ovenJng the sophomores had on" there. "'hfnl Boy for Garmans— Mr. and Mrs. William Carman are parents of a son,'born Monday evening. May 8. This makes three for the Garmans. ' Attend Funeral at Wesley- Mr, and Mrs. W. T. Kennedy attended the funeral of Mrs. Kate Kennedy at Wesley Friday. Llft'p GirT Gives Party— Wilma Worden entertained 12 litt'e friends Wednesday in honor of her tenth birthday. r *thor Hurt \«MV<*. Druggist F. L. Pratt went to Altoona Friday to bring home his daughter Marilda, teaching there. Mrs. f. G. Clapsaddle accompanied him as far as Ames, where she took a train for Cedar Rapids to doctor about sinus trouble of two The team thus became eligible. months' standing. GLASS DAY IS HELD FRIDAY AT LONE ROCK Lone Rock, May 15—Class Day exercises were held Friday mornins: at the school auditorium. The program-was -Salutatorian .address. John Sprank; class history, Betty Marlow; class prophecy, Bernand Genrich; class,will, Arnold' Reilly; class poem! Eugene Angus; 1 announcements of awards, Supt. V. V. Frye; valedictorian'address. Mavis Nyman; class song. Awards v.-ere: First grade, Dona!d Jensen with his^o'st- average of 95 percent .Roger Flaig fo- perfect attendance; second, Joan Flaig and Helen Sprank tied for highest average with 95 per cent; third, Shirley Culbertson the highest average of 92.5; fourth, Catherine Flaig for highest average of 92.5 and also for perfect attendance and Charles Householder also for perfect attendance. Fifth, June Hanna for highest average of 91 per cent, and Ruth Householder for perfect attendance; sixth, Helen Jensen for visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. "W. F. Main. Mrs. Ralph Watts, daughter' centVcatherTne" Ho"usehofder Donna Jean, Mrs. David Watts, and perfect attendance. Madge Frank, Dows, visited Friday highest average of 96.3; Seventh, ° a / sl ast week at Rochester, whe Robert Marlow for hiehest aver- he received medicajl attention. tournament at ' Thor Thursday from Kanawha 7-3. Marlow, Lone Rock, struck out 17 men. They were defeated Friday by Bode. Retnrn to Arizona— The Otis Sanders family took the Ivan McLaughlins to Mason City Friday whence they continued to their home at Huscon, Ariz. They have spent the past two weeks here. Other Lone Hock. The Mother's club met Wednes,ay afternoon with Mrs. Arthur Priebe, Mrs. Delmsr Fischer assisting. Mr. Dick O'Donnell con ducted , games'. A. paper on ways that succeed with children, was given by Mrs. W. G. Flaig. The next meeting will be with Mrs Harry Hobson, Mrs. Frank Householder assisting. The Mite Society met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Harry Hobson, Mrs. W. G. Flaig assisting. The next hostesses are Mrs. I. W. Neslon and Mr. Andrew Thomsen. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Marlow took their daughter Virginia Mae to Mason City to the hospital Friday. She is suffering from an obstruction of the throat. Donald Bierstedt Is spending s week with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee, Burt. William Murphy spent a few days last week at Rochester, where Robert Marlow for highest average of 94 per cent; Eighth/Virginia Frye for highest average of 94 per for SgEiLSAfi ~ *Jf, *•* > f ; .'** T -'"- 1 , ' i ^^^^^ iVy , -U 'an „;> t E •** ^^ c 4-> ' • -i*"-*!*!! n I. ni>iii^^^^^^^t^»ii ^^T H^^^® $ «^ ml ^ ma ifflMk. ^^^. m lite^M IN BUILDING PR11E H ™ ™* ^ I jl_ — • L& • f* d^l -. _. REMODEL BECAUSE ONLY IOWANS CAN ENTER— Every resident of Iowa, 21 years of age or over, can enter this FREE contest. Here ,is a golden opportunity for every present and prospective home or 'farm owner to win valuable prizes. , NOTHING TO BUY! See us at once and get a FREE official entry blank. Complete the contest sentence and mall to the judges. That's all you have to do, HELPFUL HINTS We will be glad to give you suggestions that will be helpful in writing your entry. There are many new features In the building field that you would -probably like to stress. Ask us about them. It will be worth your tune. SEE US TODAY For FREE Home Building Or Remodding Estimates Home builders today get MORE fa their money In home construction thu they did ten,years ago. Financing todi. costs but ONE-THIRD of that of form, yean. Construction is better. Interim arrangements are more convenient Ex. terlors are simple and easily maintained, Outmoded homes can be EASILY MOD-1 EBNIZED with Improved material. RETRIL COOPERATING MEMBER UNMEM BOTSFOHDl LUMBER COMPANY I'll..in- •.».'•« ALH'OXAj'IOWA Jim Tool, Mgr,| Advance For Fine Printing * n~ T,T' *-",-• ' ' High school: Mavis Nyman high- at George Worden s and took back e st average of 94.9; John Sprank with them Mrs. A. G. Watts, who second with 94.8. Basketball Worden awards were given to. Jack Mar- had been visiting at the home, er. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Helmen,.Bode, spent last week Monday evening at Roy Morgan's, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Watkins, Hawarden, visited last Wednesday and Thursday at Mor- uo per cent in regular subjects for gan s. Mrs. Watkins is Mrs. Mor- the past six weeks and also for the gans sister. ! semester are: Seniors— Mavis Nyman, Bernard Genrich, Arnold o _ - ;i»"ivi "-3 TV ci t< £,1 veil iu. action, anai She is Mrs. Warden's moth- j low, Merton Larson, Bernard Genrich, Eugene Angus, Clara Bierle, Doris Sanders. Baseball awards! to George Hanna, John Sprarik, and Arnold Reilly. Students receiving an average of 90 per cent in regular subjects for The L. A. Matthew family, which had been living in Mrs. Lottie Isenberger'S house two weeks, while Mr. Matthew was taking treatment here, returned to their Webster City Friday. home at Reilly, Eugene Angus, Doris Sanders, Betty Marlow, John Sprank; juniors—Mary Ann Flaig, Wallace Hobson, Viola Sprank; sophomores—Doris Blanchard, Lucille Wilma * luwi co j-'ui JQ ummjiuti u, C. L. Holding, Jos. Higgins. and ] Genrich, Dorothy Jensen, John Long Jr. were Des Moines i Marlow, Gerald Radig visitors !a.=t week Monday. Mrs. E. | Freshmen—Maxine Flaig Dor- E. Paine and Mrs. Higgins were othy Hobson, Charline Rath; 8th business visitors at at Armstrong the same day. Mrs. P. L. Drpmmel suent Thursday with Mrs. R. L .Padgett at Algona. The L. E. Roetmnns spent la.st week-end with Mrs. Roetman's gr.ade, Virginia Frye, Catherine Householder, and Dale Jensen and Phyllis Lewis six weeks; 7th— Luella Ackarm'an, Robert Marlow, Phyllis Seegabarth, and Laverne Schroeder six weeks; 6th—Dar- ~~ — — — -...»»•»« kjvvju I-TGUCJ a j A w CCJV.O i ULil 'Ual** parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Roetman, win Frye, Helen Jensen, John Ny- Sanborn. ' man> The G. H. McMullens attended | Fifth — Kenneth Householder, graduating exercises at Paton last! Doris Marlow, and June Hanna Thursdav evening. A nephew of iS ix weeks; 4th—Phyllis Hawks, Mr. MoMullen was one of the E rse | Bierle, Catherine Flaig, and graduates. | Joyce Marlow; 3rd—Shirley Cul- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott and, bertson; 2nd— Joan Zwiefel, Er- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Scott, Led-j W i n p rye ; Agnes Quinn, Helen yard, with the Lewis Scotts. were ; Sprank, Joan Flaig; first—Don- Sunday dinner guests at Charles, aid Jensen, Dorothy Frowning. Scott',1. | The annual picnic was held at the Mr.a. Jos. Beitz and her children, noon hour. returned to their home at Lake; Crystal, Minn., Thursday, after, 15a!l Team Reats Kanawlia — visiting relatives here a couple of i The Lone Rock baseball team weeks. ' I won the first game of the district WEST BEND COMMENCEMENT IS SCHEDULED THURSDAY EVENING West Bend, May 15—The closing school activities are beng enjoyed; by the students this week and! next. The junior-senior banquet j was held two weeks ago in the i Franklin hotel, followed by a| theater party at Algona. The class night was last week Tuesday evening, with the exercises in the high school auditorium. Harriet Lockwood played the prelude; class history, 'Frances Duussel; poem, Irene Shroeder; characteristics, Geralddne Sweeney and Genese Robinson; will, Pauline * Berninghaus and lola Metzger; prophecy, Robert Brown and Audrey McCullough. Awards were presented for the school activities in .basketball, music, and other athletics. The baccalaureate services were held Sunday evening, the Rev. George McDowell delivering the sermon. • Commencement exercises wall be Thursday evening in the auditorium, and W. H. Hamilton/of Mason City, will' be the speaker. Graduates are Robert" Collins, valedictorian, Harriet Ix>ckwood, salutatorfian> Gtepaldine Gearhart< Peter Mertz, Harold "Watson. Edna Gibbons, Rollan Bleu*r,' Cterad.iae Sweeney,- irea* • ^breeder, < Merle m. v _' »*•_.?.._• fc| BTV ••! • ' n.VL»*j*^ 1 en Ford, Do -is West, Richard Ditch, and Harvey Morey. Mrs. Kisler Recovering — Mrs. Henrv Eisler, who was recently badly injured in au auto accident, is recovering in the Lutheran hospital in Fort Dodge. The break in her leg was set a week ago Monday, and two steel pegs were put through the bone. Mr. Eisler and his daughter, Mrs. John Banwart, and huband, were with her when the bone was set, and Mr. Eisler has been down there most every day since then. It ja thought she will be able to be brought home after a week. Taken Back to Hospital- John Ford is very sick in thf Whittemore hospital with complications, following an operation for appendicitia He waa broiighA home test week, hut became iU and had -to be taken back. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lord Sr. He did most of the farming for WB father. / Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jergens and daughter Katberine, of Osher, Colorado, came 'Wednesday to wend a few days with bis parents, -Mr. and Mrs. Jobs JereeEs. iTljey own •«raJ section* o| Jagd and around «(K> -c*ttl« in Colorado. Hifp to tow* This IB the Detroit Delivered Price of the Mercury 8 Sedan illustrated. State and Federal taxes extra. 45 rallied *p enthusiasticallv «oun prai* i t8 soft h y «irauU/br,Cits economy, its remarkably level ride Ppearan • owner, ° ne ' ?^ ™ engine, its surprising From the hardest test a new ca mee ""'SS* *"*« out on the road ... the word comes another Ford-bplt hit ^ Witt *«y, and learn at EFFOBTiESS, RESPONSIVE 95 ki p«riortn|inoa with extremely pow»(.te-waight ratio ... and vpj miUi p«r gallon reported by Big. WIPS SEATS and all-round ! room computbl* to cats much in prioa . , , in • oar so easy " U's 4 «lmost child'* play to 1 * A «,VEi» tlOMWQ HIDE !»•• on tprings W !•»<*»« UI*T r»diui

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