Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 19, 1939 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1939
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uj" ^^WSjv'r'r" '*i 1 ' 1 4ft i foWA'a fie«t Weekly Newspaper 1938 by State University Iowa-Member Cuaey'a All-American Newspaper Eleven, 1927 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 19, 1939 10 Pages 80 Columns Number 35 DESTROYS COUNTY HOME ;6UNTY BALL SEASON OPENS SUNDAY i •league,] of al* m the] ill league, consists - -to will open te f Sunday Bow. Thaves, "'Itoftto league; was announcement, pla- , a yesterday." . consists of Bancroft, C £tts Creek, ^wea more. The schedule for next Sunday calls for the following games: TltoHka at Swea City. Lotto Creek at Whittemore. Fenton at Bancroft. Bnrt at Wesley. Games for the season are divided Into two schedules called First ly. The first half runs from May' 21 to July 2; the second half from July 9 to August 27. The winner of the first half and the second half respectively will play for the county championship after the regular schedule is complete. Managers of the teams are: Burt, Half- and Second Half respective-1 Geo. P. Hawcott; Bancroft, Hunt; Titonka, Carl Callies; Swea City, Gregor Deim; Whittemore, L. W. Swanson; Wesley, Young; Lotts Creek, Nick Gengler; Fenton, Doctor Krause, veterinary. Umpires for the season will be Stewart • McFadden and Jimmy Watts, Algona; Walter Dirkson, of Woden; Andy Anderson, Lakota; and Alfred Krueger, Lone Rock. \(y Plan Commission Named YOUR DRIVER PERMIT WILL EXPIRE SOON Call Now on Sheriff Loss for Renewal Application. ^SESSION SCHEDULED WTONIGHT ten are Selected Mayor Misbach | and Council. i Algontans, nine men and aen, were named on the • commission by Mayor Mis bach and the council last Thursday night at an adjourned meeting. The commissioners are J. F. Overmyer and Frank Kphlhaas, councilmen, Dr. L. C. Nugent and 3/;J. Hough, school directors, Eu•gene Murtagh, park commissioner, Mrs. T. H. Holmes, Mrs. M. J. Mc- CaU, H. W. Miller, W. A, Foster, Bert Baldwin and R. H. Miller. tivities. It is anticipated that nothing will be started until the commission had had an opportunity to study the methods used by similar commissions in other cities faced with problems like those in Algona. This groundwork will have to be done first, for none of the members is acquainted with There is the increasing proble of car parking, which in the ne few years if the city maintains i present growth will be a maj public question. If such is deem likely to occur there is the pos. bilty that* certain businesses ehou be segregated in one area, such an automobile "row." Electric Plant Problem. One of the big problems whi Motorists are reminded tha driveiV licenses they have held for two years will expire this year | on July 1. Applications for renew al are expected at the Sheriff's of this week-end or by •Whether others to bring the total to an even dozen was not indicated at the council meeting, but it is anticipated that the commission will not be increased, at least at present. First Meeting Tonight. The commission will hold its first regular meeting tonight at 8 o'clock at the city hall to organize by naming a chairman and a secretary, and also for a preliminary discussion of the direction of ac- ning for the future of a city. Scope of Duties. Such items as expansion of the business district, establishment of restricted building areas, both residential and as related to business institutions such a suburban stores and filling stations, the direction in which the residential district is to grow and possible changes in the center of town because of such growth will be considered. Autoists are asiked to renew im- tely. only six weeks has been ad for renewal. The renewal Is much like licenses now I carried. Appications are sent to | Des Moines, where by a special license musTbe met" within the next two or I .reproduces the application, three years iis growth of the city Three pictures of each applica- light plant. The plant is now filled tion are taken. One is ( kept in the with the engines now in operation, motor vehicle department at Des If another is to be added there | Moines, a second is kept in the TRAVELERS FORM A LOCAL ASSOCIATION The Algona Commercial Travelers association was organized at a meeting'at the Algona hotel for luncheon Saturday noon by 20 salesmen making their homes in Algona. The purpose of the organization is to promote acquaintanceship among the salesmen and with the business and social interests of. the town. The next meeting is dated for next week Saturday noon. Homer A. Tuttle, of the Northwestern Drug, is president; W. H. Rockey, of Standard Oil, vice; L. W. Locke, of Goodyear Tire & Rubber, secretary-treasurer. A membership committee was named, composed of Antone Johnson, Northwestern Mutual district agent, W. M. Fuller, Seig Co:, J. C. next Stewart, National Refining Co., I<r- vin Peterson, Armour & Co., and R. L. Beamish,' Hoxie Fruit. Co. QUARTER BLOCK BOUGHT BY CITY Road Crew at Wor"k. St. Joe, May 15—The W. B. Williams graveling crew is working in one of the local gravel pits and hauling gravel to various county roads in this vicinity. must be a large engine room. These are only a few of sheriff's office, and'the motorist is the I required by law to carry,the third. i iitzoc aic uiiij at 1.0»» v* *"« —* - " -. , , trends which must be studied by The licenses will again be good this commission, and aid and guid- for, a two year period. A fee of ance is to be asked of Algonians 50c f ? r eacli license Is. required, and others possessed of technical In order to avoid sending coin knowledge on the matters 'being through the mail it is recommend- discussed. The city Monday completed purchase of the more than a half block south of the Security State bank from the Druggists Mntnal Insurance Co. at a reported price of $10,000. The purchase includes the barns and other buildings now on the property, and with two minor exceptions consists of three-fourths of the entire half block. The barns and other buildings will be torn down or moved as soon as the present leases expire In October and November. The entire area will be leveled off and made Into a parking lot for the present, with the exception of the oil station corner, which may be left as it is as a service to car owners. The area was purchased with a thought of .". future site for a city building. LOSS IS SET AT $15,000 SUNDAY .Algona Firemer FIRE Save Other Buildings from Flames. Fire Sunday noon dest county home two miles west and a mile south of Algona. Al:;ona firemen were called and attempted to save the three-^story strujture, but because of a lack of water were forced to let It go and concentrate on saving the other buildings on the farm. The blaze was fanned by a high wind, and burne'd rapidly. Several yards of fire hose -were burn- ke Murderer Is Known Here HELD IN [RIAL FIGHT I WORKED HERE [Gordon Did Odd Occasionally in Algona. Gordon, Emmetsburg, 54, mcTi, half Chippewa Indian, [confessed Sunday evening to laying of John Larson, 52, at [Lake, was known here. pn usually made Algona I a month, and washed win, scrubbed floors, .trimmed , and did other odd jobs. often slept in the city use" under the 'Lenslng The city police say they [.tad any complaint to make Ion was arrested Saturday toe, after a report that he mnd Larson's body under the 1 in the Milwaukee stock- at the lake. He claimed that [be bedded down on the aca.les illed the body." This story i under suspicion, for La I not then been dead long P tor an odor. to the confession knit v mado atter 30 houra [wing, he killed Larson- be" "i he stumbled over Lart scale house where tar, the latter, called him Flies to Algona to Get a Supply of Hi-Bred Seed Bob Thorn, Everly farmer, believes in doing things the "modern" way when it comes to transportation. He flew his own airplane here Friday morning after seed corn with which to finish planting. He had notified the Pioneer Hi- Bred seed corn plant ahead of time, so when he landed two miles west of town the boys at the plant wasted no time In reaching him by car and loading the corn In the plane. Everly, which Is 70 miles west of Algona, is a small town in Cloy county. GARBAGE HAULERS WANT ORDINANCE Garbage and regular city haul- FOUR CHILDREN ARE ORDERED TO JUVENILE HOME Action in Court for Jesse Umbenhower Quartet. The four Umbenhower children were by Judge G. W. Stillman ordered sent to the state juvenile home at Toledo Saturday, and they I are to remain in custody of the institution till they are 21 respectively. They are Jesse Andrew, 116; Floyd Lorane, 13; Robert ' James, 8; and John Henry, 4. It is probable that they will not be taken to Toledo till school Is closed. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Umbenhower, willingly signed an agreement that the chidren be sent to Toledo. They have been unable to give the children proper care, CAR AND BABY SCRAMBLE GROUP OF EGOS Irrington, May 15 — Ben Bntterfield, formerly Irvington, tried to mix babies and eggs some time ago, bnt the result was not BO good, the baby being an objector. He was taking the eggs to market, and the baby, along with the eggs, was In the back seat. The car went out of control on a curve and landed IB a ditch. No one was hurt, bnt It is understood that the eggs had to be literally scraped off the Indignant baby. The Butter- fields now live in Minnesota with the Albert Bntterfields, but both families recently lived on a farm northwest of Algona. ed that two or .more applications be sent at one time with check. Sheriff Loss will distribute license application blanks at central points over the county, probably at the banks. Motorists who have in the past two years met up with the law and have had a coupon torn off licenses will be required to pass tests which patrolman give at Algona every Monday. No test is re- NOVENA TO BE OBSERVED FOR 9 WEEKS HERE Special Services a t St. Cecelia's on Fridays. era asked the city council last| Decause MrS- Umbenhower- has Thursday for an ordinance requir- been in poor health more than a ing a permit and city regulation year> due to infected teeth. With to prevent occasional truckersi. rae aical and dental attention, she from hauling, When they could | may rega j n ner health, and she not agree at the council meeting j an(1 jj er husband may then be able on terms of the proposed ordi- ito crea t e suitable home conditions ment The" time Gordon was seen ' Playing "snooker" at His nickname was latn *•" He Is said to have I? fe., a11 day Friday a nd sot a ride to the lake with ' station man. I said to have a wife somewhere in Sets Up * Residence Zone nance, the councilmen asked them to come back at a future meeting when they, had reached an agree- council ia believed favorable toward granting such a request, for It would give the city control of the equipment used. In past weeks there have been num-. <j regse d. erous and in many caces vociferous for the children on parole. The boy "Bobbie" had been playing truant and running away from I home, but has apparently lost his wandering since he has been staying at Mrs. Dowd's. •' Te children were at the hearing, and they were clean and neatly pro(ests whan papers and ACt WU" j debris have fallen from trucks and cars en route to the dump. At one time on north Jones street a number of fish fell from a garbage package, and residents had to clean up the mess. Regular garbage haulers told the council that this resulted mostly from people who hauled their own garbage to the dump. Safety Cruiser on Visit to Algona 4 huge trailer-truck containing an, exhibit designed to . promote highway safety te in Algona today, n and will Kossutb towns BAT-KILLING BEE IS ON TODAY^PROGBAM Today is rat day for the district soil conservation committeemen, corn sealers, and agents In Kossuth and neighboring counties. A session was held in the courtroom this morning. This afternoon all to the Lloyd Gross farm, northwest of town, for a rat extermination demonstration with gases and poison baits. , The reason for the meeting ana demonstration is that corn in many sealed cribs in this and oth- MISSIONARY DATED FOR LECTURE HERE Dr. Walter 'Judd, missionary doctor from China, will visit Algona Wednesday and will speak at a joint session of the Rotary and Kiwanls clubs at noon luncheon at the Algona hotel. In the afternoon he will speak at the schoo assembly in the high school aud itorium. He will address a publi< mass meeting at 8 p. m. at the Congregational church. Doctor Judd was graduated from the medical school of the University of Nebraska, served a year's interneship at the Vanderbllt hospital in New York City, then completed a three years fellowship in surgery in the Mayo clinic, • The doctor, who had six years in South China, recenty returned from a four year term in the American hospital at Fen Chow, in North China. On a previous furlough he lectured on the chautau- qua platform and for the Student Volunteer Movement in American colleges. In the Jast four months he has spoken more than 300 times at state conventions and via uired of persons who have never ieen arrested. ACADEMY GROUP TO SIOUX CITY EVENT CLANK! SILVER DOLLAR DATS COMING e'd, and firemen got off roof, where they were fighting the fire, just a few minutes walls ment. collapsed into the base- Perpetual Novena In Honor of Our Sorrowful Mother was opened Friday, May 5, at St. Beginning Thursday patrons of Algona stores will receive a silver dollar in their change—that Is If the change Is large enough to warrant a dollar back. The passing of these silver dollars, which are somewhat of a curiosity in this part of the country, will serve to help advertise a. "Silver Dollar Days" bargain event to be staged here May, 86 and 87. None of the residents, including i 12 men and two women, >r Mr. and I Mrs. Fred Parks, custojllans, was injured. Inmate Discovers IHaze. red by K. O. Knutsen, one of the residents of Cecelia's church, Algona, and at the same time in seven other Roman Catholic churches in the Sioux City diocese. The Rev. James R. Keane, Chicago, is the founder'and director of the Perpetual Novena. The other churches are at Sioux City, Em• | metsburg, Fort Dodge, Denison, A group of high school students Carroll, Bancroft, and Cherokee, rom the local academy attended a I His Excellency, Most Rev. Ed- Mary day convention at Sioux mond Heelan, D. D., Bishop of the City Sunday. More than 6000 stu- Sioux City diocese gave approval dents in the diocese attended. j to eight applications for erection of At 10:30 a. m. Bishop Heelan the Via Matris, the seven stations officiated at pontifical high mags o f Our Sorrowful Mother, in which 1000 students led by the ! Perpetual services at St. Cece- collegians .of Trinity college ii a 's are at 3:60 and 8:00 p. m\ sang, the Mass of the Angels. This There was a large attendance for was followed by an address "by the the first services here, and some iRev. Joseph'Trunk, S. M. after 300 or 400 petitions were handed which the bishop welcomed dele- i n . . • gates and spoke words of appro-j With a specific favor usually elation for the great numbers' in mind, Novena supplicant mak- that came from all parts of the; ers write .their petitions on blanks state. I handed them before the service At 2 p. m. the Living Rosary! begins. Popular petitions are for the home, shortly after entire attic was ablaze, flames spread rapidly tirough the was recited and the mysteries were employment, good health, world depicted in tableaux. Father Flan- peace, success in business, or stu- nagan was principal speaker, and dies, and for the health of the his theme was "Peace." He ap- Pope. ,pealed strongly to the growing! According to Father Keane the generation to do its share, to help Novena has become immensely .establish peace in the.hearts of all with whom they come into contact. , The day ended with a Marian procession in which more than 7000 took part. After marching .through Grandview park the procession ended/ by crowning Mary ,in the band shell of the Dark as .Quenn of Iowa. Attending from the local academy were James Esser, Bode, Gerald Frankl, Robert Wilbur .Courtney, Marvel Dole, Norma Payne, Elaine Klnsey, Maxine Ca- peslus, and Sisters M. Bernadine, Mary .Ellavene, Mary Laurayne, Mary Bdmunda. •• —•— i —— • the radio. Doctor -Judd's lecture at the ^tnr^wg eTcounties is being damaged ' 16r . the "National Safety Educators ;*nd its looatjoa. jaijonai pare • ana KB ain»ejw«*ui o in the county is will have an,' sponsored by the Merritt funeral : of a house home.'-Talks are given by mem- rat to a lopation hers of the crew to schoo chi- that Vera apartments dren regarding safety in riding bt-j The property affected, It is the mov- "county Agen.t A. L. Brown has set 'aside the week of May 22 as eradication week. Puring «™°« ^conduct 14 rat- demonstrat j 0 ns in various church wjll be open to everyone interested in China. There will be no admission charge, but api offering will be taken to apply on expenses. First Case Poison Ivy Reported Here Wilma Kapp, office girl for Pr, C. P. Schaap, dentist, la No. 1 pol- LUTHERAN WOMEN ARE COMING JOB MEETING The Woman's Missionary society of the Northern district of the popular, apparently because it is a warm human service in which congregations participate by reciting prayers, singing aloud in unison, and meditating on the seven sorrows. "Novena" is derived from the Latin word for nine. Originally the Novena services were for nine days.in succession, but in this observance nine Fridays in succes sion are substituted. SPRING IS BACKWARD AND RAINFALL SHORT Temperatures in the last week have mostly been below norma for the., second week of May. Th mercury failed to rise eut of th 60's Thursday and Friday, am furnace fires have' been the rul in many homes. A near frost recorded Friday morning, wa th Iowa Lutheran Conference, will mercury having dropped to 36 i meet at the First Lutheran church the night here for its annual convention this week Friday. Sessions will begin at 9:46 a. m, and 1;45 p. m. There will be delegates and visitors from Swea City, Bancroft, Ft. Dodge, -Dayton, Stratford, Harcourt, Gowrie, Burnside, Mansqn, Pocahont^s Pomeroy, Rockwell City, and Mason City. . Soine 100 delegates are expected. Dinner will be served by women of the local church, also lunch at the close of the, meeting. upper part of the houlse. was built some 50 yeais ago, and was In a dry condition, possible to. save much FRED BEHLMER DIES; FUNERAL THIS MORNING Drphaned in Boyhood He Made His Own Way in Life. • Funeral services were held this morning at St. Cecelia's 'church for ohn Frederick Behlmer, who died Saturday, Father MaUinger officiated. Mr. Behlmer, known familiarly as Fred, was born in Germany October 4, 1878, and was in his 61st year. When he was seven his parents brought him to America and settled in New York state. They died when he was still young, and le was later adopted by the John Zeigler family. The Zeiglers moved to Illinois, later to Iowa. On October 29, 1902, Mr. Behlmer married Mary M. Wagoner at niture. Three invalids at the home were carried out. Shortly after the firs was discovered burning timbers from the roof of 'the three-stor;r 24-room structure, fell, going through the burning third, and second floors, and finally to the basement as the first floor started bun .ing. Harold- Johnson, one men, suffered sprains when him. a ladder collapsed under One-Third Insniance. Loss is estimated' at 'oyed the ;he porch jefore the noon. The and the The house It was im- sf the fur- of the fire- and brulsee 515,000, and the county held insurance of $5,000. The question of rebuilding was being considered yesterday by the supervisors, who inspected the ruins, but no definite plans were made. It Is expected that plans of recently built model ccunty homes will be investigated belore any action iis taken. The county will prob ibly have to issue bonds for the erection of a new building, and will have to go through letting of contracts and other legal procedure struction can be started. therefore anticipated before con- that It is it will be fall before much work will be under* way. Offer of Assistance. An offer of assistance In caring for the Kossuth residents of the county home came yesterday from Millbrandt, of Aud: tor Mitchell northeast of Mason City. The county home there Is not pied. However, the Kissuth board has found places for all of the peonle for the present There is another smaller house Britt, and they farmed for a^time on thainrm which ma near Algona, but came to town 33 years ago. For ten years Mr. Behlmer worked for Charles H. Taylor, making ice cream and candy. Then tor the next ten years he was employed in the R. H. Miller drugstore. For the last 13 years he had owned and operated the Algonquin Confectionery. ! Mrs. Behlmer and three children survive: Mrs. Lee Reinhardt, Sharon Springs, Kane.; Alice Behlmer, who teaches physical training at Baltimore; and Wesley, of Algona. There is also ' a stepdaughter, Mrs. Ralph Winkel, Morris, 111., and a sister in Germany. for temporary use. I modations for sii: two-person families. telephone George county, fully occu- be fixed up has accom- There are eight grandchildren. Mr. Behlmer was a member of the Knights of Columbus, the Kiwanis club, and the Commerce. Chamber of tion; Mre. O. P. Brundage, Algona, president P| the Joeal society. n«v»6 J««»«v'«v». •*•* --- ".. Uled'at the schools, a»d the will be open to the . central uptown location during pt the'dayand this evening., Will Again, Have 4 Teams "The kitt4noali lejgue wilj are * . . in the county. But all son ivy patient so fai reported Prin cipal speaker wil be the Rev. ••* I l ' < Anton' Pa'njelsQn, Chicago, gional director of home missions. Junior Chamber to Plan Wayiide Park The Junior Chamber ' o| Com- lerce will meet tomorrow 9venl9g at the Legion hall. No program ing routed out. will merely scam per acrass fields to a new location. Webster Cityan to BeHear4inCourt A charge of reckless driving has been niod against Emll Panels. wlhster City, to 3 court by Patrolman ' ' [jeved that she was infected while slaving golf last week Monday evening at the Country club grounds, The victim claims that sh? did not come into contac x t with the ivy, but doctors wotjld scout that idea. Immersion in hot water saturated with common baking; eoda wiU take the itch out of polpa Ivy to' fection for a day, at a tjme, ,_ checker, Farl F. Kooser, , started checktsi t^ Only a third of an inch of rai; has fallen in the first half of th mouth, and farmers are beginnin to fear drought. Normal for Ma is more than 4% inches. Rainfa was also short in April, when onl two inches was recorded, wherea normal is almost five inches. The temperature record for th week follows: May 8 — 70' May 9 ,_~. 85 May 10 74 11 . s.. 63 38 12 64 36 May 13 71 41 May 14 ———-.- 76 ' 46 AJgona Youth to Sing. ,<Jrace Swab, Coe college associate piano professor, is presenting five of her male students in a concert "at the college's Sinclair memorial chapel this week Wednesday night Pttd is borrowing Richard Keen, Algoua youth, son of Rice Meets Movie Star in Des Moines N. C. Rice, Call and Iowa theaters operator, last week-end had the pleasure of meeting Marty BUILDING PERMITS FOR THREE Ol'O By COUNCIL Three building perriits were ap- proved'by the city council Thursday. The largest was for the Walter Will new horie to be erected at the corner df Elm and Minnesota, with a erst of $4050. The Deep Rock oil shortly have a new station will ;ement driveway and approach t» cost 1735. The Kennedy & Parsons building across from the Northwestern passenger depot, will undergo remodeling, including cutting of a new doorway, costing $65 ed provisionally was Spellman, youngster who played tractor and the latte, *»,« no.* ~» TWI^V,, T>««««v'o «rvoi» tractor, ana me lauei the part of Micky Rooney's "pal in Boystown. The boy is only 12 years old, but played the part of a cripple in, the picture to the point he nearly stole the show, sent a. wire to school picture the moving of a ho'ise onto the west part of the Kossuth hospital grounds by Mrs. Nita Isaacson. The first three permits were se^ cured by Greorge L. JJIiUer as con- by the Bota- ford Lumber Co. as Also grant- a permit for :ontractor. Algonian to be Graduated. Booaville, May 15- -<Among 149 cadets at the Kera|per Military M?« has been' annpuncedj bijrt be a Putch lunch, aijd plajp, to |ln ish.the Wayside P,wk, project at Nog. 7 3^1$ intersecUon: ' Mrs f Jng thW ,- fl» ' ^^Sasf "7N.-, It *epgrj|§'. Hpy Keen, for tenor of wbjch he, school here to be grai commencement exerc for May 25 will be York" which lere Saturday by {sponsored Jr- son of Mr. and M B. P. B. Kent, the Campfire Girls. Miss Eglund is guardian for ;he girls. Marty plays with Jackie hooper in the picture. Minnesota Couple* Flod* Here to Wed Pflly five lipeases Jo been issued so far; thlft 'Pf Algona. la. Fred Jr. uated from the Juniir college. -*Swim Fool to Preparations are made by the city to osen the swimming pool in the ijrst week of June. Life guards be, John Bishop and and matron^ will be and Meredith uated in 95th ses scheluled 'red B. Kent wil be grad- Open. now being his year will Curtis Ward, Hel$n — —««««.--

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