Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 9, 1939 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1939
Page 10
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*AGE TEN A&VANCB, ALQONA. IOWA Ads IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING T< sell list It In our want ads, an get results. FOR SALE—HAMPSHIRE YEAR ling boar.—-Paul Blumer, 2 mile south of Galbraith. 12p3 RECORD BOOKS—BLANK book and binders In durable duck bind lag.—See the Advance. 18t WELL DRILLING, WIND MIL well supplies and repair work.— Son, Algona 14p33-3 See J. J. Olsen & phone 742. BROODER HOUSES INSURED a reasonable rates.—L. S. Bohan non, Hutchison bldg., phone 103. ; 12p32-3 LOANS—PERSONAL, LIVE Stock • cars. Cars refinanced. Lowe payments.—L. S. Bohannon, Hutch ison bldg. 12p32-3 FOR RENT—50-AC-RE BLUE grass I pasture with water and shade Reasonable price.—Call Advance. FOR RENT—70-AGRE PASTURE i with well, 1% miles south of St Benedict.—'Phone 16F121, Algona. i 14(2)34 WANTED—TO BUY, MILK cows. , fresh or fresh soon. Also 15 bred ewes or young lambs.—Call Advance. 18p34 FREE ENLARGEMENT AND MIN- iature album with each roll film developed and printed, 25c.—Lus- by's. 14(2)27tf A NEW WELL DRILLING MA- chine in your locality. Drilling any size wells.—Guy Beemer, phone 102, Lakota. 12p27-34 TWO USED BEDSPREADS FOR sale; good as new. One full size, other two-thirds. Your own price. Phone 307 or 662. g34-36 FOR SALE OR RENT—THE Owen McEnroe estate 251 acres, located in Plum Creek twp.—E. McEnroe, 25 South El Dorado st., Stockton, Calif. 24u34-35 FOR SALE—BLACK AND TAJC Manchester rat terrier pups. Best kind of "rat" dog. — Frank Riebhoff, Burt, gona. phone 26F3, Al- 19p33-34 NEW ARROW SHIRTS—ONE OF the best fitting shirts ever made! Form-fit cut, always feel easy, and they never shrink. See newest patterns at Zender's. 34 BORROW MONEY ON AUTO OR furniture. We'll refinance your present loan, reduce payments. Confidential service.—Edward Capesius, Heise Bldg., Algona. 34 FOR SALE—240 AND 310 ACRES Improved good corn land, Winnebago county; 10% down payment, balance 15 years at 3c.—O. Auxiliary Flans Poppy Sale— Plans for a sale on Saturday, May 27, of veteran-made Memorial day poppies -were laid at a meeting of the Legion Auxiliary Friday evening at the Legiou hall. Mrs. H. E. Stephenson has been appointed chairman of a committee ed by the Rev. Harold Booch at the Methodist parsonage, and •witnesses' were friends of the couple, Sidney Westphal and Robert Meyers, Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs 1 . Nolle are living In Algona and Mr. Nolle is employed at the Ben Franklin store. Mrs. Nolle was ut'i'UMil-eu ^utui mtUL IM it UULUIlllLLUe riiuuvjlll SIOTC. lYirS, INOlte Was to handle the sale, with 14 other formerly employed at the Howard women to assist. Junior members Plait home. Maxiue Brundage and Shirley Stephenson also will sell popples. Early Risers Hare Breakfast- Mrs. Fred Bartholomew and Mrs.' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shilts enter- H. C. Hargreaves will go to Lu talned the Early Risers club Sun- Verne to assist Luella Blumer day morning at 8 o'clock break- with a poppy sale there. i fast. The entire club o£ 18 mem- Delegates elected to represent hers atlended, also Ihree guests, the local unit at an eighth district Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hoppe, Fort spring conference at Fort Dodge Dodge, former members, and Mrs. next week Thursday are the presi-, Woodrow Hedlund, Wymore, Neb. dent Mrs. L. W. Fox; the secre- j The group atlended services at the tary, Eleanor A. Fraser; and 'the Presbyterian church. Mr. and Mrs. treasurer, Mrs. J. D. Burns. Mes- Hoppe then went to Burt to visit ^ „ r, -. _ their daughter Marian, high school teacher. Shower for Kanawha Girl— •Mrs. Bob Clark entertained at a shower,. Friday evening, April 28, honoring Mrs. Leonard Rasmussen, Kanawha. The other guests were dames G. D. Brundage, John Dutton, and Maurice Bartholomew were elected alternates. A committee appointed by the president to select nominees for officers for the coming year consists of Mesdames Brundage, E J. Kelly, and H. W. Post. Beth Annis, librarian, gave a also from Kanawha. Three tables comprehensive report on The of bridge were .in play, Maxine Lucas winning high; Mrs. Herschel Morris, travel. The bride opened gifts, after which lunch was served. Mrs. Clark, the hostess, Ramparts We Watch, a book the Auxiliary donated to the library. This book, first published in the fall of 1938, -is now in Its fourth printing. The committee in charge of the -- meeting was Mrs. H. E. Stephen- here. son, chairman, Mesdames R. H. Guderian, L. W. Fox, V. V. Nau- Algona Girl to be Bride— Home Project to be 1frltte«— A group of Farm Bureau *o will meet at Bancroft next week Friday to write the coming year's 1 home project, which will be on home furnishing, and N. May Larson, assistant state home demonstration agent leader, will assist. •Mrs. Jerry Heetlawd, Lakota, heads the county commttteewomen. Algonlan's Birthday Celebrated- Mrs. M. G. Norton entertained the Birthday club at 6:30 dinner Thursday evening . honoring the birthday anniversary of a member, Mrs. D. D. Paxson. Bridge was the diversion, with Mrs. R. P. Norton winning high. Mrs. Paxson was showered with gifts by the eight members of the club. Club Women do Fishing- Five members of the Dessert bridge club—'Mrs. W. A. Vlgars, Mrs. L. M. Merrltt, Mrs. Lloyd Muckey, Mrs. G. Wray, and Mrs. George Conklin—had a day of fish- Ing at Iowa Lake Friday. Mrs. Muckey did the driving and 1 caught moist of the fish. Mrs 1 . Merrltt reported a coat of sunburn. Men's Clnb Will Meet- The club the as Presbyterian Men's meets tomorrow • night at church, with Dennis Pratt chairman of program. Six-thirty dinner will be served by five church women: Mesdames A. J. Eason, A. W. Amunson, John G. McDowell, Geo. St. John, and Walter Meyer. Campfire Group Has Meeting— The Campfire girls met last week Tuesday evening at Nancy Saul's. Miss Englund, guardian, „„- . „_. ...» u* vi**ui.f bULC UWObCuOf "*n*«« «» AUIOO J^tll£, 1U11U| gUAlUlClll. lived at Kanawha before marriage could not attend, and Dorothy dain, E. H. Wray, and Alma Jacob vith Luella Blumer, Lu Verne, as- tain at a shower Friday night sisting. honoring her daughter Arline, who Mrs. H. C. Hargreaves will be Is leaving May 20 for Silverpeak, chairman of the committee for the Nev., where she will be married to Tune meeting, with Mesdames Wil- Lyle Gross. Both attended the Al- iam J. Weis, M. G. Norton, Karl gona high school. Mr. Gross's par- l. Hoffman, Jos, Bloom, and Jos- ent s are dead, his father having ;ph F. Pelisek, also Elizabeth dted j n World war service. The Holtzbauer and Bess Hopkins, as- couple will live at Silverpeak, Ilssionary Women Coming— Some 200 women are expected Home Project Nominations Made— iere Thursday for.a district Metho- Plum Creek is the first township .*..*. *.u^ia^j iui.a uisinui memo- ^ »um oieen. is me iirsi lownsnip two laoies. Mrs. t^eorge Mahoney 1st missionary convention at the in the county to nominate officers I was high; Mrs. Meda Redfield ocal church. More than 40 church- for next year's Farm Bureau worn- '- 1 -" — J "— " — ~ -s in the district will be repre- an>s home proiect work, according £*r\ t-aA *•<-« llffwdii T><ii.V. O *._•__ TT; _i _ • _ _ ented. Regislralion will begin, at 9 •o — ~,..^n n .u uceiii at a a. -- . . . r Mrs. J. E. Feller, Sioux City, Paelz, chairman; Mrs. Agnes See- oc,^^^^,- — ----- i — „__ ., orresponding secretary for the Northwest Iowa conference, will Publicity; Mrs. Harry Bode, music, peak, and Mrs. A. E. Michel, Al- Officers will be elected at an an ona, will give a vooal solo. At ..,, ..*** Q* * t a, > t«jen OU1U, Ji\.\f •"*-«•» •* *«-»4jj. \_/i ii^i ne o'clock luncheon in the dining meeting next fall B. Anderson, Forest City, la. 23p34-35 TABLEWARE FREE! HANDSOME 26-piece set Rogers nickel silver, in beautiful display chest. Yours for 77 Sargent Feed gift coupons. Ask for complete details.—Anderson Grain & Coal Co. , 34 MRS. R. S. FAULKNER SAYS: "Zonolite insulation has made my home much more comfortable, both in winter and summer. I am glad to recommend it."—Botsford Lmbr. Co. 34 YOUR HEATNIG PROBLEM—How much wall space? Glass? North and west exposure? A Green-Colonial factory engineer, thoroughly trained, now available to survey your heating requirements. No ob- llbation.Laing & Muckey. 34 oom, Ruth Eveland, former mis- ionary in India, will deliver an ddress. The local missionary so- iety will serve at dinner. Principal speaker in the after- oon will be Mrs. Alice Rigby loore, Tipton, who spent one and 1 ne-half years In India and other foreign countries. Mrs 1 . V. K. Ris- iug and Mrs. Kermit I. Forbes, of Algona, will give a vocal duet and) Mrs. Feller, who is a singer as well as a speaker, will give a few vocal selections. IOWA STATE HYBRID IS THE seed corn to buy. Highest yield- er in state test, lowest price; 98% germination. Also open pollinated Kossuth Reliance and Golden King, $1.50 bu. — A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. 30p33-34 CLASSIFIED COPY — WE HAVE a library of classified copy on practically all lines of merchandise or service. Special copy prepared in campaign form without extra charge. Tell us what you van.t We'll have it prepared — Advance Pub. Co. 20tf PLANT MULLINS EARLY VARI- ely hybrid seed corn and have a big crop before frost in spite Musical Fete Tomorrow— The Bel Canto club will hold its annual May Fete Wednesday, and the Clef club, Spencer, will be guest at one o'clock luncheon at the Hotel Algona. Each member of the local club may take a guest. Decorations will be in pastel colors. Chairman of committees are Mrs. J. L. Bonar, social; Mrs. E. V. Pierce, entertainment; Mrs. M. G. Bourne, program. The program furnished jointly by the two clubs will be: Welcome, Mrs. E. C. McMahon; two vocal numbers, Bel Canto chorus; vocal solo, with violin obligate, Spencer; two numbers by vocal trio, Mrs. M. A. SJostrand, Algona, Mrs. Ralph Weber, and Mrs. Carmean, Bancroft. Selections by string quartet from Rolfe, entrants in state music contest, pupils of Mrs. Agnes Vohs, West Bend; soprano solo, Mrs. M.' G. Bourne; group of voral selections by Bel Canto chorus. Wa-tan-yans to Meet Tonight— The Wa-tan-yans will meet at 6 o'clock tonight at the city hall, and thence they will go to the Ambrose A. Call state park for a pic^ nic supper. The club will not meet next week, for the national convention at Fort Dodge will be in session. Going from here to the convention Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be Jessie Smith, club president, Violet Norman, secretary, and Rackel Becker, reporter. The whole club plans to attend a Iowa farms: Iowa yield prove^their superiority. Buy Mul- Couple Married at Fairmont^ lins Hybrids from your Mullins dealer now. nearest 44u34 WANTED—RELIABLE MAN FOR Rawleigh dealership in Kossuth county. Old, reliable comnany 50 years in business. Over 200 Medicines, Ex-tracts, Spices, Food Products, Cosmetics, Insecticides, Stock and Poultry Raisers' Supplies. We supply everything but car. Products can be bouslit for cash or on time. Good profits can be made from the very start Write Ray Allen c/o The W. T. Rawleigh Co., Freeport. 111. 5Cp34-37 OPPORTUNITY TO GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF in a Western Auto Associate Store Western Auto Supply Company, argest and most successful in its line, 30 years in business, had a sales volume of 3G million -'ollars in 1!)3S. We are now offering you an opportunty to own and operate a Western Auto Associate Store, home owned, in towns of 1,500 to 20,000. There are over 1000 such stores in operation. You can become the owner and operator of a "Western Auto Associate Store" for as little as $2,750 In the smaller lowus, which pays for merchandise and fixlures and everylhing necessary to start business. We train you in our successful merchandising methods. "Western Auto Snpoly Co. Kansas City, Mo. 32tf 3116 Central St. Associate Store Division Mrs. Emil Mittag announces the marria.se of her daughter Doris to Robert Nolle on March 19 at Fairmont. The ceremony was perform- Mother's Day—May 14th THE FAMILY BANKER She tJoes The iiost Job of All She knows what is needed and where to buy it. Although money for big things comes slowly, her savings account will increase while the family car is covered with a Farmers "CONTINUING" Standard Form Policy L. S. BOHANNOJT , Hutchison Hldg. Plione 103. to Mr. Clark, highway patrolman Mrs. Wilbur Holdren will enter- where Mr. Gross has since Christmas been employed in a gold mine. to Mrs: Ruth Seaton-Hicks, county A. Nominees are Mrs. Carl . i eyj assistant; Mrs: W. Altwegg, nual Plum Creek Farm Bureau Woman's Clnb Plans Program— The Woman's club will meet at 3 p. m. Friday at the library, and the program will be under direc- Mra. Bertha Michel. Mrs. Lloyd Robinson will give a travelog; Jane Cretzmeyer, piano solo; Mrs. Attleson, violin solo; Miss Billing, Miss Stehn, and Glen Raney, in- slrumental Irio. Invitations have been sent to members for an after-program tea. Saul, assistant, was in charge. After a business meeting the girls .sang two campflre songs, Walking Song and Burn, Fire, Burn. Lowe to Giro D. A. B. Talk— The D. A. R.'s meet today at Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson's for one o'clock luncheon, and hostesses will be Mesdames H. L. Gllmore, R. P. Norton, Archie Hutchison, and Al Falkenhainer. Following a (business meeting, J. D. Lowe will speak on conser.-va.lion. .,- . Other Society. Mrs. Henry Bruns entertained the E. T. W. club Wednesday at two tables. Mrs. G,eorge Mahoney was high; Mrs. Meda Redfield, low; and Mrs. R. W. Roeder won ORDCTAIICE NO. Ml. AN OfoJMNANOE TO ttEGtfLATB AND RESTRICT .*-**-" -""" •raoN AND tnsfi OF —, SiTRtJeTURES, ANt> LAND FOR TRIADE, INDUSTRY, RESIDENCE OR OTHER PURPOSES, AND PR/ESCRIBE PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION OF ITS PROVISIONS. TVHERBAS, the City Council of the Clty x of Algona, Iowa, deems It necessary for the purpose ot promoting Ihe heallh, safely, morals, and geneVal welfare-of Ihe City to regulate and restrict the construc- lion, erefction, enlargement, or alteration of buildings as well as the location and use of buildings, structures-and land for trade, industry, residence or other purposes, now, therefore, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the Clly of Algona, Iowa, as follows: Section 1. No building, struclure or part thereof hereafter be constructed, reconstructed, erected, structurally altered, repaired, moved or removed wllhln the area described In andi covered hereby except In conform- ily with the provisions of this Ordinance. Seclion 2. No dwelling or olher building or structure shall be'mov- ed from one lot to another or moved from a place without to a place within the area described In and covered by this Ordinance except In .'conformlly with the provisions hereof. A trailer house, when in use for living quarters, shall be deemed a dwelling for the purposes of this Ordinance. • Section 3, Before the commencement of construction or erection, material alteration or repair of any such building or before the moving of any such building from one lot to another or from a point without to a point within the area wall, shall covered hereby, the owner or his architect or agent shall make written application to the City Council at, .for a builder's permit, which ap- .travel. Club guests were Gordon Kuhn and Mrs. Elliot Mrs. Fonr-H Girls' Clnb Organized— Irvington, May 8 — The first meeting of a 4-H club just organized by Helen Schulz was held .Saturday at Shirley Weber's. Twelve girls joined, and officers were elected: Louise Wadleigh, president; Shirley Roney, vice; Leota Norris, secretary-treasurer; Shirley Weber, reporter; Adella Lemkee, historian. At the next meeting the club will choose a name. Uritt Woman Speaker Here- Mrs. R. R. Roberts, Britt, chairman in this Congregational district, spoke before the Algona Congregational Women's association at :he local church Thursday. Mem- Ders gave reports of the recent Mitchell district women's meeting at'Charles City. Mrs. Sylvia Gunn played a piano solo. Preceding the meeting, Mrs. May Harrington's circle served one o'clock luncheon. 'Highs" Guests' of "Lows"— The "highs" of the Aces High Skilling. Five' o'clock luncheon was served. The "lows" of the Laf-a-Lol bridge club entertained the "highs" at one o'clock luncheon yesterday at Selzer's lunchroom, and bridge was played later at Mrs. L. A'. Winkel's. Mrs. Tim O'Brien, whose husband Is a new member of the local police force, was a club guest A Nazarene young people's mis- jsionary meeting will be held at Belly Lou Towne's Ihis evening at 7:30. Miss Towne will give a lesson on South America, andi .persons in attendance will be asked to give missionary news items. Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Thorpe enter- lained their cribbage club last week Monday evening at 7 o'clock dinner. Two tables were In play, and F. L. Thorpe won high for men, Mrs. R. J. Keen for women. , The Methodist Bible Searchers ,S. S. Class will meet at the church this afternoon at 2:30 for the social event of Ihe monlh. Mrs. Max Miller's division will have charge of program and lunch. Mrs. F. L. Thorpe entertained her bridge club Wednesday at two tables. This club does not give prizes, but scores are kept, and in club entertained -the "lows" Wednesday at Mrs. Roy Wooldridge's. This meeting had been lostponed two months because of ;he sickness of Mrs. Frank Vera. 'n the bridge session Mrs. Elmer Phillips was high; Mrs. F. J. L,aing, second; and Mrs. James Alen won travel. The group unch at Cook's after play. had plication will be accompanied by a delailed statement in writing of specifications for such proposed building and plans therefor, with statement of materials to be used, the : aj>Tgroyimate!.; cost -thereof; and; the 'purpose for! which said building will be used, together with a plat showing the dimensions of the same, the location of the proposed building and all other buildings on the lot. The owner will further and also' supply the council with any and all further and additional facts and information with reference to said proposed building as may be deemed necessary by the council. Section 4. The council will proceed to an examination of said application and the plat, plans and specifications, and if the same be deemed sufficient and iff the erection, alteration, repair or moving of the proposed building be found not detrimental' to the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the City of Algona and the inhabitants thereof, and not in violation of any Ordinance of the city or any law of the State of Iowa, shall approve the same and'direct the City Clerk to issue builder's UU 1 permit authorizing the construe-'S tion or erection, alteration, repair or moving of the same, and said work will thereafter proceed in substantial compliance with said statement, plat, plans and specifications but not otherwise. Section 5. The construction, erection, alteration, repair or moving of said proposed building, shall not be commenced until the filing of said application, plat; plan and specifications and the approval thereof and the issuance of the builder's permit thereon by direction of the City Council. vision* of this Ordinance, are hereby repealed. 4 . -: , 4 Section 10. Thte Ordinance anall be in force and effect front ttno after its passage and publication as provided by law. Adopted and paased by the City Council of the Cityi of Algona, Iowa this 4th day of May, A. D. 1939. AiDAiH CARLSON, , City Clerk of the City of Atgona, Iowa. Approved by''me this 4th day of May A. D. 1939. LBIGHTON MISBA'CH, Mayor of the City of 34 Algonfl, Iowa. tfOTICK OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 4508. In District Court, State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss, March term, 1939. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That an Instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of John L. Daub, deceased, dated January 12, 1939, having been this day, filed opened, and read, Monday, the 5th day of June, 1939, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, May 8, 1939. (Seal) KATHARINE McEVOY, Clerk of the District Court. T. Holtzbauer, Deputy. HUTCHISON & HUmCHISON, Attorneys. 84-36 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT In Probate. Notice of appointment of Administrator. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ARTHUR L. LOOK, Deceased. In the.District Court of Iowa in and for Kossuth County. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: ; Notice' is hereby 'given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as Administrator of the estate of Arthur L. Look, late of Kossuth county, Iowa, deceased. All persons in any manner indebted to said deceased or his estate will make payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against said deceased or his estate will present them In like manner and form as by law required, for allowance and payment. Dated this 8th day of May, A. D. 1939. OHARLES E. CORNWELL, Administrator of said Estale. CHARLES E. CORNWALL, Attorney, Mason City, Iowa. 34-36 NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed bids will be received at the offlc* of the County, Auditor, Algona, I6WA, until 11 fc ».* NUtf 27, 1959, for furnishing to the county,' api>roJtittAte!r IM.ftto g&l- lons of gasoline, front tifik wag- one. Bidding blanks and Additional Information!. office of the gona, Iowa. 8, 1939. 34 E.g.: Thinking and Planning for a New C ar! Top-notcher engineers—men recognized throughout th bile industry for inventive geniua and skill—are among th! au , personalities featured in the great industrial film "A Parade." This picture, which shows the thinking and hind the new Studebaker Champion, will be shown at tti« i "^ ater at 2:30 p. m. Thursday. Adulta will be admitted by tlri?' These tickets may be obtained free-of charge at the James dm or Barry's Recreation Parlor. (• '• uru * REMEMBER Your DOCTOR As He Remembered You YOU CAN ARRANGE TO PAY your doctor bill in easy installments if you 'wish. Your doctor will give you every reasonable accommodation, so long as you are fair with him. See him right away. You'll feel better over it, and he will deeply appreciate your fine attitude. Kossuth County Medical Society ^——, « MU uv/wima «.*v* ivt^u, cum iu Section 6. This ordinance shall a few weeks the highs will enter-] cover and affect the following detain the lows. I scribed territory, to-wit: Mrs. Norman Fried entertained the Presbyterian Fellowship club Wednesday evening, 20 attending. Following a business meeting a program on Safety was directed by Atha Hardgrove, after which lunch was served. The Baptist Loyal S. S. class meets this week Thursday at 2:30 p. m. at the church. Hostesses will be Mesdames F. R. Haldeman, W. T. Presnell, and Ole Moe. Mrs. D. E. Dewel and Mrs. Wm. F. Steele entertained their bridge club at 7 o'clock dinner last evening at the Dewel home. Two tables were in play. The First Lutheran Luther League will meet Wednesday evening at Russell and Philip Halsrud's. Cars will leave the parsonage at 7:30. The Rebekahs will meet tonight All territory embraced within the corporate limits of the City of Algona, Iowa. Section 7. Any building, wall, or structure or part thereof erected, materially altered or, repaired or used in violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance is hereby declared to be a nuisance and may be abated as such in any action brought by the City of Algona, Iowa, in any court of competent jurisdiction. Seclion 8. Any person, firm or corporalion violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by fine of not to exceed $100.00 or by imprisonment not to exceed thirty.days in jail. Section 9. All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances of the City of i l«i -llclfclkclllo n Lll 4UGGL LUUlS Jab l'«l tO UJ. VJ1 UlllallUtSS Ol 1116 \Jlly OI at 8 o'clock at the Dehnert hotel. Algona, in conflict with the pro- R W Tractor Owners Attention Here is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. -The Gillette Rubber Company is putting on a Special for May only 10% reduction in price on tractor tires and no charge for wheels, which means a 40% saving! Act quick! See us for further information. Greenberg Auto Supply The place to buy parts is a regular auto supply store. The loveliest personal gifts in town can be seen at our store. All charming and new—also specially wrapped mm Gift Suggestions ^ We offer for your selection a nice assortment of Hand Bags, Hose, Hankies, Gloves, Scarfs, Costume Jewelry, Lingerie, Hats, Blouses, House Coats, Suite, Coats, Silk or Cotton Dresses. A NEW DRESS FOR MOTHER Can be selected here subject to her approval. Our assortment of new summer dresses in both ,silk and cotton is very complete and at * price you want to pay, $1.00 TO $19.75

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