Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 9, 1939 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1939
Page 5
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of are cor- hM in a dramatic intimate revelations of the ' ffiyVrded secrets of world. | Known Holly wood Star of well-known Hol- pportlng players SERVICES HELD AT CHICAGO FOR MRS,UHLENDORF Up and Active Until the Very Last Pay of Her Life. Funeral services were held last 'hursday at Chicago for Mrs. Anna Marie Uhlendorf, mother of flrs. Dennis H. Goeders. Mrs. Uh- endorf, an early resident of Chi- 2agp, died at one o'clock last week Monday afternoon, at the ; exciting personalities! Cliff Berg«« Indianapolis race » one of Hollywood's most 'drivers..; Raymond Loewy n «d industrial designer •on,,.!* for many buildings af [flew York World's Fair. , weat automobile factory its doors wide open to the for the first time. In , MU of the Parade" you wil [molten metal become an auto- sinless than five minutes ac lla mled by magnificent music hrill see the latest streamlined jn action—how newsreels are car sculptured out of clay Jfckrjumping 75< feet through I air at 70 miles an hour—car ig rolling, skidding, bank Driven without mercy by fam Hollywood stunt drivers. y minutes of thrilling enter ment. -tels may be secured at the * fames Drug Store or at Barry' •cation Hall. IOWA THEATRE Thursday afternoon [May 11,2:30 o'clock Sponsored by Studebaker A&P HAS T H I VALUES! Mild Amtrlcn Lmfhora KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA JLOCALS I»r. nml Mrs. P. L. Tribon spent the week-end at Waterloo with relatives. Sterling, Advance reporter, was oflf duty yesterday because of a severe .cold. Frfiil Itehlnier, who has been ailing for some time, is reported about the same. He i& still bed- iRSt. Clyde Cramer, manager of the chanics. Fred is a son of the local Funks, and his wife is a relative of Mrs. Hagg. at the Okobojis. Mrs. Walter Fraserf who spent the winter at Phoenix, Ariz., in the interest of her health, has now left for Rochester, N.'Y., to visit her son Walter Jr., who is in the employ of an optical manufacturer there. From Rochester she will later go to Philadelphia for a visit at her son Scott's. Scott is a daytime high school teacher, and, be- Mrs. Henry Lavrcnz la having sides, teaches three nights a week the flownstairs of her home at 11 i at tne Drexel institute. East Kennedy remodeled. The lillcen Atnan, formerly a clerk south porch Is being enclosed, cup^ at the Barker drug store, is now boards are being built in in the bookkeeper in her mother's new kitchen, and numerous repairs are dress shop at Cherokee. The rest under way. The Botsford Lumber of the Aman family will move to Co. Is doing the work. Cherokee after school is out at St. • . . y •"*•* •nvf*,i-.» UL tne "«"»o ***** i»v*«t .--••i^iuii^o ci.j LCI rrunvjui 10 U UL U.L QL« local Arnold Motor Supply branch,! Sirs. Oeo. If. Free was an Al- Cecelia's. Hoy McCarthy, Chero- visuea nis mother at Sheldon Sun-jgona visitor Friday afternoon. She ltfie - is new cl erk at Barker's. Mr. imiia a ui. I arrived Wednesday at Garner from McCarthy . who began work last i.ouisn Smith, freshman at the .New Jersey, where she spent the week Monday, had five years' ex- atate leachers college, spent the'winter with her daughter. For the Perience at the Me Williams drug Week-end with her mother, Mrs. A. H. Stock, RHa Dooley, Des Moines, will spend the week-end with her h Chicago. The body was cremated! •Mrs. Uhlendorf was born Sen- .ember 12, 1859, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Von Heunisch. Their home then is now the site of the Northwestern freight yards Her father established the first Jerman bookstore in Chicago Mrs JMendorf.-was in.,her 80th year Af the time of the Chicago fire :he family lived at the cb'rner o£ LaSalle and Goethe Streets, and practically everything except a few household eflfects and a horse and buggy was lost. Falling for Months. Mrs. Goeders' father, the late Arthur H. Uhlendorf was for more than 30 years associated with the National Biscuit Co. Mrs. Uhlendorf had been failing In health since she left here late in January, after a visit. Early in April she had been at a hospital for observation, and after that she had the constant attendance of a J. Dooley. Mrs. (J. ii. Stokes spent the week-end at Spencer with her sla- ter, Mrs. W. J. Beckett. Mr. Beckett is .retired. Sirs. Clnrn Cine, Waterloo, was June visiting her (laughter, Mrs. M. F.! •»,. present she is at her son George's store, Cherokee, at Garner. She was accompanied Mrs. Hubert Hicks and Mrs. to Algona by George's wife. , | Eleanor Hudson, both of Chicago, At Hie last meeting of the R. M. and A> w - Cockeram, Wymore, A. (Railway Mail Ass'n) last week Ne ' b - arrived last evening for a Tuesday, B, P. Richardson was £ew da y s at City Supt. Pollard's, elected president of the Algona Mrs - Hicks is a sister, Mr. Cock- branch. He was also chosen dele- eram tne father of Mrs. Pollard, gate to a 6th division convention Another sister of Mrs. Pollard, to be held at Cedar Rapids in Mrs - Woodrow Hedlund, Wymore, has been here two weeks and will i Mr. and | Albert Lea, visited their son and Mi /.n,n,e™ ,,. Covering ^i^ a ^; .&£ .&, " v ° | Anderson's gojiome June 1. Mr. Cockeram is railroad engineer; . from a light stroke suffered . Do *?, ee sd ^ for h 's a traveling salesman. is able to be about the house'. i hnn ., n ,j f Mrs. J. W. Sullivan came home'^' ^ ,° £ Ja« week visit to the Thursday from ten days with Moines relatives. Mrs. W. W. Sul- • „,, livan drove to Fort Dodge to meet her. F. C. Smith, salesman for the International Harvester shop e day Alice Sabinh^ Allc e saom nas T i ***> also west of town. This is a 200-acre of the house a 604 Souh l place, a quarter section sold hor'!!*L° r ^ e J?_ ad ._ and _ a SENIORS WILL PRESENT PLAY FRIDAY NIGHT Goldsmith Comedy in 18th Century Will Be Staged. This week Friday evening at 8 o'clock In the high school auditorium the seniors will present Goldsmith's "She Stoops to Conquer." Oliver Goldsmith had a delightful sense of humor. When he himself was young he went to ai school some 15 miles from home in Ireland. After a vacation he set out from home in high spirits, for a friend has given him a guinea, and he felt rich. Halfway to school night overtook Goldsmith, and he decided to put up at an inn. He asked for the "best house" in the place, and be inquired with so much Swagger and importance that the gentleman to whom he applied, who enjoyed playing practical jokes, directed him to the mansion of the Lakotan is Victim in Truck Accident Dakota, May 8—JMarlin Slater, brother of Mrs. Charles Eggerth here, had a leg broken in two places last week Tuesday while he was loading seed corn onto a platform truck at Emmets'burg. Slater had been helping Mr. Mr. Eggerth sell and deliver hybrid corn this spring, and wnile he was loading the corn the truck over, with a large load of sftcked corn, and his leg was caught^'The large bone six inches above th« ankle and the small bone just be- 'ow the knee were broken,. tUt, ?',ggerth took Marlin to a doctor, who set the bones and put the leg In n cast. Tie wa6 brought home next rtay and will probably be laid up all summer. Mrs'. Slater, form* erly Lydia Wiese, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Wies«, and there are two children. IOWA TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 AND 10 ALWAYS TWO FEATURES ROBERT TAYLOR MAUREEN O^SULLIVAN in extended run "THE CROWD ROARS" WARREN WILLIAM VIRGINIA WEIDLER in 'LONE WOLF'S SPY HUNT* local -squire. The youth rode up to the other ' taln on one the. was once owned by Cap-1 and after his death! squire's house briskly, shouted for someone to take his horse, and entered the supposed inn. The squire! the boy's father and allow-! him to order supper, accepted THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY, MAY 11 - 18 ^MYSTERIOUS CITY WITHIN A CITY! 'KING OF CHINATOWN maid and nurse. However, she had there Tlrtt lion ft Vin*1P« n* /^— J.1 J '__ _.• **C1 t>. spent Sunday at Mason City with his sisters, Clara and Genevieve Smith. Mr. a tored tc down the former's mother, Mrs. Margaret Bishop, to visit a niece Tones to Wm F Rrnwn *ho nVmt """ "is"""!, ana arter nis aeatn - , ,. , "'"^' ouw«=«, avucpLcu ogra.pher and tWs makes Mr beca ™ e the Property of his daugh-' 8 " invitation to share a bottle of unirijjuei, anu mis maKes mi.,.,,.. ,„—,. _._,__ . ,. „ = . . w ine, even took directions for a hot cake for breakfast. It was not lived In the house, with, the but is now living with onrt a ay Clln»nn liLO-llt Ch«t««...Va Lb. Ue JM H» Mud-Mild Ct«ddof Cli««««) "A tnt»tn-Caa»m*r CMipalf*" UST IULK -COUNTRY OOZ. lOe 29e lOe not been bedfast. On the day of her death she had been up till the doctor ordered her to bed. The nurse was about to give her a hypodermic when she fell asleep and died soon afterwards. Active Till Death. Shortly before news of. -her mother's death came, Mrs. Goeders .received a letter which her mother had written the Saturday before and on return to Algona after the funeral Mrs. Goeders received another letter, which Mrs. Uhlendorf had written last week Sunday, the day before death.: Mrs. Goeders left for Chicago last week Monday, and Mr. Goeders arrived there Wednesday. They returned Sunday, after stooping at Oakdale to .visit their daughter Jeanette, Mrs. Harold Falkenhain- er, and the latter's husband and daughter Linda. I Mr. and Mrs. Goeders expect to move to Clear Lake about May 20. Maahs Hatchery at Whittemore to Give Free Entertainment Dr. P. V. Janse took a postgraduate medical course at the state University of Minnesota medical college at Minneapolis last week Monday to Friday. J. F. Temple's. Mrs. H. C. Olsen was assisting | i hostess. The Lighters formerly lived at Bode. Mrs. Temple's hus- wife. The Dossee family, as a corporation, now owns it. It is 37 years since the Doxsees left Al- her' gonai Here, as now at Redwood City, Mr. Doxsee was an abstract,! the way here, to visit the ! Tnghnms, am o KO visit other relatives. * j *-.. , to Ohio till leaving that Goldsmith learn-j ed that he had assumed lordly airs i in a private house! I The picture of the awkward ; youth condescending to the squire | lingered in Goldsmith's mind soj vividly that he made it the basis for the. famous and still popular! p'ar which the local seniors will present. Miss Theresa Norton week-end guest af Barbara Sco- naniod, w n rw.,,,,1 A «.u . i bee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Srt « Pi«r T v a ? d Mildred; Scobee. Barbara is a sixth grade Rich to Clear Lake last week, student here The glrlBBwere night to open the Dewel BChoolmates at Brltt wh th Sco . Fenton H. S. Beats Whittemore's Nine Mr Thomw Kri' l TTII bees lived there before Mrs. Thomas Kelly and Eliza- . Algona and half . ago . Mr . Soper, Emmetsburg, wer g oob Milwauke ° agent beth Wednesday guests of Mrs. W. W. I Sullivan. Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Sul- livan'are siisters-in-law. ' '| Meredith lUcburdson, Ames, and Scobee, 20 years, now has a like Marcia Corn- The Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse, near Sioux City, were Thur day. former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Richardson, at Ames. taken an aged woman Ttay tad friend to Rochester and were on. the way Both are freshmen ' <home , M r. and Mrs. Hulse, neither of whom is in the best of T*« «, i -w T- i TT fp -r* l ci ul vviiuui ia in uiie ueai, UA Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman, Dr.| heaU1 t th winter m Flor _ C. D. Schaap and Dr. and Mrs. A. , da and Mr . Hulse sal d the winter J. Eason attended a state dental, weatner there was about like what convention at week Tuesday, Thursday. * Kuthryn, youngest Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Des Moines Wednesday, last and daughter of Duffy, had streptococcus throat infection last week and was unable to attend 1 we had here Thursday. Mr... and M>s. Clinton Lighter, 'son Dwaine, and Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Peterson were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Lighter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Lighter, Mon- scnool. She is in the second grade Fish Flakes IP Corn Countn> 4 •r varn Gentleman * Gentleman * C«n> i Beans gjjf. Ma Cut Bt«ti pom. Juice {SB, A 24-01. ' Cam Grapefruit 9'/i-w. Juice Chopucd IAT080UP FM1 " ill's . . Can 25c at St. Cecelia's. E. H. Maahs, who conducts the | Lcnora, daughter Whittemore Hatchery', announced a free poultry educational program at the Higgins hall, Whittemore, Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Martin B. Potratz, who conducts a big poultry farm at Sumner, and C. J, DeKoster, Spencer, will be speakers, and free refreshments will be served. Movies of the Clay county fair and of feed plants at Omaha and Fort Wayne will be shown. ef Mr. and i eta, and from there they went to Spencer for the evening with Mrs. Lighter's brother, Clarence, and I CHOICE MCK ITALIAN IPRUNES io< I Ann Page Foods! Approvtd 6)i GootHtiut- tiiplnf Bunuu. tied by ASF. 'Butttr £"", ' Dressing *;;. [en. Kttchiip *» 'irllc 15c I his family. Mrs. E L. Hagg, was taken home:, m from the Kossuth hospital Friday, Petersons ]ive at H nmboldt. Mrs. Peterson is Lighter, and "Our Own" I SULTANA M0~ WANS 4 Teas Mr. Potratz, who is a second cousin of Mr. Maahs, is both college educated and a practical man. In season he travels in the United States and Canada for a line, of poultry products, maintaining 'his headquarters at Charles City. Mr. DeKoster took training and had seven years' experience in poultry work at Fort Wayne. Ind. Scobee Leaves for, a Meet at Chicago of Railroad Order George C. Scobee, local Milwaukee agent, left for Chicago last Tuesday to attend a general meeting of a committee of the order of railroad telegraphers of which he is chairman. This week Monday he went on from Chicago to Milwaukee to attend an international convention of the same organization to which he is a dele- •or Wheat Puffs 5c operation. She is a little girl in the fourth grade. Dr. It. A. Evans has taken the 1 ground floor office in Dr. F. C. Scanlan's Algona Sanitarium at 307 East State street. Doctor Evans, physician and surgeon, is also county coroner. Jos. Shaben went to Ventura Friday morning to spend the weekend with a daughter, Mrs; W. H. Skene. The Skenes work a 200- acre farm, and Mr. Skene sells fire nsurance "on' the side." ; The Bev. and Mrs. J. C. Buthman left for Kansas City yesterday to attend a Methodist conference there. Their daughter Jean is staying at the W. A. Foster home during their absence. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fried were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hanson, Fort Dodge. Mr. Hanson is manager of an S. & L. store there, and Mr. Fried Is manager of the local store. Hurry Greenberg, sophomore at •the state university, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Greenberg. Lewis Ferguson, spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Wm. K. Fergu- the the Maynard Stephenson, Ar- j nolds Park, had a major operation i Monday morning at the Kossuth hospital. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. DeGraw here the sister of Mrs. Cecil McGinnis and Mrs: Earl Taylor,, the. latter of Union township, and a daughter- in-law of Mr.- and Mrs. O. J. Stephenson. 'Her husband is iengin- eer in charge of a sewer project i Paramount Second Feature IRIS MEREDITH AND SONS OF THE PIONEERS Famous Radio Stars CHARLES STARRETT —in— "THE THUNDERING WEST" Fenton, May 8—The high school jail team added another victory to its string last, week Tuesday by defeating Whittemore with ' d 10-7 score. Schmidt, Fenton standby tiurled a 6-hit game, but Henrich Whittemore, countered with exactly the same record. Errors were made frequently by the Whittemore boys, and Fenton thus got the breaks. Fenton made a total of 33 trips to the plate, made six, hits, while Whittemore sent 30 men to the plate J smashed out the same number of hits, and put sev- Xa/arene Speaker Announced. The Rev. Hardy C. Tower, Des Moines, will preach at the lonal Nazarene church at 8 o'clock Fri- I day evening. Mr. Tower is super- j intendent of Nazarene churches in : Towa. and his visit here will be of- ' ficial. Coming Sunday, May 14—4 Days BOBBY BREEN in "FISHERMAN'S WHARF" and "MR. MOTO'S DANGER ISLAND" en men across the Schmidt 11. struck out home plate. 12; Henrich, Boys' Four-H Club Has Meeting Here The AVgona boy's 4-H club had its second meeting at the Legion hall Saturday evening. Dale Clarik invited the club members to the state Guernsey picnic to be held at the Loren Brown farm on June 10. Besides Floyd Bode, leader, A. L. Brown, county agent, attended and gave talks on feeding club calves.. The next meeting will be at the Schenck schoolhouse Saturday evening, May 20. This schoolhonse is two miles north of the Nos. 18 and 169 intersection, a half mile east, and a half mile north. Jerald Schenck is the club reporter. What to Give Mother On Prove to Mother that she is your favorite ""girl friend" — remember her with a gift on her very own day! son. gate, Mr. Scobee will be away from home'three weeks, and the family Three members of the local Rotary club are attending a district convention at Des Moines which opened yesterday. They are president-elect Eugene Murtagh; secretary, Helmuth Huenhold; and N. Mustard I3e Toil t » Soap ? «" 3 Food 4 «'»-'5o 25c 19c will join him at Milwaukee late (c R(ce next week. From there all will go, j )l% ^ j )t Andrews has moved to Chicago to visit Mrs, Jesse j hls office from the Sawyer build- Grott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. | Jng Qn gtate stree t to the General Scobee, whose husband is in the hospltal Dr. S. W. Meyer stiU of- Scott Radio Co. employ. Donald Bush has charge at the local depot during the absence of Mr, Scobee. ! Foy Chops ueyFods ' 2 Ic J«w Potatoes, 5 Ibe, .190 Onions, U>8, * 858, 2 flog ! Standard Oil Will Open *Ad' Campaign The Standard Oil Company of Indiana, for the fourth consecutive year, will increase the number 01 newspapers carrying Its spring and summer advertising campaign, which this year takes its keynote from Standard- of Indiana's "Golden Jubilee." The Advance and 1,789 other daily and weekly newspapers with combined circulation of 13,687,486 will receive more than 75 per cent of the total advertising appropriation. A total of 1.746 newspapers was used in 1938,1,588 }n 1937, and 1,643 in 1936. Saul Pay* Visit to 'Old Home Town' Major Saul and his- family spent last weekend at Carroll where half at the state W§h school music wmteet was held. He found the Wjjjtest Interesting In that the town, similar in size to Algona 001114 feed and sleep nearly. 6,000 high school musicians. •' Nearly 3,QW army oots were used from Dee Moines. and churches- and buildings were turned into Tuesday—Wednesday O'clock CHAS. 'BOYER Continuous from IRENE DUNNE —in— "LOVE AFFAIR" Money back guarantee on this one Tops in every way. DAFFY DUCK and NEWS i/'"-^< and you can afford MOTHER'S DAY Sundoy, May Mlh : >- TJIURS.-FRL, MAY 11-12 Thursday bargain mat., 16c fices in the Sawyer building. Doctor Andrews has new quarters at the hospital. Mrs. M. A. Sabin and her grandson Harold Sabin, wereatSpencei (Wednesday, visiting the former's ' sister, Mrs. Maude Solomon. Harold is the'oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sabin, farmers southwest of Algona. Kathryn Kelly, who began work ast week for the Modern Dry Ileanens, is learning the bookwork nd will replace Luella Bell, who s resigning. Miss Bell will be narried in June to E. C. Wittkopf, nanager of the local Coffee Shop. In mention in last week's paper 3f the Elaine funeral it was said hat it took place at the Wise home at Sexton. This was error. It was n fact held at the John Blame home, near Sexton. Jacob Weaver, not Jos. Balk, waa a pall- , were colorful a»4 IwtereaUw:. The Mr. and Mrs. Fred Funk 7 Humboldt, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Funk, Algona, were guests last week Sunday of the Albert Haggs. Fred and Henry are garage me- New York Doctor Uwtrf N&BumiiEjnitE &f^& ^^ *7_t- ntiuatrttfUl loWeTCd SUN.-MON., MAY 14-15 10 days after the big "Golden Spike" celebration at Omaha. Gibbons Adventure and "Little Goldfish" SATURDAY, MAY 13 lontinuous from -1 O'clock ITS THE RIDE INTO THE OLD WEST...ON AMERICA'S. GREATEST., Extra Special Quality Doubly Cerllfled by Good Housekeeping and the HOLiPROOF * Watch your mother's eyes sparkle at the sight of these flawless Sheers by Hole- proof! Clear, dull beauty . . . fashion- right colors . . . doubly certified quality she's sure to appreciate. In attractive gold foil gift boxes . . . with a lovely name tag. And priced to meet your budget! New Bags A smart selection in favored leathers. All dol- ors, shapes, and sizes. Smart gifts at „__-. $1.00 Pair 2 pair in iGift Bor $1.50 $1.00, Pair 2 ipair in Gift Box $1.85 iqews • »*4 Walt Disney's "DONALD'S COUSIN f Handkerchiefs 25c Simple, inexpensive presents. Yet mother will treasure your gift. ?laii white and colors, LUXITE UNDIES The finest run - resist shrink proof rayon jn wide range of prices to fit your purse. Briefs, Panties, Step-ins 49c 59c Panel Slips $1.49 Shad-O-BAR Panel Slips A new run-proof rayon witt shimmering satin stripe. They wash in a jiffy. Blessings from "LUXITE" to career girl, travelers, school girls. Sizes 32 to New Gloves 79c 98c Lovely new fabric glove 3 for summer wear. Mother will appreciate this usefujl present, welcome looking &prpn bowse.

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