Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1939 · Page 17
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1939
Page 17
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K08SUTH COUNTY AtufAMtttt. ALQQKA. IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA 1 JUWA__^_^^_^ M ,,, M ^^ M ,,, Corwith Girl, Kanawha L Farmer, Wed 1 PLAHMIVE " WITH PARENTS ;EFO»E YOU BUY ANY CAR AT KANAWHA Convith, May 1—Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Oxley, of Corwith, and Oren, son of. Mr. ant Mrs. Olaf Thompson, of Kanawha were married at 7 p. m. Saturday, April 22, at Waterloo. The Rev. G. E. Melchert, at the Trinity Lutheran church, officiated In a single-ring ceremony. Attending were Mrs. Thompson's sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neighbors, Waterloo. The bride wore an aqua bluei We called at John E. Sleeper's, north of Titonka, Wednesday. The spring seeding had been 'finished and the men were cleaning up the barn. While they were at this job one of the calves got out for the first time, and. it put on some funny stunts. Nothing like a young calf for a movie show all ite has several hundred. * * * * J. M. Blanchard, the hardware own. * * * * John Rademaker, east of the ,Jv, MOTORS 7 SECOND LOWEST-PRICED CAR WILL GIVE YOU A THRILL YOU'VE NEVER HAD BEFORE German Valley store, was spading his garden last week- Tuesday. He -LI1U Dime WOie till aijUH. uiuciiua gtliucu »a«i, YT ^w.^ * -v- .. • -" dress with white accessories; the'likes to raise a good garden. The • •• •• •••-- ' T.-..I- f arm where he lives has a drainage ditch, and the COG boys cleaned it out last fall. They piled up a lot of dirt which they are planning to level this season. and lumber merchant at Ixmej Rock, was not at his store Friday afternoon, when we called, but] Fred Flaig, the auctioneer, was there, looking after trade. J. M. and Fredrick Schultz had gone to Burt, where the Lone Rock and Burt high school boys were play- Ing ball. These men take great interest in their'local boye and the ball games. The writer drove A WO& AT TftE TABLE JUST BOOStS NIS OWN WEI&HT, Tuesday, and $73 was cleared. The Aid meets this week Thursday with Mrs. Pearl Knox, Mrs. Katie Blefson assisting. Mrs. George Johneon went to Decorah Friday for a visit at her brother Roy's till Sunday. Mrs. H. B. Woodward, Whittemore attended a meeting Friday at the Doan church of men and women interested in planting shrubs and trees on the Doan school- grounds. Heed THE EASY WAY* TO SUCCEED WITH CHICKS „-. „ wo& ON THE ROAD , BOOSTS THE ACCIDENT RATE/ toon? bridesmaid, navy blue dress. Both carried roses and sweet peas. The new Mrs. Thompson attended the Corwith high school, and had recently been employed at William Chandler's, near Britt. Mr. Thompson, graduate of the Kanawha high school in 1933, has farmed with his father, east of Kanawha. The newlyweds are now living with the elder Thompsons. Hour Waldorf President— Corwith business men gathered last week Monday evening at the egion hall for a monthly meet- — National Safely Council the Let us tell you about the tna Life Insurance Company's new Farm Loan Plan. Low rates, a « * * * S. Isebrand, northwest of Ti- street, the rest, apparently, being all at the game. *«** £«3 club attended. Mrs. William Cosgrove and Mrs. Henry Mertz joined Noia Hoover was RAISE THEM ON efiion nail 101 a mummy IIIOTI.- nuuio v,- ••-• - •• g and Prof. J. L. • Rendahl, tastes good—no town guy with an •PsirtPtit of Waldorf college, For-1 easy job (or none) knows how easy !st City, was principal speaker, good, lans were laid for a proposed Me- You'll get brand-new thrills ^.9 from Pontiac's silken-smooth rformance, lullaby ride, and roomy ___ ryibutthebiggestthrillofallwill *i«-«»«* «"« i when you learn : how easily you „„„ i buy this big, luxurious beauty! THt NEW YORK AND SAN FRANCISCO WORLD'S FAIRS KUSSIE MOTOR CO., ALGONA, IOWA tonka, had finished seeding oats Wednesday, when we saw him, and, was sowing grass seed. Mrs. Isebrand had taken lunch to the field for him. This Is the way Mother did when we .hoys worked in the fields, and we can testify that a lunch in the open after a few hours of hard work certainly the men were grinding feed with a ^ feed away from the grinder, way he looked reminded us of old times, when there was a flour mill at Algona. A small addition was being made to a house in which Roy's hired man lives. orial day homecoming and fam- y reunion. Committees were ap- lohued, and a. dinner was served >y the 0. K. cafe. ightcen Women to Kugle Grove— The Mission and Bible Study lass of the Baptist Sunday school net Friday at Mrs. Asa Reisch- er's Goldfield, and 18 women at- ended from Corwith. Devotions vere led by Mrs. Elmer Marr, and Mrs. G. L. Severns led a lesson on, a 'God's Grace." Special When Ama's, * * * * we called southwest Wednesday he was at Charles of Titonka, cWckehs, and a son was cutting u» potatoes 'for planting. Mr. Ama is always busy. Conrad Schmidt, northeast of Titonka, was feeding his cows silage < DOAN The Doan Woman's club held a Guest day at Mrs. Peter Arendt's Prospective Buyer, Mrs. Pearl Asa; Mrs. Gartner, Titonka, talk on The Highways of Life; Plum Creek Little German band, selections 'The meeting was closed with a tray lunch. Altogether 53 attended. A la'-ge number of neighbor) and other friends attended the funeral of James Elaine, who died iast week Tuesday and was buried Thursday in Evergreen cemetery, near Wesley. His mother and a sister died before him. I There was a good-sized patronage for an Aid bazaar and supper at the Doan church last week Reserve Fund Safety feature, a liberal pre-payment privilege, no commission, appraisal, or title examination costs to the borrower. It's worth investigating. Authorized Representative in this territory HUTCHISON & HOUGH Land, Loans, and Insurance Security State Bank Bldg, Algona, Iowa Ful-O-Pep Chicfc Starter has the wonderful oatmeal base! Also contains Concentrated Spring Range—, many health benefits of fresh pasture; Balanced in minerals, vitsftnins, pro- . teins and carbohydrates: Save up to % to Vi on feed cost by following the Ful-O-Pep rearing plan > ALGONA FLOUR AND FEED CO. Algona, Iowa •-' when we arrived last week Monday. He has a round barn, and j the silo is in the center, which is to have it. While we i man from Wo-: | east ran off the, | •his; car. He 'had always driven a | Model T, but th$ «">«* before he I week in an am-' the pedals and the foot-feed. He «^—• MCCORMICK-DEERING nurse. Mr. still serious. Helen's condition is nlck-DMrlnf Quick - Attachable r lor th« F.rmill, equipped with hrtlliur attachnunt. McCormick- Decrlnf 4-Row Planter, Oilier Corwith Sews. The Rev. and Mrs. Alhert Rust, Mrs J. L. Oxley, and Byron Severns drove to Des Moines last week Monday to attend ordination of, Uie Robert J.'-Arthur, Iowa City nto, hauling wrecker, pulledl the car out, ( the man drove on -his way. By this | time, probably, he is getting used to the (to him) new way of driving. • * * • Arthur Tietz, south of Burt, on Donovan farm, was manure Thursday. He va Oitv into naming manure *. So-QoWel Ministry, f^ Jrvices fe^^f ^ „*& «% SiXu^^h^ E£ ~ Arthui : - lost f ^- c ^!^Tp uapubi uuuiv, , Oxley cnurcn» i»i-i • *** *•*»-* ~ --Mrs. Rust and Mrs. Oxley delegates from the season .ti-iLiiui »uai, HT« ~~ sweet clover bloat. This season he lS \VCCL VilUT^i* tJtwftt* — ---~ has seeded 24 acres to fall rye, also sowing other seed for pas- tuve - ,.*. :l The Rev. C. T. Sphnucker, of the German Reformed church north or COMPLETE Line of ,ORN PLANTERS _._.. McCormick,Deering Store ;ona,Iowa E: R. Hutzell, Mgr. The uorwuii i»«...»..«_-— last week Tuesday with Mrs. Clifford Meyers, and a review 01 uermau neiuim™ -« . book, The Nile, by Ludwig, was, ^ an Val iey store was In given by Mrs. J. Francis Kee, an*, study when we ca ned last a travel talk on Egypt by Elva, ^^ Monday> and we noticed that Stambaugh. , t he has a fine room facing the hign- The Jolly Neighbor club met lasti doin a good work for A uc w J »*..« «' i n«rV' LilV- "**J f .. _ TBTi.ii- ,,Tft tirai'o "Bud" i arfll discussion on -| Albert Johnson was assistant S Tommie Welter birthday ' Mrs. celebrated his week Tuesday Alf . CERTIFIED «EEB CORN Iowa Hjbi;id 931 FLAT KERNELS, $4.00 PEBi BU. ROUSD KEKUELS, «8.00 PER BU. j This is the Iowa Hybrid recommended as ^est for^tn northern two tiers of'counties in Iowa. This seeu tested better than 98% germination at Ames and guaranteed to be satisfactory. , 1 Can ship if necessary. Freight paid on orders of 2'bushels or more. Fann 2 miles north, 8 miles east, and % »»e »ortn of Renwickf Osca^ Engstrom HESWICK, lOWi' , *HO>B.U;; _ I Ray Fisher have ! Anderson, Britt. has been sick, •Mr. and Mrs. * „„. He is doing a good work for that community. While we were there he gave us a copy of _ine Ramsey Home Visitor. This is a little monthly paper published by the Ramsey young people's club in the interest of the Gospel and for the building of better citizens. Mrs. Schnucker ia active with the voung folks, for she teaches music. The Schhuckers themselves are still fairly young and have not forgotten how-to mingle with tne young people of tlw neighborhood. At Alfred Schmidt's, southeast of . _ _« i.V. n lit-4-In. crll'll At Aiireu oi-iu.""- "i —•---— . MV and Mrs. iva, . ,,|Lone Rock, one of the little gins JSi Attt, T'tfUn «»- """ " F " day . '!'".*'-"'- " "s? 4 »VM,r^p. £ n, K 32-S The St. IBenedict been reorganized, -Huschka as manager, and Jamewnihe P^ed *««,„- the SLrSundarTHonka wiH Hog Raisers Our improved Trinity Mixture is the Ideal orotera. supplement. Minerals, vitamins, proteins. Goes farther, costs less'than tankage. s I Ander»onGrai»&CoalCo. papeiine. the cal , , tom us rnuttj n.cv>. ""-•-•— , . baby girl at their .home. The baby was born April 14 and has been named Anita. Mr, and Mrs Schmidt now have three daughter and two boys. Alfred likes to ex perirnent with electricity and dif ferent ways to produce it. He nas put up a wind-charger lately; also a small motor-driving generator, and when the wind does not blow he uses the motor: He has wired his buildings, and there is an electric washer for Mrs, Schmidt. A number of other machines are run with the same current, and Alfre^ even has an electric welder that he built himself, using an old aut«- mobile motor. ^ W. Rutledge, south of the I Good Hope church, was *ttU*n6» fence Thursday around a piiu-o where strawberries will be set out Mrs. Rutledge Avas attending ?o her baby chicks, of which she nu and buy . for planting on DR. G, G. SHIERK POD IA TRI SI (Foot Specialist) is,- Callouses, -Hammer! 3, etc., are often the of more serious | by prompt attention, our feet. ALGONA, IOWA haye GSTOBB ' W00| fou l" oMl j Mre A Eiscben enter- I -Ir of M«. EJseHen. -« h h( II er - of St. *" -—•- -r Kff, ui sa?a i sra«« Ot/ft SfOKE for VAR-IOYI •itvr n 1 11 *UfigH BATS Children's Size Full Size - - 19c 39c - 49c Hose $149 50-foot coupled $2.95 value ' Dean, 11 Vi 50c value—39c Putty Knives 8c to 15c FIELDERS GLOVE $1.25 Value Green Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers for CHILDREN'S VELOCIPEDES Kiddies like these toys '3.49 52.59 20" Front Wheel heavy %" tires _ 10" Front Wheel % inch tires O'CEDAR [DUST MOPS Reg. $1 value plus 25c can polish [.25 Value - 89c Auger Bits Vi, 5-16,%, 7-16 16c each 21c each PARING IKNIVBS ^. SadebyBeTningtonl MANY "~" OTHER ITEMS Wax applicator brush free lib. can Paste or 1 Ft. Chick Waterer* f c glass fruit jars, 6 for * painted »nd will have special p?w«* m ^ w »'*v««^ -**~ _ J«o«l Jwood rw|«» durU^wHwrdwwe ^ f i CetourpricMootheK ff&ljt^'i^ fiki^tSH^*- 1 *»• t &&t$^* TT p ^^^\'^ t ? l »'v?^5 \ '• i '' " * •£ "" • * ^ /? ' *^ C - i t £~ ^ ^- Lj**-: ".•j _-si'« ^t.; i j « iis_». 4JKta«.*

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