Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1939 · Page 16
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1939
Page 16
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f ACHB EIGHT Iyou it* Iht full at a glonct. JiWEIS By MuilUt Wesley C. D. A. Initiates MEMBERS OF ^^^ ALGONA COURT SPECTATORS LtJSBY'S ^^" ^ /HURRAY—THEY'VE PUT \ A MARVELOUS NEW /* SUDS -BOOSTER" IN I THE NEW 1940 RINSO I .... IT WONDERFUL! THE NEW \ 1940 RINSO GIVES EVEN < rtORE SUDS NOW. IN OUR HARD ) WATER. AND SEE HOW IT J CHASES GREASE FROM DISHES J Wesley, May 1 - The Catholic Daughters had a reception for candidates at their hall Wednesday ;night, and it commenced with 6,30 potluck supper at a long table decorated with blooming geraniums. Initiated were Alvina Oppedahl, Angelina Foertsch, Anna Richtei, Rita Wingert, and the Mesdames Roy Sherman, AU-Richtsmeier, Leonard Arndorfer, and Joseph Krieps, .the latter of Sexton. Mrs. Vincent Kleinpeter was reinstated. Twelve members of the Algona court attended. The local court was invited to a party by the C. A.'s at Algona Thursday night, ana 68 local members attended. McMahon at Undertaker's Meet- Tom McMahon, local undertaker •attended a recent meeting of nortl central Iowa funeral directors a the Algona hotel Wednesday. Apri 119 Some 25 undertakers In th district listened to a lecture given toy a professor from Los Angeles -who covered subjects appropriat for a "Refreshers' Course" as th meeting was called. A banque was given that evening at the ho tel, followed by other lectures an discourses. Many to Blalne Funeral— Many local folks attended vhe funeral of James Elaine at John Blame's, near Sexton, ^Thursday. The services were conducted by the Rev. A. English, Algona, and burial was made in the Evergreen cemetery on No. 18 west of Wesley. Two IVho Were Sick Better- Mrs Lawrence Koppen, who was sick last week, is reported much better. Fred A. Diekmann, .who was"cbnfined to bed last week, was up and' attending to his regular duties at the Kunz Grain Co. offices this week. Fonr Here Becoming Citizens- Four local persons were among 20 in Kossuth who have taken out citizenship papers and soon will be ready for their final papers. They are Alfred Erdman, George Kemper, and Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Striek- er. Rectory Has Been Unfinished— The interior of St. Joseph's rectory has been redecorated by Burt (Deal and an assistant from Algona. They are trying out something new in wall design. Open House at School— The St. Joseph's Sisters Vosem»« f.... tte an»o»» era long , castf inserts for all THIS ISTHIYCARTOOO So I m, "You etn'l fool • suy who kt«p«l»-myt« open---FRIENDLY CLUB AT IRWTON HONORS B'DAYS to get Mrs. Freda Chrlstensen, who had been there a few months. Mrs. Rasmus Olson and Mrs. Charles Raney, Liveraore, were recent visitors at L. E. Colwell's. Herman Becker was having medical attention last week for infection in one. eye. held Irvingtou, May 1—The Friendly club will meet this week Wednesday with Mrs. Ray Fitch, Mrs. Metzen assisting hostess, and roll call will "be answered,.by the exchange of May baskets. A novel plan Is being carried out by the club for the recognition of birthday anniversaries of members...The club meets once monthly, and at that time each member puts five cents into a puree for any mem-< her who has a birthday in that month. If more than one birthday is reported the nickles are put in accordingly. Mrs. Vern Banker and Ms. Elizabeth Grill are a committee to purchase gifts. At the May meeting four birthdays will be honored. Last year the club gave handkerchief showers for birthdays. Missionary Society Meet*— _ A short business meeting of the New 1940 Kinso here a year ahead of time...with new "suds-booster ?B —at no extra cost to you I T HE New 1940 Rinso gives richer suds that get rid of grease from dishes in a jiffy. Just give dishes a quick soaking ... a swish with the dish mop . . . then rinse and they re ready to dry sparkling clean! Pots and pans are just as easy to do. Put them to soak in hot Rinse suds —and forget about them! After dinnet you'll find they only need a quick swish, the same as the dishes. And because • the New 1940 Rinso gives more suds it's even more economical. Try it! Your cjrocer now has the XSWI94Q SIHSQ open parochial house Friday afternoon, and many mothers visited the school rooms and inspected exhibits. Other Wesley News. Mr.s R. C. Bauer entertained her bridge club Thurday. Mrs. Victor Loebig and Mrs. Lou Goetz were club guests. Mrs. George Aldrich won high; Mrs. Lou Goetz, second. Mrs. Aldrich will entertain jiext week -Thursday.' Mrs. Herman Carlson and her at .the regular son „„„ Clifford took the daughter Mrs. Henry Wubben to. her home at Swea 'Ci'ty :ia'st week -Sunday, following her visit with the home folks last week. l^ast week Sunday guests at the Charles Kraus Sr. home were Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kraus, daughter Mrs. "Doc" Tweet, and the latter's. Pat and Mike, Aid was held Friday church, followed by the meeting of the missionary society. The Rev. A. English led devotions, and roll call was answered with scripture verses containing the word "humble." Mrs. Nina Schichtl had charge of the topics, which were Chosen and the American Indian. Mrs. K. P. Roney gave a talk on the progress which, is being made in Indian churches, and Mrs. Boldridge read an article on conditions in China. Mrs. M. L. Roney read an article on Hungry Mountain Indians, and Mrs. Schichtl gave-a report on the Presbyterial she attended at Algona Thursday. .. . THE BOX IS THE "SAME. NOW IN 3 SIZES-. REGULAR, LARGE, GIANT 15-months twins, all of Manly. Kenneth Donovan turned from Forest recently re- City, where , „„, HOME. MOMS GOT &/$M SPICE CWK/ES ten days before, he had an operation for the removal of his appendix. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Engen, o Swea City, spent Saturday nigh at their son Paul Engen's. Paul i 'buttermaker for the local cream ery. . Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Kouba, Cor with, visited Friday evening with the former's brother, Frank Kouba Jr., and the latter's family. Theodore Bottom, Sioux City, arrived Friday for the week-end with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Bottom. Mrs. Arlo Dawson entertained the General Aid of the Methodist church at her home last week Tuesday. Dorothy Kraus left last week Tuesday night for Minneapolis to visit relatives and friends a week. Miss Agnes Boyer went to Spirit | Lake Friday night to visit relatives over the week-end. .R. C. Bauer is driving a new Studebaker. 4 Aged Woman Is Honored- Mr and Mrs. R. Hansen entertained Friday evening In honor of Mr Hansen's mother, Mrs. Anna Hansen, who was celebrating her 83rd birthday. Guests were Mrs. Anna Madson, Mrs. Toby fisher, the Fieher son, and Max Kalen, all o£ Algona; Mrs. Mary Larson, Roland, daughter Violet; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Asa and Maria Wiener, Irvington. The elder Mrs. Hansen lives with her daughter. Barker Birthday Celebrated— Friends gathered at Vern Barker's last week Sunday evening to KING the Spry way means _ lighter cakes, flakier pastry, crisper fried foods that are so digestible a child can eat them. It means less work for you, too. No endless beating and stirring to mix a cake! Cooking experts for 281 home-making schools say Spry s so marvelously creamy it mixes like magic. Everything made with pure ALL-vegetable Spry has such delicious, delicate flavor. Get Spry and try this cookie recipe today I ^^* In 6-lb, 3-lb., Mb. COM RAISIN SPICE COOKIES K cup Spry 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon cinnamon y. teaspoon allspice 1>£ cups Billed brown eugar, firmly packed 2 eggs, well beaten 1H cups rolled oats 1 cup seedless raisins 1 teaspoon soda \y* cups sifted flour )l cup milk Combine Spry, salt and spicts and blend. Add brown sugar and cream well. (Done so quickly with irtblt-cnfpit Spry.) Add beaten eggs and mix thoroughly. Add rolled oats and raisins, mixing well. Sift soda with flour. Add to creamed mixture, alternately with milk, mixing well. Drop from teaspoon on_baking sheets greased with Spry. (No tiresome rolling or cutting out.) Bakein moderate oven (350° F.) 12 to IS minutes. Makes 4 dozen cookies,""- - i.nrf.r and flavorful. SOTV ivor Wesley Boys' State Delegate is Named Wesley, May 1—At a special meeting of the local Legion post Thursday night Duane Sherman was elected for the boys' State camp; Gerald Wingert, alternate. Fourteen others who registered ere Pearly Haynes, James Henerson, Fay Ward, Leonard Alne, ictor Mullin, Howard Funnemark, uke Youngwirth, Bdw. Carman, pan Bottom, Lawrence Hildman, ugene Kirschbaum, Mike Lloyd, Merle Loebig, and Bob -Studer. Twelve of the boys met with the 'egionaires, and the boys did the oting. All expenses at the Hawk- ye Boys' State at Des Moines era io-ai. nct«*. «*••*——.1 -•— — honor Mr. Barker's birthday anniversary the day before, with a surprise paty. Gueste were the William Boldridges. the William Metz- ens, the Mr. and Mre. O. Behrends, and the' McConnells. The guests supplied baskets of food. Case oi Children's Disease— Lavonne Sabin was confined to home last week with chicken-opox. Other Irvington. Mr and Mrs. L. E. Colwell drove to Spirit Lake a week ago Friday, and Mr. Colwell attended a sale there, after which they called on relatives and friends at Round Lake, Worthington, and Jackson, Minn. Mrs. Beda Watson and her son Paul drove to Des Moines Sunday SUITS Bouble Breasteds In Spring Colors ) Featured at ffie COOKING SCHOOL ) THE BREAD FLOUR 50 GOOD IT WINS CAKEPWZES Over 5,000 baking print have gone to thit famous flour of state and county fain Even as this is being written, hundreds of notices of new prizes won are pouring into the offices of Omar Mills. Over 2,300 of these prizes are for cakes baked with OMAR WONDER FLOUR! Only an unusual flour could i such an unusual record. The \ who win prizes for baking- women who are baking cha 'the women who know good I —CHOOSE OMAR TEN TO ONE! omnR WONDER FLOUR PRIZE-WINNING OMAR'S $2 5,000 Blue Ribbon Recipe Book contains only prize-winning recipes, tested by OMAR'S jury:of Homemakers. Free with, purchase of a 24, 2414, 48 or 49 lb. sack of OMAR WONDER FLOUR; TOWN AND COUNTRY FOLKS Whether you. 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