Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1939 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1939
Page 15
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[fedvM fc > l «S « 33-34 feB H. W. Miller Uliunw. 427, residence 314, WILL WORK 24 HOURS A DAY Whlttemore, -May 1—Three road construction crews have started work }h this vicinity In the last wee*. B. L. Larson A Co. have a crew Cutting in culverts on No. 44 be- tweett Fenton and No. 18. The Booth & Olson Construction Co. taw started grading on the same stiNrtch. The crew Is now small but In a few days, three eight-hour «htfts wll be employlHg 35 men By the time the wort fa in ful swing some 20 local men will be employed. ' .Four new Koehrlng-Wheelers, 8- yd. capacity scraipers will bo iiaod by the Booth ft Olson Co. These scraperjg are mounted on rubbpr tires, and this will be the first toe a machine ot that kind has been used for road construction ini Iowa., In addition, the present crew ejr-at-Law Bank Bldg. Algona, -Iowa PBone 2*61 nth Mut. Ins. bldg. , Iowa. LOWK •»t-Uw ...... j. D. Lowe R: J. H. 440 . * . ---.—' —r— MS* **jwi*i, \i la using a new International 70- horse power caterpillar'and a 70- Mbrse power caterpillar "Bull- Dozer." .The Osterman & Son crew which was here last year, has started work on the shoulders of the Pavement,between No. 18 and WestrBend. The firm also has con- Biderablevwork O n- finishing blajatop road south of town. ;The Haroe> Construction Co. is I r faayltd'*ta-.rt work on completion _i, • r V.'.:- . • " v.w***jjnjtiUU j --*.fc»v* i "P.» Jiay J_— ^'JSEfi&$& 8 ° Uth WhiCh 1 W ° Wofaen a «^-i aa LAST PROJECT LESSON GIVEN IN PORTLAND Portland Twp., May l_Twenty- rHeise block Algona, Iowa B. D. Kelly IT & KELLY s-at-Law i building Algona, Iowa EL t Attonejr ty-at-Law Phone 180 IB, WHITE iy-at*Law i building' Algona, Iowa W-at-LaW i State Bank ; Res. 315 I HFTCHISOX C. HUTCHISOK 8-at-Law i bank bldg. Algona, Iowa UcMAHOK fr-at-Law e bldg. was started last fall. ™r A u.*°" r road Kangs are using Whlttemore as headquarters for their operations. School Pl»y is Announced— The high school Juniors and seniors will present their annual class Play, this time Aaron Slick from Pimkin' Crick, this week Friday night in the Academy hall. Who's Who in the cast follows: Aaron 2 ^U 110 * M lgpeen *» he looks, Bob Fleming; Wilbur Merrideav crooked apeculator, Harold Behnke; Clarence Green, mysterious young man, Ellsworth Heldenwith; Mrs. Roy Berry, Oklahoma widow, Nonna Bell; Gladys May Merri- dew, sweet young thing, Eileen Rochleau; The : Girl in Red Maxine Bell; Little "Sis" Riggs, regular tomboy, Doria Jennings. Cemetery Gets Improvements— A large group of men gathered at the Lutheran cemetery Wednesday to plant: trees around the out- all-day Farm Bureau follow-up lesson on breadmaklng at Mre. Tom Tren- I sV,h 8t we !, k Tuesday - M « c- E. Sigsbee and Mrs, Victor Applegate were chief bakers, and the •ther women agreed that thev anT V ™<*<>™> .SUSS whole wheat bread ™ .e lesson in the home project for this year and it was given by Mrs. W. J. Stewart The women also played the eight records from famous/ operas which are the ftueic study Besides, they made preparations for a Portland booth for Achievement day. side, and, 68 evergreens were set out under supervision of Erwiri Stems.Recently Mr. Siems and —- ««», ~~... oiuuu, AU- wallace Simpson made a survey] red Godfredson, and Martin Beck- to see how N to cut down the hill er - Mr s- Garnle Hood, a former mi: „ ; Ctab H «*« Program— The Portland Progress club met Thursday with Mrs. Ivan Long 35 women attending. Talks on Iowa packing plants were given by Mesdames George Larsen and S. M. Peterson and a poem was read by Mrs. Edw. Smith. Reports on the recent county federated meeting at Algona were given by Mesdames McWhorter, Edw. Smith, Alf- along the road, and Osterman & Son, .grading contractors, were employed to do the work. The dirt , member who now lives near Rutland, came for the meeting as a surprise to local friends.' Assisting EJTCFICK Surgeon all Drug Store , phone 326 , M. D. i Physician •Ibraltli block Algoaa, Iowa Surgeon nee, 194 TS~ 1 Theatre bldg. ; res., 788 .Algona, Iowa I «3, res. 174 'iSffif ''trance in X2* Sa *>. s£ i secretary Phone 108 of•once 1^4 in Vader V-MB^U^W bv IMJ w*o WUIK. me 'Qirt o'***'**'^ 'tw >iuixii •iiienos.' ASSIE will be used to^ fill a neighboring 1 hostesses were Medanua G. «. hollow in the road and fill a r»- •• McFarJand, Cecil Long, Chrte vine which runs through the cen- Bolle - and Clifford Rlngsdorf. ter of the cemetery. ^ ^ LJ ^-^ rl _ Jane Keith was the happiest little pupil In the No. 8 school one day last week, and since no one could guess her secret, even in four guesses, she told it herself: a baby sister at the Algona hospital! for H. F. Schultzes— Forty-ifour members of the St. Paul's Lutheran Aid honored Mrs. v viugi —™~ ••» •""»•*•»**» uu .CI^MU uvuui cu. mrci* Algona, Iowa Henry F. Schultz with a surprise party at the Schultz home Thursday. Mre. Schultz has been con- i^^i^w J m U h a aTe 5 to W S F »™ H °™ '" ImproTei- maln in bed till June 1. The occaa- *?' and ^ rs ' pharles Scott have Ion of the-party was the 42nd wed- ..t f on ? ldel> a ble Improvements ding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. a J ^ farm ^me-new floors, TT •-. —~<r.• . ". n 1 ^_"«.••»• nlantprinr' papering, painting, Henry P. Schultz. Mrs. was presented with' a gift. The af- n £hulU Peering, _____ east porch enclosed. teruoon was'spent vteltlng, and a two-course tunoh was served. Priests' Irish Parents Coming— and hia brother, the Rev. Wm. P. Hyland, Pocahontas, left last week Sunday by auto tor NewTork City, N. Y., where they were to meet their parents from Ireland this week Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Hyland, with their sons, will then attend the New York World's fair, after which they will visit .relatives In the east before coming to Iowa. Youth's Birthday Celebrated— Thirty young folks from Whittemore, West Bend, Emmetsburg, and Bode gathered at Simon Weber's Jr., Wednesday evening to help the Weber eldest son Roland celebrate a birthday. Bingo was Played, and prizes were given. Lunch was served. August farmers, First Con Is Fhwtoft- Edw. Ypungwlrth and Vaudt, south , of town started planting com Friday. Other Whittemore. Mrs. Oily Roupe, West Bend, called on friends here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Roupe lived here some years before moving to West Bend in 1938. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer, daughter Gertrude, and Mr; • and Mrs, Arthur Heldenwith spent Friday evening at Alfred Bruhn'g, near Depew, ^n Delhert Johnsons returned Monday from * few days with Mr. •Tohnson's mother, who is sick at Marshalltown, Mrs, Peter Weydert was reported sick with the flu. ~to Entertain Seniors Wesley, Ifay l-~TJ}e If, S. senior aft? play, *gky Qlirl/' wjll be given in the new school auditorium Tuesday nighi, M»y 14, Borothy , is director. The annual BCboQl Junlor-eenlor banquet be held ajt- the Algona hot$1 week Thursday evening. The 2t n ,* ors * re; . ^^P* 1 BW* K^P 11 °~ i, John Bottopi, Lavon Ger- Lilllan Johnson, Charles r Imogen »wt Victor Mulltn, Ruth Mary See* .Seller, pernlce „ »J11 «ive the .'SW-'V-.r , A,., , H.-4, Tiling for Portland Farm- John Trunikhill is having an extensive tiling job done by Charles Olsen, Burt, who began work last Other Portland News. Last week Sunday visitors at Chris Bolle's were Mesdamee G. O. McFarland and Ivan Long, Mrs. Long's daughters Marilyn and Harriet, and Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Trunkhlll. The Long daughter Dorothy Is recovering from the mumps Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sanderson, Kanawha, and their baby spent the same day at E. L. Dlck- At No Extra Cost! II Oar e»stom tailoring serrice gites yon per* sonallied clothes at no extra cost! Expert fitting with a wide choice of fabrics. CLOPTON the TAILOR Vfcoie 18 meyer's, Mrs. Lyle Godfredson and her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph 'Lee, AI^ f l ^ n> apent ^^day evening at Alfred Godfredson's. Lyle and hfe wife now live at Cedar Rapids Grorge Larsen spent Wednesday at Webster City on a buslnejis, mis- -—- — and Mrs. Hex Austin, of Jewell, were last week • Tuesday visitors at Lai-sen's. Mrs. John Trunkhill, daughter J. T. Heany, Hurt, and Mr and Mre. w.. J. Stewart visited Mre. LeRoy Burger at the Kossuth hospital Thursday. Mrs. Ray McWhorter called on •her mother, Mrs. Bert McCorkle at the Kossuth hospital Wednesday and also Thursday. Melvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert "Baas, is at present working for Charles Scott Alley Fire Causes Damage at Corwith t n™ > May l-**>«* estimated at $200 was caused by fire last week Monday, when a warehouse £, of the QuaHty Store was set ablaze by sparks from a rubbish fire In the alley. Telephone wires above the building had to be replaced. There was a strong wind, but the fire was confined to the jullding due to the quick work of :ne firemen. The loss was not covered by Insurance. East-Seneca The Rev. and Mrs. Sande, daugh- er Pearl, and Ruby Cherland at- ended a Luther League*-'conven- ion at Wallingford last week Sunday, April 23: Mr. and--Mrs. Leon Booth, who had spent a week at Ralph Dren- nan'e left for St. Paul last week Sunday, Mr. and Mr*. Harley Hoeck arfe taking treatment from a doct6r. Mra. Sheldon Merrll accompanies them for the same purpose. Mrs. Walter Blelch and Mrs. Anna Drone, Algona called on Mrs. Jerald Godden Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. George Charlston recently had their Infant daughter baptized at the local Lutheran church. She was named Genora Audry. Helen Patterson, Donald Schultz, and Paul Crowley motored to Cedar Falls for the week-end of April 23 with Helen's brother Wesley. Mrs. Mary Jennings returned last week Tuesday to her home at Algona, after ten day» with he daughter* Mrs. J. P. Godden, who has a new son. Gladys Dotson is helping with the household duties at Godden'e. The Helpful Thursday ; club met at Mrs. Lucy Nelson's Thursday, and Mrs. Walter Smith was aflslst ing hostess. Mrs. Harry DHsworth, MM. Donald Palmer, daughter Cherry, Mrs. S erni £ d J 3peiUw ' daughter ifcrcta, Mrs. E. Bauman, her son, and Corless Jennings, all of Algona called HALF THE DEUDG- ery of house work can be saved by a modern water system. We furnish estimates free. LAING & MUCKEY Phone 464 Algona, Iowa at Jerald Godden's Thursday, O. R; Pitterisoii v wal days last week with FOR QUALITY PAINTS AT IQWfST PRICES • fll/v AMERICAN Baefcmf fcy SB y Mra Vmrnlth . Omr OUR BEST House Paint, faL. INTEEIOE GLOSS Walls and Woodwork, gal. _ FLAT WALL PAINT Walls and Ceiling, gal. ____ FLOOR AND BECK PAINT, Porch Floors, A 4 •9ft 91 .70 RICHARDSON'S FURNITURE COMPATHT A City Store With Country Prices. Many Merchants Stay Small Bacause They Think Small They have "2-COLUMN-ITIS" HOW PEOPLE JUDGE ADVERTISING HERE'S A TYPICAL EXAMPLE small but valued accounts way of increas- This store had a splendid reputation in its community .... but it had shown no growth a cotmn Id ^^ ° f ^^ ^ *°™ * CO ^ ° n 18 inches ' some 3 and 4 «*™^ SSS^ USE LARGE SPACE FOR REGULAR-PRICED GOODS The difficult thing to understand is why many.stores apparently have no qualms about usine five or column ads— or even pages— to announce their sales, yet they all but wither m> and die wh«?anf S £L campaign is suggested for regular-priced merchandise during fte regular Son. ' ? type After all, you're definitely not interested in having your store become known as a tale store vet wh«v eURE YOURSELF OF ~-^-^Y^--'--~ ^r^«v*«* f where a leading store completely mystifies its pomnptiHnTi wKn can't understand how the larger store can run six coluinn, seven column and even pagl ads, competmon ' who "It just can't pay," say other m^chmits. Meanwhile the store with such an advertisW Drosram k e e n s uSI\ ^^ year ~ whlle *• to w*' s other stores can't seem to get outofthe rS^ S ^or-3-co " USE PLAN CONSISTENTLY^AND WATCH RESULTS Make up your fljjndfefet rid of this advertising handicap this season, PtA^j YOUR SCHBDUtE WITH PLENTY OF LARGE A&S TW&T^M^IXi " T^%W5IfTSf ' -., ' i i ' •" «^, •,, ' , * \ ) r. ~* k \f i ' *" — •— • -, '.- ;.'"H -^V-^ '.;.§:V-:.u>^,'* STA1 WITH THAT MOST ANYTRING YOU

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