Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on October 28, 1927 · Page 7
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1927
Page 7
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DECATUR HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1927 DECATUR HERALD Clarke broad- l(fj ctio from Cti 1Uhen the its rich bass voice answers your question : "What Power Unit will do the best job in my radio set?" Try tuning in on a good orchestra, and listen to the bass parts. Then, without char.ginga single adjustment on your radio set plug in Willard Radio Power. HEAR the Difference! Hear it before you spend your money. Note the difference in tone quality of the other instruments. 1 .455.141 and l.o35.117 The New WILLARD "A-B" Power Unit Operates from your lamp socket. .Supplies any type of set with the steady "A" and "B" power which you must have for the best radio reception. So simple in operation that it actually turns itself on when you tune in and tarns itself off when you are through. Aafc your Lighting Company, your Radio Dealer or your Millard Service Station to demonstrate for you. Let your own ears hear the difference. spunks isuju pti U(JRA Mil W -w CLAMIdETk en w Today', Beat Feature 1 ' :ncWT'orch?s,CrAIrtCI" Service from WEAK wfVi " wLr.,Cv,lli8r. WRC. WGR WOAF wSViV WLIT-WSAI umib " T-M, WWJ. wvoo. wfaa. - woc- WDA KDKA vv!?,ld Tal. A' Klw. WJR. from WJZ. " WJZ' COLUMBIA rwirxT , a IWO-nn ir faa. 8"f?m VFranc. Orchestra. WwB'' 9?,? I'" RED- hlttall Anglo-Per- HA5- WTAG. WT.IT. TOY SSk- M& S.V RE.D- ?on5 f the Mala On.-,., r.." p. m RED. Ben Bernle and Hi. U-.OO p. m., PACIFIC RHAIV Bhl.r: Phila- -.j,inn. ctorage Battery Droirram. KB? SE K". KOO. Sow! KHJ' KHQ, KFOA, KOMO. ny An Hour Afternoon Programs Metor-Kiloeycle p. m.. KOII.. (578-108(11 Bluffs. -om Mn,K i.:A.Jf": Council Vi SB. (476-630). Atlanta. Farm service 1:dPTrm,- V''Gn- 3-330). Buffalo. Radio Trades concert. Pourrt?' (4S"670)- Chicago. Musical pot- J:t!;,'n- U'FNR- -1040). Chicago. Popular music. J'P. -0. Phlla. Kecital. . t-'66-"0- Chicago. Mooseheart p. m. WGX, (306-980), Chicago. Artists recital. 3:00 p. m., WDAF. (870-810). Kansas Hy. String Trio. .WKAP- MM""0'- x- T- Mus,e hour. 3.M) p. m.. KIAB. (30S-970). Lincoln. Neb. Orchestra concert. V-;N'-,5??5;760- K- T" studl Program. VJ. (454-660). N. T. Trio; recital. WLS. (345-S70). ChicaBo. Homemakers )iour. 1:00 p. m.. WCCO. C405-740), Mnls. St Paul. Readers Club. VCFL. (4S4-620). Chicago. Rest hour. "VVOC, (353-S50), Davenport. Crescent orchestra. While You Dine 4:00 p. in.. KDKA. (316-950). Pitts. Country Club. 5:00 p. in., WEAF. (432-610), X. T. Waldorf Astoria; also WRC. WIP. (508-590). Phlla. Dinner music. vvj, (375-900). Detroit. Dinner concert. 3:30 p. m., KFAB. (309-970). Lincoln. Neb. iMnner concert, j WFI, (405-740). Phlla. Adelphla Orches- i tra. I5:T, p. m., WOC, (353-550). Davenport. j Chimes. 6:00 p. m.. WBAP. (500-600). Ft. Worth, 'inner conirt. WENR. (2SS-1040). Chicago. Tip Top Orchestra. WJZ. (454-660). N. T. Abrams orchestra. i WOW. (508-590), Omaha. Dinner music. ; 6:39 P. m., KYW. (526-670), Chicago, i Conpress Hotel. ! WBZ. (.3.",-900), Springfieia. Mass. Din-i ner music. For the Kiddies li-.On p. m., WHN, (395-760), N. T. Uncle j Robert. l:M) p. m.. WCAE, (517-5S0), Pitts. "Hap-i pv Hour." 3:00 p. m.. WEBH, (36S-820). Chicago. I'rfiim Daddy Davis. ; 5 : 1 .-.i. ni., WMAQ. (448-670), Chicago. I T'fipy Turvey Time. !g:H0 p. m.. KYW, (G26-570). Chicago. I I'rrte Bob. ! WIP (506-590). Phlla. L'ncle WIp. :IOp. m., WGX, (306-985). Chicago, i fiu-le Quinn. I G:MI li. m., WFAA, (500-600), Dallas. Story j Hour. j Popular Programs tonight !0::so p. in., KDKA. (016-960), E. Pitts. Mu-!(i:J5p. m., WIBO, (416-720). Chicasro. ;J:io"l? mfwHB, (S87-E90). Kansaa City. ! ropular songs. ii-ui." ir;-l i 0). rlevelnnd. Band. j -5 :30 p. m.,"BLUE NETWORK Royal Sten-1 ocianhers. from WJZ. KDKA. KYV, ! WHAT.. WBZ. WBZA, WJR. KFAB. (309-370), Lincoln. L. of Nebrae-f Ira program. . tV- ,- 8:1X1 t. in., (;i)W)1Bl i-"" proeram. Dodge Male Quartet broadcast "to, kmox. koil. wadc. waii., wcao wcmt. wban, webl, wghp. WJAS.'wKRC. WMAK, WMAQ. WNAC. RED VETWORK Musicale Miniatures, from WEAF, WLIT. WTAG. KoTl. (278-1080). Council Bluffs. Billy WB4PlC(W0. Ft- Worth. Concert. WBBM. (389-770). Chicago. Artist re- Sr'iE, (517-4S0). Pitt. Concert. WC?L. (4S4-620). Chicago. Popular WDAF. (370-810). Kansa. City. "Ike WOfM375-800), Davenport. Studio. WORD CS0-J070), Bntavla, III. Studio. TiM' (400-750), Cleveland. Ames Ar- WWJU,tS(375-SO0). Detroit. Musicale. S-15 p. m.. WOS. (469-640). Jefferson . ' .Vi, t fnr Missouri. City. 8 3 0 P . m . , K T H S . ( 3 S 5 -7 8 0 ) , Hot Spring,. Vco! (7o7). MP1- St. Paul. Mar-WGN. (306-9S0), Chicago. Paul Asha WHO, (535-660). Moines. Courtesy WM.Tsn-SSOl. Memphis. Entertainers. WSB.' (4T6-630), Atlanta. Certrude L. J0V.Tvg (517-580). Worcester. ""400-750). Cleveland. Masqueradors. -B,m 9:00 p. ni.. COLUMBIA CHAIN. AlhH. ""V. Wllo. Fowler's WTAM "Musical KMOX, WCAI WEAN , W y B L . WOHP, A8. WKRC. WIK WilAW, KYW. (526-570), Chicago. Concert. WHN, (3:t&-(oui, " WHO. (535-660). Des Moines. Cnpital WJZ. (454-660). V. T. Around the Pi- Ji&nZl'uVn. St. Paul. MM. SSb CS8-1040). Chicago. Popular WCN (306-380). Chicago. Phantom IO-Oo'p.' m- KFI, (469-640), Los Angeles. ,0:45Py. m.TwsB. (476-630). Atlanta. Con- ..'mu PACIFIC CHAIN. Feature "S'f rn KFOA. KGO. KGW W?FSK?2,?:-0,)?,ChIcaBO. Ozone Club. WJ.IOChKago. Popular pro- m Classical Concerts :00 P. m.. WEAF. (492-610). N. Ste-fano Trio. MERRY BRAKE AND BATTERY SERVICE WILLARD BATTERY SERVICE We Specialize on All Kinds of Brake and Battery Repairing. 1 30 E. Wood St. Main 5080 from W UK w pan in Quartet. 'uiij n rap ram r i - A "V V ' iSfcijiv.iiuW5 FROM THE BEST 7 OA boitn 7:00 p. m. RED NETWORK. Cities Service r.r'S0.6!' Orchestra and Cavaliers, trom WEAF. KSD. WVOO. WCAE. WCCO, WDAF. WEEI. WFAA, WGR, WLIB, W.L1T, WOC, WRC, WSAI. WTAM, WTIC. WWJ. 7:30 p. to., WHO, (536-660), Dea Moines. Bankers Life Trio. WLS, (346-870). Chicago. Little Symphony. 7:45 p m., WHT. (416-720). Chicago. Classical.' 8:00 p. in., WENR, (288-1040), Oblcago,, Classical. WRU. (369-840). Wash. W. B. A. A. Quartet. 8:30 p. m., WHK. (265-1130). Cleveland. Moonlight Trio. W'LS. (346-870), Chicago. Little Symphony. 9:00 p. m., RED NETWORK. Whittall An-glo-Peraians from WEAF, KSD. WCAE, WCCO. ' WEEI, WGN, WGR. WGY. WJAR. WHO. WHAS. WLIT. WOC, WRC, WSB. WSM. WTAG. WTAM. WWJ WFAA. (500-600). Dallas. Wednesday Morninsr Choral Cluh. WOO. (608-690). Phlla. Concert by the auierpittna. 8:30 p. m., KFAB. . (309-970), Lincoln. Neb. Leando String Quartet. Radio Talks. Plays 6:55 p. in., WOO. C508-630), Phila. Science Service talk. 7:00 p. m., BLUE NETWORK. "Retold Tales." from WJZ, KDKA. KYW. WCSO. (256-1170), Springfield, O. Sunday School. 7:15 p. ni., KFUO, (546-550), St. Louis. Bible school. 7:30 p. m., WCFL, (484-620). Chicago. Health talk. WOES, (24-1240). Chicago. Sport talk. WOO. (50S-680). Phlla. Public Charities address. 8:00 p. m., WGY, (3SO-790), Schenectady. WGY Players. WOC. (469-640), Jefferson City. Farm talks. 9:00 p. m., WGES. (242-1240). Chicago. Maggie and Jlggs. 10:00 p. m., WGN, (306-9S0). Chicago. Sam 'n Henry. Dance to These 6:30 p. m WHO, (536-660), Dee Moines. Christenson's orchestra. WSB, (476-630), Atlanta. Arcadia orchestra. 7:00 p. m., WFAA. (500-600). Dallas. Orchestra. 7:05 p. in., WHN. (394-760). N. T. Dance. 8:00 p. in., BLUE NETWORK. The Mediterraneans, from WJZ. KDKA, KYW, WHAM, WJR. KTIiS, (3S5-7S0). Hot Springs. Ted FIo-rito. WOO, (508-590). Phlla. WOO Orchestra. 8:30 p. in., RED NETWORK. La France Orchestra, from WEAF. KSD, WCAE, WDAF. WEBH. WGR, WLIT, WOC. WTAM, WWJ. WMCA. (370-S10). N. T. Dance. D:0 p. m., WOW, (505-690). Omaha. Orchestra. 9:30 p. in., BLUE NETWORK. Hotel Pennsylvania, from WJZ. WBBM, (3S9-770), Chicago. Dance period. 10:00 p. m., RED NETWORK. Ben Bernle orchestra: WEAF, WCAE, WTIC. WCCO, (405-740), Mpjs. St. 1'aui. juance urogram. WGR, (303-990), Buffalo. Supper club. WIBO. (416-720). Chicago. Orchestra. WLS, (345-870). Chicago. "Showboat." WMAQ, (448-670), Chicago. Stevens Hotel. WTAM. (400-760), Cleveland. Dance. 10:15 p. m., WEBH. (366-820). Chicago. Edgewater Beach. 10:30 P. m KMOX, (300-1000), St. Loula Berber's. KYW, (526-570), Chicago. Congress orch estra. 10:50 p.' m., WGN, Bobby Meeker. 11:00 p. m., KOIL. Bluffs. Orchestra. (306-980), Chicago. (278-10S0), Council (370-810), Kansas 11:45 p. m., WDAF, V-,i,,, Vi.rhlhDii-lf On Air Today A special arrangement of "Lady Be Good," an outstanding sons; hit from the score of a successful musical comedy of some three seasons ago, will be a feature of the hour of dance music by Irwin Abrams and his Ho tel Manger Orchestra, to oe oroaa-cast by the National Broadcasting Company through Blue Network at 6:00 o'clock tonight. Four Spanish songs, sung by Juan Pulido, Spanish baritone, will be beard during the 60-minute program by the Mediterraneans Dance Band, to be broadcast by the National Broadcasting Company through the Blue Network at 8:00 o'clock. Central Standard Time, tonight. They arp Cantares," "La Partida," "Pato," and "La Espanola." ( Another half hour program, "Around the Piano," featuring the hnritnne auartet. will be broadcast by the National Broadcasting Company through WJZ, New York at 9:00 o'clock, Central Standard Time, tonight The next broadcast concert of the Whittall Anglo-Persians which will go on the air this evening at 9:00 o'clock Central Standard Time, will be largely Oriental in character. A particularly melodious selection of Victor Herbert, 'Fleurette" and the Kipling inspired "On the Road to Man-dalay" by Oley Speaks, are features of the 30-minute program. The program has been arranged by Louis Katzman, director of the Anglo-Persians Orchestra. SEEKS TO IDENTIFY FAKE METER READER WHO STOLE DIAMOND Mrs. Hiliner G. Landholt, 845 West Forest avenue, went to Springfield Thursday to see if she could identify a man held there as the one who robbed her of a J200 diamond, while posing as a meter inspector on Oct. 12. Coming to the Landholt home, the man said that he had been sent to adjust a gas meter. After the diamond was missed, the fraud was discovered. While operating here, the man is reported to have visited other Decatur homes, including that of the son of Chief of Police Ed Wills. LET CONTRACT F0R CITADEL IN 3 WEEKS A contract for building the Salva tion Army's new citnaei wiu oe lei within three weeks. This became known Thursday following- a conference of the citadel building committee with the Salvation Army board ana with officials from Teoria and Chi cago. , Brig.-Gen. John w. Andrews of the Salvation Army's state headquarters in Peoria, and Col, Wiseman of the property management department in Chicago, were her for iL 'Two propositions were considered at the meeting, held In the Decatur club. Owe was to Cobb & Odor's opposition tn the Salvation Army's plans for moving an old frame house at 223 West Main over to the lot at 225. adjoining Cobb & Odor's office building. The other was whether the Salvation Army here shall co-operate with the Social Service bureau in having- a community Christmas store for Decatur's poor. No decision was reached on either proposition. Fred H. Johns of the citadel building committee announced that there will be another conference of. the board and the committee on I Friday evening, Nov. i. Bed Cross Braille transcribers en- i rlched the libraries of he blind by j 78 new books. ' TEACHERS WILL GOTOJJ. OF I. Senior and Junior High School Students to Get Vacation All Senior and Junior High school students will be given a holiday on Nov. IS while their Instructors attend the Illinois High school teach ers' conference in the University of Illinois. The sessions are to be held on Nov. 18-19. with about S.500 In- jllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I Radio Dealers I I Daily Directory A dependable guide by - which to buy sets, batteries, & j , lubes, parts and servicer S ?i!!llllllllllllllllllinilllllllllllll!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll BLANKINSHIP & BAKER 231 W. Prairie Ave. Main 3634 Authorized nnd Exclusive Dealers in This Territory for the MOHAWK RADIO The Original One Pial Control $67.50 to $250 Batteries or All Electric C. R. WILLIS Authorized. Dealer j Radiolas Radiotron.8 Lout! Speakers Service RCA Payments II Denired 255 N. 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Chnrch & Prairie Main 1818 ATWATER KENT and Freshman Radio ON EASY PAYMENTS Choose From 4S ModiK BLOCK & KUHL Rndlo Dept., Downstairs Store Hear The Famous RAY-O-VAC TWINS Saturday Night over WJBL Equip your set wllli Rny-O-Vac li. liotteriea for clear positive .radio reception. AUTO SPECIALTY CO. For Everything In Radio and Equipment. Arhorphone-Ray-O-Vac DIsfs. 244 N. Park St. M. 433 R. C. A. Radiola Kolster and Crossley ' RADIOS CONVENIENT TERMS SMALL DOWN PAYMENTS DECATUR MUSIC SHOP "Everything In Music" 118 E. William St. Mnin 1S50 Rdio Power BY WILLARD Glad to on 70a the difference DECATUR BATTERY Service Authorised Electrical nnd Speedometer Service Main 4974 347 E. Main St. structors present. The Decatur delegation Will be large. ; Prominent members of the University of Illinois faculty and teaching heads from all over the state will address the conference. Problems of the High school teacher will be the point of discussion In the sectional and general meetings. Superintendent William Harris also will attend the conference. He will be tn Urbana at the time, attending the meeting of the Illinois City Superintendents' association and the Illinois school board association, held jointly Nov. 16-17. Mr. Harris is president of the former organization The conference is an annual as sembly, held under the supervision of $1 Down$l mm New Back-Suede Coatts Each One Is Richly Fur Trimmed .50 241 Fashioned mostly from the ever - popular Buck-Suede each of these Coats are a remarkable value at this low price. 20 WEEKS I (til B I -y :M 1 r . lsna I J pSQjj Al1 Four Articles for the Regular 1 ft jjj 'S Price of the Suit ALONE! 1 njil ftrlrv h!We Planne(1' -for you ornorrow! Special I ( ) 1 5 JO- l7V Vfc Special purchases that have just ar- Ten-Day I lll-iitlK?- rivei offer you the greatest variety Selling &A (f j I lHitillnlv'l' ' ' "i that has been obtainable thruout the W I j f lllLflfcPiA ? I sa,e; Frankly the values are the best r1f . I I j ''ifk we seen this year! voats l'ilH fffffd. fcsr rg ffafg 4T Handsome New I H t-jlW klSQ. 3S Stylc-K,oh. I I iWiPlf WMfiW nF StJJif ' Material ' i jpr m- jfHj DECATUR TRIO HELD Former Residents (-horsed With Hold Vp and Robbery in l.o Anselea Three former Decatur men are held in Los Angeles under a robbery charge, according to lnfofmatlon which has reached Decatur police. They gave their names as Ernest Prof. H. II. Hollister. of the University. He is one of the well known educators of the country. The week before Thanksgiving has been set as the date for the meeting for mar; years. x America's Tomorrow Last . Dainty New Fall Frocks Far superior to dresses usually offered at so moderate a price these smart frocks embody all newest styles, colors and trimmings. mm as Weekly! TO PAY! $4.50 f J Men! Only One More Day of This Remarkable Offer Shaw, Lynn Fisher. Tom Miller and Harry Starret. Four men were arrested on Oct. 15 after a holdup of a Los Angeles man, who was robbed as J128. The victim of the holdup clung to the bandit car and called for police, as the car raced down .the street. The four men stopped the auto and ran. Police gave chase and arrested the four men who are held. Shaw is known to Decatur police. Her was arrested here for the theft of on automobile in 1325. but was released when the car owner declined to prosecute. He formerly lived in 1103 East Garfield avenue. Local police have requested photographs of the four men. Largest Credit Clothiers 6000 CLOTHES 240 M. Water FOR U AS". The Greatest Economy Event of the Year Tomorrow brings to a close this great event and tomorrow brings you an excellent opportunity to choose your new outfit front last minute arrivals that have been purchased especially for this last day's selling. We wish to urge that you attend, as some of the greatest values of the sale are offered tomorrow. 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