Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 25, 1939 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1939
Page 10
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PAGE TEN PRESBYTERIANS MEETING HERE IEXT2 DAYS Presbytery and Pres- byterial to Hold Sessions. K083tmt C0tmt>¥ AHVANCB. ALQONA. tdWA Editor's Son Is Married— At Valparaiso, Ind., Tuesday, March 21, toik place the marriage of Helen Roe to Dr. Burl F. Dewel, second eon of W. C. Dewel, Al- goua, the Rev. R. B. Kern, Methodist pastor, officiating at his par entertained at a 7 o'clock dinner party Friday evening honoring Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ulfers, recently married. Guests besides the honorees were Mr. and Mrs. Emll Stoffel, Mr. and Mrs. John Ulfers, daughter Verabel, son Richard, » —. 1, —. — f—. u»u£,u 1.^,1 » ci c*Lrci t HUH xviciiarQi sonage. The event was not an-1 Wayne Smith, and Delmar Mohler «„„„„«- tin I..* ...i, | The eveuing was gpont at 500> Mig g left Ulfers winning high and Mrs. nouuced till last week. Shower for Aigota Girt— Helen Chubb and Rlu Will entertained at a miscellaneous shower Friday night at the Algonquin for Gwendolyn Deal, who will be married Thursday to Aloyslus Coleman, West Bend. Eleven classmates of the hohoree attended, Gwendolyn, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Bert Deal, was graduated from the local high school In 1937. Rainbow Girls Arc Comttg— Members of the Rainbow Order at Mason City will exemplify their work at the local Masonic Temple' this week Friday evening at 8 o'clock. The Rainbow girls' at Fort Dodge will also be guests. Eastern Star members and Masons are The Fort Dodge Presbytery and; Doctor and Mrs. Dewel left Ulfers winning high and' Mrs r memters and Masons are in- the Fort Dodge Presbyterial for Tll " rsda £ , for a £ rlef honeymoon Charles Ulfers, travel, Mrs. Emti ^ ited ,, to attend ' '? he Ra ' nb ° w °/missions will meet in Algona this ^^'SVTS^ ±K, Sffi £"& 'Torm™' SEWS^ ^.™^^^ •week Wednesday and Thursday, 1 an apartment in a new building at "•"' • -- • Luasaalen and an attendance up to 150 IB ex- Evanston, 111. Some 60 persons will be 'Mrs. Dewel Is the daughter of peciea. oome ou persons win oe 'mio. JJCWBI is uie uaugnter 01 here overnight and will be bedded Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Spiuk, of Osh- and breakfasted on the Harvard kosh, Wis. She is an accomplish- plan. ed musician and a former Wlscon- Group Plans lake Tacatlon— The Methodist Bible Searchers class met last week Tuesday for — — • ..—-««*» *»*it»j.j ijaci. Juoi wctjK. iiiGsoay ior sin university student. For some afternoon tea with Mrs Neal years she has lived at Chicago and Smith. Twenty-four members at- Evanston, and at present she Is tending voted to reserve a cottage Ttl Q«n cr/it» i-»f TMia /"low .^Pn-n- nl*nrk _ L lA. _r%1 !__»• > .. **O The area in the Presbytery and Presbyterial consists of ton coun- Kossuth, Humboldt, Pocahontasi j manager of The Gar-Tay shop, at the^Oko'bojls" foT^the** umual Webster, Boone, Greene, and Car-! Evanston, dealing exclusively in Methodist Bible Institute In July roll. There are 40-odd Presbyter- j women's lingerie and allied goods. Mrs. Addle Genrich and Mrs Grace Ian churches in the district. | Sn e plans to continue management Blanchard poured; Harriet Vlnlng The term "Presbytery" refers to of the shop. ! .gave a poem and sang a spring the men's activities; the term Doctor Dewel, who was born at song, and Mary Anderson, acconi- "Presbyterial." to the women's Burt. was reared in Algona, and is panied at the piano by her mother work. This will be the 83rd "stat-,' a ] °cal high school graduate. In, Mrs. Homer Anderson, sang two ed" meeting of the Presbytery, and the '20's he was graduated from selections. the 5!)th annual meeting of the the state university dental college,' Presbyterial Society for Missions. : after which he taught four years ' Itaptist Girls' Society Elects It will be the fifth "stated" meeting in the college. He was a member | The Baptist World Wide Guild of the Presbytery here. Previous there of the honorary Omicron elected officers last week Tuesday meetings were held in 1874, 1S99, Kappa Upsilon fraternity. Since evening: Kathleen Evans presi- in^ _j ,„„„ : 19 o n he hns practiced orthodontia' dent; Edna Mae Sill, vice-'Lillian at Evanston. At present he is vice § Schultz, secretary-treasurer- La- president of the Evanston Associa- 1905, and 1936. Two Sets Officials. j Presbytery officials are the Rev. ! Holland J. Blue, Lake Park, moderator; the Rev. W. E. Ruston, ot'.Yormer Doan Girl >Veds- Lohrville. permanent clerk; the! Mary Alm Venteicher. Osage, T \r „, , i T « i '»ar.v .-urn venteicner, usage, i l ; Malo : istek ' Jefferson . formerly of the Doan neighbor- ' vonne Telcamp, service chairman; Mildred Johnson, White Cross chairman; Miss Sill, devotional chairman. Mrs. E. C. Volzke is Guild conselor, and Mildred Johnson is retiring president. The Guild consists of young women. Five to Woman's Gathering- Five women from the local Con..„„. . gregational church attended an all- length gown over a white satin • day conference of the Mitchell dis- slip, and her headdress was of tri ct Congregational Woman's as- H - shirred net. She carried a bouquet sociatlon at Charles City Thursday. ur , ., , f i OI American Beauty roses. Her' Mrs. David R. Martin, wife of the I nange Is Challenge. ! attendant was a sister, Ross Ann • local pastor, gave a report on the The theme of the Presbyterial! Venteicher, who wore an aqua teal I women's work here. The other four rill be The Challenge of Change taffeta floor-length gown and car-! Algona women were Mesdames E. "stated" clerk and treasurer. Officers of the Presbyterial soci- Shedd, Rockwell City, president; Sarah Weaver, Fonda, first vice; Mrs. N r . M. Whitehill, Boone. second vice; Mrs Mrs. J. re a white net floor- Star members. Follow-Up Meeting— The Cresco Farm Bureau women held a follow-up meeting Friday at Farewell for Mrs. Sixteen friend* of Mrs. D. H. Goedera honored her at a one o'clo6k bridge luncheon yesterday at The Chrome. Mrs. Goeders Is leaving soon to live at Clear Lake. Banquet at Corwith Planned- There will be a Methodist Queen Esther Algona district banquet Thursday evening at Corwlth* and an Algona group Is expected to take part In the program. Other Society. The Union Mothers & Daughters club will meet this week Thursday. A meeting last week waa ie Naomi Circle met with Mrs. A. W, Behrttute, Mesdames Bertha Spear, Alice Sabln, and Paul Wllle a*fHat ng. Mrs F. E, Sawyer will entertain the Idle Hour bridge club at one o'clock luncheon tomorrow. Three tables will be In play. Gay Nineties Party for a Corwith Club Corwith, Apr. 24—The Woman's club had a Gay Ninety party last Wednesday evening at Mrs. J, L. Oxloy's, and 6:30 eupper was served at tables centered with castors and set with dishes and silver of aay. A meeting last week waa mm » el x ""•" """"° "i 1 " ,""' 1 v .," postponed because of bad roads, the 1890 period The food and the Hostess will be Mrs. Marguerite manner of serving were in keeping Gardner, assisted by Mrs. Frances Gould. There will be a "white elephant" exchange. The L. 0. A. Congregational S. S. class will have a "Guest night", at 8 o'clock Thursday evening at at the church, with Leota Zeigler u^iu a. iuijuw-u^i lueeujig JP nuay ai <*>• MTO *>iiun;ii, wiui i Mrs. Elmer Potter's, the topic be- In charge of program, ing the cost of adequate meals. — ~ Mrs. Paul Wille, assisted by Mrs. Potter and Mrs. L. A. Matern, gave the lesson and prepared an Illustrative meal. The presentation was followed by music. Courtesy for Mrs. J. 0. Paxson— Mrs. D. D. Paxson entertained at one o'clock luncheon Friday honoring Mrs. J. O. Paxson, who wa|s observing a birthday anniversary. Eight guests attended. Mrs. Paxson received many gifts. Dinner Honors a Birthday— Mrs. S. D. Wilson entertained at a family dinner Sunday in honor of V. K: Rising's birthday. Guests were Mr. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Rising, and Mrs. Florence Peter-, son with her two sons. Ths Legion Auxiliary will sponsor a benefit bridge party Wednesday at the Legion hall, beginning at 2 o'clock. Admission will be 25c. An Eastern Star meeting will be be held Thursday evening at 7 o'clock at the Masonic Temple, and there will be cards after business. with that period, Each guest was given a sweet pea corsage as a favor, and the entertainment consisted of stereoptlcon views. There was an exhibition of articles used In the "Gay Nineties," and -the evening was closed with music from that period. The committee In charge was Mrs. Oxley, chairman, Mrs. Claude Stull, Mrs. Francis Oxley, Mrs. "Bud" Lawson, Mrs. C. C. Johnson, Mrs. J. W. Duckett, and Mrs. S. L. Thompson. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF VKLl, In District No. 4495. Court, State of Iowa, You are hereby notified, That an Koasuth county, M, MAroll t«rin, 1939 % >" t6 All' Whom tt May Concern! Instrument ot writing purporting to be the last Will and testament of Arthur P. Hanna, deceased dated March 30, 1939, having been this day, filed opened, and read, Monday, the 15th day of May, 1939, is fixed for heating proof of same at the Court House In Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons .Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause IE,any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. • Dated at Algona, Iowa, April 12, 1939. (Seal) KATHARINE McBVOT, Clerk of the District Court. T. Holtzbauer, Deputy. E. C. McMAHON, A. J. HILL, Attorney, Forest City, Iowa. 31-33 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. No. 15730. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of Special Execution direct* ed to me from the Clerk of the IWitHct Court of .. Ott « Judg racnt L -, said court on tho , 61 %(j March, 1939, ln favn 8lh «>f, federal Saving and L,, 0 ' A ^ mond Neuroth the sum costfl, taxed at vuaio, iaxea at ISSOfi ft ^tt ^^^^Stt 1 ^ erty as the proper ynfR(!aU * Raymond Neuroth I *&"• a ?. d Zolb'a n , satisfy sa id execution " ' ecutio Lote Four (4) TW"? Twenty-one (21) Tn L (2 °> (2), Call's Park An° ck Algona; andarc A «tlo tp aell said property I. "" thereof as may be ' ° r 8 ° i»w satisfy fl aid execution,^! and accruing costs nt „ i" 1 c Hon to the\S eSstat « Ic, ' 1939, atthee^t Court House In Algo7 a , n ° county, Iowa, at th }\ nu . Ko "» o'clock a. m., of saldh ° dur « and where due attendance '* given by the undersigned th,s 29th day « Sheriff of New York Doctor Lowers HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE En 22'out of 26'cases A well-known New York physician lowered Mood pressure m 22 out of 26 cases, and in most cases relieved the accompanying symptoms of dizziness and headaches with ALLIMIN Es--»-- of Garlic-Parsley Tablets used according •will be The Challenge of Change taffeta floor-length gown and car and Various Ways to Meet It. ! ried a bouquet of pink and white Three special speakers will be Mrs.! carnations. C. Foster Thompson. Sioux City; The best man was a brother of Ellen Nicholson and the Rev. E. L. I the bridegroom. Johnson, missionaries. | A wedding dinner was served at Mrs. Thompson is president of: noon at the home of the bride's the Iowa Synodal. Miss Nichol- parents, 18 guests attending. After son, who is a registered nurse, a short wedding trip the newly- serves in Iran, and Mr. Johnson at weds will be at home at Whitte- Peiping. China. j more, where the bridegroom oper- The Presbyterial will be con-' ate s an oil truck, rened at the local Presbyterian' Tne bride is a daughter of Mr. church at 1:30 p. m. Wednesday, j and Mrs. A. B. Venteicher, who The Presbyterial and the Presby-'were farmers north of Sexton be- tery will have a joint afternoon! for e going to Osage. The bride's meeting at 3 o'clock and another i brother Cyril still lives in ~"~~" that evening at 7:30. The Presby- i suth. terial will also have forenoon and Lusby, E. J, Murtagfi, H. Cowan, and E. C. Dickinson. R. relief. 1.., VH uuu . blood pressure, «*e j>uu« uui.iAu.iv**»i4BiTiiiv must definitely help you or your money will bo refunded. Largo box,&fc. Special economy size, (1.00. E. W. LUSBY' " Dmgglst Kos- afternoou meetings Thursday. Presbytery at First Lutheran. The Presbytery will meet Thursday all day, but as the Prosbyter- AVliittomore Girl Is Bride- Marvel, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Elbert, near Wliittemore, and Irvin, son of Otto Laabs, near L/one Rock, were lal will be using the Presbvterian church ther e nlse S sTons wn oe ™held at the First Luthenn phiirPi, l Catholle rector y at Whittemore, Th "c,eal Presone£n A?TriU * he Rev - ^ther William Veit per- serve dinner and supper Wedne*',' l°Z?Ta vf ce ™ mo ?J- They were day and dinner Thursday in the *• tend ?l b> 7 a J° W „ ^l mkman ' " • • • lauaj' m me g, oux c,^ and jyiarcell Mertz, of Presbyterian room. Anyone may "sit in" at any session, but it is taken for granted that the public will be most inter-' ested in the special addresses. Miss Nicholson will speak at the 3 p. m. meeting Wednesday, and again at 11 a. m. Thursday. The Rev. Mr. Johnson will speak only at the 3 p. m. Wednesday meeting. Mrs. Thompson will consecrate officers at the 8:30 a. m. meeting Thursday and conduct a devotional service on "The Cross of Jesus Christ" at 1:30 p. m. , Moderator to be Named. The formal program gives the names (but no addresses) of a West Bend. The bride wore a. floor-length . .._ of nurose with blue accessories and a corsage of Johanna- hill roses. The bridesmaid wore a rose suit with blue accessories and a corsage of sweet peas. I Alter the ceremony a three course dinner was sei-ved to mem- , bers of the immediate famOiea,' and the newlyweds then left on a wedding trip to Omaha, Sioux City, and Sioux Falls. j The bride is a 1933 graduate of, the Whittemore Presentation Ac-' ademy and has taught in the Lotts Creek vicinity. The bridegroom has been farming his father's farm RE Al E Am BE R Your DOCTOR As He Remembered You THE DOCTOR IS CONSTANTLY exposed to contagion. He takes risks—great risks. At times, he works under heavy pressure. Your doctor is entitled to substantial compensation for ihis services, and his statements should be given prompt attention. Is your bill paid? Kossuth County Medical Society number of minor speakers through-i near Lone RockT and after May 1 out the meetings of both Presby- the couple will be at home there. terial and Presbytery. Election of a moderator for the ensuing year will take place at the Wednesday evening meeting. The Baptists SocieOes Elect— The Baptist Missionary society met Thursday at the church. Mrs. .. . — j o,^m 116 imreim^. iue "»^i. Aiiuiau.ci> O.L me cuurcn. Airs. Rev. Mr. Blue will deliver his re- John Urch and Mrs. French Hal- tiring sermon as moderator that deman were hostesses, and Mrs. evening at 7:30. John Jordan was leader. The subject was Christion education. Officers were elected. The Loyal S. S. class elected officers a week ago Thursday at the church. Mrs. Sam Medin and Mrs. Frank Cook had charge of the program. Mrs. Henry Furst is president; Mrs. French Haldeman, vice; Mrs. Karl Willasson, secretary-treasurer. Officers of the Aid were reel- J. W. Hartshorn, 89, of Ledyard, is Low J. W. Hartshorn, Ledyard, one of Ko-sauth's oldest pioneers, is seriously sick on the home farm near Ledyard. Mr. Hartshorn, who is in his 89th year, has lived on the same, - - ..-.- *..-. farm more than 30 years. Two' ected at the April meeting; Mrs sons, Everett and John, are now! w - A - White, president, Mrs. Or- farming the place. Another son, 1 ville Elkins, vice; Mr,s. J. B. Elmer, is a Algona barber. j Wheelock, secretary; Mrs. Claude Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hartshorn; Sampson, treasurer. have four daughters: Mrs. Harold'TV „ , ' rr~, Soltow, Newark, N. J.; Mrs R S I)lnner Party for Newlyvreds— Jacobs, Brooklyn; Mrs. "charles Mr " an(i Mr3 ' Will ^m Runchey Kramer, Webster City; ' and TTi | J. J. Tillmoney, Ames, All of the children have been called and are at the bedside of their father. 'Lou' Dailey Dies; Lived at Fairmont John Larson, Clark Redfield, and Mr. and Mrs, Tom Dailey, drove to Fairmont Shnday to attend the funeral of "Lou" Dailey, who died last week at the age of 56. He was a cousin of Tom and brother-in-law of John, and was the son of H. S. Dailey, Whittemore. For many years 'Lou' lived in the Whittemore vicinity, and he married Ellen Larson, Algoua. Mr. Dailey, who was a farmer, had been in the hospital seven weeks. Heed a too*? ALL HAVE FORD'S FAMOUS His father survives more. at Whltte- Near $20,000 f^xes Paid byth. C&NW Let us tell you about the ^Etna Life Insurance Company's new Farm Loan Plan. Low rates, a 26 year repayment plan, a Reserve Fund Safety feature, a liberal pre-pay- P rivile S e > no com Chicago, Apr. 24— Taxes paid' borrower by the Chicago & North Western! ^ urro-wc f- In Iowa for 1938 totalled $544,867.- investigating, 44, according to report just issued by R. A. Miller, tax commissioner Atithnrirpd Rphrwntsttfiif Of the railway. The first install- <f*UWOrtZea K£presentaitVt ment was paid in March. Of the " state total Kossuth county receives $18,985.53, divided as follows: State taxes $1,703.70 County taxes 7,223.39 School j taxes 8,865.67 Township taxes 42.75 City taxes 1,159.02 in this territory HUTCHISON & HOUGH Land, Loans, and Insurance Security State Bank Bldg. Algona, Iowa Performance and Economy Once a V-8, always a V-8—and there's nothing eke on the road anywhere near it in price that comes anywhere near it in performance! Through the exclusive Ford parts exchange system every Renewed Ford V-8 is reconditioned with factory parts That's an exclusive Ford point to remember I FOR FOUR REASONS U Every Renewed Ford V-8 is reconditioned with genuine factory ports. <j) Ford Dealers use a system of organized thoroughness , ™ rec °aditioning which is distinctly their own. Every used Ford is clean and mechanically sound from bumper to bumper! . g The Ford V-8 was ahead of the field in engineering ^ when it was introduced-still the newest thing in the low pnce field even after 8 years. <4\ Every Renewed Ford V-8 has a Ford Dealer*, repato- *• tion behind it, - Your Ford Dealer's prices are unusually low right now-**- aS 1 ,TV I8t '° f - the - year MW Car BalM - He has allmakes "dl^ ! r 1 y ?V° Ch ° 08e f '^"Virtually , used car deparhnent store ' Whatever car you'd like to own see your Ford Dealer first. Ask specially to see his R^ewed Ford V-8's. They re always the best buys of all! the , Wanoe Cau *" taken probably to attractive for to Why the Best Paint Is Always the Cheapest Cheap paint and good paint of the same color may LOOK ALIKE to the untrained eye. But, use the cheap paint on your house and you may have to do the job over many months sooner than if you used the best paint. Cheap paint shows its weakness quickly in use. The best paint will actually last almost twice as long as most cheap paints. That means the best costs much less than the cheap paint IN THE END. That's why we sell only— Lowe Bros, and Pittsburgh PAINTS Use either on your house this spring and save plenty of paint money. F. S. NORTON & SON COAL ALGONA, IOWA We Are Listing Below a Few of Our Many Bargains Turin*- lno0 r-< i *_ - . ^^ 1937 Ford 85 Tudor— With heater and radio, low mileage Tires and finish 4*4 mmm like new $4 id 1937 Ford 85 Tudor— With heater, new tires. Finish like new. & M M A 27,000 miles $440 1936 Ford 85 Tudor— With heater, good tires, motor overhauled. A real buy at 1936 Ford 85 Coupe— With heater, motor and tire? fair .!£?. $295 tires ' finish. A real bargain ---- _ _____ 1935 Ford Tudor— bat tery, and 4»M*$275 1935 Chevrolet Coach- Good tires and motor/finish o. k A lot of .automobile *»«»«• for little money __ ______ $245 1936 Oldsmobile Sedan— Heater, very good tires, nice one at $495 1936 Old.mobile Sedan GoMUres. motor just overhand. $435 at Easy Terms 1934 Dodge Sedan- Motor completely overhauled. Nice Inside and out, will sell at —.___„ 1933 Ford Sedan— New tires, motor overhauled, Pamt job. A £4 QC good cheap car „' -;. 9 I"' TRUCKS 1938 Chevrolet Truck— L- W. B. Tires like new. Just to- stall new rings. Body £Cl%A like new. A snap »t JL.J&OPV 1935 Chevrolet Truck— Rung fi nei U as fair tires, duals. Priced to move ^4 "7fi quickly at $1 19 TOR Co Liberal Trades

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