Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 25, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1939
Page 9
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verything ory • i can tiad a big day at the store. Clerks all A '' e. Stock in fine shape—shoes that people want at prices they .to pay. A small balance at the The 1 gran* children raked the gar" jiy-Wife is out to a bridge party. The clrl is good-looking and easy to look ghfe is •Washing the dishes and break- 7' ' the f ew good ones. All I have to do this wiling is write an ad and smoke - Happy a a sun flower, really sitting on top of the torld Happiness is a state of mind. I ci to walk the floor when I owed people. " s ' j i e t the fellow I owe do the floor walking- This world is what you make it. What's the use wasting time quarreling. No use arguing, the other fellow may be right .Everybody has a right to their own opinions. When I see a snake stick his head out of a hole I do not stop to quarrel with him.. ? feel that hole belongs to that snake. Have your heart wired so you can turn off hate and selfishness and still have light enough left to see the other fellow's side of a question, as well as your own. I tell the clerks when a customer says she does not like the shoe you are showing her just lay the shoe aside. Do not argue but keep on showing shoes until you find the line she wants After all, the customer is the one that is buying and going to wear the slippers. She does not care what the clerk thinks. She wants slippers to suit her. She is not trying to dress to suit the clerk. Customers sometimes , regard superfluous suggestions as an insult to their inteli- gence. At Neville's we let the customers do the buying- Quality at low prices does the selling. We have an immense stock. You can sure find what you want. Jimmie Neville ALGONA, IOWA too KOSStlTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGE N1NB Algonian 's Father Is Sick at Led yard CAREFULLY SELECTED AND WELL .SEASONED FOR ALL Building and Construction Demands *>QW tjie moment the tree is chopped and falls » the forest— to the time it is GALL CHILDREN OF HARTSHORN 89 YEARS OL Ledyard, Apr. 24-J. W. Hal't- shorn, who has been critically sick at his home, is a little improved. C. H. ft LAMP, Field We had a visit last week Monday lave a new couple on the Burt No. . ._ _ ... with Dr. F. L. Adams, Wesley. We|l route. The farfn is owned by He is 89, and though he had been always enjoy a talk with him, for I Axel Carlson, who lives northwest in poor health, 'he Had not been i ne ls well posted on almost any-! of Wesley. We found Stanley tak- abed, and he had been'in town]as I thing. Doctor Adams has lived] ing down some old fence Friday, 'many years at Wesley, and he and It was .some job, for old woven owns some good farms in that \ wire was nailed to trees, and it neighborhood. He reads a great'was a tangled mess, Stanley works deal, and he showed us some of his I for Mr. Carlson, who' Is stocking Old books, some printed as far i the farm, and already they had 24 back as 1779. He is also a good spring pigs from three sows, with late as a week ago Friday. List week Sunday, however, he fell leo sick that members of his family not living here were called. iMVs. John Tillmoney, Ames, Mrs. Chks. Kramer, Webster City, the son :51- mer, barber at Algona, Mrs. lay Jacobs and Mrs. L. Pittema, both of Brooklyn, the sons Ray end is- Colc, of Seneca, and Mrs. Rex A tin, Jewell, have been here. IHnncr Celebrates Birthdays- Mrs. Arthur Zielake and Mrs. Alfred Zielske were hostesses at a dinner at the latter'e home last week Sunday, honoring the birjth- days of Beverly and Ronald, children of the Arthur Zlelskes, ilnd Arden, son of the Alfred ZielsW The JOB. Maynes, the Richn-d Zielskes, the Raymond Barslpus, and Mr. Hagge were guests. booster for one of our papers, for he says the Des Moines Register Is the best educator the people of Iowa have. * * * two more sowa to farrow soon. ' * * * J. R. Thompson, east of Burt, was doing repair work Thursday on his disc. He had finished seed- . Simon A. Hirner, who lives at thej Ing before the snowstorm. Mr. There are four children, two boys and two girls. Mr. Bentele has a good line of farm machinery, and he also has good stock. When we saw him April 13 he was driving a pair of fine tolue roan mares and was seeding. One of the mares r'aised a pair of twin mules two years ago. The mules were sold but the Benteles have pictures of them. WOOL GET OUR PRICE ON WOOL We will have our truck call for your wool if you wish JOE GREENBERG PHONE 118 Kossnth County Wool Buyer Since 1915 north edge of Wesley, was not at home last week Monday, when we , called, having gone to Chicago with two carloads' of cattle. He rides to! market with cattle a fe'w times every winter. Mrs. Hirner said she was often a grass widow, but only for short periods. * * * « When we arrived at Lester B. Larson's, northwest of Wesley, last week Tuesday he said, "I am Iowa City Patient Home — batching today." Mrs. Larson was Mr. and Mrs. August Peterson a way £or the afternoon. Lester and Marie Jacobs, Swea City, drave \ nad shipped more than a carload to Iowa City Thursday to bring o£ cattle to Chicago on the preced- Mrs. Harriett Matzener home fifom. the university hospital, and Mrs. McCreary, Swea City, is now (tar- ing for her at the MoCreary home. Mrs. Matzener had first been at) an Algona hospital, then at Iowa (pity for several months. Alii Tea at Bashara's— Mrs. Charles Bashara entertiiin- ed at an Aid tea at her home Wednesday night, and guests vere Mesdames Holt, A. Anderson, Nerney, Gertrude Wiemer, Gelhaus, Martha Gable, and ast Mc- illa William Garry. The evening was spent at games, and lunch was served. Teachers Towel-Via Air- Messrs. Dinsmore and Doughty, teachers at Grant, flew to Miison City Wednesday in a plane o\> r ned by Dinsmore and Reynolds, and Mr. Doughty went on to his home at Fayette for the school vacation caused by last week Monday's blizzard. fresh AT YOUR GROCER'S COLONIAL BAKING CO Among Hie I/edyard Sick— Henry Prey was abed, last \Veek with rheumatism. Connie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Albright, was sick with an attack, of appendicitis. L. A. Nitz and Rilph Johnson were improved, after laving been seriously sick with the flu. Bli/zard Cnts School 2 Pays There was no school last week Tuesday or Wednesday, because of bad roads following the Moiday blizzard. School was 1 refit med Thursday, but some of the bus drivers had to use wagons. >ant. Teacher is Sick- Nancy Bowen, English teach r at at She spent the preceding week-end at home and was unable to retur Other Ledjanl News Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Joljnson spent from a week ago Sati rday till Wednesday with the latter's' parents at Armstrong. Julius Lentsch and John Manthei were business callers at L ikota Thursday. George Hagge was a business caller at Algona Thursday. rani, was sick at her home Mason City all last week. SEXTON Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wise with the daughter Charlotte Ann and Mrs. John Voss Sr., Lu '"erne, drove to Iowa City last week Monday, and Mrs. Wise attended a Royal Arch convocation therj Wise was delegate from th< gona chapter. Mrs. Wise, lotto Ann, and Mrs. Voss " relatives at Hock Island, and Mr. Wise joined them there .Wednesday to bring them home Thursday. The April blizzard last '' Monday week ,,ua, stalled orchestra busses en route to Omaha near .Sextan- till Tuesday morning. The orchestra boys used their cameras for tures of an Iowa Bnowstonp. their home folks. Three and 20 cars were stalled. Mrs. Ruth Seaton-Hicks, ihuler, and were of demonstration agent, was a guest Thursday evening at Hunt's, _ Mr. and Mrs. John to daughter Joan, and Ar en Edw. Hammond, Swea City, last week Sunday dinner gu Mr and Mrs. Oscar Hanmond. Herman Hammond, Armstrong, was also there. •Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sande Robert Boleneus. drove to Wednesday. Mr. Sanders is treatment from a doctor t^ere Mr. and Mrs. Harvey MA .you from lumber for guide every step in 'the PW r *' t?e lumW that leventwally is with the son Wilbur, were son City callers last week Mrs Albert Johnson, called on Mrs. Herman day. Fenton The Methodist Aid met afSnopaattbechuvchH^e Mr. Al- Char- pic- for DUSSCS home supper Jarold and Omaha taking Steven at Ma- Corwith Wise Fri- ing Saturday, and he was in hopes that he strike a high market. He had not yet heard what the cattle brought. * * * * J. B. Muehe, northwest of Wesley, was at the 'house last week Tuesday, when he stopped to see him. As a rule we find him busy, but the weather that day, right after that untimely blizzard, discouraged his customary activities. * * * * Martin Gabel, who formerly lived east of the Grant schoolhouse, is now located northwest of Swea City. When we saw him Wednesday he had seeded 35 acres of oats and had finished the disking and harrowing before the snowstorm Carl Rath, who lives a half mile west, had come over with a team and he said the road up his way had .had to be shoveled out even foi horses in places. At some points drifts were seven feet high.. This may seem like a tall story to some readers', but that was a real bliz zard. * } * » Harold Jones, west of Swea City and his hired man were fixing up a way to let the hogs get to th trough Wednesday. They were laying some old railroad ties an staking them into place. The ties make a good platform for hogs Harold raises Hampshires an takes good care of them. He alsc has a fine lot of spring lambs. Fo many years' Mr. and Mrs. Jone lived straight west of Burt. Mrs Jones is 'one of two daughters o Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stoutenburg who still live west of Burt. * * * * Richard Berg, rural letter car rier of Swea City, has had som bad roads to travel of late, and ha had Walter Adams, who operates a portable mill out Of Swea City, help deliver some,'of the mail. It was too difficult to get to some farmers' homes with a truck, so Mr. Berg and Walter fixed up a light tractor for the route. Walter put a large box on the rear of the tractor, and now up the road the tractor goes when the going is bad. At that the tractor got stuck once on the main road north out of Swea City and had to be helped by a team before it could get going again. This was last Wednesday. The Thursday trip was made without difficulty. It seems like old times to hear about such conditions on Kossuth roads. This county now has so much pav.ing and graveled roads that it is only now and then that one hears of what used to be the common fate in wet weather. * * * * Last Wednesday we called at J. H. Mullarkey's in Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Mullarkey formerly lived south of Lakota and had the farm that William Ley now owns. The buildings are all! painted -white. Mr. Mullarkey said he was batching it that day, as Mrs. Mullarkey as not at home. J. H. once work- 1 for the Hart-Parr tractor corn- any at Charles City, and he has wo brothers living there now. * * * * -Charles Fischer, who lives at the orthwest edge of Swea City, is an Idtimer who came to KosBUth in 894. At that time he farmed two miles east of where the town of 'itonka now stands. He recalled hat 11 years ago, or in 1928, pring was also late for seeding, tfo field work was done till after April 20, * * * » Andrew G. Berg, northwest of Swea City, and his boy were disk- ng on high ground Thursday, us- ng horses. Mr. Berg has lived on he same farm ten years. The place consists of 220 acres, and it is wel iled. An insurance company owns it and is planning to build a new loghouse this season Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Simpson Thompson likes to fish, and he has been putting odd time on a gadget to land the big ones when fishing from a boat. He has perfected and patented what is called a gaff lock, which is a neat tool that a lot of fishermen will want. * * « * We were at A. H. Bunkofske's, east of Burt, Thursday, and he was cleaning out his hoghouse. He has 74 spring piKs. During the snowstorm he had a heater in the hog- louse. Mr.. and, Mrs. Bunkofske ook a month's vacation this win- er and visited relatives in Cali- ornia and Oregon. In Oregon they 'isited the Rikes and the Charles 'iilks, who once lived in the Ti- onka neighborhood. That, however, was long ago, for the two amilies moved to the coast in 1903. Phey raise mostly small grain, but A. H. said they raise some corn, mostly for silos. When they pick ear corn they put it over a dryer, then crib it. While the Bunkof- skes were at Los Angeles they sought a house. They also visited ;he world's fair. * * * * Peter jDremmel, the veteran telephone man at Burt, was walking along the highway east of the river bridge east of Burt when we saw him Friday. He has his troubles, as well as other people do. Someone who had been fishing near the river bridge had thrown a fine wire fish line over the telephone wires, and this had caused a short circuit which made all kinds of rings on the neighborhood telephone sets. The fishline was hard to locate, for it was so 'fine that it was difficult to see it. « * * * Herman Gabel, who formerly lived on the McMahon farm, near the Grant schoolhouse, has moved to a place south oif 'Swea Cfty, and when we arrived Thursday he wafe turning some fine colts out of the 'barn. Herman, who raises good stock, showed us 13 spring lambs. This is his first year at raising sheep. * * * * .,.-.' • • • • William Haisman, three brothers, and a sister are new folks on a Swea City mail route. Their parents are dead, and the sister, who is young, goes to school in Swea City, also doing a good deal of the housekeeping, but the boys get their own dinners. We'll keep track of these 'three lads to see which gets his own housekeeper first. * * * » George Schueler, who has moved from the Swea City neighborhood to the Wernert Ifarm west of Algona, had his seeding 'about done last Thursday. His father, John Schueler, helped him. Mrs. Schueler, who fell some six weeks' ago in front of the Swea City postolffice and suffered a broken ankle, still has to walk with crutches, but she is doing her housework again. * * * * The Frank Benteles, a mile north of Swea City, are a new family there. They formerly lived near Lu Verne, and More that in the Sexton neighborhood. They bought the farm where they now live. piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiin |E D. HUTCHINS j ——=— Realtor — =— 1 "GOVERNMENT" FARM LOANS • I Farms, City Residences and City Lots I FOR SALE - MAKE USE OF OUR (SERVICE. FEEL FREE TO TELL US YOUR NEEDS AT ANY TIME as' A house bargain in North-side Algona, 2 lots, 2-story, modern, 8-rpoms and bath, sst 55 Shed, workshop and garage, extra. Owner absent, will sell at bargain price, 55 =| $2,800.00. = 55 Owner of a choice 7-room modern house, in middle Algona, with large garage, 55 as wants to trade toward a well-improved 80-acre farm. 55 5E We have several choice building lots on our list; priced from $275 to $700.00, and 55 55 up; according to location. Build the house you want. Own your own home. 55 | Some Choice Farms for Sale | §5 F. J. Mann, of California, has consented to sell his splendid improved farm, S. W. 55 s 14 Sec. 26 in Burt twp., only 1 mi. S. W. from Burt; $2,50(f "down" pay- .== [ ment and $3,500 on delivery of deed; buyer to assume present loan. An ex- ,aa | ceptional opportunity to own one of the most desirable farms available in = : Kossuth county at this time. See us right away. We have exclusive listing = I on this. 55 : The improved 113.63-acre farm in Sec. 6 in Plum Creek township, 1/2 mile B. and 55 I 2% mile S. from Burt, is also for sale at a bargain price. Terms, $1.000 ss : "cash" to bind the bargain; $1100 to be paid on delivery of deed. Buyer is to == = assume the loan now on the farm. THINK OP IT! A FARM HOME OF 55 I YOUR OWN ON SO SMALL, A PAYMENT. Own it and gain security for the =s E future. ss us; Both the above farms are excellent crop exclusive agents. producers. For further details see H. D. HUTCHINS, Realtor | __ ,205-w. "Over Barry's" ALGONA, IOWA ==, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH TEL. 20 5-W. .'Friday LOANS $£O and Up Do you need money to buy auto or truck license, pay :axes or for winter necessities? , Our liberal credit plan permits us to take care of the needs of most every borrower, married or single. Terms arranged to conform to your income. * * + % Loans made on Furniture, Livestock, or other personal property Autos refinanced—payments reduced Investigate our Quick MONEY CREDIT SERVICE without obligation. P. J, KOHLHAAS Algona , <•' Phone 22 .General insurance Agency- FOR 46 YEARS First Choice of Iowa Farmers for RELIABLE HAIL INSURANCE At Lowest Cost Mrs"." Minnie- i ontro De8 Moines, S3R-*5 Iowa Hybrid 931 FIAT KEKSDLS, *4,00 PEB BU. KOUM) KERNED $3.00 ?E» BU, This is the Iowa Hybrid recommended as hest for the northern two tiers of eouities in. lOWf • TfcJs 9*W "tested better th.i» 98 % germination at Ames and. is guaranteed to be satisfactory. • Ca,n ship *f necessary. ordere, pf 3 htete or more. WHEN you buy Hail Insurance this spring, there's only ONE company that can come to you with such a record as this— A 46-year hittory of unbroken •era- ice. The oldeit and largett mutual hail insurance emaciation in the world. Over $13,000,000 paid to policyhold- en, and another $13,000,000 taved for policyholdert in lower insurance COlt I. Over $1,000,000 in net gurplut for. . your ADDED protection. This is the record of theJ'Qld Reliable" Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Association, founded in Sac County, Iowa, in the winter of '93, and for nearly a generation the first choice of Iowa farmers for the best in dependable hail protection at lowest cost. Over $4,500,000 worth of lews <.cco». are wiped put every year by hsil. Jn,»t one brief storm can mean. ruJii—thfc loss of your year's work—lierhaps bankruptcy for the farmer vho has no reserve to fall back on, The small cost of a Farmers Mutual Hail policy will be returned to you many times over in the safety and freedom Jrom worry it gives you through the «-ia- ing growing season. See your local agent .this week. And be sure YOUR policy carries the Farmers Mutual hail cloud, shown at the top of this ad—the symbol safety, service, and lowest <;ost to Iowa farmers for nearly half a, century, Will B, Paid at r*m« of Adjustment Also, AH^pv«rag« AuUmobU* lHWir«nc«-f«« Local Agtnt Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Assn.of Iowa Horn* Freight Farm » strom Rfc ' ""WW wm AMI) tm AOBNT C. L. La Barre Algona Ins, Agency, AJgona G. P, Berggren, gipa City. A. ^, ^itehprqugh, iwea. City, A, p. Guy M, Butts, U, A. Dreesnaan W. JR. Gannf n, ' W. Whi1*empre 'Elmer V*3

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