The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on April 7, 1911 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1911
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR l nit IlKAHWiMlD tMll.t PIONEER-TIMES FRIDAT, APRIL 1, 1011. Strength The strength of a bank it bated upon n capital, surplus, and undivided profits, financial standing of ..its stockholders and the conservative management of its officers. We have the largest capital, surplus and undivided profits of any bank in South Dakota. Our stockholders are people of large financial resources, and thirty-two years .of sue cessful business speaks for the manage ment. FIRST NATIONAL BANK United States Depository Capital and Surplus, $300,000 DEAD WOOD, - - SOUTH DAKOTA rnHsrJswrjNrjvMsrjrMSMVjrj, like tht lest of pitying the game with nature. Mining and Scientific Press. Fell Kettle and Case la Dismissed. L. A. Fell, president of the Lead school board, it will be remembered, was arrested last December, charged with having violated the quarantine regulations of Lead, In that he entered hie home, from which he had been debarred because of the fact that a member of hia family at that 1 time was 111 with diphtheria. He J had a hearing before Justice Moor of Iead on the charge of having fractured one of the health board's regulations, was found guilty and assessed a fine of 110 and costs, amounting, to about $25. Mr. Fell at once took ; steps to take an appeal to the circuit court. Yesterday, however, he appeared before Judge Moore and paid the fine and accumulated costs, evidently having thought better of the proposition. The circuit court case was thereupon dismissed. Mines and Mining SEVERAL PROPERTIES KESl'M K contact it is ex pec ted a shoot of WORK IX M.IITLAXI) DISTINCT ore will be encountered. That this From present indications there will ore be nl8Q 8rade is indicated be something of the former activity by the character of float found in in mining circles in the Maltland dis- that vicinity. If the ore Is found as trict during the ensuing year. Al-! "Pted, the vein will be sunk up-ready the F.cho Mining company i9 on to the quartzite. where a large de-actlvely engaged In timbering a sta-;l,osit of tne rock wiI1 Probably be tion In the main tunnel, where a countered. The scheme of develop- shaft will be sunk 200 feet for thei",enl 100KS "Ke a Pa8"ie one ana those familiar with the property be- purpose of prospecting the big ledge at that depth and now comes the announcement that work is about to be taken up Immediately on two other properties of the district. The Minneso.n. M!nes ground, which has always bein regarded a one of the best In the district, Is ocn to be again linger development I'ii'-'ors of the (.-.impany havlnc decided to advance the necessary capital. Several of tlein were he. e last fall and made a careful examlna-tio'i -(' !e ledne i;i the open cut, lleve it will produce the desired results. WORK IX PROGRESS OX JUNGLE CLAIM Development work has been resumed on the Jungle ground, located in the Custer Peak district and close to the southerly base of Custer Peak. This prospect was opened up about a year and a halt ago and at that time sufficient work was done i to show that it was worthy of fur- L 1 ..... .1 .( ,L. I u n near i f vim ruse me ther development. A shaft which is property and around the point of the bill from the hoist and mill. This being sunk, has now reached a depth of B0 feet and is all In ore. of well exposed in the,. COnner bearlne character Tt ex act width Is not known, but it has been found to be 20 feet between walls at some points and this Is believed to be a fair estimate of its ve'" which is surface workings, was thoroughly sampled and is said to have been fonrd to contain excellent values, some of the gold being In the free strt. So well imnresped were they javerage width with their examination and the re-1 u nas been opened up at 8everal ports of experts, that they deter- j points along its strike, where eam-m!r.ert to undertake the resumption . ple8 have been 'taken and assayed, of milling operations on their ownisnowlnK ,nat lt hag a value of abou, accord and without waiting for the(2n per cent tn copptTi rarryng also comminy to acquire the necessary ' ome vahle8 , Ko)d ,g the IntM. funds through the sale of stock to tion to slnk the naft , a depth of the public. at ,Past 1(w) feet Defo anT exten. A tram has dread y been construct- j8,VP PX,orntlon is undertaken, as at ed rnrt way to the open cut here tnat rtpptn u ,., bp bplow ,ne ppr. mentioned and It Is the intention to .nianont water level, where the val-co"tfPue this track, so that ore ,IPB are 8ure to be ronBtant. Tbe mfv he readily transported to thejnKle vp1n Ig mne(1(jea ln tbe por. mill from the west ledge. It Is saldjpbyry overflow which resulted from to be certain that this ore can b.tbe projeet!on of Custer Peak and treated at a profit and when the mlnejbaa every appearance of being a Is paving a margin above runlng ex peres. the Riirnlns will be devoted to continuing the development from the main shaft on the 200 level, which will be run to the west so as to tan the vein exposed ln the open cut. The work will be conducted under the direction of Superintendent Ed Majors. Supplies are now being laid In for force of men who are about to commence work on the Adams group of claims which belong to a party of Omaha men. The ground is located down False Bottom creek from the town of Maltland .and adjoinlns the Fortunate Mining company ground, of which Joe Keller is the principal owner. On the Adams ground the flat formation is cut by a strong traclte dike which Is a good objective point for the proposed operations. It Is the Intention to drive a tunnel, which at a distance of about forty feet from its mouth, will strike one of the walls of the dike, on which I- strong and substantial ore body. I Food That 1 mm m rees Gives health awl strength. Grape-Nuts in Hiich a food. There's a Reason THE ZEST OF PLAYING THE GAME WITH NATURE. The old time prospector. It is said never had time to make a mine. If he opened a good body of ore he seldom lingered beyond the time neces-ary to make a few assays. This trait of the prospector is, aparently, common to all humanity. The porphyry coppers have been the cause of more dlscuslon than anything In copper mining for many years. The Ray Consolidated is Just at the point of Initial production, yet the price of Its stock has declined to where It Is probably proportionately cheaper than lt ever has been. The precious metal camps fare no better Tononah has been making splendid records and developing big mines, yet there is more public interest In some of the Nevada ramps where there are no mines, than there is in Tononah. A still more striking illustration Is a comparison between fobalt and Porcupine. The former Is sending out more real money to its shareholders In the form of big dividends than It ever has since the day of Its discovery. The life of the rsmn has by no means been final ly determined. Yet Porcupine, with it tmrertalntles and Its unknown nnelhHH'es. and which Is for the most nart undeveloped, is more alluring to the public than Cobalt w'th ts dividends. The public, like t nrosnector. Is not particularly anxious to make mines, nor to receive regular dividend checks, but The American Newspaper Annual nd Directory. 1418 pages Royal octavo, cloth. $5.00 net, carriage extra Postage 0 ! cents, published by N. W. Ayer ft Son, Advertising Agents, Philadel phia. For the thirty-first time a comprehensive review of the newspaper and magazine field is presented by this publication. To the publishers of this country and to those having dealings with them this work is most ! useful. The facts and figures per-jtalnlng to each publication are pre-sented in a condensed and get-at-able !fonn. The Annual and Directory Is now the only publication of its kind which Is compiled from Information gathered each year from original sources. Mr. George P. Rowell was the first to compile such a work, and I for fnrtv ve Ars he Issued the Ameri can Newspaper Directory In the in terest of publishers and advertisers. Following hia death, the Directory, with its records, copyrights and property was sold to N. W. Ayer ft Son, who combined lt with their own work. As heretofore, special attention has been given to the Important matter of circulation figures. Where satis factory signed or Bworn statements have been made these figures are presented; otherwise the editor of the Annual has estimated the circulation from the facts at his command. Supplementary to the general catalogue are lists of dally papers, magazines, women's publications, mall- order publications, agricultural and I religioup papers, together with 'groupings of publications pertaining to various classes and trades. As an illustration of the up-to-date character of this section we notice a list I of publications devoted to aeronautics, also one showing those which deal with the manufacture and exhi bition of moving pictures. The Annual Directory likewise presents a vast amount of up-to-date gazetteer information showing the transportation, banking and other fa cilities of every town in which a 'newspaper is published, together with references to its leading industries and characteristics. This feature is supplemental by a specially prepared map of each state, show-in tt every newspaper town. Conveni ence and conciseness have been care fully studies throughout, and the book places at the disposal of publishers) of advertisers, of business men, of students, librarians, etc., a vast amount of fresh Information not elsewhere to he procured. Methodist Charch Notes The Ladles Aid Society that met at the- home of Mrs. Ellis last Tues-! day had a very large attendance. A ' new plan was launched by the lad-' ten. An w JtxnAct tl htitlfv thm ' church this summer the ladles are adopting this plan to assist in the raising of money. Every Friday at noon the ladles will serve a Hot Dinner in the base ment of the church. This will be a great accomodation to the business men and others who take lunch in town. There will be the nominal sum of 25c charged. We are expecting these Friday dinners to become quite popular. The first will be served the 21st Inst, the first Fri day after Easter. Wednesday afternoon, 18 ladles of the church went to Lead where the two Missionary Societies united and a splendid program was rend ered. The Lead ladies know bow) to entertain. This expression of cordiality will be reciprocated by the ladles of our Church In the near future. A great musical attraction is being prepared by a company that traveled with the Redpath Lyceum Bureau for five years. It will ap pear shortly after Easter. Definite i announcement later. Easter mnslc Is being prepared I by the choir. It is the great day !of the Church. None can afford to miss the Easter service. If yon i have no church home you find a I welcome with us. Tbe pastor will hold services dur- Ing Passion Week beginning Sunday We shall study In these services the last week's work In the life of Our Lord. Tlan to be with ns. Every night except Monday and Saturday. BETTER THAN A GOVERNMENT BOND. MidnlRht in the Ozarks and yet Bleepless Hiram Scranton, of Clay City, 111., coughed and coughed. He was In the mountains on tbe adivce of five doctors, who said he had consumption, but found no help in the climate, and- started home. Hearing of Dr. King's New Discovery, he began to use lt. "I believe it saved my life," he writes "for it made a new man of me, so that I can now do good work again." For all lung diseases, coughs, colds, la grippe, asthma, croup, whooping cough, hay . fever, hemorrhages, hoarseness or quinsy, Its the best known remedy. Price 50c and $1. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by All Druggists. A BOOK WORTH READING. A little book showing the human Appendix, and telling how Appendicitis Is caused and how you can EASILY prevent It, is offered free for a short time by John A. Treber, Druggist. A. T. ROOS, ASSAYER ft CHEMIST Leave Sample at J. E. GandolphoV Cigar Store, Main Street. Vntil farther notice O. N. Brown will take care of assays. First class meals and rooms at r Wirt's 21 Deuver ave. Phone A-251. A Policy in the Equable Lire A suranre Society. The Strongest In the World. BUY AN EQUITABLE POLICY then keep it up. BUY INSURANCE EARLY IN LIFE. BUY AN ENDOWNMENT. It is an insured savings account. it provides for yourself if you live It provides for your family if you die. It teaches you economy, economy is wisdom looking ahead. It teaches you thrift, lt places you under bond to lay aside a cer tain sum annually thereby creating an estate instantly. It safeguards your other Invest ments. It perpetuates your earning power. It Is necessary if you are poor. It is desirable if you are rich, lt Insures your riches. Its benefits are certain. It Is a silver lining to the dark cloud of death as it hovers over the home. Fill out the following coupon today. Do It now and mall tt to J. F. Carwlle, Agency Manager, Dead-wood, S. D. WITHOUT COMMITTING MYSELF TO ANY ACTION I SHALL BE PLFSEAD TO RECEIVE PARTICULARS REGARDING THE EQUITABLE STANDARD POLICY BEARING ANNUAL DIVIDENDS. Name Address Date of Birth-Year Month Day Aceoui TS Y0UJ W. L. DOUGLAS, the great Boston shoe manufacturer and former Governor of Massachusetts, first saved and banked $000 be got for making and mending shoes. This was his start tn baai-ness. Today he Is worth minions. J Make OUR BANK YOUR BANK. We pay liberal Interest consistent with safety., 4 PER CENT. I BLACK HILLS TRUST & SAVINGS BANK DEADWOOD. S. D. HNHtHMIHtHMHI When you want the BEST - PINEAPPLE Try PARADISE ISLAND BRAND Coats you NO MORE than inferior brands Tell your grocer "No" if he tries fo tubstitbte For tale by all retail grocer. Adams-Webster Compan) Wholesale Distributors Dead wood. Notice of Election Notice is hereby given that a city election will be held on Tuesday, April 18, 1911, for the election of the following officers to-wit: One alderman from each of the four wards of the city. One City Justice of the Peace. At the said election the following proposition will be voted upon, to-wlt: "Shall Intoxicating liquors be sold at retail within the corporate limits of the City of Dead wood? T rolls at the said election will be kept open continuously from 9 o'clock in the forenoon until four o'clock In the afternoon and no longer. The polling places will be as follows: First Ward, Dead wood Labor Union Hall. Pecond Ward, Franklin BIdg., 847 Main Street. Third ward. Council Chamber, Cttv Hall. Fourth Ward, 131, Sherman street. The Board of Registration will meet at the City Council room in the City Hall In Dead wood. S. D.. on Aoril 11th. 1111. at 9 o'clock A. M., and will correct the reeis- tratlon list as returned by the Asses sor of all persons .entitled to vote at said City Election In their election precincts. City Council of Dead wood. W. E. ADAMS Mayor. Attest: IK. W. TRIMBLE. S , City Auditor. SEE Hanson Brothers About Cement Walks Alto Manufacturers of Ctrr.ent Block Sill-,. Ct, Chimne)t and Copings.! We Guarantee all our Work Krop and office 708 Main at. Koom 44 Syndicate Block. Deadwood Theatre Films Tonight w ma a AMjf a rower r'lo luie a HkvaietU Oiamnuc love klu.J W4 uuumu buvu&iu, uOiUiclin- the love of a cowboy for bis pal. "PROMPT PAYMENT," a Than-houser comedy dram that will make you forget your Ills, if Its a Than-houser with Miss Lenore in the leading role and is shown at the Dead-wood Theatre It's good. "BOXING HORSES," a very Interesting subject of the big white tops. See these educational horses. Remeber the 5 cent matinee Saturday afternoon tor the children. Amateur Mht Friday Nights Big Program Given By Local Talent Saturday night a present of a $5.00 gold piece will be given away Try a Pioneer-Times Want Ad

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