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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1939
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\. 6t nor- — Ifl »W** t(>W« Best Weekly Newspaper 1938 by State University ***»mb«r Caaey's All-Amerlcan Newspaper Eleven, wr ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 25, 1939 10 Pages 80 Columns Number 32 IGHT IN GLARE OF HEADLIGHTS > Is Named to State Board president of the state wildlife federation, at the request of Governor Wilson, had prepared a list of names of persons who were active in conservation work and would make good commissioners. His name was not on the list, and he did not know ho was considered. Mr. Lowe plans to accept the appointment if it does not interfere with his practice of law. The commission plan has been changed under way, and Mr. Lowe said Saturday that the work done by the early commissioners was of untold value at present and in the future. If he accepts the appointment Mr. Lowe will give up his activities with the state wildlife association and with the local- and county units as a matter of policy, aad this will in itself free him of a large amount of work Not Require fecessiv* Work ut of Town. D. Lowe,, At- conservation „.—, by Governor BU10 as a surprise to Aland was even a greater J to Mr. Lowe, who had not 16 position. his appointment pii " in somewhat of an em- position, for, he, as JJJLH*. \JA. Of lt*l £jX5 <IU1UU111> \JL » VJ» IX. which he lias been doing. In . this of J. the • state 1 m Friday I came commission itself does not have a jreat many duties. The commission determines the policy of the con-, profession. way he hopes to gain a little time from outside duties for his own servation work in the state, and the detail is left to an efficient group in the state headquarters at Des Moines to perform. Thus only a few days will be required during the year. The 25-year plan, set up under the original fish and game commission, of which D. H. Goeders, Algona, was a member, has relieved the commission of much work, and practically all detail. The commission of which Mr. Goeders was a member spent a great deal of time in getting the 25-year plan Others appointed are: W. A Bents (Dem.), Cresco, nursery man, to succeed George W. Wood (Rep.), Waterloo, who resigned; Ralph E. Garbison (Dem.), Sibley merchant, to succeed Dr. R. G. Moore, (Dem.), Dunlap, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Moore ihere; Fred Poyneer, (Dem.), 'Cedar Rapids, Insurance man and conservation and Boy Scout leader, to succeed Dr. F. J. Colby, ('Dem.), Forest City dentist; E. A, Gaumitz, (Rep), Lansing, meat and grocery man, Legionnaire and conservationist; .o succeed W. A. Burhane, (Dem.), Burlington. The appointments give the commission four Republicans, the maximum for any one political party. Confirmation and acceptance of the appointments will make the Commission complete, with seven members. Two are holdovers: Mrs. Addison Parker, Des Moines; R. E. Stewart, Ottumwa. The terms of Messrs Lowe, Poy- neer, and Gaumitz begin July 1; of the others, at once. The position o'f commissioner Is unsalaried, but fees of $7.50 per diem, not to exceed,$500 a year and expenses are paid while 1 a commissioner is on duty. "Good • conservation commission ers are the heart of the conserva 10 ACRE YIELD CORN CONTEST IS ANNOUNCED EXTRA No Charge for Entry County - Wide Competition. tlon movement," Jay N. Darling the well-known cartoonist who i one of the nation's leading conservationists, said in an interview in A corn yield contest is bein sponsored by the Algona Cham NVESTI6ATORS CHARGED WITH 10 EXTORTIONS CHICK HAVING 2 EXTRA LEGS HATCHED HERE last December. "It is up to conservationists to see that the well Informed, strong men with no selfish political motives are appoint- ber of Commerce In cooperatio with the county Farm Bureau, an the local contest is a part of statewide contest. There is no entry fee, but ever farmer who wishes to enter must register soon with the Chamber of Commerce. A representative .hen goes to the Entrant's farm, and measures and marks a 10- acre plot as the site of the contest.' ?he farmer picks the plot. The only conditions o£ the con- est are the 10-acre limitation, and .hat the rows must not be closer .ban 36 inches apart. Either hy- jrld or field pollinated corn may Otto and Amos Schreck, and another whose name was given as Kettleson, were arrested at Maspn City yesterday and taken to Storm Lake to answer to charges of extortion. It is believed these three are part of a group of seven or more private investigators who worked 'anAlstyne Seeks Quick Trial ION ASKS ILYDATEAS F1TO BOTH' ig on Plea May [Held Saturday I by Stillman. SENIOR CLASS OF 101 PUPILS LARGEST IN SCHOOL'S HISTORY One hundred and one students in the Algona high, school are candidates for graduation this spring, and this, it is believed, will be the largest class ever to be graduated here. The list follows: Marys Adams, Lulu Aman, Lyle Anderson, Julius Baas, Vivian Bakken, Lois Mae Barr., Doris Batt, Beardsley, Dorothea Bod Ditsworth, Florence Dodds, 1 Kenneth Durant, Kreger Emry, Lois Fitch, Raymond Funk/ Eleanor Fraser, Dorothy Geilenfeldt, Esther Gellenfeldt, Frank Green, Geraldine Gronwall, Angela Haag, Mildred Harmon, Ella Harr, Thelma Hinesi, Kennetih Holmes, Carol Jackman,, . Virginia Jasperson, Don Johnson, Loema Keith, a motion in his case veil, t Mayor Mlsbach in district er. | yesterday afternoon- asking 1 of the case be held soon neither he nor his suc- Tim O'Brien, "can make T the future" till It is de- id. . '.-'•• i Alstyne, who was chief till April 3 when the new icials took office, filed suit under the soldiers pre- law, demanding reinstate- i an answer filed by Mayoi; Van Alstyne was charg- having unpaid debts and ing post-dated checks that to be no good. This, it leged, reflected on his mor- iracter, and hence barred ping additional reasons for i statute. Alstyne's motion gave the ing additional rteapons for, for an early trial: Plaintiff appellant (Van Margaret Bjustrom, -Marjorie Black, John Blumer, Lloyd Brandow, Darroll - Norma Ketelsen, Eulalia Kobriger, John Kohlhaas, Lucille Kueck- Betty Laird, Russell Larson, In Algona a couple of weeks ago and who filed charges against three Algonians. It Is reported that the trio are charged under ten counts with ex tortion. The charges, it Is pre sumed, are based on alleged prom ises to withhold information fron caught clerks Who paid, but th sheriff's office at Mason City this morning was not certain on this | point Charges were filed against the trio in both Storm Lake and Mason Baby chicks sometimes arrive at at least local fame. Such was the case ,at the Kossnth County Hatchery, Algona, recently, when a four-legged White Eock was hatched. The chick was normal in other respects. The extra pair of legs was attached to the end of its backbone. The chick, hatched April 6, caused much comment and had many visitors. The hatchery manager, Jack Johnston, sent it to bis brother Everett at Lake City, and at last report it was still alive. The hatchery had a similar chick five years ago, but it died In a few days. Everett Johnson, who has a produce station at Lake City, Is trying to keep this alive and growing. Yon may hear it ballyhooed on the county fair midway next summer! BURT BATTLERS SETTLE ISSUES ON THE PAVING Two Fined and Third in'Jail for Night Encounter. in the Jane Cretzmeyer, Mary Cruik- ehank, Ruth Cruifcshank, Dorothy Dalley, Bob Deal, Clarence Devlne, Raymond Lund, Roger Michel, Bruce Miller, Keith Moore, Margie Morris, Helen Murray, Jean Murtagh, Jerome Nielsen, LeRo Nolle, Marilyn Nonman, Riohai*d' Norman, Mary Lee Nugent, Ardeen Olson, Margaret Palmer, Verl Patterson, Kenneth Pedersen, Agnes Pelisek, Arne Pederson, Roland Pederson, Maxine Peterson, Eleanor Pfeiffer. Bonnie Phillips, Garnet Pickard, Winifred Plumb, Lowell Samp, - Phyllis - Sawyer, Wesley Sohultz, David Smith, Alice Sparks, Joan Stephenson, Esther Strayer, June Strayer, Rex Taylor, Stuart Thompson, Eleanor Thorpe, Ruby Turner, . Dorothy Wagoner, Janice Wagoner, Donald Weaver, Arthur Wiese, Doris Young, Merna Zeigler. . planted. Kossuth county has the richest __ ^ _ soil In the state, and it is expected | Cityj aad state Agent Kelly, of the the winner In 'the Kossuth conte_st sta t e bureau of investigation, went ,to Mason City to conduct the trio to Storm Lake. It is not known whether the other members of the party were ap- wehended or whether charges lave been filed against them. It Is 1 understood here that the two women who participated in the hurry-up" .method of catching errant clerks are wives of two members o£ the group. It is understood the men are the leader of the investigating crew once served a term for bank robbery, and has a criminal record dating back to 1921. will have a high ranking state contest. Full details ot the contest will be given any fanner who calls or writes to the Algona Chamber of Commerce. Suitable prizes will be awarded to the winner by the Chamber. Cooperating aid in the measuring the land and checking the corn at the time it is picked, will be furnished by the Farm Bureau organization. _ DRUNKS SOBER UP SUNDAY IN KOSSUTH JAIL Three Algonians were arrested Saturday night and Sunday on charges' if he Is successful '"on, will be entitled to from " in re-1 CITY PLANNING COMMISSION IS SUGGESTED Would Study Growth Probabilities of Algona. A city commission idea may be SCHOOL CHILDREN MAKE RAPID RESPONSE TO FAKE FIRE ALARM jailed over of drunkenness. They were taken before Justice Delia Welter Monday morn ing, and Edw. Lichter and Lloyc Phillips were each fined $5 plu costs of $4.05, while George (Jada Willey was sentenced to ten day in jail. They were arrested ! Marshal Cecil McGinnia. George Schulman, Sioux City ALGONIANS AT D, M, DOINGS FOR ROYALTY Lars Sorensen and a Nephew See Prince and Princess. Lars Sorensen, his nephew, Jens uncovered here a» yet. •*• It Is undestood the men are Sorenseni and B. E. Norton re- wanted on similar charges at otn- tur ned Friday morning from Des er points, but so far . as known MotaeSr wn ere they had gone last nothing out of the way has been Thuraday morning for the reception of His Royal Highness, Crown I Prince Federick, of Denmark, and his wife, Her Royal Highness, Princess Ingrid. On reaching Des Moines Lars and Jens went to the veterans hospital to call 'on Jens' brother Tony, who has been a patient there for the last three weeks. Jens, who is Well, it won't be necessary any more for Kossuth fight fans to travel to New York City, or somewhere, to see the fistic art exemplified. They can have It right here at home. All they will need to do to call on Mr. Louis Pannkuk and Mr. Arthur Baum, and no purse will be necessary and ringside seats—beg pardon, stand-ups—will be free. And if Mr. Arthur Baum seems to be getting the worst of it, hla pal, Mr. Maurice Coffin, a Milwaukee gent with a powerful fist, can be depended on to step in, in accordance with his idea of a tair fight, and deliver an eye-socker which will put Mr. Louis Pannkuk neatly to sleep. That is, the fans can have this show free for nothin' provided they first dispose of Mr. Marshal Steward, of Burt, likewise constable, to insure that he will not come around inconveniently to spoil the fun. But perhaps Mr. Maurice Coffin could be persuaded to present, this ubiquitous officer of the law with an eyesocker. What 'Twas All About ' It all happened Thursday night at Burt, and it was a thriller while it lasted. Nobody ever saw a finer exhibition of the manly art of fisticuffs, and Mr. Maurice Coffin certainly earned an undying reputation as an ardent butter-in with an iron fist or something. The story goes back a week or WINTRY BLASTS TO MAY HEATJN WEEK The unpredictable month of April brought the extreme in weather within a week's time. Last week Monday and Tuesday north Iowa '£ had one of the heaviest downfalls two. As reports have it Mr. Arthur Baum was slightly under the in-' Ouence one evening, and his wife was trying to get him to go home. This did not accord with the gent's idea, and he fell to abuse of Mrs, Baum verbally. Really Mr. Baum did himself quite proud along this line, but Mr. Louis Pannkuk, who for some reason was annoyed by the proceedings, urged the marshal to show the official star and retire. {.lit? I*U»b ULll CO WfWtLat «IGU», Tf AAI/ *»•. «j—— .. «— ——-—— —.— — troubled with arthritis, lives on a Mr. Baum from circulation. presented to the city council at regular meeting Thursday u. mva m reluaal 01 i-o-t The idea on which the com- fcndant appellee (MiTacbJJ mission is based Is that Algona is 'Point him to eald position, now growing in a belter - skelter « if the plaintiO! appellant fashion at a rapid pace, and that . Alstyne) js successful to needles* waste of good areas will [action and the-same to not result if no plan Is adopted M the September term ill H»nged on this proposal^ is the lit will warrant unnecessary Proposed zoning system for build«P on the municpality/MBe- »ng in the entire city, and it is be- 1 of having to pay two salar- Heved that some such plan should * * " be adopted before the zoning ordi 'believed the CBBA will nance is written. M.before Judge G T M$\ Algona Is going t0 *"*% '-'"/ School fires which were no fires at all caused much excitement yesterday afternoon, when, the Algona fire truck siren sounded before four Algona school buildings one after the other. , In each case the pupils, unaware that the occasion was just a fire drill, came streaming out in throngs. The 400 pupils at the 'Bryant got out quickest — one and one-half minutes ! One little boy at the Bryant wanted to go back for his coat, but on seeing the fire truck outside he hurriedly ran along with the rest of the "kids." The firemen 'have reported that the children were well organized, and they did not get excited or try to run over each other. Fire Chief Ralph Elbert got a "big kick" out of noticing how the little children's hearts were racing under, their clothes. They thought their, building was on fire. The 125 children at Third ward, and 200 at the Academy, made their exits in less than two minutes. The high school was a little slower—two minutes. All mothers who were alarmed might be interested to know' that Mrs. Casey Loss, who has no children at all, walked over to the city clerk's office to find out where the fire WHS ^ ' ' • The purpose of drills touch as thils one is to teach the chilr dren to "keep their heads" In case off real fire but at the same time make a quick exit without trampling on each other. was fined $5 plus $2.85 costs by of snow of the season, eight inches falling in two days. But Saturday, Sunday, and yes- were another story, with - terday sst of the fine was Charles Slagle, Algona, was fin- typical June day. The snowfall last week amount- small acreage which he owns eact of the Judge Quarton farm. Leaving the hospital, Lars and Jens went to Grandview college, a Danish theological school, to obtain information concerning the day's program. Next they went to the statehouse to see the Prince and Princess arrive for a call on Governor Wilson. Prom there they went back to the college, where there was a program in honor of the distinguished guest. Crown Prince Fred- ^naries »^», *«««-• -« > "- ed to 1.17 inches rainfall, but the ed a dollar plus ?4 costs ror oper month la nnlv 177 in- fact is and The temperature record for the ating a motor vehicle with improp- w [ «" for Awilis above er license. He will be required to ^Jg^^^^^S ge H.\. C r ett A U lgo 6 n" C wr fined J com. fairly heavy rains. In plus costs of filed by one stop at the Damages of $2.50 in a collision were also charged against him. Two cases were pending yesterday before Justice, Danson, one against Joe E. Johnson, Algona,, on an improper license charge, AP*» £ .- g« [the pther against Wood Balson,Hg"| f ~ Spencer, for passing another car ^P™ ^ <* I in a no-passing zone. ' y -—— Challenge and Acceptance. Then or later Mr. Baum heard of the suggestion that his freedom be interrupted, whereat he was wroth and planned vengeance. About this time Mr. Maurice Coffin, who formerly hailed from Burt, showed up on a visit, and it is supposed was taken into consultation by Mr. Baum. So when Messrs. Baum and Pannkuk met in the Burt pool hall about 10 o'clock 'Thursday night t here were erlck spoke in both Danish and i wor ^ s between English and despite a half-century uncomplimentary them, and the was about to take place | week follows: 17 46 35 56 30 30 28 40 32 34 54 1.02 away from the old homeland Lars r j g ht then and there; but on con- was able to understand the Dan- s i aera tion of what was due to the ish, though he confesses that he proprieties on such a momentous understood the English better. occasion it was decided to seek the In the evening there was a great O p eil spaces. Whereupon everybody banquet in honor of their Royal'' ad j ourne a to the paving north of Highnesses at the Hotel Port Des t own, and the headlights of cars i Moines. This event was attended were by some 600 people, and there was a long program. Prince Frederick to illuminate the ring. MASONIC HONOR IS WON BY LOCAL MAN , a —* " **Vti UXf t ' l ifllioO I ' j 'Wyjf*^ •iuH* r^1%&s also a future problem tte K ri ^ tc0 7 e *»l have ln the \ r ection of a new conrt- «H Caw „ l *l date * house, lor the present one is a fire »«affect ti,. 0a fthe ,,, mot H hazard to all documents on file ' Party ^*{, landing # andfire may take it at any time, of hi?* B I Ut exceBt * •There £ also a question of a pos- o^plding the trial. eiblecUy hill and auditorium. If ty 6 factories come there is a problem - 'ookTverThi %?»*'' °',~\<* reload facilities to be consid: l0 ". Arttal y?J&* ^f" 1 '* Ured along with undesirable quali- MISSES TWO WORDS IN THE SPELLDOWN Alice Hedrick, Kossuth's 1939 pelling champion went better han "half-way" in the state con- est Saturday at Des Moines. As here were 105 spellers competing was crnsidered a good show- his „.., • - became t «ee 8U ch as smoke or odor. with Cecil McGln-r'g^ettaein the, future there rill be a demand for a city sewage piWDsal plant, and the entire sewer system of the present and of future growth will 'have to be considered in any plan. County Corn Loam - - Millions in tha o charge WA*?"! " r *j. « ft t the local church. figures on corn loans 1938-39 program show eribs containing a total 8388 cribs containing » <•««» •: 3,483,153 bushels have been seal ed and_ |imM7.» _.r*ceived ' . cribs of 1937 ear • Alice, who went down on "commissary" in the oral contest and •calendar" in the written test, was accompanied to Des Moines Friday )y her teacher. Harriet Beatty, v " _ v -- TT__—,» «nnnT*iYiT0T1 — TWO ALGONA BOYS TO ATTEND 'BOYS' STATE' Jesse Reynolds, of the local high school, and Wilbur Courtney, of St. Cecelia's academy, have been selected to attend the annual Hawkeye Boys' State camp at Des Moines June 3-10, All expenses will be paid by the local Legion post. There will be Rush for New Still on in Twelve more Kossuth drivers are proudly piloting new motor Enter Mr. Maurice Coffin. -15 «noke" brlefiv I Ah, such a fight! Mr. Loula Owing to the "crush" surround- Pannkuk banged Mr. Arthur Baum •02 n g the royal guests the Algonians right and left, and Mr. Arthur lid not have a chance to meet Baum banged Mr, Louis Pannkuk hem. Mr. Norton was with Lars left and right But it soon appear_^ T .__ j—. ii, -»—™ at ed that Mr. Arthur Baum wasn't standing up to his advertising, and that in another split-second or two he might be snoozing peacefully on the pavement while somebody theoretically counted ten. It was at this thrilling moment that Mr. Maurice Coffin performed and Jens during the program randview college. •— vehicles according to records i. D. Monlux, former grand cus-1 the county treasurer's office, todian of the grand chapter of ~ "' "'Royal Arch Masons of Iowa, was elected Captain of the Host at a three-day Royal Arch convention last week at Iowa City. Mr. Monlux, after serving in three more offices, will become head of the organization. Mrs. Monlux accompanied her husband to Iowa City. They went down last week Monday, stopping at the Eastern Star home at Boone on the way, also at Ames to call on their son Andrew, second-year in H. D. Clapsaddle, and Adah Carlson Algona; Herbert Smidt, Elmore and W. O. Nelson, Swea City have Chevrolets, and Fords were bough by Alfred Weber, Bancroft; the Harms OH Co., Algona, Bartlet Bros., Titonka, and U. A- Drees man, Lakota. R. C. Bauer, Wesley bought a Studebaker; G. H. Ogg Algona, a Chrysler; W. E. Haw cott, Algona, a Dodge; and Mar vin B. Cain, Algona, an Oldsmo bile. I JUC&4UU JJUOlx A *TO* D W *4* WW *-T! -r " ' , , J.V. O + n+A boys from all over the state veterinary student at the state 600 .. at the camp, and they will run miniature government during their stay. The Idea is to teach citizen, \.. C. Evans, Lu Verne superinten-. ghip aa a how to conduct govern\ ^ Htj t*U*^r *^** * v • •»**•**• dent,' Mrs. Evans, and1 last years ^t college. At Iowa City the Monluxes called on their «on Robert, who is in hts fourth year of medicine at the university. They came home via Elkader, where they county Rhampion, Doris uennert. Algona's representatives iasi,*T»uay Ym»MM"«», , \" v ' t '"^ Miss Dehnert. Who was unable to year , Joh n Lee Holtzbauer, of St. | called on Mr, Monlux's brother, W. attend last year7 went as a guest. Cecelia's, and Bob Muckey, of the 'a MonlU£ and the latter'* .son, a attended i reorted reat benefit doctor. W. C. Monlux is secretary Year's ' Trophies have been chosen his noble acti as the i ns t an t re- i the Algona Gladiolus society's an- ault of wll i ct Mr, Louis Pannkuk nual show August 16-17. Nineteen crumDled and mentally departed hand - engraved medals, gold, siH for gome realm of innocuous de- ver, and bronze, will be awarded. suetude or somewhere, the which This is about the same number as he dld ' by lying down suddenly are awarded in state showe. and remaln i ng motionless. Five hundred schedules have Loolt Out— the Marshal, been- mailed to Arsons listed, and anyone interested may obtain But hard i y j^a this unexpected a Qenouen , e nt come about before the copy from F. A, Bunting, secre- M mars t a i appeared. This gen- tary. W. W. Gillespie is president; tleman ha d had bis curiosity D. D. Paxson, vice president. arou sed when he noticed so many The Iowa Gladiolus Society is affiliated with the New England] society. vea and the group attended , h j gb . schoQ i, reported great benefit, ailers' banquet at the Younk- from the camp and its "govern- a spellers' banquet ers tea room Friday evening, Miss Hedrick is 12 and in the eighth grade. Her teacher, Miss Beatty, also coached Misa Deh- n7rt Richard Brink, also ot l»i was Kossuth champion two years, and in 1935 -«- ment" plan, second ta'tn^state. Miss Beatty was not teaching at Lu Verne^then. plonks ^Dorothy Perking of Arm;. :*,^o- w,hn' won on "dietetics Walford Anderson, War Veteran, Die* Funeral services will be held Thursday at 10 a. m. at the St. Thomas Episcopal church for WaV doctor. ... .. _ of the state Farm Mutual association. * * Herman Wise, Sexton, was delegate at Iowa City from the local Masonic lodge. Dickinson to^Speak, Senator Dickinson will speak on the foreign situation at a Congregational M.en'« Forum meeting to- mqrrow evening <gp'£«*m. wiwty, and tfJfLK9M to|W* ySfw.jsfej»®8: ^teWSt strong, wao won on and "homogeneity •• "Come a Get B*" ... h . eupper win be home on the Qilbert farm Creek township. The Rev. A, Li B burial will be in , miliTary rites at Jfce grave, vivors are the ¥»«r Claire Gilbert, a brpjtjher W8 country, Crib and Corn are Destroyed by Fire Fire caused by spontaneous combustion destroyed 600 bushels of corn and the crib containing it Sunday afternoon on the G. C. ( Stewart farm tenanted by Victor, Rochleau, southwest of Algona. j Wet cobs had been stored in the driveway, and it is thought that enough heat was generated to! start the fire. Rocbleau walked >y the crib ten minutes before the jlaze showed up. Two hundred bushels of corn were saved,. The crib was insured, but not the corn. One truck from the Algona fire department was eent out. ALGONA PAPERS IN DEMAND AT THE NEWSSTAND week; Er- WSMWemprej Paul F, Mathers, Ber- - - - - <rs»*/i*sp,tty* ,%rt.pft^ The Algona newspapers have been Interested in the test two or three years to watch the growth of LL .. rence GHlespie'a newsstand sales of the papers at the Smoke Shop. Formerly only daily papers and magazines were sold In Algona In this way. At first only te* copies of the local papers were left at the newsstand, bat there has been steady ^crease demand, and by last W TP '"??W^ W*JW "J* smj * " KSTAffv^ 6 c • --- heading out of town, and he to see what was up. The marshal, strangely enough, ap- nears to'have a reputation for enforcing the law, and the crowd at the fight, upon his appearance, hastily took to flight. Next day there was a hearing in Mr. Iver Nordln'e justice court, and after hearing the evidence the court solemnly adjudged Mr. Arthur Baum, his coadiutor, Mr. Maurice Coffin, and Mr, Louia, Pannkuk guilty of $100 worth each plus costs in the fracture of the peace line, but softened to the extent of $75 rebate each- Jn case ot layment }n real money. Mr. Arthur Baum did not have that much cash handy, and anyway he fc» not a particularly busy guy, so he decided to lay out hfe Mne. which he is now doln.g In tne well known Hotel Casey; v "* _ji J tiofttn , a»d paj promptly fork«4 over thfl |?I plus, ajid eYflju^inee we $oi!£L, Bur* and itf^eein.^ h^y« I

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