Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 18, 1939 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1939
Page 10
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PAG 3 TEN Wi FORTY-TWO IN ESPELLDOWN T COURTROOM ner is a Lu Verne Girl Only Twelve Years Old. By llachcl Becker. The | county spelldown was hard-fbught battle Wednesday af- Hodgepodge Webster—A stew of various Ingredients) a mixture. EVERYBODY was having such a good time that evening at the fire. There was a crowd of six or seven hundred people. The firemen were rushing in and out of the smoke Groups stood on the corners and laughed and gossiped, with hopeful glances at the efforts of the firemen to get the blaze under control. All were hoping for a real ring- tinger—a blaze that would thrill the crowd with the fury of its destruction. That is, all but two. iwo children were sobbing, a little boy and a girl—sobbing those quiet Kind of sobs—the kind when real TWENTY TOWNSHIP^ PLA1ST SOOTHS FOR 'ACHIEVEMENT DAY' AT BURT Kossuth farm women are planning a public home economics exhibit and program for May 2, Mrs. Ruth Seaton Hicks, home demon- i t r_ atl ^. a « en v, Aa " nouncee - ™» be ^"Achievement day," 1 home pro- th ' i •-'— —,,.. w ,, „v»ii.vyi3u*»,i «i. ""• owuo ^tuc rtjiiu. AVIlGil TGJlI ternoob, as 42 of Kossuth's best' P' ief is "'most overbearinig. They . 11 . i .. - _ nllllET rt?ifrv n n n U _ *,i. _ . . . •speller's vied for honors in the > "^L™,*?, ?? ch other -- c °-rt om - ^K^fr.?^ . Allot' Hedrick, the slender little,' dy's place that was burn 'blond from Lu Verne who won.i c 'addy's and therefore their's. had trt hold her own two hours. to eyes dad- . --- -- — MX* vw. uuuit; Ml lr~ lect study in foods and nutrition, sased on "making the 'best use of home-produced foods." This was the subject of this year's activity. Twenty townships in the home ^M h °, m lw » Program will have booth Ton .demonstrating approved homemaking practices studied Imif the S ear> and the ' bootbs will be scored by Lillian Lewis, assistant state home demonstration ^^!^! U r««j* <»^ to pub- :— »«*•• Dl|£fl ouiiUVi — at Burt from 10 a. in. on during the forendon. i State lender to Speak. „ „ tured to an afternoon program besides townships selections, w ni h« „ bread-making demon- panel discussion, and will be a in the service. college She wcln both the oral contest and the written contest. L\ TUYTJfG TO GET at the chain stores the legisaltors added enough to the bill to stop every merchant _ — ««.",, v-fcij luciuuant Alice, the daughter of Mr. and from doing anything except open- Mrs. William Hedrick, is only 32 • lng the place and sweeping it out and shb is in the eighth grade of! ing'po^ 10 ''"^' Despite huge bu >"' £ 6 rl,lf ySoy ^Mr^rnlf d^rFSS ? SFan- Sr»^ru to ^,"uV nd 4 - »!«-'«! ««lK"^.S Harriet Beatty is her'tea'cher. Three Other Winners. The second-place winner, Joseph Crowley, is a small, blue-eyed boy from the Seneca consolidated school, and his teacher Ls Donald W. Sennit*. — the "boss" is right on the job,~gTve the independent an advantage over the chain which if ' chain cry "Uncle." FKOM ST. LOUIS a hat maim-1 BALL LEAGUE ORGANIZED BY EIGHT TOWNS , -- C-.....U. vno^uossiuu, miu «™-n *! Ra > rmond Sayre, Ackworth, chairman of the woman's committee of the state-Farm Bu- add l res e s dera " 0n ' WlU SlVe the maln A music recognition test will be taken by the farm women who have studied "Half Hours from Famous Operas" in the last year. Township groups will .participate based on the music (project CooBty Booth Planned. A county booth will be prepared under direction of Mrs. Jerry Heetland, county home projec chairman, and it will display a fea utre from next year's projects in home furnishing and safety on the highway, sub-projects studied by the women of Kossuth this year. Special recognition will be given to women who have presented al the four lessons in the course to neighboring groups; also to school district corporators and hoinemak- ers who have attended each of four lesson meetings. All Women ih>-the county, rural or town, are invited to attend Ach- Tho third place winner. Beverly Adamson attends the ! <n« . " ~~ "' "° *"""»». Buffalo consolidated school at Ti- ' , y ro (the hat) hardest to wear '--'- - - c ' and most difficult to sell. u ,l e .^ hain ?:?>*. «! uTed'makeV't'he | Games are Scheduled from May 31 Till August 27. been left open. The schedule ol games follows: ' * FIRST HALF May 21—Lotts Creek at Whittemore, Fenton at Bancroft, Burt at Wesley, Titonka at Swea City. May 28—Bancroft at Burt, Whit- Algonian is Speaker at Fenton F. B. Meet Fenton, Apr. 17—A Palo Alto I'arm Bureau meeting was held ' fl,t facturer (women's) has released a| a retailer as follows: tonka, and the . ner, Phyllis Walk „,„ ter of Mrs. Clara Walker, win- oomc Algona. . St. Cecelia's aca- We've offer some sensible hats we fellow. But. what is a Phyllis attends demy. Two other spellers, Mildred Simpson, of the Whittemore township No. 1 school, and Beverly Adamson, third-place winner wrote perfect papers in the in the county contest' last then represented Kossuth at" DCS rM.^*rEj. ™«?™™r »;3 ad from Baseball fans in eight Kussuth organized a county rather not ,wear ourselves league for this season's """* «*V en, JJUl l f VI te.rnore at Fenton, Swea Citv Lotts Creek, Wesley at Titonka. June 4—'Burl at Swea Citv, Fen- n . attw esley, Lotts Creek at Pan- oft, Titonka at Whittemore June 11 — Whittemore at'Burt """ City at Fenton, Wesley at ^-''eek,^Bancroft.at Titonka. at Bancroft, Titonka „ June games. Rn ^ore, it Burt, Fenton at Lotts Creek. June 25— Burt at Fenton, Lotts W^IP at p Tltonka - Whittemore at Wesley, Bancroft at Swea City July 2— Lotts Creek at Burt - - „. u. .•I,' 6 " 10 , 1 ' 6 ' SW6a City> WeSley ' Lotts sensible hat? Hats here are 'staid Croek > and Burt. and maybe .sensible, when com-1 President of the league is Edw. and other officers Callies, Titonka, vice year i" 1 ?-"^ Lhe local hat buyers stayed Des'i ' w ' hcn iu mark et to buy hats. -' v.uu ( ii itvji. j-,v, lUftL Wednesday in the oral contest on I a full in-* eczema," whlch hc spc]]ed with i .oadv-to'w^r ex. She was sixth this time. j Nothlni! „„,?' , .president: E. E. Seegebarth, Lone Fenton atjitonkar'whittemorrat Bancroft, Swea City at Wesley. SECOND HALF July 9_Wesley at Swea City Bancroft at Whittemore, Titonka at Fenton, Burt at Lotts Creek. rSS, ™r^L™L ••L*» B "ft. .-». .i»v-v,niif., >» do 11UIU Friday night at the Center schoolhouse, four miles west of Fenton, and after a business session a program was given: John Hanson, of Cylinder, two solos; talk on hybrid seed corn, Perry Collins, Algona; community singing led by Mrs. W. P. Weisbro'd; talk on sleeping sickness in horses, Doctor McCutcheon, Emmetsburg; talk by Palo Alto County Agent Atehby. Lunch was served by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Arbogast, _ and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer. PURLS 60IN6 TO CUNIC AT BRITT •The high school band and tho girls' flee club will take part In a non-decision music clinic festival Friday at Brltt. This event will be similar to others which are being tried out in other districts. There are others' In this, the north central district, but Brltt's is nearest ;o Algona. A. R. Edgar, director of "band at the State college, will be instru- Blaze in th« Roof at Fritz Granzow Home Extinguished ' Lightning may, or' may not', strike twice In the iaine place, • "fritz" Oranzotr now know* fire may strike twlee, irlth or but without lightning. Twenty 1 yeans ago, five yeatvs after the Gfanzow house was! built, lightning started a fire .'In the roof. A sudden downpour of rain extinguished the blaze. Thursday morning, after Mr. mental critic. A vocal critic has! Gnihzow had built a filre'.lrt the Rock, secretary-treasurer. The season will open in May, and 1 ls Panned to divide it into two a certain -Parts The first half will run from -ast week.! Ala >' 21 to July 2, and the second ««: the Top Speller*, i that'ti^ad '"?. ^lir^ onT^ ' StV" "" ^ ™* ° tO An * Dr. R. w. Eaton. Omaha, who saicl store had published in the last! "Cl'mim" fn.,,n 7>i T was pronouncing master asain. "ve year.s. It announced the elds- Thn-H • , ''' naU all 42 .spellers write 100 words i»S out sale!'- ' ft n a m the division is that Papers were checked after tho ' ,„„„,,„„. *,.?„*, *_ ! *rr ^J l> lves '!?. vc ><* -Played f rst ten words, and at the end of tho session the ten "bp.«t" f ,' o Lotts Creek, Fenton at Burt ^: Lo1ttS Creek at Fenton, Whittemore at SUICIDES: At Muscntlne, Mrs. Tom Mahaffey, 50, hanging; at farm home near Muscatine GO- year-old Godfrey Blazer, monoxide gas; at Spirit Lake, 71-year-old Arthur Arp, boathouse manager and a bachelor; hanging. \ OUT OF 935 dogs licensed In Ringgold county this year, only 16 * * * * I ; ""• "nives nave been plaved , r THEHK'S A GRKAT danger from I of f the winners will play to' detei- ..- ,,™, u ,, llll: tull ucltl - „_; continual war scares and beating! m '"° t "!?, c °"nty championship. er s spelled orally till only four . clnims which has nothing to do , at W . U1 ha PPen in case the same were left. Then thoso four wrnm' u " uh tllc fighting and killing that Onm Wlns . both "fives has not been were left. Then thoso four wrote again to determine the winner. (< Aside from the winners, the ten "best" (in the order of placing were: Rita Loobig. Wesley parochial; ,. -"..«= m Elaine T.oe. Xo. i>, Ea^lo- Vclma 1I " U1 '° tnat 1l ' oi '' number KS up, and Larson, No. 1 Portland; TSoverly y " lay as wel1 ll;lve all the fun Adaniflon, Buffalo consolidated'; ° Ut of Iiffi tllo >' can Ket. Beforf may result if war comes. Tho'great - annouuc ed. danger lies in a moral decay which I former years Ringsted was al- v.'ili bo the inevitable result if thc^f, 0 a member of the league, but : constant alarms are not ceased i . towu was dropped this vear' . „„, Fenton at City, Burt at Whittemore. Aug. 6—Whittemore at Titonka, Bancroft at Lotts Creek, Wesley at Fenton, Swea City at Burt Aug. 13— Titonlca at Wesley 5 J? M V rteek at Swea c 'ty- Fenton at Whittemore, Burt'at Bancroft Aug. 20—Open date. Aug. 27—Swea City at Titonka, ------ . men and girls will come to Beatrice Kollasch. Xo. 2, Whitte-'""""?' Illonths tn ey will he killed on more; Joseph Crowlpy. Seneca""" 1 "" 1 " consolidated; Phyllis Walker. Algona; Mildrod Simpson. No. * 1, Whittemorc. Alice Hodrick. T.u- Vernp; and Xedia Wolf No 5 Portland. The Words That Tripped. — •*• "ji|/t:u iiu:-} ycnr in order to confine membership'to Kossuth towns. The Season's Sclieilnle. County^air week in August has .sUitehou.se! My. o h, my, O h, my— has it come to pass the democrats *•-••".! iiiii i/t; IV1I1UU IJ11 tho battlefield, or bombed from the .'•Inns, and hence they had bettor prab every chance at fun or happi-i .. M . e n^=!s. oven though a little dubious ' of about its true value. The tension ! iryo'n" .V' , , , must be released, and as the ten" U™ alphabet! Gee whiz- ;sion increases the need for wilder' * B Can liappen now! and wilder i-oionso hecomes great- . a ona, Wluttemore ^it Lotts Creek, Bancroft at Fenton, Wesley at Burt. Algonian Pitcher for College Nine , are females subject to a tax of $3 each One taxpayer listed his male dog, then, describing it said, "She is yello'w, with a white ring around her neck! lot yet been announced. Non-judge festivals are sponsored by the Idwa high shool music •issociation, as are also the con- ests in which ratings are given. The idea of the fes'tivals, which ire being held for the first time his year, Is to eliminate some of 'arious objections raised against ho decision contests, yet give pu- 'ils the experience. The clinic festivals plan now be,- ig tried in Iowa is in line with vhat is boing done in practically very bordering state. Vesleyans Turn Out for 'Amateur Night' Wesley, Apr. 17—The fifth annual "amateur" program sponsored by the Legion Auxiliary here was given Friday night before a capacity audience at the Kleinpeter hall. Sn.pt. Eldon Ravlin was master of ceremonies. The Auxiliary presented the opening number, which depicted times and tunes from 1890 to the present. Prizes of ?3, $2, and $1 were awardeoT to Dean Thompson, Corwith, solo; Maxine and Loretta Kirschbaum song and tap dance;; and Patty and Jean Senneff, Britt, marimba solos. Homer Lawson, Kenneth Forburger, and Mrs. Lou Hauptmann also won prizes. furnace'and had gone back to .bed, he heard fire trucks drive tip;.'and, *»en quickly Enough aure a Bering unseen l n ° Sore "o-iB aorenscn n and 0,.* s^ J*W beraof „„„«,„ membership i« and-five Wesley; „. M Sherman, Clark Major Saul. .Smallpox af. Wliittcmore. Whittemore, Apr. 17 — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aman's son Thomas has a case of smallpox. The Aman family was quarantined Friday. REMEMBER Your DOCTOR As He Remembered V 0u SUPPOSE YOU HAD OCCASION to'call, a doctor tonight and ho would pay no attention, whatever, to the call.,You 1 '-wouldn't Hko it, would you? Yet, when he calls for payment of his bill, many of his clients pay no attenton to him. This is just a simple appeal to bo fair, that's all.' Kossuth County Medical Society COUM'Y AUDITOR'S OFFICIYL CALL There will be a Convention of bchool Presidents of the various School Districts of Kossuth county, State of Iowa, held at the Court House of said county, on the Ninth, day of May, A. D., 1039, at 10 a ,ra j Upper Iowa Universit 1 - ,. • ' — ' -~ """» 1.1-1, J.V ti.\ HI.. for the purpose of electing a County Superintendent of Schools and three members of the County , Board of Education, as provided by Sections 4008-1120, Code 1935. The Rural Independent School Dls t';icts will hold their various , I meetings as follows, to be held ' A P, r - 17 — Carroll and"' Clarence j ApriV'sT 19SO 1-in,, ™ . RM«e. AlBona, .sophomore and | ^1 S, Bu^lo^Lt. No. S o —"«.*•! h.ivsjj J1U111U1 C iillU freshman respectively in Upper Iowa University, are among 48 men out for the university baseball a | squad. Darrell, veteran pi'tcher, ., School House. Harrison twp., ., No. 2 School House. Harrison Dist UT THEY-.6 Kent's Double Header Stock Reduction The words these spellers wont er. down on in the oral f-onlest wore, * * * * chicory, ellipsis, archipelago, lino- 1 A STATK STREET clerk lasti type, eczema, and cremate. In the week guaranteed a radio against' other four, who wrote 20 words, "all road hazards." That i.s what 1 Phyllis Walker went out on "call- is known as taking jn a lot'of tor-' 55 OIKS." and Joseph Crowley missed • n'tory. It was not a car radio i s= "laudable". I * •» * * I Miss Hedrick hopes that she TIHS 1S THH SEAROX when! does not meet the fate of la.st householders have to rake tho win- year's county champion, Doris: fel '' s accumulation of bills, circu- Dehnert, also Lu Verne, who had |lal ' s ' alul 't'hrow-aways" from the to have an appendlritis operation | su rtibbery. a week or so before the state con-1 n,.- T v u n-\ri*rit * test and so was unable to take! „,,„'„„ , L - ! ' jl) , sent a lm ° Hst part i ° r f «nny stories, but they will The state bee this vear is dated ! „„ V" f, 01 ' Uple ecli fication of the for April 31-22 at bes Moines. i ,^ at famil Y of . readers of this fS 1 a^e^eiigibfe 33 ^ 6 !^ ^n I n p lt n r ,°?^ hoI S afE ?,' s "^^"'^t H interstate contest at Sioux City! n .'", ° " f nut ',! fP anyone desire A^,.!i OT 10 to read a. few edifvincr. nnri r, Q ,. —D. E. D. ^; t '=s!«°v" *=• sS °»— Se ™ ra "* No a strong candidate for pitching posiiton. B. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. April 27-28. o — Motorcycling to Fair. Swea City, Apr. 17—Wayne Griffith, Richard Leland, Floyd Zu- to read a. few edifying, and perhaps delightful (as you may see it), though hardly uplifting, Don mots, a call at the office and an expression of interest in Art for iillllllinillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Proml Dresses 1 run, uicnara Leland, Floyd Zu- I: -M' I ' K! «" U " 01 interest in Art for fall, and Bobbie Haglund left Fri-! Art ' fi Ralce will be sufficient for a day on two motorcycles to attend i " lnnf:e at each of the two-page the San Francisco fair. I compilation. However, chortles must be kept under control so as Union }armor Laid Up. Union Twp., Apr. 18 — N. Krieps, while helping his son Joe, near Sexton, suffered a broken rib Friday, when a machine which was being lifted slipped. not to awaken the office girls' in- J.; terest. COLLEGE hitch-hikers attempting to thunib their way home for Easter or a spring vacation found the going tough and blamed young Glen Kidwell, hiker who killed W. L. Lowe, Pas Moines Salvation Army worker. IVJIETf ADDITIONS are finished Knoxville w|ll have on of the largest veterans' hospitals in the country. The government is putting up new buildings to cost almost a inil- lion. OFFICEH);* raiding farm of the Harry Zahrens, near Spirit Lake seized 1,500 half pints alcohol, 450 pints whiskey bearing labels of Illinois distillery, no Iowa seals. MENDING" ins RADIO 1 old Thomas Hamilton suffered a small scratch from a copper wire. Infection developed, and he died. Schoolgirl Celebrates Birthday— Maxine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. pailey, celebrated her 14th birthday] Thursday by entertaining four friends at 6:30 dinner: Maxine Moorej, Betty Turner, Meredith Larson, Louise Wadleigh. The * * * * LTNDHURG came back to the United States Friday. Since his flight to Paris a dozen years ago ho has risen from an obscure pilot to a world figure. As such ho is the mark for all natures of lesser men. It is sincerely hoped that nothing will break his regard for this country during* his present visit, but the American people being curious, and idol-worshippers and iconoclasts at the same time, leaves it merely a hope. P. D. R. FOLLOWED in the futile steps of prior presidents since Wilson in proposing a world conference on peace, with the dictator nations guaranteeing non-aggression to smaller powers. However, as Hitler and Mussolini have interpreted every one of their recent conquests, there has been absolutely no agression. It seems the people invited (them in to kill off a few, and Hitler and Mussolini just couldn't help themselves. It's tough to have to go into a country every other week to "protect" a minority. Who is protecting the minorities in Germany and Italy—or have aH the minority peoples been liquidated? RHESTAULISIIMENT of the U. S. fleet in the Pacific, as ordered Saturday, definitely indicates a between France, —**-*•" "MiLAi^ ^—' Chrischilles Store shipments of smart, attractive, I dresses. TKABA j-i:»i.:..-*.* __ f • -as 1938 Ford 60 Tudor- Heater, like new. Down payment _. 1937 Ford 60 Tudor- Heater and defroster, 11000 miles A dandy buy. ^ ^ «,' Down payment —$150 1937 Ford 85 Tudor- Heater and defroster, new tires In fine mechanical condition , Down payment | 1936 Ford 85 Tudor- Here's your cljance to save— a $15,000 stock of used cars will bo sold at baft-gain prices before May 1st,' Down payment $135 1936 Ford 85 Coupe- Hejter and radio. Reconditioned Down payment __. $125 1936 Dodge Coach- 1936 Olds Sedan- 1933 Ford Fordor__ 1932 Ford Tudor__ 1931 Chev. Coach___ 1930 Ford Tudor r ____ 1929 Chev.' $175 $125 $95 1929 Ford Tudor _ _ 1929 Chev. Coach $75 $65 ece!ved girls are all freshmen school. Achievement Exhibit 1'lanned— A committee of the Farm Bureau woman's; home project group in Cresco andj Riverdale townships will meet Tupsday afternoon at Mrs. Paul Willie's to lay plans foi an exhibit on Achievement day May 2 at Burt. Sorority Plans u Dinner— The Beta £lgma Phi sorority meets tonight (Tuesday) with Mrs. dinner May 1 clubhouse. '-—' -—"-o"*. \iwcauaj7 WJLIJ ail o. Kenneth Knudson, and plans will be laid for a Pounders' day formal at the Country club •omplete understanding the U. S., England, and _, more than any words from heads of any of the nations. If F. D. R. didn't have such an understanding he wouldn't be talking to Germany tho way he is and then move the fleet several days away. England and France are to take care of'5 Germany and Italy in a naval way, ~ and the U. S. Is to undertake that .lob in the Pacific as regards Japan. Soviet Russia will furnish plane power, England its navy, and France Its army, 'when the big show-down comes. The U. S. will supply the money first, keep Japan busy in the Parific, and perhaps bring on the reserve manpower later. NOW THE OUSTED democrats are "for-crying-out-lpud" about the extravagant republicans In the- a SElS^Sfei^S^S^iJ^ embrace a " 1 u, sweeping 1 frocks designed for the hio-h « K i • ~ you have ever seen. Come in this week and buy one. miss. §= cotton H Junior" j $7-95 $5.88 lUHIH -_• * -. «•» »*( <•, i'-i i -v-*- 1936 Olds Sedan- Motor overhauled. A r^i K for someone. r eal bargain Down payment -$140 1935 Chevrolet Coach— cWn tU>eS ' good motor, trunk, and wean. Down payment ___,i. Chevrolet Coach- Down payment - USED TRUCKS - $75 "29 Re,. . hort B. -,$435 Sales FORD

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