Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 18, 1939 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 18, 1939
Page 6
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PAOE SIX WE DO CUSTOM SHEARING.— Clyde Bristow, 13 on 96 Burt. 10p26-33 IP YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO sell Hst it in our want ads, and get results. WANTED—WOOL. WE PAY FULL market price. See us before you aell.—Swift & Co., Algona. 16u31-33 F-30 FARMALL tractor and cultivator for sale or trade for livestock.—Inquire Advance. 13p29-31 WANTED —WORK IN PRIVATE Write care X Box 400, Algona. g31 BAPTIST WOMEN NAME ALGONIAN NEW PRESIDENT Swea City, Apr. 17—There was a large attendance at a Baptist women's rally at Algona Wednesday. Fifteen churches are included in the association: Rockwell City, Webster City, Fort Dodge, Renwick, Goldfield, Corwith, Algona, Bancroft, Ayrshire, Burnside, Holmes, Eagle Grove, Curlew, Fort Dodge, Riverview, and Swea City. Officers were elcted: president, Mrs. F. C. Volzke, wife of the Algona Baptist pastor; first vice, Mrs. Armand Tabb, Corwith; 2nd vice, Mrs. French Haldeman, secretary, Mrs. Fred Theis, Bancroft; treasurer, Mrs. B. E. Day, Fort Dodge. Retiring officers THE MOVIES ByT,H.C, PERSONAL NOTES— wr!n °% * rlef vacation I have l&A while the pre-^Easter rush was on and I was attempting to outfit itie good women of Kossuth county I have received a few letters frrai movie fans who read my colunn, and the letters have had the <le- elred effect, for they hav.e ac ed i j ? ' sprln & tonic" to stimulate a jaded critical attitude into sorie- thing which (I hope) .will be as affective with indulgent readers. First of all, however, the off»r- FREE ENLARGEMENT AND MIN- iature album with each roll film developed and by's. printed, 25c.—Lus- l-l(2)27tf .3, Class ,.._i-1 lively __ _ dent; Mrs. J. E. Brunei-, Webster j kind readers, while I City, treasurer. ' ' ' Among Swea Cityans in attendance were: . Mrs. D. W. Futs, Florence Alberts, Mrs. Frank Looft, Mrs. J. M. I , ~ ' "«,.^»ci, n«3 mi ii - ««*-v»i*i.u irei auiiitmy lai'is to CilOK, ings in the movie line have teen [with the memory of .the immortal rather poor for the last two wee is. Will so fresh In mind. I am not going to attempt to cover "" the fortnight in detail, but merely give thumb-nail reviews of the pictures; of the list I cannot say a single one has been outstanding. Most, in fact, have toeen distinctly apply the I VI.IIK?, AUIO, J.1CUUA. iJUl/lL, aVUij. J. iVl, .... Dye, Mrs. 0. A. Jensen, 'Mr. and ' or traier house I Mrs. Andrew Berg, Mr. and Mrs. - - -- - - Martin Olson, Clara Montgomery, Marjorie Hillsten, Mrs. Floyd room house which can be vance. moved.—Call Ad- 17p31 WANTED — MARRIED work part time on farm, tenant house and garden plat furnished. — 'See Gib Hargreaves. ]~p31 Treat, and the latter's children. MAN TO | Mrs. Chas. Kessler, Mrs. Leslie Hanson, Mrs. Dettmar Thompson, Mrs. Andrew Van Alstine, Mrs. Florence E. Anderson, Mrs. Marvin Kelly, Mrs. Emil Larson, Mrs. J. A. any size wells.— Guy phone 102, Lakota. 12p27-34 Algona Rotary Club Now Has Godfathers in Des Moines Club WAXTED—'EXPERIENCED GIRL, : The De s Aloines Rotary club will FOR SALE—PLANT EARLY 9311 Hybrid seed corn, be sure of a ' crop, $2.75 and $4.00 bu.; 98% test.! —A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore.' 20p31 ] critical axe. OKLAHOMA JOD— This is supposed to be an epic of the opening up of the great st£ te of Oklahoma, With James Cagney playing the part of bandit with heart of gold—who finally rounds up a gang of bad-men, gets a pardon from the governor, and marries the girl! But all this is co|n- trary to the generally accept idea that, for the good of the ch ,- dren, we must punish wrong doing. If we allow things like this to j-o on, what in heck is going to happen to our young folks? T-ET US This is one of those agonizii g affairs where injustice has be<m done, two innocent young people j wards. — — *• »'"«*»*o I-* WJt/lC railroaded into prison and unhaj- piness. You just know everythiig is goig to turn out all right; but JVA iivu—(t.Ai'h/KlE.NCED GIRL, ' ue 1Jtis "loines notary club will Iv. ngui.; DUC :n not under 20, for general work! be nost at a district Rotary confer- tne m eantime you suffer and suffer in rooming house. Xo cookng—Vp- ; ence Sunday. Monday, and Tues-! a torments which come fro|n ply Wednesday, 123 E. Nebraska i dva ' Ma J" 7 -9- T'here are more than I JU ?L lce E° ne astray I 60 clubs in this district I Henry Fonda mal makes a right gocd -- ~.«uo t ii llll.^ UIEJLIUJL. I -_ -".^^. u IV i ifellU &UL U FOR SALE—SMALL PIANO. CAN' The Des Moines club has assign-! suflfel ; er - a »d Maureen O'Sullivan ~..~^_^. » ..^..^. ^..-i., ^.ic ^ca .uuiiiKs CIUD nas assign-1 „ ««»^ou wouuivaii. ana a lot ot internes doctors ..hr>«!Algona. Continue the ed two men each from its member- a " e f. cell( ; nt sob-sister, who, rs pitals, and other nm^es The f°re ily ?CS left. - Write ship to .serve as silver anniversary f eetheart, goes through all tie whistle Mew right in the middle of no Co., Des Moines. I godfathers of the othpr r.inhs »,,H ! wa > w »h him, though emereimr the «hnw on ^ ,,",,,"„"! "..!.!. °_ r be seen in payments, only ... Critchett Piano Co., Des Moines. i godfathers of the other clubs and 20p30-32 : Ralph R. Farrand and Ira ^Stelle -; have been assigned to the Algona \vn ? a j. " the completely disillusioned critical about the world. \VANTED-REFIXED LADIES TO, club. ""*"* C AIB ° Ilu j I suppose there are ^1if:=?l£l?!«:^ 8 :™ e s«£,--*- - m '"""" ee - quire at Advance. numerots priate. for the reason that he is a former member of the local club. „ _' i *">"*^i inciiiuei UL tiie local ciuo. NO SMOKE! WHEN YOU FIRE~Ai J his ,T as when he was manager of n>*ini-,»i .r'^lrtr, ;„ i TT» _. , . , : tile AlSOIlcl hofpl. Vcir .cmmo -u/aouc! ; the Algona hotel. For some years going to Dps Moines he has bu ' through an evening of such torture and call it entertainment. An Edgar Kennedy comedy didn t help the situation. In fact I'm gc- ing to cast a iblack-ball for both Edgar and Leon Errol in the nejt Green-Colonial Furnace, yet get! no smoke in the face. There is a!v" 1Ce reason. Come in and inspect. — i e f" nlana fer of the Victoria hotel. Laing & Muckey. 31 L, bt j; ele is not known here. . - -- •" "«= ^.^ ung on a great rescue scene _: 1 1 Messrs. Farrand and Steele will be ; electl °n of members for the Acac- naturally put her "in lake" FOR SALE — International pick- invited to visit the local club early e , my of Comedy. I think both cf Kent Taylor the dnrfov up '37—LWB — mileage 7800 —' in May. Hlr>0 " '">"*•' """'-' *- '-- J -" -- uocioi. combination grain-stock box^—Jot I ve a "ne el S. Llvermore ' pb ™zw F&r ™ Journal Pays 15p30-31 DESK CLOCK FREE—COMPACT model. Can be used for pocket watch. 35 Sargent Feed gift coupons. See sift list available under Co. 31 CUT HEAT LOSSES — INSULATE with Zonolite. Simply pour between attic joists and in spaces between _ walls. Gives you winter coolness.—Bote- a Cash Reward for Catching a Robber -- ..-- «».,_ ~.. u ^, es Moines, Apr. 17—Payment of this plan.—Anderson Grain & Coal a ?25 reward has been made by r " "' ' the Service Bureau of Wallaces' Farmer and Iowa Homestead in connection with the recent arrest and conviction of Ralph Jensen for stealing poultry from the farms of Lloyd Finnestad and Henry Langerman, southwest of Fenton. Finnestad and Langerman, with the assistace of B. F. Montgomery, sheriff of Palo Alto, located 25 chickens bearing leg bands attached by Langerman. The poultry was found in a produce house to which Jensen had sold the loot. Jensen, who was arrested, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to the Anamosa reformatory for a five year term. The reward money was divided between Finnestad and Langerman. \ warmth, summei ford Lmbr. Co. 31 IF YOU NEED JMONEY WE'LL loan on car, furniture, arrange these gents ought to be definitely retired from circulation. THE LADY ASD THE MOB— This one has 1 definite possibil- ties, and Fay Bainter does a crec- itable job of acting in a role so fai- fetched as to fairly beggar imagination. But the thing is hopeles:;. Perhaps some inspired director could have done the trick, but whoever did this job (IVe forgotten) certainly either didn't have h's heart in his Work or else didn't h t the bullseye. It's about an old "400" who cleans , COttNTT ADVAtiGft.! ALGONA, IOWA squirming and wishing something Would happen. But toy the time the shdotln' begins, everybody Is asleep, or nearly so, and the show is over. Too bad. I'M FROM MISSOURI— They are trying hard to slip Bob Burns into the late Wtti Rogers shoes—a feat, In my 'humble judgment, quite Impossible. There Will only be one Will Rogers In motion pictures, and Bob Burns's homely, uncouth personality fails to click, To those who get a kick out of this philosopher of Van Buren (Arkansas) this show was probably a treat; tout I'm not eold on the gentleman myself, so I can't hand the picture any great shakes. About this time I was ready for a really good picture, but the next offering was— WOMEN 1ST, THE WIND— And I'd say they were giving our little '.Nell' (Kay Francis) a pretty raw deal in -her late pictures. I haven't seen anything with Kay in it for some time that I'd give a thin dime to see again. Women in the Wind deals iwith the Air Derby at Cleveland, and while there are some fine shots of generally accept id. j the races, most of the action is too i, .> .* .,.- -, , melodramatic and studio-ish to be really effective. William Gargan is the patient hero -who doves Kay, but Is double- crossed by his, unscrupulous blonde wife till the very last scene, when all wrongs are righted, and We are led to believe that the suffering couple will live happily ever after- 1- Algbna hotel. . Mrs. C. H. Cretz meyer will'give A talk on Art, an Mfe. Mi G. Norton will have a do exhibit. Mrs. Norton .has mttde hobby of collecting American an foreign dolls in the last two'ytea-r and she now has 65, 25 or 30 o which .are foreign, the rest Ame lean. Mrs. Henry Ondeflait Honored— Mrs. Henry Guderian was hoi oree at a surprise birthday part last evening at the home of Mr Lyle Mathes, Mrs. Edw. D. Shee nan, assisting hostess. The evei ing was spent at cards and Chink er-Chek. Other guests were Messrs and Mesdaniss II. R. Rasmusson Helbert Long, Norman Fried, Fre Gelgel, and Edw. p. Sheehan. Centenary S. S. Class Tonight— The Methodist Centenary claa meets tonight at the church, an entertaining will be Messrs, an Mesldames O. B. Lalng, F. I Thorpe, Max Miller, Andrew Got fredson, Tom Halpin, M. G. Nor ton, C. R. Schoby, J. M. Patterson D. L. Leffert, Geo. E. Johnson, an Fred Will;" also'Mrs'. Minnie Lpn and Elmer Hartshorn. S. S. Class Plans Party— An April social meeting of th Methodist 'Home Builders S. class will be held Wednesday even ing, with 6:30 dinner. Mr. and Mrs R. : O. Bjustrom are chairmen of th committee; Messrs, and Mesdame Walter Klamp, Russell Maxwel Hubert Schoby, Carl Walkei Wildin, Floyd Bacon, and Ralp Donovan, assistants. County Flower Clnb Meets— Mrs. J. 0. F. Price gave a tal on terraces and rock gardens at f meeting of the county Flower clu last week Monday evening in the assembly room of the 'library. Mrs C. C. Smith, president, But, well, by this time I'm pretty I Members answered roll well worn down on Class B pictures, so I make one last supreme effort and. see— FOUR GIRLS IN WHITE— This is a story about four nurses and a lot of internes, doctors, "hos- ti. -. --- ---- ..... "v.v, u-icn- i ifiJlL m. tUC 11110016 OI though emerging the show, and you know me when " it comes to fires—I'm as bad „„ ^ old firehorse! At the first sound of the siren I'm down in front of the old Akre grocery store, and to «imn ,,-ui, ,' ; ~T T~ •"""• "i-=, hec k with the picture! same w,th jou I don't care to sjt When I get back they were just having a fine railroad wreck, with dead and dying strewn - over the landscape, and one nurse, who had evidently been morally responsible for the death of another, was putting on a great rescue scene, which on line When matron of the ment. too, lived happily ever afterwards. A asked Doc Wallace, as I was' leaving the theater, what he thought of the show (after all, I felt that as a doctor his opinion would be worth something), and he offered the rather curt observation that if he'd known "before he came have stayed at home. I don't'know whether that's condemnation or just the reaction of a man who works all day and then likes to think about something outside his seeking enter'tain- presided - call on gardens to visit this year. May 21 was set for a tulip show to be con ducted by the club. Algonian in 90th Year- Mrs. Andrew G. Seastream was 89 yesterday. Her daughter, Mrs D. D. Monlux, served a family din ner in her honor Sunday. Mr. Sea- stream is* also living, and nex month the couple will reach theii 60th wedding anniversary, and al but five years has been spent here Mr. Seastream is a retired carpenter. Algonian Celebrates Birthday- Mrs. Henry Wegener celebrated her 62nd birthday anniversary Sunday, and guests were Mrs. Henry Reimers', Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Johnson, Mr.- and Mrs. Clarence Wegener, all of Fenton, and Algona friends. Mrs. Reinifirs is a sister Mrs. Johnson a daughter, Clarence a son of the'honoree. V. F. IV. Auxiliary Elects- Mrs. H. S^ Montgomery has been Mrs Mrs. Mrs, Mrs chosen V. F. W. president; John Diteworth, senior vice; Arthur Hagg, junior vice; easy repay program. Strictly confidential. No endorsers. — Ed- bldg., Al- ward Capesius, Heise gona. 31 PHEASANTS FOR a hobby. One dollar will brin, containing all needed you a book information on pens, feeding, and caring.—-Lux Game Farm, Hopkinton, la, g30-31 HOME LOANS — MONTHLY RE- duction or straight term. Title 2 FHA loans low interest rates, no commission. Loans for all purposes.—Algona Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n. 26u8tf CARD OF THANKS—WE ARE sincerely grateful to friends and neighbors for their many kind acts of sympathy during our sad bereavement. Our appreciation cannot be adequately expressed. — Albert Ogren, Mrs. R. L. Williams. FOR SALE—8x30 CHICKEN house. Well built, with good roof, paint, and windows. This 'is not a shack and is suitable for a warm brooder house. Must be moved in the near future. First $20 takes it.— Inquire Advance. 40g31 SEE THE WONDERFUL supply of big husky started chicks before you buy, and save money. Day old Leghorn cockerels $1.95 per 100, on Mondays and Fridays. Pullets U5% accuracy guaranteed. Straight chicks guaranteed to run 50 C / C pullets. — Hamilton Hatchery, Ban- c ro''t. 40u31 PADEREWSKI TELLS HOW TO keep up to date—"To closely observe the untiring activity of the American thought, to keep up to date, it would certainly require persistent, continuous, contact with innumerable periodicals. "Fortunately, in The Reader's Digest I practically find everything wanted; and the easy reading of its New Books for the Children Received Eight new children's books are on display at the library and will be put into circulation next week. The librarian, Beth Annis, has put the jackets on a bulletin board and the books on a table. An added attraction is a bouquet of callendulas in a Dakota pottery vase. This pottery is no longer being made. The books, written for children of various ages from primary to older boys and girls, are: Jungle River, Pease; Chee-Cha- Ko, Mallette; Solita, Moon; Capper- Toed Boots, de Angli; Nuggets of Singing Creek, Dawson; House in No-End Hollow, Justus; Sons of the Hurricane, Flaherty; Bobbie and Jock and the^Mailman, Finger. Mason City Driver Rams Thilges Auto Irvington, Apr. 17—The Harry Thilges car was slightly damaged last week Sunday evening, when a Mason City car struck it from the rear. Mr. and Mrs. Thilges were ju.st north of Algona and were en route to their home near Galbraith, after the day with Mrs. Thilges' parents near Lone Rock. The driver of the Mason City car tried to pass, hut discovered another car coining, and so pulled behind the Thilges car, but was too close to avoid running into it. The bumpers , ~«~., .x.iiu.nf., U i 11.3 *v, wjvi tunning muu n, a jju uuiiiptjr.s condensed, instructive and always were hooked together, and it was ^.V.l' 16 "™ t ^ rticles - Provides me j some time before the cars could be 'disconnected. Both were slightly damaged. , with valuable notions about many things and facts of which otherwise, I would be totally ignorant. This remarkable manual is like a mirror, faithfully reflecting a great part of America's intellectual life." If you do not already know Th< Reader's Digest, you may have ; sample copy free, through a specia arrangement made with this papei Address your request to, Dept. X. The Reader's Digest, Pleasantville employing gangster methods — i other words, fighting fire wit fire. Th« plot as there, almos tailor-made, but the action is slow the direction uninspired, and be fore the thing is done, everybody i i i t t 5 ho. there you have a brief resurr of the last two weeks. ' If I'\ stepped on any sensitive' toes thousand .pardons; but so far as am concerned the -whole two week offerings didn't amount to a tin! er's dam. Surprise Honors a Birthday Irvington, Apr. 17 — Mrs. Ell: Potter, Sioux City, Mrs. Mabel Pot ter, Spencer, the 0. L. Millers, Ir ington, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hayn Mr. and Mrs. Prank Miller, and th P. A. .Bartholomews gathered at M A. Bartholomew's, Algona, Satur, day evening as a surprise for MrsL Mae Miller, who was celebrating her 74th birthday. | Mrs. Miller was a daughter < the late Air. and 'Mrs. S. S. Potte., who came from Gales.burg, 111., 64 years ago and settled on the farn where the Charles Potters now ref side in Cresco township. Mr. Pot ter and the son Prank came ahea and hauled the household goods up from Port Dodge. Mrs. Potter anil the other children followed via thu Milwaukee. The other children were Cecelia, who married Charles Rist, William, and' Mae. Mae married Le number, Song of Iowa, Genevieve Wagner, Evelyn Clayton. The next meeting will be held next week Wednesday at Douglas Wildin's, Mrs. Loyd Martin assisting. Cresco Four-H Club Meets— The Cresco Chums 4-H club met Saturday at Zelda Long's six members and the leader attending. A talk was given by Alice Sparks on the recent posture training school at Clarion. Good Looks by Good Posture was discussed by Lather Scheppman; Identification of Five Game and Fur-JBearing Animals of our Community, by ^elda Long; and Bernice Reaper gave a talk on Planning Future Beautification of My Home. Music memory selections were played. Wedding Anniversaries Observed— i.^iu, «iiu atac. juae married .Lie- ,»«•„ , ,, Roy, son of Mr. and Mrs. David i W S- How ard Espland Miller, who then lived just nortlf 1 , K ?" Mrs> Archi e Dodds of the Cresco church. LeRoy and i ?!i!?!! ate 'L' vved( * in S anniversaries --------- LeRoy an Mae first farmed there, later 4i4c«c moi laiiueu mere, later oil i? i j .—--«* oleums ac tne the place where the Frank Miller:; 1 p f nd home - Ther e were • 12 now live, moving thence to Algona »t .j' the eve «ing was.spent where Mr. Miller died at Kfi , at ? r _ m £e. Doctor Thissen was hie-h N. Y.-^The Editor. 30 A FINE GIFT FOR SOME ONE •VA SUBSCRIPTION 'ToTHis NEWSPAPER' Burt Boy is Honor Man in Navy Squad Burt, Apr. 17 — Harold Weiske, who enlisted in the navy in February and has since been in training at the Great Lakes training 'school, has been chosen honor man of his company. On April 19 he will be graduated with his company, after which he will spend a week's furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Weiske. He will then go to New York to join the U. S. fleet, and from there will go to the west coast. Harold was prominent in athletics and music while in high school. Schoolboy is Badly Hurt Corwith, Apr. 17—Claire, 10, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Francis, suf- 'ered a dislocated and fractured eft elbow last week while he was at play with other children on the school ground.-A local doctor gave him first aid, and he was then tak- n to Port Dodge. where Mr. Miller died at 56. Since her husband's' death Mrs. Miller has lived with her onl- daughter, Mrs. Bartholomew. He only son, 0. L. Miller, lives at Irvington. An elder daughter, Lois diert in childhood. Mrs. Miller still suffers from ... hip broken in a fall a few yearn ago. Cresco 31. & 1). Club Meets— The Cresco Mothers and Daughters cub met, Wednesday with Mrs A. E. Clayton, Mrs. H. R. Claytor assisting, 20 members and sb guests attending. The guests were Mesdames Ervin Gerber, Whitte more, and Paul Wille, Gilbert Har greaves, Dorothy Fraser, alsc Genevieve Wagner, Cresco township, and Mrs. Ella Potter, Algona. The meeting was opened with Home on the Range, Mrs. Anna Sparks at the piano, and roll cal was answered with law observation, after which a business meeting was held. A penny collection was taken for the Penny Art club. The program was: paper, Places m , " — r~"° •*"«*» ci-am-ies T. hui «day evening at the . rt',,. Tnls «en was high, i and Mrs. Thissen was low. Mr and ' W0re ^^ating and Mr. n,,ri i , r. and Mrs. Dodds their 21st Mr , or Interest in Iowa, Mrs. Carrie Ulfers; report on County Federation meeting at Algona on April 11, a talk on Adult Education in Home Project Work as Carried on in Cresco and Riverdate townehips, Mrs. Paul Wille (the next follow- up meeting to ,be with Mrs. Eleanor Potter thte week Thursday, and all • " •* -T -v^n^fc *4*^*9uaj r j 4IUU ctfl women invited); hostesses' closing ,,-.---, w assistant manager at Crraham's, and Mr. Dodds is em- Ployed at the county sheds 1'nrty for «* "* r-,.*.....^ ^UIILITOlalll County Attorney, and Mrs. L. A Winkel's daughter Helen entertain ed at a party Friday evening hon oring Phyllis Walker, who placed fT^r I" the coun ty spelling contest Wednesday. The other guests all eighth graders in St. Cecelia's academy, were Mary Moe, Margaret Reynolds, Betty Stoffel Betty McEnroe, Rose Mary and Margaret Valentine, Jean Weiner Mary Lamuth, and Romona Eisenbarth Phyllis te the daughter of Mrs. Clara Walker, Algona. Reaches 84th Birthday— Mrs. Addle Ellis, who lives with her daughter, Mrs. Clinton Lighter observed her 84th birthday anniversary Saturday. She spent the day quietly at home, wliera she received a shower of birthday cards from relatives and frieads. Mr«. Ellis, despite her ago, can. still do good sewing, knitting, etc. iShe keeps up with the news and latest est books, and she is faithful in replies to letter fane: Exhibit of Dolls Today— * The D^iphlans are swettag for one o'clock luncheon today at the Carrie Taylor, chaplain; Mrs. Ben Nolte, conductress; Mrs, Stevens, guard; Mrs. Ida trustee. Robert Forbes Attend County 'Aux' Meeting- Six Algona women attended a county Legion-Auxiliary meeting at Lakota Wednesday: Mesdames Fred -Bartholomew, T. L. Larson J. D. Burns, Jos. Harig, H. C. Hargreaves, Joseph F. Pelisek. Mrs. Leo Laird, Rockwell City, district committeewoman, was main speaker. CITY BILLS April 13, 1939, 7:30 jp. m. The City Council met at the City Hall in adjourned session with the mayor and all the councilmen pres- nt. Ordinance No. 260 was .passed. Approved Ordinance No. 498 was passed. APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO. 498. ELECTRIC LIGHT FUND . U, Pollard salary _____ $ 87.50 Leo Bellock, salary ______ 7^70 P. C. Dailey, salary ______ 94^94 Tom Halpin, salary _____ 67.50 Walter Gorman, salary __ 67!so C. C. Wright, salary _____ 65.00 Ray Barton, salary ______ G5.00 ff. ,E. Step-henson, salary _ 65 00 Harold Roth, salary ____ 67'so Joe Kelly, salary _.., ____ 50.00 Adah Carlson, salary ____ 72.50 Srnst Thiel, meter 'reading 19.71 Mrs. Amy Johnson, labor. Diesel Service Co., dist. _. C. M. St. P. & P. R'y freight --------------- 196 . 25 Socony-Vacuum Oil. Co., Oil __________ _ q/» Apr H. W. Post, freight'""" 35.09 1.00 286 64 For Service A smart woman is wise io keep up her smart appearance by let- Ung u$ keep her c 1 o th es dry cleaned, A fashion economy! 164 Modern DRY CLEANERS 687 It's Bxjp. Agency, W7w. SulJivan, P, M. ..frontage. — —. - ------ Western Union, service, -i Algona U. D. M., •printing. .Algqha Advance, printing A : WATER FUND C. U, Pollard, salary .— Harry Barton, salary ---Frank Ostrum, salary — Earl Bowman, salary ---Laura Mitchell, salary — Dick Helmers, labor ----Ryner Helmers, later — Vern Scobba, labor ...... Elmer Holtcamp, salary— Algona U. D. M., printing- GENBRAl, FUND Arthur Moulds, salary — Cecil McGinnis, salary — H. A, Van Alstyne, salary Jesse Lashbrook, salary Elliott Skilling, labor -.± Willard Gregson, labor — Roy McVey, labor — ----Oliver Bakken, lahor ---Geo. Gunder, labor -----Chas. Harvey, labor ----Herman Lyon, labor ---John Helmers, labor ---H. W. Post, freight -----Clear Lake Sand Co., mdse. ......... * ______ C. M. St. P. & P. R'y, frgt. Algona U. D. M., printing Advance Pub. Co., printing SEWER FUND O. U. Pollard, salary ____ 12.50 Dick Helmers, labor ____ 18.90 Ryner Helmers, labor .-. 18.90 Vern Scobba, labor ------ 14.40 Elmer Holtcamp, labor — 11.80 Joe Dunn, labor ........ 3.20 Don Palmer, labor ------ ' 17.60 FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND Harry Barton, salary ___ 22.50 Ralph Elbert, labor ----- 17.25 83.79 25.00 42.50 65.00 60.00 67.50 21.15 20.25 19.80 7.60 10.25 62.50 55.00 61.00 70.00 73.15 68.14 20.02 39.67 37.73 36.58 36.58 39.27 3.11 95.87 78.04 93.83 143.40 Cecil 'NortftrUtf' *t,«» iNM>, fund —-_.-.i-».J-.«.«.stu ' Frank 'J. Trlerwei.er, #*-',; fund «.: *-.diii*.fciljijit , ' • 7 Passed and approved thW; 13th day trf,April, 1«39' ' 'V/i.,1 L/EIGHTON MlSIlAdH, . Mayor. Attest: ADAH CAftLSON, city Clerk. . • -v no. AN OKD1NANOB AMfetflHNG 'EXISTING OftDINiANOfi NO. 277 OP THE OKDlMANOfiS OP TMB CITY OF ALGONA, BE IT ORDAINED 'BY THE OlTY COUNCm OP THE CITY OP ALGONA, lOiWA:.. Section One., That Section Two (3) of Ordinance No. 227 Of the Ordinances of the City 'of Algona, Iowa, be and the eame ls, L hereby amended ;by adding to Section Two (2) thereof the following: In buildings of 'one .story , in height, where outer''wall is not a party wall or immediately 'adja-: cent to any other building, said The En In Laabs-Marrel Elbert WEDDING DANCE will take place at the WHITTEMORE HAIL April 25th All of our frlendg are Invited , to attend. iD'jtn if « . , "~ a **• not lP<xo it. inches solid brU han Bfaee and witv t *l brick every sev hea() « bfl ffaf*tviA»i ^ ""th f, "*3 UVtJlHQQ 8UffJpl fi -" with the provlsinn. ' to nance No. 227 n8 <" i Section Two •~ deemed full force „„„ Ite publication Adopted and Council of th c <,,.--»/. Iowa, this I3 1h $*« --•4k|«| A'pproved by m n ,.„ Cl( fO April, 1939. metl »»13thj LKIGHTON M [ S / ;I IF IT ISST TOO ' sonal a question, tild you have your 1 greased last? We f swell job! —Drive around!-.; Johuson'i] D-X SERVICE 'YOU'LL LICHT f VELVETy CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE /•'f ^^fl^'' FROSTING Boy,OHBoy,you JUSTTRVIT! •^ -"^S^L SO EAS/TO MIX WITH TRIPLE-CKEAMEO ' Spry CHOCO-MALLOW CAKE You'll love Spry pastry and fried foods, too and see how digestible made the Spry way ;*x '-pENDER, flaky pastry that melts gj JL in your mouth .,. crispy delicate- T ^_ _^;_ r * i c 11 .. W§ CAW HAVE. DOUGHNUTS, FRIED THE Spry WAY/ THEY'RE cR/sp/ER,TAsTigR. MAKE SOME TODAY Spry tasting fried foods that are so digestible a child can eat them ... cakes so delicious you'd think they were made with the most expensive shortening. Just try this .recipe and see. You'll understand why women the country over prefer to cook the Spry way now. Don't wait. Try Spry today. See how this purer, creamier shortening improves your baking, frying! vs=~ In 6-lb., 3-lb. and Mb. cans The new, purer ALL-vegetable —— shortening- CREAMED! TRIPLE- 54 cup Spry • 2 teaspoons baliij M teaspoon salt powder , I teaspoon vanilla M teaspoon soda 1 cup sugar . , 2 cups aided floiii 2 eggs, unbeaten 1 cup milk 3 ounces chocolate, 24 marshraallcm melted Combine Spry, salt and vanilla. Add sign I gradually and cream until light and duly, L (Done in a jiffy with creamier Spry I) Add cggi, I one at a time, beating thoroughly alter each addition. Add melted chocolate and blend well i Add baking powder and soda to flout aid ,/stft 3 times.-Add email amounts of flour to L creamed mixture, alternately with milk, mil- I Ing after each addition until smooth. Pout batter Into two 8-inch layer pans greased mlh I Spry. Bake In moderate oven (350" F.) 30to | 35 minutes. (See what fine, even grain Spry. cakes have. Use Spry in this recipe and bewi of best results!) ' Cut marshmallows in halves with srisson. . Pressing cut aides against cake, arrange on top I of each layer. Spread Choco-mallow Frostin! I" between layers'and on top and sides of cake. | CHOCO-MALtOW FROSTING 3 tablespoons Spry 2}^ cups gifted con-'{ 1J4 tablespoons butter fectioners'sugar: 1 ; 4 ounces chocolate \i teaspoon salt 7 tablespoons not milk % teaspoon vanilla Melt Spry, butter and chocolate togetherover ! hot, water. (Spry makes frostings dcliciously J creamy, beautifully glossy.) Pour hot milk f over combined sugar and salt and stir until-J sugar is dissolved. Add vanilla. Add chocolate i mixture and beat until smooth and thick ' enough to spread. Makes enough frostinsto I put between layers and on top and sides o! I Choco-mallow Cake. (All miiuurcflMKte in then recipes are lad)' <—— -(Clip andiave this Spry recipe}'— J KROEHLER 6 Piece Ensembles at price, you would expect to pay for a two-piece Suite alone $99.50 to $139.50 Stt at you Foster's

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