Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 11, 1939 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1939
Page 9
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^•^•^•^•JH^^Mi^M^^^^—- PPSL, «< ;jM. ,-?V, «. « fto* Service — K03STTTH COUNTY AfrVANCfl, A1XSONA. " ' ' 1 """ IM ^*^* M " M *^^^^^^^^ Burt Club to Present MRS,WOlWp, OF WHITTEMORE, TO BE SPEAKER Tree ••••^•••••^^^^^ to School Your Appearance A Goe« a Long 1 Way Toward GAINING SECURITY Thfl security of knowing your appcar- nn* ran win Admiration and confidence, KlS to by; the wearing of carefolly dry cleaned Clothes., Let us serve you Sh our call and delivery service-it's thrifty. : ' Modem Dry Cleaners.. I^ OM ,,OWA ; ' 'HOSE 537 'ARMS Burt, Apr. 10—The Womajn's club will meet next week Mom ay at 3 n. m. at the school gynnasium, and the public is invited. r 'he pro;ram will include music toy the ilgh school band, invocation, pre- imble of Constitution of thlj United States; Our Flag, Mrs. M. C. Jowie; minuet, 5th and 6th grades; >resentatlon of tree, Mrs O, H. Graham, president of the clulb; acceptance, E. R. Woltz, president of loard of education; Ameilca the Jeautiful; address, Mrs. Mary Woodward, Whittemore, county ederated club chairman; song Trees; planting of the tiee; Stai Spangled Banner. Good Friday Services Helfl— A union Good Friday service was held at the Presbyterian church Friday .morning. Places of business and the schools closdd for the services, and a good-sized audience attended. The 'Rev. U. M. IDoms pastor, conducted a devotional service, and the Rev. Thobuvn Speicher, Methodist pastor, gave the sermon. Erna Baars, school music II. H. KliARTI*. Kleld Reprefientirtlv«> eon, home address not learned. this day, filed opened, and read, Tuesday, the 25th day of April, 1939, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House In Al- t;ona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the CierU of said Court; and at 10 o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and JPonf JTew Church Members— At a special meeting at the ^ __^ __^ Methodist church Thursday even-jg'^ w "g" US g' i j"{"^ n y"t.i, ey ' r i,ave, why .ing two children of Mr. and Mrs.' Jack Sykes were baptised, and four I persons received into church membership: Mrs. Sykes, Mrs. Ted Jennings, Joy Cameron, Roland Thornton. PAQB MM* •^^•••••^"" said instrument should not b« bated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said d«* ceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, Marv 12, 1939. (Seal) KATHARINE McEVOY, Clerk of the District Court. T. Holtzbauer, Deputy.. E. C. McMAHON, .. Attorney. 28*3t Clarence Darnell, who moved to seeding oate Friday, a farm near Estherville two years Mrs. Anderson asked about W. ago, has returned to this county Payne, who wrote a good and has the farm where Plngle formerly lived southeast of Elmore. Clarence said Friday that William Rotterman, who lives a mile south of Clarence's place, J. Payne, who wrote a good story about them for the Advance some years ago. Mr. Payne has risen In Register & Tribune circulation employ since then and now has the whole state as his territory. It Archie Wilson Critically Sick- Both Mr. and; Archie Wilson was at home sick most of last week. 'His daughter, Mrs. Viola Matthews, Omaha, and her son Robert are visiting there. W Other Llvermore News. Mrs. John Frederick was hostess I to the W. H. M. S. Friday, with Mrs. Henry Swanson In charge of the program. Guests other than| mile soutn or Clarences piaue, wmnc BIU»> aa «»« *~' ..„.„. , the program, uuesis outer -i.un" had bought that farm recently. It shows what a man can do under a mem bers were Mesdames Larry !_!„ _« ftAA .«.««» ,1. i jtt /j nn \*f. An.nt *f it rt Vina T urtoa "Pont«ii<i O1 flfin. fl.tlu: JCHTliG GET OUR PRICE ON WOOL We will have our truck call for your wool if you wish """ JOE GREENBERG PHONE 118 Kossuth County Wool Buyer Since 1915 consists of 200 acres. , teacher, sang a solo, and byterian choir furnished special music. A Good Friday which Holy Communion ibrated "was also held at church. * * * * ..« — *, ..- — . Maynard Thompson, southeast of are working both farms, which to- E j more| was a t Tom Berg's help-r trethfir make nearly 600 acres. Mr. , ,„«,! Timranlav The men mo| gether make nearly 500 acres. Mr.) j saw wooA, Thursday. Koppen and the boys have equip- tin owd the Pres- service in Koppen and the boys have . . ped their two tractors with generators and electric lights, so If It need be they can work at night. They also have two spams of fine mules to do a share of the work. We were at Koppen's last week Monday, and among other things we noticed a fine orchard on the place where the family now lives. The men have done an excellent was cele-'l 0 * o£ cleaning up orchard and the same 1 la wn. We are always cheered to BARGAINS Quilt and Antiques _. ._. The Methodist Aid Wednesday decided to hold a 'Boston tea party and quilt display at the church Friday afternoon, April 21. Antiques will also be on display. Anyone having an interesting, quilt or antique is Invited to exhibit it. Light refreshments will be served, and a 15-cent admission charge will be made. At suppsr time a 25c meal will be servec Holy Week is Observed-Fair-sized audiences attended. Holy Week services at the Metho-1 ™* see well-kept farm yards. * * » * When we called last week Mon- , The men had uged blasting powder to split some Q£ the blg logs before sawing them. They were using a power circular saw. LOUISE ZWIEFEL, EX-LUVERNE, IS FARMER'S BRIDE dist church last week. The Rev. J. C. Buthman, district superintend. ent, preached, and a communion on ctors service was v held Thursday evening. Teachers Leave for Easter- Teachers who .went - home for Easter Sunday were Pearl Wilson, Alta; Alice Eighme, Stannon City; Leona Bahe, Fairbank Marguerite Bueghley, Conrad; ind Marian Hoppe, Fort Dodge. College Boys Visit Hei Charles Hanna and friend, David T. 'Reran, We intend to sell all our used tractors that we have in stock. Also tractor equipment. If you can use a tractor at some price, see us at once. short 1-F80 Farmall, all steel tread. 1-F20 Farmall, rubber front, steel rear. 3-regular Farmalls, all steel tread. 1-F12 Farmall, all steel tread, used only a time, good as new. 3-10-20 McCormick tractors. Make us an offer. 1-Massy Harris 4-wheel drive. A real buy if you have a wet farm. 1-No. 122 side connected 4-row planter, used two seasons, in the best of shape. 2_4. row cultivators, ready for work. CORWITH"iPLEMENT CO. CORWITH, IOWA J. 1 1C11U-, j-'iv « *"• —• • — • N Y visited Mrs. Maude Hanna from Wednesday to Saturday. The • boys are students at 1 o'wa City. Pool Hall Changes Hand*— C L. Holding has -lold his hall to Roy R. Morgm, Ottosen, who will take .possess ion April 17. Other Burt Sews. Mr. and Mi's. E. C spent Thursday with Schlwietert relatives at ithe Schwie- Lakota, and Sunday terts had as dinner ---- BaunV, daughters El.ie and Verdean, and the Marvin Baums, all of Baums, • Lakota. and the Clarence Elmore. F. W. Banm is a former county supervisor. Mrs P. F. Kriethe and Mrs. Al Staehie drove to Dai Moines- week Tuesday, and . last Eugenia Mae wee ue, Kriethe accompanied them home same day for the Easter vacation with her parenls student at Drake. Mrs. Edw. Blumer In Our Years of Experience of buying livestock in this territory, we find sood-doing ; and poor-doing hogs. Packers • want Bood-dolng and wei logs. It is a well-known fact that most farmeis now tee favorite concentrate and mineral while others stUl feed tne fashioned corn and water ration. We have found «a^ per cent of the thrifty, first-to-market hogs " e «° "° b The8e Imve been fed on the Walnut Grove ration, f r on i the sta, t 1 n hogs when marketed are of extremely good finish ana a. ""In'juna, 1038, we sloped In over COO head of teede^ jjBs from different areas and put them in our f eed yaid o n a ^ Grove ration. These pigs gained exceptionally well at J hed cost of $3.40 per hundred weight of gain. lbes ®, ,° B .r f twenty<or the high summer market and brought a P' 0 ™ 111 ™^^ per- iive cents per hundred for their prime flniah and. di easing 0611 W^'have started a herd of registered Berkshire^ and have them on a Walnut Grove ration and plan to *«W them °n d nut Grove through farrowing and maturing. N \ e £' f thl . i£t y. that Walnut Grove makes hogs thrive and keeps them tnmiy Walnut Grove has our confidence and endorsement. JENNINGS BEOS., Wvermore, Iowa. above en- Thank you, Ted and Clayton Jennings, toi ' «» aD ov ^ remained till •s and Junior at the Manua uer, of Coun- rrne ivev. *^> ^» ~i~ uc *> •»*„„ oil Bluffs, was a din ler guest Mon- B1U the Rev. J. H. Doms home home, and Junior I Friday. The Blume j | spent Easter Sunday h °The Rev. E. G. S He had preached a Presbyterian churcl The Birthday Gin day with Mrs. Belli Legion Auxiliary s will be held at Mrs. ter's this week Wei Ardella Lee spent her sWr Mr Ba Ph. 'Carney. Her at ' Bode, but -she has been - home c Monday; when she ha S fed p« W^UT «»OVE MINERS thrive through their growing period; Second, that they bad extremely good finish; Third, that they had, dvea&lng quality; Fourth, that when th« bogs were wld ,tbey brought 25c pei dred-^weight premium. • ^, 1( rM at Fifth, that ot ot roducUon, when Afnn'tlaV. wnett ouo e-"— y Slurs'as she was [noving a washing machine. Mr. and Mrs. j G. McDonald, a j G. cona, Hanna were business visitors at aS Mrs Cronin's parents, Mrs/G. W. Bleich. The L. A. Boetl Cities last Wednesday. £?=^-r« Mrs. stated above ^3.40 per hundred tbe -•Mwai as well as WJUjflU'l 1 WIMH*-! '*«»' TT^'aii kinds Qi S^i^&fttfirs^sjtffiSE "joes, their choice ot ail ajtnerftl was wAJj* 11 * WWVI *Wi Don't you think there l» 4 reason? honestly ^ e " Hev eN f°^' Mr> Fa " tter - 9 to » and, think. ^° tn \J* u eao uld give Wit^S 1 a soo4 fcuatoe!* standpoint *** ^ ,'T comparison ?S T G10YJ5 a trial? For the fe*M»& °°st J? *g£S the JSff r **** ^ wttwrtj-* *»"» g H*.v*)a» wthowt any irlSs^t*"- be £ha'c! A Declers, who lived in parents big handicap (deafness) if he has Lucas, Rasmus Olson, and Jennie * * * * , ' M,A npr MR arv ability and will to Holcomb, and Mesdames Lucas *"* CtUn K'r.rvnom onlltVinaut nf Tj»- tn6 nBCBSSary a/Ullll)' aiLM. vyni v« otto K.oppem, soutneast 01 ua «, nr u H P atill lives at Aleona and kota, lately moved to the George work, ^e atui nves at Aifcoita tKstss&srtiZ s tffastsrs:« ly lived, but he still has the place he used to call, he left, and he and his three boys Mrs. Bernice Holland, Bode, drove here Friday to pick up Gladys Sleiter, Fenton, for a weekend visit. They taught together at Livermore, Apr. 11—Frank Mor- day at the Elzo Heyes farm, northeast of Lakota, we find Elzo getting his farm machinery ready for work, and he was hoping to get ; Webster'cityr'wei-e married at the into the fields soon. We read last 1 cit Methodist church week that some farmers near Blue Wo(1nnRf Earth had begun field work. B JJ1VC1 illU* tyj *»f * ' — — -- _ Ior i ris Livermore, and Louise Zwiefel, get • ve mar ried at the ?entori:. when Mrs. Holland was Bernice Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Falb, recently ] married, have an apartment at Mrs. Bertha Carrel's. Mrs. Falb un a position at Boone to join her husband. Mrs. Jennie Holcomlb, who spent the Winter with relatives at Guthrie Center and other points, is again here. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILT No. 4486. In District Court, State of Iowa,. Kossuth county, ss. January term, 1939. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That an instrument of writing purporting HO WOO YOU 90 IT, BILL? We called at Rufus where they had planted seeds 'for early college Albany, Rufus said he had done and harrowing, but Mrs. Olthoff had done "the hard work" — namely, the planting. There's something about garden- planting that many husbands just don't fancy and think is harder work than anything else on the farm. * * * * P. L. Stainbrook, who formerly lived at Burt, where he and a son manufactured Inner-spring mattresses, has moved to an 80-acre farm northeast of Whittemore, on the north side of No. 18. * * * * Otto ^ Richter, southwest of Elmore, showed us three big piles of block wood which he and a brother had sawed, and Otto remarkec! that this is one place where one can warm up at splitting. We noticed that plowing with two tractors was going on. The men were working on high ground and doing a good job. When we stopped to see Wednesday. The bride, Olthoff's, Lu Verne many years, was em- northeast -of Lakota, last week! ployed in a bank there before corn- Monday. Mr. anid' Mrs. Olthoff had ing here to work in the State bans, just come from their garden, I Following death of her parents at - Lu Verne she went to Welbster City to live With Mr. and Mrs. Groves. Mr. Morris, son of the late Charles and Anna Morris, lived with his parents, on their farm southeast of town before renting the Taylor farm, where he lived years. Two years ago he rented the Cox farm, where the newlyweds are now living. Club Has "Backward" Party— The Twentieth Century club had a guest day at Mrs. Fred Pooch's last week Tuesday. This Was a 'backward" party. Dinner was served, "backward" — finger-bowl first, .napkin last. A spelling contest was also "backward." Assisting Mrs. Pooch were Mesdames Kermlt Shaw, Harry Clark, Karl Baessler, John Olson, Fred Hintz, and Gale Berryhlll. Guests other than members were Mesdames Frank Hoffman, 'Larry Lucas, Norman Scott, Ernest Boyd, Herbert Raney, Carl Underberg, J. F. Hamm, Ernest Logue, L. E. COCK- rill, Anna Pooch, also Mrs. lr. Schuffin, Algona. Barretts are Heard From— Evered Raney has .returned from a visit at his sister Mrs. V. A. 'Barrett's Troy. While he was there the Barretts took him to Keokuk to see the big Mississippa government 'dam. Both Mr. and Mrs. Barrett are former Ledyard teachers, and Mr. Barrett is now superin- ~ consolidated southeastern to be the last Will and Testament of L. F. Jenkinson, deceased, dated November 17, 1J>38, having been PLUMBING! new plumbing? We'll be glad to work with you on any ideas you have in mind. LAING & MUGKEY Phone 464 Algona, Iowa PLENTY OF POTASH AN9 'QUALITY CKOPS- Oscar Holland, southeast of Elmore, last week Tuesday he had just come from a field where he and his fath- F W er-in-law had been measuring F. W. She la a . lAlgona, and up ^ in the""conservation program. Oscar showed us his spring pigs. He has 72 Chester Whites and Spotted Polands that Avould be hard to beat. * * * * John Osland, southeast of Elmore, was at his neighbor Victor Franke's last week Tuesday, ana was cleaning oats from Mr. Franke. what is called "Gopher" oats, a he had bought j Iowa. The oats tendent of a Troy school. Troy is in OPTOMETBIST EYE STRAIN FREQUENT ly effects one's general health. Are you sure of your eyes? Come in for examination. A. W. AMUNSON Optometrist Above Borchard Drug Store to refill his wagon-box with oats, for he was seeding. It was a little windy that day, but the breeze just scattered the oats so much better, he said. ».,„„.. .„. ~~— Olson— I Oscar Olson, who for some time 1 has been in a serious condition, with little hope for recovery, is reported slightly Improved. Last * * * * the Lakota Sunday, le met fPhurs- Reynolds. A swing meeting R. S. McWhor- nesday. last week with Carl Vogt, southeast of Elmore, was out In a field, burning -" weeds where he intended to oats when we saw him last week Tuesday. He had driven into a corn field with his car, and' the ground was so soft that he had got stuck. This writer showed him how to get the car out, using dry sand that we carry in our car for that purpose. You put the sand on in front of the 'wheels (or back of them if you want to back out). The car will week he was being kept in an oxy- I gen tent at a Fort Dodge hospital. He had nearly recovered from flu when pneumonia set in. John Olson, plumber at Cayou's hardware PROFIT margin* increase when production costs decrease. Potash lowers production costs, because it increases yield per acre and improves quality. To produce 1 bu. of good quality com requires more than 1 Ib. of potash, part of which must be supplied to most soils by fertilizers. Truck crops are particularly greedy feeders on potash. Many of them remove from the soil more potash than nitrogen and phosphoric acid combined. Consult your county agent or experiment station about the fertility of your soil and what it will produce if well fertilized. The use of enough potash to supplement that available in your soil and to meet your crop requirements will help guarantee a return on yow investment in land, seed. and labor. See your fertilizer dealer or manufacturer about fertilizers high in potash. You will be surprised how little it costs to insure yields and quality which leave more xoom for profit. if Write us for information and literature on profitable fertilization of Midwestern crop*. American Potash Institute, Inc. INVESTMENT BUILDING WASHINGTON, D. C. Midwnt O//fc«; UU Buitdimy. Lafayittt. Indiana ITlnrePtolii a , ta Indiana. The Lees for- yve has been &B since last week suffere,d a hip dry. here, is a son. SOW rs. Wiggins Has Operation- Mrs. J. M. Wiggins, wife of Doctor Wiggins, retired pastor here had a goiter operation last week Tuesday at Rochester. She had been in poor health a long time and had spent part of the winter at Rochester, taking treatment. Doc tor Wiggins is with her, and it i reported that she. is doing well. wan . run out because the sand mixes ( Glrt , 8 Celebrated— IU1L ui*i* 'fcivvt*——«» - . ( VYIi. 1 a MfMm «!«•*»•» j »_,„-•»,.•.*— — -into and thickens the black, wet| Donna M a y, daughter of Mr. an Ul'UU ^VIIM- v»* »*/•»«•»" • 'dirt This scheme works even better on ice, for the sand freezes to the ice as quick as it strikes. J. Smith, Mrs. .d Mrs. Maude Cronin, of shers and the Mrs Rasmus Olson, north of town was hdnoree at a ibirthday panty a the' parental home Friday, when n. m. dinner was served. Attend Sioux City, at Tuesday, bUw-.— .•• there, and she said the farm where they live had been sold recently to Fred Ruukesmeler, who lives five miles east of Elmore. # * * * At Fred Butterfield's, northeast of Swea Oity, there is a new boy, [ born February 9, named John •Frederick. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Butterfield also have a pretty 4-year- old girl, whose name is Marilyn. •On the same day the boy was born there was born to Mr. Butterfield s brother George and the latter s wife of a girl, who has been named Georgia Ann. Mrs. • Butterfield said these babies were almost twins, for they were born only 3 minutes apart. This was the day of the worst blizzard of the winter too. man; HIP IN VALVE BRINGS LEADERSHIP IN SALES^ been Mr and Mrs. Ole Tjelle, northwest o£ Ledyard, are a .new cpupje on the Ledyard mail route. Mr*- Tielle is the youngest daughter 91 William Hagedorn. Mr. Tjellecanje from Norway 14 years ago. This is the Donovan farm. Mr, Dpnoyan, who had batched it on the place and owns a balf section there, drink A BIT ETC EAT when you drink 4 EXCLUSIVE VACUUM GEARSHIFT VtCUUB IWSUI SUUlBS U% il Ua SklltlPjlUrt NEW AERO-STREAM ITIIINC auu v™** 0 ** *•*»*• —r •—"^7 . , j , moved to Elmore. He is entitled to a vacation. The writer always enjoyed visiting with him. We called Thursday at Jay Taylor's, northeast of Elmp.re, a.*4, found the wen getting . -S * X-X <N •• • "• -.v.v,-,v.v -•• - --• Chevrolet is first in sales because it's first in styHn||—first in acceleration—first in hill- climbing—and first in value in its price range! Again the people of the nation are awarding Chevrolet first place in motor car sales! And the yeason they are buying more Chevrolets than any other make of car is that this new Chevrolet tfves them more of all the things they want in a motor car, at lower cost. Visit your nearest Chevrolet dealer today! See, "drive and buy the nation's fastest selling motor car and the nation's biggest dollar-value! PERFECTED KNEE- CTION RIDING SYSTEM On Mailer Do lu» mode'l only HEW "OISERVATION MR" VISIULin :•/ 'till EVROLET A* Oafr I1KEI

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