Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1939 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1939
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGQNA. IOWA PAGE SfiJVEM JBtaB^H^^™ ^^*^^^ ^^•1^^^* •^MHM^VMHI w^fj^r William 1'esch, BuM, Is a new mechanic at Dau's garage. Mrs. M. 11. Dohcrty and Mrs. Richard Cowan were at Des Moines Friday and Saturday. Jean Pollock, employed at the Priebe, Lone Rock, and Veryl Smidt, Sexton, will also attend. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ridder, Fairmont, were guests Wednesday of Mr«. Mary Harsh. Mrs. Ridder is a slater of Mrs. Harsh. Mr. Rid- brought him Melt. Donald and Herbert O'Brien, also of Palmer, spent Sunday with Leo. • Mr. and Mrs. 0, S. Reiley, of Marshalltown, were guests Friday at H. M. Potter's, and Mr. Relley spoke before the Woman's club In the afternoon. Mr. Relley is well Jff. and Jits. J. H. Hoppe, Fort Iflle Cady, sister of Mrs. Neitzel. Mr. Dodge,'were Sunday guests of Bar-|Neltzel is in the clothing business, her and Mrs. Frank Shllts. They .The Nettzels have now .gone to came to attend the Early Risers- \ north Kosstith to look after real club breakfast Sunday morning at estate and are visiting relatives at the Fred Parks home. The Hoppes .Elmorek wherfe they) once lived, are still members of the club and. Mr. Neltzel was for some years a come regularly to meetings. Mr. representative in th& Minnesota LUC ULlel 1IUU11. 1Y1I . iVCllUJ' I» WCJ1 k.UUH3 »^e,v»lc*».»J *v ...wv,«." 0 ~. ,11.. TT „ Tiff «i \, rl remembered here as Major Saul's' Hoppe, formerly with the Pratt legislature He says Montana had predecessor as local Chamber of! Electric here, Is'now in the refrig-l a good winter,jlUipleaaantweath Commerce secretary. He now holds oration and electrical department • erand livestock on the ranges Jocal Metropolitan Life office, spent I der> ft fanner, for many years the week-end wluh her parents at' ow " cd a Jwdware store at Fenton. Rolfe Mr. and Mrs. Milton Coonan, Des Mrs. 1). C. Hutchison will go to M °- ncs ' wllh thelr childl>cn ' Susan and Patsy, called Friday at J. Carroll. and Mr, w. w. j Ktnmetsburg Mrs. Martin 1C. Ca"; »o»» — ' bo - r - n and rf? She waB.married L a ' 60 In the irnta. ?me lived at Mlnneapo- . Later she with thc latter's mother, Mrs. Daniel Kelly. Until IMsliop, who toadies at Iowa City, will spend the week-end i with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, A. A. Bishop. Mr. nnd Mrs. William Welgert, Thompson, were Sunday guests of Cponan, i. Strcit. have a like job at Marshalltown. H. K. llosewnll, Blue Earth clothier, and his wife spent Sunday with the former's mother, Mrs. Marie Rosewall. The elder Mrs. Rosewall has been having a severe attack of the flu, but she is now up again. It is getting to be a long time since II. R. ("Katz") was a freshman clerk at Mlsbach's. TIus Catholic asked mention of a special broadcast via WKAF Saturday afternoon at 2:l!0. Mazic V. Scanlan, na- ago. then moved to | J ^ fi he has several other boftr work on exhibition i ioi'H, \vill speak on The Call to i Youth. Mr. and Jl.rs. Paul Voigt, Fen- | of a Sears-Roebuck store. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Stephens are j parents of a son, born Thursday | at the General hospital, weight eight pounds, named, Jasper Lance. Mrs. Stephens, the former Ruth Robinson, is a daughter of Mr.. and Mrs. Chester Robinson, farmers wlntered in good shape. IOWA MOTHER OF THREE AT LU VERNE DIES SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2-5 TOP—FUN AND THRILLS—TOP near Algona. Meredith Ila Mr, and Mrs. Stephin town, and Mr. Mac; Leffort returned to the Ames mail carrier for his father, college Thursday, after Mrs.' Lucinda Hauser, 81, died at • Ko«ith ho.pltal Monday f morn- Leslie I Ing of the „ rmHies , o age a week Stephens, who is vacationing in the i Mr. and South. I here with their parents, Mrs. B. -P. Richardson and Mr. and . Harold ItllnUninn, who had been Mrs. D. L. Leffert, respectively.' manag i ng a n A. & P. store at Ila Mae, a senior, is majoring in | C j, el . 0 k ee s i nce August, has been ficience and entomology, and Mere-1 transferred to Sioux City, where dlth, a freshman, is majoring in ne has cnargo O f t h c produce de- I home economics Mr. nnd Mr. and Mrs. Alex Derman, of the l011 ' " ro l )!ircllts of a daughter born ;''• " ', *^ ._ _» _^f 1r/M.i r .t./1r. *• MUn.nl.url ..4 41.r, VftHY.,t4 V. I H, I 1 II IM 11 Li Dermand cafe. The high school and grade tench- yesterday (Monday) at the Kossuth' the first child. Mrs. i former , partment for the same company. Julius Bllnkman, i Har(J j d> w . ho c i er ked in the local at the hospital more than a year. Funeral services will be held at 9 .,, n Wpdni»«lnv at thp Ev- M] . WaUer> paBtoli( offlclat r " lel ' ing. Burial will be in the LuVerne cemetery. Mrs. Hauser was born April 2-1 1858, at Walnut, 111., and she Hv ™»™»'" d hte > , , , , a anu, ., an se „*"?, „, store sevel-al vears ' is the so " °/ ed successively there, at Lu Verne Cfll Mrs. .Minnie Blinkman The A * at Cedar Falls, and New Hartford day and Saturday. j Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Geigcl called I Lone Rock. l-eo Sollies took her moth- picture for at William Kennedy's, Hurt, Fri-i er-iu-law, Mrs. John Spilles, to day. Mrs. Geigcl and Mrs. Ken- Rochester Sunday for a major op- nedy are cousins. Albert painter and decorator, has completed a painting and the library ** - ' 4 • C4 IVf 1 f iiW*3 UVf UJ l-nv; VV*>_t C* £>UlllLUlf^ IIHU boam with sails _ furled decorating job at Harry Bode'a in ihlueKreen water and a sKyjp lun) Creek township. ist DiueM" rvinnirine •»_ i •».„.. ™ '.. oration. Mrs. Spilles, whose home been here many years ago, when Mr. Blink- o j a man worked in the Dickinson gar- , age. He is now body-repair man organization at Sioux City is a i'Ke concern. The produce de- alone takes up one-third FAREWELL to your BLUES Her* Com«§ FUN! BORN TO FLY! for for several weeks. The elder Mrs. local Presbyter- a Ford garage. K. W. Anderson from Rochester, where she at Cedar Falls, and New Hartford, She was .married in 1878 to John | L. Hauser, and they had 14 children, ten daughters and four sons. Two sons and seven daughters Kelley. Advance shop | are dead. Mr. Hauser, who had a "devil" for the last three years, if arm near Cedar Falls, died April resigned Saturday and began work] 5, 1029, and Mrs. Hauser then llv- Monday at the Norton machine ] ed at New Hartford till January is blind. Thirl y from nst Dluegreuu n^~. ---- ..aium vicun. •.U«YIIRIII I >. I Tuirij mini mo local i-resoyter- with sunset haze. Changing | Mr . nn(1 MrHt Duane B Dcwc i ian church aUon ded a concert giv- - day advances ai-1 wen , t to Des Moincs Thursday to on by the a capella choir of the l g ht as the I the a e colors in the pamunfc. i atten( i the annual meeting of the. University of Dubuque at Lone brings out the glow OM state Press association. Rock lust cveninc. The event was ,j ng brings out me B iuw ^j State • ••- afternoon the col- y and in (i lie water is richer picture. T. H. which was .present- Chrischilles, 'a R . . of the Hbrary board, has the east wall In the kber i hung on Mrs. Fred Jncoh was a Sunday i sponsored by the Lone Rock Pros- Irence room, innesotans Save [Day for Dan Cupid i Cupid must have been tak- vacation last week, or .per: was suffering an attack or . flu or was afflicted with the ling fever. At any rate no local es applied for marriage licen- ; the district court clerk's of- l~TVo licenses, however, were led for Minnesota couples, and je bring the out-of-state licen- ho 22 so far this year. The lic- iees were John A. Murphy, Big •k Adelia Kelm, Grand Rapids, 1 Donald E. Meyer, Fairmont, Ice M. Armstead, Madelia. 4- dinner guest of Mv. and Mrs. Floyd Torgeson, Bode. Mrs. Jacob and Mrs. Torgeson are cousins. . Ha/el Maudlin, of Webster City, was a guest last week Tuesday of Meredith Richardson. The girls are byterian church. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Clum, of Em- had taken her husband last week Sunday for medical treatment. Mr. Anderson, who is in telephone employ here, will remain there ten more clays, having a ru <*** »' lo *" '" °' In printing parlance a. "two-third- e'r" is one who is about two-thirds had not diagnosed his case. Surviving are three daughters: Mrs. Mert Barton, Mrs. William Schul'u, and Mrs. James Godfrey, all of Lu Verne; and two sons, leaa-poisonmg, uui ^ p ub j lc ~, a tnat ^ takes longer to . George Hauser, who lives on the tne mayo Doctors graduate a skmed pr i n t e r than to | home farm near Cedar Falls, and make a doctor or other profes-' Fred Hauser, Van Horn. There are He' is thouKht"to be through with apprenticeship. L of leadpoismUn g °but 'act not generally understood by Helen Sterling, employed at the Metropolitan Life offices at Fort sional man. 112 grandchildren and one great- Linnan were grandchild. Mrs. Hauser was a member of the Evangelical church. REYNOLDS MILB'JRN STONE college classmates at Ames. Murpnret Fusscll, librarian and history teacher in the local high school, spent the week-end at Webster City with her aunt, Mrs. Paton. Huchcl' lleclicr, Portland town- Sart were .III* ttlill ill » .T» J. 1. 1.J, V> 1 Ulll) V/4. *.J1" -•-•!....,_.,.,«...,«.. .«... v ,_,..»-•- — --. «.„ — metsburg, were guests • Friday 'ati Dodge, spent Saturday with her -Jir. ami Mrs. u Gordon Kulm's. Mrs. Clum is a i parents, Mr. and. Mrs. A. A. Ster- Passengers on that last week ^ sister of Mrs. Kuhn, and Mr. Clum ling. With Arno' Hahn, Whitte- Monday Milwaukee train which Paul Kreuger, west of Titonka, conducts a recreation parlor. Mrs. more, she visited Mr. and Mrs. was held up at Prairie du Chien, I ^ 1( . had been a fine week for Kuhn, who has been sick for sev- Raymond Gilbert at Eldora Sun- Wis., because ice breaking up pre- ; mtle j for elght o£ his sows eral weeks, is improving. day. The Gilberts, who now oper- vented use of the Pontoon bridge, farrowe(1 74 pigS) , and they are do- Mrs. Chester DcSart, who teach- ate a laundry there, were for some over tne Mississippi, ine "am, jn fme He said that six sows ''"" ^"" " f c ' 19 " ™ '"'' ""' "'-' . - . . . ship, returned Monday to her work as Advance reporter and bookkeeper, after ten days off with the flu. Mrs. George Miiicr, mother of Mrs. Jewell Larson, farmers' wife- near Algona, had a major operation Monday at the Kossulh hospital. Mrs. FrnnU IVinUel got home one day last week, after having spent the winter with her chidlren at Minneapolis, St. Paul, Clear Lake, and Omaha. Tola Lehman was a week-end In a Mason City sch6ol, is spend- I years local laundry employes. | due here at 6:12 a. m., did not ar-, •k here Mr and Mrs De ! Uv/Ae E. Conner, Wheaton, 111., rvie till. 3 p. m. Mr. Linnan had at Minneapolis Sunday, many years ago an Algonian, wrote been at Bloomington 111 a few attending an ice canvival. Mr. De- Sart has charge of the shoe department at Christensen's. Mrs. A. K, Anderson went to Rochester Saturday to be with her husband, (Andy the grain man), who is recuperating from a recent operation. He is now gaining in .strength and is out of the staying at a convalescents' raised 61 pigs for him last year. IOWA THEATER EASTER PROGRAM "THE ADVENTURES OF JANE ARBEN" Co-Hit GENE AUTRY in "Mexicala Rose" last week Monday to renew her Ad- days, attending a meeting of at- vance and Upper Des Moines, which torneys representing farm insur- she still reads though her eyesight airee companies, and Mrs. Linnan is poor. Miss Conner said she had meanwhile made a visit at Chi- agrees with Hodgepodge about, cago. __ slacks. "I think it- is terrible the! Mrs. Max Barrow and her two- = way so many girls and women of, months-old daughter, returned to — today dross, smoke, and drink." ! Davenport yesterday after a visit ^lllliillllllllllliiillUllllllilllilllllllllillllllllllM the l Betty Cleophas,' Forest City, came Mrs. Barrow is Etheline, and the is Mrs. onovan, Livermore [Undertaker, Passes Llvermore, Mar. 29—The com- fnity was shocked Sunday morn- guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lehman, Hoharton. She is still in theater company employ at Des Moines. Lillian Davis, who has been employed at the Eugene Murtagh ,„, . home, had an appendicitis opera- to learn of the sudden death of i tlon Thursday evening at the Kos- W. Donovan, C3. He died in! suc h hospital. Mr. and Mrs. William Quarton, Cedar Rapids, spent the week-end with the former's parents, Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quarton. William . night before a doctor could ich him. His wife and daughter, fllle, the latter of Chicago, sur- jve. Mr. Donovan, who operated I furniture and undertaking bus- i here many years, had work- the day as usual'and |id eaten supper as usual with Donovan. -* len Show They Can Cook Good Suppers ICresco township men sponsored [ waffle supper Friday evening at community hall, formerly the lUth Oresco Methodist church. ley cleared recent expense for el- lights and had enough left ) buy window shades. After sup- |er the rest of the evening was at at dancing. The Good Hope len served a public supper last fednesday night and cleared some ) for the church budget. Plan Joint Service for Episcopalians IA sunrise service, with Holy and sermon will take is in WMT employ. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Banker, Roland, Wyo., arrived last evening for a visit with the former's sister, Mrs. L. F. Rice. Mr. Banker is employed in a oakery. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Foster , , Mr and Mw W H Irwi Sac! Saturday night for the" week-end other Muckey daughter itv qnont T iu s'dav and Friday ! with Jane's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dahlhauser. The Muckeys h P1P ' wm the id^hte Mrs F i Lewis McWhorter. Th e girls are ' returned to Algona in . Fehruary Farl Burgess " nd took : MK il' N I both freeman at Waldorf college, j from Rock Island, where Mi . Muck- NP vbv afso of Sac Citv home with I Prof . and Mrs. Oscar Rauh, For- Newby, also ot fc>ac city, nome wuu 1 __ i ^ ------ o.— j... _.J ------- had been a decorator for the them. Mr. Newby, an aunt 'of Mrs. Burgess, had been here two weeks. Leoim and Harriet Smith were Leoim and Harriet Smith were eaiiui week-end guests of their- mother,] lege. est City, came Sunday afternoon Hotel Fort Armstrong. His heatlh and took the girls back in the ev-; recently demanded that he seek ening. Mr. Rauh teaches In the col-! m ° 1- e outside work, and he is now Mrs. Neil Smith. Leon is a teacher in the Dakotah City (Humboldt) schools, and Harriet is a stenographer in the chemistry department of the State college at Ames. Mrs. F. S. Norton, with her daughter Eleanor, spent last week- Mrs. Jennie Ferguson Saturday to care . for Mrs. Ellis McWhorter till May. Mrs. McWhor- i working for Harry Baker, with arrived whom he was associated before going to Rock Island. Mr. nnd Mrs.. Joe Greenberg went ter recently suffered a stroke but; to Chicago a week ago Saturday is able t'o be up and out-of-doors on a combined business and plea- again. Mrs. Agnes Seeley, Mrs. Me- 1 sure trip, returning Thursday. Whorter's sister-in-law, took care Their daughter Isabel, a senior m N^l S r 'lSnal8 a teach: o her from MV. McmorteTs delth ! dramatic art at the state univer- ' ' •"*• **» ™«v b^n taklnz oart , in St Paul school Mr' and till the end of last week. Mrs. Fer- *-' 1 ***«••*••»'• I_..__..T,,.J !*«,.«•. rl n 14-{vin'ni''Dn«11nA -' ••' Mrs. M. M. Morrow, Audubon, also spent last week-end here. Mrs. Morrow is another Norton daugh- al- ter. i on Easter at the St. Thomas iplscopal church. At St. Stephen's, Ipencer, there will be a union >rvice ol four missions, with Holy Wiarist and sermon. The choirs [id acolytes from the Emmetaburg, itherville, and 'Algona churches '1 take part. The Rev. A. Linnell »ock is priest-in-charge of the Mr missions. tended the funeral of a niece of Mrs. Foster at Arlington Thursday. She was a young woman, the mother of three small chidlren. Mrs. Herbert Fnrst was taken home Sunday from the Kossuth hospital, "where she had a major operation a couple weeks ago. Mr. Furst is a mineral salesman. Mrs. Craig Smith, with her mother, Mrs. Joseph Fleming, of Whittemore, and the former's sisters Ruth and Eleanor Fleming, were at Fort Dodge Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. K. Elman, Buffalo Center, with their children, were Sunday guests of the Tom E. Dai- leys. Mr. Elman, cousin of Mrs. Dailey, conducts a hardware store. The E. B. DeLanos were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson, near Rockwell City. Mrs. Johnson is a sister of Mr. DeLano, wh.o drives a truck here for DX products. , Clyde Cramer and Orville Wicks attended an Arnold Motor Supply sales meeting at Spencer Saturday. Mr. Cramer is manager of the local store, and Mr. Wicks is a sales- Mr. and Mrs. C. Herman and Mr. and Mrs. Anton Anderson took the former couple's daughter, Mrs. E. A. Paschke, to her home.at Echo, Minn., Thursday, after she had spent several weeks here. Mrs. Paschke is the former Marie Herman. Messrs, and Mesdames Mike Reding and Charles Jennings, Livermore, left Thursday for two weeks with relatives and friends at Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Reding moved recently from a farm in the Lu Verne-St. Joe vicinity to a home at Livermore. Margaret DltsworOi, Des Moines, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ditsworth, farmers near Algona. She is a graduate of the local high school and of the American Institute of Business, Des Moines. She is in insurance company employ. (;. It. Murtagh went to Des Moines Friday to attend a meeting of the state emergency relief board. guson had been visiting at'Racine, Wis., and Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fried have rented the upstairs apartment in the Janse duplex on east Kennedy street formerly occupied by Mrs. Ellen Wagoner, who is now living sity, has recently been taking part in a series of historical sketches broadcast by WHO. This program gs related to early settlement around Mason City. This week Sunday she played the role of Mary Lyons, who founded Mount Holyoke, first == college for women in the United in the Vera Apartments on south j States. This program was sponsor- Harlan. The F. B. Timms live in the downstairs apartment. The Frieds have been living in the R. W. Caldwell home on east College, but the Caldwells are expected home by April 1. .ed by the teachers' association. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neitzel, of Roundup, Mont., drove through Algona. Wednesday and called on Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Copp, who formerly SS lived at Roundup, also on Mrs. El- TUBS.-WED., MAR. 28-29 Continuous from 1 O'clock THTJBS.-FRI., MAR. 80-81 Thurs. Bargain Mat., 10-16c -*- Cityans Didn't urn Down New Gym In last week's Swea City column I «as stated that at a special elec- llon March 17 Swea City voters ed down a proposal to sell tor a new school gymnasium a vote of 259-99, The exact re[««« was true. How the error oc- ed is not known,' but the Swea correspondent sent down a report and the "ball-up" P'acejq the Advance shop, WomanJreak* Leg man. Baker and Mrs. L. F. Rice went to Fort Dodge Sunday to spend the day with Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Gill. The women are sisters. Mr. Gill recently purchased a sandwich shop there. . . .„ Matilda German went back to •Des Moines Thursday, after three weeks with sisters here and in neighboring towns. She spent a week with the local sister, Mrs. Gusta Patterson. The Jerry Schutters, West Bend, were Sunday guests of the Tom Daileys and the Herbert Fursts. Mesdaraes Dailey, Schutter, and Furst are sisters, and Mr. Schutter is a mortician. The Mid-Continent oil company will have a dinner Wednesday at HoteiHanford, Mason City, and attending from here will be Carroll UJ L1IO DLM.I-W w«--- o r His son James went with him and visited Theodore Hutchison at Nevada, where the latter is vesting and taking treatment. The Mur- taghs returned Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Yeoman and Mr and Mrs. Meryl Yeoman, Maquoketa, with the latter couple's daughter Sandra Jean, spent Sunday here with the G. C. Yeoman daughter Adra and Mrs. G. C. Yeoman's farther, Mr. Beckwith. Meryl and G. C. operate a Ford garage |« at Maquoketa. N E. IJurtlctt, who was taken to the university hospital three weeks or more ago, is still there Up to Friday the doctors had not.yeDi- agnosed his case. He is with a sort of paralysis of one on , and the condition was coming for six weeks before he was taken to Iowa City. Leo McCurnin, night waiter at the Dermand cafe, spent Friday at Pilmer with his mother, Mrs. Belle SScurnin His cousin. Michael MrCur , with Otto Christoffers, ad Sidney Lothian, all of Palmer Styles to Dress Up the Family! Charles llves Corwith, fell w- at her , Wednead ay and . broke 0116 ln her left ankle. Kossuth bos- Johnson and E. R. DeLano. Arthur S ALE HORSE Saturday Colwell Ss April Pavilion , s •jKijtpeci w u»»v » ••*' ~- -u__««,, bnnE in. your »ury»«»»» -- bejtpr* settlement »»•»*«*'IS maAet as it now Is, This fla.l<? ^AttWyrRT- 5 * 8 ? V*"" H, M...£atoraPi" A«* fc \ BF " "". V'j rri T*i l^ ^''\ r .*.S&^-Sfeai^Sra. f 1W',,. "i ,i '«*a4t^ &jS*e, i £ i £2l|S tawd* ""* FREORIC MARCH JOAN BENNETT SATURDAY, APRIL 1 SUS.-MON., APBIt 2 and 8 Big Fun and Thrill Show 2—ACE HITS—2 HUGH HERBERT JOY HODGES New | Arrivals | Priced at New | Low Prices | The entire family can be smartly and thriftily S outfitted with our Spring shoe styles. Their || theme song is comfort, and they'll keep you in ^ harmony with the latest shoe style trends at a s price less than you expected to pay. See them sg „ here first! H $1.98 $2.95 $3.95 $6| HOSIERY j Claussiver Spring Colors | The new Spring colors in Hosiery are here, You must see and have several pairs of this newest of feminine aids. Come in today. 79c $1,15 S HILT'S SHOE STORE ; ,„. •'•'•'. vv,",,$•&$ ' • ' , • • '• ! i • i \<- ;V ^^ •s „! •' " ,. » ,.-.>'«.:.<«- ii ; '.,s'-;i ' • ^ .) ' .

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